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HM-HX - Sociology acquired during July 2017

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Does war make states? : critical investigations of Charles Tilly's historical sociology
edited by Lars Bo Kaspersen and Jeppe Strandsbjerg
Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Acknowledgements -- Introduction: state formation theory : status, problems, and prospects / Lars Bo Kaspersen IFS, KU and Jeppe Strandsbjerg, DBP, CBS and Benno Teschke, University of Sussex -- Lineages -- After the Tilly-thesis : social conflict, differential state-formation and geopolitics in the construction of the European system of states / Benno Teschke, University of Sussex -- Otto Hintze, Stein Rokkan and Charles Tilly's theory of European statebuilding / Thomas Ertman, New York University -- Challenges -- War and state formation : amending the bellicist theory of state making / Hendrik Spruyt, Northwestern University -- Beyond the Tilly thesis : family values and state formation in Latin Christendom / Philip Gorski, Yale & Vivek S. Sharma, Pitzer College -- Omissions -- The space of state formation / Jeppe Strandsbjerg, Copenhagen Business School -- The realm as a European form of rule : unpacking the warfare thesis through the Holy Roman Empire / Peter Haldon, Swedish Defence University -- War, conflict and the state reconsidered / Vivek S. Sharma, Pitzer College -- Vistas -- War and state in the Middle East : reassessing charles Tilly in a regional context / Dietrich Jung, University of Southern Denmark -- Beyond mere war : authority and legitimacy in the formation of the Latin American States / Robert H. Holden, Old Dominion University -- How Tilly's state formation paradigm is revolutionizing the study of Chinese state-making / Victoria Hui, University of Notre Dame -- Bibliography -- Index.
Baker Berry HM554 .D64 2017

Horizontes comunitario-populares : producción de lo común más allá de las políticas estado-céntricas
Gutiérrez Aguilar, Raquel, author
Madrid : Traficantes de Sueños, 2017
Insubordinación, antagonismo y lucha en América Latina -- Los ritmos del Pachakuti: breves reflexiones en torno a cómo conocemos las luchas emancipatorias y su relación con la política de la autonomía -- Políticas en femenino: transformaciones y subversiones no centradas en el estado -- ¿Puede ser fértil la noción de "(re)formismo desde abajo"?: reflexiones desde algunas experiencias en Venezuela -- Más allá de la "capacidad de veto": el difícil camino de la producción y la reproducción de lo común -- Pachakuti, libertad y autogobierno.
Baker Berry HM758 .G88 2017

Fans and fan cultures : tourism, consumerism and social media
Linden, Henrik, author
London, United Kingdom : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry HM646 .L56 2017

La gran espiral : capitalismo y paranoia
Català Doménech, Josep M
Vitoria-Gasteiz : Sans Soleil Ediciones, [2016]
Baker Berry HM621 .C376 2016

Restoring the classic in sociology : traditions, texts and the canon
How, Alan, author
[Heidelberg, Germany] ; Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
Introduction -- Part I -- Chapter 1. The Issue: The Sense of an Ending -- Part II. The Wider Context: The Past, the Classic, and the Identity of Sociology -- Chapter 2. In Pursuit of Identity: Fragmentation, Conflict and Crisis -- Chapter 3. On the Antipathy of Sociology to the Past -- Chapter 4. Contested Identity: Sociology in Postmodern Times -- Chapter 5. Rethinking Tradition -- Part III. Hermeneutics, Tradition, Classic and Canon -- Chapter 6. The Hermeneutic Approach -- Chapter 7. Hermeneutics, Tradition and the Classic Text -- Chapter 8. Canons and Their Discontents. .

'This book is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the role of 'the classic' in sociology. In terms of both breadth and depth, Alan How has done a brilliant job in providing an inclusive, undogmatic, and inspiring account of the multiple ways in which key intellectual traditions and canons have shaped, and continue to shape, paradigmatic developments in contemporary sociological analysis.' - Simon Susen, City University, UK 'This lively and engaging book moves from an exploration of the question of sociology's current response to its "classics" and the idea of a sociological "canon" to a broader defence of a hermeneutic approach to tradition in social thought and in modern societies.' - William Outhwaite, Newcastle University, UK This book examines the way sociology has eliminated the importance of the past, history, and tradition in favour of the transience of the present. The role of the classic text in sociology has produced criticism that the ideas of Weber, Marx and Durkheim are now ideologically dubious and sociologically irrelevant. Challenging this view, the author criticises such notions as de-traditionalization, structuration and postmodernism, emphasizing instead the relevance of habit, re-traditionalization, and social integration across time. Demonstrating that classical sociology continues to be highly relevant to cutting-edge debates in the contemporary social sciences, he revisits the Habermas-Gadamer debate to argue that tradition is the ground of the classic, and the classic something that must prove itself anew in subsequent situations. He uses the work of Durkheim, Simmel and Weber to illustrate this process. Drawing on Archer's account of structure and agency, he makes a parallel distinction between 'classic' and 'canon', allowing us to appreciate the separate qualities of each. This major contribution to the field is essential reading for scholars and students of sociology and social theory. Alan R. How is Senior Lecturer at the University of Worcester, UK.
Baker Berry HM585 .H69 2016

戦争社会学 : 理論。大衆社会。表象文化 / 好井裕明, 関礼子編著
Tōkyō : Akashi Shoten, 2016
Baker Berry Japan HM554 .S545 2016

Max Weber's economic ethic of the world religions : an analysis
edited by Thomas C. Ertman (New York University)
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
This book brings together for the first time in English internationally-recognized specialists who seek to identify what is 'living' and what is 'dead' in the great German social scientist Max Weber's analyses of China, India and Ancient Israel found in his massive, unfinished 'Economic Ethos of the World Religions'. In so doing, the volume offers a powerful new perspective on the current debate concerning the timing of and deeper roots of the 'Great Divergence' - and more recent convergence - in the economic and political development of the West on the one hand, and the great civilizations of Asia on the other. At the same time, this volume also rebalances our understanding of Weber's entire intellectual output by returning 'The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism' to its proper place within 'Economic Ethos of the World Religions' and establishing that work as the equal of the similarly unfinished 'Economy and Society'.
Baker Berry HM479.W42 M3945 2017

戦後思想の再審判 : 丸山眞男から柄谷行人まで / 大井赤亥 [and three others] 編 ; 池田雄一 [and 9 others] 著
池田雄一, 1969- author
Kyōto-shi : Hōritsu Bunkasha, 2015
Baker Berry Japan HM728 .S39 2015

Cypherpunks : freedom and the future of the internet
Assange, Julian, author
New York : OR Books, 2016
A call to cryptographic arms -- Discussion participants -- Editor's note -- Note on the various attempts to persecute WikiLeaks and people associated with it -- Increased communication versus increased surveillance -- The militarization of cyberspace -- Fighting total surveillance with the laws of man -- Private sector spying -- Fighting total surveillance with the laws of physics -- The Internet and politics -- The Internet and economics -- Censorship -- Privacy for the weak, transparency for the powerful -- Rats in the opera house.
Baker Berry HM851 .A87 2016

Nueva ronda de reformas estructurales en Mexcio : ¿nuevas politicas sociales?
Enrique Valencia Lomelí, Gerardo Ordóñez Barba (coordinadores)
Tijuana B.C. Mexico : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 2016
Baker Berry HN113.5 .N8 2016

Desarrollo rural e identidades : una diversidad de experiencias en México
Alberto Valdes Cobos (coordinador)
México, D.F. : Editorial Fontamara ; noviembre 2016
Baker Berry HN120.Z9 C63687 2016

Las transformaciones de América Latina : cambios políticos, socioeconómicos y protagonismo internacional
José Ángel Sotillo Lorenzo y Bruno Ayllón Pino (coords.)
Madrid : Catarata, 2017
Presentación / José Ángel Sotillo Lorenzo y Bruno Ayllón Pino -- Gobiernos progresistas en América Latina: cambios y permanencias tras un periodo de estabilidad / Esteban de Gori, Ava Gómez y Bárbara Ester -- Evolución económica y estrategias de desarrollo en América Latina / Omar de León Naveiro -- Cuidad con lo que deseas. América Latina en el umbral de la agenda 2030 / Javier Surasky -- Movimientos sociales en América Latina: matrices político-ideológicas. Cartografía de las resistencias y conflictos societarios / Breno Bringel -- Las relaciones internacionales de América Latina ante un cambio de época / Raul Bernal-Meza -- Regionalismos e integración en América Latina y el Caribe / Tahina Ojeda Medina -- Latinoamérica en la cooperación internacional para el desarrollo de la subordinación a los donantes a la autonomía de la cooperación sur-sur / Bruno Ayllón Pino -- Las relaciones de España con América Latina / José Ángel Sotillo Lorenzo.

"Diez anos atrás, América Latina se encontraba en un momento de grandes expectativas de cambio. Tanto en la dimensión economica como en la politica adquirian protagonismo no solo gobiernos que reivindicaban un nuevo papel para Latinoamérica, sino también un conjunto de actores sociales en efervescencia, a la vez que se daba un nuevo empuje a la integración regional y a la Cooperación Sur-Sur. Hoy la situación de la región es incierta y existen amenazas que pueden echar por tierra las conquistas sociales, politicas, económicas y de inserción internacional autónoma que han permitido el logro de una "década ganada" para los paises latinoamericanos. ¿Cuáles son el sentido y las implicaciones de los cambios que se registran en la región en Ios últimos anos en una tendencia calificada por algunos analistas como un "fin de ciclo"? Para responder esta pregunta y calibrar el alcance de las transformaciones en curso, un selecto grupo de académicos latinoamericanos y españoles identifican Ios procesos estructurales que subyacen a las innegables transformaciones que se registran en América Latina reflexionando sobre sus posibles consecuencias e impactos."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry HN110.5.A8 T73 2017

Comunicado urgente contra el despilfarro
Comuna Antinacionalista Zamorana ; prólogo de Luis Andrés Bredlow
La Rioja, Spain : Pepitas de calabaza, 2016
Baker Berry HN18 .C6335 2016

Intercultural communication in Japan : theorizing homogenizing discourse
edited by Satoshi Toyosaki and Shinsuke Eguchi
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Japan is heterogeneous and culturally diverse, both historically through ancient waves of immigration and in recent years due its foreign relations and internationalization. However, Japan has socially, culturally, politically and intellectually constructed a distinct and homogeneous identity. More recently, such an identity construction has been rightfully questioned and challenged by Japan's culturally diverse groups. This book explores the discursive systems of cultural identities that regenerate the illusion of Japan as a homogeneous nation. Contributors from a variety of disciplines and methodological approaches investigate the ways in which Japan's homogenizing discourses are challenged and modified by counter-homogeneous message systems. They examine the discursive push-and-pull between the homogenizing and heterogenizing vectors, found in domestic and transnational contexts and mobilized by various identity politics, such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity, foreign status, nationality, multiculturalism and internationalization. After offering a careful and critical analysis, the book calls for complicating Japan's homogenizing discourses in nuanced and contextual ways with an explicit goal of working towards a culturally diverse Japan.
Baker Berry HN730.Z9 M3337 2017

Mujeres frente a las paradojas de la ciudadanía
Mónica I. Cejas, coordinadora
México, D.F. : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Xochimilco : [2016]
Baker Berry HQ1236.5.M6 M84 2016

Memorias para hacer camino : relatos de vida de once mujeres españolas de la generación del 68
Julia Varela Fernández, Pilar Parra Contreras, Alejandra Val Cubero ; mujeres entrevistadas, Cristina Alberdi Alonso and ten others
San Sebastián (Madrid) : Ediciones Morata, [2016]
Presentación / Julia Varela Fernández -- Conversaciones -- Estudios.
Baker Berry HQ1692 .M46 2016

En torno a la maternidad : aproximaciones de género socio-históricas y literarias
Adriana Sáenz Valadez, Olga Martha Peña Doria, Cándida Elizabeth Vivero Marín (coordinadoras)
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México : Universidad de Guadalajara, 2015
Baker Berry HQ759 .E6 2015

Espacio público y espacio privado : miradas desde el sexo y el género
Elena Hernández Sandoica (ed.)
Madrid : Abada, 2016
Baker Berry HQ1150 .E87 2016

Género y juventudes
Angélica Aremy Evangelista García, Tania Cruz Salazar, Ramón Abraham Mena Farrera, coordinadores
San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas : ECOSUR, [2016]
Géneros y juventudes : pistas para la trama de sujetos etariamente (a)sexuados /Tania Cruz Salazar, Angélica Aremy Evangelista García, Ramón Abraham Mena Farrera -- La construcción de lo juvenil en las experiencias migratorias de mujeres y hombres indígenas en dos contextos metropolitanos en México / Jahel López Guerrero, Luis Fernando García Álvarez -- ¿Quién canta para quién? : el género y el consumo de música / Juris Tipa -- Jóvenes excombatientes de las guerrillas colombiana : subjetividades en tránsito / Nohora Constanza Niño Vega -- Jóvenes excéntricas en el rock : cuerpo femenino en el escenario rockero de Tijuana y la Ciudad de México / Merarit Viera Alcazar -- El primer incidente de acoso en lugares públicos experimentado por adolescentes en Querétaro, México / María Elena Meza de Luna, Rosario González Arias, Sulima García Falconi -- La juventud queretana : problematizaciones en torno a la salud sexual y reproductiva / María del Mar Carrillo Hernández, Marco Antonio Carrillo Pacheco, Gabriela Calderón Guerrero -- ¿Qué significa ser madre y padre adolescente? : estudio exploratorio del embarazo adolescente en un contexto urbano popular / Berenice Pérez Ramírez, Nadia Karina Franco García, Leslie Alejandra Mezo Martínez, Arturo Sánchez Hernández -- Cronopios juveniles, nunca iguales tampoco permanentes / Tania Cruz Salazar, Jesús Hernández.
Baker Berry HQ1462 .G464 2016

Une rose épineuse : la défloration au XIXe siècle en France
Mortas, Pauline, author
Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2017
""Quelle rose n'a pas ses épines ?" C'est en ces termes ambivalents qu'Adrien Coriveaud, auteur d'un manuel d'amour conjugal à la fin du xix" siècle, tente de rassurer sa lectrice sur la défloration, présentée comme un "apprentissage douloureux" de la sexualité. La France du xix' siècle foisonne de discours multiples - médicaux, religieux, moralistes, littéraires ou pornographiques - qui prennent pour objet la défloration féminine. Ces discours, qu'ils évoquent la défloration pour ses conséquences physiques sur la femme, pour ses enjeux moraux ou parce qu'elle constitue un fantasme masculin, en façonnent des représentations qui forment un véritable écheveau de normes pesant sur les sexualités et les corps. Érigée par ces discours en un événement crucial de ta vie féminine, et donc de la vie du couple, la défloration est amenée à jouer un rôle fondamental dans la construction de la féminité comme de la masculinité. Faire l'histoire de ces représentations, c'est donc contribuer à l'histoire du corps, de la sexualité et du genre. Mais l'histoire de la défloration, c'est aussi celle d'une expérience vécue par des femmes et des hommes : les écrits du for privé et les archives judiciaires entrouvrent la porte de l'alcôve conjugale et permettent à l'historien d'accéder aux pratiques sexuelles du xix' siècle français, pour écrire une histoire du couple et de l'intime."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry HQ29 .M65 2017

Ficciones políticas del cuerpo : lecturas universitarias de género, sexualidades críticas y estudios queer
Juan Pablo Sutherland (editor) ; autores: Soledad Prieto, Karina Ahumada, Inger Flem, Nadia Poblete, Elisa Niño, Manuela Cisternas, Nicolás Fierro, Rodrigo Lara-Quinteros
Santiago de Chile : Editorial Universitaria, 2016
Perversión y eugenesia a comienzos del siglo XX: la enfermedad venérea y la degeneración como metáfora de la homosexualidad / Soledad Prieto Millán -- Homo y lesboparentalidad: por la senda de la deconstrucción del parentesco / Karina Ahumada -- Barebacking y Bug chasing: una aproximación bio-sexopolítica a las prácticas sexuales crudas / Inger Flem -- El desplazamiento político de la violada / Elisa Niño -- Vaginismo: el cuerpo histérico desde el bipoder / Manuela Cisternas G. -- Cuerpos monstruosos y normativos: autobiografía de un cyborg / Nicolás Fierro -- Performatividad: un análisis desde el reconocimiento y la propuesta de otros feminismos: el accionar sexo-disidente de las perras feministas / Rodrigo Lara-Quinteros.
Baker Berry HQ76.25 .F53 2016

Lampião da esquina : porta voz dos homossexuais (1978-1981)
Coelho, Vinicius, author
Rio de Janeiro : Editora Multifoco, 2014
Baker Berry HQ76.95.B7 C64 2014

Klassy nat︠s︡ii : feministskai︠a︡ kritika nat︠s︡iostroitelʹstva
Gapova, Elena, author
Moskva : Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2016
Gender, nat︠s︡ii︠a︡, klass: prolog k drame s neskolʹkimi aktorami -- Klassy nat︠s︡iĭ: O gendere, nat︠s︡ii i klasse v postkommunizme ; Polnyĭ Fuko: telo kak pole vlasti ; Mezhdu voĭnami: zhenskiĭ vopros v nat︠s︡ionalʹnykh proektakh v Sovetskoĭ Belorussii i Zapadnoĭ Belorusi -- Predlozhenie, ot kotorogo nevozmozhno otkazatʹsi︠a︡: "obmen zhenshchinami" kak osnova nekonstut︠s︡ionnogo stroi︠a︡ -- Kapitalizm i globalizat︠s︡ii︠a︡: Kaznitʹ nelʹzi︠a︡ pomilovatʹ: gendernoe ravenstvo, razlichie, kapitalizm i sot︠s︡ializm ; Zheny "russkikh" programistov, ili Zhenshchiny, kotorye edut vsled za muzhchinami -- I︠A︡zyk, pol, subʺekt: Li︠u︡bovʹ kak revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii︠a︡, ili "Nesmotri︠a︡ na Gramshi" Poluty Bodunovoĭ ; O (ne)vozmozhnosti zhenskoĭ avtobiografii ; Stradanie i poisk smysla: "moralʹnye revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii" Svetlany Aleksievich -- Feministskai︠a︡ kritika (postsovetskogo) feminizma: Nat︠s︡ionalʹnoe soznanie i mezhdunarodnoe priznanie: postsovetskai︠a︡ akademii︠a︡ v borʹbe za simvolicheskie rynki ; V predelakh t︠s︡ifrovoĭ vidimosti: klass-nye Pussy Riot ; Kapitalizm i patriarkhat: zametki o raspredelenii i priznanii.
Baker Berry HQ1236.5.R8 G37 2016

Orgullo travestido : Egmont de Bries y la repercusión social del transformismo en la España del primer tercio del siglo XX
Usó, Juan Carlos
Santander : El Desvelo, 2017
Baker Berry HQ77.2.S7 O74 2017

Queer apocalypses : elements of antisocial theory
Bernini, Lorenzo
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, Springer International Publishing, [2017]
Baker Berry HQ75.15 .B4713 2017

Las sinsombrero : sin ellas, la historia no está completa
Balló, Tània, 1977- author
Barcelona : Espasa, [2016]
Baker Berry HQ1692.5.A3 B35 2016

Women's ritual competence in the Greco-Roman Mediterranean
edited by Matthew Dillon, Esther Eidinow, and Lisa Maurizio
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group [2017]
Baker Berry HQ1134 .W66 2017

杭州 : 浙江敎育出版社, 1999
Baker Berry East Asian HQ1767 .A17 1999

Bei jing : Qun zhong chu ban she, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian HQ799.C55 S86 2013

El deseo invisible : Santiago cola antes del golpe
Asalazar, Gonzalo, author
Santiago : Editorial Cuarto Propio, 2017
Baker Berry HQ76.3.C52 S3 2017

Cautivas y esclavas : el tráfico humano en el Mediterráneo
Aurelia Martín Casares, María Cristina Delaigue Séris, editoras
Granada : Universidad de Granada, 2016
Baker Berry HT985 .C38 2016

The making of the Chinese middle class : small comfort and great expectations
Rocca, Jean-Louis, author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
This book analyses the making of the Chinese middle class that started in the 1990s using a constructivist approach. With the development of the Chinese economy, a new group of middle wage earners appeared. Chinese social scientists and state institutions promoted the idea that China needs a middle class to achieve modernization. Middle class members are defined"and define themselves"as good consumers, educated people, politically engaged but reasonable citizens. As such, the making of the middle class is the result of three convergent phenomena: an attempt to define the middle class, a process of civilization, and the development of protest movements. The making of the Chinese middle class, Rocca argues, is a way to end the stalemate that modern Chinese society is facing, in particular the necessity to democratize without introducing an election system.
Baker Berry HT690.C55 R63 2017

The Oxford handbook of philosophy and race
edited by Naomi Zack
New York : Oxford University Press, [2017]
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race' provides up-to-date explanation and analyses by leading scholars of contemporary issues in African American philosophy and philosophy of race. These original essays encompass the major topics and approaches in this emerging philosophical subfield that supports demographic inclusion and diversity while at the same time strengthening the conceptual arsenal of social and political philosophy. Over the course of the volume's ten topic-based sections, ideas about race held by Locke, Hume, Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche are supplemented by suppressed thought from the African diaspora, early twentieth-century African American perspectives and Native-, Asian-, and Latin-, American views. The contributors bring philosophical analysis to bear on the status of racial divisions as categories of humanity in the biological sciences, as well as within contemporary criticism and conceptual analysis. Essays present the special applications of American philosophy and continental philosophy to ideas of race as methodological alternatives to more analytic approaches. 0As a collection of analyses and assessments of 'race' in the real world, the volume pays trenchant and relevant attention to historical and contemporary racism and what it means to say that 'race' and racial identities are socially constructed. The essays analyze contemporary social issues including the importance of racial difference and identity in education, public health, medicine, IQ and other standardized tests, and sports. Additionally, the essays consider the societal limitations and structures provided by public policy and law.
Baker Berry HT1521 .O94 2017

Spartaco : schiavi e padroni a Roma
catalogo, Claudio Parisi Presicce, Orietta Rossini ; con Lucia Spagnuolo e Francesca Boldrighini
Roma : De Luca editori d'arte, [2017]
Baker Berry HT863 .S63 2017

Explorations in urban theory
Smith, Michael P., author
New Brunswick, New Jersey : Transaction Publishers, [2017]
Baker Berry HT119 .S6125 2017

Mansions of misery : a biography of the Marshalsea debtors' prison
White, Jerry, 1949- author
London : The Bodley Head, 2016
The Marshalsea became a byword for misery; in the words of one of its inmates, it was hell in epitome. But the prison was also a microcosm of London life and it housed a colourful range of characters, including Charles Dickens's father. This book introduces us to the Marshalsea's unfortunate prisoners, rich and poor; men and women; spongers, fraudsters and innocents. We get to know the trumpeter John Grano who wined and dined with the prison governor and continued to compose music whilst other prisoners were tortured and starved to death. We meet the bare-knuckle fighter known as the Bold Smuggler, who fell on hard times after being beaten by the Chelsea Snob. And then there's Joshua Reeve Lowe, who saved Queen Victoria from assassination in Hyde Park in 1820, but whose heroism couldn't save him from the Marshalsea. Told through these extraordinary lives, this book gives us a fascinating and unforgettable cross-section of London life from the early 1700s to the 1840s.
Baker Berry HV9650.L72 M379 2016

El murmullo social de la violencia en México : la experiencia de los sujetos afectados por la guerra contra el narcotráfico
Bautista Arias, Miriam, author
Ciudad de México : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Xochimilco, Division de Ciencias y Humanidades : [2017]
Baker Berry HV5840.M6 B28 2017

Camuflados : asesinados por el Ejército Nacional
Córdoba, Andrés author
Popayán, Colombia : Editorial UC, Editorial Universidad del Cauca, 2016
Baker Berry HV6295.C72 P6736 2016

Cultura de la violencia y feminicidio en México
Ma. Aidé Hernández García, Fabiola Countiño Osorio (coordinadoras)
México, D.F. : Editorial Fontamara :
Baker Berry HV6250.4.W65 C85 2016

Memoria y derechos humanos : continuidades, vigencia y presente del "Nunca más"
María Sonderéguer y Alejandro Kaufman (compiladores)
Bernal : Universidad Nacional de Quilmes Editorial, 2016
Baker Berry HV6433.A7 M45 2016

La parábola de Pablo : auge y caída del narcotraficante más famoso de todos los tiempos
Salazar J., Alonso
Barcelona : Ediciones Península, 2016
Baker Berry HV5805.E82 S24 2016

Pablo Escobar : lo que mi padre nunca me contó
Marroquín, Sebastián, author
Barcelona : Península, 2017
Baker Berry HV5805.E82 M36 2017

Solo digo compañeros
Rafart, Horacio, 1962- author
Lanús Oeste, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina : Nuestra América, [2015]
Baker Berry HV6322.3.A7 R34 2015

La abuela de hierro
Martínez, Juan Carlos, author
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires : Lumbre, [2012]
Baker Berry HV6322.3.A7 M37 2012

Police ethics : crisis in law enforcement
Barker, Thomas
Springfield, Ill. : Chares C. Thomas, c2011
Policing -- a morally dangerous occupation -- Professional/occupational ethics -- Law enforcement code of ethics -- paragraph 1 -- Law enforcement code of ethics -- paragraph 2 -- Law enforcement code of ethics -- paragraph 3 -- Law enforcement code of ethics -- paragraph 4 and 5 -- Major law enforcement ethical violations -- Policing corruption -- Corrupt practices and corruption control -- Abuse of authority -- Controlling police unethical behavior.

"This third edition has been comprehensively revised, expanding the information in the previous edition on the long-standing challenge of implementing effective, responsible, and acceptable practices in ethical police work. The author's unique perspective provides insights not found elsewhere and presents them in an informative, fact-filled, and encouraging way. The text is based on the premise that ethical crisis has always existed in law enforcement and stresses that policing is and always has been a 'morally dangerous occupation.' The moral dangers of policing are discussed in detail and emphasize how crucial ethical standards are for police officers. Four critical and primary questions addressed in the text are: Is law enforcement a profession? Can law enforcement officers be professional? What forms of behavior are the major law enforcement ethical violations? Can police ethical violations be controlled? Several chapters also thoroughly review the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and include very up-to-date examples of notable violations by individual officers and police departments. Additional topics include major police corruption issues, including corrupt practices and corruption control; abuse of authority; and getting effective control of unethical behavior. The goal of this timely new edition is to provide officers, law enforcement managers, and city administrators with only the most current information, tools, and skills in identifying and dealing with unethical police behavior. It is valuable to both new and seasoned officers in a significant effort to make policing a true profession that is real and not rhetoric"--Provided by publisher.

Assessing the War on Terror : Western and Middle Eastern perspectives
edited by Charles Webel and Mark Tomass
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Baker Berry HV6431 .A84424 2017

Los ateneos libertarios en España, 1931-1939 : algunas reflexiones
Navarro Navarro, Francisco Javier, 1969- author
Madrid : La Neurosis o Las Barricadas, 2017
Baker Berry HX925 .N38 2017

Political uses of Utopia : new Marxist, anarchist, and radical democratic perspectives
edited by S.D. Chrostowska and James D. Ingram
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
I. Reviving Utopia -- II. Questioning Utopia -- III. Utopia and radical politics -- IV. Permanence of Utopia -- Coda.
Baker Berry HX806 .P64 2016

Cruzar la línea roja : hacia una arqueología del imaginario comunista ibérico (1930-2017)
Antonio Gómez L-Quiñones, Ulrich Winter (eds.)
Madrid : Iberoamericana : 2017
Baker Berry HX343.5 .C789 2017

Rethinking revolution
edited by Leo Panitch and Greg Albo
London : The Merlin Pres, 2016
The distinctive heritage of 1917: resuscitating revolution's longue durée -- Class, party and the challenge of state transformation -- The actuality of revolution -- Radicalizing the party-movement relationship: from Ralph Miliband to Jeremy Corbyn and beyond -- The heritage of Eurocommunism in the contemporary radical left -- Revolution in a warming world: lessons from the Russian to the Syrian revolutions -- Beyond eco-catastrophism: the conditions for solar communism -- South Africa's next revolt: eco-socialist opportunities -- Turning the tide: revolutionary potential and the limits of Bolivia's 'process of change' -- Something left in Latin America: Venezuela and the struggle for twenty-first century socialism -- In search of the 'modern prince': the new Québec rebellion -- Marx and Engels on the revolutionary party -- 1917 and the 'workers' state': looking back -- The 'people's war' and the legacy of the Chinese revolution -- Revolution as 'national liberation'? the origins of neoliberal antiracism -- Picturing the whole: form, reform, revolution -- Addressing the impossible -- On revolutionary optimism of the intellect.

One hundred years ago, "October 1917" galvanized leftists and oppressed peoples around the globe, and became the lodestar for 20th century politics. Today, the left needs to reckon with this legacyand transcend it. Social change, as it was understood in the 20th century, appears now to be as impossible as revolution, leaving the left to rethink the relationship between capitalist crises, as well as the conceptual tension between revolution and reform. Populated by an array of passionate thinkers and thoughtful activists, Rethinking Revolution reappraises the historical effects of the Russian revolutionpositive and negativeon political, intellectual, and cultural life, and looks at consequent revolutions after 1917. Change needs to be understood in relation to the distinct trajectories of radical politics in different regions. But the main purpose of this Socialist Register editionone century after "Red October"is to look forward, to what might happen next.
Baker Berry HX15 .S59 2017

Anarquismos a contratiempo
Ibáñez, Tomás, author
Barcelona : Virus, 2017
Baker Berry HX828 .I33 2017

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