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N - Fine Arts Acquisitions during May 2017

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El Internacional (1984-1986) : New York's archaeological sandwich
Miralda, Antoni, 1942- artist
Paris, France : Éditions Dilecta ; [2016]
El Internacional Tapas Bar & Restaurant was conceived as an artistic project carried out between 1984 and 1986 by artist Antoni Miralda (born 1942) and chef Montse Guillén (born 1946) in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. One of the first restaurants to introduce Spanish tapas in the United States, El Internacional quickly became a cultural icon and a creative hub of New York's downtown in the 1980s. It combined the social ritual of eating with installation and performance art, blurring the boundaries between food, art, design, architecture and mass media. Miralda's El Internacional (1984-1986) documents the restaurant's history through the memories of the people who contributed to it. Richly illustrated and featuring some of El Internacional's most successful recipes, this volume tells the story of a crucial piece of urban history from a city not always able to protect its landmarks.
Sherman Oversize NK2195.R4 M557 2016

The learned draftsman : Edme Bouchardon
Kopp, Édouard, 1974- author
Los Angeles : The J. Paul Getty Museum, [2017]
Introduction : Bouchardon the draftsman -- Roman studies after ancient and modern art, 1723-32 -- Drawing between high and low: les cris de Paris, about 1737 -- Drawing exposed: Bouchardon and the salon, 1737-46 -- Drawing medals and jetons for the academy of inscriptions, 1737-62 -- "The choice of nature": Bouchardon's drawings for the equestrian monument to Louis XV, 1748-62.

"A narrative survey of the draftsmanship of the eighteenth-century French artist Edme Bouchardon"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman NC248.B585 K67 2017

Unfolded : how architecture saved my life : Bartholomew Voorsanger
Gordon, Alastair, author
[Miami, FL] : Gordon de Vries Studio ; [2017]
Sherman NA737.V66 G67 2017

Artcenter talks : Graduate seminar : the first decade 1986-1995
edited by Stan Douglas
New York, New York : David Zwirner Books ; 2016
Introduced in 1986 as an initiative by Richard Hertz (Chair, Academic Studies, 1979-2003), the Graduate Art Department of the ArtCenter College of Design, located in Pasadena, California, celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2016. This book documents the first decade of the department's existence by presenting a selection from over three hundred talks, including a 1990 symposium conducted by renowned curator and art historian Robert Storr, as well as twelve talks from its artists and critics lecture series known as the Graduate Seminar. Discussions between students and faculty members range from what it means to be an artist and the changing role of art in society, to how artists function within an academic setting.
Sherman N6490 .A73 2016

San Juan Poly/Graphic Triennial : Latin America and the Caribbean
advisor, Mari Carmen Ramírez
Viejo San Juan, P.R. : Office of the San Juan Triennial, the Visual Arts Program, Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, [2004?]
[V. 1] Trans/migrations : graphics as contemporary art -- [v. 2] The evolution of harbingers in Latin American graphics. Antonio Berni : graphic works / Laura Buccellato. The (Exotic) beauty of graphic works by Colombia's Beatriz González / Marta Calderón. Inscrib@d and proscrib@d : movements in Puerto Rican graphics / Margarita Fernández Zavala.
Sherman NE502 .T7513 2004

Rhythm in architecture
Ginzburg, M. I︠A︡. 1892-1946, author
London : Artifice books on architecture, 2016
'Rhythm in Architecture' is the first ever translation into English of a key early Modernist text, written by the celebrated Soviet Constructivist architect Moisei Ginzburg and first published in Russian as Ritm v Arkhitekture in 1923. Ginzburg is most famous for his Narkomfin Building in Moscow, completed in 1932, which he described as a "social condenser": a radical experiment in communal living. While Ginzburg's second book Style and Epoch, published in 1924, is often seen as the manifesto for Russian Constructivism, 'Rhythm in Architecture' -which preceded it-can be seen as his attempt to create a synthesis in thinking about architecture as a whole, seeking to show how "the true essence of all works of architecture" are "inspired by the laws of rhythm". 'Rhythm in Architecture' is republished in cooperation with the Ginzburg Design Practice run by Moisei Ginzburg's grandson, Aleksey and his partner Natalia Shilova. It is the first of a planned series of reprints of Ginzburg's four books, 'Home' (1934) and 'Industrialising Housing Construction' (1937) as well as 'Style and Epoch' (1924)-the only one previously available in English.
Sherman NA2760 .G513 2016

Aesthetics, arts, and politics in a global world
Herwitz, Daniel Alan, 1955- author
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc, 2017
Baker Berry NX180.P67 H47 2017

戦争と浮世絵 / 監修太田記念美術館 ; 著日野原健司
日野原健司, 1974- author
Baker Berry Japan ND1054.6.W3 H56 2016

宮崎駿の「半径 300メートル」と「風立ちぬ」 / 荻原真
荻原真, 1958- author
Tōkyō : Kokusho Kankōkai, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NC1766.J32 M582 2016

The generic sublime : organizational models for global architecture
Najle, Ciro, author,
Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Graduate School of Design, [2016]
Foreword / Mohsen Mostafavi -- The generic sublime / Ciro Najle -- The laboratory of Ciro Najle / Iñaki Ábalos -- Urbanism after geology / Charles Waldheim -- Critical mass / George L. Legendre -- Some things don't go away / David Salomon -- Cue the sun! / Paul Andersen -- Permanent mobilization / Lluís Ortega -- Over-research / Leire Asensio Villoria and David Mah -- Type:topo:typo(logy) / Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa -- Novelty / Alberto Delorenzini -- The burger / Marcia Krygier -- Gravity zero / Julián Varas -- Worlds of their own / Ciro Najle -- Generic sublime forms -- Generic sublime models -- Generic sublime organizations -- Principles, capabilities, flairs, and flaw / Ciro Najle -- Conversation / Erika Naginski, Iñaki Ábalos, Ciro Najle -- Interview / Hiromi Hosoya, Ciro Najle -- A-Z / Farshid Moussavi, Ciro Najle -- Inside / Anna Font.

This book features design research and projects developed under the direction of Ciro Najle by graduate students at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design between 2010 and 2013, as part of the Generic Sublime studio series.
Sherman NA2300.H352 N35 2016

Identity unknown : rediscovering seven American women artists
Seaman, Donna, author
New York, NY : Bloomsbury USA, 2017
Introduction : telling the stories of seven artists -- The empress of in-between : Louise Nevelson -- Girl Searching : Gertrude Abercrombie -- Behind the masks : Loïs Mailou Jones -- "The rebellious bravo" : Ree Morton -- Swimming in light : Joan Brown -- Freeze and melt : Christina Ramberg -- All of a piece : Lenore Tawney -- Coda : perpetual rediscovery.

Donna Seaman brings to life seven forgotten woman artists: Louise Nevelson, Gertrude Abercrombie, Lois Mailou Jones, Ree Morton, Joan Brown, Christina Ramberg, and Lenore Tawney. These women fought to be treated the same as males artists, to be judged by their work, not their gender or appearance. Seaman reveals what drove them, how they worked, and how they were perceived by others in a world where women were subjects -- not makers -- of art--
Sherman N6536 .S42 2017

Gardner's art through the ages : a concise global history
Gardner, Helen, 1878-1946, author
Boston, MA : Cengage Learning, [2017]
1. Prehistory and the First Civilizations -- 2. Ancient Greece -- 3. The Roman Empire -- 4. Early Christianity and Byzantium -- 5. The Islamic World -- 6. Early Medieval and Romanesque Europe -- 7. Gothic and Late Medieval Europe -- 8. The Early Renaissance in Europe -- 9. High Renaissance and Mannerism in Europe -- 10. Baroque europe -- 11. Rococo to Neoclassicism in Europe and America -- 12. Romanticism, Realism, and Photography, 1800 to 1870 -- 13. Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Symbolism, 1870 to 1900 -- 14. Modernism in Europe and America, 1900 to 1945 -- 15. Modernism and Postmodernism in Europe and America, 1945 to 1980 -- 16. Contemporary Art Worldwide -- 17. South and Southeast Asia -- 18. China and Korea -- 19. Japan -- 20. Native Americas and Oceania. -- 21. Africa.
Sherman N5300 .G252 2017

Big design for small workspaces
edited by Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui
Mulgrave, Victoria : Images Publishing, 2016
Introduction -- The play of materials, colors, and objects -- The wow factor of sculptural elements -- An atmosphere that "feels like home" -- Boosting creativity in a rustic backdrop -- Bringing the green inside.

This book presents innovative interior designs for offices with compact floor plans of up to about 3230 square feet (300 square meters). This book showcases a selection of richly photographed, sleek and modern solutions, and presents insightful design concepts and appealing examples of imaginative and resourceful spaces, with informative commentaries describing aspects such as furnishings and materials, workstation layout, including the use of vertical space to its fullest advantage, and multipurpose areas.
Sherman NK2195.O4 B54 2016

3ra Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan : América Latina y el Caribe : el panal = the hive, 28.04-28.08.2012, Galería Nacional, Museo Casa Blanca, Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española, San Juan, Puerto Rico
diseño gráfico, Aaron Salabarrías Valle ; edición y traducción, María Eugenia Hidalgo, Andrew Hurley
Viejo San Juan, P.R. : Programa de Artes Plásticas, Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española, [2012]
Sherman NE502 .T753 2012

Re-envisioning the contemporary art canon : perspectives in a global world
edited by Ruth E. Iskin
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Sherman N72.G55 R48 2017

Assyria to Iberia : art and culture in the Iron Age
edited by Joan Aruz and Michael Seymour
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2016]
I. From Bronze to Iron -- Bronze to Iron: Art in Transition / Joan Aruz -- The World of the Philistines and Other "Sea Peoples" / Ann E. Killebrew -- II. Assyria and Babylonia -- The Face of the Assyrian Empire: Mythology and the Heroic King / Paul Collins -- Imperial Fashion Networks: Royal Assyrian, Near Eastern, Intercultural, and Composite Style Adornment from the Neo-Assyrian Royal Women's Tombs at Nimrud / Amy Rebecca Gansell -- The Empire in the Palace: Campaign Reliefs in the Southwest Palace at Nineveh and an Assyrian Microcosm / Michael Seymour -- Scholars and Scholarship in Assyria and Babylonia, or: What If Socrates Had Studies Cuneiform? / Marc Van De Mieroop -- III. Syria, the Levant, and the Phoenician expansion -- A New Millennium: A New Order: Philistines, Phoenicians, Aramaeans, and the Kingdom of Israel -- The City of David in Jerusalem and Its Phoenician Connection / Ronny Reich -- The Levant and the Eastern Mediterranean in the Early Phases of the Iron Age: The View from Micro-Archaeology / Israel Finkelstein -- Assyrians and Aramaeans: Modes of Cohabitation and Acculturation at Guzana (Tell Halaf) / Mirko Novák -- Phoenicians and Greeks in Cilicia? Coining Elite Identity in Iron Age Anatolia / Ash Özyar -- Phoenician Politics in Colonial Context: Pyrgi Again / María Eugenia Aubet -- Tribal Dynamics, Child Gods, Festivals, and the Faraway Goddess: Mingling in the Egyptian Delta in the Third Intermediate Period / Marsha Hill -- Crossing Continents: Phoencian Art and How to Read it / Eric Gubel -- The "Woman at the Window": Iconography and Influences of a Motif in First-Millennium B.C. Levantine Ivory Carving / Irene J. Winter -- The Art of the Elephant and its Consequences / Sarah B. Graff -- IV. Art of the "Orientalizing" Period: Greece, Cyprus, and Italy -- The Age of Heroes: Greeks and Phoenicians on the Wine-Dark Sea / John Boardman -- Contemplating an Empire: Artistic Responses to the Neo-Assyrian World / Ann C. Gunter -- Consuming the East: Near Eastern Luxury Goods in Orientalizing Contexts / Marian H. Feldman -- Greek Sanctuaries and the Orient / Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier -- Between Orient and Occident: The Iconography of Cyprus / Annie Caubet -- From Lake Van to the Guadalquivir: Monsters and Vision in the Pre-Classical Mediterranean / Nassos Papalexandrou -- Metalwork from the Levant to Iberia during the Early First Millennium B.C. / Hartmut Matthäus -- Eleutherna on Crete: The Wider Horizon / Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis -- The Etruscan Orientalizing: The View form the Regolini-Galassi Tomb / Maurizio Sannibale -- Greek Literature and the Lost Legacy of Canaan / Carolina López-Ruiz -- V. Epilogue -- Assyria to Iberia: Closing Remarks / Zainab Bahrani.
Sherman N5340 .A87 2014

Political street art : communication, culture and resistance in Latin America
Ryan, Holly Eva, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Introduction -- Street art and the political : building bridges -- Order and progress? : a story of Brazilian art-activism -- "Los indios permitidos" and the visual : street art in La Paz -- Oscillations and oppugnations : street art interventions in Argentina -- Hasta la victoria siempre : state sponsored street art and the Cuban imaginary -- Conclusions : on the prospects of political street art in the electronic age.
Sherman ND2602 .R83 2017

Art and sovereignty in global politics
Douglas Howland, Elizabeth Lillehoj, Maximilian Mayer, editors
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Introduction : an interdisciplinary approach to art and sovereignty -- Space and sovereignty : a reverse perspective -- The international movement to protect literary and artistic property -- Dongbei, Manchukuo, Manchuria : territory, artifacts, and the multiple bodies of sovereignty in northeast Asia -- Claims -- Stolen buddhas and sovereignty claims -- Art by dispossession at El Paso Saddleblanket Company : commodification and graduated sovereignty in global capitalism -- Claiming sovereignty through equestrian spectacle in northern Cameroon -- Identity and sovereignty in Asian art cinema : digital diaspora films of South Korea and Malaysia -- Re-viewing sovereignty : North Korean authoritarianism and art -- Sovereignty as performance and video art : citizenship between international relations and artistic representation -- Directions for future research on art, sovereignty, and global affairs.
Sherman N72.P6 A73 2017

マンガ研究13講 / 編者, 小山昌宏, 玉川博章, 小池隆太
Tōkyō-to Bunkyō-ku : Suiseisha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan NC1764.5.J3 M357 2016

浮世絵春画と男色 / 早川聞多
早川聞多, 1949-
Baker Berry Japan NE1321.85.S58 H3 1998

The restoration of paintings in Paris, 1750-1815 : practice, discourse, materiality
Étienne, Noémie, author
Los Angeles : The Getty Conservation Institute, [2017]
Introduction: restoration and the public sphere -- Versatility and flexibility -- A networked practice -- Between the institutional and the private settings -- A public sphere of knowledge? -- Standards and reclassifications -- Intellectual property -- A "connoisseur-artist" -- Toward a definition at the museum -- To smoke or to scour? -- Restoration as interpretation -- Faking the painting -- Window or mirror -- Supports/surfaces -- From divided work to fabricated painting -- From adjustable object to adjusted space -- Mural exodus: the paintings transported to the museum -- Commercial and private venues -- Seeing, believing, and judging -- Financial repercussions -- A political practice -- For the glory of the king -- After the revolution: the opening of the Louvre -- "From the rubble of triumph" -- Gazing upon the masterpieces of the arts -- The skilled hand of the French restorers -- The end of an empire.
Sherman ND1650 .E8513 2017

Lines of thought : drawing from Michelangelo to now
Seligman, Isabel, author
[London] : Thames & Hudson Ltd. : 2016
Looking at works from a range of different artists and their various approaches, this book examines the process and practice of drawing, showcasing artworks from 15th- and 16th-century masters right up to artists working today. In arranging them not by period or style, but by the types of thinking that give rise to them, readers gain fresh insights into the thought processes of some of the world's greatest artists. This thematic rather than chronological structure allows us to place historical drawings side-by-side with modern and contemporary works, to show how artists from widely differing times and places have all used drawing to record, explore and develop ideas. The accompanying exhibition, 'Lines of Thought: Michelangelo to Bridget Riley. Drawings from the British Museum', will tour to venues associated with art schools around the UK, and internationally, to inspire students to draw. The exhibition and this book include highlights of the British Museum's Prints and Drawings collection, as well as some lesser-known contemporary works. Exhibition: Poole Museum and Art Gallery (September 3-November 6, 2016); The Brynmor Jones Library Art Gallery, University of Hull (January 1-February, 2017); Ulster Museum, Belfast (March 12-May 5, 2017); New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe (May-September 2017); RISD Museum, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (October 2917-January 2018).
Sherman NC50 .S45 2016

Contemporary architecture : made in Germany
Dörries, Cornelia, 1969- author
Berlin, Germany : Dom Publishers, [2016]
Sherman NA687 .D67 2016

Art of Mesopotamia
Bahrani, Zainab, 1962- author
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson Inc., [2017]
Mesopotamia is considered the cradle of Western civilization, and the diverse societies that flourished there, nestled around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, were as culturally rich as this attribution would suggest. Spanning a significant historical period, from 8000 BCE to the arrival of Islam in 636 CE, Art of Mesopotamia explores spectacular structures and objects, as well as the techniques artists used, in order to gain insight into the beliefs and practices of ancient peoples. The volume also introduces the archaeologists who discovered these sites more than a thousand years later. Richly illustrated with more than 400 full-color photographs, Art of Mesopotamia is an astounding record by award-winning author Zainab Bahrani of artworks from this region, many of which have in recent years been damaged or destroyed by war, and as such is of particular and lasting importance. It includes the most up-to-date scholarship and reflects significant new approaches to Mesopotamian art over the past few decades.
Sherman N5370 .B26 2017

Architect's homes
edited by Bethany Patch
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia Images Publishing, 2017
Sherman NA7115 .A73 2017

The hinterland : cabins, love shacks and other hide-outs
edited by Sven Ehmann and Robert Klanten
Berlin : Gestalten, 2016
We all need to be somewhere else, just for a little while. The cabin is that somewhere else. They allow us to get into a different state of mind, one where we can just have a good time. Four walls and a roof and a weekend--these getaways free us from the distracting and unessential, and put us back in touch with nature and our own inner peace. In cabins, we can savor solitude or share experiences with friends among mountains, rivers, woods, and wildlife. The Hinterland explores architecture and design approaches to creating the refuges that refresh and revitalize amidst the beauty of nature.
Sherman NA7533 .H56 2016

Revolution : Russian art 1917-1932
artistic director, Tim Marlow ; exhibition curators, John Milner, Natalia Murray, Ann Dumas, assisted by Rebecca Bray ; exhibition catalogue, Beatrice Gullström, Alison Hissey, Carola Krueger, Peter Sawbridge, Nick Tite ; translation from the Russian, Ruth Addison, Antonina Bouis
London : Royal Academy of Arts, [2017]
Revolution: Russian Art, 1917-1932' encapsulates a momentous period in Russian history that is vividly expressed in the diversity of art produced between 1917, the year of the October Revolution, and 1932 when Stalin began to suppress the avant-garde and its debates. Based around the great exhibition of 1932 held at the State Russian Museum in Leningrad, the book explores the fascinating themes and artistic developments of the first fifteen years of the Soviet state, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, posters, graphics and film. The exhibition itself was to be the swansong of avant-garde art in Russia: new policies quickly ensured that Socialist Realism - collective in production, public in manifestation and Communist in ideology - was to become the only acceptable art form. This volume is a timely and authoritative exploration of how modern art in all its forms flourished, was recognised, celebrated, and broken by implacable authority all within fifteen years.
Sherman N6988.5.A83 R48 2017

Grimanesa Amorós : ocupante
edited by = herausgegeben Beate Reifenscheid ; authors: Beate Reifenscheid, Andreas Backoefer ; interviewer: Tim Goossens
[München] : Hirmer, [2016]
Organische Formen und eine instinktive Herangehensweise kennzeichnen das Werk der vielfach ausgezeichneten peruanisch-amerikanischen Lichtkünstlerin Grimanesa Amorós. Die Grundlage ihrer faszinierenden Skulpturen stellen jedoch Naturwissenschaften, Sozialgeschichte und kritische Theorie dar. So treten in ihren Werken Forschung und Gefühl in Kommunikation. 00Die raumgreifenden Skulpturen und Videoinstallationen von Amorós wurden bereits über den Globus verteilt gezeigt: von Mexiko über Tel Aviv und Peking bis hin zum Times Square in New York. Ihre neuesten Arbeiten 'Ocupante' und 'Golden secret room' präsentiert sie nun im Ludwig Museum Koblenz. Die Künstlerin erschafft spielerische Licht-Installationen, die in ihrer Rätselhaftigkeit vielschichtige Deutungen zulassen. Gemeinsam mit einer Werkübersicht gibt der Band diese Arbeiten in großformatigen Abbildungen wieder und bringt deren Fluidität und Leuchtkraft zum Ausdruck. 00Exhibition: Ludwig Museum im Deutschherrenhaus, Koblenz, Germany (14.02-10.04.2016).
Sherman N6719.A46 A4x 2016

The marriage of colours
Mannheimer, Max, 1920-2016
[Munich] : Hirmer, [2016]
Sherman N6834.5.M36 A4x 2016

El monstruo fantástico : visiones y perspectivas
David Roas (coord.)
[Madrid] : Aluvión Editorial, 2016
Baker Berry NX650.M55 M65 2016

Imponderable : the archives of Tony Oursler
Oursler, Tony, artist
Zurich : Luma Foundation, [2016]
Sherman N6537.O95 A4 2016

Schloss und Park Benrath = Benrath Palace and Park
herausgegeben von Nicolas Maas und Stefan Schweizer ; Autoren: Hardo Bruns and eleven others ; Übersetzungen: John Schöllgen
[Düsseldorf] : Stiftung Schloss und Park Benrath ; [2016]
Sherman NA7741.D87 S35 2016

Building across worlds : international projects by architects Von Gerkan, Marg and Partners
editor: Christian Schittich ; authors: Wojciech Czaja and five others ; translation into English: Susanne Hauger
Munich : Edition Detail, ©2016
Sherman NA1088.V66 A4x 2016

Alma Thomas
editors, Ian Berry and Lauren Haynes
New York, New York : The Studio Museum in Harlem ; 2016
This exhibition features works from every period in Thomas's career, including rarely exhibited watercolors and early abstractions, as well as her signature canvases drawn from a variety of private and public collections. This catalogue traces Thomas's development as an artist and includes new writings by Bridget R. Cooks, Thelma Golden, Nikki A. Greene and Lauren haynes, as well as specially commissioned responses by leading artists Leslie Hewitt, Jennie C. Jones, Leslie Wayne, and Saya Woolfalk. As the work of many African-American abstractionists is only recently coming into the spotlight, this important book on Alma Thomas profiles a truly pioneering figure.
Sherman ND237.T5517 A4 2016

Studies in Aegean art and culture : a New York Aegean Bronze Age Colloquium in Memory of Ellen N. Davis
edited by Robert B. Koehl
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : INSTAP Academic Press, 2016
The papers published here are dedicated to the memory of Ellen N. Davis, one of the most valued and beloved Aegean scholars of her generation. All of the articles are in some way inspired or influenced by Davis? own contributions to the field. In the area of metalwork, several papers investigate interconnections within and around the Aegean during the Early, Middle and Late Bronze Ages (Betancourt, Ferrence and Muhly, Weingarten, Kopcke), while others examine metal ware in its social context (Wiener). Papers on wall painting range from studies of pigments and optical illusions (Vlachopoulos), to representations of water (Shank). Anthropomorphic representations, or their absence, of goddesses or priestesses (Jones), rulers (Palaima), or initiates (Koehl) are also studied here with new eyes and fresh insights.
Sherman N5475 .N49 2014

Marsden Hartley's Maine
Cassidy, Donna, author
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2017]
Marsden Hartley (1877-1943) was a well-traveled American modernist painter, poet, and essayist, but it is his life-long artistic engagement with his home state of Maine that defines his career. Maine served as a creative springboard, a locus of memory and longing, a refuge, and a means of communion with other artists, such as Winslow Homer, who painted there. This is the first book to look at the artist's complex relationship with the Pine Tree State, providing a nuanced understanding of Hartley's impressive range in over 80 works, from the early Post-Impressionist interpretations of seasonal change to the late depictions of Mount Katahdin, the most dramatic and enduring series in his oeuvre.00Exhibition: The Met Breuer, New York, USA (14.03-18.06.2017); Colby College Museum, Waterville, USA (18.07-12.11.2017).
Sherman ND237.H3435 A4 2017

Lost futures : the disappearing architecture of post-war Britain
Hopkins, Owen, author
London : Royal Academy of Arts, 2017
Lost Futures looks in detail at the wide range of buildings constructed in Britain between 1945 and 1979. Although their bold architectural aspirations reflected the forward-looking social ethos of the postwar era, many have since been either demolished or altered beyond recognition. Photographs taken at the time of their completion are accompanied by expertly researched captions that examine the buildings' design, creation, the ideals they embodied and the reasons for their eventual destruction. 'Lost Futures' covers many building types, from housing to factories, commercial spaces and power stations, and presents the work of both iconic and lesser-known architects. The author charts the complex reasons that led to the loss of these projects' ambitious futures, and assesses whether some might one day be recaptured. 00Exhibition: Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (February 2017).
Sherman NA968.5.M64 H67 2017

Promelʹk Belly : romanticheskai︠a︡ khronika
Messerer, Boris, 1933- author
Moskva : Redakt︠s︡ii︠a︡ Eleny Shubinoĭ : 2016
Sherman N6999.M426 A2 2016

Studio 44 architects : concepts, strategies, works : new forms for Russia's contemporary cities
introduction by Aaron Betsky ; texts by Hans Ibelings ; edited by Georgi Stanishev
London : Thames & Hudson Ltd. 2017
Sherman NA1199.A75 A4 2017

Contemporary art Colombia
editor, Hossein Amirsadeghi ; essays, Christine Barthe, Jaime Céron
[London] : Thames & Hudson, [2016]
The origins of modern art in Colombia / Jaime Céron -- Instabilities / Christine Barthe -- A conversation with Fernando Botero / Catherine Petitgas.

Colombia's contemporary art scene remains relatively unknown outside that country. Including ninety profiles of key players and four critical essays, this book captures the renewed dynamism of the Colombian art world. After fifty years of violent civil conflict, in 2002 the Colombian authorities initiated an ambitious peace process with the armed guerrillas. Between 2010 and the start of 2015, the Colombian economy saw the fastest rate of growth in Latin America, and one of the fastest in the world. This buoyant economic climate has benefited the art world, resulting in a proliferation of private and public initiatives over the past decade.Contemporary Art Colombia features key figures, institutions, and spaces in the reemergence of the Colombian art scene.
Sherman N6675.6 .C66 2016

Subversion and surrealism in the art of Honoré Sharrer
edited by M. Melissa Wolfe ; essays by Sarah Burns, Robert Cozzolino, Michael Lobel, M. Melissa Wolfe, Adam Desmond Zagorin
[Columbus, OH] : Columbus Museum of Art ; [2016]
"This book offers the first critical reassessment of an artist whose mature oeuvre constitutes a rich and often disquieting critique that is equal parts wit, seduction, and bite. Honoré Sharrer (1920-2009) was a major figure in the years surrounding World War II, though her commitment to leftist ideals and an alternate trajectory of surrealism put her at increasing odds with the political and artistic climate of the time"--
Sherman ND237.S4675 A4 2016

William Kentridge, Vivienne Koorland : conversations in letters and lines
Tamar Garb, Briony Fer, Joseph Leo Koerner, Ed Krčma, Griselda Pollock
Edinburgh : The Fruitmarket Gallery, [2016]
William Kentridge and Vivienne Koorland are two of South Africa's foremost visual artists. Kentridge is a successful animated filmmaker, opera director, performer and draughtsman, while Koorland has enjoyed widespread critical acclaim as a painter, printmaker and maker of objects. Born in the 1950s, they first met as university students in the mid-1970s, and have been talking about art ever since. Their friendship of nearly forty years has been mutually enriching, as the art of each has inspired and informed the other. This significant volume brings together a diverse selection of works from each artist to explore the formal and thematic links between their different practices. It focuses on the role of writing in their work, the relationship between drawing, painting and animation, their interest in film, their understanding of lines, alphabets and letters and the relationship between the iconic and the abstract, and maps and mapping. The book is divided into four essays by Briony Fer, Griselda Pollock, Joseph Leo Koerner and Ed Krcma, each of which provides a fresh perspective on the artists and their work, as well as a conversation between the artists and curator Tamar Garb, exploring the themes highlighted by the exhibition. 00Exhibition: Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, United Kingdom (19.11.2016-19.02.2017).
Sherman N7396.K45 A4 2016b

Modernism in Scandanavia : art, architecture and design
Ashby, Charlotte, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
Up to 1890--The Foundations of Modernism -- 1890-1910--A New Style for a New Age -- 1910-1930--Classicism and the Universal Vision -- 1930-1950--Modernism : Better Things for Everyday Life -- 1950-1970--Post-war Modernism.

"Scandinavia is a region associated with modernity: modern design, modern living and a modern welfare state. This new history of modernism in Scandinavia offers a picture of the complex reality that lies behind the label: a modernism made up of many different figures, impulses and visions. It places the individuals who have achieved international fame, such as Edvard Munch and Alvar Aalto in a wider context, and through a series of case studies, provides a rich analysis of the art, architecture and design history of the Nordic region, and of modernism as a concept and mode of practice. Scandinavian Modern addresses the decades between 1890 and 1970 and presents an intertwined history of modernism across the region. Charlotte Ashby gives a rationale for her focus on those countries which share an interrelated history and colonial past, but also stresses influences from outside the region, such as the English Arts and Crafts movement and the impact of emergent American modernism. Her richly illustrated account guides the reader through key historical periods and cultural movements, with case studies illuminating key art works, buildings, designed products and exhibitions"--
Sherman N7008.5.M64 A84 2017

A philosophy of Chinese architecture : past, present, future
Wang, David, 1954- author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Sherman NA2500 .W36 2017

Douglas Snelling : pan-Pacific modern design and architecture
Jackson, Davina, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Douglas Burrage Snelling (1916-85) was one of Britain's significant emigre architects and designers. Born in England and educated in New Zealand, he became one of Australia's leading mid-century architects, of luxury residences and commercial buildings, and a trend-setting designer of furniture, interiors and landscapes. This is the first comprehensive study of Snelling's pan-Pacific life, works and trans-disciplinary significance. It provides a critical examination of this recently controversial modernist, revealing him to be a colourful and talented character who led antipodean interpretations of American, especially Wrightian and southern Californian, architecture, design and lifestyle innovations.
Sherman NA1605.S64 J33 2017

Joseph Beuys : Skulpturen = Sculptures
Beuys, Joseph, artist
München : Edition Heiner Bastian im Schirmer Mosel Verlag, 2015
Sherman N6888.B463 A4 2015

The Ashgate research companion to Dutch art of the seventeenth century
edited by Wayne Franits
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Sherman N6946 .A83 2016

Arthur Erickson : layered landscapes : drawings from the Canadian Architectural Archives
Erickson, Arthur, 1924-2009, architect
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada : Dalhousie Architectural Press, 2016
"This book is a survey document produced in conjunction with the exhibition Layered Landscapes which examines selected drawings of Arthur Erickson from the Canadian Architectural Archives collection."--
Sherman NA749.E74 A4 2016

Monika Grzymala : drawing spatially = Raumzeichnung : works 2011-16
Grzymala, Monika, 1970- artist
Berlin, Germany : Hatje Cantz Verlag, [2016]
Monika Grzymala (*1970) began her artistic training as a stone sculptor and restorer, after which she studied visual art at the art colleges in Karlsruhe, Kassel, and Hamburg. The Berlin-based installation artist generally describes her work as "spatial drawing" and has presented her works in numerous international group and solo exhibitions, at, among others, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Kunsthalle Hamburg, the Fabrica Brighton, the Albertina in Vienna, and most recently at the Reykjavik Art Museum. Grzymala sees the drawing as thought carried out manually and the physical line poised to come into being, whereby the spatial drawing represents a gesture that plays into the architecture and therefore causes the installation artist's sculptural mode of thought, her "physical thinking," to become visible in unique spatial drawings. This monograph shows how impressively this can be experienced.
Sherman N6888.G8 A4 2016

The hunchback in Hellenistic and Roman art
Trentin, Lisa, author
London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016
Sherman N8236.P4 T74 2016

"Hypothesis for an exhibition" : exhibition curated by Begum Yasar, July 8-August 16, 2014, New York
book edited by Begum Yasar
New York : Dominique Lévy, [2014]
Sherman N6497 .H97 2014

The Medici's painter : Carlo Dolci and 17th-century Florence
edited by Eve Straussman-Pflanzer with Francesca Baldassari
Wellesley, Massachusetts : Davis Museum at Wellesley College, [2017]
Carlo Dolci (1616-1687), arguably the greatest painter in 17th-century Florence, was admired and patronized by the city's leading families. Best known for his half-length and single-figure devotional pictures, Dolci was also a gifted painter of altarpieces and portraits. Written by a team of distinguished scholars, The Medici's Painter offers new archival discoveries and insights and features cross-disciplinary approaches to Dolci's life and art and the cultural and political contexts in which he worked. The volume sheds new light on Dolci's significant and impressive body of work. The painter understood the power of his paintings to inspire contemporaries, and his works continue to compel individuals to look closely and feel deeply about art.00Exhibition: Davis Museum, Wellesley, USA (08.02-09.07.2017); Nasher Museum of Art, Durham, USA (24.8.2017-14.01.2018).
Sherman ND623.D6 A4 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright : the early years : progressivism : aesthetics : cities
Johnson, Donald Leslie, author
New York : Routledge, 2017
Conditions. Reformation and Progressivism -- The Aesthetics of Progress. Education -- Tutelage -- Design Generators -- Architectural Synthesis -- The Wright School -- The City Scientific. Rousseau to Professionalism -- Wright's Community Planning -- Contraction.
Sherman NA737.W7 J58 2017

Designing modern Norway : a history of design discourse
Fallan, Kjetil, author
London ; Routledge, 2017
Designing Modern Norway: A History of Design Discourse' is an intellectual history of design and its role in configuring the modern Norwegian nation state. Rather than a conventional national design history survey that focuses on designers and objects, this is an in-depth study of the ideologies, organizations, strategies and politics that combined might be said to have "designed" the modern nation's material and visual culture. The book analyses main tropes and threads in the design discourse generated around key institutions such as museums, organisations and magazines. Beginning with how British and continental design reform ideas were mediated in Norway and merged with a nationalist sentiment in the late nineteenth century, 'Designing Modern Norway' traces the tireless and wide-ranging work undertaken by enthusiastic and highly committed design professionals throughout the twentieth century to simultaneously modernise the nation by design and to nationalise modern design. Bringing the discussion up towards the present, the book concludes with an examination of how Norway's new-found wealth has profoundly changed the production, mediation and consumption of design.
Sherman NK1460.A1 F35 2017

Cave art
David, Bruno, 1962- author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2017
In pictures and words, David tells the story of this mysterious world of decorated caves, from the oldest known "painting kits", found virtually intact after their use 100,000 years ago in South Africa, to the magnificent murals of the European Ice Age that are so famous today. Showcasing the most astounding discoveries made in the past 150 years of archaeological exploration, Cave Art explores these creative achievements, from our remotest ancestors to recent times, and what they tell us about the human past and ourselves today.
Sherman N5310 .D38 2017

Bruegel : defining a dynasty
Orrock, Amy, author
London : Philip Wilson Publishers, an imprint of I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, [2017]
This accompanying publication will explore the development and diversity of this legendary dynasty of Flemish painters over four generations and 150 years. From the proverb pictures and peasant festivals of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his eldest son Pieter Brueghel the Younger to the exquisite flower pieces of Jan 'Velvet' Brueghel and the captivating cabinet paintings of Jan van Kessel, the book will unravel the mysteries of the dynasty, and will explore how Bruegel's sons were able to emulate their father's model despite having no access to his paintings. The book will turn the spotlight on to the major Bruegel holdings in UK collections for the first time, telling the story of the dynasty through masterpieces from British public collections and a number of previously unseen works from private collections. Exhibition: Holburne Museum, Bath, UK (11.02.-04.06.2017).
Sherman ND673.B7 A4 2017

Sarah Crowner
Cross, Susan editor,
Munich, Germany : DelMonico Books/Prestel ; [2017]
Known for graphic sewn paintings-which she makes by stitching together pieces of painted and raw canvas-as well as patterned tile structures which transform architecture into painting, Crowner works in a variety of media spanning the fine and applied arts. Her work from the past decade comes alive through installation shots, studio views, and source images which have inspired her and which pay homage to many lesser- known artists, designers, and performers of the 20th century. An interview with Crowner accompanies essays discussing her practice and her exhibition at MASS MoCA. With a bold and colorful design that echoes Crowner's sensibility, this book examines the artist's inclusive, yet singular vision.
Sherman N6490.C66 S27 2017

Modern container architecture
edited by Aidan Hart
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2016
Container architecture is one of the most sustainable building types in the modern day world. It is already widely used in many countries. Architects and artists incorporate containers' unique aesthetic value to house various functions, such as stores, exhibitions, museums, and houses. In recent years, designers in China have begun to pay close attention to this construction field, and more and more creative container houses are being built in big cities. This book contains many excellent cases, showing readers the unique charm of modern container architecture.
Sherman NA8480 .M63 2016

For study and delight : drawings and prints from Leiden University
edited by Jef Schaeps, Elmer Kolfin, Edward Grasman, Nelke Bartelings
Leiden : Leiden Publications, 2016
Sherman NC258 .F67x 2016

Fragments of metropolis : Rhein & Ruhr : das expressionistische Erbe an Rhein und Ruhr = the expressionist heritage of the Rhine-Ruhr region
Rauhut, Christoph, author
München : Hirmer, 2016
Sherman NA1079 .R35 2016b

No idle hands : the myths & meanings of tramp art
edited by Laura M. Addison ; with essays by Laura M. Addison, Leslie Umberger, Eric M. Zafran
Santa Fe : Museum of New Mexico Press, 2017
Truth inside the Myth : The Obscure History of Tramp Art in America / Leslie Umberger -- "Idleness is an unwanted stranger" / Laura M. Addison -- A Labor of Love : Religious Tramp Art / Eric M. Zafran.
Sherman NK9950 .N6 2017

Albert Marquet : peintre du temps suspendu
commissariat, Sophie Krebs
Paris : Paris Musées, [2016]
Première grande rétrospective parisienne présentée au musée d'Art moderne du 25 mars au 21 août 2016, l'exposition offre une relecture de l'ensemble de l'œuvre de Marquet à partir d'une approche thématique et chronologique. Elle permet de découvrir les différents aspects de son œuvre depuis ses premiers travaux d?atelier, ses peintures et ses pastels durant la période fauve, ses nus si caractéristiques entre étude académique et face à face sensuel, ses dessins saisis sur le vif, et, surtout, son obsession du paysage de la variation à la série, "cette très particulière domination optique du monde" pour reprendre les mots de Jean Cassou.
Sherman ND553.M345 A4x 2016

Literature and artistic practice in sixteenth-century Italy
Cerasuolo, Angela, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
The "Libri di Bottega" : a covert transmission -- Issues and forms -- The processes -- Through the paintings : a few significant examples. Investigations carried out at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples.

In 'Literature and Artistic Practice in the Sixteenth Century' Angela Cerasuolo, art historian and restorer, tracks the technical processes of painting through the cross-analysis of literary texts and works of art. Having traced the critical fortunes of the texts of the authors-Leonardo, Vasari, Armenini, Borghini, Lomazzo-she compares the information on drawing and painting, analysing the specific terminology, and identifying the materials and methods. Central themes of the theoretical debate-'disegno', 'invenzione', the contrast between 'prestezza' and 'diligenza', the 'paragone'-are examined in the light of their relationship with the techniques. On the basis of scientific studies on the technical execution of paintings, works from the Capodimonte Museum, Naples are analysed as case studies.
Sherman ND615 .C3713 2017

Robert Adam : country house design, decoration, & the art of elegance
Musson, Jeremy, author
New York, NY : Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., 2017
The Adam brothers -- Life among the great : Adam and the country house -- Adam and rooms : circuit, parade and display -- The castle style -- Dream palaces -- Adam in the park.
Sherman NA997.A4 M87 2017

Early Cycladic sculpture in context
edited by Marisa Marthari, Colin Renfrew, Michael J. Boyd
Oxford ; Oxbow Books, 2017
Sherman NB130.C78 E28 2017

David Hockney : current
Hockney, David, author
London : Thames & Hudson Ltd., 2017
Sherman Oversize N6797.H57 A4 2017

A humument : a treated Victorian novel
Phillips, Tom, 1937- author
London : Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2016
In 1966 the artist Tom Phillips discovered A Human Document (1892), an obscure Victorian romance by W.H. Mallock, and set himself the task of altering every page, by painting, collage or cut-up techniques, to create an entirely new version. Some of Mallock's original text remains in tact and through the illustrated pages the character of Bill Toge, Phillips's anti-hero, and his romantic plight emerges. First published in 1973, the book quickly established itself as a cult classic. Since then, the artist has been working towards a complete revision of his original, adding new pages in successive editions. That process is now finished. This 50th anniversary edition presents, for the first time, an entirely new and complete version of 'A Humument'. This edition includes a revised Introduction by the artist, reflecting on the last 50 years' work on this project, and 92 new illustrated pages. A Special Limited edition is also available: this presents a copy of the 50th anniversary edition in a clamshell box with a limited-edition print, signed by the artist.
Sherman N7433.4.P5 A4 2016

The visual biography of color
Jacobus, Frank, author
[San Francisco, California] : ORO Editions, [2017]
The Visual Biography of Color' is a first chance at a second look at colour, which is so often overlooked in every day living. While other books discuss the phenomenon of colour from a cultural perspective, 'The Visual Biography of Color' reveals colour through time by using information graphics and other forms of data visualisation to visually describe colour's cultural role. The book moves the reader through the visible spectrum, as they turn the pages they exist inside of red, then orange, then yellow. In red, they encounter the evolution of red states in the U.S., the compilation of every red subway line in every major world city collapsed onto a single page, and they see a radiant wheel that displays every major song that has red in its title. As they continue to move through the book they'll read about how artists, musicians, and other great thinkers have considered individual colours. Colour is vital as a communicating cultural mechanism. Instead of a pure revelation of conceit, the book embraces what one might consider high-brow and low-brow culture, embracing colloquialisms and idioms that reveal how deeply embedded the idea of colour is in our colour-filled world.
Sherman NK1548 .J33 2017

Divine golden ingenious : the golden ratio as a theory of everything?
publishing editors: Lieselotte Kugler, Oliver Götze ; with contributions from Wolfgang Beinert and twenty-five others ; translations: Andrew Boreham and four others
Munich : Hirmer, [2016]
Sherman N7431.5 .D58x 2016

Who's afraid of contemporary art? : an A to Z guide to the art world
An, Kyung, author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2017
Art, what for? What's it all about? : from idea to artwork -- Bringing you up to speed. How did we get here? : contemporary before contemporary -- Contemporary. What makes it so contemporary? : Tino Sehgal, this is so contemporary, 2005 -- Dream academy. How do art students become artists? : interns -- Emperor's new clothes. What makes it art? : Piero Manzoni, Artist's shit, 1961 -- Flashmobs. What's next in the art world calendar? : Venice Biennale -- Geeks and techies. When did it all get so technical? : Internet art -- Histories. Whose story is the story of art? : Guerrilla girls -- It's the thought that counts. Can a concept be a work of art? : Felix Gonzalez-Torres, 'candy spills', 1990-93 -- Joining the dots. What do curators do? : the exhibition schedule, from idea to install -- Knowing your audience. Can art really be for everyone? : Fun! -- Lovers and haters. Who decides what matters? : Turner Prize -- Money, money, money! Why is it so expensive? : The 'Business artist' -- Next big thing. What is the role of galleries? : art basel -- Oh no you didn't! Is that really necessary? : Santiago Sierra -- Picasso baby. Why does everyone want in on art? : Kanye West, a minimalist in a rapper's body -- Quality control. What is the role of museums? : museum acquisitions -- Rattling the cage. Can art build a better world? : Tania Bruguera -- State presence. What is performance art? : Marina Abramovic -- TLC: tender loving conservation. How can we make sure our art survives? : when new media becomes 'old' media -- Under construction. What should museums look like? : Saadiyat Island's Cultural District -- Visitor activated. Can I touch it? : Yayoi Kusama, The Obliteration room, 2002-present -- WTF?! What on earth am I looking at? : International Art English -- X marks the spot. What is the role of public art? Banksy for all -- Yesterday, today and tomorrow. How is the art world changing? : funding -- Zoning out. Why bother? : Theaster Gates, Dorchester Projects, 2009-present.

What is contemporary art? What makes it contemporary?" What is it for? And why is it so expensive? From museums and the art market to biennales and the next big thing, Who's Afraid of Contemporary Art? offers concise and pointed insights into today s art scene, decoding Artspeak," explaining what curators do, demystifying conceptual art, exploring emerging art markets, and more. The authors playful explanations draw on key artworks, artists, and events from around the globe, including extreme Chinese performances, the artist Damien Hirst, and the expanding art markets in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. An A Z arrangement of themes take the reader through every aspect of contemporary art, from Art, what is it?" to Money, money, money!!," and art outside the art market with Zoning out." Who s Afraid of Contemporary Art? is filled with behind-the-scenes information on the contemporary art world, and is the perfect gallery companion and go-to guide on the next big thing.
Sherman N6497 .A55 2017

Becoming Leonardo : an exploded view of the life of Leonardo da Vinci
Lankford, Mike, author
Brooklyn : Melville House, [2017]
King Death -- Everything's big at first -- Hot to trot -- Jailbird -- Strange fruit hanging from the balcony rail -- From the edge to the center -- The musician from Florence -- Ingenio -- Horsing around -- The middle is off center -- A question too far -- Shadow boxing the self -- Leonardo, exploded view -- Academia Leonardi Vinci -- Chaos on the hoof -- Machiavelli enters the mix -- Here be dragons -- Florence redux -- Fighting the battle -- Jumping off the cliff -- I'm outta here! -- You again? -- Milan II -- Rome -- Playing kickball at Cloux -- Autopsy.
Sherman N6923.L33 L37 2017

When ivory towers were black : a story about race in America's cities and universities
Sutton, Sharon E., 1941- author
New York : Empire State Editions, an imprint of Fordham University Press, 2017
Foreword -- Prologue -- Introduction -- 1. Pre-1965 Context -- 2. 1965-1967 Context -- 3. 1968 Insurgency -- 4. 1968-1971 Experimentation -- 5. 1969-1971 Transgression -- 6. 1969-1971 Unraveling -- 7. 1972-1976 Extinction -- 8. Alumni Years -- Epilogue -- Appendixes -- A. Biographies of the Oral History Cohort -- B. List of All Ethnic Minority Recruits -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.

"Tells the story of how a cohort of ethnic minority students earned degrees from Columbia University's School of Architecture. Follows two university units that steered the school toward an emancipatory approach to education. Assesses the triumphs and subsequent unraveling of an experiment to achieve racial justice in the school and in the nearby Harlem community. Informs contemporary struggles for racial and economic equality"--
Sherman NA2300.C635 S87 2017

Experimental preservation
edited by Jorge Otero-Pailos, Erik Langdalen, Thordis Arrhenius
Zürich, Switzerland : Lars Müller Publishers, [2016]
Experimental preservation : the potential of not-me creations / Jorge Otero-Pailos -- Monumental and non-monumental strategies / Thordis Arrhenius -- Oslo: Thordis Arrhenius, Tobias Hönig, Erik Langdalen, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Beatriz Ramo, Bryony Roberts, Klas Ruin and Ola Broms Wessel, Alexander Schwarz, and Alexander Sverdlov -- Venice: Andreas Angelidakis, Lucia Allais, Thordis Arrhenius, Svetlana Boym, Reinhard Kropf, Erik Langdalen, Louise Masreliez, Jorge Otero-Pailos, and Ines Weizman -- New York: Azra Akšamija, Thordis Arrhenius, David Gissen, Erik Langdalen, Alex Lehnerer, Jorge Otero-Pailos, and Tayfun Serttas̜ -- London: Simon Fleury, Corinna Gardner, Johnny Golding, Olivia Horsfall Turner, Rory Hyde, Erik Langdalen, Mari Lending, Adam Lowe, Marie Lund, Jorge Otero-Pailos, and Bill Sherman -- (Pre)served at the table / Erik Fenstad Langdalen.
Sherman NA105 .E96 2016

Suite panamericana
Helguera, Pablo
La Puntilla, Viejo San Juan : Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 2009
Sherman N6614.H45 A4 2009

Robin Boyd : spatial continuity
Baracco, Mauro, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Sherman NA1605.B69 B37 2017

Preservation is overtaking us
Koolhaas, Rem, author
New York : GSAPP Books, 2014
Recent work / Rem Koolhaas -- The Paul S. Byard Memorial Lecture / Rem Koolhaas -- OMA'S Preservation manifesto -- Supplement to OMA'S Preservation manifesto / Jorge Otero-Pailos.

Preservation is Overtaking Us brings together two lectures given by Rem Koolhaas at Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, along with a response (framed as a supplement to the original lectures) by Jorge Otero-Pailos. In the first essay Koolhaas describes alternative strategies for preserving Beijing, China. The second talk marks the inaugural Paul Spencer Byard lecture, named in celebration of the longtime professor of Historic Preservation at GSAPP. These two lectures trace key moments of Koolhaas' thinking on preservation, including his practice's entry into China and the commission to redevelop the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. In a format well known to Koolhaas' readers, Otero-Pailos reworks the lectures into a working manifesto, using it to interrogate OMA's work from within the discipline of preservation.
Sherman NA2543.S6 K66 2014

Mi otro trabajo = My other job
Negrón, Jesús
San Juan, Puerto Rico : Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 2009
Sherman N6614.N437 A4 2009

Anna Boghiguian
Nîmes : Carré d'art-Musée d'art contemporain ; [2016]
Sherman N7385.B64 A4 2016

Intersections of space and ethos
edited by Kyriaki Tsoukala, Nikolaos-Ion Terzoglou and Charikleia Pantelidou
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015
Sherman NA2765 .I58 2015

Offsite architecture : constructing the future
edited by Ryan E. Smith and John D. Quale
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Sherman NA8480 .O35 2017

Elements Europa : European Council and Council of the European Union
Attali, Jean
[Tielt] : Lannoo, c2016
Sherman NA4180 .A88 2016

Contemporary arts as political practice in Singapore
Wernmei Yong Ade, Lim Lee Ching, editors
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Baker Berry NX650.P6 C66 2016

Fragments of metropolis : Berlin : Berlins expressionistisches Erbe = Berlin's expressionist legacy
Lehmann, Niels (Photographer), author
München : Hirmer, 2016
Sherman NA1085 .L44 2016

Ogledalo na vremeto zhenskata krasota prez vekovete
kurator na izlozhbata, Nataii︠a︡ Ivanova, s uchastieto na Krasimira Karadimitrova and seven others ; nauchni koordinator, Marii︠a︡ Reho ; avtori na tekstovete, Diana Gergova and 16 others = The mirror of time : female beauty through the ages / curator of the exhibition, Nataliya Ivanova, with the participation of Krasimira Karadimitrova, and seven others ; scientific coordinator, Maria Reho ; authors, Diana Gergova and 16 others
Sofii︠a︡ : Nat︠s︡ionalen arkheologicheski institut i muzeĭ, 2016
Sherman NK4701.5.B8 S66 2016

The optimum imperative : Czech architecture for the socialist lifestyle, 1938-1968
Miljački, Ana, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
The Optimum Imperative examines architecture's multiple entanglements within the problem of Socialist lifestyle in postwar Czechoslovakia. Situated in the period loosely bracketed by the signing of the Munich accords in 1938, which affected Czechoslovakia's entrance into World War II, and the Warsaw Pact troops' occupation of Prague in 1968, the book investigates three decades of Czech architecture, highlighting a diverse cast of protagonists. Key among them are the theorist and architect Karel Honzik and a small group of his colleagues in the Club for the Study of Consumption; the award-winning Czechoslovak Pavilion at the 1958 World Expo in Brussels; and SIAL, a group of architects from Liberec that emerged from the national network of Stavoprojekt offices during the reform years, only to be subsumed back into it in the wake of Czechoslovak normalization. This episodic approach enables a long view of the way that the project of constructing Socialism was made disciplinarily specific for architecture, through the constant interpretation of Socialist lifestyle, both as a narrative framework and as a historical goal. Without sanitizing history of its absurd contortions in discourse and in daily life, the book takes as its subject the complex and dynamic relationships between Cold War politics, state power, disciplinary legitimating narratives, and Czech architects' optimism for Socialism. It proposes that these key dimensions of practicing architecture and building Socialism were intertwined, and even commensurate at times, through the framework of Socialist lifestyle.
Sherman NA2543.S6 M555 2017

Australia's impressionists
edited by Christopher Riopelle ; Tim Bonyhady and three others ; with contributions from Alex J. Taylor
London : National Gallery Company Limited, 2016
Australia's Impressionists' introduces a worldwide audience to Impressionism as it manifested itself in artistic movements beyond Europe. This catalogue features over 35 paintings, including important masterpieces by Australia's leading artists, many of which have never previously been shown outside the country. In 1889 a group of artists working in Melbourne opened the '9 by 5 Impression Exhibition', an ambitious display that sought to introduce local society to their version of Impressionism. These artists - Tom Roberts, Charles Conder, Arthur Streeton - presented some 180 oil sketches. Many of these scenes of contemporary life, using a vividly coloured palette, were painted on panels, from cigar boxes, of around 9 x 5 inches, which gave the show its name. In fact these pictures owed more to Whistler, whose works Roberts had seen in London in 1884, than to French Impressionism. Drawing on a wider interest in national identity among the non-Indigenous population, Conder, Roberts and Streeton championed a new Australian landscape style. This drew on the practices of European plein-air artists, but the resulting pictures became larger and more ambitious in manner; paintings of the leisured lifestyle offered by Sydney Harbour are recorded with cheerful pride, while scenes of the bush - albeit never too far from the city - are elevated to a mode of heroic myth. John Peter Russell, a friend and correspondent of Roberts, was born and died in Sydney, but spent some 40 years as an expatriate in Europe. Russell spent his working life in the company of Van Gogh, Monet and Rodin. While his talents as a colourist made a deep impression on the young Matisse, his innovative art was only rediscovered in the later twentieth century. Exhibition: The National Gallery, London, UK (07.12.2016-26.03.2017).
Sherman ND1100.17.I45 A97 2016

Strange currencies : art & action in Mexico City, 1990-2000
edited by Kaytie Johnson
Philadelphia : The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design, 2015
Sherman N6555 .S754 2015

Gothic revival worldwide : A.W.N. Pugin's global influence
edited by Timothy Brittain-Catlin, Jan De Maeyer, Martin Bressani
Leuven : Leuven University Press, [2016]
Sherman NA997.P9 G684 2016

Fire and light : a method of painting for artists who love color
Hanson, Julie H., author
Atglen, PA : Schiffer Publishing Ltd., [2017]
"For artists interested in using color in a new way, this two-part book offers a fresh, comprehensive approach to understandng color in painting. Part one starts with the basics and teaches, rung by rung, many concepts including color, value, and the use of red, yellow, and blue to build three-dimensional form. Tools given in part one form the foundation for part two's lessons in "temperature painting," an original method created by the author using warm and cool colors. The instructions are easy to follow, step by step, and fully illustrated with beautiful finished pieces by various artists and the author, an accomplished artist who teaches workshops nationally"--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman ND1500 .H333 2017

Hokusai x manga : Japanese pop culture since 1680
edited by Sabine Schulze, Nora von Achenbach, Simon Klingler
Munich : Hirmer, [2016]
Early Japanese popular culture, in the form of the coloured woodcuts of artists like Hokusai and Kuniyoshi, achieved world fame after Japan's opening. The pop culture of today, from manga to anime, has also conquered the globe. Now the sheets and books of woodcuts by the most famous renowned ukiyo-e artists confront the visual mass media in the comics and cartoons of modern Japan. The high-quality Japanese woodcuts and graphic novels from the 17th to the 19th centuries are products of an urban popular culture in pre-modern Japan, in which clothing, stage stars, myths, monsters, sexuality and commerce were the governing factors. The publication shows the enchanting imagery of both historical and contemporary pop culture in Japan, which today focuses on manga and anime. Short texts spotlight the art of the woodcut in the Edo period, such as the famous shunga sheets, together with selected excerpts from manga, including those by Jiro Taniguchi and Inio Asano as well as the current developments in the manga phenomenon in the Japan of the 21st century. Exhibition: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany (10.06.-11.09.2016).
Sherman NE1321.8 .H65 2016

A passion for the Arctic : the Hans van Berkel Collection : art and handicrafts from Canada, Greenland and Siberia
Cunera Buijs, editor ; contributors, Cunera Buijs, Frédéric Laugrand, Jarich Oosten, Cornelius Remie and Karel Stevens
Volendam : LM Publishers, [2016]
"In 2015, the Dutch collector Hans van Berkel (1946), granted his private collection of Inuit and Chukchi art and handicrafts to the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden--now part of the larger National Museum of World Cultures encompassing three museums in three different cities. Starting in the early 1970s, Van Berkel has built up the most important and comprehensive private Inuit-related collection in the Netherlands. Van Berkel was first inspired to begin collecting when he came into contact with Leo Mol, a renowned sculptor in Winnipeg, Canada. Gifts from him were the first Inuit art objects in what later became the Van Berkel collection. This book not only presents some of his most beautiful or interesting artefacts, it also places the developments in art in a historical, political and economic context of the culture involved. Reflecting Van Berkel's special interests, shamanism and spiritual culture are particularly well represented in the collection, which showcases the skilled craftsmanship of Inuit and Chukchi artisans. Also included are tourist art and objects depicting the daily lives of hunters, reindeer herders, and their wives, which reflect the norms and values of these intriguing cultures of northern Canada, Greenland, and Siberia"--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman N5272.2.B47 P37 2016

Adobe houses : homes of sun and earth
Masson, Kathryn, author
New York : Rizzoli, 2017
Sherman NA7235.C2 M168 2017

Iskusstvo v nachale XXI veka : Problemy i tendent︠s︡ii: Sbornik nauchnykh stateĭ
Otvetstvennyĭ redaktor--d-r. filos. n., professor E.A. Saĭko
Moskva : GII, 2013
Baker Berry NX460 .I85 2013

Wreckage : my father's legacy of art & junk
Feinstein, Sascha, 1963- author
Lanham, Maryland : Bucknell University Press : [2017]
Sherman ND237.F335 F46 2017

Richard Deacon : what you see is what you get
edited by Anita Feldman and Ariel Plotek
San Diego : The San Diego Museum of Art, [2017]
Among the artists who redefined British sculpture in the 1980s, Richard Deacon (born 1949) remains a pioneering figure. This book presents the full range of the artist?s oeuvre, from freestanding sculptures and wall-mounted works to glazed ceramics and works on paper. Deacon sidesteps the issue of technique: nails, screws and mounts are not hidden in his sculptures, and willowy bent-wood pieces contrast with carefully engineered constructions in galvanized steel and welded polycarbonate. Like the tension in so many of Deacon?s titles, this book suggests a paradox. As with the whole of the artist?s oeuvre, the selection in this book?spanning more than 30 years?is based on contradictions: the tension between a word and its meaning. 00Exhibition: San Diego Museum of Art, United States (25.03.-25.07.2017).
Sherman N6797.D443 A4 2017

The art of the Qurʼan : treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
Massumeh Farhad and Simon Rettig ; with contributions by François Déroche, Edhem Eldem, Jane McAuliffe, Sana Mirza, and Zeren Tanındı
Washington, DC : Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, [2016]
This story unfolds in Qur'ans from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, the companion publication to the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery's groundbreaking exhibition, the first major presentation of Qur'ans in the United States. The book's authors describe the formation of this one-of-a-kind collection and the history of TIEM, whose centuries-old records on patrons, calligraphers, illuminators, and provenance allow us to create "biographies" detailing the production of the Qur'ans in the exhibition. Essays address the Qur'an as a written text--from content and organization to the elaborate calligraphy and illuminated designs that transformed the volumes into beautiful artworks. Qur'ans also includes in-depth descriptions of some seventy works from TIEM and the Smithsonian's Sackler and Freer Galleries. It features full-page, color images of the earliest known Qur'an folios and manuscripts from the Umayyad and Abbasid Near East (7th-10th century), Seljuk Iran and Anatolia (12th century), the Mongol Il-Khanid and Timurid empires and Mamluk Cairo (14th and 15th centuries), Safavid and Ottoman empires (16th and 17th centuries) as well as a number of mosque furnishings, such as Qur'an boxes and stands. Most of these works have rarely, if ever, been published. --Publisher.
Sherman Oversize ND2955 .T87 2016

The incantations of Daniel Johnston
McClanahan, Scott, author
Columbus, Ohio : Two Dollar Radio, [2016]
Sherman ND237.J745 Z2513 2016

Werner Heldt (1904-1954) : Leben und Werk
Hein, Verena, author
München : Herbert Utz Verlag, [2016]
Sherman ND588.H483 H45 2016

Aubrey Beardsley : a catalogue raisonné
Zatlin, Linda Gertner, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Volume 1. Preface -- Aubrey Beardsley: a chronology. Catalogue : Juvenilia 1880-1888 -- Early drawings, Japonesques and grotesques 1889-1893 -- Le Morte Darthur 1892-1894 -- Bon-Mots series 1892-1893 -- Keynotes series 1893-1896.

This is the first book to bring together the recorded works of the English artist Aubrey Beardsley. Linda Gertner Zatlin's text presents Beardley's drawings with a full record of their making, provenance, exhibition history and references in the art historical literature. This material record is accompanied by often extensive discussions of their themes, motifs and symbolism, as well as their critical reception. Unprecedented in its scope and thoroughness, this study presents Beardsley's work and explores its meanings more comprehensively than any previous work on him; it is likely to remain definitive. This superbly illustrated catalogue is both an essential reference for specialists and an accessible and enchanting delight for Beardsley enthusiasts.
Sherman N6797.B425 A4 2016

Orthographs : the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Yerolymbos, Yiorgis, author,
Athens, Greece : Melissa publishing house, [2017]
Sherman NA6811.5.G8 Y47 2017

Rafael Soriano : the artist as mystic = el artista como místico
Elizabeth Thompson Goizueta, editor ; translators: Vicente Echerri & Ileana Fuentes
Boston : McMullen Museum of Art, Boston College, [2017]
Cuban painter Rafael Soriano (1920-2015) was an acclaimed master of geometric abstraction and a global figure in the twentieth-century art world. His work resonated with such international artists of Latin American origin as Roberto Matta, Rufino Tamayo, and Wifredo Lam. As a result of the revolution in Cuba in 1959, Soriano left the country in 1962 for the United States. The effect of the Cuban revolution on his art as well as his aesthetics in general are the focus of this book, an unprecedented examination of his entire oeuvre. Featuring more than ninety paintings, pastels, and drawings, this bilingual English-Spanish catalog begins with a contextual analysis of Soriano's relationship to the Cuban avant-garde and his position within the emerging mid-century modernists. Essays then trace his evolving styles, examining his work through the lens of surrealism and European and Latin American transnational aesthetics. The idea of exile and struggle is a leitmotif and is framed within questions of transcendence and spirituality.
Sherman ND305.S66 A4 2017

Art jewelry today 4
Korinchak, Sandra, author
Atglen, PA : Schiffer Publishing Ltd., [2016]
Sherman NK7310.5 .K67 2016

Botticelli and the search for the Divine : Florentine painting between the Medici and the bonfire of the vanities
Spike, John T., author
[Willimsburg, VA] : Muscarelle Museum of Art ; [2017]
Sherman ND623.B7 A4 2017

Frédéric Bazille (1841-1870) and the birth of impressionism
edited by Michel Hilaire and Paul Perrin
Paris, France : Flammarion ; [ 2016]
Sherman ND553.B43 A4 2016

Cosmos and community in early medieval art
Anderson, Benjamin, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
Introduction: solitude and community -- 1. Tyranny and splendor -- 2. Declaration and transaction -- 3. Carolingian consensus -- 4. Byzantine dissensus -- Conclusion.

"In the rapidly changing world of the early Middle Ages, depictions of the cosmos represented a consistent point of reference across the three dominant states-the Frankish, Byzantine, and Islamic Empires. As these empires diverged from their Greco-Roman roots between 700 and 1000 A.D. and established distinctive medieval artistic traditions, cosmic imagery created a web of visual continuity, though local meanings of these images varied greatly. Benjamin Anderson uses thrones, tables, mantles, frescoes, and manuscripts to show how cosmological motifs informed relationships between individuals, especially the ruling elite, and communities, demonstrating how domestic and global politics informed the production and reception of these depictions. The first book to consider such imagery across the dramatically diverse cultures of Western Europe, Byzantium, and the Islamic Middle East, [it] illuminates the distinctions between the cosmological art of these three cultural spheres, and reasserts the centrality of astronomical imagery to the study of art history."--Jacket flap.
Sherman N5975 .A53 2017

The crocodile in the pond : 11 artists from ShanghART
herausgeber = editor(s), Gertrud & Heinz Aeschlimann, Global Art St. Urban Foundation ; autoren = authors Heinz & Gertrud Aeschlimann, Xenia Piëch, Alexandra Grimmer ; übersetzungen = translations Silvano Zheng, Emilie Cherlet, ICT-Translations
Bielefeld, Germany : Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld, [2016]
Sherman N7345.6 .X53 2016

Oroschakoff, Haralampi G., 1955- artist,
Berlin, Germany : Hatje Cantz, [2016]
Sherman N7193.O76 A4 2016

Sovak. clear vision(s) : catalogue raisonné 1995-2016
Sovák, Pravoslav
[München] : Hirmer, [2016]
Wie Bilder zu Botschaften werden = How pictures become messages / Noemi Smolik -- Die Kunst als Prozess des Lebens : Pravoslav Sovak im Gespräch mit Anna Friedrichson = Art as life process : Pravoslav Sovak in conversation with Anna Friedrichson -- Malerische Radierung = Painterly etching / Thomas Köllhofer -- Berg der Erinnerung = Mountain of memory / Ulrike Lorenz.

Pravoslav Sovak (* 1926) zählt zu den bedeutendsten Grafikern unserer Zeit. Mit zeichnerischer Raffinesse und technischer Experimentierfreude nimmt er mal Gesellschaft und Institutionen kritisch ins Visier, mal lässt er uns in Reise- und Landschaftsimpressionen eintauchen. Lesebuch und Werkverzeichnis in einem, zeichnet der Band Sovaks vielschichtiges Schaffen seit 1994 nach. Der aus Böhmen stammende Künstler und Wegbereiter der Postmoderne ist wie kaum ein anderer ein Meister grafischer Techniken. Virtuos kombiniert er komplexe Verfahren von der Ätzradierung bis zur seltenen Fotogravüre und lässt nahezu jeden Abzug in seinen fein austarierten Nuancen zum Original werden. Sovaks Bildthemen, sei es die Sterilität der medialen Gesellschaft, das elementare Naturerlebnis der Wüstenlandschaft oder die autobiografische Collage, bestechen durch eine geradezu kristalline Exaktheit der Gestaltung. Es dominieren klare, fast minimalistische Strukturen, Netz- und Rasterbildungen, die mit feiner Verschleierung und mit kraftvoller Gegenständlichkeit überzeugen. Exhibition: Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany (02.09.-23.10.2016).
Sherman N6834.5.S58 A4 2016

Genre paintings in the Mauritshuis
Suchtelen, Ariane van, author
The Hague : Mauritshuis ; [2016]
"Genreschilderijen hebben het dagelijks leven tot onderwerp, variërend van boerentaferelen tot chique interieurscènes. Regelmatig bevatten de voorstellingen een wijze les die soms voor zichzelf spreekt, maar in andere gevallen slechts met enige moeite kan worden ontrafeld. De collectie van ruim 100 Hollandse en Vlaamse genrestukken van het Mauritshuis behoort tot de absolute wereldtop met meesterwerken van specialisten als Jan Steen, Frans van Mieris, Gerard ter Borch, Adriaen van Ostade, Gabriël Metsu, Gerrit Dou en David Teniers. De conservatoren en restauratoren van het Mauritshuis geven in deze nieuwe, rijk geïllustreerde en complete bestandscatalogus hun actuele, wetenschappelijke visie op alle genrestukken in de collectie. In twee inleidende essays komt de ontwikkeling van de genreschilderkunst uitvoerig aan bod en wordt ingegaan op de schildertechniek van deze rauwe of juist verstilde taferelen, die ons blijven verbazen."
Baker Berry NX554.H34 S84 2016

Gavin Turk : who what when where how & why
Turk, Gavin, artist
[London] : Other Criteria, [2016]
Sherman N6797.T86 A4 2016

Color science and the visual arts : a guide for conservators, curators, and the curious
Berns, Roy S., 1954- author
Los Angeles : The Getty Conservation Institute, [2016]
Spectral measurements -- Color and spatial vision -- Visual and numerical color descriptions -- Metamerism and color inconstancy -- Displaying artwork -- Painting materials -- Color reproduction.

In lively and accessible prose, color science expert Roy S. Berns helps the reader understand complex color-technology concepts and offers solutions to problems that occur when art is displayed, conserved, imaged, or reproduced. Berns writes for two types of audiences: museum professionals seeking explanations for common color-related issues and students in conservation, museum studies, and art history programs. The seven chapters in the book fall naturally into two sections: fundamentals, covering topics such as spectral measurements, metamerism, or color inconstancy; and applications, where artwork display, painting materials, and color reproduction are discussed. A unique feature of this book is the use of more than 200 images as its main medium of communication, employing color physics, color vision, and imaging science to produce visualizations throughout the pages.--Publisher description.
Sherman N8560 .B47 2016

Perspectives on research assessment in architecture, music and the arts : discussing doctorateness
edited by Fredrik Nilsson, Halina Dunin-Woyseth and Nel Janssens
New York : Routledge, 2017
Framing "Doctorateness" -- Various Experiences, Cases and Concerns -- Doctorateness to Come?
Baker Berry NX282 .P47 2017

Picasso : the artist and his muses
editor, Katharina Beisiegel ; authors, Katharina Beisiegel and six others
London : Black Dog Publishing, [2016]
Director's Foreward / Kathleen Bartels -- Art Centre Basel Director's Forward / Suzanne Greub -- Picasso and his muses / Katharina Biesiegel -- [Fernande Olivier] Picasso and romantic commitment / Laurence Madeline -- Olga Khokhlova and the reign of the image / Cecile Godefroy -- Picasso and Marie-Therese: erotic passion and mystic union / Diana Widmaier -- Picasso -- Dora Maar: experimentation and transgression / Verane Tasseau -- [Francoise Gilot] Picasso postwar : new life, new art, new love / Gertje Utley -- [Jacqueline Roque] Pablo Picasso: late works and the model muse / Catherine Soussloff -- List of exhibited works.

Taking a fresh approach to discussions around one of the twentieth century's greatest artists, 'Picasso: The Artist and His Muses' examines the significance of the six women who were most important to Picasso's artistic development, as well as exploring in depth the notion of the artist/muse relationship. Featuring texts by some of the world's leading female art writers, this publication covers work that spans most of Picasso's entire career, from 1906 through to the early 1970s. Focusing on the prominent muses throughout his life-Fernande Olivier, Olga Khokhlova, Marie-Therese Walter, Dora Maar, Francoise Gilot and Jacqueline Roque-making clear the impact that these women had on Picasso's creativity and their significant long-term influence on the development of his work. Coinciding with a travelling North American exhibition programme, this beautifully designed and illustrated book reopens the door to discussions around Picasso's life and work.
Sherman N6853.P5 A4 2016d

Shinique Smith : wonder and rainbows
editor, Kathryn E. Delmez ; contributors, Kathryn E. Delmez, Jen Mergel, Shinique Smith
Nashville, Tennesse : Frist Center for the Visual Arts, 2016
Beginning in the fall of 2013, the Frist Center began a relationship with Shinique Smith that has deepened over the years to inspire the publication of this book, a lasting document of our esteem. Her work has been presented at the Frist Center almost continuously over the past three years. Smith was one of the artists in "30 Americans", a touring exhibition drawn from the Rubell Family Collection in Miami. Intrigued by Smith's two sculptures in that exhibition, the Frist Center curator in charge of "30 Americans", Kathryn Delmez, subsequently organized "Shinique Smith: Wonder and Rainbows", a 2015 solo show in the Gordon Contemporary Artists Project Gallery. During the preparation of "Wonder and Rainbows", Frist Center educators Shaun Giles and Rosemary Brunton initiated a colalborative project with local teaching artists that would result in "Found Narratives", a 2016 exhibition inspired by Smith's work.
Sherman N6537.S6178 A4 2016

Dangerous perfection : ancient funerary vases from southern Italy
Ursula Kästner and David Saunders, editors ; with contributions by Ludmila Akimova, Marie Dufková, Andrea Milanese, Elena Minina, Sonja Radujkovic, Dunja Rütt, Priska Schilling-Colden, Marie Svoboda, Mark Weir, Bernd Zimmermann
Los Angeles : J. Paul Getty Museum, [2016]
In 2008, the Berlin Antikensammlung initiated a project with the J. Paul Getty Museum to conserve a group of ancient funerary vases from southern Italy. Monumental in scale and richly decorated, these magnificent vessels were discovered in hundreds of fragments in the early nineteenth century at Ceglie, near Bari. Acquired by a Bohemian diplomat, they were reconstructed in the Neapolitan workshop of Raffaele Gargiulo, who was considered one of the leading restorers of antiquities in Europe. His methods exemplify what was referred to as "une perfection dangereuse," an approach to reassembly and repainting that made it difficult to distinguish what was ancient and what was modern. Bringing together archival documentation and technical analyses, this volume provides a comprehensive study of the vases and their treatment from the nineteenth century up to today. In addition to lavish illustrations, two in-depth essays on the history of the vases and on Gargiulo's work, as well as detailed conservation notes for each object, this publication also features the first English translation of Gargiulo's original text on his understanding as to how ancient Greek vases were manufactured. This is the companion volume to an exhibition on view at the Getty Villa, from November 19, 2014, to May 11, 2015, and then at the Antikensammlung, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin from June 17, 2015, to June 18, 2017.
Sherman NK4645 .D36 2016

Aesthetic modernism and masculinity in fascist Italy
Champagne, John, author
London : Routledge, 2014
Baker Berry NX180.F3 C43 2014

Beyond critique : contemporary art in theory, practice, and instruction
edited by Pamela Fraser and Roger Rothman
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
History and theory -- Practice -- Instruction.

Critique has long been a central concept within art practice and theory. Since the emergence of Conceptual Art, artists have been expected by critics, curators, and art school faculty to focus their work on exposing and debunking ideologies of power and domination. Recently, however, the effectiveness of cultural critique has come into question. The appearance of concepts such as the "speculative," the "reparative," and the "constructive" suggests an emerging postcritical paradigm. Beyond Critique takes stock of the current discourse around this issue. With some calling for a renewed criticality and others rejecting the model entirely, the book's contributors explore a variety of new and recently reclaimed criteria for contemporary art and its pedagogy. Some propose turning toward affect and affirmation; others seek to reclaim such allegedly discredited concepts as intimacy, tenderness, and spirituality. With contributions from artists, critics, curators and historians, this book provides new ways of thinking about the historical role of critique while also exploring a wide range of alternative methods and aspirations.
Sherman N6497 .B49 2017

Binding the absent body in medieval and modern art : abject, virtual, and alternate bodies
edited by Emily Kelley and Elizabeth Richards Rivenbark
London ; Routledge, 2017
1. Blood, sweat, tears, and milk: "Fluid veneration, sensory contact, and corporeal presence in medieval devotional art / Vibeke Olson -- 2. "No living presence": human absence in the early work of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg / Rebekah Scoggins -- 3. Maria Ecclesia: The Aachen Marienschrein as an alternate body for the Virgin Mary / Lisa Victoria Ciresi -- 4. Drawn to scale: the medieval monastic's virtual pilgrimage through sacred measurement / Natalie M. Mandziuk -- 5. Cloth as a sign of the absent body in American sculpture from the 1960s / Elizabeth Richards Rivenbank -- 6. Imagining the sorrows of death and pains of hell in the Hours of Catherine of Cleves / Jennifer M. Feltman -- 7. The absent body as divine reflection in Parmigianino's Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror / Margaret A. Morse -- 8. A clear preoccupation with death: the absent body in Mark Rothko's mature style / Michael R. Smith, Jr.
Sherman N7625.5 .B56 2017

The Bauhaus files - silent partners : die Geschichten ungeschriebener Bücher : Episode 1 bis 3
Nicolai, Olaf, 1962-
[Leipzig] : Spector Books, [2016]
Sherman N6498.C66 N53 2016

Phulkari : the embroidered textiles of Punjab from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz collection
edited by Darielle Mason ; with essays by Cristin McKnight Sethi and Darielle Mason
Philadelphia : Philadelphia Museum of Art ; [2017]
Exquisite and labor-intensive, phulkari ("floral-work" or "flower-craft") embroideries were originally produced by women in towns and villages across the greater Punjab, a region that today straddles Pakistan and India, from at least the early 19th century into the first decades of the 20th. Phulkaris were made from brightly colored silk thread on rough, earth-toned fabric. When done for domestic use, they functioned primarily as women's wraps at weddings or other important events. Especially following the Punjab's devastating partition in 1947, phulkaris were also produced as commercial exports. Focusing on a group of nineteen stunning works from the collection of Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz, Phulkari surveys the genre's fascinating history. This is the first publication outside South Asia specifically on this art form. It also offers significant new information on the craft and its importance to personal, familial, and regional identity in the past and the present.00Exhibition: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA (12.03-09.07.2017).
Sherman NK9276.A3 P853 2017

Storia illustrata della pittura a Pisa : dal Seicento all'Ottocento
Paliaga, Franco, author
Ospedaletto (Pisa) : Pacini editore, [2016]
Sherman ND621.P53 P35 2016

Satire, prints and theatricality in the French Revolution
Trévien, Claire, 1985- author
Oxford : Voltaire Foundation, [2016]
Introduction : the other stage of the French Revolution -- Singing the scene : chansons and images in prints -- Le monde à l'envers : the carnivalesque in prints -- The spectacle of science : illusion in prints -- Théâtre de l'ombre : visions of afterlife in prints -- Conclusion.

"The Revolutionary era was a period of radical change in France that dissolved traditional boundaries of privilege, and a time when creative experimentation flourished. As performance and theatrical language became an integral part of the French Revolution, its metaphors seeped into genres beyond the stage. Claire Trévien traces the ways in which theatrical activity influenced Revolutionary print culture, particularly its satirical prints, and considers how these became an arena for performance in their own right. Following an account of the historical and social contexts of Revolutionary printmaking, the author analyses over 50 works, incorporating scenes such as street singers and fairground performers, unsanctioned Revolutionary events, and the representation of Revolutionary characters in hell. Through analysing these depictions as an ensemble, focusing on style, vocabulary, and metaphor, Claire Trévien shows how prints were a potent vehicle for capturing and communicating partisan messages across the political spectrum. In spite of the intervening centuries, these prints still retain the power to evoke the Revolution like no other source material.--
Sherman NE647.2 .T74 2016

Animation in the Middle East : practice and aesthetics from Baghdad to Casablanca
editor, Stefanie Van de Peer
London : I.B. Tauris, 2017
"The internationally acclaimed films Persepolis and Waltz with Bashir only hinted at the vibrant animation culture that exists within the Middle East and North Africa. In spite of censorship, oppression and war, animation studios have thrived in recent years - in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Turkey - giving rise to a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and artists. The success of animation in the Middle East is in part a product of a changing cultural climate, which is increasingly calling for art that reflects politics. Equally, the professionalization and popularization of film festivals and the emergence of animation studios and private initiatives are the results of a growing consumer culture, in which family-friendly entertainment is big business. This book uncovers the history and politics that have defined the practice and study of animation in the Middle East, and explores the innovative visions of contemporary animators in the region."--
Sherman NC1766.M628 A55 2017

Performance art in Eastern Europe since 1960
Bryzgel, Amy, author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2017
Sources and origins -- The body -- Gender -- Politics and identity -- Institutional critique.

This volume presents the first comprehensive academic study of the history and development of performance art in the former communist countries of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe since the 1960s. Covering 21 countries and more than 250 artists, this text demonstrates the manner in which performance art in the region developed concurrently with the genre in the West, highlighting the unique contributions of Eastern European artists. The discussions are based on primary source material-interviews with the artists themselves. It offers a comparative study of the genre of performance art in countries and cities across the region, examining the manner in which artists addressed issues such as the body, gender, politics and identity, and institutional critique.
Baker Berry NX456.5.P38 B789 2017

Libro del aire
Caballero Prado, Amaranta, 1973- author
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México : Impronta Casa Editora, 2014
Sherman Special N7433.4.C31 L53 2014

Gardner's art through the ages : the western perspective
Gardner, Helen, 1878-1946
Boston, MA ; Cengage Learning, [2017]
Volume I. What is art history? ; Art before history ; Mesopotamia and Persia ; Egypt under the Pharaohs ; The prehistoric Aegean ; Ancient Greece ; The Etruscans ; The Roman Empire ; Late Antiquity ; Byzantium ; The Islamic World ; Early Medieval Europe ; Romanesque Europe ; Gothic Europe ; Late Medieval Italy -- volume. II. Late Medieval Italy ; Late Medieval and early Renaissance northern Europe ; The Renaissance in Quattrocento Italy ; Renaissance and Mannerism in Cinquecento Italy ; High Renaissance and Mannerism in northern Europe and Spain ; The Baroque in Italy and Spain ; The Baroque in northern Europe ; Rococo to Neoclassicism : the 18th century in Europe and America ; Romanticism, Realism, photography : Europe and America, 1800 to 1870 ; Impressionism, Post-impressionism, Symbolism : Europe and America, 1870 to 1900 ; Moderism in Europe and America, 1900 to 1945 -- Modernism and Postmodernism in Europe and America, 1945 to 1980 ; Contemporary art worldwide.

An introductory survey of the history of art.
Sherman N5300 .G252 2017b

El vacio amplificado
Gerber Bicecci, Verónica, 1981- author
Guadalajara, México : Impronta Casa Editora, 2016
Sherman Special N7433.4.G47 V33 2016

Architecture and landscape in medieval Anatolia, 1100-1500
edited by Patricia Blessing and Rachel Goshgarian
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2017]
Anatolia was home to a large number of polities in the medieval period. Given its location at the geographical and chronological juncture between Byzantines and the Ottomans, its story tends to be read through the Seljuk experience. This obscures the multiple experiences and spaces of Anatolia under the Byzantine empire, Turko-Muslim dynasties contemporary to the Seljuks, the Mongol llkhanids, and the various beyliks of eastern and western Anatolia. This book looks beyond political structures and towards a reconsideration of the interactions between the rural and the urban; an analysis of the relationships between architecture, culture and power; and an examination of the region's multiple geographies. In order to expand historiographical perspectives it draws on a wide variety of sources (architectural, artistic, documentary and literary), including texts composed in several languages (Arabic, Armenian, Byzantine Greek, Persian and Turkish).
Sherman NA350 .A73 2017

Made in Norway : new Norwegian architecture
Ingerid Helsing Almaas, (ed
Basel : Birkhäuser Verlag AG [2016]
Local experience and global expertise / foreword by Børge Brende, Minister of Foreign Affairs -- What is Norwegian architecture? / introduction by Ingerid Helsing Almaas, editor-in-chief, Arkitektur N -- Everyday exceptions -- Producing architecture -- Architectural recultivation -- A good society? -- Nature is not a place -- The spirit of place in a multicultural society / essay by Ole Møystad.

"Norwegian architecture has been in the international spotlight in recent years. Following the success of Made in Norway, this second volume presents a selection of 40 new examples of the best contemporary architecture Norway has to offer. These projects -- large and small, rural and urban -- are examples of how architects in Norway have reacted to the challenges of today. How are the different aspects of a modern Scandinavian society reflected in its architecture? How are new technical and material possibilities translated into relevant buildings for the 21st century? The book is based on presentations from Arkitektur N, the Norwegian Review of Architecture, but also contains new material, explaining and discussing some of the main challenges of architecture today, as seen from Norway"--Publisher's website.
Sherman NA1268.6 .M33 2016

Higher states : Lawren Harris and his American contemporaries
Nasgaard, Roald, author
Fredericton, New Brunswick : Goose Lane Editions ; [2017]
"Lawren S. Harris is best known for his iconic landscape paintings that declare a sense of cool Canadian resilience. Yet, in the 1920s, an audacious and more colourful interior world began to emerge in his work, and by 1934, he had taken a seemingly unexpected turn toward a transnational career in abstract painting. The social, intellectual, and aesthetic milieu of American transcendentalism shaped a movement of abstract art across North America. Inspired by the ideas of Kandinsky and informed by the writings of Emerson and Whitman, Harris and his North American contemporaries - Georgia O'Keeffe, Marsden Hartley, Katherine Dreier, Raymond Jonson - turned to abstraction to express higher states of consciousness. As Harris's career progressed, as he ascended from mountain tops to inner states of mind, he sought greater and more ethereal spiritual heights. This magnificent volume features reproductions of more than 75 paintings by Harris and his contemporaries. Essays by Roald Nasgaard and Gwendolyn Owens investigate Lawren Harris's exploration of modernity and the evolution of his work towards a form of abstraction that enthusiastically embraced the energies of the ambient visual culture."--
Sherman ND249.H28 A4 2017

Jae Ko : flow = Liu
Ko, Jae, 1961-
Houston : Contemporary Arts Museum, [2016]
Korean artist Jae Ko (born 1961) works in fiber, transforming ordinary materials like paper and vinyl cords into extraordinary sculptural objects. Her work ranges from discrete wall reliefs and small sculptures to monumental installations. 'Flow' includes an interview with the artist and documents her eponymous installation. Exhibition: Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, United States (17.06.-18.09.2016).
Sherman N7369.K6 A4 2016

Chandigarh revealed : Le Corbusier's city today
Fynn, Shaun, photographer,
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, 2017
"In 1950, Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru invited legendary French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier to embark on one of the greatest experiments in urban planning history: to build on the flat plains of Punjab a new capital--Chandigarh, a city whose monumental modernism promised to free India from the fetters of colonial tradition and lay the groundwork for an independent and utopian future. Nicknamed the City Beautiful, Chandigarh has been called one of "the perfect cities of the world in terms of architecture, cultural growth, and modernization," and in 2016 was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Six decades after its founding, photographer and Chandigarh resident Shaun Fynn was granted unprecedented access to turn his lens on Le Corbusier's city and capture what is rarely seen: the living metropolis behind the master plan. Fynn's captivating images of the city and its inhabitants observe how the poetry of the architect's compositions have been shaped by the tumult of everyday life and worn by the forces of time. Chandigarh Revealed combines striking photographs, texts by Le Corbusier authorities, an interview with one of the last remaining architects from Le Corbusier's team, and custom-designed maps to create an astonishing and intimate portrait of a legendary city"--
Sherman NA1508.C44 F96 2017

Drawings in Greek and Roman architecture
Corso, Antonio, author
Oxford : Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, [2016]
Abstract -- Introduction -- The treatises written by architects about specific architectural works made by them -- The illustrations which accompanied the text of the de architectura by Vitruvius -- Drawings included in handboooks after Vitruvius -- Images attached to ancient descriptions of architecture -- Miniature illustrations in Gromatic treatises -- References to architectural drawings in ancient literature and inscriptions -- Archaeological evidence of drawings of architecture -- Conclusions -- Catalogue of drawings of architecture in the Greek and Roman world.
Sherman NA2706.G8 C67 2016

Hubert Robert
Margaret Morgan Grasselli, Yuriko Jackall ; with Guillaume Faroult, Catherine Voiriot, Joseph Baillio
Washington : National Gallery of Art ; [2016]
"That splendid fellow Robert," the early years / Joseph Baillio -- Robert, master draftsman / Margaret Morgan Grasselli -- "The dreams of a brilliant man" : contemporary perspectives / Guillaume Faroult -- Robert and the art of decoration / Yuriko Jackall -- A driven yet most amiable man / Catherine Voiriot -- Biographical chronology / Catherine Voiriot.

"Celebrated for the fundamental role he played in promoting the architectural capriccio, Hubert Robert (1733-1808) combined famous monuments of antiquity and modernity in unexpected ways to create strikingly new and imaginative city scenes and landscapes. Dubbed "Robert des ruines" by the great critic and encyclopedist Denis Diderot, Robert was regarded during his era as one of France's most prominent artists. His reputation has endured, but this monographic exhibition, coorganized by the National Gallery of Art and the Musée du Louvre, is the first to encompass his entire career and to survey his achievements as both a painter and a draftsman. Presenting a discerning selection of his works, five scholarly essays, and a biographical chronology, this volume richly illuminates Robert's outstanding accomplishments as an artist and his lasting contributions to French visual culture"--
Sherman Oversize N6853.R6 A4 2016

Adolph Menzel : the quest for reality
Busch, Werner, author
Los Angeles : The Getty Research Institute, [2017]
"When anecdotes become truth"-instead of an introduction -- Extreme approaches to the appropriation of reality: Menzel's beginnings as a graphic artist -- Des Künstlers Erdenwallen (the artist's earthly pilgrimage) -- Arabesque commercial prints -- Journeyman bricklayer's certificate -- The art of the celebratory address -- The possibilities of the black-and-white medium: Menzel's illustrations for Franz Kugler's Geschichte Friedrichs des grossen -- Menzel's image of Frederick II: a typological affinity -- Frederick's battles and the horror of war -- Nocturnal apparitions -- The conquest of chromatic painting: Menzel's oil sketches -- The oil sketch as a genre -- The handling of unattractive sights and views -- The private nature of the oil sketches -- Menzel and Constable -- Menzel and the Barbizon School -- From oil sketch to history painting -- Menzel as a history painter: the Frederick paintings -- Genre or history painting? -- Motivic borrowings from popular art -- Menzel's Hochkirch picture: the extreme case of a new kind of history painting -- Commissions for additional Frederick paintings -- The failure of the Leuthen painting and the unloved commission for the Coronation picture -- The farewell to history painting: Königgrätz and Paris -- Fantasies from the armory -- Menzel's experience of war -- In Paris: Théâtre du gymnase -- The remodeling of the metropolis and the typology of its inhabitants -- Pictures of Sundays and the everyday -- Menzel's reaction to Parisian plein air painting -- After Paris: the later crowd scenes -- Painted reflections on art theory -- The iron rolling mill: apotheosis of labor or social critique? -- Menzel and court society -- Piazza d'Erbe: importunate chaos and enforced order -- Drawing as physical experience of the self.
Sherman N6888.M454 B8713 2017

Point of view
Bryant, Sarah 1979- book artist
[Aurora, N.Y.] : Big Jump Press, 2008
" ... the back sides of the gate folds ... presented a challenge. Somehow, this space needed to introduce each spread and use a system which unified the book ... I decided to use a map, complete with dots to indicate locations of people. I used red to highlight the groupings which would immediately follow each map. The central point, which represents the observer whose perceptions the book explores, is gray throughout all of these maps, save the collection of dots on the title page, where it is red ..."--Vamp and Tramp website.
Sherman Special N7433.4.B79 P656 2008

The address
[United States] : Big Jump Press, [2017]
Sherman Special N7433.4.B79 A724 2017

My all
Calle, Sophie. artist
Arles : Actes Sud, [2015]
Sherman Special N7433.4.C35 M9 2015

Creative density : contemporary art of the Golden Bengal
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2016
Sherman N7437 .C74 2016

Worlds : contemporary artists from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, [2016]
Sherman N7437 .W67 2016

Matthew Ronay
Houston : Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston ; [2016]
When two are in one / Diana Nawi -- An imaginary of the living / Claudia Schmuckli -- Abstract compounds / Alexis Vaillant.
Sherman NB237.R66 A4 2016

Solid phases
Langworthy, Sara
[Iowa City, IA] : S. Langworthy, [2012]
"Solid Phases is inspired by drawings of the molecular structure of ice, and the language used to describe the brittle bond of water in its solid phase. This book explores the fragile nature of connection, tendency towards stasis despite change, and the impact of stress upon a solid. The text is culled from the book Ice Physics (Peter V. Hobbs, 1974) in particular the first section of the book entitled "Solid Phases of the Water Substance."--Artist's website.
Sherman Special N7433.4.L264 S65 2012

Piet Mondriaan : the man who changed everything
texts, Hans Janssen, Benno Tempel, Lieke Wijnia
Zwolle : Waanders Uitgevers ; [2017]
Weinig kunstenaars hebben zichzelf zo vaak opnieuw uitgevonden als Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944). Van realistische landschappen tot aan zijn wereldberoemde geometrische abstractie, volbracht Mondriaan een ware ontdekkingstocht door de moderne kunst. Met een onbegrensde nieuwsgierigheid naar het nieuwe, omarmde hij het dynamische leven in Amsterdam, Parijs, Londen en New York en vertaalde dit in zijn schilderijen. Dit nieuwe boek volgt Mondriaans leven en werk aan de hand van de Mondriaancollectie van het Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. Met ruim 300 werken is dit de grootste collectie ter wereld, die iedere fase van Mondriaans indrukwekkende loopbaan bestrijkt. Van de vroege avontuurlijke landschappen die hij schildert in en om Amsterdam en Domburg, langs de fundamentele abstractie die hij ontdekt in Laren en Parijs, helemaal tot aan New York waar hij een radicaal nieuw ritme ontdekt dat zijn laatste meesterwerk Victory Boogie Woogie (1942-1944) definieert. Deze rijk geïllustreerde publicatie laat u kennismaken met een van de modernste kunstenaars van de twintigste eeuw.
Sherman ND653.M76 P548 2017

Basic human anatomy : an essential visual guide for artists
Osti, Roberto, author
New York, New York : Monacelli Studio, [2016]
Basic Human Anatomy teaches artists the simple yet powerful formula artists have used for centuries to draw the human figure from the inside out. Osti, using the basic system of line, shape, and form used by da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo, takes readers step-by-step through all the lessons needed in order to master this essential foundation skill. Organized progressively, the book shows readers how to replicate the underlying structure of the body using easy-to-understand scales and ratios; conceptualize the front and side views of the skeleton with basic shapes; add detail with simplified depictions of complex bones and joints; draw a muscle map of the body with volumetric form and realistic dimension; master the feet, hands, and skull to create realistic renderings of the human form; and apply a deeper knowledge of anatomy to finished drawings for more impact.
Sherman NC760 .O88 2016

Building histories : the archival and affective lives of five monuments in modern Delhi
Rajagopalan, Mrinalini, author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, [2016]
Building Histories" offers innovative accounts of five medieval monuments in Delhi the Red Fort, Rasul Numa dargah, Jama Masjid, Purana Qila, and Qutb complex tracing their modern lives from the nineteenth century into the twentieth.?Mrinalini Rajagopalan argues that the modern construction of the history of these monuments entailed the careful selection, manipulation, and regulation of the past by both the colonial and later postcolonial states. Although framed as objective "archival" truths, these histories were meant to erase or marginalize the powerful and persistent affective appropriations of the monuments by groups who often existed outside of the center of power. By analyzing these archival and affective histories together, Rajagopalan works to redefine the historic monument far from a symbol of a specific past, the monument is shown in Building Histories to be a culturally mutable object with multiple stories to tell.
Sherman NA1508.D5 R35 2016

Pago pra ver
Canini, illustrator
Porto Alegre : Companhia Rio-grandense de Artes Graficas : 2012
Sherman NC1460.C365 A4 2012

Cobra : the history of a European avant-garde movement, 1948-1951
Stokvis, Willemijn
Rotterdam : nai010 publishers, c2017
Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Prelude -- Establishment and history of the Cobra Group -- Balance of a movement -- The further development of the Cobra artists -- Concluding observations -- Scheme -- References -- Index -- About the author.
Sherman N6758.5.A93 S76 2017

Damien Hirst : schizophrenogenesis
Hirst, Damien, artist
London : Other Criteria : [2016]
Hirst plays with the concept of scale and perception in an Alice in Wonderland-esque playground. Oversized versions of syringes, ampoules, pharmaceutical boxes, a scalpel and drug packaging reach up to the spectators at nearly one and a half metres tall. This clinical visual exploration into the mind of Hirst reveals an ornate analysis of his concept, looking into the aesthetic values of the pharmaceutical industry and the contemporary belief systems of religion, love, art and medicine.
Sherman N6797.H565 A4 2016

Philippe Parreno : anywhen
Parreno, Philippe, 1964- artist,
London : Tate Publishing, 2016
Philippe Parreno is a leading French artist who works across film, video, sound, sculpture, performance and information technology. His work explores the borders between reality and fiction, and he sees his exhibitions as choreographed spaces that follow a score, during which a series of different events unfold. These kaleidoscopic environments redefine the gallery-going experience. Having collaborated with many visual artists as well as musicians, architects, scientists and writers, Parreno continues the tradition of the avant-garde artist engaged with many cultural disciplines. Created in collaboration with the artist, the book features a fully illustrated survey of Parreno's life and work and an interview with curator Andrea Lissoni. Exploring the artistic processes involved in creating his work, it includes photographs of Parreno's new installation that is exhibited in the Turbine Hall for this exhibition.
Sherman N6853.P3664 A4 2016

Van Gogh's ear : the true story
Murphy, Bernadette (Art historian), author
New York : Farrar, Straus & Giroux, [2016]
"The best-known and most sensational event in Vincent van Gogh's life is also the least understood ... Murphy [posits], for the first time, the true story of this long-misunderstood incident, sweeping away decades of myth and giving us a glimpse of a troubled but brilliant artist at his breaking point"--Dust jacket flap.
Sherman ND653.G7 M874 2016

Precious sculptures : sacred gold and silver in Lazio from the 13th to the 18th centuries
general guide to the exhibition edited by Benedetta Montevecchi
Città del Vaticano : Edizioni Musei vaticani, [2015]
Sherman NK7215 .P74 2015

Cuba : tatuare la storia
a cura di Diego Sileo e Giacomo Zaza
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2016]
Sherman N6603.2 .C83 2016

In de praktijk : Vlaamse wandtapijten in 50 verhalen
Brosens, Koenraad, author
Leuven : Davidsfonds Uitgeverij, [2016]
Vlaamse wandtapijten genoten de voorbije decennia veel kunsthistorische aandacht. Illustere bisschoppen, keizers, koningen en pausen werden ontmaskerd als gulzige verzamelaars van wandtapijtreeksen. Maar al deze aandacht voor verzamelaars en kunstenaars overstemt het echte kloppende hart van de Vlaamse wandtapijtnijverheid in Antwerpen en Brussel van de zeventiende en achttiende eeuw. Dit boek zoemt in op de voorovergebogen tapissiersgasten die de visie van de kunstenaars vertaalden in wol, zijde, goud- en zilverdraad. De auteurs gaan op zoek naar de pittige verhalen van handelaars die de Europese markten bespeelden. De hoofdrolspelers in de verhalen kennen problemen of successen. Ze zijn gehaaid of naïef, strijdbaar of verslagen. Ze worstelen met de impact van verdampend of reeds verdampt vertrouwen. Hun verhalen bieden zo een bijzondere inkijk in hun biotoop, en dus ook in de sociale en economische realiteit achter het Vlaamse wandtapijt. Het is een harde werkelijkheid, vol ambities, dromen, geluk, plannen, pogingen en verdriet. Het is een onzichtbare werkelijkheid die, hoewel eeuwenoud, vaak heel herkenbaar is.
Sherman NK3055.A1 B76 2016

Gifts and prayers : the Romanovs and their subjects
Kirin, Asen, 1960- author
[Athens, GA] : Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, [2016]
Sherman NK975 .K55 2016

絵とき日本美術 : イラストでおぼえる日本の絵師。名画たち / 石川マサル, フレア共著 ; 増田吉孝監修
石川マサル, 1974- author
Tōkyō : Emudienu Kōporēshon, 2016
Baker Berry Japan ND1050 .I85 2016

静物画にひそむ謎 : 物。語 : 近代日本の静物画
Tōkyō : Kyūryūdō, 2016
Baker Berry Japan ND1393.J35 S45 2016

ゆるかわ妖怪絵 / 安村敏信編著
安村敏信, author
Tōkyō-to Bunkyō-ku : Kōdansha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan ND1460.Y65 Y37 2016

edited by Marcia B. Hall, Temple University, Thomas Willette, University of Michigan
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction: Naples in myth and history / Ronald G. Musto -- Giorgio Vasari's critique of art and patronage in Naples / Thomas Willette -- Urban design and public spaces / Anna Giannetti -- Ecclesiastical architecture and the religious orders / Charlotte Nichols -- Patrons and paintings from the Angevins to the Spanish Hapsburgs / Serena Romano -- Tombs and the ornamentation of chapels / Tanja Michalsky -- The residence of power / Gérard Labrot.
Sherman N6921.N2 N35 2017

Tiziano vanitas : il poeta dell'immagine e l'ombra della bellezza = Titian vanitas : the poet of the image and the shade of beauty
a cura di/edited by Lionello Puppi, Serena Baccaglini
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2016]
Sherman ND623.T7 A4 2016b

L'arte dell'Ottocento
Rovati, Federica, author
Torino : Giulio Einaudi editore s.p.a., [2017]
Sherman N6757 .R73 2017

Stealing history : art theft, looting, and other crimes against our cultural heritage
Clarke, Colleen Margaret, 1955- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
Sherman N8795 .C59 2017

The figurative artist's handbook : a contemporary guide to figure drawing, painting, and composition
Zeller, Robert, 1966- author
New York, New York : Monacelli Studio, [2016]
Mastering the figure is an essential tool for any serious visual artist. At a time when renewed interest in figurative art is surging throughout the art world, author Robert Zeller presents The Figurative Artist s Handbook the first comprehensive guide to figure drawing and painting to appear in decades. Illustrated with Zeller s own exquisite drawings and paintings as well as works by nearly 100 historical and contemporary figurative art masters, the handbook is also a treasure trove of the finest figurative art of the past and the present day. Included are Andrew Wyeth, John Currin, Lucian Freud, Eric Fischl, Andrew Loomis, Edward Hopper, Steven Assael, Bo Bartlett, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Gustav Klimt, Odd Nerdrum, Peter Paul Rubens, and many others. Fresh and thoroughly modern in his approach, Zeller brings together three figure-drawing methods long thought to be at odds, synthesizing these seemingly incompatible techniques to achieve a cohesive and complete understanding of the human figure. Although all three methods underlie contemporary fine-arts practice and education, no artist s handbook has ever combined them before: The Study of Gesture (Disegno): Rooted in the Italian Mannerist style of the 16th and 17th centuries, the gestural method emphasizes life, rhythm, and movement in the human body. The Structural Approach: A mainstay of 20th- and 21st-century art instruction, this method applies an architectural perspective to the body, using a block conception for anatomically sound, solid figures. The Atelier Method: Based on the training provided by 18th- and 19th-century art academies, the atelier approach creates sensual, smooth renderings based on meticulous study of the figure s surface morphology in light and shadow. Covering all the basics as well as many advanced techniques, The Figurative Artist s Handbook is aimed at both students and experienced artists. A practical, how-to guide, it provides in-depth step-by-step instruction and rare among figure-drawing books features sections on composition, portraiture, and painting. Chapters on creativity and on using a sketchbook help readers hone their artistic vision and evolve ideas from the initial inspiration to the fully developed work. Also included is an extensive section highlighting the great movements in figurative art throughout history from ancient Egypt and Greece to the present.
Sherman NC765 .Z43 2016

The image of the Black in African and Asian art
David Bindman, Suzanne Preston Blier, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., general editors
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press : [2017]
Introduction / David Bindman -- Part I. Africa. Images of Africans by and of themselves : historical and comparative factors / Suzanne Preston Blier ; The body in African art / Kristina Van Dyke ; Masquerade in Sub-Saharan Africa / John Picton ; The image of the Black in early African photography / Christraud M. Geary ; The image of the Black in modern and contemporary African art / Steven Nelson -- Part II. Asia. The image of the Black in Islamic art : the case of painting / Robert Hillenbrand ; The image of the Black in India / John McLeod and Kenneth X. Robbins ; The image of the Black in Chinese art / Don J. Wyatt ; The image of the Black in Japanese art : from the beginnings to 1850 / Timon Screech ; The image of the Black in Japanese art : nineteenth century to the present day / Alicia Volk.

The book moves beyond the "West", that is to say Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean, to consider the art of Africa and the world to the east, to represent and place in historical context images of people of sub-Saharan African descent. The question remains: what does it mean for an artist of African descent to make an image of him or herself, or another person of African descent, as opposed to an image of a Black person created by an artist who is not Black? This vexed question has been at the heart of debates about "identity politics" for a very long time. In other words, in collecting images of Black subjects created by Black artists, whether from Africa or the African diaspora, we are not making epistemological or ontological claims about a work of art's so-called "authenticity," nor of its artistic quality. We simply see these works as their own canon, as another way of organizing viewing and explicating images of the Black subject in art, one related to Euro-American traditions of representation, but simultaneously with an order and history of their own as well, in the same way that a novel, let's say, by Toni Morrison exists simultaneously in the canon of American literature and of African American literature, among other literary traditions.--
Sherman N8232 .I45 2017

Jasper Johns : catalogue raisonné of painting and sculpture
Bernstein, Roberta, author
New York : Wildenstein Plattner Institute, 2017
Sherman Special N6537.J6 B472 2016

La vergine e la femme fatale : l'eterno femminino nell'immaginario grafico del Simbolismo e dell'Art Nouveau
a cura di Emanuele Bardazzi ; con la collaborazione di Giulia Ballerini e M. Donata Spadolini
Firenze : Edizioni Polistampa, [2017]
Baker Berry NX652.W6 V47 2017

Mumuye sculpture from Nigeria : the human figure reinvented
Herreman, Frank, author
Milan, Italy : 5 Continents Editions, 2016
The discovery of Mumuye art / Frank Herreman and Constantine Petridis -- Mumuye: a succinct ethnography / Frank Herreman -- Vertical and horizontal Mumuye masks: masquerades for initiations, agricultural celebrations, funerary ceremonies, and other purposes / Constantine Petridis -- The morphology of Mumuye figures: a stunning diversity of styles and a multitude of unidentified masters / Frank Herreman -- Mumuye figures in context: a bewildering constellation of meanings and functions / Constantine Petridis.

Through 41 masterworks, Mumuye Sculpture from Nigeria reveals some of the most accomplished statues made by this Nigerian tribal group. The Mumuye artists' abstract interpretation of the human body, which recalls that of cubist and expressionist artists, has been immensely appealing to African art enthusiasts. Their anthropomorphic figures demonstrate an astonishing range of variations, testifying to their makers' unbridled creativity and limitless inventiveness. Here, a meticulous analysis of the extraordinary forms of Mumuye figure - paying attention to their striking sense of motion - recognizes different workshops and even the hands of individual masters. A summary of the scant field-based studies discusses the figures' primary role as emblems of status and rank, their connections to ancestral veneration, and healing and divination practices. Though a selection of masks and other objects, this book reveals the beauty of Mumuye figurative sculpture.
Sherman Oversize NB1255.N6 H47 2016

Incerteza viva : catalogue
edited by Jochen Volz, Júlia Rebouças, Isabella Rjeille, assistant
São Paulo : Fundaçao Bienal de São Paulo, [2016]
Presentations / Marcelo Calero, Luis Terepins, Danilo Santos de Miranda -- Spiral Journeys: Incerteza viva / Jochen Volz -- Art just because / Julia Raheem -- Uncertainty between fear and hope / Bonaventure Souza Santos -- A question of power: We don't need another hero / Gabi Ngcobo -- On difference without separability / Denise Ferreira da Silva -- Never was a whole: linking the precarities / Lara Bang Larsen -- After the other natures and the new cultures : an otherwise / Elizabeth Povinell-Artists -- About the authors.

Brings together ctitical texts of all the 81b artists and works present in the exhibition, as well as texts written by the curatorial team and essays by Bonaventure Souza Santos, Denise Ferreira da Silva and Elizabeth Povinelli.
Sherman N4883.5 .B54 2016

Lluïsa Vidal : pintora del modernismo
a cargo de Consol Oltra
Barcelona : Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, septiembre 2016
Sherman ND813.V47639 A4 2016

Artists and migration 1400-1850 : Britain, Europe and beyond
edited by Kathrin Wagner, Jessica David and Matej Klemenčič
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
This volume offers a thematic exploration of the migrant artist's experience in Europe and its colonies from the early modern period through to the Industrial Revolution. The influence of the transient artist, both on their adoptive country as well as their own oeuvre and native culture, is considered through a collection of essays arranged according to geographic location. The contributions here examine the impetuses behind artistic migrations and the status of the foreign artist at home and abroad through the patterns of patronage, contemporary responses to their work and the preservation of their artistic legacy in domestic and foreign settings. Objects and sites from across the visual arts are considered as evidence of the migrant artist's experience; talismans of cultural exchange that yielded hybrid artistic styles and disseminated foreign tastes and workshop practices across the globe.
Sherman N8217.E52 A785 2017

Paul Nash
Nash, Paul, 1889-1946, artist
London : Tate Gallery Publications, 2016
A special modernity / David Allan Mellor -- The life of the inanimate object / Emma Chambers -- Paul Nash, surrealism and prehistoric Dorset / Sarah Fill -- 'From a sheet of paper to the sky' : pattern in the work of Paul Nash / Inga Fraser -- Plates.

Featuring works from across the four decades of Paul Nash's rich career, including oils, watercolours, assemblages and photographs, the exhibition and accompanying catalogue will be the first to examine his work in an international context. The publication explores how he drew on surrealist ideas to interpret the British landscape in a way that made connections between modernism and tradition, from his early Symbolist manner, through to the iconic works of the First World War as well as his major landscapes of the interwar period and his 1940s landscape series engaging with natural cycles.
Sherman N6797.N37 A4 2016

Irish fine art in the early modern period : new perspectives on artistic practice, 1620-1820
edited by Jane Fenlon, Ruth Kenny, Caroline Pegum, Brendan Rooney
Newbridge, County Kildare : Irish Academic Press, 2016
This richly illustrated book presents the latest research into Irish fine art from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is comprised of a rich selection of case studies into artistic practice that showcase the burgeoning nature of fine art media in Ireland, the quality of production, and the breadth of patronage. Investigating these signifiers of a 'cultured' lifestyle - their production, consumption, appreciation, display, and discourse - provides fascinating insights into the sensibility of Ireland's minority-rule elites, and the practitioners it fostered. Featuring contributions from emergent and established art historians, 'Irish Fine Art in the Early Modern Period' takes its subject matter beyond the realms of academic journals, exhibitions and conferences, and presents it within a lavishly designed and vital publication that presents substantial new insights into Ireland's artistic and social history.
Sherman N6787 .I75 2016

75 in 25 : important acquisitions at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1990-2015
[Santa Barbara, California] : Santa Barbara Museum of Art, [2016]
Sherman N742.S15 A52 2016

Precious commodities : the socio-economic implications of the distribution of juglets in the eastern Mediterranean during the Middle and Late Bronze Age
Bushnell, Lesley, author
Oxford : BAR Publishing, 2016
Sherman NK4142 .B87 2016

Pevsner's architectural glossary
Nikolaus Pevsner
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
With even more entries and more vocabulary words, this second edition of Pevsner's Architectural Glossary covers the complete range of technical terms used in the storied guides. Pevsner's famous designations E.E. and Perp. are among the terms clearly explained in this informative glossary drawn from the vocabulary of the Buildings of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland volumes. Anyone who has wondered how a headstop relates to a hoodmould or what a squich looks like will find their understanding and enjoyment of architecture enhanced by knowledge of its components, styles, and ornament. This clear and practical primer to looking at all the elements of buildings will enliven any architectural exploration.
Sherman NA961 .P49 2016

It's all happening so fast : a counter-history of the modern Canadian environment
edited by Lev Bratishenko and Mirko Zardini
Montréal, Québec : Canadian Centre for Architecture ; [2016]
Sherman NA2542.35 .I87 2016

Maurizio Donzelli : la linea del tutto
Donzelli, Maurizio, 1958- artist
[Milan] : Mousse Publishing, [2016]
Sherman N6923.D657 A4 2016

Murano oggi : emozioni di vetro
a cura di Gabriella Belli, Chiara Squarcina
Arezzo : Magonza, 2017
Sherman NK5152.M85 M776 2017

John Lockwood Kipling : arts and crafts in the Punjab and London
Julius Bryant and Susan Weber, editors ; and 11 others
New York : Bard Graduate Center Gallery ; [2017]
India in South Kensington, South Kensington in India: Kipling in Context / Julius Bryant -- The Careers and Character of 'J.L.K.' / Julius Bryant -- Ceramics and Sculpture, Staffordshire and London, 1852-65 / Christopher Marsden -- Kipling's Royal Commissions: Bagshot Park and Osborne / Julius Bryant -- Industrial Art Education in Colonial Punjab: Kipling's Pedagogy and Hereditary Craftsmen / Nadhra Shahbaz Khan -- John Lockwood Kipling's Influence / Abigail McGowan.

"John Lockwood Kipling (1837-1911) started his career as an architectural sculptor at the South Kensington Museum (today the Victoria and Albert Museum). Much of his life, however, was spent in British India, where his son Rudyard was born. He taught at the Bombay School of Art and later was appointed principal of the new Mayo School of Art (today Pakistan's National College of Art and Design) as well as curator of its museum in Lahore. Over several years, Kipling toured the northern provinces of India, documenting the processes of local craftsmen, a cultural preservation project that provides a unique record of 19th-century Indian craft customs. This is the first book to explore the full spectrum of artistic, pedagogical, and archival achievements of this fascinating man of letters, demonstrating the sincerity of his work as an artist, teacher, administrator, and activist"--
Baker Berry NX547.6.K56 J65 2018

Outsider art sourcebook : international guide to art brut and outsider art
editor, John Maizels
Herts, UK : Raw Vision Ltd, 2016
Texts -- Timeline -- Bibliography -- Artists and visionaries -- Visionary environments -- Galleries -- Museums -- Studios -- Websites & orgs -- Raw vision index.
Sherman N7432.5.A78 O886 2016

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