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N - Fine Arts Acquisitions during July 2016

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Redbook : a book of hours
Maher, Miranda
New York : Horse in a Storm Press, ©1992
Sherman Special N7433.4.M234 R4 1992

네 가 그 봄 꽃 소식 해라 : 이 철수 대종경 연작 판화 / 이 철수 ; 영문 번역 최 순영
이 철수, 1954- artist
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Munhak Tongne, 2015
Baker Berry Korea NE1300.8.K62 Y4992 2015

Unshelfmarked : reconceiving the artists' book
Hampton, Michael
Devon : Uniform Books, 2015
In 'Unshelfmarked': Reconceiving the artists' book, Michael Hampton vets the medium's history, postulating a new timeline that challenges the orthodox view of the artists' book as a form largely peculiar to the twentieth century. "Post-Deweyed, these works form an entirely new corpus, showcasing the artists' book not as a by-product of the book per se, but both its antecedent and post-digital flowering, many salient twentieth-century features proleptically flickering here and there through time, its epigenetic influence finally come to permeate mainstream book design everywhere; the manifold traits and studio processes inherent to the artists' book bursting from their stitched sheath, cheerfully pollinating the whole gamut of reading impedimenta and spaces." The book features fifty examples from the iconic to the obscure-accenting the codex's molecular structure rather than its customary role as a vehicle for text-a critical exposé of multiple types, plus an extensive select bibliography.
Sherman N7433.3 .H35 2015

Die Stillleben des Balthasar van der Ast (1593/94-1657)
herausgegeben von Sarvenaz Ayooghi, Sylvia Böhmer und Timo Trümper ; Übersetzungen: Heinrich Becker, Marlene Müller-Haas ; Autoren: Sarvenaz Ayooghi and 9 others
Petersberg : Michael Imhof Verlag, [2016]
Sherman ND653.A78 A4 2016

Kinderdarstellungen in der Spätantike und im frühen Christentum : Untersuchung der Bildtypen, ihrer Entwicklung und Verwendung
Behling, Claudia-Maria
Wien : Phoibos Verlag, 2016
Sherman N7640 .B44 2016

Lüpertz : Sammlung Ströher
Lüpertz, Markus
Köln : Wienand, [2016]
Sherman N6888.L8 A4 2016

Sacred architecture in a secular age : anamnesis of Durham Cathedral
Clausén, Marie
New York : Routledge, 2016
Sherman NA4800 .C563 2016

Cennino Cennini's Il libro dell'arte : a new English translation and commentary with Italian transcription
Cennini, Cennino, active 15th century
London : Archetype Publications Ltd, 2015
Sherman ND1130 .C3813 2015

Utopia : the avant-garde, modernism and (im)possible life
Edited by David Ayers, Benedikt Hjartarson, Tomi Huttunen and Harri Veivo ; With the editorial assistance of Þorsteinn Surmeli
Boston : De Gruyter, [2015]
Baker Berry NX542 .U86 2015

Im Irrgarten der Bilder : die Welt des Hieronymus Bosch
Fischer, Stefan (Writer on art)
Stuttgart : Reclam, 2016
Die Bilderwelt des niederländischen Malers Hieronymus Bosch mit ihren bizarren Fabelwesen gilt noch heute als rätselhaft und unergründlich. Bereits zu Lebzeiten berühmt, kopiert und imitiert, wurde er erst in der Moderne wiederentdeckt. Besonders die Surrealisten waren von seiner phantastischen Bilderwelt mit ihren Hybridwesen begeistert. Stefan Fischer hat aus Archiven und zeitgenössischen Quellen eine völlig neue Darstellung erarbeitet, die einlädt, den Menschen und Künstler Hieronymus Bosch mit seiner tief religiösen Geisteshaltung, aber auch mit seinem Witz und seiner Kreativität zu entdecken. Lebendig schildert er die Lebenswelt des Malers und liefert systematische, nachvollziehbare Interpretationen seiner wichtigsten Werke im Kontext der Zeit. Sein Buch ist eine Anleitung zum eigenen Sehen, Erkennen und Verstehen? ein Führer durch den Irrgarten von Boschs phantastischen Bildern.
Sherman ND653.B65 F57 2016

The architectural form of the mosque in the central Arab lands, from the Hijra to the end of the Umayyad period, 1/622-133/750
Antun, Thallein Mireille, 1975-
Oxford : British Archaeological Reports Ltd, 2016
Sherman NA4670 .A58 2016

Nabataean clay lamps : an analytical study of art and myths
Khairy, Nabil I
Oxford : British Archaeological Reports Ltd, 2016
Sherman NK4680 .K54 2016

Building for England : John Cosin's architecture in Renaissance Durham and Cambridge
Green, Adrian
Durham, England : Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, [2016]
"John Cosin (1595-1672) was a leading cleric in seventeenth-century England who rode the changing tides of preference under James I and Charles I, exile during the Interregnum, becoming Bishop of Durham at the Restoration. Inspired by the architecture of Dr. Caius at his undergraduate college in Cambridge, Cosin was encouraged to value the architecture of the English Church by his patron Richard Neile. Under Bishop Neile, Cosin became a prebend of Durham Cathedral and Rector of Brancepeth in the Bishopric of Durham during the 1620s, as well as Master of Peterhouse and Vice Chancellor at Cambridge University during the 1630s. Cosin spent the years 1643 to 1659 in exile in Paris before returning to become Bishop of Durham in 1660 till his death in 1672. Cosin was actively involved in church architecture, fulfilling the "beauty of holiness" agenda of the English Arminian clergy, from the 1620s through to the 1670s."--
Sherman NA5471.D9 G74 2016

Mondrian and Cubism : Paris 1912-1914
Janssen, Hans, 1954-
London : Ridinghouse, 2016
Preface / Benno Tempel -- Foreword / Hans Janssen -- Chronology 1911-1914 / Hans Janssen -- Finding balance in art and music: Piet Mondrian and Jakob van Domselaer's first compositions / Keziah Goudsmit -- The exhibition at Kunsthandel Walrecht, The Hague.

"In 2014 the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag presented an exhibition that reunited for the first time the 17 paintings that formed Mondrian's show at Kunsthandel Walrecht, The Hague, exactly a century ago, in 1914."--Page 9.
Sherman ND653.M76 A4 2016

Frits Thaulow : paysagiste par nature
Thaulow, Fritz, 1847-1906
Gand : Snoeck, [2016]
Fort des échanges nourris entre la ville de Caen et les pays nordiques, quelques années après la manifestation qu?il consacra à Edvard Munch, le musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen prépare un portrait inédit du peintre Frits Thaulow (1847-1906), chef de file des artistes norvégiens en France. Intitulée ± Frits Thaulow, paysagiste par nature ?, cette exposition exceptionnelle aura lieu du 16 avril au 26 septembre 2016, dans le cadre de la troisième édition du festival Normandie Impressionniste. 00Jamais montrée en France depuis l?exposition proposée par le Musée Rodin en 1994, l?oeuvre de Frits Thaulow reste méconnue. 0Domicilié plus de 10 ans en France, Thaulow a pourtant mené une carrière internationale exceptionnelle entre 1870 et 1906, tant en Europe qu?aux Etats-Unis. À chacune des Expositions Universelles (Philadelphie, Paris, Anvers), des Biennales de Venise, à chacun des Salons des XX ou de La Libre Esthétique à Bruxelles, ou encore à la Sécession de Munich, sa vision écologiste et humaniste du paysage a su éblouir un immense public, au point d?être citée comme modèle du genre. En 1904, l?historien de l?art Léonce Bénédite qualifiera ce modèle ?d?École du Plein Air?. 00Exhibition: Musée des Beaux-Arts, Caen, France (16.04-26.09.2016).
Sherman ND773.T4 A4 2016

L'Ottocento e il primo Novecento : Collezione Banca popolare di Vicenza
a cura di Fernando Rigon
Milano : Skira, [2015]
Sherman ND619.V52 O88 2015

European women in Persian houses : Western images in Safavid and Qajar Iran
Tanavoli, Parviz
London : I.B. Tauris, [2015]
Sherman NA1484.5 .T36 2015

Anselm Kiefer : the woodcuts
edited by Antonia Hoerschelmann ; foreword by Klaus Albrecht Schröder and contributions by Antonia Hoerschelmann, Peter Sloterdijk and Werner Spies ; translations: John W. Gabriel and 3 others
Ostfildern : Hatje Cantz, [2016]
Sherman N6888.K43 A4 2016

A place in the sun : the Southwest paintings of Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings
edited by Thomas Brent Smith ; foreword by Christoph Heinrich ; with contributions by Susanne Boeller and five others
[Denver, Colo.] : In cooperation with the Denver Art Museum, [2016]
Two American Painters in Munich: Walter Ufer and E. Martin Hennings / Susanne Boeller -- A Biography of Walter Ufer / Dean A. Porter -- Walter Ufer's Years of Critical Success: A Painter Characterized by His Time and Place / Thomas Brent Smith -- The Country He Loved Best: A Biography of E. Martin Hennings / Karen Brooks McWhorter -- Taos and the Art of E. Martin Hennings / Peter H. Hassrick -- Glimpsing Modernity: Images of Labor, Passage, and Change / Catherine Whitney -- That Man Out There in the Mountains: Ufer, Hennings, and the Conflicted Allure of Taos / James C. Moore.

"In tracing the lifelong friendship and intersecting careers of Ufer and Hennings, the contributors to this volume explore the social and artistic implications of the artists' German heritage and training."--Book cover flap.
Sherman ND237.U37 P59 2016

Interior landmarks : treasures of New York
Gura, Judith
New York, New York : The Monacelli Press, [2015]
Some are widely celebrated - Radio City Music Hall, the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Station - and others virtually unknown, all warrant preservation. This book is the first to present great landmarked interiors of New York in all their intricate detail, in a visual celebration of space that captures the rich heritage of the city. Located throughout the five boroughs, the interior landmarks include banks, theaters, office building lobbies, restaurants, libraries, and more spaces in which New Yorkers have worked, learned, governed, been entertained, and interacted with their communities for decades.
Sherman NA108.N48 G87 2015

The colony
Lê, Dinh Q., 1968-
London, UK : Artangel, [2016]
Sherman N7314.3.L4 A4 2016

The Epiphany of Hieronymus Bosch : imagining Antichrist and others from the Middle Ages to the Reformation
Strickland, Debra Higgs, 1958-
London : Harvey Miller Publishers, [2016]
Sherman ND653.B65 A64 2016

Los alfares medievales de la Calle Hospital Viejo de Logroño (La Rioja, España) : sistematización de sus producciones (siglos XIII-XV)
Martínez González, María Milagros, 1972-
Oxford : British Archaeological Reports Ltd, 2016
Sherman NK4124.L64 M37 2016

Robert Irwin : all the rules will change
Irwin, Robert, 1928-
Munich : DelMonico Books, Prestel, [2016]
Sherman N6537.I64 A4 2016

Keith Haring : 31 subway drawings
Haring, Keith
[New York?] : [Art Issue Editions], [2012]
Sherman Oversize NC139.H3 A4 2012

Victorians in camera : the world of 19th century studio photography
Pols, Robert
Barnsley, South Yorkshire Pen & Sword History, 2015
'The making of a lifelike picture was something to be wondered at. It was an adventure, it was an expense, and it was often something of an ordeal...' Victorians in Camera explores the world of nineteenth century photography from the subjects' point of view. What did people want from their portraits? Where did they go to have them made and did the Victorians really never smile? What did they do with the finished product, whether a formal daguerreotype or cheery snapshot? From a wealth of contemporary evidence - in both words and pictures - Robert Pols reveals the story behind Victorian photography - from trickery to photographic fashions. Discover the social history behind nineteenth century photographs and how to trace hidden stories within your own family album.
Sherman NH231 .P65 2015

The Parthenon frieze : the ritual communication between the goddess and the Polis : Parthenon Project Japan 2011-2014
Toshihiro Osada (ed.)
Wien : Phoibos Verlag, 2016
The Parthenon fieze : display of piety and privilege / Toshihiro Osada -- The origin and development of the Acropolis as a place for erecting public decrees : the periclean building project and its effect on the Athenian epigraphic habit / Akiko Moroo -- A 3-D recreation of the gods on the parthenon frieze : the bodies and space of the "invisibles" / Rui Nakamura -- The clothing and armour of the horsemen and warriors on the Parthenon frieze / Tomoyo Nakamura -- The peplos scene of the Parthenon frieze and the citizenship law of Perikles / Mariko Sakurai -- Myth and ritual : the garments of the maidens on the Parthenon east frieze / Chieko Shinozuka -- The concept of space in the Parthenon frieze / Emiko Tanaka -- Looking at the Parthenon east frieze with Jacques Carrey / Akira Mizuta.
Sherman NA2965 .P37x 2016

Art of the Amistad and the Portrait of Cinqué
Macaluso, Laura A
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
Sherman N7628.C56 M33 2016

Magic and divination in Malay illustrated manuscripts
Yahya, Farouk
Boston : Brill, [2016]
Sherman ND3333 .Y34 2016

The woodblock engravers
Lindley, Kenneth Arthur, 1928-
New York, Drake Publishers [1970]
Baker Berry Harvard NE1080 .L55 1970

Lumitecture : illuminating interiors for designers & architects
Yudina, Anna
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2016
Sherman NA2794 .Y83 2016

The understanding of ornament in the Italian Renaissance
Guest, Clare Lapraik
Boston : Brill, [2016]
Sherman NK1505 .G84 2016

Yona Friedman : the dilution of architecture
Yona Friedman, Manuel Orazi ; edited by Nader Seraj
Lausanne : Archizoom, [2015]
Pt. 1. The dilution of architecture / Yona Friedman -- pt. 2. The erratic universe of Yona Friedman / Manuel Orazi.
Sherman NA2707.F75 A4 2015

Chinese whispers : neue Kunst aus den Sigg und M+ Sigg Collections = Recent art from the Sigg and M+ Sigg Collections
eine Ausstellung organisiert von Kunstmuseum Bern und Zentrum Paul Klee, im Dialog mit M+ West Kowloon Cultural District, Hongkong, und Uli Sigg, in Kooperation mit dem MAK Wien ; Herausgeber: Kathleen Bühler and three others ; Übersetzungen: Nikolaus G. Schneider and three others
Munich : Prestel Verlag, ©2016
Sherman N7345.6 .C45 2016

Writing & illuminating & lettering,
Johnston, Edward, 1872-1944
London, Pitman [1965]
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .J6 1932

Curating differently : feminisms, exhibitions and curatorial spaces
edited by Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, [2016]
Curatorial strategies on the art scene during the Feminist Movement : Los Angeles in the 1970s / Eva Zetterman -- A short history of women's exhibitions from the 1970s to the 1990s : between feminist struggles and hegemonic appropriation / Doris Guth -- Reformulating the code : a feminist interpretation of the curatorial work of Sara Breitberg-Semel and Galia Bar Or during the 1980s and the 1990s in Israel / Osnat Zukerman Rechter -- Transformative enocunters : prior and current strategies of a feminist pioneer / Margareta Gynning -- MoMA's Modern Women Project, feminisms, and curatorial practice / Alexandra Schwartz -- Moments of contradictions : Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti, 1982-1983 / Jessica Sjöholm Skrubbe -- women artists@home or Why are there still no equality-marked collections? / Malin Hedlin Hayden -- Major global recurring art shows "Doing feminist work" : a case study of the 18th Biennale of Sydney: All Our Relations (2012).
Sherman N72.F45 C87 2016

Антикварное дело в России ХVIII--первой трети ХХ века / М.В. Катагощина
Катагощина, М. В., author
Moskva : Russkīĭ mirʺ, 2014
Sherman NK1133.28 .K38 2014

Against immediacy : video art and media populism
Kaizen, William
[Hanover, New Hampshire] : Dartmouth College Press, [2016]
Prelude : open circuits -- Participation television -- Talkback -- Video ecologies -- Coda : the apotheosis of video art.
Sherman N6512.5.V53 K35 2016

Art from Latin America : modern and contemporary
with contributions by Laura Malosetti Costa and three others and the historical essay: Flamencos in Latin America, John Everaert
Houten : Lannoo, [2015]
Flamencos in Latin America / John Everaert -- Introduction / Laurens Dhaenens -- An overall picture of 19th century painting in Latin America / Laura Malosetti Costa -- The Latin American avant-garde: political and aesthetic projects / Maria Lucia Bastos Kern -- Constructive universalism: Torres García and the School of the South / Cristina Rossi -- Constructive abstraction from Latin America by Cristina Rossi -- Art in Latin America from 1960s onwards / Sebastián Vidal Mackinson -- Art from Latin America in the Katoen Natie Collection.

"For the first time Katoen Natie, a global logistics service provider, shows its collection of unique modern and contemporary art from Latin America, the biggest collection in Europe. Renowned experts such as Laura Malosetti Costa and Christina Rossi discuss the art history of the continent and the 44 artists from the collection with toppers such as Joaquín Torres García and Diego Rivera. This lavishly illustrated catalogue is a kaleidoscope showing the artistic diversity of a fascinating continent that has been ignored for too long." -- Publisher's description
Sherman N6502 .A742 2015

Inspiring Impressionism : Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh
catalogue editorial board, Lynne Ambrosini, Frances Fowle, Maite van Dijk
[Edinburgh] : National Galleries of Scotland, [2015]
'Leader of the school of the Impression' : Daubigny and his legacy / Lynne Ambrosini -- Daubigny and the Impressionists in the 1860s / Maite van Dijk -- Tales of the riverbank : Daubigny's river scenes / Michael Clarke -- The market for Daubigny's landscapes, or, The best pictures do not sell / Lynne Ambrosini -- Auvers-sur-oise a an artist's colony : from Daubigny to Van Gogh / Frances Fowle -- In Daubigny's footsteps: Vincent van Gogh / Nienke Bakker -- 'Tout dans son talent est prime-sautier, sain, ouvert' : observations on Daubigny's late painting techniques / René Boitelle -- Chronology / Lynne Ambrosini and Katie G. Benedict.

"Charles François Daubigny (1817'1878) was one of the most important French landscape painters of the nineteenth century. This book reassesses his work and examines his importance for the Impressionists, as well as Van Gogh."--Page [4] of cover.
Sherman ND553.D23 A4 2015

Lettering for reproduction
Gates, David, 1927-
New York, Watson-Guptill Publications [1969]
Provides the history and theory of lettering, the tools, materials, and techniques used, and the design criteria of specific letter styles.
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .G3

Kleine Geschichte des deutschen Buchumschlages im 20. Jahrhundert : mit 113 Abbildungen von Buchumschlägen aus der Sammlung Curt Tillmann
Schauer, Georg Kurt, 1899-
Königstein im Taunus [Germany] : Karl Robert Langewiesche Nachfolger Hans Köster, ©1962
Baker Berry Harvard NC973 .S3 1962

Creative lettering : drawing & design
Harvey, Michael, 1931-2013
New York : Taplinger Pub. Co., 1985
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .H318 1985

Diego Villaseñor : Arquitectura y naturaleza = Architecture and nature
Villaseñor, Diego
New York : Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., 2015
Sherman Oversize NA759.V555 A4 2015

Gill, Eric, 1882-1940
New York : Biblo and Tannen, 1968
Baker Berry Harvard NB497.G55 A3 1968

Māori weaving : the art of creating Māori textiles
Bidois, Vanessa
Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand : New Zealand Māori Arts & Crafts Institute, Ngā Kete Tuku Iho, 2015
Te rito -- Harakeke -- The creation -- Discovery of harakeke -- The weaving process -- Ngā taonga -- Te whare pora -- Weaving the future -- Glossary.

"Since their ancestors arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand and discovered the useful properties of harakeke (New Zealand flax), Māori have used flax leaves to create baskets, mats, housing materials, clothing and cords, ropes and fishing nets. In weaving and the patterns used, Māori record their histories and stories, passing on their culture, genealogy, values and beliefs, weaving together people and communities"--Publisher information.
Sherman NK8893.A1 B53 2015

DADA alumni exhibition 2011 : catalog of the June 2011 show
Reed, Sue (Architect)
[Hanover, New Hampshire?] : [Sue Reed?], [2011?]
Rauner D.C. History NA2750 .R443 2011

Der Kunstkenner Max J. Friedländer : biografische Skizzen
Elson, Simon
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2016]
Sherman N7483.F68 E57 2016

Victor Hammer, artist and craftsman
Rothenstein, John, 1901-1992
Boston : D.R. Godine, ©1978
Baker Berry Harvard N6537.H34 R68

Grammar of lettering; a handbook of alphabets, systematically arranged for the use of art students, architects, decorators, sign-writers, and all classes of craftsmen,
Lyons, Andrew W
London, Maclaren & Company [1908]
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .L8

Playing with earth and sky : astronomy, geography, and the art of Marcel Duchamp
Housefield, James
Hanover, New Hampshire : Dartmouth College Press, 2016
Sherman N6853.D8 H67 2016

Hitlers Kunsthändler : Hildebrand Gurlitt, 1895-1956 : die Biographie
Hoffmann, Meike
München : C.H. Beck, [2016]
Sherman N8668.G87 H64 2016

Tate guide to modern art terms
Wilson, Simon, 1942-
London : Tate Publishing, 2016
"How many times have you read the caption next to a work of art in a gallery, or a review of a contemporary art exhibition in a magazine and found yourself none the wiser? For many, the language in which modern art is described can be even more mystifying than the art itself. Now, a fully updated and expanded edition of the bestselling Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms offers a clear and reliable guide through the confusing terrain, with more than 450 pithy entries on the full range of modern and contemporary art. Drawing on the expertise of the most visited modern art gallery in the world, the book provides a comprehensive, authoritative and completely up-to-date resource for gallery-goers, art students and general readers alike, comprehensive in scope but small enough to fit into a bag or pocket. From Abstract Expressionism and Body Art through to Young British Artists (YBAs) and Group Zero, the book ranges in time from the dawn of Impressionism through to the digital age. Every term -- whether a theme, movement, medium or practice -- is defined with clarity and precision, with new entries on a broad range of subjects including Aesthetics, Afrofuturism, Chance, Ethnography, Identity Politics, Taller Gráfica Popular and the Uncanny. International in scope, and now with more than 60 illustrations, this is the perfect companion for all those wanting to increase their understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary art." -- Publisher's description
Sherman N34 .W55 2016

Megacities asia
Miner, Al
Boston : MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston , [2016]
Sherman N7345 .M55 2015

Glenn Ligon : Encounters and collisions
edited by Glenn Ligon, with Alex Farquharson and Francesco Manacorda
London : Nottingham Contemporary and Tate, 2015
Preface / Alex Farquharson, Francesco Manacorda and Andrea Nixon -- Introduction / Alex Farquharson -- We Are Many / Francesco Manacorda -- Gratitude (for Glenn Ligon) / Gregg Bordowitz -- Letter to Adrienne Kennedy / Glenn Ligon -- Plates: Glenn Ligon -- People Who Led to My Plays / Adrienne Kennedy -- Letter to Beauford Delaney / Glenn Ligon -- Plates: Glenn Ligon, Franz Kline, William Pope.L, On Kawara, Beauford Delaney, Richard Serra, Lorna Simpson, Alighiero Boetti, Ad Reinhardt -- Amazing Grace: A Life of Beauford Delaney / David Leeming -- Voices/Forces / Fred Moten -- Stranger in the Village / James Baldwin -- Letter to Zoe Leonard / Glenn Ligon -- Plates: Glenn Ligon, David Hammons, Charles Moore, Philip Guston, Melvin Edwards, Zoe Leonard, Steve McQueen, Jean Genet, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye -- Felix Gonzalez-Torres / Inteview by Tim Rollins -- Zami, A New Spelling of My Name / Audre Lorde -- Letter to Sun Ra / Glenn Ligon -- Plates: Glenn Ligon, Kelley Walker, Agnes Varda, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andy Warhol, Chris Ofili, Sun Ra, Stephen Shames, David Hammons -- Sula / Toni Morrison -- Some Notes on the Ocean / William Pope.L -- Letter to Adrian Piper / Glenn Ligon -- Plates: Glenn Ligon, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Stephen Andrews, Cady Noland, William Eggleston, Giovanni Anselmo, Joseph Beuys, Andy Warhol, Kara Walker, Bruce Nauman, Dave McKenzie, Adrian Piper -- How to See a Work of Art in Total Darkness / Darby English -- New Ethnicities / Stuart Hall -- The Blob / Wayne Koestenbaum -- Letter to David Hammons / Glenn Ligon -- Plates: Glenn Ligon, Robert Gober, Andy Warhol, Alighiero Boetti, Cy Twombly, Cady Noland, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jasper Johns, Martin Wong, David Wojnarowicz -- Notes on the Mythic Being I / Adrain Piper -- Buddy Ebsen / Hilton Als -- Letter to Jean-Michel Basquiat / Glenn Ligon -- Plates: Glenn Ligon, Byron Kim, Robert Morris, Willem de Kooning, Robert Gober, Jennie C. Jones, Bruce Davidson, Bruce Nauman, Jackson Pollock -- On Reading / Marcel Proust -- The Wall and the Books and Borges and I / Jorge Luis Borges.

"This book originates from a major group exhibition curated by Glenn LIgon, one of the most influential American artists of his generation. It features forty-five artists who he refers to in his art and in his writings, or who have been of significance to him more generally, including willem de Kooning, andy Warhol, Adrian Piper, David Hammons, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Lorna Simpson, Steve McQueen and Zoe Leonard. Literature is a frequent stimulus for Ligon's art, and this publication also features an anthology of fifteen literary and critical texts he has selected, by, for example, Marcel Proust, Adrienne Kennedy, James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, HIlto Als and Fred Moten. There are also new writings by Ligon himself, Gregg Bordowitz, Alex Farquharson and Francesco Manacorda. A personal art history of sorts, sets in a wider cultural and historical context, this project offers a wealth of new insights in to the background that informs Ligon's practice."--Page [4] of cover.
Sherman N6537.L535 A4 2015

Lettering; a plea
Smith, Percy
London, Priv. Print. for the Dorian Workshop & Studio [1932]
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .S72 1932

Domestic scenes : the art of Ramiro Gomez
Weschler, Lawrence
New York : Abrams, 2016
The domestic idylls of Ramiro Gomez / Lawrence Weschler -- Works -- Afterword: Imagination's flight / Cris Scorza.

Award-winning author Lawrence Weschler's book on the young Mexican American artist Ramiro Gomez explores questions of social equity and the chasms between cultures and classes in America. Gomez, born in 1986 in San Bernardino, California, to undocumented Mexican immigrant parents, bridges the divide between the affluent wealthy and their usually invisible domestic help--the nannies, gardeners, housecleaners, and others who make their lifestyles possible--by inserting images of these workers into sly pastiches of iconic David Hockney paintings, subtly doctoring glossy magazine ads, and subversively slotting life-size painted cardboard cutouts into real-life situations. Domestic Scenes engages with Gomez and his work, offering an inspiring vision of the purposes and possibilities of art.
Sherman ND237.G61135 W47 2016

Jean Dubuffet : metamorphoses of landscape
edited by Raphael Bouvier ; translations, David Radzinowicz
Riehen/Basel, Switzerland : Fondation Beyeler, [2016]
Foreword and acknowledgments / Sam Keller and Raphael Bouvier -- Introduction: Dubuffets metamorphoses of landscape / Raphael Bouvier -- Figure, landscape and city -- Faces into landscape -- Body landscapes and landscaped bodies -- On the road with Dubuffet / Michel Draguet -- Landscape as object and still lie -- Landscape as material -- Landscape undone: Jean Dubuffet and the prehistory of the picture / Sophie Berrebi -- De-and reconstructing the landscape -- A celebration of the soil -- Paris Circus: turning point and starting point / Andreas Franzke -- The urban landscape -- The creation of a different lanscape -- Place and non-place in the late work -- List of exhibited works -- Biography and principal exhibitions -- Afterword: homage to Jean Dubuffet and Ernst Beyeler / Jean-Francois Jaeger.
Sherman N6853.D78 A4 2016

Art Brut, the Collection, Collection de l'Art Brut Lausanne ; exhibition general commissioner Sarah Lombardi, director, Collection de l'Art Brut ; exhibition commissioner Pascale Marini-Jeanneret, curator, Collection de l'Art Brut ; the book concept and coordination Pascale Marini-Jeanneret
Milan, Italy : 5 Continents, [2015]
Preface / Sarah Lombardi -- Fantasy builders / Pascale Marini-Jeanneret -- Beyond architecture : visionary builders / Laurent Danchin -- Catalogue.

Architecture, the second Art Brut Biennale, presents a selection of works from the Art Brut Collection (Lausanne), linked together by a common theme. The exhibition and the catalogue show the public new works by perhaps lesser-known authors, while taking a new slant on some historical pieces. Running the gamut from reality to utopia, Art Brut authors design architectures in resonance with their everyday lives or their memories, reorganising the space around them according to their own rules and needs. Their imagination and inventiveness carries them to distant, unexplored lands. Yet the vision of architecture that these Art Brut authors offer us here opens up a new dimension, escaping all practical considerations. Over 250 works by 52 creators of all origins - European, North American, or Asian - have been selected for the exhibition. This book presents colour illustrations, a short biography, and a bibliography for each artist.
Sherman N8217.B85 A73 2015

Lucian Freud
Button, Virginia
London : Tate Pub., 2015
Commitment to looking -- Commitment to painting -- The studio: proximity and reflective distance -- The naked portrait -- The artist's eye: Freud and the old masters -- Time and reality: Freud's significance and legacy.
Sherman ND497.F75 B88 2015

Gwen John
Foster, Alicia
Millbank, London : Tate Publishing, 2015
London and the slade -- Paris -- The model -- Interiors -- Religion -- Women and girls.

"Gwen John was an artist with a singular vision, one whose intense gaze produced some of the most beguiling and atmospheric paintings of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Often unfairly thought of as a recluse, this concise survey of her life and work places her at the artistic heart of London and Paris. A seminal figure within these groups, her work is reappraised in that context and explored in terms of the alliances and differences John had with her contemporaries. Gwen John's representation of the female nude, her paintings of interiors and the effect of her Catholic faith on her work are all discussed. The author also discusses the key relationship between Gwen Johns position as a woman artist and her life-long fascination with the portrayal of the female sitter." -- Publisher's description
Sherman N6787.J555 F67x 2015

Matthias Buchinger : "the greatest German living"
Jay, Ricky
Los Angeles : Siglio, 2016
Sherman NC251.B83 A4 2016t

Print collecting today; a symposium held in the Wiggin Gallery, Boston Public Library, on May 3, 1968
Vershbow, Arthur, 1922-2012
Boston [Printed for the Boston Public Library by the Stinehour Press, Lunenburg, Vt.; supplied by Worldwide Books, Boston] 1969
Vershbow, Arthur. A collector's view of print collecting today. -- Hitchings, Sinclair. Prints as a public resource. -- Lewis, R.E. The pleasure of learning, looking, the excitement of buying.
Baker Berry Harvard NE885 .V47

Bewick to Dovaston : letters 1824-1828
Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828
London : Nattali & Maurice, 1968
Baker Berry Harvard NE1212.B5 A38

Frank Auerbach
Auerbach, Frank, 1931-
London : Tate Publishing, 2015
On Frank Auerbach / T. J. Clark -- A conversation with Frank Auerbach, 1978 / Catherine Lampert.

Frank Auerbach has made some of the most resonant, inventive, and perpetually alive paintings, both of people and of the urban landscapes near his studio in Camden Town, London. This publication accompanies a retrospective of Auerbach's work at Tate Britain and the Bonn Kunstmuseum in 2015.
Sherman ND497.A86 A4x 2015

Botticelli reimagined
edited by Mark Evans and Stefan Weppelmann ; with Ana Debenedetti and Ruben Rebmann ; and Mary McMahon and Gabriel Montua
London : V&A Publishing, 2016
"The Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) is one of the greatest artists of all time. Renowned for the iconic Birth of Venus and Primavera, his work has become part of our collective visual memory, influencing product development, fashion design and artists as diverse as Andy Warhol, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, René Magritte and Jeff Koons. But Botticelli's fame today was by no means a foregone conclusion. Quickly forgotten after his death, he was only rediscovered as an artist in the nineteenth century -- and much of what we know of his work has been pieced together from fragmentary evidence; only three of his works are signed or documented. Since then, ''Botticelli'' has been interpreted in many different ways, and has led to many questions. How does a painter acquire international fame? What made Botticelli a pop icon? Why are his works considered timeless? What is it that makes him so ''European'' that his Venus appears on the 10 cent coin? What we can say -- safely -- is that Botticelli, more than any other Old Master, inspired and continues to inspire modern and contemporary art." -- Publisher's description
Sherman ND623.B7 A4 2016

Das Kerbschnitzen ; ein Lehrgang für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene
Rubi, Christian
Bern, H. Huber, [1965]
Baker Berry Harvard NK9704 .R8 1965

Homo americanus : collected works
Pettibon, Raymond, 1957-
Hamburg : Deichtorhallen Hamburg GmbH, [2015]
Foreword / Dirk Luckow, Sabine Breitwieser -- Editor's introduction / Ulrich Loock, Harlad Falckenberg -- Captive Chains (1978) -- Flyers (1979 to early 1980s) -- Record covers (Since 1978) -- Helter Skelter (Early 1980s) -- One-liners (Mid-1980s) -- Dialogue drawings (Mid-1980s) -- Covered in writing (Late 1980s) -- 17x11 inch textured paper (Late 1980s) -- Master Nelson Tarpenny (1980s) -- Zines (Since 1981) -- Bible -- Mushroom Cloud -- Fire -- Ink Marks -- Letters -- Sword from the Cloud -- Emasculation -- Erection -- Heart -- Self -- Head above Water -- Easter Island -- Vavoom -- Gumby -- Train -- Baseball -- Surfers -- "Dear Reader..." (1990s) -- Shock and Awe (2000s) -- Collages (2000s) -- Iraq War (Since 2003) -- Projections (2010s) -- Editors note / Ulrich Loock -- Resisting reduction: a brief biography / Lucas Zwirner.
Sherman NC1429.P49 A4 2015

Pinacoteca Barão de Santo Ângelo : catálogo geral, 1910-2014
organização: Paulo Gomes ; textos: Ana Carvalho, Blanca Brites, Eduardo Veras, Paula Ramos, Paulo Gomes, Paulo Silveira
Porto Alegre, RS : UFRGS Editora, 2015
Sherman N910.P66 A6 2015

Zanchi, Mauro
Firenze : Giunti, [2016]
Sherman ND623.S5 Z36 2016

Shared intelligence : American painting and the photograph
edited by Barbara Buhler Lynes and Jonathan Weinberg
Santa Fe [N.M.] : Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, ©2011
Sherman N72.P5 S52 2011

The LEGO architect
Alphin, Tom
San Francisco : No Starch Press, [2015]
Neoclassical -- Prairie -- Art deco -- Modernism -- Brutalism -- Postmodern -- High-tech -- Builder's guide.

"Uses LEGO models to explore Neoclassical, Art Deco, Brutalist, Modernist, and other architectural styles. Each chapter includes a discussion of the architectural movement, photographs of famous real-life buildings, and a gallery of LEGO models, with step-by-step building instructions"--
Sherman NA2790 .A56 2015

The history and technique of lettering
Nesbitt, Alexander, 1901-1995
New York : Dover Publications, ©1957
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .N4 1957

한옥 : 우리 住居 文化 의 魂 이 담긴 옛 살림집 風景 = Hanok, the traditional abode of Koreans : images capturing the essence of yesteryear's residential culture / 이 기웅 엮음 ; 서 헌강, 주 병수 사진
이 기웅, 1940- compiler
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Yŏrhwadang, 2015
Baker Berry Korea NA7453.6.A1 Y5457 2015

한국 현대 가구사 / 조 숙경
조 숙경 (Professor of furniture design), author
Sŏul-si : Kimundang, 2015
Baker Berry Korea NK2673.6.A1 C467 2015

Modern scribes and lettering artists
New York : Taplinger Pub. Co., 1980
Baker Berry Harvard NK3620 .M56 1980

Genre imagery in early modern Northern Europe : new perspectives
Edited by Arthur J. DiFuria, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA
New York : Routledge, 2016
Genre : audience, origins, and definitions / Arthur J. DiFuria -- The value of play in early genre painting : Lucas van Leyden's card games / Jessen Kelly -- Moralizing dialogues on the Northern economy : women's directives in sixteenth-century genre imagery / Annette LeZotte -- Jacques Jordaens's Twelfth Night politics / Irene Schaudies -- For the pleasure and contentment of the audience : Gerrit van Honthorst's The Merry Fiddler : promoting civil behavior in early seventeenth-century Utrecht / Sheila D. Muller -- Adriaen van de Venne's Cavalier at a Dressing Table : masculinity and parody in seventeenth-century Holland / Martha Hollander -- Rembrandt and "everyday life" : the fusion of genre and history / Amy Golahny -- The rustic still life in Dutch genre painting : Bijwerck dat Verclaert -- Allison Kettering.
Sherman ND1452.E853 G46 2016

거장 이 쾌대, 해방 의 대서사 = Lee Quede, an epic of liberation / 국립 현대 미술관 기획 ; 글쓴이 김 복기, 김 예진, 김 인혜, 박 형국, 윤 범모, 최 열
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Tolbegae, 2015
Baker Berry Korea ND1069.Y4879 K65 2015

Detrás del muro = Behind the wall
curaduría, Juan Delgado Calzadilla
[Havana] : Cuban Arts Project, [2013]
Sherman Oversize N6603.6 .D48 2013

Mach Dich hübsch!
Genzken, Isa, 1948-
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, [2015]
Sherman Folio N7433.4.G432 M33 2015

Velázquez : the complete works
López-Rey, José
Köln : Taschen, [2014]
Introductions to the editions of 1979, 1981 and 1996 / José López-Rey, Odile Delenda -- Preface and new attributions / Odile Delenda -- Velázquez in Seville, 1599-1622 -- Madrid and the Court, the defining years, 1622-1628 -- Meeting with Rubens. First journey to Italy, 1628-1631 -- Return to Madrid. The great hall of the Buen Retiro Palace, 1631-1635 -- Torre de la Palada. Dwarfs and jesters, 1636-1645 -- Portraits. Main themes, 1638-1648 -- Second journey to Italy, 1648-1651 -- Last works. The workshop, 1651-1660 -- Catalogue of works.

Velázquez is one of the most admired European painters who ever lived, and an authority and influence for generations of artists to come. This catalog raisonne brings together Velázquez's complete works, reproduced in extra-large format, with a selection of enlarged details and brand new photography of recently restored paintings. The book's images are accompanied by insightful commentary from José López-Rey on Velázquez's interest in human liveliness and equal attention to all subjects, from an old woman frying eggs, to a pope or a king, as well as his commitment to colour and light, which would influence the Impressionists over two centuries later.
Sherman Oversize ND813.V4 A4 2014

Way of the sign
Tokyo : Distributed by Azur, [2011]-
Sherman NC1002.S54 W38

Art for war and peace : how a great public art project helped Canada discover itself
Sigvaldason, Ian
Vancouver : Red Leaf, 2015
Sherman NE2238.C3 S54 2015

Indians in color : native art, identity, and performance in the new West
Denzin, Norman K
Walnut Creek, California : Left Coast Press, Inc., [2015]
Native art, identity and performance in the postmodern West -- Disneyland Indians, Paris, circa 2014 -- Copper-colored primitives -- Taos Indians on canvas -- Postmodern Indians on canvas -- Indian painters, patrons, and Wild West shows: a new imaginary -- Coda: Back to the future -- Appendix A: Time Line: Staging and marketing American Indians, and federal Indian policy -- Appendix B: The Taos Society of Artists and their descendants.
Baker Berry NX652.I53 D46 2015

Harmonica curse
Kraut, Peter
[Luzern] : Edizioni Periferia, ©2014
Harmonica Curse - eine Reise um das Selbst in 174 Tagen = Harmonica Curse - a journey around oneself in 174 days / Gianni Paravicini -- Banalromantischer Monumentalismus oder: die lange Nachhallzeit des Alltags - Dieter Roths Harmonika-Fluch auf 74 Tonbandkassetten = Banal, romantic monumentalism, or: the long reverberation period of the everyday - Dieter Roth's Harmonica Curse on 74 tape cassettes / Peter Kraut -- Harmonica Curse: Polaroids -- Ein Selbstporträt in Klang, Zeit und Raum = A self-portrait in sound, time and space / William Furlong -- Still ist sie geworden im stummen Relief = It has gone silent, in stummes Relief.
Sherman N7153.R67 A4 2014c

한국 미술 전시 공간 의 역사 = The Korean art spaces and critical moments / 기획 김 달진 ; 전시 정 호경 ; 연구 김 현정
Sŏul-si : Kim Tal-chin Misul Charyo Pangmulgwan, 2015
Baker Berry Korea N3740.K6 H36 2015

잃어 버린 불상 을 찾아서 : 1910-2010년 까지, 도난 불교 문화재 와 숨은 이야기 / 이 숙희 지음
이 숙희, 1960- author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Mijinsa, 2015
Baker Berry Korea N8795.3.K6 Y56 2015

The mystic art of written forms : an illustrated handbook for lettering
Neugebauer, Friedrich
Boston : Neugebauer Press, ©1980
A manual on lettering from ancient Rome to the present with copious illustrations.
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .N4413 1980

Sporer, Eugen O
München : Prestel, 1964
Baker Berry Harvard NE1150.5.S65 H3 1964

The engraved work of Eric Gill
Gill, Eric, 1882-1940
London : H.M. Stationery Off., 1969
Baker Berry Harvard NE642.G5 G5 1969

Super Superstudio
mostra a cura di Andreas Angelidakis, Vittorio Pizzigoni, Valter Scelsi
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2015]
Sherman NA1118.5.S96 S95 2015

Alessandro Pessoli : Sandrinus, il tutto prima delle parti = Alessandro Pessoli : Sandrinus, the whole before the parts
curatore, Vincenzo de Bellis ; testi di Simone Menegoi, Alegra Pesenti
Milano : Mousse Publishing, [2015]
Sherman N6923.P396 A4 2015

Asia imagined in the Baur and Cartier collection
Osslet, Estelle Niklès van
Milan, Italy : 5 Continents Editions, [2015]
Sherman Oversize NK550.S92 B386 2015

Mimmo Paladino : opera grafica 2001-2014
Paladino, Mimmo, 1948-
Pistoia : Gli ori, [2015]
Sherman NE662.P29 A4 2015

Armando Romero
Teresa del Conde, Victoria Miguel, Luis Rius Caso, Raquel Tibol
[Madrid] : Turner, [2015]
Sherman N6559.R66 A4 2015

Voyages en Italie de Louis-François Cassas, 1756-1827
commissariat général, Sophie Join-Lambert conservatuer en chef du Patrimoine, directrice du Musée des beaux-arts de Tours
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2015]
Sherman NC248.C325 A4 2015

Degas : a strange new beauty
Hauptman, Jodi
New York : The Museum of Modern Art, [2016]
"Edgar Degas is best known as a chronicler of the ballet, yet his work in monotype reveals his restless experimentation. In the mid-1870s, Degas was introduced to the monotype process -- drawing in ink on a metal plate that was then run through a press. Captivated by the monotype's potential, he embraced it with enthusiasm, taking the medium to radical ends. He expanded the possibilities of drawing, created surfaces with heightened tactility, and invented new means for new subjects, from dancers in motion to the radiance of electric light, from women in intimate settings to meteorological effects in nature. With his monotypes, Degas is at his most modern, capturing the spirit of urban life, depicting the body in new ways, and exploring abstraction. Published to accompany an exhibition at MoMA, this richly illustrated catalogue presents approximately 120 monotypes and some 60 related works in other mediums. Texts by curators, scholars, and conservators explore the creative potency of Degas's rarely seen monotypes and highlight their impact on his wider practice." -- Publisher's description
Sherman NE2246.D43 A4 2016

Your wood-engraving
Severin, Mark F
[London] : Sylvan Press, [1953]
Baker Berry Harvard NE1227 .S47

Karl Friedrich Schinkel : unter dem bestirnten Himmel
Wolzogen, Christoph von
Frankfurt am Main : Edition Fichter, [2016]
[v. 1. without special title] -- [v. 2]. Kommentar und Register.
Sherman NA1088.S3 W65 2016

El sexo que habla : Osvaldo Lamborghini
Lamborghini, Osvaldo, 1940-1985
Barcelona : MACBA, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, [2015]
Sherman N6639.L337 A4 2015

Devalle : (1940-2013)
Milano : Electa, ©2015
Sherman ND623.D4698 A4 2015

Existenz und form : schriften zur neueren kunst
Kurzmeyer, Roman
Berlin : De Gruyter, c2015
Sherman N5300 .K87 2015

Kunstgeschichten 1915 : 100 Jahre Heinrich Wölfflin : Kunstgeschichtliche Grundbegriffe
herausgegeben von Matteo Burioni, Burcu Dogramaci, Ulrich Pfisterer
Passau : Dietmar Klinger Verlag, 2015
Sherman N7483.W64 K86 2015

The calligrapher's handbook : essays by M.C. Oliver ..
Lamb, C. M. 1890-
New York : Pentalic Corp., [1968]
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .L28 1976

Indonesia : islands of the imagination : contemporary artists from Indonesia
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan ; texts, Luciano Benetton and 2 others ; translation and editing, Emma Cole and 2 others
[Villorba] : Fabrica, 2015
Sherman N7326 .I54 2015

Memoria por correspondencia
Reyes, Emma, 1919-2003
Barcelona : Libros del Asteroide, 2015
Sherman N6679.R49 A3 2015

Lo splendore di Venezia : Canaletto, Bellotto, Guardi e i vedutisti dell'Ottocento
a cura di Davide Dotti
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana Editoriale, [2016]
Sherman ND1358.4 .S65 2016

Allegorische Andachtsbücher in Antwerpen : Jan Davids Texte und Theodoor Galles Illustrationen in den jesuitischen Buchprojekten der Plantiniana
Sors, Anne-Katrin
Göttingen : Universitätsverlag, [2015]
Die bei Plantin-Moretus um 1600 in Antwerpen gedruckten, von Jan David SJ verfassten und durch Theodoor Galle aufwendig illustrierten Andachtsbücher werden unter Berücksichtigung der Texte und zugehöriger Bilder vorgestellt und untersucht. Deren komplexe Kupfersticherfindungen sind keine Emblemvarianten, sondern stellen ein System der Text- und Bild-Synthese dar. Der jeweiligen Andachts-, Erbauungs- oder Lehrfunktion entsprechend verbildlichen die Kupferstiche Allegorisierungen moralischer und religiöser Didaxe, bildinterne Lettern und beigefügte Erläuterungen erschließen Inhalte und stellen den Bezug zu den verbildlichten Texten her. Analyse der unterschiedlichen Text-Bild-Verschränkungen in den vier Büchern, Herleitung der Buchstabenverweissysteme, buchgeschichtliche Einordnung, Entstehungsumstände, Konzeptionsgeschichte, funktionale Bestimmungen und Rezeptionen der Bücher und Bilder werden umfassend geklärt. Neben Veridicus Christianus (1601), Occasio Arrepta Neglecta (1605), Paradisus Sponsi et Sponsae (1607) und Duodecim Specula (1610) wurde auch das umfangreiche und viel rezipierte, von Boetius a Bolswert illustrierte Via Vitae Aeternae (1620) des Antoine Sucquet SJ ausführlich behandelt.
Sherman ND3174.G355 S67 2015

The arts and crafts of the versatile Parson Fisher, 1768-1847 : 1967 Summer exhibition
Fisher, Jonathan, 1768-1847
[Rockland, ME] : [William A. Farnsworth Library and Art Museum], [1967]
Baker Berry Harvard ND237.F44 A4 1967

Der Dom zu Passau : vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart
Möseneder, Karl
Regensburg : Verlag Friedrich Pustet, [2015]
Sherman NA5586.P2863 M67 2015

Das Goldene Zeitalter : ein Topos in der Herrscherpanegyrik der Medici und der französischen Könige im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
Mund, Henrike
München : Scaneg, ©2015
Baker Berry NX450.5 .M86 2015

Pinturas murales del Palacio de Gobierno de Aguascalientes : imágenes y arquitectura del poder
Ramírez Hurtado, Luciano
Aguascalientes, Mexico : Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, 2014
DVD: El Palacio de Gobierno. Arquitectura del poder / Hugo Castañeda, Mario Gerardo de Ávila Amador (23 min.) -- Aguascalientes en la historia, el polémico mural del Palacio de Gobierno / Mario Gerardo de Ávila Amador (56 min.) -- Mural de La Feria de San Marcos, alegorías y retratos sociales de una época / Mario Gerardo de Ávila Amador (48 min.).
Sherman ND359.B367 R36 2014

Estudios históricos sobre cultura visual : nuevas perspectivas de investigación
Alba H. González Reyes y Alberto del Castillo Troncoso (coordinadores)
Zamora, Michoacán : El Colegio de Michoacán, 2015
Política y nación -- Género y procesos culturales -- Cine y fotografía -- La enseñanza de las artes.
Sherman N72.S6 E78 2015

La caricatura como provocación Luis Bagaría
Esteban, José, 1935-
Madrid (Spain) : Ediciones del Orto, 2015
Sherman NC1639.B34 E88 2015

Siro, Giulio
Sherman N7668.C3 S57 2010

Fossi, Gloria
Firenze : Giunti, [2016]
Sherman ND553.M37 F67 2016

Del terciopelo negro al arte instalación : apuntes sobre las artes visuales en Tijuana
Rosique, Roberto
México, D.F. : Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura, [2009]
Sherman N6557.T5 R68 2009

Monika Baer
Baer, Monika, 1964-
Williamstown, MA : Williams College Museum of Art , [2015]
The breast / Alex Kitnick -- Openings / Lisa Dorin.
Sherman ND588.B1419 A4 2015

Bulletin of the Lettering Arts Guild of Boston
Boston, Mass. : The Guild
Baker Berry Harvard NK3600 .B875

1920s modernism in Montreal : the Beaver Hall Group
edited by Jacques Des Rochers and Brian Foss
London : Black Dog Publishing, [2015]
The "hit-em-in-the-eye" school, or painters of "wall jazz"! / Nathalie Bondil -- The Beaver Hall Group: a much anticipated re-reading / Jacques Des Rochers -- Setting the stage: the emergence of the Beaver Hall Group / Jacques Des Rochers -- Defining the Beaver Hall Group today / Jacques Des Rochers -- The intersecting paths of budding artists / Hélène Sicotte -- Out on the town: modernism, arts and entertainment in Montreal, 1920-33 / Brian Foss -- The Beaver Hall Group: a Montreal modernity / Esther Trépanier -- "As well as men": the gendering of Beaver Hall / Kristina Huneault -- Biographies / Justine Lebeau.
Sherman ND245.5.B4 A15 2015

The amazing world of M.C. Escher
Escher, M. C. 1898-1972
Edinburgh : National Galleries of Scotland in association with the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Hague, 2015
Sherman NE670.E75 A4 2015

한국 도자 사전 / 김 윤정 [and eight others]
김 윤정, 1972 December 2- author
Sŏul-si : Kyŏngin Munhwasa, 2015
Baker Berry Korea NK4168.6.A1 K5537 2015

청화 백자, 불화 와 만나다 / 강 우방 지음
강 우방, author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Kŭl Hangari, 2015
Baker Berry Korea NK4568.6.A1 K36 2015

Saints and spectacle : Byzantine mosaics in their cultural setting
Connor, Carolyn L
New York : Oxford University Press, 2016
Sherman NA3780 .C64 2016

Elements : a series of 15 books accompanying the exhibition Elements of Architecture at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale
Rem Koolhaas ; editor in chief, James Westcott ; editors, Ben Davis and six others ; contributors, Tom Avermaete and five others ; associate editors, Rebecca Bego and 6 others
[Venezia] : Marsilio, [2014]
[1] Floor / Keller Easterling -- [2] Wall -- [3] Ceiling / Manfredo di Robilant, C-Lab -- [4] Roof / Jiren Feng, Fang Zhenning, Stephan Petermann -- [5] Door -- [6] Window / Manfredo di Robilant, Niklas Maak -- [7] Façade / Alejandro Zaera-Polo -- [8] Balcony / Tom Avermaete -- [9] Corridor / Stephan Trüby, Hans Werlemann, Kevin McLeod -- [10] Fireplace / Sebastien Marot [11] Toilet -- [12] Stair / Friedrich-Mielke-Institut für Scalalogie, Stephan Trüby -- [13] Escalator -- [14] Elevator -- [15] Ramp.
Sherman NA2840 .E45 2014

Styria Media Center Graz : Architektur Consult
Eiblmayr, Judith
Basel : Birkhäuser, [2015]
The Styria Media Center office tower, designed by architects Hermann Eisenköck and Herfried Peyker (Architekturconsult) opens in June 2015. The disc-shaped, sculptural media building will have the space for 1,200 employees. The heart of the building is an integrated newsroom with more than 240 workspaces. Other users include Antenne Steiermark and the editors of Kleine Zeitung and Kleine Zeitung Digital on an area of about 3,200 m². The building is a strikingly proportioned, recumbent figure almost 60 meters in height that rises upward from a semi-basement. There is a skylobby on the top floor with a conference room and bar, and a rooftop deck offers a magnificent view over the city of Graz. This book documents the design and construction process of this exceptional building.
Sherman NA6234.A92 G73713 2015

Animated sculptures of the crucified Christ in the religious culture of the Latin Middle Ages
Kopania, Kamil
Warszawa : Wydawn. "Neriton", 2010
Sherman N8053 .K67 2010

Before history : the Abraaj Group Art Prize 2015
editor Omar Kholeif
Berlin : Sternberg Press, [2015]
Sherman N7265 .B43 2015

The transmission of technical knowledge in the production of ancient Mediterranean pottery : proceedings of the International Conference at the Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens, 23rd - 25th November 2012
Walter Gauss, Gudrun Klebinder-Gauss, Constance von Rüden (eds.)
Wien : Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut, [2015]
Sherman NK3835 .T735 2015

Studien zu Paraderüstungsteilen und anderen verzierten Waffen der römischen Kaiserzeit
Schamper, Jennifer, author
Rahden/Westf. : VML, Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, 2015
Sherman NK6607.3 .S33 2015

Kunst & Komik : Ergebnisse des Kasseler Komik-Kolloquiums
Friedrich W. Block (Hg.)
Bielefeld : Aisthesis Verlag, 2016
Baker Berry NX650.C678 K37 2011

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