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J - Political Science Acquisitions during August 2016

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London : Europa Publications Limited, [1930-1959]
I. The encyclopædia of Europe -- II. European who's who -- III. European archives [consisting of the superseded sheets of The encyclopædia of Europe].
Baker Berry JN1 .E85

Diplomatie haïtienne : un grand chantier
Dumas, Pierre-Raymond, author
[Port-au-Prince, Haïti?] : [publisher not identified], [2015]
Baker Berry JZ1536 .D86 2015

Éléments d'une réforme politique : démocratie en Haïti : les défis, les exigences
Dorcile, Levelt, author
[Port-au-Prince, Haïti?] : [publisher not identified], [2015]
Study of democracy in Haiti that looks at the challenges facing democracy and the conditions needed to attain true democracy. Presents various case studies as historical background. A basic source to understand the democratic process in contemporary Haiti.
Baker Berry JL1090 .D67 2015

The art of freedom : on the dialectics of democratic existence
Rebentisch, Juliane, 1970- author
Cambridge ; Polity Press, [2016]
Baker Berry JC423 .R325713 2016

Between past orthodoxies and the future of globalization : contemporary philosophical problems
edited by Alexander N. Chumakov and William C. Gay
Leiden : Brill-Rodopi, [2016]
Baker Berry JZ1318 .B475 2016

¿Por qué el estado es débil? : el caso de Venezuela
González Madriz, Yelitza, author
Granada : Editorial Comares, S.L., 2015
Baker Berry JL3831 .G66 2015

Power, protest, and the future of democracy
edited by Jeff Gauthier
Charlottesville, Virginia : Philosophy Documentation Center, [2015]
Baker Berry JA76 .I584 2015

Estudios sobre inmigración : selección de textos de los simposios internacionales, 2007-2010
[Madrid] : Ciudadanía y Valores, Fundación ; [2011]
Contains selected contributions to various international conferences on immigration held 2007-2010.
Baker Berry JV6011 .E88 2011

Democratic dynasties : state, party, and family in contemporary Indian politics
edited by Kanchan Chandra (New York University)
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Baker Berry JQ298.A1 D46 2016

In defense of pluralism : policy disagreement and its media coverage
Montpetit, Éric, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
1. Introduction: shouts, shoes, and insults -- 2. Disagreement and tone in the media -- 3. Frames, metaphors and disagreement in the media -- 4. Measuring disagreement among policy actors -- 5. Do contentious actors stall policy? -- 6. Who disagrees with whom and why? -- 7. Appreciating the pluralist politics of policy-making.

"The work of early pluralist thinkers, from Arthur Bentley to Robert Dahl, inspired much optimism about democracy. They argued that democracy was functioning well, despite disagreements arising among the diversity of interests represented in policy-making processes. Yet it is unlikely that anyone paying attention to news coverage today would share such optimism. The media portray current policy-making processes as intractably polarized, devoid of any opportunity to move forward and adopt essential policy changes. This book aims to revive our long-lost sense of optimism about policy-making and democracy. Through original research into biotechnology policy-making in North America and Europe, Éric Montpetit shows that the depiction of policy-making offered by early pluralist thinkers is not so far off the present reality. Today's policy decision-making process - complete with disagreement among the participants - is consistent with what might be expected in a pluralist society, in sharp contrast with the negative image projected by the media"--
Baker Berry JF1525.P6 M76 2016

After Obama : renewing American leadership, restoring global order
Singh, Robert, author
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry JZ1480 .S49 2016

El quiebro del PSOE en 1933-1934 : del gobierno a la revolución
Arbeloa, Víctor Manuel, author
Madrid : ACCI, Asociación Cultural y Científica Iberoamericana, 2015
Baker Berry JN8395.S6 A752 2015

Patronazgo y clientelismo en la monarquía hispánica (siglos XVI-XIX)
José María Imízcoz Beunza, Andoni Artola Renedo (coords.)
[Bilbao] : Universidad del País Vasco = Euskal Herriko Uniberstsitatea, [2016]
Baker Berry JN8341 .P38 2016

习近平谈治国理政 / 习近平著
习近平, author
Beijing : Wai wen chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian JQ1510 .X525 2014

Rethinking antifascism : history, memory and politics, 1922 to the present
edited by Hugo García, Mercedes Yusta, Xavier Tabet and Cristina Clímaco
New York : Berghahn Books, 2016
Introduction : Beyond Revisionism : Rethinking Antifascism in the Twenty-First Century / Hugo García, Mercedes Yusta, Xavier Tabet, Cristina Clímaco -- Freedom for Thälmann! The Comintern and the Orchestration of the Campaign to Free Ernst Thälmann, 1933-39 / Anson Rabinbach -- Was the French Popular Front Antifascist? / Michael Seidman -- "Beyond Cable Street" : New Approaches to the Historiography of Antifascism in Britain in the 1930s / Tom Buchanan -- Searching for Antifascism: Historiography, the Crisis of the Liberal State and the Birth of Fascism and Antifascism in Italy, Spain and Portugal / Giulia Albanese -- Was there an Antifascist Culture in Spain during the 1930s? / Hugo García -- Portugal within the European Antifascist Movement, 1922-39 / Cristina Clímaco -- The Argentine Antifascist Movement and the Building of a Tempting Domestic Appeal, 1922-46 / Andrés Bisso -- Women and Antifascism : Historiographical and Methodological Approaches / Isabelle Richet -- The Strained Courtship between Antifascism and Feminism: from the Women's World Committee (1934) to the Women's International Democratic Federation (1945) / Mercedes Yusta -- From Antifascistas to PAF : Lexical and Political Interpretations of American International Brigaders in Spain and World War II / Robert S. Coale -- An Antifascist Political Identity? : On the Cult of Antifascism in the Soviet Union and post-Socialist Russia / José María Faraldo -- The Burden of the Rear-view Mirror: Myth and Historiography of Republican Antifascism in France / Gilles Vergnon -- Did Revisionism Win? : Italy between Loss of Historical Consciousness and Nostalgia for the Past / Stéphanie Prezioso -- Antifascism and the Resistance : Public Debates and Politics of Memory in Italy from the 1990s to Today / Filippo Focardi -- In Search of the Lost Narrative : Antifascism and Democracy in Present Day Spain / Javier Muñoz Soro -- Dictatorship and Revolution : Disputes over Collective Memory in Post-Authoritarian Portugal / Manuel Loff and Luciana Soutelo -- Antifascism between Collective Memory and Historical Revisions / Enzo Traverso.
Baker Berry JC481 .R4638 2016

國民党政府政治制度史词典 = Guomindangzhengzhizhidushicidian / 孔庆泰等编著
合肥市 : 安徽敎育出版社, 2000
Ben shu shi yi bu zhun que xing, ke xin xing, ke xue xing jiao wei you sheng de ci dian ben ci dian suo she ji zhi 400 duo tiao ci mu, nai shu yan jiu guo min dang zheng fu zheng zhi zhi du shi bi bu ke shao de ji ben nei rong dui zhong hua min guo shi qi ta yan jiu ling yu, yi ju can kao jia zhi.
Baker Berry East Asian JQ1501.A25 G86 2000

Democracy in China : challenge or opportunity
Yu, Keping, author
Hackensack, New Jersey : World Scientific ; [2016]
Baker Berry JQ1516 .Y79 2016

Presidential debates : risky business on the campaign trail
Schroeder, Alan, 1954- author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry JF2112.D43 S37 2016

To the Secretary : leaked embassy cables and America's foreign policy disconnect
Thompson-Jones, Mary A., author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2016]
251,287 leaked cables: Monday, November 29, 2010 -- Anti-Americanism: Let's burn the flag! -- Crises: "Post will continue to monitor the situation" -- Travel: to the ends of the Earth -- Frenemies: the faces behind diplomacy -- Wild animals: noble causes and jungle diplomacy -- Corruption: immunity, impunity, and impudence -- Iraq: diplomacy in a war zone -- Hillary Clinton: the good enough secretary.

"When the world awoke on November 28, 2010, and read the first of the 251,287 State Department cables made public by WikiLeaks, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini warned, 'It will be the September 11th of world diplomacy.' The WikiLeaks scandal certainly stirred tempers around the world, but it was not the implosion that many leaders expected: rather, it shed a new spotlight on the work of the U.S. foreign service. In To the Secretary, Mary Thompson-Jones explores the most fascinating and overlooked of these cables to offer an unparalleled window into the day-to-day work of U.S. diplomats, demystifying the lives of those who implement America's foreign policy across the globe. From the story of Bulgaria's Aleksi "the Tractor" Petrov to disappearing ballot ink in Ukraine, a Honduran coup d'état, or disaster relief for a devastated Haiti, To the Secretary depicts the work of ambassadors and foreign service officers through their firsthand narratives dealing with crises, corruption, and testy world leaders. Negotiating distinctly un-American customs and corridors of power, these shrewd brokers in embassies from Argentina to Zimbabwe worked tirelessly to promote American diplomacy in a world frequently hostile to the United States. To the Secretary also reveals the disconnect that diplomats face at home, guided by conflicting approaches from multiple Washington stakeholders intent on their own agenda, often unaware of realities on the ground. In an honest assessment of America's foreign policy challenges, Thompson-Jones describes the deepening gulf between decision makers in Washington and their diplomats in the field. From misinterpreted analyses of anti-Americanism to Washington's unwillingness to send resources to support diplomatic activities that could make a difference, To the Secretary shows what policymakers can learn from diplomats abroad-and how this can strengthen America's place in an unstable world"--dust jacket.
Baker Berry JZ1480 .T46 2016

Political animals : how our Stone Age brain gets in the way of smart politics
Shenkman, Richard, author
New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2016]
INTRODUCTION: the mismatch: why we can't trust our instincts -- PART I: Curiosity -- 1. The Michael Jordan lesson: why people who don't vote and don't follow the news don't think they need to -- 2. We're political animals: so why aren't we better at politics? -- 3. Your 150 closest friends: how many people do you know? -- PART II: Reading people -- 4. Why we are surprised when our leaders disappoint us: the mistake even smart voters make -- 5. 167 milliseconds: the amazing speed at which we draw conclusions about people -- PART III: Truth -- 6. Lying to ourselves: the high cost of self-deception and why we can't stop ourselves -- 7. Do we really want the truth? Why we often seem less interested in the truth than we profess -- 8. Everything happens for a reason: it's just not kids who prefer fairy tales -- 9. It's like it was still 1974: why people make arguments so transparently feeble they leave others dumbstruck -- PART IV: Empathy -- 10. When it happens to you: the limits to empathy -- 11. The accountant's error: the danger of relying on our gut -- CONCLUSION: A way forward: solutions are at our fingertips if only we grasp them -- CODA: The widow's advantage: and what we can learn from her.

This book "challenges us to go beyond the headlines, which often focus on what politicians do (or say they'll do), and to concentrate instead on what's really important: what shapes our response. Shenkman argues that, contrary to what we tell ourselves, it's our instincts rather than arguments appealing to reason that usually prevail. Pop culture tells us we can trust our instincts, but science is proving that when it comes to politics our Stone-Age brain often malfunctions, misfires, and leads us astray"--Dust jacket flap.
Baker Berry JK1726 .S54 2016

Pensar desde la resistencia anticapitalista y la autonomia
Rafael Sandoval Ed. ; Jorge Alonso and 10 others
México, D.F. : CIESAS, [2015]
Baker Berry JZ1318 .P46 2015

Lo que dejamos atrás..., lo que vinimos a encontrar : trabajo precario, nuevos patrones de asentamiento en Estados Unidos y retorno a México
María Eugenia D'Aubeterre Buznego, María Leticia Rivermar Pérez, editoras
Puebla : Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades "Alfonso Vélez Pliego", 2015
Flujos migratorios tardíos y retornos en el estado de Puebla / María Eugenia D'Aubeterre Buznego, María Leticia Rivermar Pérez -- ¡Aquí estamos las pahuatecas para hacerles el trabajo!: migración acelerada a Estados Unidos en la Sierra Norte de Puebla y transiciones en el patrón de movilidad de las mujeres / María Eugenia D'Aubeterre Buznego -- Migración y explotación: mestizos y otomíes en la industria de la construcción de la costa este de Estados Unidos / María Leticia Rivermar Pérez, María de Lourdes Flores Morales -- Desarticulación de la agricultura y turismo mágico en Pahuatlán del Valle: ¿nuevas formas de configuración del trabajo rural? / Armando Carrera Trejo -- "En Estados Unidos, no tienes libertad?: ilegalidad, la gran recesión y migración de retorno en Zapotitlán Salinas, 2007-2011 / Alison Elizabeth Lee -- Reinserción familiar, económica y social de migrantes retornados a Zapotitlán Salinas / Mario Macías, Karla Buenrosto -- Conurbación y trabajo asalariado en Santo Tomás Chautla, un pueblo de canteros / María Eugenia D'Aubeterre Buznego, María Leticia Rivermar Pérez, Desireé González Otero.
Baker Berry JV7401 .L6 2015

Fields of authority : special purpose governance in Ontario, 1815-2015
Lucas, Jack, 1987-, author
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press, 2016
"Everywhere we turn in Canadian local politics--from policing to transit, education to public health, planning to utilities--we encounter a peculiar institutional animal: the special purpose body. These "ABCs" of local government--library boards, school boards, transit authorities, and many others--provide vital public services, spend large sums of public money, and raise important questions about local democratic accountability. In Fields of Authority, Jack Lucas provides the first systematic exploration of local special purpose bodies in Ontario. Drawing on extensive research in local and provincial archives, Lucas uses a "policy fields" approach to explain how these local bodies in Ontario have developed from the nineteenth century to the present. A lively and accessible study, Fields of Authority, will appeal to readers interested in Canadian political history, urban politics, and urban public policy."--
Baker Berry JS1721.O6 L82 2016

Morbid symptoms : relapse in the Arab uprising
Achcar, Gilbert, author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2016
Introduction : of revolutionary cycles and seasons -- "Democratic transition" and revolutionary process -- One revolution, two counter-revolutions -- Syria : the clash of barbarisms -- The abandonment of the Syrian people -- The making of the Syrian disaster -- The Assad regime's preferred enemy -- Turkey's and the Gulf monarchies' preferred friends -- The Syrian predicament -- Russian intervention and Western wavering -- Whither Syria? -- Egypt : the "23 July" of Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi -- How the Muslim Brotherhood's bid for power unfolded -- Neither lion nor fox -- Incensing the country -- Enter Tamarrod -- Nasserist illusions -- The military's second hijacking of the people's will -- The ruthless rise of Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi -- The tailoring of Sisi's presidential suit -- The farcical aspect of Egypt's tragedy -- Neoliberal constancy -- Megalomania and megaprojects -- The military's takeover of Egypt -- Whither Egypt? -- Conclusion : "Arab winter" and hope -- Libya and Yemen : two variations on the same tune -- The Tunisian "model" and its limits -- The Arab left and the strategic challenge.
Baker Berry JQ1850.A91 A335 2016

War no more : three centuries of American antiwar and peace writing
Lawrence Rosenwald, editor
New York, N.Y. : The Library Of America, [2016]
"Americans have been at war for most of our history as a people. Wars of conquest gave way to wars of empire, the Civil War to the World Wars, and the Cold War to the War on Terror. Our national anthem celebrates heroism under fire, and martial imagery permeates our politics and our pastimes. But at every turn in this history, Americans have questioned and resisted both particular wars and justifications for war in general. Taking up the pen instead of the sword, they have produced a body of literature of great passion and power, a homegrown American tradition that refuses the proposition that war is the inevitable price of liberty or prosperity - that dares to envision a world where people learn war no more. Gathering essays, letters, speeches, memoirs, songs, poems, cartoons, leaflets, stories, and other works by nearly 150 writers from the colonial era to the present, War No More brings this extraordinary writing together for the first time in a single volume"--
Baker Berry JZ5584.U6 W376 2016

第 1 版
刘仁坤, author
本书从"地主阶级的社会革命新思想"、"效仿西方发展工业变革中国洋务思想"、"变革中国社会的改良思想"、二十世纪初的社会革命思想以及新文化运动的兴起等五个大方面对晚清社会时期社会思想的变迁进行了梳理和分析, 对研究此时期的社会思想变革有一定的借鉴意义
Baker Berry East Asian JA84.C6 L68 2015

British human rights organizations and Soviet dissent, 1965-1985
Hurst, Mark, 1987- author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2016
Machine generated contents note: -- Introduction -- 1. Amnesty and the Soviet Union -- 2. The Research Department -- 3. The Chronicle of Current Events -- 4. The Reception of Psychiatric abuse -- 5. The Organised Response -- 6. SCPAP and the Royal College of Psychiatrists -- 7. The Women's Campaign for Soviet Jewry -- 8. Keston College -- 9. A Network of Activism -- Conclusions -- Bibliography -- List of Interviews -- Index.

"In the latter half of the 20th century, a number of dissidents engaged in a series of campaigns against the Soviet authorities and as a result were subjected to an array of cruel and violent punishments. A collection of like-minded activists in Britain campaigned on their behalf, and formed a variety of organizations to publicise their plight. British Human Rights Organizations and Soviet Dissent, 1965-1985 examines the efforts of these activists, exploring how influential their activism was in shaping the wider public awareness of Soviet human rights violations in the context of the Cold War. Mark Hurst explores the British response to Soviet human rights violation, drawing on extensive archival work and interviews with key individuals from the period. This book examines the network of human rights activists in Britain, and demonstrates that in order to be fully understood, the Soviet dissident movement needs to be considered in an international context"--
Baker Berry JC599.S58 H87 2016

Los otros dreamers
Anderson, Jill
Mexico City : Jill Anderson & Nin Solis, ©2014
Baker Berry JV7409.M49 A53 2014

Una aproximación demográfica a la población extranjera en España
Arroyo Pérez, Andrés, author
Madrid : Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social, [2014]
Baker Berry JV8252.Z5 A77 2014

La "vía chilena" al socialismo (1970-1973) : un itinerario geohistórico de la Unidad Popular en el sistema-mundo
Garrido Soto, Luis, author
Santiago de Chile : Ediciones Universidad Alberto Hurtado, 2015
Baker Berry JL2698.U5 G377 2015

Jornadas Diputación de Sevilla 200 años de Historia : Casa de la Provincia, Sevilla, 25, 26 y 27 de noviembre de 2013
coordinación de la edición, José Reina Macías
Sevilla : Diputación Provincial de Sevilla, 2015
Baker Berry JN8399.S43 J67 2013x

Hanna Fenichel Pitkin : politics, judgment, action
Pitkin, Hanna Fenichel, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
Hanna Fenichel Pitkin and the dilemmas of political thinking / Dean Mathiowetz -- Action and membership (1984) -- Food and freedom in The flounder (1984) -- Slippery Bentham : some neglected cracks in the foundation of utilitarianism (1990) -- Obligation and consent (1965-1966) -- Two selections on Plato's Republic from Wittgenstein and justice (1972) -- Relativism : a lecture (1984-- Justice : on relating private and public (1981) -- Judgment and autonomy (1984) -- The citizen and his rivals (1984) -- The mandate-independence controversy (1967) -- Representation and democracy : uneasy alliance (*2004) -- Absent authority : Marx (1998) -- The social in The human condition (1998) -- AN interview with Hanna Fenichel Pitkin.
Baker Berry JA71 .P566 2016

The future of freedom : illiberal democracy at home and abroad
Zakaria, Fareed
New York : W.W. Norton & Co., ©2007
The democratic age -- A brief history of human liberty -- The twisted path -- Illiberal democracy -- The Islamic exception -- Too much of a good thing -- The death of authority -- The way out.
Baker Berry JC423 .Z35 2007

Freedom from fear, freedom from want : an introduction to human security
Hanlon, Robert J., author
Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2016]
"Adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want is a brief introduction to human security, conflict, and development. The book analyzes such key human security issues as climate change, crimes against humanity, humanitarian intervention, international law, poverty, terrorism and transnational crime, among others. The authors encourage readers to critically assess emerging threats while evaluating potential mechanisms of deterrence such as conflict resolution, economic development, diplomacy, peacekeeping, international law, and restorative justice. Concise yet comprehensive, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want is an ideal text for human security courses."--
Baker Berry JC571 .H37 2016

Global issues : selections from CQ researcher
Thousand Oaks, California : SAGE/CQ Press, 2017
Baker Berry JZ1318 .G5172 2017

Ratf**ked : the true story behind the secret plan to steal America's democracy
Daley, David (Editor-in-chief), author
New York : Liveright Publishing Corporation, A Division of W.W. Norton & Company, [2016]
The mastermind: "It will take years to recover" -- Pennsylvania: "So this wasn't a personal attack" -- North Carolina: truly space-age software -- Maptitude: "Donald Duck kicking Goofy" -- Michigan: a garbage dump is the cherry on top -- Ohio: "A small carve out down 77 in Canton" -- Democrats: "They just whistled past the graveyard" -- Florida: "Tampa is far from perfect" -- Wisconsin: "They put my district in a woodchipper" -- Iowa: the redistricting unicorn -- Arizona: "You can't get any more partisan than this" -- A theorem to detect ratfucking.

"The explosive account of how Republican legislators and political operatives fundamentally rigged our American democracy through redistricting,"--NoveList.
Baker Berry JK1341 .D35 2016

Playing to the edge : American intelligence in the age of terror
Hayden, Michael V. 1945-
New York : Penguin Press, 2016
"An unprecedented high-level master narrative of America's intelligence wars, from the only person ever to helm both the CIA and the NSA, at a time of heinous new threats and momentous change For General Michael Hayden, playing to the edge means playing so close to the line that you get chalk dust on your cleats. Otherwise, by playing back, you may protect yourself, but you will be less successful in protecting America. "Play to the edge" was Hayden's guiding principle when he ran the National Security Agency, and it remained so when he ran the CIA. In his view, many shortsighted and uninformed people are quick to criticize, and this book will give them much to chew on but little easy comfort. It is an unapologetic insider's look told from the perspective of the people who faced awesome responsibilities head on, in the moment. How did American intelligence respond to terrorism, a major war, and the most sweeping technological revolution in the last five hundred years? What was the NSA before 9/11 and how did it change in its aftermath? Why did the NSA begin the controversial terrorist surveillance program that included the acquisition of domestic phone records? What else was set in motion during this period that formed the backdrop for the infamous Snowden revelations in 2013? "--
Baker Berry JK468.I6 H39 2016

Global urban justice : the rise of human rights cities
edited by Barbara M. Oomen, Martha F. Davis, Michele Grigolo
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Introduction : the promise and challenges of human rights cities / Barbara M. Oomen -- Cities, human rights and accountability : the United States experience / Martha F. Davis -- Making human rights the talk of the town : civil society and human rights cities, a case study of the Netherlands / Esther van den Berg -- Human rights at a local level : the Montréal experience / Benoît Frate -- From principles to practice : the role of US mayors in advancing human rights / Joann Kamuf Ward -- Human rights in the city and the right to city : two different paradigms confronting urbanisation / Eva García Cheuca -- Defying the demand to 'go home' : from human rights cities to the urbanisation of human rights / Jonathan Darling -- Contested advocacy : negotiating between rights and reciprocity in Nima and Maamobi, Ghana / Catherine Buerger -- The human right to water in the city context : insights from domestic litigation / Natalya Pestova -- Human rights practice and the city : a case study of York (UK) / Emily Graham ... [et al.] -- Human rights and the city : obligations, commitments and opportunities. Do human rights cities make a difference for citizens and authorities? Two cases studies on the freedom of expression / Klaus Starl -- The right to the city in Mexico City : the Charter / Ana María Sánchez Rodríguez -- In a state of becoming a human rights city : the case of Eugene, Oregon / Kenneth J. Neubeck -- Human rights cities : challenges and possibilities / Cynthia Soohoo -- Towards a sociology of the human rights city : focusing on practice / Michele Grigolo.
Baker Berry JC571 .G5834 2016

Politicising Europe : integration and mass politics
edited by Swen Hutter, Edgar Grande, Hanspeter Kriesi
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Part I. Theory and Methods -- 1. Introduction: European integration and the challenge of politicisation / Edgar Grande and Swen Hutter -- 2. Exploring politicisation: design and methods / Martin Dolezal, Edgar Grande and Swen Hutter -- Part II. Mapping the Politicisation of European Integration -- 3. The politicisation of Europe in public debates on major integration steps / Edgar Grande and Swen Hutter -- 4. Is the giant still asleep? The politicisation of Europe in the national electoral arena / Edgar Grande and Swen Hutter -- 5. Protesting European integration: politicisation from below? / Martin Dolezal, Swen Hutter and Regina Becker -- Part III. Driving Forces and Consequences of Politicisation -- 6. Constitutive issues as driving forces of politicisation? / Swen Hutter, Daniela Braun and Alena Kerscher -- 7. The radical right as driving force in the electoral arena? / Martin Dolezal and Johan Hellstrom -- 8. Framing Europe: are cultural-identitarian frames driving politicisation? / Edgar Grande, Swen Hutter, Alena Kerscher and Regina Becker -- 9. Politicisation, conflicts and the structuring of the EU political space / Simon Maag and Hanspeter Kriesi -- 10. The euro crisis: a boost to the politicisation of European integration? / Hanspeter Kriesi and Edgar Grande -- Part IV. Conclusions -- 11. Conclusions: the postfunctionalists were (almost) right / Edgar Grande and Hanspeter Kriesi -- Methodological appendix: measuring politicisation, benchmarks and data / Swen Hutter.

"Politicising Europe presents the most comprehensive contribution to empirical research on politicisation to date. The study is innovative in both conceptual and empirical terms. Conceptually, the contributors develop and apply a new index and typology of politicisation. Empirically, the volume presents a huge amount of original data, tracing politicisation in a comparative perspective over more than forty years. Focusing on six European countries (Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK) from the 1970s to the current euro crisis, the book examines conflicts over Europe in election campaigns, street protests, and public debates on every major step in the integration process. It shows that European integration has indeed become politicized. However, the patterns and developments differ markedly across countries and arenas, and many of the key hypotheses on the driving forces of change need to be revisited in view of new findings"--
Baker Berry JN30 .P647 2016

The United Nations in the 21st century
Mingst, Karen A., 1947- author
Boulder, CO : Westview Press, an imprint of Perseus Books, [2017]
"This popular text for courses on international organizations and international relations provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the United Nations, exploring the historical, institutional, and theoretical foundations of the UN as well as the political processes and issues facing the organization today. Thoroughly revised throughout, the fifth edition focuses on major trends since 2012, including changing power dynamics, increasing threats to peace and security, and the growing challenges of climate change and sustainability. It examines the proliferating public-private partnerships involving the UN and the debates over reforming the Security Council and the Secretary-General selection process. This edition also includes case studies on peacekeeping and the use of force in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mali, transnational terrorism and the emergence of ISIS, the Security Council's failure to act in Syria, the Syrian and global refugee/migrant crisis, and the conclusion of the Millennium Development Goals and framing of the Sustainable Development Goals"--
Baker Berry JZ5005 .M56 2017

The United Nations and changing world politics
Weiss, Thomas G. 1946- author
Boulder, Colorado : Westview Press, 2017
Machine generated contents note: Introduction -- Chapter One: The Theory and Practice of UN Collective Security -- Chapter Two: UN Security Efforts during the Cold War -- Chapter Three: UN Security Operations after the Cold War, 1988-1998 -- Chapter Four: Security Operations since 1999 -- Chapter Five: Confronting Contemporary Challenges -- Chapter Six: The United Nations, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Affairs -- Chapter Seven: Applying Human Rights Standards: The Roles of the First and Second UN -- Chapter Eight: Change, the United Nations, and Human Rights -- Chapter Nine: Theories of Development at the United Nations -- Chapter Ten: Sustainable Development as Process: UN Organizations and Norms -- Chapter Eleven: The UN, Development, and Globalization.

"This completely revised and updated eighth edition serves as the definitive text for courses in which the United Nations is either the focus or a central component. Built around three critical themes in international relations-peace and security, human rights and humanitarian affairs, and sustainable human development-the eighth edition of The United Nations and Changing World Politics guides students through the seven turbulent decades of UN politics. This new edition is fully revised to incorporate recent developments on the international stage, including new peace operations in Mali and the Central African Republic; ongoing UN efforts to manage the crises in Libya, Syria, and Iraq; the Iran Nuclear Deal; and the new Sustainable Development Goals. The authors discuss how international law frames the controversies at the UN and guides how the UN responds to violence and insecurity, gross violations of human rights, poverty, underdevelopment, and environmental degradation. Students of all levels will learn that the UN is a complex organization, comprised of three interactive entities that cooperate and also compete with each other to define and advance the UN's principles and purposes"--
Baker Berry JZ4984.5 .U5385 2017

National minorities in Putin's Russia : diversity and assimilation
Prina, Federica
London ; Routledge, 2016
Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- Diversity, national minorities and cultural rights : Russia and beyond -- Minority rights standards : domestic to international : and back to domestic -- Law, informal practices and minorities' cultural rights -- Strengthening the state through homogenising centralism -- Interculturalism or acculturation? : the education system -- Participation through cooperation? : minority associations and state institutions -- National cultural autonomy : real or fictitious participation? -- Minorities' voices : ad hoc consultation and (a)political participation -- Conclusion -- Bibliography -- Appendix 1: List of respondents.
Baker Berry JN6693.5.M5 P75 2016

Freedom in the Arab world : concepts and ideologies in Arabic thought in the nineteenth century
Abu-Uksa, Wael, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
An examination of the concept of freedom in nineteenth-century Arabic political thought, and how it relates to other modern ideologies.
Baker Berry JC585 .A28 2016

Rethinking the green state : environmental governance towards climate and sustainability transitions
edited by Karin Bäckstrand and Annica Kronsell
London ; Routledge, is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa business, 2015
The Green State Revisited / Karin Bäckstrand and Annica Kronsell) -- Lost in Transition? : The Green State in Governance for Sustainable Development / Erik Hysing -- Governing Beyond or With the State? : State Conceptions in Studies of Non-State Climate Action / Eva Lövbrand and Björn-Ola Linnér -- The Green State and the Prospects of Greening Sovereignty / Rickard Andersson -- Green States in Europe : A Comparative View / Max Koch and Martin Fritz -- The "Green" Potential of Small Island States : A Comparative Study / Marina Povitkina -- Greening the State, American Style / Elizabeth Bomberg -- Blue and Yellow Makes Green? : Ecological Modernization in Swedish Climate Policy / Paul Tobin -- Towards a Decarbonized Green State? : the Politics of Low-Carbon Governance in Sweden / Roger Hildingsson and Jamil Khan -- Negotiating Green Growth as a Pathway towards Sustainable Transitions in Finland / Tuula Teräväinen-Litardo -- Greening the State of California : Governmentality and the Subjectification of the Polity through Climate Governance / Matthew Cashmore and Jaap G. Rozema -- The Green State and the Design of Self-Binding : Lessons from Monetary Policy / Åsa Knaggård, Håkan Pihl -- The Green State and Empathic Rationality / Annica Kronsell and Helena Olofsdotter Stensöta -- Conclusion / Karin Bäckstrand and Annica Kronsell.
Baker Berry JA75.8 .R48 2015

Public service operations management : a research handbook
edited by Zoe Radnor, Nicola Bateman, Ann Esain, Maneesh Kumar, Sharon Williams and David Upton
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
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Nietzsche's great politics
Drochon, Hugo, author
Princeton ; Princeton University Pres, [2016]
Baker Berry JC233.N52 D76 2016

Gender and migration
edited by S. Irudaya Rajan
New Delhi, India : Routledge, 2016
Baker Berry JV8508 .G46 2016

Out of line : essays on the politics of boundaries and the limits of modern politics
Walker, R. B. J
London ; Routledge, 2016
Despite All Critique (2014) -- World Politics and Western Reason (1980) -- The Doubled Outsides of the Modern International (2005) -- The Subject of Security (1995) -- The Protection of Nature and the Nature of Protection (2005) -- Social Movements/World Politics (1994) -- Europe is Not Where It is Supposed to Be (2000) -- They Seek it Here, They Seek it There : Looking for Politics in Clayoquot Sound (2003) -- Violence, Modernity, Silence : From Weber to International Relations (1993) -- Hobbes, Origins, Limits (2011) -- War, Terror, Judgement (2002) -- International, Imperial, Exceptional (2005) -- Which Democracy for Which Demos? (2013) -- The Political Theory of Boundaries and the Boundaries of Political Theory : Interview With Raia Prokhovnik (2012).
Baker Berry JZ1242 .W347 2016

El laberinto de la globalización : fronteras duras y suaves en la historia y el presente
Aranda, Gilberto C., 1972- author
Santiago de Chile : Universidad Arturo Prat del Estado de Chile : marzo de 2015
Baker Berry JZ1318 .A716 2015

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