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GB - Physical Geography acquired during July 2017

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Sea ice
edited by David N. Thomas
Chichester, UK ; John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2017
Overview of sea ice growth and properties / Chris Petrich & Hajo Eicken -- Sea ice thickness distribution / Christian Haas -- Snow in the sea-ice system : friend or foe? / Matthew Sturm & Robert A. Massom -- Sea ice and sunlight / Donald K. Perovich -- The sea ice-ocean boundary layer / Miles G. McPhee -- The atmosphere over sea ice / Ola Persson & Timo Vihma -- Sea ice and arctic ocean oceanography / Finlo Cottier, Mike Steele & Frank Nielsen -- Oceanography and sea ice in the southern ocean / Michael P. Meredith & Mark A. Brandon -- Methods of satellite remote sensing of sea ice / Gunnar Spreen & Stefan Kern -- Gaining (and losing) antarctic sea ice : variability, trends and mechanisms / Sharon Stammerjohn & Ted Maksym -- Losing arctic sea ice : observations of the recent decline and the long-term context / Walt N. Meier -- Sea ice in earth system models / Dirk Notz & Cecilia M. Bitz -- Sea ice as a habitat for bacteria, archaea and viruses / Jody W. Deming & R. Eric Collins -- Sea ice as a habitat for primary producers / Kevin R. Arrigo -- Sea ice as a habitat for micrograzers / David A. Caron, Rebecca J. Gast & Marie-Eve Garneau -- Sea ice as a habitat for macrograzers / Bodil A. Bluhm, Kerrie M. Swadling & Rolf Gradinger -- Nutrients, dissolved organic matter and exopolymers in sea ice / Klaus M. Meiners & Christine Michel -- Gases in sea ice / Jean-Louis Tison, Bruno Delille & Stathys Papadimitriou -- Transport and transformation of contaminants in sea ice / Feiyue Wang, Monika Pucko & Gary Stern -- Numerical models of sea ice biogeochemistry / Martin Vancoppenolla & Letizia Tedesco -- Arctic marine mammals and sea ice / Kristin L. Laidre & Eric V. Regehr -- Antarctic marine mammals and sea ice / Marthán N. Bester, Horst Bornemann & Trevor McIntyre -- A feathered perspective : the influence of sea ice on arctic marine birds / Nina J. Karnovsky & Maria V. Gavrilo -- Birds and antarctic sea ice / David Ainley, Eric J. Woehler & Amelie Lescroel -- Sea ice is our beautiful garden : indigenous perspectives on sea ice of sea ice in the arctic / Henry P. Huntington, Shari Gearheard, Lene Kielsen Holm, George Noongwook, Margaret Opie & Joelie Sanguya -- Advances in palaeo sea-ice estimation / Leanne Armand, Alexander Ferry & Amy Leventer -- Ice in subarctic seas / Hermanni Kaartokallio, Mats A. Granskog, Harri Kuosa & Jouni Vainio.
Kresge GB2403.2 .S43 2017

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