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L - Education Acquisitions during February 2017

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Building a new educational state : foundations, schools, and the American South
Malczewski, Joan, author
London : The University of Chicago Press, [2016]
"The thrill of this state-building work" -- "Organize in every community" -- "There are at least two Souths . . ." -- The "splendid support" of private interests -- "Working with them one step at a time".
Baker Berry LA230.5.S6 M35 2016

Avaliação institucional e ação política : múltiplas realidades da educação superior
Glades Tereza Felix, Denise Leite, organizadoras
Santa Maria : Editora UFSM, 2013
Baker Berry LB2331.62 .A93 2013

The comparative politics of education : teachers unions and education systems around the world
edited by Terry Moe, Stanford University ; Susanne Wiborg, UCL Institute of Education, College of London
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Machine generated contents note: 1. Introduction; 2. Teachers unions in the United States: the politics of blocking Terry Moe; 3. Teachers unions in England: the end is nigh? Susanne Wiborg; 4. Teachers unions in France: making fundamental reform an impossible quest? Michael Dobbins; 5. Teachers unions in Germany: fragmented competitors Rita Nikolai, Kendra Briken and Dennis Niemann; 6. Teachers unions in the Nordic countries: solidarity and the politics of self interest Susanne Wiborg; 7. Teachers unions in Japan: the frustration of permanent opposition Robert Aspinall; 8. Teachers unions in Mexico: the politics of patronage Christopher Chambers-Ju and Leslie Finger; 9. Teachers unions in India: diverse, powerful, and coercive Tara Beteille, Geeta Gandhi Kingdon and Mohd Muzammil; 10. The comparative politics of education: teachers unions and education systems across the world Terry Moe.

"Public education is critically important to the human capital, social well-being, and economic prosperity of nations. It is also an intensely political realm of public policy that is heavily shaped by power and special interests. Yet political scientists rarely study education, and education researchers rarely study politics. This volume attempts to change that by promoting the development of a coherent, thriving field on the comparative politics of education. As an opening wedge, the authors carry out an 11-nation comparative study of the political role of teachers unions, showing that as education systems everywhere became institutionalized, teachers unions pursued their interests by becoming well-organized, politically active, highly influential - and during the modern era, the main opponents of neoliberal reform. Across diverse nations, the commonalities are striking. The challenge going forward is to expand on this study's scope, theory, and evidence to bring education into the heart of comparative politics"--
Baker Berry LB2844.52 .C66 2017

Más allá del texto : autores, redes del saber y formación de lectores
editors Luz Elena Galván Lafarga, Lucía Martínez Moctezuma, Oresta López Pérez
San Luis Potosí : El Colegio de San Luis, 2016
Baker Berry LB3048.M6 M38 2016

Liberal democracy and liberal education
edited by Daniel E. Cullen
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, 2017
Liberal education and liberal democracy / Daniel E. Cullen -- Political science and civic education / James W. Ceaser -- Jefferson's failed vision of education as a constitution of liberty / Stephen Wirls -- Civic education and economic liberty / Yuval Levin -- Educating for national security -- Jakub grygiel -- Liberal education, civic responsibility and patriotism / Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr. -- Educating for citizenship : problems and prospects / Wilfred McClay -- Liberal education, politics, and the problem of freedom / Donald Downs -- What's so liberal about the liberal arts? / Robert P. George -- A dirge for the liberal arts, a defense of western civilization, and a prescription for teaching patriotism / John P. Agresto.
Baker Berry LC89 .L53 2017

Simón Rodríguez : educador militante por la emancipación de los pueblos
Salazar, Iluska Coromoto, author
[Caracas, Venezuela?] : Fondo Editorial de la Asamblea Nacional Willian Lara, [2015]
Baker Berry LB675.R632 S25 2015

Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
Washington, D.C. : The Society, [1935]-
Baker Berry LB1103 .S6

A companion to John Dewey's Democracy and education
Phillips, D. C. 1938- author
London : University of Chicago Press, 2016
Education as a necessity of life -- Education as a social function -- Education as direction -- Education as growth -- Preparation, unfolding, and formal discipline -- Education as conservative and progressive -- The democratic conception in education -- Aims in education -- Natural development and social efficiency as aims -- Interest and discipline -- Experience and thinking -- Thinking in education -- The nature of method -- The nature of subject matter -- Play and work in the curriculum -- The significance of geography and history -- Science in the course of study -- Educational values -- Labor and leisure -- Intellectual and practical studies -- Physical and social studies : naturalism and humanism -- The individual and the world -- Vocational aspects of education -- Philosophy of education -- Theories of knowledge -- Theories of morals.
Baker Berry LB875.D5 P52 2016

Education and technology : key issues and debates
Selwyn, Neil, author
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
1. What Do We Mean by 'Education' and 'Technology'? -- 2. Making Sense of Technology and Education Change -- 3. A Short History of Education and Technology -- 4. Technology and Learning -- 5. Technology and Teachers -- 6. Technology and Education Institutions -- 7. Technology and the Individualization of Education -- 8. Education and Technology: Where Now?

"Will technology replace the school and university? Will technology replace the teacher? What do we really know about technology and learning? Does technology make education more individualized? What does the future hold for technology and education? What can be learnt from the history of technology use in education? In a thoroughly revised edition of this successful book, Neil Selwyn takes a critical look at some of the major current debates and controversies concerning digital technologies and education. Focusing on the social as well as the technical aspects of these issues, Selwyn addresses fundamental but often unvoiced questions about education and technology. Over the course of eight chapters, the book gives careful thought to the people, practices, processes and structures behind the rapidly increasing use of technologies in education, with an emphasis on the implications of digital technologies for individuals and institutions. The book focuses attention on the connections between recent technology developments and broader changes in education practice, education policy and education theory over the past 10 years. It also challenges us to reflect on future directions and controversies for education in the (post)digital age. Expanded study questions, annotated further reading and a new glossary of key terms are included to support readers. An updated companion website links to case study examples, two bonus chapters and much more for students and lecturers."--
Baker Berry LB1028.3 .S38883 2017

Educación historia y cultura : re-visiones desde la multidisciplina
Cirila Cervera Delgado, Mireya Martí Reyes, coordinadoras
Guanajuato, Gto., México : Universidad de Guanajuato, 2015
Prólogo / Antonio Luzón Trujillo -- Autonomía y comunidad en Jean-Jacques Rousseau: reflexiones sobre la complejidad del Yo moderno / Juan Carlos Orejudo Pedrosa -- México como problema histórico en Lucas Alamán / Marcelino Cuesta Alonso -- La literatura como fin, la prensa como medio, el negocio como resultado: la novela ilustrada de Blasco Ibáñez / Antonio Laguna Platero -- La historia de México vista a través de las novelas históricas / Elvia Montes de Oca Navas -- Una mirada histórica sobre la simbología hombre-mujer y sus repercusiones en el cuerpo femenino / Emilia Recéndez Guerrero, Judith Durán Flores -- Educación de mujeres: cultura, contextos e historias de vida / Cirila Cervera Delgado -- Educación y diversidad cultural: algunos problemas básicos / Verónica Murillo Gallegos -- Historia y reflexiones en torno a la música, ciencia y la educación / Mireya Martí Reyes -- La importancia de las artes y su descuido escolar: rompiendo con la paradoja / María González Ruiz -- Entramados y referentes sobre cultura política de los académicos de la Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas / Ma. Cristina Recéndez Guerrero, Norma Ávila Báez -- Los modelos educativos y la gestión del cambio en la universidad / Sergio Jacinto Alejo López -- Retos de innovación en educación media superior y superior: modelo educativo de la Universidad de Guanajuato / Anel González Ontiveros, Sylvia van Dijk Kocherthaler -- La libertad académica en la Universidad de Guanajuato: análisis y aproximaciones a una conceptualización / María de la Luz Rico Arvizu.
Baker Berry LA9 .E38 2015

La educación argentina en el siglo XXI : los desafíos que enfrentamos : calidad, deserción, inclusión
Guadagni, Alieto A. author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Editorial El Ateneo, julio de 2015
Baker Berry LA546 .G825 2015

Avances y desafíos en políticas públicas educativas : análisis de casos en Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y Paraguay
Nora Gluz and 7 others
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina : CLACSO, junio de 2014
Políticas sociales y democratizacion de la educación : sentidos sobre la inclusión escolar de la primera infancia a partir de la implementación de la AUH (Asignación Universal por Hijo) en la provincia de Buenos Aires (2009-2013) / Nora Gluz, Mariel Karolinski e Inés Rodríguez Moyano -- Políticas públicas y derecho a la educacion en los pueblos indígenas en Paraguay : evaluación de la implementación y alcance de las becas estatales para el acceso a la universidad / Claudia Talavera e Ivonne Gaona López -- Ações afirmativas para afrodescendentes : um estudo comparativo das políticas de reserva de vagas no ensino superior de Brasil e Colômbia Brasil / Pedro Vítor Gadelha Mendes -- La Jauretche : una universidad popular en la trama del Sur del Gran Buenos Aires / Laura Colabella y Patricia Vargas.
Baker Berry LC92.S63 A93 2014

Educación rural, inmigración y relaciones sociales : dos procesos de colonización agrícola en la provincia de Entre Ríos
Mayer, María Susana, author
Buenos Aires, República Argentina : Editorial La Colmena, [2014]
Baker Berry LC5148.A72 E58 2014

The work and lives of teachers : a global perspective
Cohen, Rosetta Marantz, author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Machine generated contents note: Teaching on Earth: introduction; 1. Finland: autonomy and respect Annukka Suonio; 2. Taiwan: tradition and change Feng-juan Kuo; 3. Greece: a week of austerity Vasiliki Michailidou; 4. Azerbaijan: teaching in the shadow of war Gulnaz Haciyeva; 5. France: defending rigor Laurence Manfrini; 6. Chile: revolution and resignation Mauricio Ramirez; 7. America: diversity and a passion for leadership Bonnie Fineman; 8. The teacher in comparative perspective; 9. Teachers in their own words.

"The Work and Lives of Teachers offers a simple but original argument: that the cultural attitudes toward the teaching profession measurably influence how students perform. Cohen uses both ethnographic portraits and personal accounts from thirteen teachers - from Finland, Taiwan, Greece, Azerbaijan, France, Chile, South Africa, Siberia, Brazil, Romania, Philippines, Norway and the United States - to explore the meaning and value of teaching worldwide. This study includes the ways in which teachers in these countries are educated, recruited, compensated, and perceived by parents, students, administrators, and the culture at large. Teachers' voices, so rarely heard in international educational studies, are front and center here, highlighting the daily work in the classroom and the pleasures and struggles of engaging in the teaching profession in 2016. The lesson, briefly stated, is that societies are only as good as the people who teach in them"--
Baker Berry LB1775 .C723 2017

Gay en Aguascalientes... gay en la Universidad... : desentrañando subjetividades
Bobadilla Domínguez, Juan de la Cruz, author
Aguascalientes, Ags. [México] : Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, 2015
Baker Berry LE7.A47 B63 2015

The rise of the research university : a sourcebook
edited by Louis Menand, Paul Reitter, and Chad Wellmon
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2017
The modern research university is a global institution with a rich history that stretches into an ivy-laden past, but for as much as we think we know about that past, most of the writings that have recorded it are scattered across many archives and, in many cases, have yet to be translated into English. With this book, Paul Reitter, Chad Wellmon, and Louis Menand bring a wealth of these important texts together, assembling a fascinating collection of primary sources many translated into English for the first time that outline what would become the university as we know it. The editors focus on the development of American universities such as Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and the Universities of Chicago, California, and Michigan. Looking to Germany, they translate a number of seminal sources that formulate the shape and purpose of the university and place them next to hard-to-find English-language texts that took the German university as their inspiration, one that they creatively adapted, often against stiff resistance. Enriching these texts with short but insightful essays that contextualize their importance, the editors offer an accessible portrait of the early research university, one that provides invaluable insights not only into the historical development of higher learning but also its role in modern society.
Baker Berry LA181 .R57 2017

Language at the speed of sight : how we read, why so many can't, and what can be done about it
Seidenberg, Mark S., author
New York : Basic Books, an imprint of Perseus Books, a division of PBG Publishing, LLC, a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group, Inc., [2017]
Reading, writing, and speech. The problem and the paradox ; Visible language ; Writing: it's all Mesopotamian cuneiform to me -- How we read. The eyes have it ; F u cn rd ths, u cn gt a gd jb n rdng rsch ; Becoming a reader ; Reading: the eternal triangle ; Dyslexia and its discontents ; Brain bases of reading -- The educational challenges. How well does America read? ; The two cultures of science and education ; Reading the future.

Over half of our children read at a basic level and few become highly proficient. Many American children and adults are not functionally literate, with serious consequences. Poor readers are more likely to drop out of the educational system and as adults are unable to fully participate in the workforce, adequately manage their own health care, or advance their children's education. In this book, cognitive scientist Mark Seidenberg reveals the underexplored science of reading, which spans cognitive science, neurobiology, and linguistics. As Seidenberg shows, the disconnect between science and education is a major factor in America's chronic underachievement. How we teach reading places many children at risk of failure, discriminates against poorer kids, and discourages even those who could have become more successful readers. Children aren't taught basic print skills because educators cling to the disproved theory that good readers guess the words in texts, a strategy that encourages skimming instead of close reading. Interventions for children with reading disabilities are delayed because parents are mistakenly told their kids will catch up if they work harder. Learning to read is more difficult for children who speak a minority dialect in the home, but that is not reflected in classroom practices. By building on science's insights, we can improve how our children read, and take real steps toward solving the inequality that illiteracy breeds. Both an expert look at our relationship with the written word and a rousing call to action, Language at the Speed of Sight is essential for parents, educators, policy makers, and all others who want to understand why so many fail to read, and how to change that.--Adapted from dust jacket.
Baker Berry LB2395.3 .S44 2017

Anti-colonial texts from Central American student movements 1929-1983
edited by Heather Vrana
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press [2017]
"Bridging a half-century of student protest from 1929 to 1983, this source reader contains more than sixty texts from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica, including editorials, speeches, manifestos, letters and pamphlets. Available for the first time in English, these rich texts help scholars and popular audiences alike to rethink their preconceptions of student protest and revolution. The texts also illuminate key issues confronting social movements today: global capitalism, dispossession, privatisation, development and state violence"--Cover page 4.
Baker Berry LA438.7 .A58 2017

Escuela pública y maestro en América Latina : historias de un acontecimiento, siglos XVIII-XIX
Alberto Martínez Boom y José Bustamante Vismara (compiladores) ; Jhom Henry Orozco Tabares (colaborador)
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Prometeo Libros, [2014]
Baker Berry LA541 .E83 2014

The politics of African-American education : representation, partisanship, and educational equity
Meier, Kenneth J., 1950- author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
1. Representation, partisanship, and equality in education -- 2. Two myths: separate but equal and nonpartisan education -- 3. The politics of African-American school board representation: partisanship, structure, and resources -- 4. Race and the street level bureaucrats: with a little help from my friends -- 5. Partisanship, teacher representation, and access to education opportunities -- 6. Race, politics, and student learning -- 7. Can you beat the ovarian lottery?

"Based on the 1,800 largest school districts in the United States over a decade, The Politics of African-American Education documents the status of African-American education and the major role that partisanship plays. The book brings together the most comprehensive database on minority education to date that centers around three arguments. First, partisanship permeates African-American education; it affects who is elected to the school board, the racial composition of school administrators and teachers, and the access of African-American students to quality education. Second, African-American representation matters. The effectiveness of African-American representation, however, is enhanced in Democratic districts while representation in Republican districts has little influence. Third, political structures matter, but they are not determinative. Two different structures - election rules and the independent school district - create the rules of the game in US education politics and policy but do not limit others from using those rules to change the outcome"--
Baker Berry LC2717 .M45 2017

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