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J - Political Science Acquisitions during April 2017

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Debating reform : conflicting perspectives on how to fix the American political system
Richard J. Ellis, Michael Nelson, editors
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE Publications, [2017]
Baker Berry JK274 .D398 2017

Introducing public administration
Shafritz, Jay M., author
New York : Routledge, 2017
Defining public administration -- The political and cultural environment of public policy and its -- Administration -- The continuous reinventing of the machinery of government -- Intergovernmental relations -- Honor, ethics, and accountability -- The evolution of management and organization theory -- Organizational behavior -- Managerialism and information technology -- Strategic management and government regulation -- Leadership -- Personnel management and labor relations -- Social equity -- Public financial management -- Program audit and evaluation.
Baker Berry JF135 .S43 2017

Join, or die - philosophical foundations of federalism
edited by Dietmar H. Heidemann and Katja Stoppenbrink
Boston : De Gruyter, [2016]
Baker Berry JC355 .J65 2016

The European Commission and the transformation of EU borders
Kostadinova, Valentina, author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
The European Commission and borders : towards a framework of analysis -- Border controls : transforming territorial borders -- Free movement of people : functional borders transformation -- Social policy : constructing European identity -- ENP : post-modern external relations and the articulation of continental borders.
Baker Berry JV7590 .K675 2017

Corruption in public administration : an ethnographic approach
edited by Davide Torsello
Cheltenham, Glos : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited ; [2016]
Front Matter; Copyright; Contents; List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Acknowledgments; Introduction: the anthropology of corruption; 1 The role of the anti-corruption legislation and of ethical values in (re)defining corruption: the case of Monza, Italy; 2 Culture, organizational change and the "bounded morality" in Hungarian public administration; 3 Party corruption in the Bosnia and Herzegovina public employment system: public discourse, legal and moral legitimation; 4 Academic dishonesty or corrupt values: the case of Russia

Despite the growth in literature on political corruption, contributions from field research are still exiguous. This book provides a timely and much needed addition to current research, bridging the gap and providing an innovative approach to the study of corruption and integrity in public administration.
Baker Berry JF1081 .T67 2016

Euroscepticism as a transnational and pan-European phenomenon : the emergence of a new sphere of opposition
edited by John FitzGibbon, Benjamin Leruth and Nick Startin
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Introduction / John FitzGibbon, Benjamin Leruth and Nick Startin -- Modelling transnational and pan-European Euroscepticism / Simon Usherwood -- To cooperate or not to cooperate? : the European radical right and pan-European cooperation / Nick Startin and Nathalie Brack -- Is "Eurorealism" the new "Euroscepticism"? : modern conservatism, the European conservatives and reformists and European integration / Benjamin Leruth -- Contesting integration : the radical left and Euroscepticism / Michael Holmes -- Transnational mobilization and critical Europeanism / Sevasti Chatzopoulou and Angela Bourne -- "Stop TTIP" : towards a transnational Eurosceptic opposing the transatlantic trade and investment partnership? / Dan Keith -- Transnational Euroscepticism as ideational solidarity? : the 'no' campaign in the Irish referendums on the Lisbon Treaty / John FitzGibbon -- Eurosceptic candidate MEPs in the news : a transnational perspective / Katjana Gattermann and Sofia Vasilopoulou -- Religion and the EU : a commitment under stress / Simona Guerra -- Conclusion / John FitzGibbon and Benjamin Leruth.
Baker Berry JN30 .E9727 2017

Forging peace in Southeast Asia : insurgencies, peace processes, and reconciliation
Abuza, Zachary, author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
Introduction -- Case study 1: The Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) -- Case study 2: The Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front -- Case study 3: The Barisan Revolusi Nasional, PULO and other Malay militant groups -- Conclusion.

"Since the 1970s, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand have wrestled with secessionist groups. Each government entered into peace talks then, though without any sincerity or willingness to make significant concessions. By the turn of the millennium, the governments of Indonesia and the Philippines began to reevaluate their strategies while insurgents came to the conclusion that the changed global environment and waning capabilities made victory unlikely. Further, the impact of the 2004 tsunami brought not only another impetus, but also the involvement of the international donor community and peace processes began in both countries where they were successfully implemented. Successful devolution of political and economic powers that protected the cultural rights of the minority population, as well as substantial wealth sharing brought an end to these conflicts. Such successful peace building efforts serve as both a model and counterpoint for Thailand. Each of the case studies begins with a history of the insurgency, an analysis of the insurgent group's organization, operations, tactics, and capabilities before delving into the history of the peace processes and analyzing the factors that made them successful. Nothing is harder than a peace process, but the lessons of Southeast Asia show that it is made possible through such factors as a national devaluation of power, bold and creative statesmanship, the successful neutralization of spoilers, and the role of neutral third party facilitators. These cases provide important lessons for the fields of counterinsurgency and peace making."--
Baker Berry JZ5584.A785 A38 2016

Public administration reforms in Europe : the view from the top
edited by Gerhard Hammerschmid, Professor of Public and Financial Management, Hertie School of Governance, Germany, Steven Van de Walle, Research Professor, Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven, Belgium, Rhys Andrews, Professor of Public Management, Cardiff Business School, UK, Philippe Bezes, Research Professor, CNRS, Centre d'études européennes, Sciences Po, France
Cheltenham, UK ; Edward Elgar Publishing, [2016]
Based on survey of more than 6700 top civil servants in 17 European countries, this book explores the impacts of new public management (NPM)-style reforms in Europe from a uniquely comparative perspective.
Baker Berry JN94.A58 P82 2016

Intelligence and information policy for national security : key terms and concepts
Goldman, Jan, author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
Baker Berry JF1525.I6 G65 2016

Handbook of European intelligence cultures
Bob de Graaff and James M. Nyce with Chelsea Locke
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
Baker Berry JF1525.I6 H36 2016

The international in security, security in the international
Bilgin, Pinar, 1971- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Limits of theorising about IR and security -- Critical theorizing about IR and security : Who does the theorising? -- How to access others' conceptions of the international? -- Inquiring into security in the international -- Inquiring into the international in security -- Civilisation, dialogue, in/security.
Baker Berry JZ1305 .B55 2017

Electing peace : violence prevention and impact at the polls
Jonas Claes, editor
Washington, DC : United States Institute of Peace Press, 2016
Introduction : the impact of prevention / Jonas Claes -- Bangladesh : political intransigence and weak prevention / Geoffrey Macdonald -- Thailand : electoral intimidation / Duncan McCargo and Petra Desatova -- Malawi : widespread tension, limited violence / Manuela Travaglianti -- Moldova : tense calm, regional instability / Dominik Tolksdorf -- Honduras : unrealized fears, ordinary violence / Elizabeth Murray -- Findings and conclusion / Jonas Claes and Geoffrey Macdonald.
Baker Berry JC328.6 .E428 2016

Genealogía del Estado desde América Latina : la invención del Estado Nación
Núñez Rodríguez, Carlos Juan, author
México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Centro de Investigaciones sobre América Latina y el Caribe, 2016
Baker Berry JA84.L3 N86 2016

Understanding geography and war : misperceptions, foundations, and prospects
Pickering, Steve author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry JC319 .P52 2017

Globalization : debunking the myths
Hebron, Lui, author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
Baker Berry JZ1318 .H427 2017

Cuando todo era posible : liberalismo y antiliberalismo en España e Hispanoamérica (1780-1842)
Encarna G. Monerris, Ivana Frasquet, Carmen G. Monerris (eds.)
Madrid : Sílex, 2016
Baker Berry JC574.2.S7 C83 2016

Citizenship in Cold War America : the national security state and the possibilities of dissent
Friedman, Andrea, author
Boston : University of Massachusetts Press, [2014]
Introduction: Citizenship stories in exceptional times -- Internal security, national security : psychological citizenship in the Cold War era -- The case of the war bride : liberal citizenship and human rights in the national security state -- The right to earn a living : loyalty, race, and economic citizenship -- "A dependent independence and a dominated dominion" : empire and semi-citizenship on the Cold War stage -- "The show of violence" : social citizenship, democracy, and the remaking of national security -- Conclusion: Exceptions, exceptionalism, and US citizenship.

Publisher's description: In the wake of 9/11, many Americans have deplored the dangers to liberty posed by a growing surveillance state. In this book, Andrea Friedman moves beyond the standard security/liberty dichotomy, weaving together often forgotten episodes of early Cold War history to reveal how the obsession with national security enabled dissent and fostered new imaginings of democracy. Friedman traverses immigration law and loyalty boards, popular culture and theoretical treatises, U.S. courtrooms and Puerto Rican jails, to demonstrate how Cold War repression made visible in new ways the unevenness and limitations of American citizenship. Highlighting the ways that race and gender shaped critiques and defenses of the national security regime, she offers new insight into the contradictions of Cold War political culture.
Baker Berry JK1759 .F85 2014

Les nouveaux visages du fascisme
Traverso, Enzo, interviewee
Paris : Textuel, [2017]
Baker Berry JC481 .T6935 2017

La difícil democracia : una mirada desde la periferia europea
Santos, Boaventura de Sousa, author
Madrid, España : Akal, [2016]
Baker Berry JC423 .S245518 2016

El socialismo : de la socialdemocracia al PSOE y viceversa
Paniagua, Javier
Madrid : Cátedra, c2016
Baker Berry JN8395.S6 P36 2016

Teorías y debates sobre la democracia participativa en la ciencia política contemporánea
Jaime Antonio Preciado Coronado (coordinador)
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México : Universidad de Guadalajara, 2015
Baker Berry JL966 .T46 2015

El sistema migratorio mesoamericano
Carlos Heredia Zubieta, coordinador
Tijuana, Baja California, México : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte ; 2016
Baker Berry JV7412 .S578 2016

Global political theory
edited by David Held and Pietro Maffettone
Malden, MA : Polity, 2016
Introduction : Globalization, Global Politics and the Cosmopolitan Plateau / David Held and Pietro Maffettone -- The Point and Ground of Human Rights / Reiner Forst -- Global Distributive Justice (1) : The Statist View / Michael Blake -- Global Distributive Justice (2) : The Cosmopolitan View / Darrell Moellendorf -- Global Political Justice / Terry McDonald -- The Legitimacy of International Law / David Lefkowitz -- Legitimacy and Global Governance / David Held and Pietro Maffettone -- Just War and Global Justice / Laura Valentini -- The Associativist Account of Killing in War / Seth Lazar -- Territorial Rights / David Miller and Margareth Moore -- Natural Resources / Leif Wenar -- Fairness in Trade / Aaron James -- The Ethical Aspects of International Financial Integration / Peter Dietsch -- Political Theory for the Anthropocene / Dale Jamieson and Marcello Di Paola -- Generations and Global Justice / Axel Gosseries and Danielle Zwarthoed.
Baker Berry JZ1306 .G655 2016

Emigrant dreams, immigrant borders : migrants, transnational encounters, and identity in Spain
Vega-Durán, Raquel, author
Lewisburg : Bucknell University Press, [2016]
Introduction : the migrant and the making of Spain -- When we were "the other" : emigrant memories and immigration in Spain -- Liminal paradoxes at and "in" the border : Ceuta, Melilla, and the Strait of Gibraltar -- Stretching the border : Atlantic Ocean, airport customs, and other crossings -- The "other" shore in contemporary Spanish cinema -- Repopulating "Madre Patria" : transatlantic encounters inside Spain -- Spain's integral diversity.
Baker Berry JV8252 .V44 2016

The rise of the far right in europe : populist shifts and 'othering'
Gabriella Lazaridis, Giovanna Campani, Annie Benveniste, editors
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
The results of the last European Elections of 2014 confirmed the rise of right and far right 'populist' parties across the EU. The success of a range of parties, such as Denmark's Dansk Folskeparti, Slovenia's Slovenska demokratska stranka, France's Front National, Greece's Golden Dawn, the United Kingdom Independence Party, Beppe Grillo's Five Star Movement in Italy and the Austrian FPÖ, has been perceived as a political wave which is transforming the face of the European Parliament, and challenging at some level the hegemony of the 'big four' well-established European political forces that lead the Strasbourg's assembly: the ALDE, EPP, S & D and Greens/ALE. As 'populism' has become a major issue in many EU countries, this collection aims to provide a critical understanding of related trends and recommend ways in which they can be challenged both in policy and praxis, by using the gender-race-ethnicity-sexual orientation intersectionality approach. This international volume combines extensive transnational comparative data analysis, as well as research at discursive, attitudinal and behavioural levels.
Baker Berry JC573.2.E85 R57 2016

La vulnerabilidad del mundo : democracias y violencias en la globalizacion
Leopoldo Múnera Ruiz, Matthieu de Nanteuil (Editores)
Bogota : Universidad NACIONAL de Colombia, 2014
Baker Berry JZ1318 .V85 2014

Intelligence security in the European Union : building a strategic intelligence community
Gruszczak, Artur, 1965- author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
This book investigates the emergence of an EU strategic intelligence community as a complex multi-dimensional networked construction. It examines the constitution, structure and performance of EU intelligence arrangements as part of security policies of the European Union. Intelligence security has become a remarkable feature of the European integration processes. This study assess the ability of EU Member States, as well as relevant institutions and agencies, to develop effective, legitimate and accountable institutions and mechanisms for collection, transmission, processing and exchange of intelligence. In this regard, synergy is a key indicator that validates the ability to create the European strategic intelligence community in the EU s legal and institutional framework. This groundbreaking project constructs a comprehensive model of the intelligence community as a distorted epistemic community tailored to singularities of EU security policies and systemic arrangements provided by EU institutions and agencies.
Baker Berry JN94.A56 G78 2016

Post-western world : how emerging powers are remaking global order
Stuenkel, Oliver, author
Cambridge, UK ; Polity Press, 2016
The Birth of Western-Centrism -- Power Shifts and the Rise of the Rest -- The Future of Soft Power -- Towards a Parallel Order : Finance, Trade and Investment -- Towards a Parallel Order : Security, Diplomacy and Infrastructure -- Post-Western World.
Baker Berry JZ1310 .S78 2016

Linguistic and cultural foreign policies of European states : 18th-20th centuries
edited by Karène Sanchez-Summerer and Willem Frijhoff
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry JZ1570 .L56 2017

No borders : the politics of immigration control and resistance
King, Natasha, author
London : Zed Books, [2016]
Introduction -- What Is a No Borders Politics? -- No Borders Politics in Practice: The No Borders Movement as a Spectrum of Action -- The Struggle for Mobility in Athens -- The Struggle for Mobility in Calais -- Conclusions: So What Is a No Borders Politics? -- Afterword

A highly original and provocative examination of 'no borders politics' and what this means within current contentious debates on migration.
Baker Berry JV7590 .K52 2016

Representations of European citizenship since 1951
Pukallus, Stefanie, author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
A civil Europe -- Homo oeconomicus (1951-1972) -- A people's Europe (1973-1992) -- Europe of transparency (1993-2004) -- Europe of agorai (2005-2009) -- Europe of rights (2010-2014).
Baker Berry JN40 .P839 2016

Documentos aprobados por el PCR a partir de su 1o Congreso, diciembre de 1969, hasta su 2o Congreso, abril de 1972
[Argentina] : Comité Central del PCR, [2005]
Baker Berry JL2098.C716 P36 2005

Documentos aprobados desde la ruptura con el PC revisionista hasta el 1o Congreso del PCR, 1967-1969
[Argentina] : Comité Central del PCR, [2003]
Baker Berry JL2098.C716 P34 2003

Documentos aprobados por el PCR a partir de su 2o congreso, abril de 1972, hasta su 3o congreso, marzo de 1974
[Argentina] : Comité Central del PCR, 2005
Baker Berry JL2098.C716 P37 2005

State formation after civil war : local government in national peace transitions
Powell, Derek (Lawyer), author
Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry JZ6300 .P69 2016

Malaise dans la démocratie
Le Goff, Jean-Pierre
Paris : Stock, [2016]
Baker Berry JC423 .L393 2016

Government zero : no borders, no language, no culture
Savage, Michael, 1942- author
New York ; Center Street, 2016
Government zero -- Zero leadership -- Zero strategy against ISIS -- Zero military -- Zero education -- Zero culture -- Zero immigration -- Zero religion : Lenin's pope -- Zero science -- Zero business sense -- Zero liberty -- Zero police -- Saving a nation with nationalism.

Argues that progressives and radical Islamists are working toward similar ends by compromising democratic principles to instill a government of absolute power without representation.
Baker Berry JC574.2.U6 S275 2016

Cultura política, género y movimientos sociales : una mirada desde las ciencias sociales
J. Benjamín Chapa García, Mirna Cázarez Vázquez, coordinadores
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México : Universidad de Guadalajara, Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades, 2015
Introducción -- Apuntes sobre el despojo, la resistencia y la autonomía indígena en México / Adrián Guillermo Hipólito Hernández, Jorge Regalado Santillán -- El movimiento #Yosoy132 de la ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco y la reconstrucción de la participación política / Oscar Ramón López Carrillo, María Guadalupe López Pedroza, Igor Israel González Aguirre -- Redes transnacionales de defensa sobre derechos humanos de migrantes en tránsito por México / Mónica Salmón Gómez -- La percepción de los primo-votantes sobre el sistema político mexicano en la zona metropolitana de Guadalajara / Oscar Espinoza García, Jaime Tamayo Rodríguez, Guadalupe Moreno González -- Estudiar la cultura política después de Almond y Verba: el enfoque clásico revistado / Rodrigo Alberto Reyes Carranza -- De intransigencias católicas y seculares: debates sobre libertad religiosa y secularización / Karina Morales Arias, Leticia Ruano Ruano -- La medición de la calidad de vida en un contexto de reciente urbanización / Joel Romo Navarro, J. Benjamín Chapa García, Juan José Morales Márquez -- ¿Las crisis económicas reducen la desigualdad social entre los hogares? / Máximo Ernesto Jaramillo Molina -- Incorporación de las mujeres a trabajos masculinizados: un acercamiento al mundo laboral de las mujeres policías en el municipio de Guadalajara / Sandra Rizo López, Elena de la Paz Hernández Aguila -- Profesionistas, género y uso del tiempo en México / Andrea Celeste Razón Gutiérrez, Beatriz Adriana Bustos Torres -- Cuerpos en traducción: notas de investigación en Juchitán de Zaragoza / Beatriz Nogueira Beltrao -- El aborto desde la perspectiva de las estudiantes de medicina / Verónica Rubí Beltrán, Patricia Ortega, Adriana Román Cabrera -- El Plan Colombia: entre la violencia y la intervención estadounidense, ¿mayor segruidad? / Ulises Vargas Gutiérrez, Abelardo Rodríguez Sumano -- De los autores.

To promote the training of graduates of the Masters in Social Sciences program at the Universidad de Guadalajara, this book is made up of thirteen chapters where individually or with accompanying teachers, graduate students of the generation 2012-2014 disclose the results of research conducted during their graduate-level development.
Baker Berry JL1281 .C825 2015

The Democratic Party of Japan in power : challenges and failures
edited by Yoichi Funabashi and Koichi Nakano ; translated by Kate Dunlop
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Introduction : The DPJ's Evolution and Three Years in Power / Koichi Nakano -- The Manifesto : Why was the DPJ Unable to Keep its Campaign Promises? / Koji Nakakita -- Political Leadership : The Failure of the DPJ's "Five Measures" / Akihisa Shiozaki -- The Economy and Public Finance : The Challenges and Setbacks of Reform / Hideaki Tanaka -- Foreign Policy and Security under the DPJ : From Idealism to Pragmatism / Ken Jimbo -- The Child Allowance : A Failed Attempt to Put "Children First" / Kumiko Hagiwara -- The DPJ's Mismanagement of Administration and Party : Was Ozawa Alone to Blame? / Koichi Nakano -- DPJ Election Strategy : The Dilemma of Landslide Victory / Phillip Y. Lipscy -- Conclusion : A Message to the DPJ : Be the Political Party of Reform. Improve Your Ability to Govern / Yoichi Funabashi.
Baker Berry JQ1698.M55 D46 2017

Performing citizenship : undocumented migrants in the United States
McThomas, Mary, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2016
The limitations of existing theories of citizenship -- Flipping our understanding of political obligation -- Dare to dream : state-level versions of the Dream act -- Rights v. privileges : driver authorization cards.
Baker Berry JV6483 .M336 2016

India-Pakistan nuclear diplomacy : constructivism and the prospects for nuclear arms control and disarmament in South Asia
Carranza, Mario Esteban, author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
Exploring nuclear reversals and the nuclear non-proliferation norm -- An impossible game: the myth of stable nuclear deterrence in South Asia -- International relations theories and Indo-Pakistani nuclear relations -- Explaining and forecasting nuclear reversals in South Asia: a constructivist framework -- A critique of U.S. nonproliferation policy toward South Asia during the Bush and Obama administrations -- Normalization and the future of Indo-Pakistani nuclear relations -- Conclusion: Indo-Pakistani nuclear relations as a global issue: constructivism and the road to a nuclear-weapon-free South Asia.
Baker Berry JZ6009.S64 C37 2016

Nature is a battlefield : towards a political ecology
Keucheyan, Razmig, author
Cambridge, UK ; Polity, [2016]
Baker Berry JA75.8 .K4813 2016

Fronteras simbolico-culturales, etnicas e internacionales : los efectos en la vida de las gentes y sus sociedades ;
Guillermo Alonso Menses, coordinador
Tijuana B.C. Mexico : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte ; 2016
Baker Berry JC323 .F765 2016

Dinamismo y diversidad en la ciencia política latinoamericana : VII Congreso de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Ciencia Política
Felipe Botero, Miguel García Sánchez, Laura Wills-Otero, Fredy Barrero (compiladores)
Bogotá, D.C., Colombia : Universidad de los Andes, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Departamento de Ciencia Política, abril del 2016
El Congreso de Alacip y la institucionalización de la disciplina / Felipe Botero, Miguel García, Laura Wills-Otero y Fredy Barrero -- Teoría y relaciones internacionales. Migración, ciudadanía y democracia : Argentina en estudio / María Paula Cicogna y Mercedes Kerz ; Os interesses americanos no pós-guerra fria : mudança nas prioridades dos Estados Unidos? / Flávio Contrera -- Actores sociales y movilización. O papel do capital social na (re)ativação da ação coletiva dos atingidos por barragens hidrelétricas no Brasil / Marcello Baquero ; Lideranças associativas e participação política no Brasil / Pompilio Locks Filho ; Relaciones y autonomía : caracterizaciones de un desafío teórico en el caso del movimiento de mujeres de Nicaragua / Humberto Meza -- Análisis espacial. Padrões regionais de votação nas eleições municipais brasileiras / Maria Teresa Miceli Kerbauy e Bruno Souza da Silva ; Indicadores políticos de las elecciones subnacionales peruanas : una mirada geoespacial / José Manuel Magallanes y José Luis Incio ; Padrões de dependência espacial de votação e gasto de campanha : discussão de estratégias para os candidatos a Deputado Federal de Minas Gerais 2006-2010 / Cíntia Pinheiro Ribeiro de Souza e Luís Felipe Guedes da Graça -- Elecciones, representación y democracia. Deputados e prefeitos : o nacional e o local na estructura de oportunidades políticas no Brasil / Simone Cuber Araujo Pinto ; Descentralización política y decisiones sobre la reforma electoral en las legislaturas estatales de México / Álvaro F. López Lara ; Abstencionismo y votos nulos en México : un modelo econométrico de sus determinantes / Irvin Mikhail Soto Zazueta ; Continuidad y cambio de los partidos de derecha chilenos : las almas de la derecha chilena / Andrea Gartenlaub González ; De indígenas, sin indígenas : representación de pueblos originarios en los órganos legislativos de la región andina / Mónica López Martínez.
Baker Berry JL966 .A875 2013

Power transition in Asia
edited by David Walton and Emilian Kavalski
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Continuity and Change in the Adjustments of Small and Middle Powers in Asia to the Power Shift to the East / David Walton -- The Theory and Practice of Power Shift Revisited / Michael Cox -- Hegemonic Turnover in East Asia : A Historical Review since the Nineteenth Century / Tung-Chieh Tsai and Tony Tai-Ting Liu -- Power Transition in Asia : The View from China / Ren Xiao -- Chinese IR Theory Responds to the Power Transition / Hung-jen Wang -- Pivots, Transitions, and Distractions : Power Transition Theory in East Asia and the US-Japan-China Relationship / Steven F. Jackson -- Australia's Asian Mirror / Malcolm Cook -- Sino-Indonesia relations towards 2050 : the burden of history and the burden of expectations / Steven Drakeley -- The Senkaku/Diaoyudao territorial dispute : Legal, historical, and political perspectives / Go Ito -- Indian Perceptions of the Power Transition / Harsh V. Pant -- China's Rise and the Future of Cross-Strait Relations : Certainty in the Midst of Uncertainty / Yitan Li and Enyu Zhang -- Russian Perceptions of the Power Transition / Artyom Lukin -- Vietnam Perceptions of the Power Transition / Kim Huynh and Thanh Hai Do -- Whether Power Transition and Whither if One? / Emilian Kavalski.
Baker Berry JZ1980 .P68 2017

What kind of democracy? : participation, inclusiveness and contestation
Vráblíková, Katerina, author
New York : Routledge, 2017
The landscape puzzle -- Inclusive contestation -- Micro level of political participation -- How do state structures matter? -- How does mobilization matter? -- How does political culture matter? -- Solving the landscape puzzle.
Baker Berry JF799 .V73 2017

What's wrong with the United Nations and how to fix it
Weiss, Thomas G. 1946- author
Cambridge, UK ; Polity Press, 2016
Part One: Diagnosing the Ills -- Westphalia, Alive But Not Well -- North-South Theater -- The Feudal System, or Dysfunctional Family -- Overwhelming Bureaucracy and Underwhelming Leadership -- Part Two: Palliatives if Not Cures -- Redefining National Interests -- Moving Beyond the North-South Divide -- Truly Delivering as One -- Reinvigorating the International Civil Service -- Conclusion: What's Next?.

"In this revised and updated third edition of his popular text, [the author] takes a diagnose-and-cure approach to the world organization's inherent difficulties. In the first half of the book, he considers: the problems of international leadership and decision making in a world of self-interested states; the diplomatic complications caused by the artificial divisions between the industrialized North and the global South; the structural problems of managing the UN's many overlapping jurisdictions, agencies, and bodies; and the challenges of bureaucracy and leadership. The second half shows how to mitigate these maladies and points the way to a world in which the UN's institutional ills might be 'cured.' Weiss's remedies are not based on pious hopes of a miracle cure for the UN, but rather on specific and encouraging examples that could be replicated. With considered optimism and in contrast to received wisdom, he contends that substantial change is both plausible and possible."--
Baker Berry JZ4984.5 .W456 2016

The case for closing the UN : international human rights : a study in hypocrisy
Dolinger, Jacob, author
Jerusalem, Israel ; Gefen Publishing House Ltd., [2016]
The Armenian genocide -- Hitler's accomplices before the war -- Complicity during the war -- Complicity after the war -- The universal declaration's origins and principles -- The misconceived Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- The ineffectiveness of the UN organization -- The modern succession of genocides -- UN and European cowardice -- The demoralized World Court -- The UN in the footsteps of Hitler -- A new world organization.
Baker Berry JZ4974 .D65 2016

Environmental cooperation as a tool for conflict transformation and resolution
Waisová, Šárka, author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2017]
The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict and environmental cooperation -- The Chinese-Taiwanese conflict and environmental cooperation -- The Indo-Pakistani conflict and environmental cooperation -- The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and environmental cooperation -- The North-South Korean conflict and environmental cooperation -- The Thai-Cambodian conflict and environmental cooperation.
Baker Berry JZ1324 .W35 2017

The official history of ASIO
Sydney : Allen & Unwin, 2014-<2015>
Volume 1. Spy catchers, 1949-1963 / D.M. Horner -- volume 2. The protest years, 1963-1975 / John Blaxland.

A three volume history of the role of ASIO in Australia's national security and history.

Intimate economies of immigration detention : critical perspectives
edited by Deirdre Conlon and Nancy Hiemstra
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Baker Berry JV6038 .I66 2017

Institutional reforms and peacebuilding : change, path-dependency and societal divisions in post-war communities
edited by Nadine Ansorg and Sabine Kurtenbach
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Does the Success of Institutional Reform Depend on the Depth of Divisions? : A Pilot Study on Thirty-Four African Countries / Matthias Basedau -- Matches and Misfits : Divided Societies and the Adoption of Power-Sharing / Gerald Schneider -- Socioinstitutional Congruence and Social Peace in Divided and Postconflict Societies / Artak Galyan -- The Challenges of Institutional Reforms in the Midst of War : Lessons from Colombia / Sabine Kurtenbach -- Introducing Institutional Reform: The Role of Sunset Clauses in Postconflict Power-Sharing Arrangements / Roland Schmidt and Artak Galyan -- Business and Institutional Reform in Hybrid Political Orders / Brian Ganson and Achim Wennmann -- The International Dimension of Postconflict Police Reform / Felix Haass, Julia Strasheim, and Nadine Ansorg -- Armed Disorder after Peace : Armed Actors, Conflict, and Reform in Nineteenth-Century Mexico, ca. 1820-1870 / Esteban Ramírez González -- Looking beyond Institutional Reform : Engaging with the Hybridization of Peace and Political Order. Two Cases from Oceania and West Africa / Volker Boege -- Conclusion : Institutional Reform and Peace Building / Nadine Ansorg and Sabine Kurtenbach.
Baker Berry JZ6300 .I55 2017

Migration borders freedom
Bauder, Harald, 1969- author
London ; Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Business, [2017]
Borders in perspective -- Access denied! -- From utopia to possibilia -- Mobility and domicile -- Sanctuary city -- Right to the future.

"In today's world, national citizenship determines a person's ability to migrate across borders. Migration Borders Freedom questions that premise. Recognizing the magnitude of deaths occurring at contemporary borders worldwide, the book problematizes the concept of the border and develops arguments for open borders and a world without borders. It explores alternative possibilities, ranging from the practical to the utopian, that link migration with ideas of community, citizenship, and belonging. The author calls into question the conventional political imagination that assumes migration and citizenship to be responsibilities of nation states, rather than cities. While the book draws on the theoretical work of thinkers such as Ernst Bloch, David Harvey, and Henry Lefebvre, it also presents international empirical examples of policies and practices on migration and claims of belonging. In this way, the book equips the reader with the practical and conceptual tools for political action, activist practice, and scholarly engagement to achieve greater justice for people who are on the move."--Publisher's description.
Baker Berry JC323 .B38 2017

Neocitizenship : political culture after democracy
Cherniavsky, Eva, 1960- author
New York : New York University Press, [2017]
Neocitizenship and critique -- Post-Soviet American studies -- Uncivil society in The white boy shuffle -- Beginnings without end : derealizing the political in Battlestar Galactica -- Unreal -- Refugees from this native dreamland.

"Neocitizenship explores how the constellation of political and economic forces of neoliberalism have assailed and arguably dismantled the institutions of modern democratic governance in the U.S. As overtly oligarchical structures of governance replace the operations of representative democracy, the book addresses the implications of this crisis for the practices and imaginaries of citizenship through the lens of popular culture. Rather than impugn the abject citizen-subject who embraces her degraded condition, Eva Cherniavsky asks what new or hybrid forms of civic agency emerge as popular sovereignty recedes. Drawing on a range of political theories, Neocitizenship also suggests that theory is at a disadvantage in thinking the historical present, since its analytical categories are wrought in the very historical contexts whose dissolution we now seek to comprehend. Cherniavsky thus supplements theory with a focus on popular culture that explores the de-democratization for citizenship in more generative and undecided ways. Tracing the contours of neocitizenship in fiction through examples such as The White Boy Shuffle and Distraction, television shows like Battlestar Galactica, and in the design of American studies abroad, Neocitizenship aims to take the measure of a transformation in process, while evading the twin lures of optimism and regret" -- Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry JK1726 .C43 2017

International public relations : perspectives from deeply divided societies
edited by Ian Somerville, Owen Hargie, Maureen Taylor and Margalit Toledano
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry JF1525.P8 I574 2017

La société écologique et ses ennemis : pour une histoire alternative de l'émancipation
Audier, Serge, author
Paris : La Découverte, [2017]
"Alors que monte la prise de conscience du péril environnemental, les obstacles à une véritable mutation écologique des sociétés contemporaines restent massifs et les modèles alternatifs peinent à s'imposer. Les traditions intellectuelles de la gauche semblent souvent impuissantes à apporter des réponses. Pire, n'ont-elles pas contribué, par leur culte des "forces productives", à l'impasse actuelle ? La généalogie intellectuelle proposée par Serge Audier revient sur des évidences trompeuses, notamment celle qui voudrait que les mouvements émancipateurs n'aient abordé que très tardivement les enjeux écologiques. On redécouvre certes peu à peu des voix minoritaires qui, de Henry D. Thoreau à William Morris, avaient manifesté très tôt un souci inédit de la nature. Mais en les érigeant en héros solitaires, on contribue à occulter une nébuleuse beaucoup plus large et méconnue qui, entre socialisme et anarchisme, a esquissé les traits d'une "société écologique". L'objectif de ce livre est d'exhumer et de reconstituer une pensée sociale de la nature et de l'émancipation, construite aux marges du "grand récit" socialiste et républicain. De fait, cette tendance dissidente a été ignorée, marginalisée, voire combattue par les courants hégémoniques, qui ont souvent vu dans l'écologie un conservatisme traditionaliste ou un romantisme réactionnaire... Si les "ennemis" de la "société écologique" se trouvent bien entendu du côté des forces du capitalisme, il serait faux et dangereux d'oublier qu'ils font aussi partie de l'histoire même de la gauche et du socialisme dans ses orientations majoritaires, encore prégnantes."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry JA75.8 .A93 2017

Public opinion towards the EU : triumphalism, Euroscepticism or banal representations?
Durach, Flavia, author
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Baker Berry JN30 .D87 2016

Comparative political transitions between Southeast Asia and the Middle East and North Africa : lost in transition
Del Rosario, Teresita Cruz- author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Introduction -- 1. Nascent and Latent: Differential Roles of Civil Society in Southeast Asia and the MENA Region -- 2. To Shoot or Not to Shoot: The Military in Political Transitions -- 3. Superpowers, Regional Hegemons, Ethno-nations, and Sectarian States: Identity Politics in Transition Regimes -- Conclusion: Transition(ing) to What?.

This book investigates the theme of global transitions with a cross-regional comparative study of two areas experiencing change over the past three decades: Southeast Asia and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Political transitions in Asia have been the subject of interest in academic and policy-making communities recently as there are encouraging signs of democratization in countries that exhibit elements of authoritarianism. In those countries with relatively open political systems, transitions to democracy have been complete - albeit messy, flawed, and highly contested. In contrast, countries of the MENA region that have been gripped by revolts in recent years find themselves in the midst of chaotic and uncontrollable transitions. Why are there such differences between these regions? What, if anything, can be learned and applied from the transitions in Southeast Asia? These questions are answered here as Asia's experience is contrasted with the Arab revolts and the struggle of the different countries in the MENA region to fashion a new social contract between states and citizens.
Baker Berry JQ1852.A91 D45 2016

When crime pays : money and muscle in Indian politics
Vaishnav, Milan, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2017
Lawmakers and lawbreakers : the puzzle of Indian democracy -- The rise of the rents Raj : India's corruption ecosystem -- Criminal enterprise : why criminals joined politics -- The costs of democracy : how money fuels muscle in elections -- Doing good by doing bad : the demand for criminality -- The salience of social divisions : how context shapes criminality -- Crime without punishment : from deep roots to proximate causes -- An entrenched marketplace : rethinking democratic accountability.
Baker Berry JQ229.C6 V35 2017

El estado cuartel en Venezuela : radiografía de un proyecto autoritario
Luis Alberto Buttó, José Alberto Olivar (coordinadores) ; ensayos de Franz von Bergen Granell, Jo-Ann Peña Angulo, José Alberto Olivar, Luis Alberto Buttó, Rosaura Guerra Pineda
Caracas : Negro sobre blanco, 2016
El estado cuartel en la Revolución Bolivariana (notas introductorias) / Luis Alberto Buttó -- Revolución Bolivariana y doctrina de seguridad nacional / Luis Alberto Buttó -- Partido de gobierno y relaciones civiles y militares en la Venezuela chavista / Franz von Bergen Granell -- Aproximación teórica: la autoridad en el Estado Cuartel en Venezuela / Jo-ann Peña Angulo -- La formación del "hombre nuevo" en la Revolución Bolivariana / Rosaura Guerra Pineda -- El discurso de orden del 5 de julio de 2014: la FANB toma la tribuna / José Alberto Olivar.
Baker Berry JL3820.C58 E78 2016

Leviathan : with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668
Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679
Indianapolis : Hackett Pub. Co., ©1994
pt. 1. Of man -- pt. 2. Of commonwealth -- pt. 3. Of a Christian commonwealth -- pt. 4. Of the kingdom of darkness.

The renowned work by the English political philosopher examines the structure of society and legitimate government, arguing for a social contract and rule by an absolute sovereign.
On Reserve at Baker Berry JC153 .H65 1994

Gerald Ford and the separation of powers : preserving the constitutional presidency in the post-Watergate period
Hindman, Alex E., author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2017]
The national nightmare is over -- The constitutional pillars of the presidency -- The veto power and the power to persuade -- Commander-in-chief and the armed forces -- Spymaster-in-chief and the intelligence community -- Take care clause and legislative encroachments -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry JK305 .H56 2017

Machiavelli on liberty and conflict
edited by David Johnston, Nadia Urbinati, and Camila Vergara
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2017
More than five hundred years after Machiavelli wrote 'The Prince', his landmark treatise on the pragmatic application of power remains a pivot point for debates on political thought. While scholars continue to investigate interpretations of 'The Prince' in different contexts throughout history, from the Renaissance to the Risorgimento and Italian unification, other fruitful lines of research explore how Machiavelli's ideas about power and leadership can further our understanding of contemporary political circumstances. This book has brought together the most recent research on 'The Prince', with contributions from many of the leading scholars of Machiavelli, including Quentin Skinner, Harvey Mansfield, Erica Benner, John McCormick, and Giovanni Giorgini. Organized into four sections, the book focuses first on Machiavelli's place in the history of political thought: Is he the last of the ancients or the creator of a new, distinctly modern conception of politics? And what might the answer to this question reveal about the impact of these disparate traditions on the founding of modern political philosophy? The second section contrasts current understandings of Machiavelli's view of virtues in 'The Prince'. The relationship between political leaders, popular power, and liberty is another perennial problem in studies of Machiavelli, and the third section develops several claims about that relationship. Finally, the fourth section explores the legacy of Machiavelli within the republican tradition of political thought and his relevance to enduring political issues.
Baker Berry JC143.M4 M3225 2017

La ilusión constitucional : sentido y límites del proceso constituyente
Alvarado, Claudio, author
Santiago, Chile : Instituto de Estudios de la Sociedad, 2016
Baker Berry JL2654 .A48 2016

Far-right politics in Europe
Camus, Jean-Yves, 1958- author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2017
Introduction: How the far right came into being -- What to do after fascism? -- White power -- The new right in all its diversity -- Religious fundamentalism -- The populist parties -- What's new to the east? -- Conclusion: How the far right may cease to be.

In Europe today, staunchly nationalist parties such as France's National Front and the Austrian Freedom Party are identified as far-right movements, though supporters seldom embrace that label. More often, "far-right" is pejorative, used by liberals to tar these groups with the taint of fascism, Nazism, and other discredited ideologies. Jean-Yves Camus and Nicolas Lebourg's critical look at the far right throughout Europe--from the United Kingdom to France, Germany, Poland, Italy, and elsewhere--reveals a pre-history and politics more complex than the stereotypes suggest and warns of the challenges these movements pose to the EU's liberal-democratic order. The European far right represents a confluence of many ideologies: nationalism, socialism, anti-Semitism, authoritarianism. In the first half of the twentieth century, the radical far right achieved its apotheosis in the regimes of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. But far-right movements have evolved significantly since 1945, as Far-Right Politics in Europe makes clear. The 1980s marked a turning point in political fortunes, as national-populist parties began winning seats in European parliaments. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, a new wave has unfurled, one that is explicitly anti-immigrant and Islamophobic in outlook. Though Europe's far-right parties differ in important respects, they are motivated by a common sense of mission: to save their homelands from the corrosive effects of multiculturalism and globalization by creating a closed-off, ethnically homogeneous society. Members of these movements are increasingly determined to gain power through legitimate electoral means. In democracies across Europe, they are succeeding.--
Baker Berry JC573.2.E85 C3613 2017

Why representation matters : the meaning of ethnic quotas in rural India
Chauchard, Simon, 1979- author
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Political representation and intergroup relations -- Untouchability in rural India: persistence and evolution -- Local representation in rural India: a view from the ground -- Theory: the impact of descriptive representation -- Quantitative methodology -- The material and tangible effects of descriptive representation -- The cognitive impact of descriptive representation -- The effects of descriptive representation on interpersonal relations -- Descriptive representation and intergroup relations in comparative perspective.
Baker Berry JQ620.R2859 C43 2017

Intelligence : from secrets to policy
Lowenthal, Mark M., author
Thousand Oaks, California : CQ Press, an imprint of SAGE, Publications, Inc., [2017]
What Is "Intelligence"? -- The Development of U.S. Intelligence -- The U.S. Intelligence Community -- The Intelligence Process -- Collection and the Collection Disciplines -- Analysis -- Counterintelligence -- Covert action -- The role of the policy maker -- Oversight and accountability -- The intelligence agenda, nation-states -- The intelligence agenda, transnational issues -- Ethical and moral issues in intelligence -- Intelligence reform -- Foreign intelligence services.
Baker Berry JK468.I6 L65 2017

The United Nations in international history
Sayward, Amy L., 1969- author
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
Introduction : an invitation -- The national and international origins of the United Nations -- The Cold War borderland -- Preventing war and promoting peace through social and economic programs -- The development enterprise -- Making and keeping the peace : U.N. peacekeeping and refugee assistance operations / Jeanna Kinnebrew and Amy L. Sayward -- The Middle East and the United Nations -- Defining human rights, international justice, and genocide / Amy L. Sayward with assistance from Alexandrea Collins -- Conclusion : join the conversation!

"Examines how the United Nations has developed as an international arena for diplomacy"--
Baker Berry JZ4984.5 .S29 2017

Thinking like a political scientist : a practical guide to research methods
Howard, Christopher, 1961- author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2017
Preface for students -- Preface for teachers -- Part I. Asking good questions. Who cares? ; What happened? ; Why? -- Part II. Generating good answers. Choosing a research design ; Choosing cases ; Using documents as evidence ; Using numbers as evidence.
Baker Berry JA71 .H69 2017

Forged through fire : war, peace, and the democratic bargain
Ferejohn, John A., author
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, a Division of W. W. Norton & Company, [2017]
The twenty-first-century wars without citizen armies -- Part I: From antiquity to medieval times -- War and democracy in classical Athens -- The glory that was Rome -- A millennium of landed aristocracy -- Part II: Monarchy and other experiments -- The emergence of monarchy in France and Spain -- War and representation in England, the Netherlands, and Sweden -- Italian republics -- Eastern lands in early modern Europe -- Mountain republics -- Part III: War and democracy -- The nineteenth-century pivot -- Twentieth-century wars of full mobilization -- War, racism, and civil rights in the United States.

"Is democracy dependent on war to survive? Peace, many would agree, is a goal that democratic nations should strive to achieve. Considering the question of whether democracy is dependent on war, two celebrated political scientists trace the ways in which governments have mobilised armies since antiquity. They find that our modern form of democracy not only evolved in a brutally competitive environment but also was quickly excised when the powerful no longer needed their citizenry to defend against existential threats. Bringing to life many of the battles that shaped our world, the authors show how centralised monarchies replaced feudalism, why dictatorships can mobilise large forces but often fail at long-term military campaigns and how drone warfare has weakened democracy. In the spirit of Francis Fukuyama and Niall Ferguson, Forged Through Fire has far-reaching implications and will become the centrepiece of the democratic debate." --
Baker Berry JZ6385 .F46 2017

Institutional origins of Islamist political mobilization
Mecham, Quinn, author
New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction -- Islam and political mobilization -- From the sacred to the state : a theory of Islamist mobilization -- A political geography of the sacred : variation in Islamist political mobilization across space and time -- Explaining low Islamist mobilization : Muslims and politics in Senegal -- Voting for welfare and virtue : Islamist electoral mobilization in Turkey -- When Islam defines politics : from voting to violence in Algeria -- Conclusion : the institutional origins of Islamist mobilization -- Epilogue : Islamist mobilization in the Arab uprisings.

"Muslim countries experience wide variation in levels of Islamist political mobilization, including such political activities as protest, voting, and violence. Institutional Origins of Islamist Political Mobilization provides a theory of the institutional origins of Islamist politics, focusing on the development of religious common knowledge, religious entrepreneurship, and coordinating focal points as critical to the success of Islamist activism. Examining Islamist politics in more than 50 countries over four decades, the book illustrates that Islamist political activism varies a great deal, appearing in specific types of institutional contexts. Detailed case studies of Turkey, Algeria, and Senegal demonstrate how diverse contexts yield different types of Islamist politics across the Muslim world"--
Baker Berry JQ1852.A91 M43 2017

The party politics of presidential rhetoric
Cavari, Amnon, author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Presidents, public opinion, and the political parties -- Assessing presidential communications -- The effect of presidential rhetoric on the attentive audience -- The short term effect of presidential rhetoric -- Presidential leadership of partisan opinion -- The public agenda and the reputations of the parties for handling policy -- Presidential rhetoric and the public agenda -- Presidential rhetoric and party reputations for handling policy -- The interplay of macrohandling and macropartisanship -- The party politics of presidential rhetoric.

"This book demonstrates that presidents are successful leaders of public opinion - once we recognize the dynamics of public opinion, and the partisan nature of the presidents' activities and public response to them. Presidents have a significant advantage over every other political actor in reaching and affecting the views and preferences of Americans"--
Baker Berry JK516 .C39 2017

Civil wars and third-party interventions in Africa
Mattoon, Audrey, 1987- author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, imprint is published by Springer Nature, [2017]
Baker Berry JZ6368 .M386 2017

Nation-building as necessary effort in fragile states
Grotenhuis, René, author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2016]
Cover; Table of contents; Prologue: The urgency of reality; 1. Struggling in the world of nation-states; Nation-state: Self-determinatioń and international acceptance; The puzzling nation-state; 2. Nation and state; The Montevideo Convention: The defined state; The undefined nation; Nation and state intertwined; Does the state presuppose a nation?; Does the nation presuppose a state?; War and the making of the nation-state; An ideal model for the nation-state?; The nation-state in a globalizing world; The changing map of the world; The nation-state: A coveted object; The absent state
Baker Berry JZ6300 .G76 2016

Refugees and the ethics of forced displacement
Parekh, Serena, 1974- author
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
The moral significance of the refugee regime -- Refugees in contemporary political philosophy -- Hannah Arendt and the ontological deprivation of statelessness -- Responsibility for the forcibly displaced.
Baker Berry JV6346 .P37 2017

Understanding Korean public administration : lessons learned from practice
edited by Kwang-Kook Park, Wonhee Lee, and Seok-Hwan Lee
London ; Routledge, 2016
Understanding public administration in Korea : the need for sharing models in government reforms / Kwang-Kook Park, Wonhee Lee, and Seok-Hwan Lee -- Evolution of the developmental state and government capacity in Korea : achievements and challenges / M. Jae Moon -- The role of planning and government in economic development / Jin Park -- Korean government organization : the developmental state and its transformation / Keunsei Kim and Hyunshin Park -- Korean public personnel management / Kyung-Ho Cho -- Budget and financial management / Wonhee Lee -- Performance management in Korea : prospects and challenges / Seok-Hwan Lee -- Local government / Young-Chool Choi -- Roles and reforms of public enterprises / Sang Cheoul Lee -- Urban development / Jong Youl Lee and Chad Anderson -- Electronic government / Seunghwan Myeong -- Administrative control : ensuring accountable bureaucracy / Sung-Jun Myung -- Historical review of the anticorruption policy in Korea : progress and challenges / Kilkon Ko -- Government innovation / Kwang-Kook Park.
Baker Berry JQ1725 .U54 2016

Assessing the balance of power in central-local relations in China
edited by John A. Donaldson
London ; Routledge, 2017
Introduction : Understanding Central-Local Relations in China / John A. Donaldson -- Central-Provincial Power Relations in the Fiscal Realm of China, 1980-2014 / S. Philip Hsu -- China's Perforated Investment Control, 1978-2013 / Yukyung Yeo -- China's Regional Development Policy / Long Yang -- China's Administrative Hierarchy : The Balance of Power and Winners and Losers Within China's Levels of Government / John A. Donaldson -- Implementation : Changing Norms, Issue-Variance, and Unending Tugs of War / Jae Ho Chung -- China's Culture Policy and the Central-Local Relationship / Tse-Kang Leng -- Recentralization in China's Social Welfare Regime / Xufeng Zhu -- Central-Local Interactions in Foreign Affairs / Mingjiang Li.
Baker Berry JQ1506.S8 A77 2017

日本帝国崩壊期「引揚げ」の比較研究 : 国際関係と地域の視点から / 編著今泉裕美子, 柳沢遊, 木村健二
Tōkyō : Nihon Keizai Hyōronsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan JV6217.5 N54 2016

The bureaucrat kings : the origins and underpinnings of America's bureaucratic state
Moreno, Paul D., 1965- author
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2017]
Preface : the new ruling class -- The roots of the founders' constitution -- A limited state : the American government's first century -- The first steps toward a bureaucratic state, 1865-1899 -- The first wave of the administrative state : the progressive era, 1900-1930 -- The second wave : the New Deal era, 1930-1945 -- The third wave : the Great Society and the new social regulation, 1945-1975 -- The fourth wave : from partial deregulation to reregulation, 1975-2010 -- Conclusion : the way out.
Baker Berry JK421 .M56 2017

Rethinking security in the twenty first century : a reader
Edwin Daniel Jacob, editor
New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry JZ5588 .R4935 2017

The best democracy money can buy : a tale of billionaires & ballot bandits
Palast, Greg, author
New York, NY : Seven Stories Press, [2016]
A hostile takeover of America / by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- The great white hope machine -- Americans are insane -- Interstate Crosscheck: the ballot box death star -- Lynching by laptop -- How to steal an election -- Ballots Inc. -- Petroleum porn: the xxxl pipeline -- The vulture -- One thousand $100 bills -- Target 67C -- Christians, cannibals, and diamonds -- The hunt for triad -- Manchurian candidates -- Karl Rove confidential -- The hysteria factory -- Tears of a clone -- A few good men (very few) -- The purge'n general -- Tales from the crypt of democracy / by Ted Rall, based on the Greg Palast investigation -- The ex-con con-job -- Indians spoiled rotten -- Apple pie apartheid -- It's magic! -- The placebo ballot -- Going postal -- Block the vote -- Aliens attack! I'm de-pressed -- So these ten nuns walk into a ... -- Stuffed -- Wiped away in 8 mile -- Restoring the billionaire's future -- Conclusion: mighty stream.

An investigative journalist provides an expose of intrigue, financial misdeeds, and other machinations at the highest level of American politics.
Baker Berry JK2249 .P35 2016

The fourth branch of government : we the people
Trammell, Jack, author
[Richmond, VA] : Brandylane Publishers, Inc., [2016]
With the explosion of social media and the Internet, practically everyone in America has instant access to the news and a greater ability to follow what is happening anywhere. As a result, we are a culture and a nation that is bombarded with information. However, we are coping poorly with that assault and using an outdated framework for our governance. Many people feel disconnected from the very mechanisms and people who are supposed to represent their interests. The Fourth Branch of Government is about updating the framework of our democracy. It is a movement whose time has come, and one that the Founding Fathers envisioned. This book outlines a road map for how change can be facilitated, as well as a rationale for why it is absolutely necessary and urgent. The only way to update our democracy and make it relevant to the 21st century is to call for a Constitutional Convention. In that forum, we can consider changes like eliminating the Electoral College, or implementing e-voting - perhaps even changes leading to a broader and more direct participation in our governance, the Fourth Branch of Government.--
Baker Berry JK1764 .T73 2016

Social and cultural foundations in global studies
Stoddard, Eve Walsh, 1949- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
What is global studies? -- A history of globalization -- Key concepts and processes in the globalization of culture -- Introduction to the case studies -- Global news media : from the BBC and CNN to al Jazeera and Telesur -- Indigenous peoples and intellectual property rights -- NGOs, humanitarianism, and the cultural construction of global hierarchy -- Climate change and changing global imaginaries -- Transnational LGBT identities : liberation or westernization? -- The islamic veil and the global politics of gender -- "Keeping it real" : state, corporate, or underground voices in global hip-hop -- Yoga in America : competitive sport or spiritual quest? -- Global solidarity movements : Palestine, Tibet, and beyond -- Conclusion to case studies.
Baker Berry JZ1318 .S748 2017

Egalitarianism and global justice : from a relational perspective
Ip, Kevin, K. W., author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Baker Berry JC578 .I63 2016

The British coalition government, 2010-2015 : a marriage of inconvenience
Dorey, Peter, 1959- author
London : This Palgrave Macmillan imprint is published by Springer Nature, [2016]
Baker Berry JN238 .D67 2016

The debate on Postcolonial theory and the specter of capital
Chibber, Vivek, 1965- author
London ; Verso, 2017
"Leading thinkers' critiques of award-winning Postcolonial Theory, as well as the author's responses and reformulations. Vivek Chibber's Postcolonial Theory and the Specter of Capital was hailed on publication as "without any doubt & a bomb," and "the most substantive effort to dismantle the field through historical reasoning published to date." It immediately unleashed one of the most important recent debates in social theory, ranging across the humanities and social sciences, on the status of postcolonial studies, modernity, and much else."--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry JV51 .C47 2017

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