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K - Law Acquisitions during September 2016

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Magna Carta : the foundation of freedom, 1215-2015
Vincent, Nicholas
London : Third Millennium Publishing, 2015
Baker Berry KD3946 .V56 2015

Indigenous peoples and human rights : international and regional jurisprudence
Saul, Ben
Oxford ; Hart Publishing, 2016
Identifying 'Indigenous' peoples in international law -- The United Nations Human Rights Committee and indigenous peoples -- Other UN human rights treaty bodies and indigenous peoples -- Regional human rights systems : indigenous property rights in land and natural resources -- Regional human rights systems : indigenous cultural, socio-economic and physical integrity rights.
Baker Berry K3247 .S28 2016

Law and religion in American history : public values and private conscience
McGarvie, Mark D. 1956-
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Prologue: colonial America perpetuates state religion -- Revolution in thought and social organization: the legal hegemony of Jeffersonian liberalism, 1776-1828 -- A Christian counter-revolution and a new vision of American society, 1828-1865 -- Regulating behavior and teaching morals: the uses of religion, 1865-1937 -- The rights revolution, 1937-2014 -- Epilogue: the significance of history and a reconsideration of original intent -- Bibliographic essay -- Index.

"This book furthers dialogue on the separation of church and state with an approach that emphasizes intellectual history and the constitutional theory that underlies American society. Mark Douglas McGarvie explains that the founding fathers of America considered the right of conscience to be an individual right, to be protected against governmental interference. While the religion clauses enunciated this right, its true protection occurred in the creation of separate public and private spheres. Religion and the churches were placed in the private sector. Yet, politically active Christians have intermittently mounted challenges to this bifurcation in calling for a greater public role for Christian faith and morality in American society. Both students and scholars will learn much from this intellectual history of law and religion that contextualizes a four-hundred-year-old ideological struggle"--
Baker Berry KF4783 .M25 2016

The power of legality : practices of international law and their politics
edited by Nikolas M. Rajkovic, Tanja E. Aalberts and Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Baker Berry KZ3410 .P695 2016

Understanding European Union law
Davies, Karen (Law teacher)
Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
Introduction -- The creation of a European Union -- Who runs the EU? -- Sources of Union law -- The relationship between union law and the national legal systems -- Enforcing union law -- Free movement of goods -- Free movement of persons -- Assessment.
Baker Berry KJE949 .D38 2016

The infamous Dakota War Trials of 1862 : revenge, military law and the judgment of history
Haymond, John A., 1967- author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
"This book examines the Dakota War trials from the perspective of 19th century military law. The author discusses the causes and far-reaching consequences of the war, claims of widespread atrocities, the modern debate over the role of culture in lawful warfare and how the war has been depicted by historians"--
Baker Berry KF7641 .H39 2016

Gratian's Tractatus de penitentia : a new Latin edition with English translation
Gratian, active 12th century, author
Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2016]
Baker Berry KBR1362.22 .T73 2016

The new states of abortion politics
Wilson, Joshua C., author
Stanford, California : Stanford Briefs, an imprint of Stanford University Press, [2016]
Preface : the professionalization of abortion politics -- Violence, law, and abortion politics -- From allies to alliances in the anti-abortion movement -- The past as the possible future of abortion politics.
Baker Berry KF3771 .W55 2016

Wrong-doing, truth-telling : the function of avowal in justice
Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984, author
Chicago ; University of Chicago Press ; 2014
Baker Berry K241.F7 F6813 2014

China and Islam : the prophet, the party, and law
Erie, Matthew S., author
New York, NY Cambridge University Press, 2016
Introduction: the Party-State enters the mosque -- History, the Chinese state, and Islamic law -- Linxia at the crossroads -- Ritual lawfare -- Learning the law -- Wedding laws -- Moral economies -- Procedural justice -- Conclusion: law, minjian, and the ends of anthropology.

"China and Islam examines the intersection of two critical issues of the contemporary world: Islamic revival and an assertive China, questioning the assumption that Islamic law is incompatible with state law. It finds that both Hui and the Party-State invoke, interpret, and make arguments based on Islamic law, a minjian (unofficial) law in China, to pursue their respective visions of 'the good'. Based on fieldwork in Linxia, 'China's Little Mecca', this study follows Hui clerics, youthful translators on the 'New Silk Road', female educators who reform traditional madrasas, and Party cadres as they reconcile Islamic and socialist laws in the course of the everyday. The first study of Islamic law in China and one of the first ethnographic accounts of law in postsocialist China, China and Islam unsettles unidimensional perceptions of extremist Islam and authoritarian China through Hui minjian practices of law"--
Baker Berry KBP69.C5 E75 2016

University, court, and slave : pro-slavery thought in southern colleges and courts and the coming of civil war
Brophy, Alfred L., author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
The rebel and the professor : Nat Turner and Thomas Roderick Dew and the utility of slavery -- Pro-slavery academic thought in the 1840s and 1850s -- The southern scholar -- Brown University's president confronts slavery -- The chancellor, the slave, and the student -- The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 : the grammar of pro-slavery thought -- The novelist and the jurist : Harriet Beecher Stowe's jurisprudence of sentiment -- Beyond State v. Mann : Thomas Ruffin's jurisprudence -- Joseph Henry Lumpkin : industrialism and slavery in the old south -- Pro-slavery jurisprudence : Thomas Reade Roots Cobb's An inquiry into the law of negro slavery -- "The dictate of a wise policy" : judicial opposition to freedom -- Slavery, property, and constitutionalism in the secession debates.

"This book reveals long-forgotten connections between pre-Civil War southern universities and slavery. Universities and their faculty owned people-sometimes dozens of people-and profited from their labor while many slaves endured physical abuse on campuses. The profits of enslaved labor helped pay for education, and faculty and students at times actively promoted the institution. They wrote about the history of slavery, argued for its central role in the southern economy, and developed a political theory that justified slavery. The university faculty spoke a common language of economic utility, history, and philosophy with those who made the laws for the southern states. Their extensive writing promoting slavery helps us understand how southern politicians and judges thought about the practice. As Alfred L. Brophy shows, southern universities fought the emancipation movement for economic reasons, but used history, philosophy, and law in an attempt to justify their position. The combination of economic reasoning and historical precedent helped shape a southern, proslavery jurisprudence. Bolstered by the courts, academics took their case to the southern public-and ultimately to the battlefield-to defend slavery. A path-breaking and deeply researched history of southern universities' investment in and defense of slavery, this book will fundamentally transform our understanding of the institutional foundations of pro-slavery thought." -- Book jacket and publisher's website.
Baker Berry KF4545.S5 B76 2016

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