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GN - Anthropology acquired during August 2016

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Indiana University publications in anthropology and linguistics : memoir ... of the International journal of American linguistics
Baltimore, Md. : Published at the Waverly Press, by Indiana University, 1948-71
Baker Berry GN4 .I5

The Human Terrain System : Operationally Relevant Social Science Research in Iraq and Afghanistan
Sims, Christopher J., author
Carlisle, PA : Strategic Studies Institute and U.S. Army War College Press, [2015]
Introduction -- Capability Gap -- Two Cultures -- From a Military Crisis -- Trial, Error, and Amendment -- Theory and Practice -- At the Limits of Knowledge -- Conclusions.

"The Human Terrain System embedded civilians primarily in brigade combat teams (BCTs) in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2007 and 2014 to act as a collection and dispersal mechanism for sociocultural comprehension. Set against the backdrop of the program's evolution, the experiences of these social scientists clarifies the U.S. Army's decision to integrate social scientists at the tactical level in conflict. Based on interviews, program documents, material from Freedom of Information Act requests, and secondary sources, this book finds a series of limiting factors inhibiting social science research at the tactical level, common to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Complexity in integrating civilians into the military decision making cycle, creating timely research with a high level of fidelity, and making granular research resonate with brigade staff all contributed to inhibiting the overall effect of the Human Terrain System. Yet, while high operational tempo in contested spaces complicates social science research at the tactical level, the author argues that there is a continued requirement for a residual capability to be maintained by the U.S. Army"--Publisher's web site.
Baker Berry GN497 .S56 2015

Domestic animals and leisure
edited by Neil Carr, University of Otago, New Zealand
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
Acknowledgements -- Notes on contributors -- Defining domesticated animals and exploring their uses by and relationships with humans within the leisure experience / Neil Carr -- Dogs -- In search of "dog" : fictional media constructions of dogs in the leisure environment / Neil Carr -- Dogs and companion/performance sport : unique social worlds, serious leisure enthusiasts, and solid human-canine partnerships / Wendy Hultsman -- At the nexus : serious leisure, civic engagement and animal welfare and wellbeing / Janette Young -- "It's [not] all about the dogs" : volunteers and pet rescue / Diane M. Samdahl -- The greyhound : a story of fashion, finances, and animal rights / Neil Carr -- The potential of place meanings for negotiating difference among birdwatchers and dog walkers at a multiple-use urban forest / Taryn M. Graham, Troy D. Glover & Bryan S.R. Grimwood -- Parks, dogs and beaches : human-wildlife conflict and the politics of place / Matthew Bowes, Peter Keller, Rick Rollins & Robert Gifford -- Horses -- Riding dress history, with a twist : the side saddle habit and the horse during the early twentieth century / Alison Goodrum -- That's entertainment? : thoroughbreds, precarious lives and the future of jumps racing / Phil McManus -- Dancing with horses : the science and artistry of coenesthetic connection / Stephen Smith -- Fatalities and fascinators : a new perspective on thoroughbred racing / Caroline Winter & Ward Young -- The "missing" others -- Speaking of cats, birds, rodents, fish, insects, reptiles, and farm animals/ neil carr -- Conclusions / Neil Carr.
Baker Berry GN407.6 .D65 2015

The politics of female circumcision in Egypt : gender, sexuality and the construction of identity
Malmström, Maria Frederika, 1969- author
London ; I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2016
Baker Berry GN484 .M35 2016

Cosmos, gods and madmen : frameworks in the anthropologies of medicine
edited by Roland Littlewood and Rebecca Lynch
New York : Berghahn Books, [2016]
Introduction : divinity, disease, distress / Roland Littlewood and Rebecca Lynch -- Why animism matters / A. David Napier -- Spreading the gospel of the miracle cure / Rodney J. Reynolds -- Madness and miracles / Ursula M. Read -- Sakawa rumours / Alice Armstrong -- To heal the body is to heal oneself / Isabelle Lange -- Addiction and the duality of the self in a North American religio-therapeutic community / Ellie Reynolds -- Religious conversion and madness / David M.R. Orr -- Cosmologies of fear / Rebecca Lynch -- Functionalists and zombis / Roland Littlewood -- Religion and psychosis / Simon Dein.
Baker Berry GN296 .C685 2016

Mortuary dialogues : death ritual and the reproduction of moral community in Pacific modernities
edited by David Lipset and Eric K. Silverman
New York : Berghahn Books, 2016
Introduction : Mortuary Ritual, Modern Social Theory and the Historical Moment in Pacific Modernity / Eric K. Silverman and David Lipset -- Fearing the Dead : The Mortuary Rites of Marshall Islanders amid the Tragedy of Pacific Modernity / Laurence M. Carucci -- Into the World of Sorrow : Women and the Work of Death in Maori Mortuary Rites / Che Wilson and Karen Sinclair -- Death and Experience in Rawa Mortuary Rites, Papua New Guinea / Doug Dalton -- The Knotted Person : Death, the Bad Breast and Melanesian Modernity among the Murik, Papua New Guinea / David Lipset -- Mortuary Ritual and Mining Riches in Island Melanesia / Nicholas A. Bainton and Martha Macintyre -- Finishing Kapui's Name : Birth, Death and the Reproduction of Manam Society, Papua New Guinea / Nancy C. Lutkehaus -- Transformations of Male Initiation and Mortuary Rites among the Kayan of Papua New Guinea / Alexis T. von Poser -- Mortuary Failures : Traditional Uncertainties and Modern Families in the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea / Eric K. Silverman -- Everything Will Come Up Like TV, Everything Will Be Revealed : Death in an Age of Uncertainty in the Purari Delta, Papua New Guinea / Joshua Bell -- Afterword. Mortuary Dialogues in Pacific Modernities and Anthropology / David Lipset, Eric K. Silverman and Eric Venbrux.
Baker Berry GN663 .M67 2016

Traditional medicine making of the 'Emu' : continuity and change
Owete, Kingsley I. 1964- author
Frankfurt am Main ; PL Academic Research, [2015]
Baker Berry GN477 .O97 2015

The art of weapons : selections from the African collection
copyedited by Kristin Swan
[Hanover, N.H.] : Trustees of Dartmouth College, [2014]
Baker Berry GN645 .A67 2014

Encounters with indigeneity : writing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Beckett, Jeremy, author
Acton : Canberra, A.C.T. : Aboriginal Studies Press ; Aboriginal Studies Press, 2014
Baker Berry GN666 .B43 2014

African indigenous knowledge and the sciences : journeys into the past and present
edited by Gloria Emeagwali and Edward Shizha
Rotterdam : SensePublishers, 2016
Introduction / E. Shizha & G. Emeagwali. -- Part 1. Epistemological and pedagogical issues. 1. Interconnecting history, African indigenous knowledge sustems and science / G. Emeagwali & E. Shizha. -- 2. Pedagogical principles in technology education: an indigenous perspective / M.T. Gumbo. -- 3. Schooling and the African child: bridging African epistemology and Eurocentric physical sciences / Y. Gwekwerere. -- 4. African indigenous perspectices on technology / E. Shizha. Part 2: Indigenous physics and cosmology. 5. Time: an African cultural perspective / V. Mpofu. -- 6. Interrogating the concept of time among the Shona: a postcolonial discourse / F. Muchenje, R.B. Gora & N. Makuvaza. -- 7. Indigenous physics and the academy / M. Sithole. -- 8. Tiv diviniation / A. Pine. -- 9. The stellar knowledge of indigenous South Africa. Part 3. Architecture. -- 10. Nigerian walls and earthworks / P. Darling. -- 11. Enclosures of the Old Oyo Empire, Nigeria / D.A. Aremu. -- 12. Enclosures of Northern Yorubaland, Nigeria / A. Usman. Part 4. Medicine. 13. African traditional medicine revisited / G. Emeagwali.-- 14. Ethnomusicologists and medical practitioners in healthcare delivery in Nigeria / C.O. Aluede & V. Aiwuyo. -- 15. Using indigenous narrative therapy with people of the African diaspora / E.E. Ngazimbi. Part 5. Metallurgy. 16. Iron metallurgy in Ancient Sudan / J. Spaulding. -- 17. Iron-smelting in Nigeria / P. Darling.

This text explores the multidisciplinary context of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems from scholars and scholar activists committed to the interrogation, production, articulation, dissemination and general development of endogenous and indigenous modes of intellectual activity and praxis. The work reinforces the demand for the decolonization of the academy and makes the case for a paradigmatic shift in content, subject matter and curriculum in institutions in Africa and elsewhere - with a view to challenging and rejecting disinformation and intellectual servitude. Indigenous intellectual discourses related to diverse disciplines take center stage in this volume with a focus on education, mathematics, medicine, chemistry and engineering in their historical and contemporary context.
Baker Berry GN476 .A475 2016

A tale of an amulet
Popper-Giveon, Ariela, 1970-
Durham, North Carolina : Carolina Academic Press, [2015]
Baker Berry GN296 .P66 2015

First blood : a cultural study of menarche
Dammery, Sally, author
Clayton, Victoria, Australia : Monash University Publishing, [2016]
Baker Berry GN484.38 .D36 2016

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