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N - Fine Arts Acquisitions during November 2016

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Creval contemporary : opere scelte dalla collezione Credito valtellinese 1900-2015
testi di Dominique Stella, Leo Guerra, Cristina Quadrio Curzio, Mario Piazza ; redazione di Cristina Quadrio Curzio
[Italy] : Fondazione Credito Gruppo valtellinese, [2015]
Sherman N6488.5.C74 C74 2015

Katalog der Skulpturen in der Antikensammlung der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin
Leitung: Johanna Fabricius, Andreas Scholl
Berlin : Antikensammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin ; [2016]-
Sherman NB87.B5 K383 2016

Historic wooden architecture in Europe and Russia : evidence, study and restoration
edited by Evgeny Khodakovsky and Siri Skjold Lexau
Basel : Birkhäuser, [2016]
Sherman NA4110 .H57 2016

The female body in the looking-glass : contemporary art, aesthetics and genderland
Sliwinska, Basia, author
London ; I.B. Tauris, [2016]
Sherman N7630 .S556 2016

Bacchanales modernes! : le nu, l'ivresse et la danse dans l'art française du XIXème siècle
sous la direction de Sandra Buratti-Hasan et de Sara Vitacca
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2016]
Sherman N7763.B23 B335 2016

Le stanze segrete di Vittorio Sgarbi : Lotto Artemisia Guercino
a cura di Pietro Di Natale
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana Editoriale S.p.A, [2016]
Sherman ND615 .S688 2016

Caravaggio : opere a Roma : tecnica e stile = Works in Rome : technique and style
a cura di Rossella Vodret and 5 others
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : SilvanaEditoriale, [2016]
V. 1. Saggi = Essays -- v. 2. Schede = Entries.
Sherman ND623.C26 A4 2016

Imagine : new imagery in Italian art, 1960-1969
curated by Luca Massimo Barbero ; translations: David Kerr, Sylvia Notini
Venice : Marsilio, April 2016
Sherman N6918 .I43 2016

Isgrò, Emilio, 1937- artist,
Milano : Electa, [2016]
Sherman N6923.I83 A4 2016

ナチス。ドイツと〈帝国〉日本美術 : 歴史から消された展覧会 = Modern / 安松みゆき著
安松みゆき, 1959- author
Tōkyō : Yoshikawa Kōbunkan, 2016
Baker Berry Japan N7353 .Y37 2016

マンガ文化55のキーワード / 竹内オサム, 西原麻里編著
京都 : ミネルヴァ書房, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NC1355 .M36 2016

Pitch black rainbow : the art of John Jennings
Jennings, John, 1970- artist
Greenbelt, MD : Rosarium Publishing, [2014]
Sherman NC139.J46 A4 2014

Architecture on ice : a history of the hockey arena
Shubert, Howard, author
Montreal & Kingston ; McGill-Queen's University Press, 2016
"Despite the legendary reputations of Madison Square Garden, Maple Leaf Gardens, and the Montreal Forum, skating rinks and hockey arenas may be North America's most overlooked cultural buildings. Architecture on Ice reveals the central role they have played in influencing urban, social, and political life across the continent. In the first book to chart the development of skating rinks and arenas from their origins as simple wooden sheds to today's fully wired, multi-purpose entertainment complexes, Howard Shubert examines how these buildings have been adapted to seasonal change and to a multitude of uses besides skating - from political rallies to rock concerts - and how these adaptations, in turn, have transformed skating, curling, and hockey. Revealing the ways in which arenas are sites where sport, culture, and commerce intersect, Architecture on Ice describes four distinct phases in the development of these buildings: the early rinks and arenas of the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, the Golden Era of 1920-31, the building boom in postwar arenas from 1960-83, and the postmodern hockey complexes built between 1990 and 2010. Lavishly illustrated with surprising, amusing, and previously unpublished images, Architecture on Ice explains how the construction of buildings engineered the way recreational activities are performed and experienced."--
Sherman NA6860 .S58 2016

Lorenzo de Carris e i pittori eccentrici nelle Marche del primo Cinquecento
a cura di Alessandro Delpriori ; con la collaborazione di Matteo Mazzalupi
Perugia : Quattroemme, [2016]
Sherman ND623.D372728 L67 2016

Sculpture collections in early modern Spain
Di Dio, Kelley Helmstutler, author
Burlington, VT : Ashgate, [2013]
Sculpture collections in Spain: an overview -- The royal collections -- The aristocratic collections -- Other collections: court functionaries, diplomats, scholars, artists and merchants.
Sherman NB23.S7 D5 2013

John Baldessari catalogue raisonné
Baldessari, John, 1931-
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2012-
Volume one. 1956-1974 -- Volume two. 1975-1986 -- Volume three. 1987-1993.

"The pioneering conceptual artist John Baldessari (b. 1931) began his career as a painter in the 1950s, but in the subsequent decades he expanded his practice in a new and groundbreaking direction by juxtaposing texts with found photography or appropriated images. These texts questioned the nature of art and the art-viewing experience, suggesting new meanings for the images they accompanied. This interaction of words and images remained a critical aspect of Baldessari's work, even as he branched into other media, such as site-specific installations, drawings, video, sculpture, prints, and multiples. The first of a projected four-volume set, this lavishly illustrated book features about 500 works and chronicles an important shift in Baldessari's thinking during these formative years. Included are such landmark works as the Cremation Project (1970), where Baldessari incinerated the "body" of work he had made between the years 1953 and 1966. The ashes of the cremated works were then baked into cookies, and the rest sealed in a book-shaped urn, which he then presented along with a plaque announcing the "life" and "death" dates. Baldessari's work and teaching have been greatly influential on a subsequent generation of artists. The book features an essay by Yve-Alain Bois considering Baldessari's ethos as a generator of his artistic practice. Also included are an interview with Christopher Knight and a detailed chronology of the artist's life and work"--
Sherman N6537.B17 A4 2012

Impressionism : reimagining art
Wolf, Norbert, 1949- author
Munich ; Prestel, [2015]
Sherman Oversize N6465.I4 W65 2015

Piranesi : Carceri : der Bestand des Kupferstichkabinetts der Hamburger Kunsthalle
David Klemm ; herausgegeben von Hubertus Gassner, Andreas Stolzenburg und David Klemm
Petersberg : Michael Imhof Verlag ; [2016]
Sherman NE2052.5.P5 A4 2016

Sinergias para la vanguardia española (1898-1936)
Ruth Piquer Sanclemente (editora)
Algeciras : Editorial Libargo, 2016
Sinergias para la vanguardia española: un estado de la cuestión y una propuesta / Ruth Piquer Sanclemente -- La construcción de la identidad española en el arte (1898-1914): imágenes sonoras y visuales / Laura Sanz García -- El cubismo y la música: la huella del cubismo en la vanguardia española / Cecilia García Marco -- En la época del ruido: pintura y música futurista en España (1909-1933) / Antonio Navas Montilla -- Ultraismos y retornos: poesía, música y plástica en las revistas de vanguardia (1918-1923) / Ruth Piquer Sanclemente -- Vocación transmutada: influjo del paisaje musical de Manuel de Falla en la voz poética de Gerardo Diego, 1921 / Mario Muñoz Carrasco -- El teatro de arte, de los Martínez, sierra encantado por la múscia y las artes plásticas: fábulas, cuentos de hadas, y, además, teatro para los niños / Cristina Aguilar Hernández -- "La ensoñación con gran marco de oro": Gómez de la Serna y la ópera en tres actos Charlot / Ana María del Valle Collado -- Sombras y siluetas en La tragedia de Doña Ajada / Fátima Bethencourt Pérez.
Baker Berry NX562.A1 S554 2016

Las biblias ilustradas en España en el siglo XIX : desarrollo, relevancia cultural e interpretación teológica
Yebra Rovira, Carmen
Estella, Navarra, España : Editorial Verbo Divino, [2015]
Sherman ND3355 .Y43 2015

The four elements of design : interiors inspired by air, water, earth, and fire
Wolf, Vicente, author,
New York : Rizzoli International Publications, 2016
2115"From interior design icon Vicente Wolf, an inspirational guide for home decorators to designing unforgettable spaces based on the four natural elements. Based on Vicente Wolf's belief that the classical elements -- earth, water, air, and fire -- form the basic building blocks of great interior design, the book is divided into four sections. Through breathtaking photography (by Wolf himself) and an engaging narrative, Wolf walks the reader through the process of designing around these principles. Air showcases projects that contain a lightness of spirit, open in feeling, with a palette that creates an atmosphere without boundaries. Earth features grounded interiors, where stone, wood, and natural textures form the foundation. Water shows fluidity and environments with reflective shades of blues and aqua, while deep colors, reds, and dramatic qualities are showcased in Fire. The dwellings presented, in rich detail, include more than a dozen projects, such as Long Island beach houses, Manhattan apartments, and sumptuous homes in New York, Connecticut, and California. Through this unique concept, Wolf proves why he is the uncontested master of cool, luminous rooms that combine strength and sensuality."--provided by
Sherman NK2115 .W82 2016

Reflejos del Pop
textos, Lourdes Moreno, Simón Marchán Fiz, F. Javier Panera Cuevas ; traducción, Jenny Dodman
[Málaga] : Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga, [2016]
Sherman ND808.5.P6 R44 2016

La coscienza del vero : capolavori dell'Ottocento da Courbet a Segantini
a cura di Alessandra Tiddia ; saggi di Silvio Balloni, Sergio Marinelli, Andrea Pinotti, Alessandra Tiddia
Milano : Electa ; [2015]
Sherman N6757.5.R42 C67 2015

Uomini e dei : il '600 genovese dei collezionisti
a cura di Anna Orlando ; prefazione di Ezia Cavazza ; contributi di Raffaella Besta and seven others
Genova : Sagep editori, [2016]
Sherman ND621.G4 U58 2016

Images of shame : infamy, defamation and the ethics of oeconomia
edited by Carolin Behrmann
Berlin : De Gruyter, [2016]
Figura infamante : Schanbilder und die Ethik der oeconomia / Carolin Behrmann -- Pittura infamante : practices, genres and connections / Gherardo Ortalli -- Prime pitture d'infamia nei comuni italiani : immagini come documenti, immagini come fatti / Matteo Ferrari -- Images of dishounoured rebels and infamous revolts : political crime, shaming punishments and defamation in the early modern pictorial media / Karl Härter -- Bild-Ehre, Bild-Schande, Bild-Ängste : einstige Kommunikationsweisen und heutige Diskursverkürzungen / Wolfgang Brückner -- The ban and the bag : how defamatory paintings worked in medieval Italy / Giuliano Milani -- "more cuiusdam Cioli et aliorum infamium" : on Dante's refusal to return home and how he became Florentine again / Thomas Ricklin -- Sovereign infamy : grotesque helmets, masks of shame and the prehistory of caricature / Felix Jäger -- From defamation to mutilation : gender politics and reason of state in Africa / David Freedberg -- "Ein Kampf mit der Sicht" : Antlitz, Kunst und Erhabenes bei Emmanuel Levinas / Hana Gründler.
Sherman N8219.L46 I53 2016

Angelo Caroselli (1585-1652), pittore romano : copista, pasticheur, restauratore, conoscitore
Rossetti, Marta, author
Roma : Campisano editore, [2015]
Sherman ND623.C28915 A4 2015

Der Petersdom in Rom : die Baugeschichte von der Antike bis heute
Brandenburg, Hugo, author
Als erste zusammenfassende Architekturgeschichte der berühmtesten Basilika der Christenheit präsentiert der Band den Petersdom von seinen frühesten christlichen Ursprüngen bis hin zum Renaissancebau und dem Petersplatz. Der heutige Petersdom wurde an der Stelle einer der ersten großen Basiliken der Christenheit errichtet, Alt-St.-Peter, erbaut von Kaiser Konstantin über dem Grab des hl. Petrus, das auch heute noch unter dem Hauptaltar des Doms zu besichtigen ist. Bislang gab es noch keine zusammenfassende illustrierte Studie über die Geschichte des Doms von seiner Erbauung im 4. Jahrhundert über seine Veränderungen im Mittelalter bis hin zum Renaissance-Neubau auf päpstlichen Wunsch. Berühmte Gemälde und Stiche zeigen etwa das intakte und noch genutzte alte Kirchenschiff, während gleichzeitig die Stützen des neuen Doms in der zerstörten Apsis errichtet werden. Im 17. Jahrhundert erhält der Dom mit dem Petersplatz und dem von Bernini geschaffenen Inneren bereits weitgehend sein heutiges Erscheinungsbild. Neue Statuen für die nachfolgenden Päpste und die Mosaiken zwangen die Bauhütte des Petersdoms ständig zu Innovation und Erneuerung. Heute beherbergt der Dom die bedeutendste Mosaikschule der Welt.
Sherman Oversize NA5620.S9 B73 2015

Libya : hurriya : contemporary artists from Libya
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2016
Sherman N7437 .L53 2016

The Red Monastery church : beauty and asceticism in upper Egypt
edited by Elizabeth S. Bolman
New Haven : Yale University Press in association with American Research Center in Egypt, [2016]
Foreword / Gerry D. Scott III -- Preface / Michael Jones -- Prologue : the renaissance of the Red Monastery / Maximous El-Antony -- Introduction / Elizabeth S. Bolman -- The Red Monastery in early Byzantine Egypt / Andrew Crislip -- Pshoi and the early history of the Red Monastery / Stephen Emmel and Bentley Layton -- "The possessions of our poverty" : beauty, wealth, and asceticism in the Shenoutean federation / Elizabeth S. Bolman -- Liturgy and ritual practice in the Shenoutean federation / Ugo Zanetti and Stephen J. Davis --The type of the triconch basilica / Dale Kinney -- Architectural survey / Nicholas Warner -- Architectural sculpture / Dale Kinney -- Artistic working practice and the second-phase ornamental program / William Lyster -- A staggering spectacle : early Byzantine aesthetics in the triconch / Elizabeth S. Bolman -- The iconography of salvation / Elizabeth S. Bolman -- Figural styles, Egypt, and the early Byzantine world / Elizabeth S. Bolman -- Ascetic ancestors, identity and genealogy / Elizabeth S. Bolman and Agnieszka Szymańska -- Textual aesthetics : dipinti and the early Byzantine epigraphic habit / Paul C. Dilley -- Preparation of the eucharist : paintings in the side chambers / Elizabeth S. Bolman -- An eclipsed history : toward a framework for the medieval history of the Red Monastery / Mark N. Swanson -- A medieval flourishing at the White Monastery Federation : material culture / Elizabeth S. Bolman -- Inscribed identities : prosopography of the Red and White Monasteries in the early Byzantine and medieval periods / Paul C. Dilley -- "A strange jumble of Roman detail" : western explorers and antiquarians at the Red Monastery, 1673-1926 / Nicholas Warner and Cédric Meurice -- The Comité : conserving the Red Monastery Church in the early twentieth century / Nicholas Warner and Cédric Meurice -- Wall painting conservation at the Red Monastery church / Luigi De Cesaris, Alberto Sucato, and Emiliano Ricchi -- Conclusion / Elizabeth S. Bolman.

"The Red Monastery church is the most important extant early Christian monument in Egypt’s Nile Valley, and one of the most significant of its period in the Mediterranean region. A decade-long conservation project has revealed some of the best surviving and most remarkable early Byzantine paintings known to date. The church was painted four times during the 5th and 6th centuries, and significant portions of each iconographic program are preserved. Extensive painted ornament also covers the church’s elaborate architectural sculpture, echoing the aesthetics found at San Vitale in Ravenna and the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Distinguished contributors from a wide range of disciplines, including art and architectural history, ancient religion, history, and conservation, discuss the church’s importance. Topics include late antique aesthetics, early monastic concepts of beauty and ascetic identity, and connections between the center and the periphery in the early Byzantine world. Beautifully illustrated with more than 300 images, this landmark publication introduces the remarkable history and magnificence of the church and its art to the public for the first time"--Publisher's website.
Sherman NA6082 .R43 2016

Anthony Cragg : parts of the world
Cragg, Tony, 1949- artist
Wuppertal : Von der Heydt-Museum, [2016]
Tony Cragg and industrial platonism (1981) / Germano Celant -- Language of a critical creation (1985) / Demosthenes Davvetas -- Tony Cragg : thinking models (1987) / Lynne Cooke -- Anthony Cragg : living in a material world (1998) / Ulrich Wilmes -- A dictionary of dematerialisation (1988) / Demosthenes Davvetas -- Tony Cragg (1988) / Cathrine Lampert -- Cragg's big bang (1990) / Peter Schjeldahl -- Tony Cragg : landscape artist (1990) / Thomas McEvilley -- Tony Cragg : the ontology of matter (2016) / Demostheses Davvetas -- Remarks on Tony Cragg's sculptures : material, form, meaning and significance (2016) / Gerhard Finckh -- Terms and conditions : an interview with Tony Cragg (2006) [excerpt] / Jon Wood -- Sculpture/stream (2016) / Jon Wood.
Sherman Oversize NB497.C75 A4 2016

Munch and expressionism
edited by Jill Lloyd and Reinhold Heller ; with preface by Ronald S. Lauder ; foreword by Renée Price, and essays by Patricia G. Berman, Nelson Blitz Jr., Jay A. Clarke, Reinhold Heller, Jill Lloyd, Nils Ohlsen, and Øystein Ustvedt
Munich : Prestel, [2016]
"This catalogue accompanies a major exhibition at the Neue Galerie new York devoted to offering a fascinating new look at the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch and his influence on his Austrian and German contemporaries. Edvard Munch (1863-1944) was highly regarded for his exploration of dark themes, including alienation, sin, and human vulnerability. His work incorporates the vivid colors of previous styles, but Munch intensified their emotional power and paved the way for an entirely new approach to painting. Although much has been written about Munch's life and its influence on his art, this catalogue is the first thorough study of the artist's impact on his German and Austrian peers, and places his oeuvre in an Expressionist context. Essays by leading scholars in the field examine the close connection between Munch and his Austrian and German counterparts, with special attention focused upon the work of Max Beckmann. Munch's self-portraits are also closely examined, as is his seminal role in working with the woodcut in a highly innovative fashion, and his influence upon the work of Erich Heckel and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in particular"--
Sherman N7073.M8 A4 2016

Drawing then : innovation and influence in American drawings of the sixties
curated by Kate Ganz
New York : Dominique Lévy, [2016]
Josef Albers -- Carl Andre --Jo Baer -- Mel Bochner -- Lee Bontecou -- Vija Celmins -- Chuck Close -- Agnes Denes -- Dan Flavin -- Eva Hesse -- Jasper Johns -- Ellsworth Kelly -- Barry Le Va -- Sol Lewitt -- Roy Lichtenstein -- Lee Lozano -- Brice Marden -- Agnes Martin -- Robert Morris -- Bruce Nauman -- Barnett Newman-- Claes Oldenburg -- Adrian Piper -- Robert Rauschenberg -- Dorothea Rockburne -- James Rosenquist -- Edward Ruscha -- Robert Ryman -- David Smith -- Robert Smithson -- Frank Stella -- Michelle Stuart -- Paul Thek -- Wayne Thiebaud -- Anne Truitt -- Richard Tuttle -- Cy Twombly -- Andy Warhol -- John Wesley -- Tom Wesselman.

Inspired by the 1976 exhibition 'Drawing Now' at The Museum of Modern Art, 'Drawing Then' investigates revolutionary developments in the practice of drawing that emerged in the United States during a decade of radical social and political upheaval. With more than 70 works by 39 artists--almost half of whom were not represented in the 1976 exhibition--Drawing Then includes works by Josef Albers, Mel Bochner, Chuck Close, Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Sol LeWitt, Roy Lichtenstein, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Barnett Newman, Robert Rauschenberg and Ed Ruscha, among other greats. The volume also includes newly commissioned work by poet Mei-mei Berssenbrugge in addition to rare archival material, artists' biographies and a comprehensive chronology linking developments in the art world with the larger social and political events of the decade.
Sherman NC108 .D687 2016

Ballocco Morellet : sguardi paralleli
Paolo Bolpagni ; con un saggio di Massimo Donà
Lucca : Edizioni Fondazione Ragghianti studi sull'arte, [2016]
Sherman ND623.B1948 A4 2016

Nada está donde se cree..
Sacco, Graciela, 1956- artist
Buenos Aires : Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, [2015]
Sherman N6639.S2 A4 2015

Arte y disidencia política : memorias del Taller 4 Rojo
Taller Historia Crítica del Arte: David Gutíerrez Castañeda and five others
[Bogotá] : Editorial La Bachué ; [2016]
Introducción -- Siete tesis sobre el Taller 4 Rojo -- (uno Trayectorias -- (dos) Fundaciones -- (tres) Procesos: Activismo poético político -- (cuatro) Los movimientos sociales y políticos -- (cinco) La Universidad Nacional: la docencia -- (seis) Disensos y disolución.

This book comprises the testimonies of five founers of the workshop Taller 4 Rojo: Carlos Granada (1933-2015), Diego Arango (1942), Umberto Giangrandi (1943), Jorge Mora (1944) and Fabio Rodríguez Amaya (1950). It is a long dialogue held with another collective, the workshop Taller Historia Crítica del Arte (workshop Critical History of Art), setting up a document, which in addition to their voices and controversial memoirs, includes the complex documentary collections that they still preserve. Developed in the context of the vast programme of research on the relations between art and politics in Latin America promoted in the last decade by the Red Conceptualismos del Sur and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, this book is one of the most important contributions to the history of contemporary Latin American art from the Colombian context. This art collective also convened numerous artists, intellectuals, and political actors of the era, in a poetic-political experiment unprecedented in the country, which exceeded amply the graphic production and the design of posters.
Sherman N6675 .A8x 2016

After Caravaggio
Fried, Michael, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Introduction -- Singularities -- Toward a post-Caravaggio pictorial poetics -- An almost unknown masterpiece: Cecco del Caravaggio's 'Resurrection' -- Guercino's anni mirabiles, 1619-1620 -- Coda: after 1630.
Sherman ND456 .F75 2016

Baule monkeys
Claessens, Bruno, 1983- author
Brussels : Mercatorfonds ; [2016]
Straying from the traditional art canon of the delicate Baule masks and figures, Baule monkeys explores the darker side of this art form, in all its aspects. This makes it the first book to deal exclusively with the eponymous sculptures. These awe-inspiring bowl-bearing figures were physical manifestations of invisible powers, both malign and benign, and served their communities through the mediation of diviners. Using a group of remarkable figures from the Africarium collection as illustration, the book focuses on the creation, usage and form of these bowl bearers and sheds light on the cultural and ritual context in which they operated. Through extensive research, the book combines new and fascinating discoveries with all previous relations on the subject. This research is accompanied by many splendid images. Not only does the book include an original map and never before published field photos, it also contains 15 objects from the Africarium collection and 40 monkey figures from other public and private collections represented in full-page illustrations, and in smaller formats. This gives the reader a chance to see the works in great detail and from different angles.
Sherman NB1255.C85 C5513 2016

Zao Wou-Ki : No limits
Zao, Wou-ki, 1920-2013, artist
New York City : Asia Society Museum ; [2016]
The Chinese-French painter Zao Wou-Ki (1920-2013) developed a distinctive abstract style blending the visual poetry of Chinese painting and calligraphy with European pictorial traditions. This volume presents the artist's life and work. The essays consider the reception of Zao's work in the United States, his engagement with postwar abstraction, and his exploration of various artistic media.
Sherman ND1049.Z3 A4 2016

L'image volée
curated by Thomas Demand ; introductory essays, Russell Ferguson, Jonathon Griffin, Christy Lange ; case studies, Rainer Erlinger, Daniel McClean
Milan : Fondazione Prada, [2016]
Sherman N6494.A66 I63 2016

Invisible adversaries
curated by Lauren Cornell and Tom Eccles
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY : Center for Curatorial Studies, Hessel Museum of Art, Bard College, [2016]
The Hessel Museum of Art marks its tenth anniversary with a major exhibition of works from the Marieluise Hessel Collection curated by Lauren Cornell and Tom Eccles entitled Invisible Adversaries. The exhibition is inspired by the eponymous 1976 feature film by the radical Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT, and is built around its themes. The film presents a woman’s struggle to retain her sense of self against hostile alien forces that appear increasingly ubiquitous, colonizing the minds of all those around her.
Sherman N5267.H47 I58 2016

La Menesunda según Marta Minujín
curaduría, Victoria Noorthoorn, Sofía Dourron, Javier Villa
Buenos Aires : Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, [2015]
La Menesunda / Sofía Dourron -- Fil stills de "La Menesunda: (1965) / Leopoldo Maler -- La reconstrucción de "La Menesunda" / Sofía Dourron, Iván Rosler, Almendra Vilela, Javier Villa y Agustina Vizcarra.
Sherman NB339.M56 M46 2015

Baroque Naples and the industry of painting : the world in the workbench
Marshall, Christopher R., author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
From the street to the studio -- Altarpieces, frescoes and the larger workshops, 1580-1620 -- Stanzione, Ribera and the years of consolidation, 1620-56 -- Aniello Falcone and the rise of Neapolitan cabinet painting -- Art dealing at the lower reaches of the market -- Dealing by artists -- The rise of the art merchants -- Public commissions -- Private collections of painting -- The viceroys -- Public exhibitions, rivalry and the internalization of Neapolitan Baroque painting.
Sherman ND621.N2 M374 2016

Mary Heilmann : looking at pictures
editor, Lydia Yee with Habda Rashid ; introduction, Iwona Blazwick ; essay, Briony Fer
London : Whitechapel Gallery, [2016]
Introduction / Iwona Blazwick -- Looking at pictures / Lydia Yee -- Paintings -- Mary Heilmann : painting, her way / Briony Fer -- Ceramics -- Works on paper -- Sketchbook pages -- Every piece has a backstory / Mary Heilmann -- Her life -- List of works -- Index of illustrations -- Biography -- Bibliography -- Author biographies -- Image credits -- Acknowledgements.

Born in California in 1940, Heilmann studied ceramics and poetry before moving to New York in 1968 and taking up painting. A pioneer of infusing abstract painting with influences from craft traditions and popular culture (especially rock music and California's beach culture), Heilmann is one of the most important yet still under-recognised artists working today. This publication explores Heilmann's approach to abstraction from two distinct but interrelated perspectives: the formal and the personal. As well as a new essay by Briony Fer and writings by the artist on key works, the publication will feature over 100 beautiful full-colour illustrations of paintings, works on paper, furniture and ceramics from Heilmann's five-decade career. 00Exhibition: Whitechapel Gallery London, England (06.08-08.21.2016).
Sherman ND237.H427 A4 2016

Chromosome damage
Guzman, Daniel, 1964- artist
London, United Kingdom : Drawing Room ; 2015
Chromosome damage / Mary Doyle -- Sonrisa con pelos y música de fondo / Gabriel Kuri -- Daniel Guzman : chromosome damage / Elizabeth Baquedano
Sherman NC146.G89 A4 2015

The new iconoclasts : from art of a new reality to conceptual art in Colombia, 1961-1975
Tarver, Gina McDaniel, author
Bogotá : Universidad de los Andes, Facultad de Artes y Humanidades, Departamento de Arte, Ediciones Uniandes, 2016
Introduction -- Intrepid Iconoclasts -- Coming to Terms with Similarities and Differences -- Ambitious Institutions and Their Strategies for Development -- Tacties from "Underdevelopment" -- Partieipation as a Sign of the Time -- Shaping a History -- Chapter. I. Art for a new realityJunk Art -- Mina Traba and the Modern Art Museum of Bogotá -- Re-recreating Art -- The Sajan of Young Artists -- Male Junk -- Artistic Suicide -- A Venerable Institution in Changing limes -- Competitions and Controversies -- A Failed Monument and a "Violent Declaration" -- Historical Transgressions -- Chapter 2. The art of expansionCreating Hysteria -- A Biennial for Colombia -- Space Invaders -- An Art of Environments -- Light. Sound. Movement Minimachines -- The Basic Elements of Art -- Art Criticism and Art-pia Closures -- Chapter 3. New iconoclasm and international exhlbitions -- The Pile that Became a Mountain -- II Coltejer Art Biennial -- An International Graphic Arts Exhibition -- Salcedo and the Center of Art and Communication -- The Graphic Arts Biennial -- III Coltejer Art Biennial -- Systems Art at the Biennial and Beyond -- Other Biennials and Obstacles -- The Limits of Internationalism -- Chapter 4. Text-image works and critical messages -- The Puddle that Became a Flood -- A Punitive Exhibition -- What the Eye Doesn't See -- A list of Charges -- Salon Showdown: The National vs. The Independent -- The Art of Critical Recuperation -- Bite of the Paper Tigers -- Where There's Smoke, There's Marlboro -- Dide the Galleries -- 0uIside the Box -- Sweet Nothings -- Ambivalence -- Conclusion -- A new norm?.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, a handful of young Colombian artists, including Feliza Bursztyn, Beatriz González, Bernardo Salcedo, Álvaro Barrios, and Antonio Caro, boldly transgressed artistic conventions to create art that critics labeled New Realism, Pop, Environments, and Conceptual Art. They achieved success with the crucial support of national and local art institutions. While critics and curators promoted this striking new work as international, it was firmly rooted in national artistic, social, and political reality. The New Iconoclasts: From Art of a New Reality to Conceptual Art in Colombia, 1961-1975 is a nuanced examination of this transgressive art with regard to its relationship with institutional goals and structures. Relying on extensive archival research and interviews with artists, author Gina McDaniel Tarver reveals at the root of contemporary Colombian art an ambivalent, often contradictory, and highly productive relationship between artists and institutions and between local and international aesthetics and social concerns.
Sherman N6675.5.C62 T37 2016

Tiwi : art, history, culture
Isaacs, Jennifer
Carlton, Vic. : Miegunyah Press, 2012
Part I. Tiwi culture -- Part II. Tiwi history -- Part III. Artefacts and art -- Part IV. Bathurst Island art centres -- Part V. Melville Island art centres.

The dangerous waters separating mainland Australia from Tiwi islands have seen blossoming of an art & culture unique to Tiwi people. Often abstract and geometric, with strong patterns, use of colour, it is basis for shapes of traditional carvings, such as that used in burial ceremonies, more recently, on fabric, paper, pottery, canvas and jewellery.
Sherman N7402.B35 I83 2012

American architecture : a history
Roth, Leland M., author
Bolder, CO : Westview Press, [2016]
Chapter 1: The First American Architecture Ceremonial Enclosures and Homes. A Vast and Varied Continent -- The First Americans -- The Historical or Post-contact Cultures -- Reinvigorated Architecture for a New Millennium -- Chapter 2: Europeans in the New World, 16001700 : Transplanted Vernaculars. Spanish Settlements -- French Settlements -- Swedish Settlement -- Dutch Settlements -- English Settlements -- Town Planning in the Seventeenth Century -- Chapter 3: In the Latest Fashion, 16901785 : Georgian Architecture and Vernacular Traditions. Georgian Colonial Town Planning -- Early Georgian Architecture, 16901750 -- Late Georgian Architecture, 17501785 -- Chapter 4: A New Architecture for a New Nation, 17851820 : Searching for Symbols of Democracy. Eclecticism -- Planning the National Capitol -- Samuel McIntire -- Charles Bulfinch -- Asher Benjamin -- Benjamin Henry Latrobe -- Other Influences and Émigré Architects -- Thomas Jefferson -- American Urban Growth -- Trans-Appalachian Development and Vernacular Architecture -- Chapter 5: Appropriation and Innovation, 18201865 : Images of the Past, Visions of the Future. The Greek Revival -- The Gothic Revival -- A Miscellany of Historic Styles -- Commercial and Industrial Building -- The Octagon Style -- Urban Growth -- Vernacular Building -- In Search of an American Architecture -- Chapter 6: Architecture in the Age of Energy and Enterprise, 18651885 : Parvenu Taste in an Expanding Economy. Architectural Education -- Creative Eclecticism -- Second Empire Baroque -- High Victorian Gothic -- Frank Furness -- Richard Morris Hunt -- Industry Buildings and Housing -- Model Urban Tenements -- Frederick Law Olmsted and the Public Parks Movement -- American Urban Growth, 1865-1885 -- The Emergence of American Architectural Publishing -- The Centennial Exposition, 1876 -- Suburban and Country Residences -- Transportation and the Impact of Technology -- Henry Hobson Richardson -- Chapter 7: The Architecture of the American City and Suburb, 18851915 : The Search for Order. Women and the American Architectural Profession -- The Impact of the École des Beaux-Arts -- Commercial Architecture: The Invention of the Office Skyscraper -- Classicism and the Search for Order -- American Parallels to Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movement -- Frank Lloyd Wright -- The San Francisco Bay Area Tradition -- Urban Planning -- Housing Reform -- Vernacular Architecture -- Chapter 8: Nostalgia and the Avant-Garde, 19151940 : Architecture for a New Century. The First World War and Industrial Housing -- The Suburb and the Automobile -- The Architecture of Reassurance: Historicism in the Jazz Age -- Movie Palaces: The Architecture of Illusion -- American Modernism -- Skyscrapers, 19151940 -- Art Deco and Moderne -- Frank Lloyd Wright, the Middle Years -- Rudolf Schindler and Richard Neutra -- Urban Planning and Housing -- The Great Depression -- Chapter 9: The Emergence of American Modernism, 19401973 : Social Agenda or the Latest Aesthetic? Housing War Workers -- Modernism -- The Modern House -- Form Follows Form -- “Silence and Light”: The Architecture of Louis I. Kahn -- Heroic Expressionism -- Alvar Aalto in America -- Urbanism: Cities and Suburbs -- Urban Renewal -- Preservation: The Uses of the Past -- Chapter 10: Late Modernism and Alternatives, 19722001. Rethinking Modernism and Its Shortcomings -- Historic Preservation -- Contextualism -- The Beginnings of Postmodernism -- Postmodern Classicism -- Late Expressionist/Heroic Modernism -- Frank Gehry and Late Expressionism -- Deconstructivism -- Regionalism -- The Cult of the High-Profile Architect -- The 1980s and 1990s: A Public Architecture of Self-Absorption -- Making Communities -- Green Architecture: The First Shoots -- Chapter 11: Looking at the Future: Into the 21st Century. Slender Towers -- The Age of Computer Architecture -- Starchitects/Global Architects -- Architectural Activity in the Twenty-First Century -- The Long Life of Traditionalism -- Green Architecture.

"More than fifteen years after the success of the first edition, this sweeping introduction to the history of architecture in the United States is now a fully revised guide to the major developments that shaped the environment from the first Americans to the present, from the everyday vernacular to the high style of aspiration. Eleven chronologically organized chapters chart the social, cultural, and political forces that shaped the growth and development of American towns, cities, and suburbs, while providing full description, analysis, and interpretation of buildings and their architects. The second edition features an entirely new chapter detailing the green architecture movement and architectural trends in the 21st century. Further updates include an expanded section on Native American architecture and contemporary design by Native American architects, new discussions on architectural education and training, more examples of women architects and designers, and a thoroughly expanded glossary to help today's readers. The art program is expanded, including 640 black and white images and 62 new color images. Accessible and engaging, American Architecture continues to set the standard as a guide, study, and reference for those seeking to better understand the rich history of architecture in the United States"--
Sherman NA705 .R669 2016

Joos van Cleve : il trittico di San Donato
a cura di Gianluca Zanelli ; testi di Maria Clelia Galassi, Marie Luce Repetto, Daniele Sanguineti, Gianluca Zanelli
Genova : Sagep editori, [2016]
Sherman ND673.C5555 A69 2016

Rosemberg Sandoval : obra 1980-2015
compiladora: Paola Andrea Tafur
Cali, Colombia : Universidad del Valle, Programa Editorial, 2015
Prólogo = Prologue / Rosemberg Sandoval -- Ejercicios de conciencia en la obra de Rosemberg Sandoval = Acts of conscience in the work of Rosemberg Sandoval / Álvaro Villalobos -- El amor contrariado por la patria = Conflicted love for the homeland / Carlos Jiménez -- Rosemberg Sandoval : "produzco arte para nadie en un país sin estado y con mucho miedo" = "I produce art for no one in a stateless country and with much fear" / Mario Espinosa Cobaleda -- Obra 1980-2015 = Work 1980=2015 -- Acciones políticas = Political actions -- Biografía y entrevistas= Biography and interviews -- Rosemberg Sandoval -- Exhibiciones = Exhibitions -- Exhibiciones colectivas = Collective exhibitions -- Exhibiciones individuales = Individual exhibitions -- Participación en foros simposios y conversatorios = Participation in forums and symposiums talks.

"In these nearly two decades I have faced and I continue to face the parish of armed art with a dense explosion of genres and media, manipulated on the thin line of tolerance, fed by the power of the marginal, marked by the no and my intuition used as a superior barbaric act rearticulating my place and connecting with an open line of research, development and sense: Nazca-Guadalupe Posada-Torres Garcia-Oiticica"-Page 13.
Sherman N6679.S26 A4 2015

Miguel Ángel Buonarroti : un artista entre dos mundos
curadores, Francesco Buranelli, Luis Javier Cuesta
Mexico, D.F. : Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes ; 2015
Presentaciones fueron la escuela del mundoʺ / Francesco Buranelli América y la maniera miguelangelesca / Luis Javier Cuesta La obra de Miguel Ángel Buonarroti eb Italia El rostro de Miguel Ángel / Pina Ragionieri -- Miguel Ángel schultoreʺ / Sergio Guarino -- Miguel Ángel pintor / Claudio Strinati -- Miguel Ángel y la arquitectura / Christof Thoenes La maneraʺ miguelangelesca en la Nueva España y el México independiente Formas miguelangelescas en la escultura novohispana / Clara Bargellini Otras miradas, otros ejemplos / Patricia Díaz Cayeros y Pablo Amador Marrero Huellas de Miguel Ángel en la pintura de la Nueva España / Rogelio Ruiz Gomar La impronta de Miguel Ángel en la arquitectura de la Nueva España / Martha Fernández La influencia de los grabados y los dibujos miguelangelescos en la Academia de San Carlos / Alberto Soto -- Obra comentada -- Obra complementaria -- Apéndice.
Sherman N6923.B9 M548 2015

Die Kurt F. Gödel Bibliothek
Chapela Perez, Emilio, artist
México, D.F. : Sicomoro Ediciones : 2014
Un libro de todos los tiempos = A book of All Time / Jorge Pinto -- A. Meta KFGB = Acerca de la KFGB = About the KFGB / Emilio Chapela -- Todos los libros que existen desparecerán = Every book that exists will disappear -- B. Erfindungen -- C. Boundless -- ¿Dónde (y cuándo) morirán los libros? = Where (and when) will books die? -- D. Abstract -- D. Re-contextualization -- Tsundoku = Tsundoku -- F. Ambiguity -- G. Not assigned -- H. Synaptic -- Der Zauberbergtee = Der Zauberbergtee -- I. Todo lo perdido -- El reino de los bibliófagos. Notas sobre los comedores e libros = The realm of the bibliophage. Notes on book eaters / Andres Cota -- J. Things and objects -- Gran tianguis de libros de madera = The grand wooden book street market -- K. Unsolved -- Grandes datos, en madera = Big data, in wood -- L. Fantastic and fictional -- M. Poetría -- Apuntes sobre la ucronía = Notes on uchronia / Natalia Valencia -- N. Semantics -- O Baragouins / Humor -- P. Art -- Ideas sueltas completamente inspiradas en Die Kurt F. Gödel Bibliothek = Random ideas entirely inspired by Die Kurt F. Gödel Bibliothek / María Minera -- Q. The Unknown -- I Ching = I Ching -- R. Impossibilities -- S. Relative -- T. Randomness -- U. Babel -- V. Unassigned -- W. Untitled -- X. Replica -- Transformaciones (notas sobre formas y funciones del libro y las bibliotecas, a partir de Réquium de Emilio Chapela) = Transformations (notes on forms and functions of books and libraries, based on Emilio Chapela's Réquium) / Maria Álvarez -- Y. Process -- Z. Créditos y agradecimiento.
Sherman N6559.C43 A4 2014

Marcela Astorga : espacio habitado
concepto editorial, Marcela Astorga, Fabián Trigo ; textos, Rosa Olivares, Gabriela Cabezón Cámara ; traduccion, Tamara Stuby
[Buenos Aires] : Letra Viva S.A., 2014
Sobre la idea de superficie / Rosa Olivares -- Bio -- Obra = Work.

A publishing project that brings together for the first time the complete art production of visual artist Marcela Astorga (b. Mendoza, Argentina 1965), comprising in this book-object, images and textures related to the body, the skin and architecture.
Sherman N7433.4.A88 E87 2014

I-80 series : Martin Puryear
Puryear, Martin, 1941-
Omaha : Joslyn Art Museum, [1980?]
Sherman NB237.P84 A4 1980

Our way : contemporary Aboriginal art from Lockhart River
Butler, Sally
[St Lucia, Qld.] : [University of Queensland Press], [2007]
Introduces the unique art of a group of young Aboriginal artists from far north Queensland's Lockhart River community.
Sherman ND1101 .B88 2007

Menagerie : contemporary indigenous sculpture in Australia
edited by Nicole Foreshew and Brian Parkes
Surrey Hills, N.S.W. : Object, Australian Centre for Craft and Design ; 2009
Carved, coiled, cast and constructed : contemporary indigenous sculpture in Australia / Brian Parkes -- Making known / Nicole Foreshew -- Artist profiles -- Artist biographies.
Sherman NB1100.6 .M46 2009

Splendor, myth, and vision : nudes from the Prado
edited by Thomas J. Loughman, Kathleen M. Morris, Lara Yeager-Crasselt
Williamstown, Massachusetts : Clark Art Institute ; [2016]
"Handsomely designed and produced, this stunning book highlights sensual paintings from the Spanish royal collections of the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid. Many of the featured artists were court painters under sovereigns whose tastes influenced the art world of the 16th and 17th centuries. The superb selection of twenty-eight paintings includes works by Jan Breughel, Guercino, Peter Paul Rubens, Titian, and Diego Velázquez. Included is Titian's Reclining Venus with Cupid and a Musician, probably painted by the artist for Charles V, and several works by Rubens, who painted a considerable number of works for the Spanish court. Informative catalogue entries accompany an essay by Javier Portús on the Spanish royal taste in collecting and the role of painting within European politics of the day and a contemporary response to understanding the nude in Renaissance and Baroque painting by Jill Burke."--
Sherman ND1290.5 .M87 2016

Embracing the contemporary : the Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Collection
edited by Carlos Basualdo with Anna Mecugni
Philadelphia : Philadelphia Museum of Art, [2016]
Sherman Oversize N6488.5.S33 E43 2016

Bridget Riley : British Pavilion, 1968, XXXIV Venice Biennale
[London] : British Council, [1968]
Sherman ND497.R54 A4 1968

Codex : una aproximación al grafiti de la Ciudad de México
Arroyo, Sergio Raúl, author
México, D.F. : Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes ; 2015
Since the early 1980's graffiti emerged in Mexico City, from the United States and passing through Tijuana and Guadalajara, as one of the most consistent cultural manifestation, but scarcely explored. This practice was carried out by an extensive community, originally underground, which soon transformed into an urban phenomenon of enormous dimensions. Codex ±An approximation to the graffiti in the city of Mexico, discusses the origins of graffiti as well as the complex socio-cultural relationships that surround it. The research, carried out by means of a meticulous field work, shows the work developed by graffiti painters and their crews for more than thirty years, and follows a line from the origins of graffiti up to present days along with interviews of 21 featured protagonists such as Humo, Neuzz, Retén, Sr. Niuk and Peque to bring the reader to the world of graffiti. Includes a glossary of terms used by the graffiti artists.
Sherman ND2646.M4 A77x 2015

The past and future city : how historic preservation is reviving America's communities
Meeks, Stephanie
Washington D.C. : Island Press, [2016]
Introduction: The Powers of Place -- Downtown Is For People: Competing Visions of the Ideal American City -- Older, Smaller, Better: How Older Buildings Enhance Urban Vitality -- Making It Work for Your City: Unleashing the Power and Potential of Historic Fabric -- Buildings Reborn: Keeping Historic Properties in Active Use -- Our Diverse History: Towards More Inclusive History and Communities -- Mitigating the Great Inversion: The Problems of Affordability and Displacement -- The Greenest Buildings: Preservation, Climate Change, and the Environment -- Conclusion: The Future of the Past: Livable Cities and the Future of Preservation.

"In The Past and Future City, Stephanie Meeks, the president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, describes in detail, and with unique empirical research, the many ways that saving and restoring historic fabric can help a city create thriving neighborhoods, good jobs, and a vibrant economy. She explains the critical importance of preservation for all our communities, the ways the historic preservation field has evolved to embrace the challenges of the twenty-first century, and the innovative work being done in the preservation space now"--provided by publisher.
Sherman NA9053.H76 M44 2016

Ian W. Abdulla : Elvis has entered the building
Fox, Stephen
Kent Town, S. Aust. : Wakefield Press, 2003
Sherman ND1105.A23 A4 2003

De Chafariz Imperador para afluentes do Guaíba : a trajetória histórica de um monumento na paisagem urbana de Porto Alegre (1806-2013)
Gibrowski, Cristina author
Porto Alegre : Cristina Gibrowski, 2014
Sherman NA9415.P6 G53 2014

Amat / Lliure
Amat, Frederic, 1952- artist
Barcelona (Espanya) : RM Verlag, S.L. ; [2015]
Sherman N7113.A597 A4 2015

Shoosh! : the history of the Campfire Group
editor, Michael Eather
Fortitude Valley, Qld. : Institute of Modern Art and Campfire Group, ©2005
Sherman N7400 .S48 2005

Thancoupie the potter
Isaacs, Jennifer
Sydney : Aboriginal Artists Agency, 1982
Includes Thancoupie, the storyteller.
Sherman NK4210.T44 I82 1982

Urban dingo : the art and life of Lin Onus, 1948-1996
Onus, Lin, 1948-1996
Sydney, NSW : Craftsman House in association with Queensland Art Gallery, ©2000
Urban dingo / Margo Neale -- Rear-vision mirror : a Koori context / Sylvia Kleinert -- Lin Onus : a personal/political memory / Gary Foley with assistance from Bruce McGuinness -- One mob, one voice, one land : Lin Onus and indigenous postmodernism / Ian McLean -- Translating cultures : Lin Onus, a man of many ways / Bernhard Lüthi -- 'Under the influence' : the collaborative world of Lin Onus / Michael Eather -- Chronology / Jo Onus and Tiriki Onus.

Explores the art and life of the artist - Published to coincide with an exhibition of his paintings, prints and sculptures.
Sherman ND1105.O58 A4 2000

中國建筑 / 中國科學院土木建築研究所, 清華大學建筑系合編
北京 : 新华書店发行, 文物出版社 : 1957
Sherman NA1540 .C54

石濤的世界 / 石濤繪 ; 何政廣主編 ; 李葉霜撰述
石濤, active 17th century-18th century
台北 : 雄獅圖書股份有限公司, 民國62[1973]
Sherman ND1049.T3 A553

Robert Irwin : a conditional art
Simms, Matthew Thomas, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
West Coast abstract expressionism -- From painting to perception -- Conditional art and the art world -- Conditional art in public places -- Conditional gardens and aesthetic novelty -- Light + shadow + reflection + color.
Sherman N6537.I64 S56 2016

Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch : inspiration and transformation
Ravenal, John B., 1959- author
Richmond, VA : Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Yale University Press in partnership with the Munch Museum, [2016]
Essay. Introduction ; Crosshatching ; Savarin can and brushes ; Wood grain ; Handprints and armprints ; Late crosshatching : sex, death, and the cycle of life ; Between the clock and the bed ; Savarin monotypes ; Sea change : illness and mortality ; Shadows and ghosts : the passage of time and the transience of life ; Conclusion -- Endnotes -- Exhibition checklist.

"This is an exhibition catalog exploring the relationship between artists Jasper Johns and Edvard Munch"--
Sherman N6537.J6 A4 2016

Ah Kee, Vernon, 1967-
Brisbane : Institute of Modern Art, 2009
Your call / Robert Leonard -- Vernon Ah Kee interviewed by Glenn Barkley, 7 March 2009 -- Without a pause, without a breath / Anthony Gardner -- CantChant / Aileen Moreton-Robinson -- Born in this skin: a 'gloriously inflammatory designation' / Blair French.
Sherman N6351.2.I53 A34 2009

Gordon Bennett
Bennett, Gordon, 1955-
Melbourne, Vic. : National Gallery of Victoria, ©2007
Catalog of the exhibition held at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Sept. 6, 2007-Jan. 16, 2008.
Sherman N7405.B46 A4 2007

Ikuntji : paintings from Haasts Bluff, 1992-1994
compiled by Marina Strocchi
Alice Springs, NT : IAD Press, 1995
Sherman ND1101 .I48 1995

Andy and Oz : parallel visions
Hart, Deborah, 1959-
Canberra : National Gallery of Australia, 2007
Sherman N7400.2 .H37 2007

Across the desert : Aboriginal batik from central Australia
Ryan, Judith
Melbourne, VIC : National Gallery of Victoria, [2009?]
Director's foreword / Gerard Vaughan -- Sponsor's foreword / Bernie Brookes -- Prelude to canvas: batik cadenzas wax lyrical / Judith Ryan -- Colour plates -- Tjungu nintiringanyi munu kunpu kanyini Ernabella-Ia: learning together and staying strong at Ernabella / Hilary Furlong -- Batik lines flow over sand dune country: Kaltjiti Arts / Diana James -- Drawn together: the Utopia batik phenomenon / Julia Murray -- Warlpiri sensibility and grace: Yuendumu batik / Felicity Wright -- Before painting: the Kintore batiks / Marina Strocchi -- Bush couture: brining the bush to town / Katie Somerville -- Footprints in the red dirt: reflections / Linda Jackson -- Biographies and checklist -- Chronology.

"This publication accompanies an exhibition with the same name from October 2008 to February 2009. The main author is Judith Ryan and the other writers have contributed an article each on the development of Batik in the various Aboriginal communities in central Australia. In addition there is an article on Batik within the Australian fashion world as a comparison to Aboriginal Batik"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NK9503.2.A8 R93 2009

The art of Gordon Bennett
McLean, Ian, 1952-
Roseville East, NSW : Craftsman House, 1996
The Manifest Toe / Gordon Bennett -- Painting a History of the Self in Postcolonial Australia: Gordon Bennett's Existentialism / Ian McLean -- Philosophy and Painting: Gordon Bennett's Critical Aesthetic / Ian McLean -- Towards an Australian Postcolonial Art / Ian McLean.

The manifest toe - Painting a histroy of self in Postcolonial Australia: Gordon Bennett's existentialism - Gordon Bennett's critical aesthetic - Towards an Australian Postcolonial art.
Sherman N7405.B46 M39 1996

This is a portrait if I say so : identity in American art, 1912 to today
Goodyear, Anne Collins, author,
[Brunswick] : Bowdoin College Museum of Art in association with Yale University Press, New Haven and London, [2016]
Director's foreword -- This is a portrait if I say so: identity in American art, 1912 to today / Anne Collins Goodyear, Jonathan Frederick Walz, and Kathleen Merrill Campagnolo -- An American prelude to the abstract portrait / Dorinda Evans -- Portraiture "at the service of the mind": American modernism, representation, and subjectivity from the armory show to the Great Depression / Jonathatn Frederick Walz -- In the company of cultural provocatures: radical portraiture in the 1960s / Kathleen Merrill Campagnolo -- On the birth of the subject and the defacement of portraiture / Anne Collins Goodyear -- Catalogue.

"This groundbreaking book traces the history of portraiture as a site of radical artistic experimentation, as it shifted from a genre based on mimesis to one stressing instead conceptual and symbolic associations between artist and subject. Featuring over 100 color illustrations of works by artists from Charles Demuth, Marcel Duchamp, Marsden Hartley, and Georgia O'Keeffe to Janine Antoni, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Roni Horn, Jasper Johns, and Glenn Ligon, this timely publication probes the ways we think about and picture the self and others. With particular focus on three periods during which non-mimetic portraiture flourished - 1912-25, 1961-70, and 1990-the present - the authors investigate issues related to technology, sexuality, artist networks, identity politics, and social media, and explore the emergence of new models for the visual representation of identity. Taking its title from a 1961 work by Robert Rauschenberg - a telegram that stated, "This is a portrait of Iris Clert if I say so" - this book unites paintings, sculpture, photography, and text portraits that challenge the genre in significant, often playful ways and question the convention, as well as the limits, of traditional portrayal"--Publisher's website.
Sherman N7593.3 .G66 2016

Wirrimanu : Aboriginal art from the Balgo Hills
Cowan, James, 1942-
East Roseville, NSW : Gordon and Breach Arts International : 1994
Dreaming - Landscape as language - Sand and body painting - Iconography - Aboriginal artists.
Sherman ND1101 .C68 1994

Gerhard Richter : panorama
Richter, Gerhard, 1932- artist
New York, NY : D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers Inc., 2016
'Gerhard Richter: Panorama' is the first and most complete overview of Richter's whole career. Where previous monographs have focused on a single aspect of his work, this broad-ranging survey encompasses his entire life's work and provides the definitive account of Richter's colossal artistic achievements. This new and expanded edition of Panorama includes over forty paintings made between 2000 and 2015, studio photographs and archival images, alongside texts by international critics and curators. With more than 300 illustrations, and an interview with the artist by Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate, this landmark publication remains the most comprehensive survey of one of the world's most pre-eminent contemporary artists.
Sherman N6888.R49 A4 2016

Martínez Celaya : work and documents, 1990-2015
Martínez Celaya, Enrique, 1964- artist,
Santa Fe, New Mexico : Radius Books, [2016]
In 1990 Enrique Martínez Celaya left a promising career in physics for art and since then he has pursued his work with a singular and uncompromising vision. Working in a variety of media and deeply engaged with philosophy, literature and science, Martínez Celaya has created an expansive body of work that has led him to become one of his generations most influential artists. This publication, the product of extensive research from his studios archive, traces the development of Martínez Celayas thought through previously unpublished photographs; illustrations of hundreds of artworks; archival notes and writings; sketches and drawings for his public projects and exhibitions; excerpts from the critical reception of his work; and an insightful introduction to the artists work by art historian and long-time collaborator Daniel A. Siedell. --Amazon
Sherman N6537.M3935 A4 2016

Antiquae urbis splendor : hoc est praecipua eiusdem templa, amphitheatra, theatra, circi, naumachiae, arcus triumphales, mausolea aliaque sumptuosiora aedificia, pompae, item, triumphalis et colossaearum, imaginum, descriptio : opera & industria Iacobi Lauri Romani in aes incisa atque in lucem edita : addita est breuis quaedam et succincta imaginum explicatio in qua regum consulum imperatorūq : res gestae et rei Romanae origo progressus incrementum, ac finis cū almae vrbis antiquor[um] ac modernor[um] vestigior[um] additione utcunq[ue], hoc insequenti anno 1630 reperiūtur, et ex veterū ac recentior[um] historiar[um] monumentis clare ostenditur
Lauro, Giacomo, active 17th century
Rome : [Vitali Mascardi], 1612 [-1628] [i.e. 1637]
Rauner Rare Book NA1120 .L3 1637

Light and obscurity in Symbolism
edited by Rosina Neginsky and Deborah Cibelli
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Sherman N8219.L5 L545 2016

Ernabella batiks : in the Hilliard Collection of the National Museum of Australia
Kaus, David
Canberra, A.C.T. : National Museum of Australia Press, 2004
Sherman NK9503.2.A84 E765 2004

History and memory in the art of Gordon Bennett
preface by Elizabeth A. Macgregor, Gavin Jantjes ; text by Terry Smith
Brimingham : Ikon Gallers ; [1999]
Sherman ND1105.B48 A4 1999

Tjukurrpa : desert paintings of Central Australia
Premont, Roslyn
Alice Springs, NT : Centre for Aboriginal Artists, ©1988
Exhibition catalogue; desert art of central Australia; artists description of their paintings; contemporary art; dot painting; Don Tjungurrayi; Paddy Carroll Tjungurrayi; Big Dave Oldfield Tjupurrula; Colin Dixon Tjapanunga; Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa; Leslie Tjampitjinpa; Young Timothy Dempsey Tjungurrayi; Norman Kelly Tjampitjinpa; Andrew Tjungala; Barney Daniels Tjuungurrayi; Eunice Napangardi; Mary Dixon Nungurrayi; Sonda Turner Nampitjinpa; Janice Nungala; Eileen Williams; Doris Rubuntja; Nora Andy Napaltjarri.
Sherman ND1101 .P74 1988

國立 中央 博物館 所蔵 日本 近代 美術. Japanese Modern Art Collection of the National Museum of Korea : Western-style paintings / 국립 중앙 박물관 아시아부. 西洋畫 篇 =
Sŏul-si : Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan, 2010
Baker Berry Korea N7355 .K86 2010

楚地出土人俑研究 : 早期中国墓葬造像艺术的礼制考察 / 凌宇著
凌宇 (Historian), author
Wuchang : Wuhan da xue chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian NB1280 .L56 2014

Ruth Root : paintings : artist-in-residence, spring 2014
Hanover, New Hampshire : Dartmouth College, [2014]
Sherman ND237.R66 A4 2014

Bardayal 'lofty' Nadjamerrek AO
contributing authors, Nicholas Rothwell and others
The Rocks, N.S.W. : Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 2010
Sherman ND1105.N25 A4 2010

As I grew older : the life and times of a Nunga growing up along the River Murray
Abdulla, Ian
Sydney ; Omnibus Books, 1993
Sherman ND1105.A22 A3 1993

Judy Watson
Watson, Judy, 1959-
[Epernay] : [Moët & Chandon], [©1996]
Sherman N7405.W37 A4 1996

Fiona Foley : solitaire
Genocchio, Benjamin
Annandale, NSW, Australia : Piper Press, ©2001
Fiona Foley is a unique voice in Australian art. Urban and sophisticated, Foley's artworks engage with a variety of themes and subjects - from history, memory and politics to the unique flora and fauna of Fraser Island, her Aboriginal ancestral homeland. This is the first monograph on her work.
Sherman N7405.F64 G46 2001

Radiance and symbolism in modern stained glass : European and American innovations and aesthetic interrelations in material culture
edited by Liana De Girolami Cheney
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Sherman NK5342 .R33 2016

Beyond sacred : recent paintings from Australia's remote Aboriginal communities : the collection of Colin and Elizabeth Laverty
conceptual development and collation, Colin Laverty, Jane Kleimeyer
Pahran, Vic. : Hardie Grant Books ; 2008
Essays: The Laverty Collection: exploring the qualities of Aboriginal art / Howard Morphy -- Transmuted traditions: the modernity of Australian Aboriginal art / Will Owen -- The contemporary and Aboriginal art / Nick Waterlow -- Shock of the ancient made new / Judith Ryan -- Art of the Central, Western and Northern Deserts: Papunya, Kintore (Walungurru), Kiwirrkura, Alice Springs, Yuendumu, Utopia, Irrunytju, Warburton, Wirrimanu (Balgo), Lajamanu -- Art of the Kimberley: Bidyadanga, Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek, Warmun (Turkey Creek), Crocodile Hole, Kununurra -- Art of the North, including Arnhem Land: Peppimenarti, Darwin, Melville Island, Maningrida, Yirrkala, Elcho Island, Ngukurr, Mornington Island -- Australia: Regions and Aboriginal Communities.
Sherman Oversize ND1101 .B48 2008

Sacred ground beating heart : works by Judy Watson 1989-2003
Watson, Judy, 1959-
Bentley : John Curtin Galley ; ©2003
Sherman N7405.W37 A4 2003

Innovative student residences : new directions in sustainable design
Friedman, Avi, 1952- author
Mulgrave, Victoria : Images Publishing, 2016
Sherman NA6602.D6 F75 2016

Dotted visuals : polka dots in contemporary graphic design
edited & published by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd
Hong Kong : Sendpoints, 2016
Sherman NC997 .D639 2016

At home in Sri Lanka
Fennell, James, photographer
London : Thames & Hudson, 2016
A decade after the publication of Living in Sri Lanka, photographer James Fennell revisits the 'Paradise Isle' to discover exactly what it is that makes a great Sri Lankan home. Travelling with writer Tom Sykes, he has visited numerous houses and taken thousands of photographs, as well as interviewing owners, interior decorators, architects, stylists and designers. Collectively, the twenty-six properties showcased in this book - the very best examples - capture the essence of elegant Sri Lankan living. Sri Lanka is a place of geographic and cultural contrasts, and its best architecture is structurally versatile, using features such as overhanging roofs, slatted walls and courtyards to cope with intense sunshine and sudden downpours in equal measure. Also in the interior, climatic factors dominate even the most luxurious homes: valuable antiques and art give way to simple pieces of furniture, batiks, prints and artfully crafted cushions, with colour or shadow used creatively to enliven expansive walls. From the colonial grandeur of actress Gillian Anderson's secluded retreat and the sumptuous Wallawwa hotel to works by the celebrated architects Geoffrey Bawa (Claughton House; Paradise Road The Villa Bentota) and Anjalendran (The Crooked House; Mount Cinnamon), the structures in this book have one thing in common: they embrace the unpredictable natural environment, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.
Sherman NA1510.6 .F46 2016

Onomatopoeia : its people and surroundings
Avery, Charles
Amsterdam : Frame Publishers, c2016
Sherman NC242.A94 A4x 2016

Creative ideas of materials & products
chief editor, Li Aihong
Hong Kong, China : Artpower, [2016]
Sherman NK1520 .C74 2016

Histoire désinvolte du surréalisme
Vaneigem, Raoul, 1934-
Paris : Libertalia, c2013
Baker Berry NX456.5.S8 V36 2013

20세기 한국 미술 운동사
[Seoul] : ICAS, 2010
Baker Berry Korea N7365 .A1298 2010

불교 조각 / 강 우방 。곽 동석 。민 병찬 지음
강 우방
서울 : 솔, 2003
v. 1. Samguk sidae -- v. 2. T'ongil Silla, Koryŏ, Chosŏn sidae.
Sherman NB1912.B83 K368 2003

한국 미술 단체 100년 = Korean art groups 20th century's topology
Sŏul-si : Kim Tal-chin Misul Charyo Pangmulgwan, 2013
Baker Berry Korea N17.K6 H36 2013

한국 미술 전시 와 연구 : 2006 국립 중앙 박물관 한국 미술 국제 학술 심포지엄 논문집 = Exhibiting Korean art : Proceedings of the 2006 International Symposium on Korean Art, National Museum of Korea / 편집 국립 중앙 박물관 미술부
서울시 : 국립 중앙 박물관, 2007
Baker Berry Korea N7362 .K87 2007

미국, 한국 미술 을 만나다 = Korean art from the United States
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan, 2012
Baker Berry Korea N7362 .M536 2012

미술 로 본 한국 의 에로티시즘 / 이 태호 지음
이 태호, 1952-
서울시 : 여성 신문사, 1998 (2000 printing)
Baker Berry Korea N8217.E6 Y56 1998

한국근대미술의한국성 / 尹凡牟편저
서울시 : 가나아트, 1995
Baker Berry Korea N7365 .Y86 1995

Constructed ecosystems : ideas and subsystems in the work of Ken Yeang
Yeang, Ken, 1948- author
[Novato, CA] : Applied Research And Design Publishing, [2016]
Sherman NA2542.36 .Y43 2016

Sesserae : the works of Dennis Nona
introduction by Simon Wright
Brisbane, QLD. : Dell Gallery, Queensland College of Art., 2005
Sherman ND1105.N66 S47 2005

Lifestyled : health and places
Mah, David
Berlin : Jovis, c2016
The built environment and public health have a close history of association: from the earliest considerations by Hippocrates of the role of place for human health to the influence of the hygiene movement on architecture, landscape and urban planning. Today global developments such as chronic (or lifestyle) diseases, aging populations and a heavily burdened environment have lent a new urgency to the question of the influence of architecture and urban planning on lifestyles and health. 'Life-Styled', created as part of the Health and Places Initiative at Harvard University, shows by means of detailed graphics how public health issues can be incorporated into the planning of the built environment and how lifestyles can be shaped accordingly. Taking greater account of health aspects when designing (public) space represents not simply an obligation, but also a means to rethink the disciplines of architecture and design.
Sherman NA9053.H76 M34x 2016

John Hall : travelling light : a 45-year survey of paintings
John Hall
London, UK : Black Dog Publishing, [2016]
John Hall : a painter of modern life / Liz Wylie -- Order and ritual : John Hall in and out of Mexico / Alexandra Haeseker.
Sherman ND249.H2346 A4x 2016

Hilma af Klint : painting the unseen
Klint, Hilma af, 1862-1944, artist
London : Serpentine Galleries : 2016
Director's foreword / Julia Peyton-Jones & Hans-Ulrich Obrist -- Painting the unseen / Daniel Birnbaum & Emma Enderby -- Longing for light : the art of Hilm af Klint / Jennifer Higgie -- Hilm af Klint and the evolution of art / Julia Voss -- Works. Primordial chaos ; The ten largest ; Evolution ; The swan ; The dove ; Altarpieces ; Series II ; On the viewing of flowers and trees ; Notebooks.

Hilma af Klint is now regarded as a pioneer of abstract art. While her paintings were not seen publicly until 1987, her work from the early 20th century pre-dates the first purely abstract paintings by Kandinsky, Mondrian or Malevich. Af Klint sought to express her feelings transmitted to her from nature and the unseen spiritual world. This catalogue focuses primarily on her body of work "The Paintings for the Temple", 1906-15, and numerous paintings from the key series never published before. Exhibition: Serpentine Galleries, London, UK (03.03-15.05.2016).
Sherman N7093.K63 A4x 2016

Decolonizing nature : contemporary art and the politics of ecology
Demos, T. J., author
Berlin : Sternberg Press, [2016]
Introduction -- The art and politics of sustainability -- Climates of displacement from the Maldives to the Arctic -- The post-natural condition: art after nature? -- ¡Ya basta! : Ecologies of art and revolution in Mexico -- Nature's sovereignty : conflicting environments of development in India -- Decolonizing nature : making the world matter -- Gardening against the Apocalypse : the case of dOCUMENTA (13) -- Ways forward.
Sherman N8217.E28 D46 2016

Art & beauty magazine : numbers 1, 2 & 3
Crumb, R., artist
New York, New York : David Zwirner Books, [2016]
Sherman NC1429.C83 A4 2016

Paul, Jacob, artist,
[Place of publication not identified] : Otherwise, [2015]
Artistic collaboration where ideas are solicited from patrons at the Likewise Bar in Portland, Oregon, rearranged and interpreted by writer Jacob Paul. The resulting text is presented against visual backgrounds designed by Mariano Hernán Spina/Novoa.
Sherman N6537.P39 A65 2015

Architecture, Islam, and identity in West Africa : lessons from Larabanga
Apotsos, Michelle, author
New York : Routledge, 2016
Locating Larabanga: architecture and contemporary Islamic identity in West Africa -- The road to Larabanga: a short history of Afro-Islamic architecture -- Mallams, mosques, and mystic stones: the story of Larabanga -- Building across borders: Larabanga in transition -- Conclusion: lessons from Larabanga: the future of Islam and the built environment in West Africa.

Architecture, Islam, and Identity in West Africa" shows you the relationship between architecture and Islamic identity in West Africa. The book looks broadly across Muslim West Africa and takes an in-depth study of the village of Larabanga, a small Muslim community in Northern Ghana, to help you see how the built environment encodes cultural history through form, material, and space, creating an architectural narrative that outlines the contours of this distinctive Muslim identity. Apotsos explores how modern technology, heritage, and tourism have increasingly affected the contemporary architectural character of this community, revealing the village's current state of social, cultural, and spiritual flux. More than 60 black and white images illustrate how architectural components within this setting express the distinctive narratives, value systems, and realities that make up the unique composition of this Afro-Islamic community.
Sherman NA2543.I74 A66 2016

The creative architect : inside the great midcentury personality study
Serraino, Pierluigi, 1965- author
New York : The Monacelli Press, 2016
Sherman NA2500 .S4635 2016

Cornelia Parker : The Roof Garden Commission
Parker, Cornelia, 1956- artist,
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2016]
"Turner Prize-nominated British artist Cornelia Parker (born 1956) is well known for her large-scale, site-specific installations. Her work has been featured in many solo exhibitions and is included in collections around the world. Often composed of ordinary objects, her installations make the familiar extraordinary, whimsical, and even poignant. Her work for the 2016 Roof Garden Commission at The Met, documented here, merges two iconic examples of American architecture: the red barn and the infamous mansion on a hill from Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho--itself inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper. The resulting piece is brilliantly allusive, exploring the tension between the tropes represented by these two cultural symbols. This slim volume includes an interview with the artist in which she eloquently illuminates her work and influences." -- Publisher's description
Sherman N6797.P278 A4 2016

Gutes böses Geld : eine Bildgeschichte der Ökonomie : Grosse Landesausstellung Baden-Württemberg '16 = Money, good and evil : a visual history of the economy
herausgeber: Johan Holten ; texte: Hendrik Bündge and eight others ; Übersetzung: Brian Currid, Nicholas Grindell
Bielefeld : Kerber, [2016]
Gutes böses Geld. Eine Bildgeschichte der Ökonomie', die Große Landesausstellung 2016, zeichnet mit einer Vielzahl historischer und aktueller Werke nach, wie Künstler Geld und den Umgang damit ins Bild gesetzt haben. Thematisiert werden die vielfältigen emotionalen, psychologischen und moralischen Implikationen von Geld durch die Präsentation einer Bildgeschichte der Ökonomie - mit mehr als 120 Arbeiten von 1264 bis 2016. Die Ausstellung ist ein Kooperationsprojekt der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden-Baden mit dem Casino Baden-Baden, dem Stadtmuseum Baden-Baden und dem Theater Baden-Baden und steht unter der Schirmherrschaft von Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, Bundesminister der Finanzen und Winfried Kretschmann, Ministerpräsident des Landes Baden-Württemberg. 00Exhibition: Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Germany (05.03.-19.06.2016).
Sherman N8225.M56 G88 2016

Threads talk series
edited by Steve Clay and Kyle Schlesinger
New York, NY : Granary Books, Inc. ; 2016
"Threads, a series of talks devoted to the art of the book, includes poets, scholars, artists, and publishers. It explores and enriches relationships between various strands of book culture that are often approached in isolation -- poetry and writing, visual and performing arts, collaboration, design, printing, independent publishing, literary history, critical theory, and material culture. The talks were originally recorded before a small studio audience, then made available to the public on PennSound, and are now collected here in written form for the first time. Threads began in March 2009 and concluded in October 2012. There were twelve speakers: Alan Loney, Charles Alexander, Simon Cutts, Buzz Spector, Jerome Rothenberg, Cecilia Vicuña, Jen Bervin, Kathleen Walkup, Johanna Drucker, Keith Smith, Richard Minsky, and Emily McVarish. The cover image is by Buzz Spector, cover and book design by Diane Bertolo of Lotus + Pixel. Illustrated with color photographs, smyth sewn in wrappers"--
Sherman N7433.3 .T476 2016

Mona Hatoum
edited by Christine van Assche with Clarrie Wallis
London : Tate Publishing, 2016
Born in Beirut to a Palestinian family, artist Mona Hatoum came to Britain as a student in the mid-1970s, settling in London in 1975. Her art - whether video, performance, sculpture or installation - is concerned with confrontational themes including violence, oppression and voyeurism, often in reference to the human body; and with the juxtaposition of opposites such as beauty and horror, desire and revulsion. With 250 colour images covering the whole of Hatoum's ouevre, this is the essential book on a distinctly powerful voice in contemporary art.
Baker Berry NX547.6.H38 A4x 2016

Figured tombstones from Macedonia, fifth-first century BC
Kalaitzi, Myrina, 1974- author
Oxford, United Kingdom ; Oxford University Press 2016
Introduction -- From stone effigies to the Aiane sculptures -- Figured tombstones of the Fifth Century BC -- Figured tombstones of the Fourth Century BC -- Figured Tombstones of the Third -First Centuries BC -- Figured Tombstones in Context -- Conclusions -- Appendix: Excavations of cemeteries in Macedonia.

Figured Tombstones from Macedonia, Fifth-First Centuries BC, brings together for the first time a substantial body of material from ancient Macedonia, comprising stone funerary monuments, or stelai, which feature figured representations of the deceased and their relatives, either in relief or in paint. The volume's geographical focus encompasses what can be referred to as the national territory of the ancient Macedonians established largely from the reign of Philip II until the last Antigonids extending from the range of Mount Pindos and Lake Lychnitis in the west as far as the Strymon valley and Mount Pangaion in the east. Its broad historic scope stretches back to Prehistoric times, when stone funerary monuments seem to have first appeared in the area, and into the first century AD, when significant changes in the modes which shaped (self-)representation in a funerary context can be traced. However, the volume takes as its main focus the Classical and Hellenistic periods, describing and unravelling the codes which moulded the representation of the dead on tombstones dating from the fifth to the first century BC. Paying close attention to the wealth of information that can be gained through morphological, typological, iconographical, and epigraphic analysis, the volume goes beyond artistic evaluation to consider the social history of the monuments: social and gender roles, social status, cultural identity, regionalism or consciously constructed cosmopolitanism, and shifts in religious behaviour are all addressed, revealing the ideas that shaped aesthetic predilections and the choice of self-representation, as well as wider attitudes towards death and a possible after-life.
Sherman NB1803.M27 K35 2016

Greek sculpture
Fullerton, Mark D., author
Chichester, West Sussex : Malden, MA : 2016
Beginnings and before: Greek sculpture in the Iron Age (ca. 1000-600) -- Uses of sculpture in ancient Greece -- The search for order: sculptural schemata and regional styles (ca. 600-550) -- Marble, the monumental, and Egypt: materials and processes -- Free-standing sculpture in the later sixth century: style and Panhellenism (ca. 550-500) -- chronology and Herodotus -- Sixth century architectural sculpture -- The Greek architectural orders and Vitruvius -- The change to classical: democratic Athens and the Persian conflict (ca. 500-460) -- Bronze casting techniques, copies and originals -- The temple of Zeus at Olympia: panhellenism and the early classical (ca. 470-450) -- Literary sources I: Pausanias -- Classical moment I: the Parthenon, Pericles, and the power of persuasion (ca. 450-430) -- The Parthenon marbles and the Acropolis Museum -- Classical moment II: sculptors and statuary in the mid-fifth century -- Literary sources II: ancient art histories -- Unfinished business: Pericles' programs and the Archidamian War (ca. 430-420) -- The evidence of inscriptions -- An Attic tragedy: the fall of Athens and the transition to late classical (ca. 420-390) -- Painting and perceptualism -- Idealism and individuality I: late classical architectural sculpture (ca. 390-330) -- Itinerant artists and regional schools -- Idealism and individuality II: late classical statuary and relief sculpture (ca. 390-330) -- The role of the sculptor -- Sculpture in Hellenistic Greece I: the rise of Macedon and the kingdoms of the Diadochs (ca. 330-200) -- The Nike of Samothrace and Hellenistic chronology -- Sculpture in Hellenistic Greece II: Greek styles and Roman taste (ca. 200-50) -- Ars revixit, Hellenistic classicism, and Roman patronage.
Sherman NB90 .F85 2016

Thomas Nozkowski : works on paper
essay by Robert Storr
New York : Pace, [2016]
Sherman N6537.N694 A4 2016

Blackness in abstraction
Edwards, Adrienne (Art critic), author
New York : Pace Gallery, [2016]
Rasheed Araeen -- Sergio Camargo -- Kōji Enokura -- Robert Irwin -- Sol Lewitt -- Turiya Magadlela -- Ulrike Müller -- Louise Nevelson -- Fred Sandback -- Sui Jianguo -- Jack Tworkov -- Jack Whitten -- Terry Adkins -- Jonathas de Andrade -- Kevin Beasley -- Ellen Gallagher -- Rashid Johnson -- Oscar Murillo -- Wangechi Mutu -- Adam Pendleton -- Pope.L -- Robert Rauschenberg -- Glenn Ligon -- Laura Lima -- Steve McQueen -- Lorraine O'Grady -- Ad Reinhardt -- Carrie Mae Weems -- Fred Wilson.
Sherman N6494.A2 E38 2016

道風遺韻 : 道教造像 / 胡彬彬, 吳燦著
长沙 : 湖南大學出版社, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian NB1912.T34 H76 2013

Body, psyche, and taboo : Vienna actionism and early Vienna modernism
edited by Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Eva Badura-Triska
Cologne : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König ; [2016]
Sherman N6810.V5 B33 2016

温, 婉 : 中国古代女性文物大展 = Women and femininity in ancient China / 南京博物院编
Nanjing : Yi lin chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian N7629.2.C6 N36 2015

Dream time - machine time : the art of Trevor Nickolls
Beier, Ulli
Bathurst, N.S.W. : Robert Brown & Associates in association with the Aboriginal Artists Agency, 1985
Sherman ND1105.N54 B4 1985

绘画中的隐喻 : 中国古代绘画中的隐喻现象研究 / 范美霞著
范美霞, author
Beijing Shi : Min zu chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian ND1040 .F366 2015

Watched! : surveillence, art and photography
editors, Louise Wolthers, Dragana Vujanovic, Niclas Östlind
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2016]
How can art and visual theory contribute to the understanding of our current surveillance society? Watched! presents a selection of European artists who relate to current issues of discipline, control and security in our contemporary surveillance society. Surveillance is an expanding part of daily life. Since the start of the new millennium, we have seen major developments in security policies, data collection, software for private use, biometric science, social media, smartphones and technological innovations in other areas of ?smart surveillance?. Parallel to this change that has taken place in all parts of society, critical responses have increased across a wide range of disciplines, one of them being the arts. This publication offers a selection of artistic works and practices that addresses and reflects on issues of surveillance over the past fifteen years.
Sherman N6497 .W358 2016

Court and cosmos : the great age of the Seljuqs
Sheila R. Canby, Deniz Beyazit, Martina Rugiadi, and A.C.S. Peacock ; with contributions by Alzahraa K. Ahmed and 5 others
New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2016]
"The powerful and culturally prolific Seljuqs--an empire whose reach extended from Central Asia to the eastern Mediterranean--dominated the Islamic world from the eleventh to the fourteenth century. The age of the Seljuqs was one that celebrated magnificence, in this world and the celestial realm. Court and Cosmos: The Great Age of the Seljuqs examines the roots and impact of this dynasty, featuring some 250 objects as evidence of the artistic and cultural flowering that occurred under Seljuq rule, and providing an invaluable record of the Seljuqs' contribution to the cultural heritage of the Islamic world." -- Publisher's description
Sherman N7163 .C68 2016

David Hockney : 82 portraits and 1 still-life
artistic director, Tim Marlow ; exhibition curator, Edith Devaney
London : Royal Academy Of Arts, [2016]
Enigma variations: Hockney and the portrait / Tim Barringer -- And that fills the Sackler / David Hockney in conversation with Edith Devaney -- 82 portraits and 1 still-life / David Hockney -- Directory of sitters / David Hockney.

"Following his sweeping exploration of landscape in 2012 at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, published in the phenomenally successful David Hockney: A Bigger Picture, this new volume looks exclusively at a new series of portraits that David Hockney, one of the most famous artists in the world, has been painting recently. In 2012, Hockney returned to California, where he had lived and worked for long periods. There followed a series of painted portraits, the subjects of which ranged from studio assistants and office staff to family, friends, and long-term acquaintances. Also included are a number of fellow artists, curators, and gallerists, including John Baldessari and Larry Gagosian. Reproduced in stunning colorplates the paintings are shown alongside revealing images of the works in various stages of development, which provide an exciting insight into Hockneys painterly process. The book is introduced with two important new texts. This vivid series of portraits, executed in bold acrylics, observant and full of life, marks Hockneys vibrant return to Technicolor form." --
Sherman ND1329.H57 A4 2016

Art and the sacred journey in Britain, 1790-1850
Barush, Kathryn R. 1981- author
London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Manuscripts, mendicants, and magi: the antiquarian revival of pilgrimage texts and objects, with a focus on the collection of Francis Douce. -- Saints and symbols: pilgrimage and the theology of 'Things'. -- 'Every age is a Canterbury pilgrimage': William Blake as pilgrim and painter. -- Pilgrimage and the art of 'the ancients'. -- The road to ruins. -- Conclusion: 'the road goes ever on'.
Sherman N72.R4 B37 2016

The Russian canvas : painting in imperial Russia, 1757-1881
Blakesley, Rosalind P. author
New Haven ; Yale University Press, [2016]
Creating an academy -- The vanguard -- Challenges and champions -- Beyond St Petersberg -- Travellers -- History painters abroad -- Ouliers -- Casting a critical eye -- The realist debate -- Women Artists -- Coda.
Sherman ND687 .B54 2016

Conceptual art in Britain 1964-1979
edited by Andrew Wilson
London : Tate Publishing, 2016
New frameworks -- Uses of language -- The new art -- Action practice -- Essays. Teaching conteptual art / Elena Crippa -- The new climate 1969-72 / Jo Melvin -- Candid cameras? British conteptual art and photography / Luke Skrebowski -- Publication as information as artwork / Andrew Wilson -- To pour milk into a glass: film, video and conteptual art in Britain 1964-1979 -- Selected group exhibitions / Louisa Lee.
Sherman NX543 .C65 2016

Painting with light : art and photography from the Pre-Raphaelites to the modern age
Jacobi, Carol, author
London : Tate Publishing, [2016]
Photography was entangled with art from the very moment of its invention by painter and printmaker Louis Daguerre in 1839. This is the first publication to explore photography's complex and fascinating inter-relationship with painting and sculpture in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Spanning seventy-five years from the daguerreotype to very early colour photography, the book explores pioneer photographers, the Pre-Raphaelite circle and ravishing Symbolist and Pictorialist works. It features stunning works from artists such as Millais and Rossetti to Henry Fox Talbot, Roger Fenton, Julia Margaret Cameron, James McNeill Whistler and Alfred Stieglitz. Showcasing iconic and rarely seen works, this book includes 200 illustrations accompanied by refreshing new scholarship; making this the essential book for collectors, gallery-goers and photography enthusiasts alike. Exhibition: Tate Britain, London, UK (11.05-25.09.2016).
Sherman N72.P5 J33 2016

Hill of dreams : Jessica Warboys
texts, Philipp Ekardt, Sara Matson and Laura Smith ; editors, Enrico Tassi with Sara Matson and Laura Smith
[St Ives] : Tate St Ives in association with Tate Publishing, 2016
Musical statues / Laura Smith -- Hidden dreams / Sara Matson -- Recordings in a border land / Philipp Ekardt.
Sherman N6797.W335 A4 2016

Maria Lassnig
edited by Kasia Redzisz and Lauren Barnes ; with essays by James Boaden and Anna Fricke
London : Tate Liverpool in association with Tate Publishing, 2016
The Austrian artist Maria Lassnig (1919-2014) was one of the most important painters of the twentieth century. This timely publication spans her prolific career from the 1940s to her later life. Lassnig developed a singular aesthetic, making boldly expressive, brightly coloured oil paintings with human figures always at the centre of her compositions. Alongside her signature self-portraits, the book features her paintings showing bodies morphed with objects and mechanical devices, examples of Lassnig's still lives, and rarely seen paintings triggered by political events. A collection of new essays provide a fascinating context for understanding Lassnig's extensive oeuvre. Setting her work within the broader context of contemporary debates, this important new publication reveals an artist of huge international significance.
Sherman ND511.5.L37 A4 2016

Fotogravedad : Gabriel Orozco
Orozco, Gabriel, 1962-
México, D.F. : Alias, 2009
Sherman N6559.O69 A418 2009

Georgia O'Keeffe
Johnston, Hannah, author
London : Tate Publishing, 2016
This concise book includes discussion of O'Keeffe's upbringing, education and early work: her relationship with photographer Alfred Stieglitz and his cosmopolitan circle; her cityscapes of New York; her still lives, including flower paintings; and the artist's late abstractions, the culmination of a lifetime's immersion in the landscape.
Sherman ND237.O5 J64 2016

Realismo magico
Negri, Antonello, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2016]
Sherman N6494.M3 N44 2016

Technoetic arts : a journal of speculative research
Bristol : Intellect, 2003-
Baker Berry NX180.T4 T43

María Sabina : en busca del Cristo Negro
Cesaretti, Gusmano, photographer,
Cuauhtémoc, Mexico : Conaculta, 2014
Sherman N7433.4.C388 M37 2014

The Arab city : architecture and representation
edited by Amale Andraos and Nora Akawi ; with Caitlin Blanchfield
New York, NY : Columbia Books on Architecture and the City, [2016]
Sherman NA2543.S6 A6274 2014

梁骥, author
Zhengzhou Shi : Zhongzhou gu ji chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian NB1046.Q256 L536 2015

The PCI artists : antifascism and communism in Italian art, 1944-1951
Gómez Gutiérrez, Juan José, author
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015
pt. 1. The cultural politics of the PCI -- 'The new party' : between the defeat of fascism, the crisis of liberalism and the hegemony of the church -- Togliatti and the Italian intellectuals -- 'Rinascita' -- The polemics between Togliatti, Alicata and Vittorini -- 'Il calendario del popolo' -- Emilio Sereni and the cultural commission -- The debate on popular culture -- pt. 2. Art and communism in post-war Italy -- The forging on an anti-fascist consciousness in Italian art -- Between socialist realism and the avant-garde 1944-1946.
Baker Berry NX552.A1 G88 2015

Bad new days : art, criticism, emergency
Foster, Hal, author
London ; Verso, 2015
In search of terms -- Abject -- Archival -- Mimetic -- Precarious -- Post-critical? -- In praise of actuality.

"Bad New Days looks back at the last twenty-five years of artistic practice in Western Europe and North America, positioning it in relation to a general condition of emergency that neoliberalism and the war of terror have brought with them. Foster argues that art has actually anticipated this condition, at times miming the collapse of the social contract, at other times resisting it, and at still other times exacerbating it critically. Against the assumption that art no longer heeds any model, he also offers several paradigms of practice over this period, which he terms "abject," "archival," "mimetic," and "precarious""--
Sherman N72.S6 F665 2015

Modern art
with essays by Dietmar Elger and 10 others ; edited by Hans Werner Holzwarth and Laszlo Taschen ; translations, Christopher Cordy and 6 others
Köln : Taschen, [2016]
Modern art -- Impressionism -- Symbolism -- Cubism -- Expressionism -- Futurism -- Abstract art -- Dadaism -- Realism -- Surrealism -- Abstract expressionism -- Pop art -- Minimal art -- Conceptual art -- Post-modernism.

Modern matters: A blow-by-blow account of groundbreaking modernism The modern art adventure began roughly 150 years ago in Paris. A circle of painters, whom we now know as Impressionists, began painting pictures with rapid, often impasto, strokes. They turned to everyday street life for subjects, instead of overblown heroic scenes, and they escaped the power of the establishment salon by organizing their own independent exhibitions. After this first assault on standard academic practice, there was no holding back. In a constant desire to challenge, innovate, and inspire, one modernist style supplanted the next: Symbolism, Expressionism, Futurism, Dada, Abstract Art, renewed Realism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop, Minimal and Conceptual Art. This indispensable overview traces the restless energy of modern art with a year-by-year succession of the groundbreaking artworks that shook standards, and broke down barriers. Each of these stand-out pieces is accompanied by a text profiling the artist and discussing the importance of their work. Introductory essays, meanwhile, explain the most significant modernist movements.
Sherman N6447 .M64613 2016

Art & industry in Early America : Rhode Island furniture, 1650-1830
Kane, Patricia E., author
New Haven, CT : Yale University Art Gallery, [2016]
"A lively experiment": early furniture making of the Narragansett Bay Region, 1636-1740 / Dennis Carr -- "Faithfully made of the best materials": cabinetmaking in Rhode Island, 1740-1830 / Patricia E. Kane -- The chairmaking and upholstery trades of Colonial and Federal Rhode Island / Jennifer N. Johnson -- "On this moment hangs eternity": clockmaking in Colonial and Early Federal Rhode Island / Patricia E. Kane and Gary R. Sullivan -- Windsor chairmaking in Rhode Island, 1760-1830 -- Catalogue.
Sherman NK2435.R4 K36 2016

Stories in gilded frames : Dutch seventeenth-century paintings with biblical and mythological subjects
Vries, Lyckle de, 1937- author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2016]
"Paintings from the Dutch Golden Age have been praised for many years, but it took a long time before such praise was extended to history paintings. Today, these paintings by Rembrandt, Goltzius, Lastman, Ter Brugghen and De Lairesse are truly considered part of the seventeenth-century canon. The works showing biblical and mythological images are regarded as highly as their contemporary still lives, landscapes and genre scenes. Stories in Gilded Frames is the first coherent overview of history paintings. History painters tell tales using paint and brush and this book highlights one hundred paintings by the most important representatives of the genre. The emphasis is placed on the way the painters bring their topics out into the open. The reader is invited to consider the choices the artists made"--Back cover.
Sherman ND1442.N43 V7513 2016

The Brothers Le Nain : painters of seventeenth-century France
C.D. Dickerson III and Esther Bell ; with Claire Barry and eight others ; foreword, Richard Benefield, Eric M. Lee
San Francisco, CA : Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco ; [2016]
"In France in the 17th century, the brothers Antoine (c. 1588-1648), Louis (c. 1593-1648), and Mathieu (1607-1677) Le Nain painted images of everyday life for which they became posthumously famous. They are celebrated for their depictions of middle-class leisure activities, and particularly for their representations of peasant families, who gaze out at the viewer. The uncompromising naturalism of these compositions, along with their oddly suspended action, imparts a sense of dignity to their subjects. Featuring more than sixty paintings highlighting the artists' full range of production, including altarpieces, private devotional paintings, portraits, and the poignant images of peasants for which the brothers are best known, this generously illustrated volume presents new research concerning the authorship, dating, and meaning of the works by well-known scholars in the field. Also groundbreaking are the results of a technical study of the paintings, which constitutes a major contribution to the scholarship on the Le Nain brothers."--
Sherman ND553.L8 A4 2016

At home in the American barn
Garrison, James B., 1957- author
New York : Rizzoli, [2016]
At Home in the American Barn examines the fascinating possibilities for living and adaptive reuse provided by the expansive spaces and rough-hewn look of these traditional structures.
Sherman NA7561 .G37 2016

The Vincent Van Gogh atlas
Denekamp, Nienke, author
New Haven, CT : Yale University Press ; [2015]
Sherman ND653.G7 D46 2015

Tate Modern : The handbook
edited by Matthew Gale
London : Tate Publishing, 2016
Published to accompany the opening of a major new expansion to Tate Modern in summer 2016, this handbook offers a fascinating look at the gallery's acclaimed and growing collection of international modern and contemporary art. An essay by Frances Morris summarises the history of the collection offering a unique insight into the considerations involved in building and shaping a national collection. Matthew Gale describes some of the changing themes in the gallery displays. The A-Z section of artists includes, not only many of the most popular works in the collection, such as Matisse's 'The snail' or Dalí's 'Lobster telephone', but also features recent acquisitions from across the world. More than simply a guide to one of the most important museums in its field, the book is also an invaluable tool to the understanding of modern art and artists.
Sherman N6488.G7 L678 2016

Goya en las literaturas
Romero, Leonardo, 1941- author
Madrid : Marcial Pons Historia, 2016
Sherman ND813.G7 R56 2016

Street art/today : the 50 most influential street artists today
Luong, Elise, author
Tielt : Lannoo, [2016]
Street art is more than artistically acknowledged graffiti. This book highlights this new art form in all its facets, beyond the cliches. From installation art to socially critical tags to photo realistic mural paintings: street art exists in all forms and sizes. This book maps the genre and investigates new tendencies such as ecological street art, the naive wave, trompe l'oeil...The core of the book is a Who's Who of the international street art scene, a list of the 50 most influential street artists, from Banksy to Pixel Pancho. Including 10 revealing and surprising interviews.
Sherman ND2590 .L86 2016

Aristide Maillol
Maillol, Aristide, 1861-1944, artist
Neuchâtel : Ides et Calendes, [1964?]
Sherman NB553.M3 A4 1964

Epigram, art, and devotion in later Byzantium
Drpić, Ivan, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
From composition to performance: epigrams in context -- The patron's 'I' -- Kosmos -- Golden words -- Devotional gifts -- The erotics of devotion -- Image of the beloved.

"This book explores the nexus of art, personal piety, and self-representation in the last centuries of Byzantium. Spanning the period from around 1100 to around 1450, it focuses upon the evidence of verse inscriptions, or epigrams, on works of art. Epigrammatic poetry, Professor Drpić argues, constitutes a critical - if largely neglected - source for reconstructing aesthetic and socio-cultural discourses that informed the making, use, and perception of art in the Byzantine world. Bringing together art-historical and literary modes of analysis, the book examines epigrams and other related texts alongside an array of objects, including icons, reliquaries, ecclesiastical textiles, mosaics, and entire church buildings. By attending to such diverse topics as devotional self-fashioning, the aesthetics of adornment, sacred giving, and the erotics of the icon, this study offers a penetrating and highly original account of Byzantine art and its place in Byzantine society and religious life"--
Baker Berry NX180.S6 D77 2016

Hieronymus Bosch, painter and draughtsman : technical studies
Hoogstede, Luuk, author
Brussels : Bosch Research and Conservation Project, [2016]
"Scholars have traditionally focused on the subjects and meanings of Hieronymus Bosch's works, whereas issues of painting technique, workshop participation, and condition of extant pictures have received considerably less attention. Since 2010, the Bosch Research and Conservation Project has been studying these works using modern methods. The team has documented Bosch's extant paintings with infrared reflectography and ultra high-resolution digital macro photography, both in infrared and visible light. Together with microscopic study of the paintings, this has enabled the team to write extensive and critical research reports describing the techniques and condition of the works, published in this extraordinary volume for the first time."--Yale University Press website.
Sherman Oversize ND653.B65 H66 2016

Cy Twombly : Die Werkübersicht
Twombly, Cy, 1928-2011, artist
München : Schirmer/Mosel Verlag 2014
Vorwort - Zeichnungen - Gemälde - Skulpturen - Photographien - Cy Twomblys "inverted archeology".
Sherman N6537.T96 A4 2014b

Central Asia in art : from Soviet orientalism to the new republics
Abykayeva-Tiesenhausen, Aliya, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2016
Introduction: Soviet orientalism - the untold story -- The politics of multinationalism: messages from the centre -- Soviet totalitarianism: the visual experiment -- Teaching to see: bringing art tot he republics -- Learning to be: the natives learn to paint, or the arrival of Soviet identities -- De-Stalinisation and beyond: Stalin to Borat.

Presenting the ‘untold story’ of Soviet Orientalism, this book re-evaluates the imperial project of the Soviet state, placing the Orientalist undercurrent found within art and propaganda production in the USSR alongside the creation of new art forms in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan
Sherman ND688 .A29 2016

Alan Shields : protracted simplicity, 1944-2005
Shields, Alan, 1944-2005, artist
Aspen, CO : Aspen Art Museum, [2016]
The threads of life (2016) / Heidi Zuckerman -- Chronology / compiled by Chris Vacchio -- Alan Shields: then and now (1973 & 2016) / Carter Radcliff -- Artist's statement (1975) -- Alan Shields interviewed by Kathy Halbreich (1977) -- Individualist (2016) / Jill Brienza -- Conversation with Jason Shields, Victoria Weslek, & Heidi Zuckerman (2016) -- Work. '60s ; '70s ; '80s ; '90s ; '00s -- Poetry -- Typed drawings -- Letters to Paula Cooper -- Bead piece -- Wearable art -- Documentary images -- List of illustrations -- Selected exhibition history and bibliography.
Sherman N6537.S526 A4 2016

Local code : 3,659 proposals about data, design & the nature of cities
De Monchaux, Nicholas, 1973- author
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2016]
Foreword / Keller Easterling -- Introduction : Current location -- San Francisco case study -- Fake estates and reality properties -- Los Angeles case study -- Life attracts life -- Venice case study -- The map and the territory -- New York case study -- Conclusion : We are all made of stars.

"Praised in the New York Times for its "intelligent enquiry and actionable theorizing," Local Code: Real Estates is a collection of software tools, design proposals, and theoretical arguments about the future of urban infrastructure and architecture. Local Code combines drawings of over five thousand digitally designed and networked microinterventions for vacant lots in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York in the United States, as well as Venice, Italy, with theoretical essays and information graphics. The book's data-driven layout presents a complex, elegant interface to myriad possible future urban landscapes. Local Code presents a digitally driven, networked approach to urban resilience and environmental justice, and argues that we have just begun to discover the full possibilities of computing and design"--
Sherman NA9053.E58 D4 2016

A companion to Dada and Surrealism
edited by David Hopkins
Chichester, West Sussex : John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2016
Dada and Surrealism are two of the most influential, provocative, and intellectually demanding areas of twentieth century art. A Companion to Dada and Surrealism provides an excellent overview of new research in the area from some of the finest established and up-and-coming scholars in the field. Blending expert synthesis of the latest scholarship with previously unpublished research findings, the book offers detailed historical coverage as well as in-depth and innovative discussion of thematic areas such as childhood, natural history, counterculture, criminality, sexuality, and gender.
Baker Berry NX456.5.D3 C66 2016

Narrating the landscape : print culture and American expansion in the nineteenth century
Johnston, Matt, 1970- author
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 2016
Introduction : Landscape and Narrative in Nineteenth-Century American Visual Culture -- Reading the Past outside the Window : Competing Visions of History in Paintings and Railroad Guidebooks -- The Anatomy of Greed : Newport Tourist Literature and the Luminist Works of William Trost Richards and John Frederick Kensett -- 'Walking Statues' : Narrative and Landscape in Early American Ethnology -- The Figuration of Time in the Geological Surveys of the West.
Sherman NE954.2 .J65 2016

Fantásticas portadas : ilustración y grafismo en la industria discográfica española (1954-1979)
Andaní, Juan José, 1949- author
Lleida : Editorial Milenio, 2015
Sherman NC1883.S7 A63 2015

L'arte non evolve : l'universo immobile di Gino De Dominicis
Guercio, Gabriele, author
[Monza] : Johan & Levi editore, 2015
Sherman N6923.D377 G84 2015

Materializing gender in eighteenth-century Europe
edited by Jennifer G. Germann and Heidi A. Strobel
Farnham, Surrey ; Ashgate, [2016]
Introduction : material culture and the gendered subject / Jennifer G. Germann and Heidi A. Strobel -- Men and hunting guns in eighteenth-century France / Amy Freund -- Taste à-la-mode : consuming foreignness, picturing gender / Freya Gowrley -- Gendered souvenirs : Anna Amalia's grand tourist vedute fans / Christina K. Lindeman -- Majas, mantillas, and marcialidad : fashioning identity in late eighteenth-century Spain / Tara Zanardi -- Place and possession : Emma Hamilton at Merton, 1801-5 / Amber Ludwig -- A gentleman's pursuit : eighteenth-century chinoiserie silver in Britain / Elizabeth A. Williams -- Sexing sovereignty : the material culture and sexual politics of Queen Marie Leszcinska's bed / Jennifer G. Germann -- 'Idleness never grew in my soil' : Mary Delany's flower collages, gender, and the moral authority of 'nature' in eighteenth-century England / Felicity Roberts -- Pocket museums : the display of art in women's almanacs during the first French Empire / Ryan Whyte -- Stitching the stage : Mary Linwood, Thomas Gainsborough, and the art of installation embroidery / Heidi A. Strobel.
Sherman N72.S6 M358 2016

País y paisaje : dos invenciones del siglo XIX mexicano
Larrucea Garritz, Amaya, author
México : Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Facultad de Arquitectura, 2016
Presentación / Marcos Mazari Hiriart -- Introducción -- Capítulo I. El territorio como un bien limitado. Um territorio propio ; Mapas de México -- Capítulo II. La realización del territorio como belleza paisajistica. Imágenes del paisaje mexicano ; Pinturas emblemáticas del paisaje mexicano -- Capítulo III. La poética del paisaje mexicano -- Consideraciones finales.

Conception of landscapeʺ and the creation of the Mexican nation in the 19th century through the study of pictorial works by José Maria Velasco, Eugenio Landesio, Casimiro Castro, Antonio Garcia Cuba, Alejandro von Humboldt and Carl Nebel amongst other notable artists.
Sherman ND1367.M65 L377 2016

The print before photography : an introduction to European printmaking, 1550-1820
Griffiths, Antony, author
London : The British Museum Press, 2016
A landmark publication that catalogues the history and development of the printed image Gutenberg's invention of moveable type made it possible to print letters. But images could only be printed using two other technologies that were developed alongside letterpress. One depended on wooden blocks which were cut and printed in relief, the other on copper plates into which lines were cut by engraving or etching and were printed on a rolling press. Copper-plate printmaking developed into a huge business employing thousands of people, and dominated image production for nearly four centuries across the whole of Europe. Its processes remained very stable, and a man of 1500 could have walked into a printing shop of 1800 and understood what was going on. During the nineteenth century this world was displaced by new technologies, of which photography was by far the most important.
Sherman NE625 .G77 2016

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