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GN - Anthropology acquired during June 2017

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Doing respectful research : power, privilege and passion
Tilley, Susan A., author
Halifax ; Fernwood Publishing, [2016]
Setting the parameters -- Research ethics and qualitative research -- Transitioning into the field and collecting data -- Transcription: constructing representations of qualitative data -- Data analysis -- Representation: writing up/down -- Dissemination: moving into the public domain.

"The author draws from the critical ethnography she conducted to provide concrete examples of the research process including issues related to data analysis and respectful representation. A unique feature of the book is the emphasis on advisement and the student-advisor relationship that is embedded in chapter discussions. The author addresses the complexities of the relationships that develop between students and advisors over time, emphasizing the role students can play in ensuring the relationship is productive from the beginning to the completion of their research journey. At the conclusion of each chapter there is an annotated bibliography of additional sources (e.g., articles, theses and dissertations) that provide a discussion, and/or examples of research, related to the issues addressed in the chapter. The text includes a significant amount of Canadian context within the text itself and as part of the annotated bibliographies. This qualitative research text is situated within a critical, feminist postmodern framework. The book has three central organizing themes shaping the discussion of doing critical qualitative research (critical reflexivity, the distance dynamic, respectful research praxis). The role power, privilege and passion play in decisions related to what gets researched, who is positioned as researcher or participant and how data are collected, analyzed represented and publicized is embedded in the chapter discussions. The text is written for student researchers, individuals who teach and advise students, instructors of qualitative research courses in social sciences, health and education and community members interested in qualitative methods and conducting research."--
Baker Berry GN345 .T54 2016

Acridofagia y otros insectos : en donde se cuenta sobre la crianza, recolección, preparación y consumo de chapulines, gusanos, hormigas y otros bichos para salvar al mundo
Ramos-Elorduy, Julieta, author
Ciudad de México : Trilce Ediciones ; 2016
Baker Berry GN409.5 .R36 2016

Elogio de la antropología histórica : enfoques, métodos y aplicaciones al estudio del poder y del colonialismo
Coello de la Rosa, Alexandre, 1968- author
Zaragoza : Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza ; [2016]
Baker Berry GN345.2 .C64 2016

The ethics of anthropology and Amerindian research : reporting on environmental degradation and warfare
Richard J. Chacon, Rubén G. Mendoza, editors
New York : Springer, 2012
"The majority of the contributions are authored by archaeologists and the remainder by cultural anthropologists along with others. Five contributors are of native ancestry. The essays range widely, from head and limb removal in warfare in the Ohio valley, blood sacrifice among the Maya, and the sophisticated strategies and tactics developed to prevail in war; to the question of sustainability of hunting practices among the Maya and the Achuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon; and to metacritique of representations of Amerindians in museum exhibitions and film" -- p. viii.
Baker Berry GN33.6 .E88 2012

Mixed methods in ethnographic research : historical perspectives
Pelto, Pertti J., author
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Baker Berry GN345 .P446 2017

Patrimonio y pueblos indígenas : reflexiones desde una perspectiva interdisciplinaria e intercultural
Margarita Alvarado, Luis Campos, Francisco Gallardo, Joseph Gómez, Fernanda Kalazich, Felipe Martínez, Pedro Mege, Paula Miranda, Allison Ramay, Olaya Sanfuentes, Bárbara Ossa
Santiago [Chile] : Pehuén : 2016
Los trabajos del patrimono: de la veneración del poder a la supervivencia del indígena global / Joseph Gómez -- La construcción simbólica del valor patrimonial: una aproximación desde la teoría de la significación / Pedro Mege R. -- El patrimonio y las demandas de reconocimiento cultural / Luis Campos Muñoz -- Patrimonio bioantropológico genética y construcción de identidad cultural / Felipe I. Martínez -- La retórica de la apropiación: patrimonio cultural indígena y ciencias sociales / Fernanda Kalazich R. -- Colecciones precolombinas y sus transmutaciones culturales / Francisco Gallardo -- Valoraciones de figuras tridimensionales de Santiago Apóstol en contextos diferentes / Olaya Sanfuentes y Bárbara Ossa -- Arte textil mapuche y patrimonio: vestigios y actualidad / Margarita Alvarado P. -- Un aporte historiográfico al patrimonio inmaterial de Chile: reducciones de Jaime Huenún / Allison Ramay -- Poetas chilenos y culturas indígenas: apropiaciones, indigenismos y conciencias indígenas / Paula Miranda H.
Baker Berry GN378 .P38 2016

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