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HB-HJ - Economics acquired during June 2017

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The 100-year life
Gratton, Lynda
London : Bloomsbury Information, 2016
Living: the gift of a long life -- Financing: working for longer -- Working: the employment landscape -- Intangibles: focusing on the priceless -- Scenarios: possible selves -- Stages: new building blocks -- Money: financing a long life -- Time: from recreation to re-creation -- Relationships: the transformation of personal lives.

Does the thought of working for 60 or 70 years fill you with dread? Or can you see the potential for a more stimulating future as a result of having so much extra time? Many of us have been raised on the traditional notion of a three-stage approach to our working lives: education, followed by work and then retirement. But this well-established pathway is already beginning to collapse life expectancy is rising, final-salary pensions are vanishing, and increasing numbers of people are juggling multiple careers. Whether you are 18, 45 or 60, you will need to do things very differently from previous generations and learn to structure your life in completely new ways. The 100-Year Life is here to help. Drawing on the unique pairing of their experience in psychology and economics, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott offer a broad-ranging analysis as well as a raft of solutions, showing how to rethink your finances, your education, your career and your relationships and create a fulfilling 100-year life. The 100-Year Life is a wake-up call that describes what to expect and considers the choices and options that you will face. It is also fundamentally a call to action for individuals, politicians, firms and governments and offers the clearest demonstration that a 100-year life can be a wonderful and inspiring one.
Baker Berry HB1322.3 .G73 2016

Household mobility and persistence in Guadalajara, Mexico : 1811-1842
Hardin, Monica L., author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2017]
The City of Guadalajara, 1531-1821 -- Mobility, Persistence, and Transience Compared -- Mobility and Transience : Product of a Special Era? -- Those Who Stayed : The Persisting Households -- Appendix: Technical Explanations.

"This study examines mobility and migration patterns in early nineteenth-century Guadalajara, Mexico. Using data from censuses, notarial records, wills, and other sources, it reveals a high level of mobility that was short term and often cynical and argues that mobility affected the vast majority of the city's residents"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry HB1992.G8 H37 2017

Migration, mobilities and the Arab Spring : spaces of refugee flight in the Eastern Mediterranean
edited by Natalia Ribas-Mateos, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Cheltenham, UK ; Edward Elgar Publishing, [2016]
Baker Berry HB2093.3.A3 M54 2016

Los invisibles : por qué la pobreza y la exclusión social dejaron de ser prioridad
Catalina Siles V. ed
Santiago, Chile : Instituto de Estudios de la Sociedad, 2016
Baker Berry HC195.P6 I58 2016

La producción de la pobreza como objeto de gobierno
Ramos Zincke, Claudio, 1952- author
Santiago de Chile : Ediciones Universidad Alberto Hurtado, 2016
Baker Berry HC195.P6 R36 2016

現代日本経済史年表. 代表編者矢部洋三. 1868--2015年 /
Tōkyō : Nihon Keizai Hyōronsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan HC462.7 .G453 2016

Crecimiento económico y condiciones laborales en la frontera norte de México
Valenzuela García, José Ángel, author
México, D.F. : Jorale Editores, S.A. de C.V. ; 2015
Baker Berry HC137.M46 V35 2015

The rise and fall of emerging powers : globalisation, US power and the global North-South divide
Kiely, Ray, 1964- author
Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Introduction -- The "rise of the South" and international relations and development theory -- Questioning the rise of the South I : economic globalisation and US power -- Questioning the rise of the South II : from emerging markets boom to emerging markets crisis -- Questioning the rise of the South III : the question of global inequality -- Conclusion : theorising the changing global North-South divide.

This book critically examines the argument that the Global South has risen in recent years, that its rise has intensified since the 2008 financial crisis, and that this in turn has hastened the decline of the West and the US in particular. Drawing on critical theories of international relations and development, Kiely puts the rise into context and shows how the factors that aided the rise of the South have now given way to a less favourable international context. Indeed, economic problems in China and other leading countries, falling commodity prices and capital outflows point us in the direction of identifying a new phase of the 2008 financial crisis: an emerging markets crisis. Kiely argues that this is a crisis which demonstrates the continued dependent position of the South in the context of the uneven and combined development of international capitalism.
Baker Berry HC59.7 .K46746 2016

Radiografía de la elite económica argentina : estructura y organización en los años noventa
Ana Castellani (coordinadora)
San Martín, Provincia de Buenos Aires : UNSAM Edita, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, 2016
The 1990s were the scene of a process of profound transformations where the economic elite played an important role in the promotion, public support and implementation of many of the main measures. This more active involvement of the economic elite in a stage of implementation of reforms makes inescapable the question of the characteristics, actions and transformations of the sectors that controlled the main sources of economic power during that period. Why is it relevant to know the characteristics and behavior of the Argentine economic elite? Because it has a decisive influence on the process of accumulation, on the distribution of wealth, and on the direction of state action, by virtue of the economic power and political power they hold. Given the centrality of these actors and the relative lack of studies on them, this book proposes an exhaustive analysis from a sociological approach, with the certainty that the analysis of this experience gives us clues to understand the present.
Baker Berry HC180.W4 R34 2016

Sustainability principles and practice
Robertson, Margaret, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry HC79.E5 R6243 2017

日本占領の経済政策史的硏究 / 三和良一
三和良一, 1935-
東京 : 日本経済評論社, 2002
Baker Berry Japan HC462.9 .M457 2002

The economics of contemporary Latin America
Armendáriz, Beatriz, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2017]
Baker Berry HC125 .A736 2017

The European Union's policy towards Mercosur : responsive not strategic
Gomez, Arana Arantza
Manchester : Manchester University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry HC240.25.S586 G66 2017

東京都文京区 : 吉川弘文館, 2016
白木沢旭児, 1959- author
Tōkyō-to Bunkyō-ku : Yoshikawa Kōbunkan, 2016
Baker Berry Japan HC428.M3 S44 2016

La guerre des diplomates en Haïti : quand Ricardo Seitenfus veut sauver son Brésil
sous la direction de Hérold Toussaint ; par Stéphanie Balmir and 5 others
Port-au-Prince, Haïti : Collectif des universitaires citoyens, [2016]
Excellent collection of essays that analyze the equally excellent book, "L'échec de l'aide internationale à Haïti : dilemmes et égarements" (2015), a book critical of the international aid groups in Haiti. The Brazilian author of said book, Ricardo Seitenfus, served as a diplomat in Haiti for many years.
Baker Berry HC153 .S451434 2016

Resilience and growth in the small states of the Pacific
editors: Hoe Ee Khor, Roger P. Kronenberg, and Patrizia Tumbarello
Washington, DC : International Monetary Fund, [2016]
Baker Berry HC681 .R4665 2016

The rise of the network society
Castells, Manuel, 1942-
Chichester, West Sussex ; Wiley-Blackwell, 2010
Prologue: the net and the self -- The information technology revolution -- The new economy: informationalism, globalization, networking -- The network enterprise: the culture, institutions, and organizations of the informational economy -- The transformation of work and employment: networkers, jobless, and flex-timers -- The culture of real virtuality: the integration of electronic communication, the end of the mass audience, and the rise of interactive networks -- The space of flows -- The egde of forever: timeless time -- Conclusion: the network society.
Baker Berry HC79.I55 C373 2010

West Indies accounts : essays on the history of the British Caribbean and the Atlantic economy in honour of Richard Sheridan
edited by Roderick A. McDonald
Kingston, Jamaica : Press, University of the West Indies, 1996
"Collection of essays written by former students, colleagues, and friends to honor a preeminent economic historian of the Caribbean. Covering period 1650-1850, essays encompass a broad range of topics, with major focus on various aspects of slavery and imperial relations during those years. Excellent introductory essay on Sheridan's contributions to Caribbean economic history. Extremely useful"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 58.
Baker Berry HC155.5 .W47 1996

The logic of the market : an insider's view of Chinese economic reform
Zhang, Weiying, 1959-
Washington, D.C. : Cato Institute, [2015]
Understanding and safeguarding the market economy -- Profits and corporate social responsibility -- Is state ownership consistent with a market economy? the chinese experience -- The anti-competition nature of the anti-monopoly law -- Liberalize commercial activity -- Good policy and bad policy -- The market and morality -- Rational thinking on China's reforms -- China's gradual reform : a historical perspective -- Property rights reform, the rise of entrepreneurs, and China's economic development -- China's state-owned enterprise reform : a corporate governance perspective -- China's price reform -- Market reforms and income distribution -- Understanding the crisis is more important than reacting to it -- The economy is not a single product of GDP -- Financial crises and the development of economics -- Taking the pulse of future Chinese economic growth and systemic reform.
Baker Berry HC427.92 .Z4374 2015

Building the new American economy : smart, fair, and sustainable
Sachs, Jeffrey, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
In this passionate and powerful book-part manifesto, part plan of action-the renowned economist Jeffrey D. Sachs offers a practical strategy to move America, seemingly more divided than ever, toward a new consensus: sustainable development. Sustainable development is a holistic approach that emphasizes economic, social, and environmental objectives in shaping policy. In focusing too much on economic growth, the United States has neglected rising economic inequality and dire environmental threats. Now, even growth is imperiled. Sachs explores issues that have captivated the nation and political debate, including infrastructure, trade deals, energy policy, the proper size and role of government, the national debt, and income inequality. Not only does he provide illuminating and accessible explanations of the forces at work in each case, but he also presents specific policy solutions. His argument rises above the pessimism born of political paralysis, economic stagnation, and partisanship to devise a brighter way forward, achievable both individually and collectively. Sachs shows how the United States can find a path to renewed economic progress that is fair and environmentally sustainable.
Baker Berry HC106.84 .S229 2017

Le marché du crédit dans le monde romain (Égypte et Campanie)
Lerouxel, François, author
[Rome] : École française de Rome, 2016
Baker Berry HC33 .L47 2016

Rulers, religion, and riches : why the West got rich and the Middle East did not
Rubin, Jared T., author
New York, NY, USA : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction -- Part I. Propagation of rule : a theory of economic success and stagnation. The propagation of rule -- Historical origins of rule propagation -- Part II. Applying the theory : why the West got rich and the Middle East did not. Bans on taking interest -- Restrictions on the printing press -- Printing & the Reformation -- Success : England and the Dutch Republic -- Stagnation : Spain and the Ottoman Empire -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry HC240 .R78 2017

Fake silk : the lethal history of viscose rayon
Blanc, Paul D., 1951- author
London : Yale University Press, [2016]
When a new technology makes people ill, how high does the body count have to be before protective steps are taken? This disturbing book tells a dark story of hazardous manufacturing, poisonous materials, environmental abuses, political machinations, and economics trumping safety concerns. It explores the century-long history of?fake silk,? or cellulose viscose, used to produce such products as rayon textiles and tires, cellophane, and everyday kitchen sponges. Paul Blanc uncovers the grim history of a product that crippled and even served a death sentence to many industry workers while also releasing toxic carbon disulfide into the environment. Viscose, an innovative and lucrative product first introduced in the early twentieth century, quickly became a multinational corporate enterprise. Blanc investigates industry practices from the beginning through two highly profitable world wars, the midcentury export of hazardous manufacturing to developing countries, and the current?greenwashing? of viscose as an eco-friendly product. Deeply researched and boldly presented, this book brings to light an industrial hazard whose egregious history ranks with those of asbestos, lead, and mercury.
Baker Berry HD9929.5.R32 B525 2016

財閥解体 / 梅津和郎
梅津和郎, 1929-
[Higashimurayama] : Kyōikusha ; ©1978
"Bunken kaisetsu·kenkyūshi": p. 197-202.
Baker Berry Japan HD2907 .U535

Fugas de agua y dinero : factores político-institucionales que inciden en el desempeño de los organismos operadores de agua potable en México
Alejandro Salazar Adams, coordinador
Hermosillo, Sonora, México : El Colegio de Sonora, [2016]
El desempeño en la gestión del agua potable en México : panorma general, evolución y perfiles de los organismos operadores / Alejandro Salazar Adams, América N. Lutz Ley -- Ineficiencia, escasez y el uso político del agua en Acapulco / Alejandro Salazar Adams -- El cambio institucional en la gestión del agua en Tijuana / Nicolás Pineda Pablos -- Mucha agua, poco pago : el desempeño de la Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Mexicali / Edmundo Loera Burnes, Alejandro Salazar Adams, Noemí Haro Velarde -- Aguas de Saltillo : la primera experiencia de participación mixta en la gestión urbana del agua en México / Noemí Haro Velarde, Alejandro Salazar Adams -- Batallando en el desierto : ineficiencia y conflictos por el manejo del agua potable en Hermosillo / Noemí Haro Velarde, José Luis Moreno Vázquez, Edmundo Loera Burnes, Alejandro Salazar Adams -- La gestión del agua potable en la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara / Hugo Briseño Ramírez, Rodrigo Flores Elizondo, Guillermo Pérez Cedeño, Alejandro Salazar Adams -- El servicio de agua potable en municipios de Guanajuato : San Miguel de Allende y Dolores Hidalgo / Noemí Haro Velarde, Alejandro Salazar Adams -- ¿Qué se puede aprender de las experiencias de gestión de organismos operadores de agua en México? / Alejandro Salazar Adams, Nicolás Pineda Pablos, José Luis Moreno Vázquez.
Baker Berry HD4465.M6 F84 2016

La industria automotriz en México : relaciones de empleo, culturas organizacionales y factores psicosociales
coordinadores: Alex Covarrubias Valdenebro, Sergio A. Sandoval Godoy, Graciela Bensusán Areous, Arnulfo Arteaga García
México, D.F. : AM Editores : [2016]
La IAM : productividad y producción de primer mundo; moralidad económica y relaciones laborales de tercero / Alex Covarrubias Valdenebro -- El debate sobre innovación y el progreso sociolaboral : el sector automotriz en México / Jorge Carrillo Viveros, Graciela Bensusán Areous -- La gente de Ford Hermosillo : trabajadores con filiación cooperativa de grupo e identidad limitada / Sergio A. Sandoval Godoy, Martha Estela Díaz Muro -- Crónica del proceso para realizar un monitoreo de género : la aperatura de Volkswagen Puebla / Inés González Nicolás -- Ciudadanía fabril en la VW de México : avances y retrocesos 2000-2012 / José Antonio Espinal Betanzo -- Los factores psicosociales en la industria automotriz en México / Martha Estela Díaz Muro, Francisco Octavio López Millán, Enrique Javier de la Vega Bustillos -- La formación de una nueva cultura organizacional en la industria automotriz de la ciudad de Chihuahua / Enrique Soto Aguirre -- El cambio en la organización del trabajo y nuevas estrategias de poder sindical / Arnulfo Arteaga García, Rigoberto Reyes Sánchez -- Relaciones laborales y salariales en la IAM : ¿vendrá el cambio de fuera? / Graciela Bensusán Areous, Alex Covarrubias Valdenebro.
Baker Berry HD9710.M62 I53 2016

Condiciones laborales en tiempos de crisis : un análisis de la migración calificada de América Latina y el Caribe en Estado Unidos
Lozano Ascencio, Fernando, author
Cuernavaca : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias, 2015
Baker Berry HD8038.L29 L56 2015

Habitation Trénelle : les travaux et les jours : 1948-1974 : monographie
Louri, Ludovic, 1946- author
Fort-de-France, Martinique : K Éditions, [2016]
Baker Berry HD9114.M435 L68 2016

States and peoples in conflict : transformations of conflict studies
edited by Michael Stohl, Mark I. Lichbach, and Peter Nils Grabosky
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry HD42 .S84 2017

政治経済学で読み解く政府の行動 : アベノミクスの理論分析 / 井堀利宏, 小西秀樹
[Tokyo] : Bokutakusha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan HD75.5 .S45 2016

La clase obrera no va al paraíso : crónica de una desaparición forzada
Nega, 1978- author
Madrid : Ediciones Akal, diciembre 2016
Baker Berry HD8581 .N44 2016

Sociología, historia y memoria de los pueblos ferroviarios
Nicolás Damin y Joaquín Aldao (compiladores) ; Mercedes Blanco Navarro, Santiago Dematine, Daiana Gerschfeld, Federico Ghelfi, Estefanía Goren, Sergio Kaminker, María Luz Larghero, Vicente Russo
[La Plata, Argentina] : Archivo Histórico de la Provincia de Buenos Aires : 2015
This book is a research on sociology, history and memory processes in the Argentine railway communities, beginning with the social actors who intervene in its constitution as a social problem. To that end, Nicolás Damin and Joaquín Aldao visited the railroads, beginning with the town of Patricios on July 9, Buenos Aires, and other towns that were inhabited by railway workers and their families, where the sense of belonging was very strong. On the other hand, there were the merchants, the agricultural producers, who were allowed by the railroad to lower the costs, since they connected them with larger urban centers, allowing a fundamental economic development.
Baker Berry HD8039.R3152 A776 2015

The direct and indirect costs of transporting wood chips to supply a wood-fired power plant
Adler, Thomas J
Hanover, N.H. : Resource Policy Center, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, 1978
Baker Berry HD9685.2.A2 A46

A ignorância custa um mundo : o valor da educação no desenvolvimento do Brasil
Ioschpe, Gustavo, 1977- author
Rio de Janeiro, RJ : Objetiva : 2016
Baker Berry HD75.7 .I67 2016

World energy outlook 2016
International Energy Agency
France : Organization for Economic Cooperation & Develoment, 2016
Part A: Global energy trends -- 1. Introduction and scope -- 2. Overview: ten questions about the future of energy -- 3. Oil market outlook -- 4. Natural gas market outlook -- 5. Coal market outlook -- 6. Power sector outlook -- 7. Energy efficiency outlook -- 8. Energy and climate change -- 9. Water-energy nexus -- Part B: Special focus on renewable energy -- 10. Renewable energy outlook -- 11. Competitiveness of renewable energy -- 12. Integration of variable renewables in power systems -- Annexs -- A. Tables for scenario projects -- B. Policies and measures by scenario -- C. Definitions -- D. References.

"The landmark Paris Agreement on climate change will transform the global energy system for decades to come. The latest World Energy Outlook offers the most comprehensive analysis of what this transformation of the energy sector might look like, thanks to its energy projections to 2040. It reviews the key opportunities and challenges ahead for renewable energy, the central pillar of the low-carbon energy transition, as well as the critical role for energy efficiency. WEO-2016 looks at individual coutry pledges and examines how close -- or far -- nations are from reaching their goals. It outlines a course that would limit the rise in global temperature to below 2°C and also plots possible pathways for meeting even more ambitious goals. This year, WEO-2016 also devotes a special chapter tot he critical interplay between water and energy, with an emphasis on the stress points that arise as the linkages between these two sectors intensify."--Back cover.
Feldberg HD9502.A2 W6694 2016

Economics of regulation and antitrust
Viscusi, W. Kip
Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, ©2005
1. Introduction -- 2. The making of a regulation -- 3. Introduction to antitrust -- 4. Efficiency and technical progress -- 5. Oligopoly, collusion, and antitrust -- 6. Market structure and strategic competition -- 7. Mergers -- 8. Vertical mergers and vertical restraints -- 9. Monopolization and price discrimination -- 10. Introduction to economic regulation -- 11. Theory of natural monopoly -- 12. Natural monopoly regulation and electric power -- 13. Franchise bidding and cable television -- 14. Public enterprise -- 15. Dynamic issues in natural monopoly regulation : telecommunications -- 16. The regulation of potentially competitive markets : theory and estimation methods -- 17. Economic regulation of transportation : surface freight and airlines -- 18. Economic regulation of energy : crude oil and natural gas -- 19. Introduction : the emergence of health, safety, and environmental regulation -- 20. Valuing life and other nonmonetary benefits -- 21. Environmental regulation -- 22. Product safety -- 23. Regulation of workplace health and safety -- 24. Patents and pharmaceuticals.
Baker Berry HD3616.U47 V57 2005

Cochabamba! : water war in Bolivia
Olivera, Oscar
Cambridge, Mass. : South End Press, ©2004
The water war -- Privatization -- Organization -- War -- Perspectives on the water war and the Coordinadora -- The Coordinadora by Raquel Gutiérrez-Aguilar -- The "Multitude" by Alvaro García Linera -- Interview with Luis Sánchez-Gómez -- SEMAPA: globalizing solidarity -- Our reality and our dreams -- The new world of labor -- A political thesis -- For a constituent assembly: creating public spaces -- Toward a national and continental rebellion -- The gas war -- Reconquering our collective patrimony -- The legacy of the Coordinadora / by Tom Lewis -- The gas rebellion of October 2003 -- Afterword -- They can't privatize our dreams.
Baker Berry HD4465.B5 O45 2004

As lutas operárias na fronteira : a chacina dos quatro "AS" (Livramento/RS-1950)
Souza, Oneider Vargas de
Porto Alegre : Livraria Palmarinca Editora, 2015
Baker Berry HD5355.S245 S68 2015

Migración y redes sociales : continuidad ruptura en las trayectorias laborales de sinaloenses en California
Sánchez Sánchez, Ernesto, author
México : Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa ; 2015
Redes sociales y capital sociel como ejes dinamizadores de la migración : una aproximación teórico metodológica -- Migración laboral internacional : de la regulación laboral a las redes sociales -- Las redes sociales como instrumento de inserción laboral de mexicanos en Estados Unidos -- Migrantes laborales en California : el caso de culiacanenses en Los Ángeles y Bakersfield -- Trabajadores en California : culiacanenses en Paramount City y Huntington Park.
Baker Berry HD8083.C2 S26 2015

Sindicato dos Bancários : uma história de lutas em Caxias do Sul
Caon, Marcelo, author
[Caxias do Sul?] : Sindicato dos Bancários Caxias do Sul e Região, [2016]
Baker Berry HD6614.B262 S563 2016

Reforma agraria y revuelta campesina : seguido de un homenaje a los campesinos desaparecidos
Bengoa, José, author
Santiago : LOM Ediciones, noviembre de 2016
Baker Berry HD506 .B465 2016

Josephson, Paul R., author
New York, NY, USA : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., 2017
Mushrooms in Minsk -- Speed bumps in twentieth century philosophy -- Utopian visions of machines and people : a world without speed bumps -- Mumford and Moses -- The historical concatenation of congestion -- Speed bumpology -- Crashworthy automobiles as speed bumps -- Race, equality and traffic -- Pedestrian malls as large scale speed bumps -- The woonerf : the neighborhood speed bump -- Taming roads themselves -- Curb cuts for people, roundabouts for automobiles -- The bicycle as a neo-luddite traffic solution -- Gendered speed bumps -- If stopped in traffic, hope for a crashworthy automobile -- Safety delays in the name of freedom -- Speed bump downsides -- Waxing and waning of Brazilian speed bumps -- Potholes and paper money -- Speed bumps for other hopeful technologies.
Baker Berry HE333 .J67 2017

ABI/INFORM collection
[Ann Arbor, Mich.] : Proquest
Indexing, abstracts, and full-text of scholarly and trade journal articles in business, management, and trade. Also covers dissertations, SSRN working papers, market reports, industry reports, business cases, local and regional business information, and global and trade news. Includes full text of The Wall Street Journal, Eastern Edition and digital images of selected key business journals from the first issue to the present. 1971-. 520 Article citations and some full text articles in business-related publications. A complete database comprised of ABI/INFORM Global, Dateline, and Trade & Industry.

戦後東京と闇市 : 新宿。池袋。渋谷の形成過程と都市組織 = Tokyo rising from the postwar black markets : Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Shibuya after 1945 / 石榑督和
石榑督和, 1986- author
Tōkyō : Kajima Shuppankai, 2016
Baker Berry Japan HF5482.65.J3 I84 2016

Brazil and Canada : Economic, Political, and Migratory Ties, 1820s to 1970s
Barbosa, Rosana, 1960- author
Lanham ; Lexington Books, [2017]
Baker Berry HF3228.B8 B37 2017

The people's money : how China is building a global currency
Subacchi, Paola, 1962- author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Money is the game changer -- China's extraordinary, but still unfinished transformation -- A financially repressed economy -- China: a trading nation without an international currency -- Living with a 'dwarf' currency -- Creating an international currency -- Building a market for the renminbi -- The renminbi moves around -- Managing is the word -- The age of Chinese money.

Many of the world's major economies boast dominant international currencies. Not so for China. Its renminbi has lagged far behind the pound, the euro, and the dollar in global circulationand for good reason. China has long privileged economic policies that have fueled development at the expense of the renminbi's growth, and it has become clear that the underpowered currency is threatening China's future. The nation's leaders now face the daunting task of strengthening the currency without losing control of the nation's economy or risking total collapse. How are they approaching this challenge? In The People's Money, Paola Subacchi introduces readers to China's monetary system, mapping its evolution over the past century and, particularly, its transformation since Deng Xiaoping took power in 1978. Subacchi revisits the policies that fostered the country's economic rise while at the same time purposefully creating a currency of little use beyond China's borders. She shows the key to understanding China's economic predicament lies in past and future strategies for the renminbi. The financial turbulence following the global crisis of 2008, coupled with China's ambitions as a global creditor and chief economic power, has forced the nation to reckon with the limited international circulation of the renminbi. Increasing the currency's reach will play a major role in securing China's future.
Baker Berry HG3978 .S83 2017

La gran estafa de las preferentes : abusos e impunidad de la banca durante la crisis financiera en España
Missé, Andreu, author
Barcelona : Alternativas Económicas, julio de 2016
Baker Berry HG3184 .M57 2016

Shadow banking : the rise, risks, and rewards of non-bank financial services
Girasa, Rosario J., author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Traditional Banking in the United States and Its Evolution as Bank Holding Companies -- Shadow Banking (Non-Bank Financial Intermediation)-- Governance of Shadow (Non-Bank) Financial Institutions -- Enhanced Prudential Standards -- Securitization and Repos -- Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds as SIFIs -- Insurance Companies as SIFIs: The MetLife, Inc. Litigation -- International Institutions Affecting Shadow Banking.

This comparative study explores how shadow banking differs from the traditional banking system. It discusses the origins, history, purposes, risks, regulatory constraints, and projected future evolution of both financial sectors of the world economy. This thorough examination of non-bank financial intermediaries follows the migration of services from traditional banks to less-regulated alternative banking products, as well as the evolution of regulations and the Financial Stability Oversight Council to monitor these new entities. Three chapters explore in depth the major financial structures newly designated as systemically important financial institutions (SIFIs), with particular attention to insurance companies such as MetLife, which seek exemption from the designation. Finally, the focus shifts to international financial institutions' efforts to protect consumers and curtail irresponsible shadow banks, with an eye toward the effects of these actions on future banking practices.
Baker Berry HG1601 .G57 2016

Valuation : measuring and managing the value of companies
Mckinsey & Company ; Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart, David Wessels
Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2015]
Part one. Foundations of value -- Part two. Core valuation techniques -- Part three. Advanced valuation techniques -- Part four. Managing for value -- Part five. Special situations.

This book contains a solid framework for valuation: analyzing historical performance, including reorganizing a company's financial statements to reflect economic rather than accounting performance; forecasting performance, with emphasis on not just the mechanics of forecasting but also how to think about a company's future economics; estimating the cost of capital with practical tips that aren't found in textbooks; interpreting the results of a valuation in light of a company's competitive situation; and linking a company's valuation multiples to the core drivers of its performance. Valuati.
Feldberg HG4028.V3 K65 2015

L'Union latine, une expérience de souverainetés monétaires partagées (1865-1926)
Gillard, Lucien
Paris : Classiques Garnier, 2017
Baker Berry HG209 .G55 2017

O BB de bombachas : homenagem ao centenário do Banco do Brasil no Río Grande do Sul = homenaje al centenario del Banco do Brasil en Río Grande del Sur
coordenador, Alcy Cheuiche
Porto Alegre : Sindbancários de Porte Alegre : [2016]
Baker Berry HG2889.R565 B36 2016

IBEX 35 : una historia herética del poder en España
Juste, Rubén, 1985-
Madrid : Capitán Swing, [2017]
Baker Berry HG5640.15.I49 J87 2017

Public finance and islamic capital markets : theory and application
Rizvi, Syed Aun R., author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Baker Berry HJ1438 .R59 2016

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