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N - Fine Arts Acquisitions during September 2016

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La pareja = The couple
Brosssard, Janette, 1973-
Persistence = persistencia -- Tolerance = tolerancia -- Faithfulness = fidelidad -- Passion = pasion -- Communication = comunicacion.

"Couple relationships have been a recurrent theme in the history of art and it will continue to be so. Each couple is a universe with infinite possibilities for exploration and thus, points of view on the subject are endless" -- Panel: "The couple."
Sherman Special N7433.4.B7587 P37 2013

MAS context
Chicago, Illinois : MAS Context
Sherman NA1 .M375

China's early mosques
Steinhardt, Nancy Shatzman
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2015]
This book explains how the worship requirements of the mosque and the Chinese architectural system converged. What happens when a monotheistic, aniconic, foreign religion needs a space in which to worship in China, a civilisation with a building tradition that has been largely unchanged for several millennia? The story of this extraordinary convergence begins in the 7th century and continues under the Chinese rule of Song and Ming, and the non Chinese rule of the Mongols and Manchus, each with a different political and religious agenda. This book explains that mosques, and ultimately Islam, have survived in China because the Chinese architectural system, though unchanging, is adaptable: it can accommodate the religious requirements of Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism and Islam. It includes case studies of China's most important surviving mosques (including 30 premodern mosques, the tourist mosques in Xi'an and Beijing, and the Uygur mosques in Kashgar). It aims to build an understanding of the mosque at the most fundamental level, asking what is really necessary for Muslim worship space. It presents Chinese architecture as uniquely uniform in appearance and uniquely adaptable to something as foreign as Islam.
Sherman NA6043 .S74 2015

ONe Line : SUSO33
Suso33, 1973-
Fuenlabrada : CEART, Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente ; [2015]
Sherman N7113.S88 A4 2015

Images take flight : feather art in Mexico and Europe (1400-1700)
editors: Alessandra Russo, Gerhard Wolf, Diana Fane ; contributors: Berenice Alcántara Rojas and thirty-one others
Munich : Hirmer, [2015]
Preface -- Introductory essays -- I. Flight and desire -- II. Nature between art and science -- III. Itineraries and offerings -- IV. The feather in place -- V. Shimmering to the eye -- Appendix.

This widely anticipated book offers the first systematic study of feather mosaics created in New Spain in the context of a broader creative exchange between Mesoamerican and European aesthetics and materials. Thirty-three scholars look at these unprecedented feather artworks that circulated all around the world in the 16th and 17th centuries from a range of vantage points including art history, anthropology, collecting and global history, natural history, archeology and conservation. Planned to complement a major international exhibition held at the National Museum of Art (MUNAL) in Mexico City in 2011, the book is organized thematically and includes 300 color plates illustrating feather mosaics with their astonishing details, as well as relevant paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, books, European illuminated manuscripts, Mesoamerican codices, and studies of natural history.
Sherman N7433.88 .I63 2015

Modernism and memory : Rhoda Pritzker and the art of collecting
Edited by Ian Collins and Eleanor Hughes
New Haven : Yale Center for British Art, [2016]
Preface : Rhoda / Margo Howard -- Home Thoughts from Abroad : Rhoda Pritzker's Life in Art / Ian Collins -- Rhoda Pritzker : The Collection and its Context / Frances Spalding -- "Characters in search of an author" : The Single-Figure Study and the Pritzker Collection / Samuel Shaw -- Open Air for Living In : The Postwar Generation of British Sculptors / Eric M. Stryker.
Sherman N6768 .M635 2016

Yasuhisa Kohyama : the art of ceramics
Jefferies, Susan
Stuttgart : Arnoldsche Art Publishers, [2015]
Sherman NK4210.K548 A4 2015

Ann Christopher
Cork, Richard
London : Royal Academy of Arts, [2016]
"This exhibition presents a new series of drawings, 'The Lines of Time' by the award-winning abstractor sculptor Ann Christopher RA. [She] began this project while working in Southern France near the town of Albi. She describes the forms represented as originating from her experience of the 'ever-changing effects of the climate and light on the landscape' in that area. The drawings, which have never previously been exhibited together, continue Christopher's exploration of line - a theme that connects her non-figurative sculpture, drawings and prints."
Sherman NB497.C56 A4x 2016

Gold boxes : masterpieces from the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Collection
Zech, Heike Juliane
London : V&A Publishing, 2015
France -- German States -- Great Britain -- Other centres of production.

This book is a precious small volume on precious small boxes. Most of them were used to hold snuff, powdered tobacco, and were meant to be looked at and admired from close-up. These miniature masterpieces were a key accessory for every stylish man and woman in the eighteenth century. They reflect the culture and fashion of the period. Gold is the defining material of the fifty masterpieces presented here. Therefore the most surprising aspect for those first encountering such pieces is not only the variety of forms and decoration, but also the materials of these boxes, from porcelain to precious stones, enamel and mother-of-pearl. Echoing the shape of a gold box the volume features some of the most beautiful boxes in the famous collection of Sir Arthur Gilbert and his first wife Rosalinde. The collector couple ran a fashion business in London before moving to Los Angeles in 1949. Their passion for elegance, colour, beauty and craftsmanship is palpable in every single box. Gold Boxes explores the culture of the snuffbox for everyone intrigued by the period, its art and fashion, or rich symbolism.0Exhibition: LACMA, Los Angeles, USA (06.09.2014-01.03.2015) / The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK (24.03-06.09.2015).
Sherman NK7225 .Z43 2015

L'albero della vita : nella basilica di Bergamo e nella pittura del Trecento
Zanchi, Mauro
Azzano San Paolo (Bg) : Bolis edizioni, luglio 2015
Sherman ND2757.B43 Z36 2015

Evangelista da Piandimeleto : "primo maestro di Raffaello"
a cura di Bonita Cleri, Claudio Crescentini ; saggi di Arianna Antoniutti, Bonita Cleri, Claudio Crescentini, Fabio Fraternali, Matteo Procaccini
[Rome] : Erreciemme, [2016]
Sherman ND623.E92 E93 2016

Paul Cézanne
Kear, Jon
London, UK : Reaktion Books, 2016
Machine generated contents note: 1.
Sherman ND553.C33 K43 2016

Mária Bartuszová : provisional forms
Bartuszová, Mária, 1936-1996
Warsaw, Poland : Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, [2015]
"The phenomenon of the discovery of female artists whose work remained below the mainstream radar of their time has been changing the scenery of the history of the art of the second half of the 20th century. T hese artists not only experimented formally and embarked intuitively on new themes but, rejected by mainstream modernist trends, they remained working in isolation, or at least marginalised. And yet, they were pioneers who invented the language of contemporary expression. A point in case is the art of Maria Bartuszová."
Sherman NB955.S543 B382 2015

The Nile mosaic of Palestrina : early evidence of Egyptian religion in Italy
Meyboom, P. G. P
Leiden ; Brill, 2016
Sherman NA3770 .M49 2016

The Royal Abbey of Reading
Baxter, Ron
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : The Boydell Press, [2016]
Sherman NA5471.R38 B39 2016

Viaggio nell'ermetismo del Rinascimento : Lotto, Dürer, Giorgione
Cortesi Bosco, Francesca
Padova : Il Poligrafo, [2016]
Sherman N8217.H57 C67 2016

Theatre Historical Society of America : annual editions 1973-2015
editor Holly Berecz ; Theatre Historical Society of America
Elmhurst, Illinois : Theatre Historical Society of America, [2015]
Sherman NA6830 .A14 2015

The age of collage : contemporary collage in modern art. Vol. 2
edited by Dennis Busch and Robert Klanten
Berlin : Gestalten, 2016
Bringing disparate images and items together, collage transcends the boundaries between artistic disciplines. The traditionally analog technique has its roots in surrealism and Dada. Having effortlessly evolved to embrace digital tools and the combinatory freedom that they offer, collage is now making a promising comeback.0'The Age of Collage Vol. 2' presents the work of more than 80 collage artists - from established names including John Baldessari and Richard Prince to up-and-coming talents such as Lola Dupré. A follow-up to 'The Age of Collage', the book is a comprehensive showcase of the surprising diversity of this genre today.
Sherman N6498.C65 A342 2016

Harry Clarke's war : illustrations for Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-1918
Helmers, Marguerite H., 1961-
Sallins, Co. Kildare : Irish Academic Press, 2016
Sherman NC989.I73 H456 2016

La città di Ercole : mitologia e politica
a cura di Wolfger A. Bulst con Francesca de Luca, Fabrizio Paolucci et Daniela Parenti
Bologna : Pendragon, [2016]
Sherman N7763.H47 C58 2016

Mario Benedetti : ... duemilaquattordici ..
Milano : Mudima, [2014]
Sherman N6923.B466 A4 2014

妍妙輝光 : 朵雲軒靜記仿古名牋
Shanghai : Duo yun xuan, 1900
Color prints with captions. Images of fruits, flowers, natural settings, and manmade artifacts.
Rauner Nash NE1300.8.C6 Y36 1900

Atlanten des Wissens : Adolph Goldschmidts Corpuswerke 1914 bis heute
Kai Kappel, Claudia Rückert, Stefan Trinks (Hrsg.)
Berlin : Deutscher Kunstverlag, [2016]
Sherman N7483.G585 A75 2016

Lluís Clotet : premio nacional de arquitectura 2010
Clotet, Lluís, 1941-
[Madrid] : Gobierno de España, Ministerio de Fomento, [2015]
Sherman NA1313.C56 A4 2015

Life and works of a Russian engraver I.N. Pavlov
Nash, Ray, 1905-1982
Rauner Nash NE678.P3 N374 1940z

Muros de Identidad : pinceladas de nuestra historia
Rascón Márquez, Érika
[chihuahua, chih.] : Instituto Chihuahense de la Cultura, [2012?]
Baker Berry NX514.C46 G373 2012

10 exercícios de aproximação/representação de SP = 10 exercises of approximation/representation of SP
Fernando Piola, artista residente = resident artist ; coordenação, Kátia Felipini Neves
São Paulo : Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, [2013]
Apresentação = Presentation / Ivo Mesquita, Fernando Piola -- Referencias -- 1. Projeto Praça Vermelha = 1. Red Square Project -- 2. Operação Tutoia = 2. Tutoia-operation -- 3. Carandiru = 3. Carandiru -- 4. Notre Dame = 4. Notre Dame -- 5. Rexistir = 5. Rexistir -- 6. Cidade Marcilac = 6. Marcilac City -- 7. Guia de Ruas de São Paulo = 7. São Paulo street guide -- 8. Metrópole = 8. Metropolis -- 9. O Estado Novo de São Paulo = 9. The New State of São Paulo -- 10. "Entre o terceiro e quarto andar" = 10. "Between the third and fourth floor" -- 1/10 A Exposição 1/10 The exhibition.

For years, artist Fernando Piola's work has been addressing, among other projects, places related to events that are part of the political history of São Paulo. The artist makes these places visible by creating interventions based on an extensive research and documentation project. While in residency in the Memorial, for nearly one year, the artist experienced the Institution in different ways: he attended the exhibitions several times, he participated in the various action projects for the museum's educational and cultural programs, he did research in our archives and listened to the testimonies collected within the scope of the programs "Lugares da Memória" [Places of Memory] and Coleta Regular de Testemunhos [Regular Collection of Testimonies]. "Censorship, coercion and repression make up the vocabulary that comes to mind when we think about dictatorships. Now that the totalitarian governments our recent history has witnessed - Estado Novo [the New State] 1937-1945 and Military Dictatorship 1964-1985 - are over and the country currently exercises democracy, we seem to have overcome these notions; however, they actually remain in our everyday lives. As a result of the Artistic Residency Program of the Memorial da Resistência de São Paulo [São Paulo Resistance Memorial], I present in this symbolical space 10 works/exercises reflecting different forms on repression that currently occur in the city of São Paulo."--Page 5.
Sherman N6659.P565 A4 2013

The Bauhaus masters
Hüneke, Andreas
Sherman N332.G33 H86 2016

Bilder ausser Plan : Kunst aus der DDR und das kollektive Gedächtnis
Heidel, Marlene, 1979-
Berlin : Lukas Verlag, 2015
Sherman N6889 .H45 2015

Album of collecting cards and post cards
Blank album, with ornately decorated cover, into which a variety of color-image, commercially-printed items have been glued. Some items laid in. Some items represent advertising cards, others trade cards. Cards published primarily in the Northeastern United States. In addition, there are various postcards, most unmailed, but one with postmark of 1914.
Rauner Nash NC1875.U5 A438 1884z

Spitzweg und seine Zeit
Poppe, Birgit
Leipzig : E.A. Seemann, [2015]
Sherman ND588.S65 A4 2015

Ojo andino Perù : Peruvian contemporary artists
editorial coordination, Stefania Malacchini
[Villorba] : Fabrica, [2016]
Sherman N6715.6 .O36 2016

Singapore art : 21st century and beyond : contemporary artists from Singapore
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Villorba] : Fabrica, [2016]
Sherman N7330.S55 S56 2016

The bronze object in the Middle Ages
Weinryb, Ittai
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Introduction: Of bronze things -- Making -- Signification -- Acting -- Being -- Appendix 1: Adémar of Chabannes (988-1034), Making a crucifix -- Appendix 2: Hugh of Fouilloy (ca. 1096-1172), On the cast sea in the temple -- Appendix 3: On the benediction of bells, excerpt from the Gellone Sacramentary.

"This book presents the first full length study in English of monumental bronzes in the Middle Ages. Taking as its point of departure the common medieval reception of bronze sculpture as living or animated, the study closely analyzes the practice of lost wax casting (cire perdue) in Western Europe and explores the cultural responses to large scale bronzes in the Middle Ages. Starting with mining, smelting, and the production of alloys, and ending with automata, water clocks and fountains, the book uncovers networks of meaning around which bronze sculptures were produced and consumed. The book is a path-breaking contribution to the study of metalwork in the Middle Ages and to the re-evaluation of medieval art more broadly, presenting an understudied body of work to reconsider what the materials and techniques embodied in public monuments meant to the medieval spectator"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NK7908 .W45 2016

Otherwise : imagining queer feminist art histories
edited by Amelia Jones and Erin Silver
Manchester, UK : Manchester University Press, [2016]
Introduction: Sexual differences and otherwise / Amelia Jones -- Queer theory and feminist art history: an imperfect genealogy / Amelia Jones and Erin Silver -- Just friends: on the making of Pop Out: Queer Warhol / Jennifer Doyle -- Our maiden aunt, lesbianism, or the limits of queer: Jonathan D. Katz in dialogue with Erin Silver and Amelia Jones -- Improper objects: performing queer/feminist art/history / Tirza True Latimer -- Queerly made: Harmony Hammond's Floorpieces / Julia Bryan-Wilson -- Ink on paper, again / Catherine Lord -- On the site of her own exclusion: strategizing queer feminist art history / Dore Bowen -- Dyke talk, or 'political lesbianism' and queer feminist art (history): Amelia Jones in dialogue with Cheri Gaulke, A.L. Steiner and Terry Wolverton -- Notes from backstage: a dialogue among Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz and Jon Davies -- The male nude as a queer feminist iconography in contemporary Polish art / Pawel Leszkowicz -- Is identity a method? A study of queer feminist praxis / Nizan Shaked -- Are we still trespassing? A trans-Atlantic conversation between Emily Roysdon and Xabier Arakistain -- And the altar started to moan and groan!: transfeminist artistic practices in Spain, a taxonomy / Juan Vicente Aliaga -- Thinking archivally: curating WOMEN?? / Alpesh Kantilal Patel -- Striking reverberations: beating back the unfinished history of the colonial aesthetic with Jeannette Ehlers's Whip it Good / Mathias Danbolt -- Triple threat: queer feminist of colour performance art / Jennifer Gonzalez and Tina Takemoto -- Beyond the binary: the gender neutral in JJ Levine's Queer Portraits / Jackson Davidow -- Trans*feminism: fragmenting and re-reading the history of art through a trans* perspective / Jennie Klein and Kris Grey -- 'What have you done for me lately?': the institutionalization of queer feminist art histories. Lisa Newman in dialogue with Vaginal Davis and Del LaGrace Volcano -- Transition pieces: the photography of Del LaGrace Volcano / Dominic Johnson -- Not at the beginning and not at the end: a conversation among Deirdre Logue, Allyson Mitchell and Helena Reckitt -- Epilogue: Out of the boxes and into the streets -- translating queer and feminist activism into queer feminist art history / Erin Silver.

"Otherwise: Imagining queer feminist art histories" is the first publication to address queer feminist politics, methods and theories in relation to the visual arts, including new media, installation and performance art. Despite the crucial contribution of considerations of 'queer' to feminism in other disciplines of the humanities, and the strong impact of feminist art history on queer visual theory, a visible and influential queer feminist art history has remained elusive. This book fills the gap by offering a range of essays by key North American and European scholars, both emerging and renowned, who address the historiographic and political questions arising from the relationship between art history and queer theory in order to help map exclusions and to offer models of a new queer feminist art historical or curatorial approach.
Sherman N72.F45 O84 2016

An Te Liu
Liu, An Te, 1967-
London : Black Dog Publishing, [2015]
Sherman N6549.L584 A4 2015

Collectie Neutelings : vier eeuwen middeleeuwse sculptuur
Hendrikman, L
Zwolle : Bonnefantenmuseum ; [2016]
Sherman NB170 .H45 2016

Selldorf Architects : portfolio and projects
London : Phaidon Press Limited, 2016
A comprehensive book on Selldorf Architects, with a detailed look at the museums, residences, and public buildings the firm has designed in the United States and abroad. Founding principal Annabelle Selldorf was born in Cologne, Germany and educated at the Pratt Institute and Syracuse University. The firm launched into international prominence with the opening of New York's Neue Galerie in 2001. Since, Selldorf Architects has become known for galleries, cultural projects, and private homes. More recently, the firm has made its mark with Sims Municipal Recycling in Brooklyn in 2013. The design and construction won an award for Excellence in Design from the Public Design Commission. In 2014, Selldorf Architects received the commission to build the expansion of the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego. This book begins with an extensive conversation between Tom Eccles and Annabelle Selldorf, as well as an essay by architecture critic Ian Volner. A newly-shot, full color portfolio by renowned photographer Todd Eberle is complimented by an in-depth look at the story behind 30 selected projects, including architectural plans and sketches.
Sherman NA737.S39 A4 2016

John Constable
Vaughan, William, 1943-
Millbank, London : Tate Publishing, 2015
Introduction: in Constable country -- Roots: family and East Bergholt -- Seeking a path -- Outdoor work -- 'Another word for feeling' -- The London practice -- Six-footers -- Experiments and ideas -- Stormy weather -- Epilogue: achievements.

"John Constable is best known for his idyllic paintings of the English countryside, yet he was also a brilliant innovator who brought a new vivacity to the observation of nature. He practiced oil painting in the open air, capturing in particular the 'effervescent' effects of atmospherics -- as can be seen, for example, in his wonderful studies of clouds. His art became a benchmark for naturalist painters throughout Europe and America in the nineteenth century, and he continues to be one of the most popular and influential artists to this day. This book draws extensively on the artist's own correspondence to provide a fresh understanding of his artistic aims and achievements, and reassesses his role in the development of modern art." -- Publisher's description
Sherman ND497.C7 V38 2015

The photofilmic : entangled images in contemporary art and visual culture
edited by Brianne Cohen & Alexander Streitberger
Leuven : Leuven University Press, [2016]
Cotemporality, intermediality : time and medium in contemporary art / Terry Smith -- Futures past : imbricated temporalities in contemporary panoramic video art / Alexander Streitberger -- Eco-aesthetics, massacres, and the photofilmic / Brianne Cohen -- Specters, animals, youth, and love : inventing the possible via photofilmic images / Hilde Van Gelder -- Eric Baudelaire interviewed by Alexander Streitberger and Hilde Van Gelder -- Eric Baudelaire, Letters to Max (2014) -- Questioning the representation of war : James Coleman's Ligne de foie and other works from the late 20th century / Linda Schädler -- Still moving in Shenzhen : gravity, the stock exchange, and the return of the worker in Zachary Formwalt's Unsupported transit (2011) / Evgenia Giannouri -- Opening sequence, standard operation : photography, film, and the computer in Errol Morris' Standard operating procedure (2008) / Stefanie Dieckmann -- Who generates the image error? From Hitchcock to glitch / Eivind Røssaak -- Figurations of the photofilmic : stillness versus motion--stillness in motion / Ágnes Pethö -- Subtle fractures in the perception modes of media and its politics : staging photofilmic imagery as a form of countervisuality / Lilian Haberer -- Masks, drones, and facelessness : digital face culture in the work of Hito Steyerl and Ryan Trecartin/Lizzie Fitch / Jana Johanna Haeckel.

This book explores the different ways in which art, cinema, and other forms of visual culture respond to a digitized and networked world. Traditional discourses on medium specificity, developed in distinct disciplines, often fail to provide an adequate description of the transformations that photography and film have undergone. The essays, written by internationally renowned scholars, encompass a broad range of different media such as video, documentary film, cinema, photography, and the Internet, as well as different disciplines such as art history, film studies, photography theory, visual culture studies, and media theory. In this way they deal with various practices or techniques ranging from panoramas, drone surveillance, tableau vivant, press coverage, computer-based editing, digitized financial markets, and various concepts such as temporality and contemporaneity, eco-aesthetics and forensic practice, countervisuality, human rights and political imagination, social transparency and control, thus mapping the possibilities of photofilmic images within contemporary art and visual culture. This volume also contains, as an artist's contribution, a substantial and richly illustrated interview with Eric Baudelaire.
Baker Berry NX180.I57 P456 2016

Painting forever : Odd Nerdrum and the Nerdrum school
comisaria de la exposición, Cathrine Bergsrud
Barcelona : Ediciones de la Fundació Privada de les Arts i els Artistes : septiembre 2015
Sherman ND773.N39 A4 2015

Mavericks : breaking the mould of British architecture
Hopkins, Owen, 1984-
London : Royal Academy Of Arts, [2016]
Robert Smythson -- John Vanbrugh -- James Wyatt -- John Soane -- Charles Robert Cockerell -- Charles Rennie Mackintosh -- Charles Holden -- H. S. Goodhart-Rendel -- James Stirling -- Cedric Price -- FAT -- Zaha Hadid.

"Explores twelve figures from the history of British architecture, including Sir John Soane, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Cedric Price and Zaha Hadid who have defied convention over the past 250 years. This book offers a fresh take on their work, establishing new and sometimes surprising historical connections, while posing an intriguing alternative narrative to the history of British Architecture." -- Publisher's description
Sherman NA964 .H67 2016

Das Porträt als kulturelle Praxis
herausgegeben von Eva-Bettina Krems und Sigrid Ruby
Berlin : Deutscher Kunstverlag, [2016]
Sherman ND1300 .P678 2016

The London art schools : reforming the art world, 1960 to now
edited by Nigel Llewellyn ; with Beth Williamson ; and further contributions from Elena Crippa, Lucy Howarth, Alexander Massouras and Hester R. Westley
London : Tate Publishing, 2015
William Johnstone: international and interdisciplinary art education / Hester R. Westley & Beth Williamson -- The art of art students / Alexander Massouras -- The many lives of the life room / Hester R. Westley -- Art history in the art school / Beth Williamson -- Shifting foundations: the pre-diploma course / Hester R. Westley -- Colour pedagogy in the post-coldstream art school / Beth Williamson -- From 'Crit' to 'Lecture-Performance' / Elena Crippa.

Since 1960, progressive forces within art education have stoked, and continued to fire, new impulses in the field of artistic production. As society at large embraced youth and popular culture, art school students with international aspirations exploded class barriers, fused fashion with Pop and insisted that art was integral to social change. These possibilities were unthinkable without shifts in priorities. Replacing a craft-based curriculum, the teaching in art schools across Britain, and notably in London, began to widen the range of artistic exploration. A new generation emerged, whose techniques, perspectives, and arguments had their origins in these innovations and whose most striking forms of expression maintain their influence on the most adventurous artists in the new millennium. This history of innovation has been largely unwritten. Here, scholars in the field explore key aspects of this dynamic period such as changes in architecture, exhibition display and approaches to art history. With 100 illustrations showing both the art school in action and the works that were made under its pull, this survey also provides key information for the London Art Schools - Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon, Slade, Royal College of Art, Goldsmiths and Central St Martins.
Sherman N332.G753 L666 2015

En el principio : génesis de la Catedral Románica de Santiago de Compostela : contexto, construcción y programa iconográfico
José Luis Senra (ed.)
[Pontevedra] : Teófilo Edicions, [2014]
Sherman NA5811.S46 E54 2014

Bill Reid collected
Reid, Martine Jeanne, 1945-
Madeira Park, BC : Douglas & McIntyre, in collaboration with the Bill Reid Foundation, [2016]
"Bill Reid Collected features the largest chronological collection of memorable works of Reid's career in full-colour photographs and images to date. Along with an introductory essay by Dr. Martine J. Reid, this collection pays tribute to one of Canada's most renowned First Nations artists."--
Sherman NB249.R44 A4 2016

The adventures of Gillion de Trazegnies : chivalry and romance in the medieval east
Elizabeth Morrison and Zrinka Stahuljak
Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, [2015]
Foreword / Timothy Potts -- Acknowledgments / Elizabeth Morrison and Zrinka Stahuljak -- Introduction / Elizabeth Morrison and Zrinka Stahuljak -- Map of places related to the Gillion romance -- Plot summary for the Romance of Gillion of Trazegnies / Zrinka Stahuljak -- Plates with translations and summaries / Zrinka Stahuljak -- A romance between the East and the West / Zrinka Stahuljak -- The genius of visual narrative / Elizabeth Morrison.

"Offers a translation and summary of the fifteenth-century Flemish illuminated manuscript, The Romance of Gillion de Trazegnies, along with a complete reproduction of the book's illustrations, and provides a discussion of its historical, cultural, and artistic contexts"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman ND3399.R58 A48 2015

On the care of children : an essay selected from The (old) farmer's almanack, 1881
Johnson, Kirsten S
Baker Berry Harvard N7433.4.J63 O5 1983

Jeppe Hein : this way
Hein, Jeppe, 1974-
Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz ; [2015]
Which way do I go? We consciously and unconsciously travel numerous distances every daynot only shorter and longer distances, but inner ones as well. Both the works and the staging by the Danish artist Jeppe Hein (born 1974) at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg address this theme. In a labyrinth of spaces, paths, intersections, and squares, visitors not only encounter the minimalistally, kinetically, and socially oriented works by Hein but are also surprised by new and site-specific works. After his burnout in December 2009, he expanded his spectrum of material: sound, resonance, silence, scents, or breath characterize his new works and reflect his examination of Eastern philosophies and practices such as Buddhism, yoga, and meditation. The catalogue is also as personal as his watercolor journal in the exhibition. Jeppe Hein becomes palpable as both an artist and a person in a very open conversation with the curator Uta Ruhkamp as well as in essays by Finn Janning and Peter Høeg.
Sherman Oversize N7023.H435 A4 2015

In the age of Giorgione
exhibition curators Simone Facchinetti, Arturo Galansino
London : Royal Academy of Arts, [2016]
"In the Age of Giorgione assembles many of the works attributed to Giorgione, along with masterpieces by Titian, Lorenzo Lotto, Sebastiano del Piombo and Giovanni Cariani, among others. This volume includes landscapes, portraits and devotional works, all exemplars of the exceptional richness of colour and mood that were to become the hallmark of the Golden Age of Venetian painting"--
Sherman ND621.V5 I56 2016

Hogarth's legacy
edited by Cynthia Ellen Roman ; essays by Douglas Fordham and seven others
New Haven : Lewis Walpole Library, 2016
"The legacy of graphic artist William Hogarth (1697-1764) remains so emphatic that even his last name has evolved into a common vernacular term referring to his characteristically scathing form of satire. Featuring rarely seen images and written contributions from leading scholars, this book showcases a collection of the artist's works gathered from the Lewis Walpole Library at Yale University and other repositories. It attests to the idiosyncratic nature of his style and its international influence, which continues to incite aesthetic and moral debate among critics. The eight essays by eminent Hogarth experts help to further contextualize the artist's unique narrative strategies, embedding the work within German philosophical debates and the moral confusion of the Victorian period and emphasizing the social and political dimensions that are part and parcel of its profound impact. Endlessly parodied and emulated, Hogarth's distinctive satire persists in its influence throughout the centuries and this publication provides the necessary lens through which to view it."--
Sherman NE642.H6 H64 2016

a cura di Chiara Matteucci; presentazione di Carlo Pedretti
Poggio a Caiano (Prato) : CB Edizioni Grandi opere, [2015]
Sherman Oversize ND623.M6135 A66 2015

Exotismus und Globalisierung : Brasilien auf Wandteppichen : die Tenture des Indes
herausgegeben von Gerlinde Klatte, Helga Prüssmann-Zemper, Katharina Schmidt-Loske
Berlin : Deutscher Kunstverlag, [2016]
The 'Tenture des Indes' is among the most famous tapestry series of the Baroque period. In an indepth exhibition, scholars dedicate themselves to various fields of study related to this tapestry series, in which an exotic world of imagery unfolds. It was created at the suggestion of Johann Moritz von Nassau-Siegen, governor of the Dutch colony in northeast Brazil. The sketches made on location served Albert Eckhout as a basis for cartoons, which Johann Moritz gave to the French king in 1679. Based on these cartoons, Louis XIV had the Manufacture Royale des Gobelins weave eight series, comprised of eight wall hangings each, beginning in 1687. And half a century later the weavers manufactured the 'Nouvelles Indes' based on new templates by Alexandre-François Desportes. This volume analyzes, expands and systematizes the origin and reception history of the two tapestry series. Taking into consideration preliminary drawings as well as tapestry series believed to be missing, the essays examine the true-to-life representations of the gloriously colorful flora and fauna in the tapestry series and decrypt the meaning of the foreign objects depicted.
Sherman NK3049.G7 E96 2016

Ritratto di gentildonna
a cura di Chiara Matteucci ; presentazione di Carlo Pedretti
Poggio a Caiano (Prato) : CB Edizioni, [2015]
Sherman Oversize ND623.3.P67 R58 2015

Vik Muniz
Muniz, Vik
Munich : DelMonico Books, 2016
Vik Muniz: the rebirth of wonder / Arthur Ollman -- Interview with Vik Muniz / Diana B. Wechsler.
Sherman N6659.M86 A4 2016

New energies : land art generator initiative, Copenhagen
Elizabeth Monoian, Robert Ferry
München : Prestel Verlag, ©2014
LAGI 2014 design guidelines -- The glowing island / Annette Skov -- Energy as alien / Laura Watts and Brit Ross Winthereik -- The human approach to sustainability / Trine Plambech, Johanne Mose Entwistle, and Liselott Stenfeldt -- Danish wind power / Peter Karnøe -- Working together / Chris Fremantle -- Visual art and the ecological challenge : about some of the first creators and their influence / Else Marie Bukdahl -- Generating futures : LAGI as an Imaginatorium / Lea Schick and Anne Sophie Witzke -- Winning entries -- Shortlisted entries -- Selected entries -- Green cities, Denmark LAGI 2014 partners.

Founded in 2009, the Land Art Generator Initiative, or LAGI, was created to encourage the design and construction of public art installations that have the added benefit of utility-scale clean energy generation. The biennial competition, which receives submissions from around the world, is this year being held in Copenhagen, Denmark - a city that is moving towards carbon neutral status by 2025. The design site is a manmade island in Copenhagen's harbour that is rich in history and possesses stunning views. Fifty of the best entries for the competition are profiled in this volume in detailed spreads that include illustrations, photographs and profiles of those involved in the planning and design. Essays explore the role of creativity in the conception of our new energy landscapes. As LAGI's global reputation expands, this biennial competition and the accompanying volume will help pave the way for innovative strategies for achieving worldwide sustainability.
Sherman NA6403.D4 N49x 2014

Threads : the delicate life of John Craske
Blackburn, Julia
London : Jonathan Cape, 2015
John Craske, a Norfolk fisherman, was born in 1881 and in 1917, when he had just turned 36, he fell seriously ill. For the rest of his life he kept moving in and out of what was described as 'a stuporous state'. In 1923 he started making paintings of the sea and boats and the coastline seen from the sea, and later, when he was too ill to stand and paint, he turned to embroidery, which he could do lying in bed. His embroideries were also the sea, including his masterpiece, a huge embroidery of The Evacuation of Dunkirk. Very few facts about Craske are known, and only a few scattered photographs have survived, together with accounts by the writer Sylvia Townsend Warner and her lover Valentine Ackland, who discovered Craske in 1937. So Julia Blackburn's account of his life is far from a conventional biography.
Sherman ND497.C864 B58 2015

Kinder - Kerle - Charaktere : das druckgraphische Werk Adriaen van Ostades
Herausgeber: Der Kunstverein in Bremen ; Redaktion: Christien Melzer
Bremen : Kunsthalle Bremen ; [2016]
Sherman NE2054.5.O85 A4 2016

Lumen spatiorum : die ursprüngliche Raumfarbigkeit von Sakralbauten des 13. Jahrhunderts : Studien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Liebfrauenkirche in Trier
Lutgen, Thomas
Petersberg : Michael Imhof Verlag, [2016]
Sherman NA5586.T73 L88 2016

August Kopisch : Maler, Dichter, Entdecker, Erfinder
für die Nationalgalerie der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin herausgegeben von Udo Kittelmann und Birgit Verwiebe ; unter Mitarbeit von Dieter Richter, Benjamin Rux und Franziska Lietzmann
Dresden : Sandstein Verlag ; [2016]
Sherman N6888.K628 A4 2016

Wege der Moderne : Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos und die Folgen = Ways to modernism : Josef Hoffmann, Adolf Loos and their impact
Herausgeber, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Matthias Boeckl, Christian Witt-Dörring ; Texte von Andrea Bocco Guarneri ... and 15 others ; Übersetzungen, Eva Ciabattoni ... and 4 others
Basel : Birkhäuser ; [2015]
The catalogue for the exhibition at the MAK (Austrian Museum for Applied Art/Contemporary Art in Vienna) focuses on two fundamental approaches of the Moderne movement in an antithetic comparison, including the preceding history and after-effects to this day: Josef Hoffmann (1870-1956) and Adolf Loos (1870-1933) represent opposing reactions to the basic problems of modern civilization, which were triggered by the process of industrialization and democratization. Two different concepts for a modern way of life were created: Hoffmann promoted a comprehensive aestheticization of all spheres of life, while Loos interpreted architecture and design as the functional background for the development of individual personalities. 0In 16 essays, well-known European and American experts investigate a wide range of contributing conditions and the highlights and consequences of these two traditions of the Moderne movement, from the 19th century to the present. The key works of Hoffmann and Loos - as well as those of their predecessors such as Otto Wagner, and successors such as Josef Frank - are richly illustrated. 0Exhibition: MAK Vienna, Austria, (17.12.2014-19.04.2015).
Sherman N6808.5.M64 W44 2015

Schloss Ludwigslust
herausgegeben vom Staatlichen Museum Schwerin-Ludwigslust-Güstrow und den Staatlichen Schlössern und Gärten Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Berlin : Deutscher Kunstverlag, [2016]
Sherman N2380.5 .S345 2016

Athen : triumph der bilder : eine ausstellung der Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung, Frankfurt am Main, 4. Mai bis 4. September 2016
herausgegeben von Vinzenz Brinkmann
Petersberg : Michael Imhof Verlag, [2016]
Sherman N5635.F73 A84 2016

Kröller-Müller Museum
compilation, Lisette Pelsers, Toos van Kooten and Bas Mühren ; text, Jaap Bremer ; in collaboration with Lisette Pelsers, Toos van Kooten and Annelies ter Brugge ; introduction, Lisette Pelsers and Toos van Kooten
Otterlo : Kröller-Müller, [2015]
The Kröller-Müller Museum boasts the second-largest Van Gogh collection in the world: almost 90 paintings and over 180 drawings. The collection also contains masterpieces by modern masters such as Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso and Piet Mondriaan. The sculpture garden is one of the largest in Europe. Distributed throughout the garden are over 160 sculptures by iconic artists, from Aristide Maillol to Jean Dubuffet, from Marta Pan to Pierre Huyghe. This guide book is an introduction into the history of the museum and its collection and presents some of its masterpieces.
Sherman N2500 .A85x 2015

Holland Dada en de internationale context
teksten Paulo Martina and eight others ; redactie Annemieke Keizer-Sloff, Marieke Langhout en Baukje Zijlstra
Gorredijk : Bornmeer, 2016
In 'Holland Dada en de internationale context' gaan verschillende dada-deskundigen, waaronder schrijver/dichter K. Schippers, in op de betekenis van de beweging voor de beeldende kunst, muziek en typografie. De internationale context staat hierbij centraal. De steden die in het boek aan bod komen zijn: Zürich, New York, Berlijn, Hannover, Keulen, Parijs, Antwerpen en Drachten.00Exhibition: Museum Drachten, The Netherlands (24 april 2016 > 18 september 2016).
Sherman N6948.5.D3 H65 2016

Chagall to Malevich : the Russian avant-gardes
a cooperation between the Albertina, Vienna and the State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg ; edited by Evgenia Petrova and Klaus Albrecht Schröder ; with essays by Helmut Altrichter ... and four more ; and further contributions by Tamara Chudinovskaya ... and 11 more
Saint Petersburg ; Palace Editions in cooperation with Hirmer Verlag, [2016]
140 masterpieces of painting demonstrate the parallel development of widely different styles, design principles and aesthetic ideas. The avant-garde artists influenced each other and were sometimes in conflict with each other. At the same time you could find advocates of representational Expressionism and supporters of pure abstraction; styles like Primitivism, Cubo-Futurism and Suprematism followed each other in succession. Surprising contrasts of works visualize the differences, so that the successive conflicting -isms are clearly demonstrated. Through this visual confrontation the picture of all the many different forms of Russian avant-garde come alive. With works by Altman,Chagall, Exter, Gontscharowa, Griogorijew, Kandinsky, Larionow, Lissitzky, Malewitsch, Petrow-Wodkin, Popowa, Rodtschenko and many ohters.
Sherman N6988.5.A83 C43 2016

Franse modernisten uit de verzameling van het Musée d'art moderne de Troyes
auteurs Anthony Cardoso and 4 others
Bussum : Uitgeverij Thoth ; [2016]
Franse modernisten' toont en beschrijft de mooiste schilderijen en tekeningen uit de verzameling van het Musée d'Art moderne in Troyes. Dit museum bezit een van de fraaiste particuliere kunstverzamelingen in Frankrijk, afkomstig van het echtpaar Pierre en Denise Lévy. Als succesvol textielbaron bezat Lévy onder meer de wereldlicentie voor de fabricage en distributie van Lacoste. Het overzicht begint met Gustave Courbet, Georges Seurat en Paul Gauguin, drie belangrijke grondleggers van het modernisme. De nadruk ligt op de Parijse avant-garde van kort na 1900 met fauvistische werken van Henri Matisse, André Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck, Georges Braque, Othon Friesz, Albert Marquet en Kees van Dongen. Als enige museum in Frankrijk bezit Troyes een uniek ensemble uit de periode tussen beide wereldoorlogen. Hierin zijn kunstenaars vertegenwoordigd als Maurice Marinot, Auguste Chabaud, Raoul Dufy, Juan Gris, Roger Mare, Roger de la Fresnaye en Robert Delaunay. Daarnaast is er aandacht voor de École de Paris, de benaming voor een groep buitenlandse kunstenaars in Parijs, onder wie Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso en Chaïm Soutine. De parade wordt afgesloten met naoorlogse kunstenaars als Nicolas de Staël, Roger Bissière, Bernard Buffet en enkele verrassende werken van de Nederlander Corneille. Exhibition: Singer Laren, Laren, The Netherlands (21.04-28.08.2016).
Sherman N6848.5.M63 T76 2016

Giorgio de Chirico : Magie der Moderne
Staatsgalerie Stuttgart ; Paolo Baldacci, Christiane Lange, Gerd Roos ; Autoren, Paolo Baldacci and seven others
[Dresden] : Sandstein Verlag, [2016]
Sherman N6923.C5 A4 2016

Vlaamse wandtapijten : productie en handel : de Oudenaardse familie Van Verren (1680-1740)
De Meûter, Ingrid
Gent : Provinciebestuur Oost- Vlaanderen, 2016
Sherman NK3055.A3 V47 2016

Adolph Erbslöh 1881-1947 : Werkverzeichnis der Gemälde
Brigitte Salmen, Felix Billeter ; herausgegeben von Karl & Faber
München : Karl & Faber : [2016]
Sherman ND588.E73 A4 2016

Max Liebermann und Zeitgenossen : neue Werke in der Sammlung
Ulrike Wolff-Thomsen, Museum Kunst der Westküste (Hg.) ; Autorin, Ulrike Wolff-Thomsen
Heide : Boyens, [2016]
Sherman N6888.L44 A4 2016

Un musée révolutionnaire : le musée des monuments français d'Alexandre Lenoir
sous la direction de Geneviève Bresc-Bautier et Béatrice de Chancel-Bardelot ; avec la collaboration de Angèle Dequier et Marie-Pierre Salé
Paris : Louvre éditions : [2016]
"Un musée révolutionnaire. Le Musée des Monuments français d'Alexandre Lenoir" au musée du Louvre, Paris du 7 avril au 4 juillet 2016. Alexandre Lenoir (1761-1839), fervent défenseur des arts face au vandalisme révolutionnaire, fut le créateur et l'administrateur du musée des Monuments français de 1791 à sa fermeture en 1816 et à la dispersion de ses collections. Cette exposition s'attache dans un premier temps à présenter l'histoire et l'influence de cette institution et de son fondateur sur l'historiographie et la conservation du patrimoine français. Dans un second temps, l'exposition dévoile au public plusieurs ensembles de sculptures tels qu'ils étaient exposés au musée des Monuments français, notamment les statues-colonnes de Gaillon représentant Jeanne d'Arc et Louis XII ou encore le tombeau de Valentine Balbiani et du cardinal René de Birague"--
Sherman N6850 .M87x 2016

Baroque baroque : Olafur Eliasson
editors: Francesca von Habsburg, Agnes Husslein-Arco, Daniela Zyman ; translation (German-English): Fiona Elliott, Alicia Reuter ; translation (English-German): Michaela Alex, Susanne Eder, Thomas Raab
Vienna : Belvedere ; ©2015
As an accompaniment to the same-titled exhibition at the Belvedere's Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy in Vienna, the catalogue Olafur Eliasson: Baroque Baroque examines some of the trajectories of thought raised by the encounter between Eliasson's artworks and their temporary baroque housing: in particular, how transformations of space, perception, and cognition reflect the realms of politics, technology, and the Anthropocene.
Sherman Oversize N7053.O43 A4 2015b

Geo-narratives of a filial son : the paintings and travel diaries of Huang Xiangjian (1609-1673)
Kindall, Elizabeth
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Asia Center, 2016
Suzhou place painting traditions -- Paintings of the Southwest for Suzhou audiences -- Filial geo-narratives -- Attaining a grand view from Mount Jizu -- Topographies of Yunnan -- Picturing the quest toward sagehood.

"This definitive study of Huang Xiangjian's paintings identifies geo-narrative as a distinct landscape-painting tradition lauded for its naturalistic immediacy, experiential topography, and dramatic narratives of moral persuasion, class identification, and biographical commemoration"--
Sherman ND2070.H84 K56 2016

Wir suchen das Weite : Reisebilder von Albrecht Dürer bis Olafur Eliasson im Kupferstichkabinett : Kupferstichkabinett - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, 18. März 2016 - 25. September 2016 = We're off then : travel pictures from Albrecht Dürer to Olafur Eliasson in the Kupferstichkabinett
für das Kupferstichkabinett - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin herausgegeben von Hein.-Th. Schulze Altcappenberg und Ina Dinter ; Übersetzungen: Brian Currid
Berlin : Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin : 2016
Sherman N8258 .W57 2016

Bergung von Kulturgut im Nationalsozialismus : Mythen - Hintergründe - Auswirkungen
herausgegeben von Pia Schölnberger und Sabine Loitfellner
Wien : Böhlau Verlag, 2016
Bergungen von Kunst- und Kulturgut als Sicherungsmaßnahme vor Kriegsschäden oder zum Schutz vor dem Zugriff der alliierten Truppen, wie sie im Zweiten Weltkrieg durchgeführt wurden, standen bis dato kaum im Fokus der Forschung. Es wurden Kunstwerke, Kulturgut wie Bibliotheksbestände aus staatlichen Museen und Institutionen sowie von den Nationalsozialisten beschlagnahmte oder sichergestellte Sammlungen an Bergungsorte wie Stollen, Schlösser und Stifte verbracht. Im Rahmen der Provenienzforschung ist die Thematik Bergung, Rückbergung und Rückgabe in den letzten Jahren stärker in den Mittelpunkt gerückt. Der Sammelband vereint Artikel zum Thema aus Österreich, Deutschland, den Niederlanden und Frankreich.
Sherman N9160 .B474 2016

Picasso und Deutschland : Kunsthalle Würth, Schwäbisch Hall, 6. April 2016 - 18. September 2016
herausgegeben von José Lebrero Stals
Künzelsau : Swiridoff Verlag, [2016]
Sherman N6853.P5 A4 2016b

Mythos Heimat : Worpswede und die europäischen Künstlerkolonien
herausgegeben von Thomas Andratschke ; Übersetzungen: Evelyn Nabialkowski (Englisch), Julia Walter (Französisch), Schnellübersetzter Gmbh (Niederländisch)
Dresden : Sandstein Verlag, [2016]
Sherman N6757 .M98 2016

Art cologne 1967-2016 : Die erste aller Kunstmessen = the first art fair
Zentralarchiv des internationalen Kunsthandels ZADIK, Hrsg./ed
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2016]
Sherman N5070.C6 A78 2016

Das Haus Habsburg und die Welt der fürstlichen Kunstkammern im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
herausgegeben von Sabine Haag, Franz Kirchweger und Paulus Rainer ; mit Beiträgen von Horst Bredekamp and eight others
Wien : Holzhausen Verlag, 2015
Sherman N5252.H3 H387 2015

Drawn from life : people on paper
short texts written by Ben Fergusson and three others
London : Hayward Publishing, 2016
Sherman NC772 .D73 2016

Chris Cran : sincerely yours
Josée Drouin-Brisebois, Ryan Doherty, Bruce McCulloch, Nancy Tousley, William Wood
Ottawa : National Gallery of Canada, [2016]
The idea man / Bruce McCulloch -- Chris Cran, manifestly yours / Josée Drouin-Brisebois -- Chorus effect / Ryan Doherty -- On the double: Chris Cran at play in the expanded optical field / Nancy Tousley -- That mess is precise: a conversaqtion with Chris Cran / William Wood.

For the last four decades Chris Cran has experimented with traditional genres of painting such as still life and portraiture while challenging preconceived notions of these genres by creating tensions between a wide range of discordant styles notably Op Art, Pop Art, Photo-realism and Modernist Abstraction. He further complicates the experience with trompe l'oeil compositions in which the appearance of an image belies the method of its creation so that works that appear to be photographs, reliefs, or prints have been in fact rendered with paint. Published to document a nationally touring exhibition, this striking monograph provides a comprehensive overview of one of Canada's most influential artists. Original essays by leading art critics and curators accompany dozens of colour plates featuring Cran's shimmering, graphically delicate paintings. Enclosed within a translucent slipcase. Exhibition: Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada (19.09.2015-03.01.2016) / National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada (20.05.-05.09.2016).
Sherman ND249.C87 A4 2016

London calling : Bacon, Freud, Kossoff, Andrews, Auerbach, and Kitaj
Crippa, Elena
Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum in association with Tate, London, [2016]
The human condition: six modern painters reinvent reality / Elena Crippa -- An intensification of reality / Catherine Lampert.
Sherman ND468.5.F55 C75 2016

Mata Hoata : arts et société aux îles Marquises
sous la direction de Carol Ivory
Paris : Musée du quai Branly ; [2016]
Baker Berry NX596.M37 M38 2016

Sublime : les tremblements du monde
sous la direction de Hélène Guenin
Metz : Centre Pompidou-Metz, [2016]
Sherman N8217.E28 S83 2016

A Renaissance architecture of power : princely palaces in the Italian Quattrocento
edited by Silvia Beltramo, Flavia Cantatore, Marco Falin
Leiden ; Brill, [2015]
Part 1. Comparative issues -- Princes, towns, palaces : a Renaissance "architecture of power" / Marco Folin -- Medieval vestiges in the princely architecture of the 15th century / Silvia Beltramo -- The princely palace in 15th-century Italian architectural theory / Flavia Cantatore -- Palaces and Palatine chapels in 15th-century Italian dukedoms : ideas and experiences / Andrea Longhi -- Part 2. Case studies -- "Combining the old and the new" : the princely residences of the marquises of Saluzzo in the 15th century / Silvia Beltramo -- The Sforza Castle of Milan (1450-1499) / Aurora Scotti -- Patrician residences and the palaces of the Marquis of Mantua (1459-1524) / Giulio Girondi -- The renewal of Ferrara's Court Palace under Ercole I d'Este (1471-1505) / Marco Folin -- Architecture of power : Imola during the Signoria of Girolamo Riario (1473-1488) / Stifano Zaggia -- "Small mice, large palaces" : from Urbino to Carpi / Elena Svalduz -- The Medici Palace, Cosimo the Elder, and Michelozzo : a historiographical survey / Emanuela Ferretti -- The Palace of Nicholas V : continuity and innovation in the Vatican palaces / Flavia Cantatore -- Alfonso 1 of Naples and the art of building : Castel Nuovo in a European context / Bianca de Divitiis -- The residences of the kings of Sicily, from Martin of Aragon to Ferdinand the Catholic / Marco Rosario Nobile.

"The growth of princely states in early Renaissance Italy brought a thorough renewal to the old seats of power. One of the most conspicuous outcomes of this process was the building or rebuilding of new court palaces, erected as prestigious residences in accord with the new 'classical' principles of Renaissance architecture. The novelties, however, went far beyond architectural forms: they involved the reorganisation of courtly interiors and their functions, new uses for the buildings, and the relationship between the palaces and their surroundings. The whole urban setting was affected by these processes, and therefore the social, residential and political customs of its inhabitants. This is the focus of A Renaissance Architecture of Power, which aims to analyse from a comparative perspective the evolution of Italian court palaces in the Renaissance in their entirety. Contributors are Silvia Beltramo, Flavia Cantatore, Bianca de Divitiis, Emanuela Ferretti, Marco Folin, Giulio Girondi, Andrea Longhi, Marco Rosario Nobile, Aurora Scotti, Elena Svalduz, and Stefano Zaggia"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NA1115 .R395 2015

Louise Bourgeois : autobiographical prints
London : Hayward Publishing, 2016
"Collecting two intimate and personal print series created late in her career, 'Louise Bourgeois: Autobiographical Prints" opens a window into the mind of this celebrated artist. The 'Autobiographical Series (1994) captures her deepest thoughts and memories, while her set of "11 Drypoints" (1999) offers a more abstract perspective, using metaphorical motifs to conjure the dreams and images that haunted her to the very end of her life. Robert Malbert provides an overview of the role that printmaking played in the artist's career, while psychoanalyst and feminist Juliet Mitchell explores themes of childhood, trauma and sexuality."
Sherman NE539.B65 A4 2016

Der gute Weg zum Himmel : Spätmittelalterliche Bilder zum richtigen Sterben : Das Gemälde 'ars bene moriendi' aus der Sammlung Peter und Irene Ludwig
herausgeben von Dagmar Preising, Michael Rief und Christine Vogt
Bielefeld : Kerber, 2016
The catalogue and exhibition in cooperation with the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum in Aachen are dedicated to an important work from the Peter and Irene Ludwig Collection. The oak-wood panel created in 1475 deals with the, for panel painting, quite rare subject of the ars bene moriendi, of the, in medieval times, central question of dying well. This panel has now undergone extensive examination with respect to style and iconography, and been classified as part of the topic of dying well and portraying the Intercession (the Protection of Maria and Christ). Other valuable works such as the unique ars moriendi block book of the Gutenberg-Museum in Mainz supplement this concentrated discourse. Exhibition: Ludwig Galerie Schloss Oberhausen, Oberhausen, Germany 21 February through 8 May 2016 and Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum Aachen 30 June through 25 September 2016.
Sherman N8217.D5 G88 2016

Barnett Newman : drawings and prints
Newman, Barnett, 1905-1970
Bielefeld : Kerber, c2016
Sherman NE539.N45 A4 2016

Philibert De l'Orme : un architecte dans l'histoire : arts, sciences, techniques : actes du LVIIe colloque international d'etudes humanistes, CESR, 30 juin-4 juillet 2014
textes réunis et édités par Frédérique Lemerle & Yves Pauwels
[Turnhout] : Brepols, 2015
Avant-propos: Philibert de l'Orme, architecte vif-argent / Frédérique Lemerle, Yves Pauwles -- Philibert De l'Orme en architecte rhétoricien / Mireille Huchon -- Philibert De l'Orme, le compas et Mercure dans le Premier tome de l'architecture / Luisa Capodieci -- Philibert De l'Orme et Jean Du Bellay / Loris Petris -- J'ay veu vostre lectre du XXVIe du passé et n'y parlez poinct d'argent: le cardinal Jean Du Bellay et le financement des commandes de Philibert De l'Orme / Cédric Michon -- La storia dell'architettura e le guerre di religione nella Francia del Cinquecento / Carmelo Occhipinti -- The destruction and renewal of the Via triumphalis, 1533-1536 / David Karmon -- Qualche aggiunta alle fonti della cultura architettonica e del linguaggio artistico / Maria Beltramini -- Philibert De l'Orme, les antiques et la Contre-Réforme / Ives Pauwels -- Philibert De l'Orme: l'architecte-mage de l'hôtel Bullioud / Richard Etlin -- Philibert De l'Orme et l'architecture privée parisienne / Guy-Michel Leproux -- Les jardins des châteaux de Philibert / Laurent Paya -- "La nature admirable des pierres sous diverses couleurs et qualitez": de l'emploi du marbre dans l'architecture de Philibert De l'Orme / Sophie Mouquin -- Primatice et le Maitre de la Tenture de Diane (Charles Carmoy?), auteurs des dessins pour les vitraux profanes du château d'Anet / Dominique Cordellier -- A propos de l'exemplaire du Premier tome de l'architecture offert par De L'Orme à Catherine de Médicis: reliures de la Renaissance française à decor architectural / Isabelle de Conihout -- Les oreilles de De l'Orme / Vasco Zara -- La culture mathématique de Philibert De l'Orme / Jean Pierre Manceau -- Philibert De l'Orme and Spanish stereotomy / José Calvo Lópes -- L'invention d'une nouvelle technique de charpente par Philibert Delorme à travers l'edition d'une lettre adressée au connétable de Montmorency / Sylvie le Clech-Charton -- Les charpentes à la Philibert De l'Orme en région Centre-Val de Loire: état des lieux et perspectives / Frédéric Aubanton-- La contribution des artisans au rétablissement de la charpente de Philibert De l'Orme au XVIII siécle / Valérie Nègre -- Le château de La Punta, à Alata / Jacques Moulin -- La Grande Galerie: une architecture delormienne? / Guillaume Fonkenell -- Le XVIIe siècle français et Philibert De l'Orme / Fréderique Lemerle -- Léon Palustre (1838-1894) et Philibert De l'Orme / Hadhami Ben Jemaa.
Sherman NA1053.L59 C65 2014

Unter Druck : mitteleuropäische Buchmalerei im Zeitalter Gutenbergs
herausgegeben von Jeffrey F. Hamburger, Robert Suckale und Gude Suckale-Redlefsen
Luzern : Quaternio Verlag Luzern, 2015
Sherman Oversize ND3338 .U57 2015

Choreographie der Herrschaft : Stefano della Bellas Radierungen zu den Reiterfesten am Florentiner Hof 1637-1661
Papiro, Martina, 1974-
Paderborn : Wilhelm Fink, [2016]
Zu den etablierten Formen höfischer Repräsentation gehörten im 17. Jahrhundert illustrierte Festbeschreibungen von Spektakeln und Opernaufführungen - auch die Radierungen zu den Reiterfesten, die der Graphiker Stefano della Bella (1610-1664) für die toskanischen Großherzöge schuf. Della Bellas Radierungen setzten in der Festpublizistik neue Maßstäbe: Erstmals wurden nicht nur die Kostüme und Dekorationen dokumentiert, sondern auch die Aufführungen selbst dargestellt. Auf della Bellas Blättern fanden Konzept und Choreographie der Reiterfeste eine eigenständige künstlerische Umsetzung. Martina Papiro analysiert die innovative Darstellungsweise dieser Radierungen und erforscht ihre Funktionsweise und Ausstrahlung im Kontext der Florentiner wie der europäischen Hofkultur.
Sherman NE2052.5.B4 P37 2016

Wilden : expressionisme van 'Brücke' en 'Der Blaue Reiter'
auteurs, Andreas Blühm, Cora Faßbender, Feico Hoekstra, Ralph Keuning, Detmar Westhoff
Zwolle : Museum de Fundatie : [2016]
Kunst als uitdrukking van de mens en zijn omgeving. Academische regels werden ingeruild voor subjectieve ervaringen. In Duitsland manifesteerde het expressionisme zich aan het begin van de 20ste eeuw in het werk van leden van de kunstenaarsgroeperingen "Brücke" en "Der Blaue Reiter". Bevrijd van de zichtbare werkelijkheid zochten kunstenaars als Alexej von Jawlensky, Wassily Kandinsky, Emil Nolde, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Franz Marc en Max Pechstein naar nieuwe schilderkunstige middelen om hun visie vast te leggen. Ongekend felle kleuren en krachtige vormen werden de dragers van ideeën en emoties. Daarmee stonden de Duitse expressionisten aan de basis van de moderne schilderkunst. Exhibition: Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle, The Netherlands (30 april t/m 18 september 2016).
Sherman N6868.5.E9 W55 2016

Kopenhagener Malerschule : Bilder und Studien aus der Nationalgalerie und der Sammlung Christoph Müller
Wesenberg, Angelika
Berlin : Nationalgalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin ; [2016]
Sherman N5267.M85 W47 2016

À l'ombre des frondaisons d'Arcueil : dessiner un jardin du XVIIIe siècle
sous la direction de Xavier Salmon ; textes de Marie-Geneviève Lagardère and four others
Paris : LienArt, [2016]
Sherman NC790 .A46 2016

The architecture of the Roman triumph : monuments, memory, and identity
Popkin, Maggie L., 1981-
New York : Cambridge University Press, [2016]
The triumph, memory, and 'being Roman' in the city of Rome -- The triumphal route -- Building memories: the era of the Punic Wars (264-146 BC) -- Spectacle and memory: the reign of Trajan, Optimus Princeps (AD 98-117) -- Monuments and memory distortion: the reign of Septimius Severus (AD 193-211) -- Appendix: Victory monuments built along the triumphal route during the Punic Wars: topography, dating, and history.

"This book offers the first critical study of the architecture of the Roman triumph, ancient Rome's most important victory ritual. Through case studies ranging from the republican to imperial periods, it demonstrates how powerfully monuments shaped how Romans performed, experienced, and remembered triumphs and, consequently, how Romans conceived of an urban identity for their city. Monuments highlighted Roman conquests of foreign peoples, enabled Romans to envision future triumphs, made triumphs more memorable through emotional arousal of spectators, and even generated distorted memories of triumphs that might never have occurred. This book illustrates the far-reaching impact of the architecture of the triumph on how Romans thought about this ritual and, ultimately, their own place within the Mediterranean world. In doing so, it offers a new model for historicizing the interrelations between monuments, individual and shared memory, and collective identities"--
Sherman NA2543.S6 P665 2016

New insights into the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Blom, Philipp, 1970-
Vienna : Brandstätter, c2016
Sherman N1677 .B56 2016

Roʻi Rozen : taʻarukhah ḳevutsatit = Roee Rosen : a group exhibition
Rosen, Roee, 1963-
Tel Aviv : Muzeʼon Tel Aviv le-omanut, 2016
Roee Rosen's conceptual surrealism / Gilad Melzer -- Between joke and terror : Roee Rosen's unsettling mimesis / Ekaterina Degot -- The alienist, some aliens, and a bunch of others / Olaf Möller -- Roee Rosen, literally / Adam Rosenblatt -- A hunchbacked dwarf, a cross-eyed angel, a woman-monkey, and a shit boy / Joshua Simon.
Sherman N7279.R67 A4 2016

Painting Norway : Nikolai Astrup, 1880-1928
Astrup, Nikolai, 1880-1928
London : Scala, [2016]
Sherman N7073.A88 A4 2016

Francis Picabia : our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction
Umland, Anne
New York : The Museum of Modern Art, New York ; 2016
Among the great modern artists of the past century, Picabia is one of the most elusive, given his extreme eclecticism and persistent acts of self-contradiction. Though known as a Dadaist, Picabia's ongoing stylistic shifts, from Impressionism to radical abstraction, from mechanical imagery to pseudo-classicism, and from photo-based realism to art informel remain to be assessed in depth. Similarly, the breadth of his practice, which encompassed poetry, film and performance is under-recognized. Each makes him a figure relevant for contemporary artists, while the career as a whole challenges familiar narratives of modernism. Francis Picabia presents over 100 paintings, complemented by works on paper, publications, and film. Featuring some 500 illustrations and 14 essays, it examines the full range of Picabia's oeuvre.
Sherman ND553.P47 A4 2016

Poetics of relation
curated by Tumelo Mosaka, Tobias Ostrander
Miami, FL : Pérez Art Museum Miami, [2015]
Sherman N5020.M53 P47 2015

Walkers : Hollywood afterlives in art and artifact
written and directed by Robert M. Rubin ; produced by Nicole Jedinak
Astoria, NY : Museum of the Moving Image, [2016]
Sherman N72.M6 W35 2016

June Leaf : thought is infinite
Leaf, June, 1929- artist
Göttingen, Germany : Steidl Verlag, 2016
June Leaf's body of work - one built over nearly seven decades - belongs within a long tradition of visionary figures, from William Blake and Francisco Goya to James Ensor and Odilon Redon. Like these innovative predecessors, and fusing elements of both Expressionism and Surrealism, Leaf creates representational imagery with an intense subjectivity and personal symbolist vision. Leaf's fundamental interest in metamorphosis and states of becoming as subjects is paralleled in her working process. As imaginary as the artist's world is, her practice is deeply corporeal, materially rich, and firmly rooted the in physicality of the objects and mediums she uses. Leaf tends to work daily, driven by instinct and intuition. She sometimes invents new themes and motifs, but these often arise organically out of older ones, and the array of subjects she?s developed over the years remain close and ready for revisiting or adapting.
Sherman N6537.L398 A4 2016

Anthony Whishaw
Davey, Richard, 1966- author
[London] : Royal Academy Of Arts, [2016]
A salon hang -- From Brazil to Spain -- Moving towards abstraction -- Acrylic: new medium, new direction -- Collage and texture -- Space -- Conclusion.

"In this handsome book the art historian Richard Davey explores the seven decades of Anthony Whishaw RA's career, from his early cubist-inspired landscapes, suffused with the dust and heat of Spain, to his later, monumental visions of the rivers and forests of southern England. In his insightful text, Davey uncovers the influences behind Whishaw's many different themes and charts the unchanging passions that form a constant thread through his imagery, opening a window onto the artist's endlessly inventive, playful and reflective mind." -- Publisher's description
Sherman ND497.W44 A4 2016

Edmund Alleyn : dans mon atelier, je suis plusieurs
Lanctôt, Mark, 1974- author
Montréal : Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, [2016]
Foreword / John Zeppetelli -- Edmund Alleyn and the paradigm of contemporary art / Gilles Lapointe -- The white vessel: immersion and emersion in Introscaphe I / Olivier Asselin and Aude Weber-Houde -- Edmund Alleyn's Québec Suite: painting by default [1973-1979] / Vincent Bonin -- No man is an island / Mark Lanctôt -- Chronology / compiled by Gilles Lapointe.
Sherman N6549.A553 A4 2016

Paul Klee : l'ironie à l'œuvre
sous la direction d'Angela Lampe
Paris : Centre Pompidou, [2016]
Sherman N6888.K55 A4 2016

La poésie de l'Univers = Poetry of the Universe
Sharoff, Shirley, artist
[Montreuil] : [Shirley Sharoff], [2012]
Rauner Presses N7433.4.S533 P64 2012

AsianArtNews quarterly
Central, Hong Kong : Asian Art Press (International) Ltd., 2016-
Sherman Journal N7260 .A85

Public intimacy : art and other ordinary acts in South Africa
curated by Betti-Sue Hertz, Frank Smigiel, Dominic Willsdon
San Francisco, CA : Yerba Buena Center for the Arts : [2014?]
Public Intimacy brings together 25 artists and collectives who disrupt expected images of a country known largely through its apartheid history. The book presents a critical sensibility that existed but was mostly overlooked during apartheid, and which is now shared by many artists and writers of a new generation--the expression of the poetics and politics of the "ordinary act." Public Intimacy includes works by Ian Berry, Chimurenga, Ernest Cole, David Goldblatt, Handspring Puppet Company, Nicholas Hlobo, ijusi (Garth Walker), Anton Kannemeyer, William Kentridge, Donna Kukama, Terry Kurgan, Sabelo Mlangeni, Santu Mofokeng, Billy Monk, Anthea Moys, Zanele Muholi, Sello Pesa and Vaughn Sadie, Cameron Platter, Lindeka Qampi, Jo Ractliffe, Athi-Patra Ruga, Berni Searle, Penny Siopis, Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse and Kemang Wa Lehulere. 0Exhibition: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, U.S.A. (21.02-29.06.2014).
Sherman N7393 .P83 2014

Art history and emergency : crises in the visual arts and humanities
Edited by David Breslin and Darby English
Williamstown, Massachusetts : Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, [2016]
The perpetual state of emergency : who benefits? / Thomas Crow -- Whose emergency? / Kajri Jain -- Greater depressions / Molly Nesbit -- Quixotic projects : humanities research and public funding in the United Kingdom / Caroline Arscott -- The language of art : a saving power? / Anatoli Mikhailov -- After Scully : emergency in the age of visual democracy / Mary Miller -- Old divisions and the new art history / Howard Singerman -- Art-historical alterity in the post-colony / Patrick D. Flores -- The value of art / Manuel J. Borja-Villel -- Emergencia / Our Literal Speed -- A brief conversation on artist-led administration / Theaster Gates.
Sherman N7480 .A74 2016

Documenting the Salon : Paris Salon catalogs, 1673-1945
compiled by John Hagood
Washington : National Gallery of Art Library, [2016]
Introduction / John Hagood -- The "Livrets" of the Salon, 1673-1800 / Yuriko Jackall -- Paris Salons in the nineteenth century / Kimberly A. Jones -- Timeline -- An evolving document: growth and development of the Salon "Livret" / Yuri Long -- Salon literature in the National Gallery of Art Library / John Hagood.
Sherman N5065 .N38 2016

Sacred and profane in early modern art
edited by Kayo Hirakawa
[Kyoto] : Department of Aesthetics and Art History, Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University, 2016
The Man of Sorrows in the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe: a reconsideration of Dürer's gold-ground painting / Kayo Hirakawa -- Where has Paris gone? Sebald Beham's Fountain of Youth reconsidered / Ayumi Yasui -- Winners and losers: the impact of the Reformation on the art market -- Andreas Tacke -- Frans Hals's painterly style and his Tronie-like genre paintings: an examinatin of the influence of Flemish head studies / Toshiharu Nakamura -- An attempt of interpreting some Dutch genre paintings as a variation of De Hollandse Tuin and De Hollandse Maagd / Yoriko Kobayashi-Sato -- Dutch painters in Roman churches in the early Seventeenth Century: the Entombment of Christ by Dirck van Baburen in the context of patronage / Michiko Fukaya -- Sacred art in an age of mechanical reproduction: the Salus Populi Romani Madonna in the world / Mia M. Mochizuki -- The Authors.
Sherman N6374 .K96 2014

Essais sur le symbolique
Rosolato, Guy, 1924-
[Paris] : Gallimard, 1985, ©1969
Baker Berry NX650.P7 R6 1985

A companion to Greek architecture
edited by Margaret M. Miles
Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley Blackwell, 2016
Sherman NA270 .C64 2016

Drawing in Venice : Titian to Canaletto
Whistler, Catherine, author
Oxford : Ashmolean Museum, 2015
Featuring over a hundred drawings from the collections of graphic art at the Uffizi, Florence, and the Ashmolean Museum, and Christ Church, Oxford, Drawing in Venice is based on ground-breaking new research. Published to coincide with a major Ashmolean-Uffizi collaborative exhibition, it traces continuities in Venetian drawing over three centuries, from around 1500 down to the foundation of the first academy of art in Venice in 1750. This book highlights the significance of drawing as a concept and as a practice in the artistic life of Venice and considers this in the context of the dominance of the family studio tradition and the city's thriving print trade. The book also discusses the history of the reception and collecting of Venetian drawings both in Britain and in Italy.
Sherman NC256.V4 W45 2015

Pliny the Elder and the emergence of Renaissance architecture
Fane-Saunders, Peter, author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Machine generated contents note: 1. Pliny the Elder and his place in antique and mediaeval writings on architecture; 2. Initial explorations: Petrarch, the Mirabilia Urbis Romae and Flavio Biondo; 3. The manuscript hunter and the librarian: Poggio Bracciolini and Giovanni Tortelli; 4. A new system: Pomponio Leto and his school; 5. Emerging doubts; 6. Pliny and Leon Battista Alberti: two 'architectural histories'; 7. Pliny, Filarete and the ideal patron of architecture; 8. 'Aldus and his dream book': the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili; 9. A more down-to-earth Pliny; 10. Mixing the traditions: the curious case of Cesare Cesariano; 11. Developments in the Veneto: the Vitruvian commentaries of Daniele Barbaro and I quattro libri by Andrea Palladio; 12. Standing before the marvels: Ciriaco d'Ancona and Pliny's 'Opera mirabilia in terris'; 13. In the mind's eye: drawings of Plinian wonders, from Leonardo to Antonio da Sangallo the Younger; 14. From paper to stone: rebuilding Pliny's architectural marvels; Final thoughts: Pliny's influence on the Renaissance understanding of ancient architecture.

"The Naturalis historia by Pliny the Elder provided Renaissance scholars, artists and architects with details of ancient architectural practice and long-lost architectural wonders--material that was often unavailable elsewhere in classical literature. Pliny's descriptions frequently included the dimensions of these buildings, as well as details of their unusual construction materials and ornament. This book describes, for the first time, how the passages were interpreted from around 1430 to 1580, that is, from Alberti to Palladio. Chapters are arranged chronologically within three interrelated sections--antiquarianism; architectural writings; drawings and built monuments--thereby making it possible for the reader to follow the changing attitudes to Pliny over the period. The resulting study establishes the Naturalis historia as the single most important literary source after Vitruvius's De architectura."--
Sherman NA1115 .F35 2016

Poetic biopolitics : practices of relation in architecture and the arts
edited by Peg Rawes, Stephen Loo and Timothy Matthews
London : I.B. Tauris, [2016]
As the French philosopher and social theorist Michel Foucault defined the concept, 'biopolitics' is the extension of state control over both the physical and political bodies of a population. Poetic Biopolitics is a positive attempt to explain and show how the often destructive effects and affects of biopolitical power structures can be 'poeticised' and deconstructed through the arts and humanities: in architecture, art, literature, modern languages, performance studies, film and philosophy. It is an interdisciplinary response to the contemporary global crisis of community conflict, social and environmental wellbeing. Structured in three parts - biopolitical bodies and imaginaries, voices and bodies, and social and environmental turbulence - this innovative book meshes performative and visual poetics with critical theory and feminist philosophy. It examines the complex expressions of our physical and psychic lives through artefact, body, dialogue, image, installation and word.
Baker Berry NX180.P64 P63 2016

Bill Jacklin : graphics
Jacklin, Bill, 1943- artist
London : Royal Academy Publications, 2016
Reflections on Bill Jacklin's graphic work / Jill Lloyd -- The play of light and the action of shadows / Nancy Campbell -- Prints -- Glossary of Bill Jacklin's printmaking techniques / Mychael Barratt.

"This book encapsulates the first ever retrospective of Bill Jacklin RAs graphic works and accompanies his exhibition at the Royal Academy. Jacklin primarily focuses on the themes of light, people and movement through varying subject matters. Etchings from the 1960's will be presented alongside newly created monotypes..." -- Publisher's description
Sherman NE496.J33 A4 2016

Myth, allegory, and faith : the Kirk Edward Long collection of mannerist prints
Bernard Barryte ; essays by Bernadine Barnes, Jonathan Bober, Suzanne Boorsch, Patricia Emison, Jan Johnson, Dorothy Limouze, Walter Melion, Larry Silver, Edward Wouk, Henri Zerner ; and contributions by Fabio Barry, Godelieve Denhaene, Jörg Diefenbacher, Arthur J. DiFuria, Morten Steen Hansen, Catherine Jenkins, Martin Knauer, Armin Kunz, Hilary Letwin, Estelle Leutrat, Michele Maccherini, Sally Metzler, Lynn Federle Orr, Nicholas Stogdon, Jeroen Stumpel, Naoko Takahatake, Silvia Urbini, Ian Wardropper
Stanford, Ca : Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University ; [2015]
The Kirk Edward Long Collection, one of the most comprehensive repositories of sixteenth-century prints in private hands, includes more than seven hundred engravings, etchings, woodcuts, and chiaroscuro woodcuts. They illuminate the sources, evolution, and transformation of mannerism, the dominant European style from about 1520 to 1580. This catalog of the 2016 exhibition is designed to introduce this extensive private collection to the public and to stimulate further study. It includes an account of the fomation of the collection and an overview of mannerism and printmaking. Other essays describe various aspects of sixteenth-century print culture. In addition, the catalog features 146 detailed entries on individual prints and suites by 18 scholars, an illustrated checklist of the entire collection, and an extensive bibliography.
Sherman NE625 .M98 2015

Chefs-d'œuvre d'Afrique : dans les collections du musée Dapper
commissaire, Christiane Falgayrettes-Leveau
Paris : Dapper, ©2015
"Des pièces majeures, qui pour certaines d'entre elles n'ont pas d'équivalent dans le monde, sont réunies pour la première fois dans un ouvrage de référence publié en hommage à Michel Leveau, le fondateur du musée Dapper. Un de ses articles, " La découverte des figures de reliquaire dites kota " (Gabon), est réédité ici. Nombre de ces objets ont appartenu auparavant à des grands noms ayant marqué la reconnaissance des arts non occidentaux au début du XXe siècle, Paul Guillaume, Jacob Epstein, Charles Patton ... Remarquables par leur qualité esthétique, les quelque cent trente oeuvres reproduites, masques, statues, statuettes, insignes et parures - témoignent de la richesse des pratiques artistiques de l'Afrique subsaharienne. Leurs fonctions politiques, sociales et religieuses sont éclairées par les analyses de spécialistes reconnus, anthropologues, ethnolinguistes ou historiens de l'art Alain-Michel Boyer, Jean-Paul Colleyn, Christiane Falgayrettes-Leveau, Christiane Owusu-Sarpong, Anne van Cutsem-Vanderstraete et Jean-Pierre Garnier. Chaque auteur a rédigé pour ce catalogue, qui s'articule en deux grandes sections, Afrique centrale et Afrique de l'Ouest, un texte de présentation général suivi de notices dans lesquelles il résumé l'essentiel de ses connaissances sur le sujet. Ce livre permettra à chaque lecteur, spécialiste, simple amateur ou néophyte, d'entreprendre un voyage riche de découvertes à travers l'univers des formes et des spiritualités que les cultures africaines nous proposent en partage."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman NB1255.A35 C43 2015

Young Mr Turner : the first forty years, 1775-1815
Shanes, Eric, author
New Haven : Published for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art by Yale University Press, [2016]
Antecedents and early years, 1775 to 1788 -- London again, autumn 1788 to autumn 1789 -- In Sir Joshua's house, 1789 to 1792 -- Six advantages and a demand, 1792 to 1793 -- The only Turner prize, 1793 -- Just a few tones by candlelight, 1793 to 1794 and beyond -- Coming of age, 1795 to 1796 -- Grandeur, 1796 to 1798 -- The sister arts, 1798 -- Vindication, November 1798 to November 1799 -- The dark side, 1799 to 1800 -- Tragedy and triumph, December 1800 to April 1801 -- Gaining the summit, April 1801 to February 1802 -- High places and high art, February to October 1802 -- Dispute and disillusion, November 1802 to July 1803 -- Another great room, spring 1803 to spring 1804 -- Arcadia-upon-Thames, June 1804 to December 1805 -- Staying away, December 1805 to December 1806 -- Another grand title, November 1806 to December 1807 -- Higher education, January to September 1808 -- 'The first landscape painter in Europe, the first marine painter in the world', September 1808 to June 1809 -- Six houses, three castles and a high street, June to December 1809 -- A year's grace, 1810 -- Just six weeks, January and February 1811 -- A new epoch, February to November 1811 -- 'This Prospero of the graphic art', November 1811 to May 1812 -- A man of property, June 1812 to May 1813 -- An English Eden, May to December 1813 -- 'The eye wanders entranced', January to November 1814 -- The tremendous range of his accomplishments, November 1814 to May 1815.
Sherman ND497.T8 S525 2016

Roumains et Balkaniques dans la civilisation sud-est européenne
Theodorescu, Răzvan
Bucarest : Editura Enciclopedică, 1999
Sherman N7223 .T464 1999

Magdalene Odundo : tri-part-it-us : three installations in glass
Odundo, Magdalene, artist
Sunderland, UK : Art Editions North, 2015
The one and the many / Martina Margetts -- Metamorphosis and transformation -- Transition I -- Transition II -- Biography.

Magdalene Odundo OBE is recognized as one of Britain's leading artists working in the medium of ceramics. Over the last three years she has taken a secondment from her normal practice to focus on creating new work in glass. This work culminated in an exhibition at National Glass Centre from Autumn 2014 to Spring 2015. This exhibition encompasses three projects.
Sherman NK4210.O27 A4 2014

Charles Spurrier
Spurrier, Charles
Koln : Renate Schroder Galerie, 2003
Sherman N6537.S68 A4 2003

Reductionism in art and brain science : bridging the two cultures
Kandel, Eric R., author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
Introduction. The emergence of a reductionist school of abstract art in New York -- The Beginning of a Scientific Approach to Art -- The Biology of the Beholder's Share: Visual Perception and Bottom-Up Processing in Art -- The Biology of Learning and Memory: Top-Down Processing in Art -- A Reductionist Approach to Art. Reductionism in the Emergence of Abstract Art -- Mondrian and the Radical Reduction of the Figurative Image -- The New York School of Painters -- How the Brain Processes and Perceives Abstract Images -- From Figuration to Color Abstraction -- Color and the Brain -- A Focus on Light -- A Reductionist Influence on Figuration -- The Emerging Dialogue Between Abstract Art and Science. Why Is Reductionism Successful in Art? -- A Return to the Two Cultures.
Sherman N71 .K355 2016

Live form : women, ceramics, and community
Sorkin, Jenni, author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, [2016]
Introduction: craft as collective practice -- Ceramics: the medium and its discontents -- Forms-of-life: Marguerite Wildenhain's Pond Farm -- Zen veterans and the vernacular: the Black Mountain pottery seminar -- M.C. Richards's vanishing point -- Women kitchen potters: Susan Peterson, "the Julia Child of ceramics" -- Epilogue: live form disseminated.
Sherman NK4008 .S67 2016

Dantini, Michele, 1966- author
Firenze : Giunti, [2016]
Sherman N7113.M54 D36 2016

Taglialagamba, Sara, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2016]
Sherman N6923.V4 T34 2016

Lucian Freud's sketchbooks
Freud, Lucian, artist
New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 2016
Presented here is a selection of previously unpublished images from Freud's sketchbooks, now in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery, London.
Sherman N6797.F77 A4 2016

Manual of section
Lewis, Paul, 1966- author
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2016]
Sherman NA2775 .L49 2016

The logic of disorder : the art and writing of Abraham Cruzvillegas
Cruzvillegas, Abraham, artist
Cambridge, MA : Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard University, [2015]
Elementary forms of the creative life / Claudio Lomnitz -- Autoconstrucción's dialectical objects : sculptural materialism of Abraham Cruzvillegas / Robin Greeley -- Making sculpture now / Mark Godfrey.
Sherman N6559.C765 L64 2015

The practice of classical architecture : the architecture of Quinlan and Francis Terry, 2005-2015
Watkin, David, 1941- author
New York : Rizzoli, 2015
Country houses -- London houses -- Buildings for veterans, the wounded and the retired -- Offices, shops and residential buildings -- Auditoria -- Garden buildings -- Forthcoming projects.
Sherman NA968.5.C5 W38 2015

Charles Le Brun (1619-1690)
sous la direction de Bénédicte Gady et Nicolas Milovanovic
Lens : Musée du Louvre-Lens ; [2016]
Sherman ND553.L3528 A4 2016

Das Bild der Stadt Rom im Frühmittelalter : Papststiftungen im Spiegel des Liber Pontificalis von Gregor dem Dritten bis zu Leo dem Dritten
Bauer, Franz Alto
Wiesbaden : L. Reichert, 2004

As essential as dreams : self-taught art from the collection of Stephanie and John Smither
White, Michelle, 1979- author
Houston : The Menil Collection 2016
Artists include: Eddie Arning, Emery Blagdon, William Alvin Blayney, Georgia Blizzard, Carl Block, François Burland, James Castle, Nek Chang, Aloïse Corbaz, Uncle Jack Dey, Thornton Dial, Hiroyuki Doi, Minnie Evans, Howard Finster, Oscar Hadwiger, Billy Ray Hussey, Solange Knopf, Lanier Meaders, Sister Gertrude Morgan, John B. Murray, Benjamin Perkins, Martín Ramírez, Winfred Rembert, Marie Rogers, Jon Serl, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Johnnie Swearington, Most Tolliver, Edgar Tolson, Bill Traylor, Unknown Artist, George W. White Jr., Charlie Willeto, Scottie Wilson, Adolf Wölfli, Joseph E. Yoakum, Anna Zemánková, Domenico Zindato, and Carlo Zinelli.
Sherman N6512.5.O87 W55 2016

Villas of Lucca : the delights of the countryside
Giusti, Maria Adriana, author
Paris : Gourcuff Gradenigo, [2015]
Sherman Oversize NA7357.L83 G5813 2015

Displaying the ideals of antiquity : the petrified gaze
Siapkas, Johannes, author
New York : Routledge, 2014
Classical archaeology : a critical overview -- Art historical discourses -- The study of ancient sculpture -- Genealogies -- Masterpieces -- Art historical narratives -- Archaeological displays of sculpture.

"Displaying the Ideals of Antiquity investigates the study and display of ancient sculpture from archaeological, art history, and museum studies perspectives. Ancient sculptures not only give us knowledge about ancient Greek and Roman pasts, but they also mediate ideals that inform us about modern perceptions of antiquity. This book analyzes how an art historical tradition establishes and preserves an idealized view of antiquity in classical archaeology and in museum exhibitions. The authors also investigate how these ideals are kept alive today, an approach that often is neglected in studies on ancient reception. This book stands out among current publications in its international scope and in illustrating how academic conceptual foundations influence museum exhibitions. This perspective is not only relevant to classical archaeology and art history, but also to museum studies and the history of ideas. This timely volume discusses contemporary museum exhibitions of ancient sculpture and clarifies how also old discourses continue to affect museum exhibitions and conceptualizations of ancient sculptures. The authors have analyzed close to 100 museums around the world, and elaborate on how ancient sculptures are mediated across Europe and the western world. The exhibition of ancient sculptures is similar in most states, which emphasizes the international character of the classical legacy"--
Sherman NB85 .S47 2014

Court, country, city : British art and architecture, 1660-1735
edited by Mark Hallett, Nigel Llewellyn, and Martin Myrone
New Haven : Published by the Yale Center for British Art, The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, [2016]
"The late 17th and early 18th centuries saw profound changes in Britain and in its visual arts. This volume provides fresh perspectives on the art of the late Stuart and early Georgian periods, focusing on the concepts, spaces, and audiences of court, country, and city as reflected in an array of objects, materials, and places. The essays discuss the revolutionary political and economic circumstances of the period, which not only forged a new nation-state but also provided a structural setting for artistic production and reception. Essays cover such diverse topics as tapestry in the age of Charles II and painting in the court of Queen Anne; male friendship portraits; mezzotint and the exchange between painting and print; the interpretation of genres such as still life and marine painting; the concept of remembered places; courtly fashion and furnishing; the codification of rules for painting; and the development of aesthetic theory"--
Sherman N6766 .C68 2016

Architecture- civilization- gender : residential building, the civilizing process of dwelling practices and changes in the family : bibliography architecture and gender
Weresch, Katharina, 1953-
Zürich : Lit Verlag, ©2015
Sherman NA2543.S6 W456 2015

La arquitectura moderna en Latinoamérica : antología de autores, obras y textos
Ana Esteban Maluenda (edición) ; prólogo, Ramón Gutiérrez ; introducción y epílogo, Ana Esteban Maluenda ; dirección editorial, Jorge Sainz
Barcelona : Editorial Reverté, 2016
Sherman NA702.5 .A76 2016

World heritage in Korea
writer Nam C. G. and many others
Seoul : Nulbom, 2015
Baker Berry NA1563 .W67 2015

Blanchaert, Jean, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2016]
Sherman N6973.F33 B53 2016

Sonya Kelliher-Combs
Kelliher-Combs, Sonya, 1969- artist
Hanover, New Hampshire : Studio Art Exhibition Program, Dartmouth College, [2014]
Sherman N6537.K377 A4 2014

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