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J - Political Science Acquisitions during September 2016

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Across the lines of conflict : facilitating cooperation to build peace
edited by Michael Lund and Steve McDonald
Washington, D.C : Woodrow Wilson Center Press/Columbia University Press, New York , [2015]
Foreword / Lee H. Hamilton -- Preface / Steve McDonald -- Intrastate conflicts and the problem of political will / Michael Lund -- Unofficial conflict resolution and sustainable peace / Michael Lund -- Estonia: psychopolitical dialogue contributing to conflict prevention / Susan H. Allen -- Can dialogues change the course of a small nation? The social cohesion program in Guyana / Michael Lund -- Tajikistan: peace secured, but the state of our dreams? / Anna Mateeva -- Sri LankaL when negotiations fail - talks for the sake of talks; war for the sake of peace / Hannes Siebert with Chanya Charles -- The Harvard study group on Cyprus: contributions to an unfulfilled peace process / Diana Chigas -- The Burundi leadership training program / Susanna Campbell and Peter Uvin -- Learning from case studies: impacts and explanations / Michael Lund -- Contemporary implications: from trust-building to institution-building / Michael Lund.

"This volume presents peacebuilding initiatives that engage local leaders from opposing sides in intensive interactive workshops, comparing six cases from small, ethnically divided countries - Burundi, Cyprus, Estonia, Guyana, Sri Lanka, and Tajikistan. All six initiatives were guided by outside third parties who worked to enhance interpersonal cohesion and ability to collaborate among local leaders and other actors. The countries have all experienced communal conflicts in recent years. In Estonia and Guyana, the initiatives aimed at warding off violence; in Burundi and Sri Lanka, the initiatives focused on ending ongoing hostilities; and in Cyprus and Tajikistan, the initiatives sought to build peace after violence had come to an end. The chapters follow a systematic assessment framework, including a common set of questions for interviewing participants, to prepare comparable results from a set of diverse cases. Their findings assess the successes and failures of this particular approach to conflict resolution, and draw conclusions about the conditions under which such interactive approaches work, as well as about the audience and the methodologies used. This work represents research conducted in conjunction with the Working Group on Preventing and Rebuilding Failed States, convened by the Wilson Centers Project on Leadership and Building State Capacity"--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry JZ5538 .A27 2015

Hipótesis democracia : quinca tesis para la revolución anunciada
Rodríguez López, Emmanuel
Madrid : Traficantes de sueños, 2013
Baker Berry JC421 .R63 2013

Post-apartheid South Africa : economic and social inclusion
Gumede, Vusi
Amherst, New York : Cambria Press, [2016]
Introduction -- Development dilemmas -- The post-apartheid development experience -- Evolution of policy in post-apartheid South Africa -- Nation building -- Social and economic transformation : policies and prospects -- Conclusion: towards an inclusive society.
Baker Berry JQ1931 .G86 2016

Os eleitos : representação e carreiras políticas em democracias
Adriano Codato, André Marenco (org.) and 8 others
Porto Alegre, RS : UFRGS Editora, 2013
Baker Berry JL963 .E46 2013

Avaliação de políticas públicas
Ligia Mori Madeira (org.)
Porto Alegre, RS : UFRGS - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul / CEGOV - Centro de Estudos Internacionais sobre Governo, 2014
Baker Berry JL2429.P64 A93 2014

Narrative global politics : theory, history and the personal in international relations
edited by Naeem Inayatullah and Elizabeth Dauphinee
Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
Baker Berry JZ1305 .N337 2016

The form of politics : Aristotle and Plato on friendship
Heyking, John von
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, 2016
"For statesmen, friendship is the lingua franca of politics. Considering the connections between personal and political friendship, John von Heyking's The Form of Politics interprets the texts of Plato and Aristotle and emphasizes the role that friendship has in enduring philosophical and contemporary political contexts. Beginning with a discussion on virtue-friendship, described by Aristotle and Plato as an agreement on what qualifies as the pursuit of good, The Form of Politics demonstrates that virtue and political friendship form a paradoxical relationship in which political friendships need to be nourished by virtue-friendships that transcend the moral and intellectual horizons of the political society. Von Heyking then examines Aristotle's ethical and political writings--which are set within the boundaries of political life--and Plato's dialogues on friendship in Lysis and the Laws, which characterize political friendship as festivity. Ultimately, arguing that friendship is the high point of a virtuous political life, von Heyking presents a fresh interpretation of Aristotle and Plato's political thought, and a new take on the most essential goals in politics. Inviting reassessment of the relationship between friendship and politics by returning to the origins of Western philosophy, The Form of Politics is a lucid work on the foundations of political cooperation."--
Baker Berry JA71 .H496 2016

Uma década de reformas : reestruturação dos órgãos e das atividades estatais na Argentina e no Brasil de 1989 a 1999
Visentini, Georgine Simões
Porto Alegre : UFRGS : CEGOV, 2014
Baker Berry JL2031 .V57 2014

Políticas públicas: monitoramento, avaliação, controle e participação social no Governo do Rio Grande do Sul
Fernanda Costa Corezola, Aida Griza, Marília Patta Ramos (orgs.)
Porto Alegre, RS : UFRGS - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul / CEGOV - Centro de Estudos Internacionais sobre Governo, 2015
Baker Berry JL2499.R62 P65 2015

Surcando la democracia : México y sus realidades
René Torres-Ruiz, Helena Varela Guinot (coordinadores)
Toluca, Estado de México : Instituto Electoral del Estado de México, 2015
Baker Berry JL1281 .S87 2015

Thinking in public : Strauss, Levinas, Arendt
Wurgaft, Benjamin Aldes
Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, [2016]
"Long before we began to speak of "public intellectuals," the ideas of "the public" and "the intellectual" raised consternation among many European philosophers and political theorists. 'Thinking in Public' examines the ambivalence these linked ideas provoked in the generation of European Jewish thinkers born around 1900. By comparing the lives and works of Hannah Arendt, Emmanuel Levinas, and Leo Strauss, who grew up in the wake of the Dreyfus Affair and studied with the philosopher-and sometime National Socialist-Martin Heidegger, Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft offers a strikingly new perspective on the relationship between philosophers and politics. Rather than celebrate or condemn the figure of the intellectual, Wurgaft argues that the stories we tell about intellectuals and their publics are useful barometers of our political hopes and fears. What ideas about philosophy itself, and about the public's capacity for reasoned discussion, are contained in these stories? And what work do we think philosophers and other thinkers can and should accomplish in the world beyond the classroom?"--Book jacket.
Baker Berry JC251.S8 W87 2016

Why don't Americans vote? : causes and consequences
Bridgett A. King and Kathleen Hale, editors
Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, [2016]
Baker Berry JK1976 .W49 2016

The post-heroic presidency : leveraged leadership in an age of limits
Genovese, Michael A
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2016]
Baker Berry JK516 .G45 2016

The post-war roots of Japanese political malaise
Gatu, Dagfinn, 1947-
London ; Routledge, 2015
Baker Berry JQ1698.A1 G37 2015

Development and the politics of human rights
edited by Scott Nicholas Romaniuk, Marguerite Marlin
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2016]
Revisiting World-Systems Analysis in Understanding Development / Marinko Bobić -- Does the Primary Condition for a Sustainable Human Development Meet the Feasibility Condition of Cost–Benefit Analysis? / Hasnat Dewan -- Crossing Borders: Academe and Cultural Agency in Agricultural Research / Robert W. Blake, Elvira E. Sánchez-Blake, and Debra A. Castillo -- Subordinated Inclusion: The Developmental State and the Dalit Colonies of Southern Kerala / K. M. Pramod -- Impact of Labor Law Enhancement in China on Development and Its Implications for Global Development Theory / Marguerite Marlin and Scott Nicholas Romaniuk -- Persistence of Italian Mafia: Violent Entrepreneurs in Developed States / Marinko Bobić -- Bridging Worlds: Academe and Cultural Agency in Southern Mexico / Robert W. Blake, Elvira E. Sánchez-Blake, and Debra A. Castillo -- A New Index to Measure Group Inequalities in Human Development for Sustainability / Hasnat Dewan -- Coordination Failure in Global Common Pool Governance? / Jan-Erik Lane -- Bernard Stiegler on Agricultural Innovation / Pieter Lemmens -- Foreign Aid and Human Rights: Putting Investment into Perspective / Sebastian D. T. Jedicke and Scott Nicholas Romaniuk -- Discrimination and Hate: Overcriminalization or New Normativity? / Charis Papacharalambous -- Work Discrimination against Women Employees in Malaysia / Zaiton Othman and Nooraini Othman -- Employee Rights: The Equity–Equality Conflict as a Dilemma in the Management of Reward Systems / Steen Scheuer -- Securing the Future of the Community: Child Protection in ASEAN / Palapan Kampan and Adam R. Tanielian -- Researching International Humanitarian Law: A Decision-Making Process Model for Operationalizing State Practice / Matthew T. Zommer -- Gender Conjectures and Politics of Land Right Deprivation in South-Eastern Nigeria / Amaka Theresa Emordi and Emeka Thaddeus Njoku -- Monitoring the Right to Health: The Political, Social, and Ethical Impact of Patient Satisfaction / Emmanuel Kabengele Mpinga and Philippe Chastonay -- European Models of Citizenship and the Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation / Renee Kool and Sohail Wahedi -- "You Just Don’t See Us": The Influence of Public Schema on Constructions of Sexuality by People with Cerebral Palsy / Tinashe M. Dune.

"Despite decades spent confronting human rights violations around the world, particularly in regions of instability, the issue remains one of the most divisive, chaotic, and challenging to address. Development and the Politics of Human Rights takes a much-needed holistic approach. It unpacks the questions of human advocacy and policy, identifies traps in discussions about violations of rights, and presents best practices for a variety of disciplinary approaches by engaging several situational, professional, and regional perspectives. The contributions in this book represent the seeds of a growing culture of resistance against those who persecute the ideas and practices of freedom and enlightenment. It explores questions such as whether there are universal parameters for human rights across geopolitical contexts, how conflicts and crises affect issues relevant to human rights, and what the best practices are for sustaining these rights and for identifying accountability in their protection. The book gradually narrows its focus from global to local concerns, beginning with a structural examination of international governmental institutions, followed by analyses of the operational dynamics within various states and localities. It presents specific contexts for analyzing unique challenges to the establishment, maintenance, and strengthening of human rights. It also paints portraits of how abandoning the struggle for recognizing, protecting, and upholding human rights would impact the future of free and open societies. A thoughtful and proactive approach to the problem of continued violations of human rights, Development and the Politics of Human Rights gives a sense of imperative to act toward the development of a more cooperative network of communities. It advocates continuously improving interaction between organizations and individuals in professional and academic spheres toward shaping a world in which human rights can flourish'--Publisher description.
Baker Berry JC571 .D476 2016

International relations and American dominance : a diverse discipline
Turton, Helen Louise
London ; Routledge, 2016
Baker Berry JZ1305 .T88 2016

The right in Latin America : elite power, hegemony and the struggle for the state
Cannon, Barry
New York : Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Introduction : the right in Latin America : elite power, hegemony and the struggle for the state -- Understanding the Latin American right : powerful elites and weak states -- Right-wing policy discourse in left-led Latin America -- Neoliberalism in power : right-oriented state/society complexes in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru -- The shifting sands of power in "pink tide" Latin America : post-neoliberalism and the threat from the left -- Coups, "smart coups" and elections : right power strategies under left-led governments -- Conclusion : right strategies and left responses.
Baker Berry JL969.A45 C36 2016

China's strategic priorities
edited by Jonathan H. Ping and Brett McCormick
London ; Routledge, 2016
Introduction : Studying China and Strategic Priorities / Jonathan H. Ping -- Myth-busting : Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on Chinese Strategic Culture / Andrew R. Wilson -- Western River Civilization and the Logic of China's Strategic Behavior / Hao Su and Yue Cui -- Analyzing China's Foreign Policy : Domestic Politics, Public Opinion And Leaders / Eric Hyer, Zhang Qingmin and Jordan Hamzawi -- Crises as Impetus for Institutionalization : Maritime Crisis Management Mechanisms in China's Near Seas / Gaye Christoffersen -- The United States of America factor in China's dispute with Japan over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands : Balancing Washington's "rebalancing" in East Asian waters / Ulises Granados -- China's Relations with India : Great Power Statecraft and Territory / Jonathan H. Ping -- United States-China Cooperation : The Role of Pakistan after the Death of Osama Bin Laden / Timothy D. Hoyt -- Chinese Regionalism : Balancing and Constraint in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization / Alica Kizekova -- Conclusion / Brett McCormick.
Baker Berry JZ1734 .C574 2016

Global human rights : people, processes, and principles
Van Arsdale, Peter W
Long Grove, Illinois : Waveland Press, Inc., [2017]
Baker Berry JC571 .V258 2017

Who stole conservatism? : capitalism and the disappearance of traditional conservatism
Di Nunzio, Mario R., 1936-
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2016
Architects of classic conservatism -- Conservative and liberal in early America -- Robber barons, Darwin, and the theft of conservatism -- Conservatives and progressives switch horses -- Modern conservatism: types, tensions, and confusion -- The politics of conservatism -- The gilded age revisited.
Baker Berry JC573 .D5 2016

Украина : проблемы территориально-государственного развития : Коллективная монография / Авторский коллектив: С.С. Жильцов, [and others]
Moskva : VKN, 2015
Baker Berry JN6633.5.S8 U47 2015

Anatomía política de Twitter en Argentina : tuiteando #Nisman
Calvo, Ernesto, author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Capital Intelectual, [2015]
Baker Berry JL2081 .C36 2015

Free speech : ten principles for a connected world
Garton Ash, Timothy, author
New Haven ; Yale University Press, [2016]
Post-Gutenberg -- Cosmopolis -- Ideals -- Lifeblood -- Violence -- Knowledge -- Journalism -- Diversity -- Religion -- Privacy -- Secrecy -- Icebergs -- Courage -- Challenge.

"Drawing on a lifetime of writing about dictatorships and dissidents, Timothy Garton Ash argues that in this connected world that he calls cosmopolis, the way to combine freedom and diversity is to have more but also better free speech. Across all cultural divides we must strive to agree on how we disagree. He draws on a thirteen-language global online project conducted out of Oxford University and devoted to doing just that. With vivid examples, from his personal experience of China's Orwellian censorship apparatus to the controversy around Charlie Hebdo to a very English court case involving food writer Nigella Lawson, he proposes a framework for "civilized" conflict in a world where we are all becoming neighbors."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry JC591 .G37 2016

The United Nations and peacekeeping, 1988-95
Kertcher, Chen, author
Manchester, [UK] : Manchester University Press, 2016
A history of UN peacekeeping -- New thinking : UN peacekeeping and the end of the Cold War 1988-91 -- Agenda for peacekeeping 1992-93 -- The failure of peacekeeping as a panacea to civil wars 1993-95.

"Using more than 600 UN documents that analyse the discussions in the UN Security Council, General Assembly and Secretariat, The United Nations and peacekeeping, 1988-95 presents innovative explanations on how after the Cold War UN peacekeeping operations became the dominant response to conflicts around the globe. This study offers a vivid description of these changes through the analysis of the evolution in the concept and practice of United Nations peacekeeping operations from 1988 to 1995. The research is anchored primarily in United Nations documents, which were produced following the diplomatic discussions that took place in the General Assembly, the Security Council and the UN Secretariat on the subject of peacekeeping in general and in the cases of Cambodia, Former Yugoslavia and Somalia in particular. These large and complex operations were the testing ground for the new roles of peacekeeping in democratisation, humanitarian aid, resettlement of refugees, demobilisation of armed forces, economic development and advancement of good government"--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry JZ4971 .K47 2016

Noviembre de 1976 : una misión en busca de la verdad
Gutman, Daniel, 1970- author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Capital Intelectual, [2015]
Baker Berry JC599.A7 G88 2015

Hamas and the media : politics and strategy
Abdelal, Wael, author
London ; Routledge, 2016
Background: media strategy, the Arab media and the Palestinian media, Hamas and its media -- Historicising the Palestinian media: hegemony, identity, and resistance -- Hamas's project of "resistance" and the "resistance media" -- Hamas's media strategy, the context of the first Intifada -- Hamas's media strategy post Oslo: from clandestine to public -- Hamas's media strategy: the context of the pairing of governance and resistance "hokoumat moqawama" -- Reflections on the Hamas media strategy -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry JQ1830.A98 H3723 2016

Conceived in liberty : the American worldview in theory and practice
Tierney, John J. 1940- author
New Brunswick, New Jersey : Transaction Publishers, [2016]
Baker Berry JC599.U5 T54 2016

Glocalization : a critical introduction
Roudometof, Victor, 1964- author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge is an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business, 2016
Baker Berry JZ1318 .R684 2016

Children on the move in Africa : past & present experiences of migration
edited by Elodie Razy & Marie Rodet
Woodbridge, Suffok (GB) : James Currey, an imprint of Boydell & Brewer, Ltd., 2016
Preface / Benjamin N. Lawrance -- Introduction: child migration in Africa: key issues & new perspectives / Elodie Razy -- "An ardent desire to be useful": Senegalese students, religious sisters & migration for schooling in France, 1824-1842 / Kelly Duke Bryant -- Girl pawns, brides & slaves: child trafficking in Southeastern Nigeria, 1920s / Robin P. Chapdelaine -- "Bringing a girl from the village": gender, child migration & domestic service in post-colonial Zambia / Sacha Hepburn -- "I will never become a crocodile but I am happy if I eat enough": a psychological analysis of child fosterage and resilience in contemporary Mali / Paola Porcelli -- Working as a "boy": labour, age & masculinities in Togo, c. 1975-2005 / Marco Gardini -- Childhood, space & memory: migrations of the métis in Madagascar's Central Highlands (nineteenth & twentieth centuries) / Violaine Tisseau -- "We were mixed with all types": educational migration in the Northern Territories of colonial Ghana / Lacy S. Ferrell -- India-South Africa mobilities in the first half of the twentieth century: minors, immigration encounters in Cape Town & becoming South African / Uma Dhupelia-Mesthrie -- Education, migration & nationalism: mapping the school days of the first generation of southern Sudanese nationalist leaders, c. 1948-1972 / Hannah Whittaker with Harjyot Hayer -- Child narration as a device for negotiating space & identity formation in recent Nigerian migrant fiction / Oluwole Coker.

"A timely interdisciplinary, comparative and historical perspective on African childhood migration that draws on the experience of children themselves to look at where, why and how they move - within and beyond the continent - and the impact of African child migration globally."--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry JV8790 .C55 2016

The Arctic and Antarctica : Differing Currents of Change
edited by Peter Kennedy
Wellington : New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, 2015
Baker Berry JS8499.3.A2 A72 2015

Alaska politics and public policy : the dynamics of beliefs, institutions, personalities, and power
edited by Clive S. Thomas ; with Laura C. Savatgy, and Kristina Klimovich
Fairbanks, AK : University of Alaska Press, [2016]
Baker Berry JK9541 .A56 2016

Mapping European empire = Tabulae imperii Europaei
Foster, Russell
London ; Routledge, 2015
The non-imperial empire -- All roads lead to Rome -- Through the looking-glass -- First among equals -- Render unto Ceasar -- A new race of pilgrims.

"Empire and maps are mutually reliant phenomena and traceable to the dawn of civilisation. Furthermore, maps retain a supremely authoritative status as unquestioned reflections of reality. In today's image-saturated world, their influence is more powerful now than at any other time in history. This book argues that in the 21st century we are seeing an imperial renaissance in the European Union (EU), a political organisation which defies categorisation, but whose power and influence grows by the year. It examines the past, present, and future of the EU to demonstrate that empire is not a category of state but rather a collective imagination which reshapes history and appropriates an artificial past to validate the policies of the present and the ambitions of the future. In doing so, this book illuminates the imperial discourse that permeates the mass maps of the modern EU. This text will be of key interest to students and scholars of political science, EU Studies, Human Geography, European political history, cartography and visual methodologies and international relations"--
Baker Berry JN30 .F66 2015

Contested embrace : transborder membership politics in twentieth-century Korea
Kim, Jaeeun, 1978- author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2016]
Introduction : making, unmaking, and remaking transborder ties -- Engaging colonial subjects on the move : colonial state, migration, and diasporic nationhood -- "Who owns the nation?" : Cold-War competition over Zainichi Koreans in Japan -- Beyond "Bamboo Curtain" and "Hermit Kingdom" : Korean Chinese between two socialist fatherlands -- Reluctant embrace and struggles for inclusion : Korean Chinese "return" migration to post-Cold War South Korea -- Conclusion : ethnic nationalism, globalization, and the future of transborder membership politics.
Baker Berry JV8757 .K5454 2016

Leadership and uncertainty management in politics : leaders, followers and constraints in western democracies
edited by Agnès Alexandre-Collier, François Vergniolle de Chantal
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
Baker Berry JC330.3 .L43 2015

Código Stiuso : la SIDE, la política desde las cloacas y la muerte de Nisman
Young, Gerardo, 1972- author
C.A.B.A. : Planeta, [2015]
Baker Berry JL2029.I6 Y675 2015

Enhancing public innovation by transforming public governance
edited by Jacob Torfing, Roskilde University, Denmark and Peter Triantafillou, Roskilde University, Denmark
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2016
Enhancing public innovation by transforming public governance? / Jacob Torfing and Peter Triantafillou -- Collaborative governance as creative problem-solving / Chris Ansell -- The new public governance and innovation in public services : a public service-dominant approach / Stephen P. Osborne and Zoe Radnor -- Public innovations around the world / Jacob Torfing and Peter Triantafillou -- Organizational and governance aspects of diffusing public innovation / Jean Hartley -- Collaborative innovation in the public sector / Eva Sorensen and Jacob Torfing -- Public managers and professionals in collaborative innovation / Victor Bekkers and Mirko Noordegraaf -- Bringing the resources of citizens into public governance : innovation through co-production to improve public services and outcomes / Tony Bovaird and Elke Loeffler -- The role of elected politicians in collaborative policy innovation / Eva Sorensen -- The role of private actors in public sector innovation / Ole Helby Petersen, Veiko Lember, Walter Scherrer and Robert Agren -- Public innovation and organizational structure: Searching in vain for the optimal design / Mads Leth Felsager Jakobsen and Claus Thrane -- Can command and incentive systems enhance motivation and public innovation? / Lotte Bogh Andersen -- Administrative leadership for innovation / Montgomery Van Wart -- Thinking allowed : reforming indicator-based accountability to enhance innovation / Wouter Van Dooren and Tom Willems -- Organizational innovations and multiple forms of accountability in the post-new public management era / Tom Christensen and Per Lagreid -- Can public governance be changed to enhance innovation? / B. Guy Peters -- Conclusion : governing innovation and innovating governance / Jacob Torfing and Peter Triantafillou.
Baker Berry JF1525.O73 E65 2016

The city-state of the soul : constituting the self in Plato's Republic
Crotty, Kevin, 1948- author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2016]
Why is Thrasymachus so angry? -- Genealogies of justice -- Utopia and its founder -- Philosophy and the founder's perspective -- Why the philosophers will govern -- Introduction to part two -- The soul and its parts (I) -- The soul and its parts (II) -- Justice and action -- Freedom.
Baker Berry JC71.P6 C76 2016

Migration policy and practice : interventions and solutions
edited by Harald Bauder and Christian Matheis
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
Baker Berry JV6038 .M5457 2015

Elections in a hybrid regime : revisiting the 2011 Ugandan polls
editors, Sandrine Perrot, Sabiti Makara, Jérôme Lafargue, Marie-Aude Fouéré
Kampala : Fountain Publishers, 2014
Baker Berry JQ2951.A95 E43 2014

Aristotle on political community
Riesbeck, David J., 1980- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Baker Berry JC71.A7 R54 2016

El cambio : desde la muerte de Chávez hasta el 6D
Mires, Fernando, author
[Caracas, Venezuela?] : La Hoja del Norte, 2016
Baker Berry JL3831 .M57 2016

Rawls, political liberalism, and reasonable faith
Weithman, Paul J., 1959- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge Unversity Press, 2016
The undergraduate thesis -- On John Rawls's a brief inquiry into the meaning of sin and faith -- From theory to political liberalism -- John Rawls and the task of political philosophy -- Rawlsian liberalism and the privatization of religion: three theological objections considered -- Liberalism and the political character of political philosophy -- Legitimacy and the project of political liberalism -- Public reason and its role -- Citizenship and public reason -- Inclusivism, stability, and assurance -- Convergence and political autonomy -- Rawls, realism, and reasonable faith -- Law of peoples and Christian realism -- Does justice as fairness have a religious aspect?
Baker Berry JA71 .W43 2016

"Organisiert die Welt!" : Der Friedens-Nobelpreisträger Alfred Hermann Fried (1864-1921) - Leben, Werk und bleibende Impulse
Guido Grünewald (Hrsg.)
Bremen : Donat Verlag, [2016]
Baker Berry JZ5540.2.F75 O74 2016

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