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GB - Physical Geography acquired during July 2016

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Hydrogeochemistry fundamentals and advances
Tikhomirov, Viatcheslav V
Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., [2016]-
Volume 1: Groundwater Composition and Chemistry
Kresge GB855 .T575 2016

Remote sensing of water resources, disasters, and urban studies
edited by Prasad S. Thenkabail
Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, [2016]
Section I. Hydrology and Water Resources. Remote sensing technologies for multiscale hydrological studies: advances and perspectives / Sadiq I. Khan [and four others] -- Groundwater targeting using remote sensing / Santhosh Kumar Seelan -- Section II. Water Use and Water Productivity. Remote sensing of actual evapotranspiration from croplands / Trent W. Biggs [and six others] -- Water productivity studies from Earth observation data: characterization, modeling, and mapping water use and water productivity / Antônio de C. Teixeira [and eight others] -- Section III. Floods. Flood monitoring using the integration of remote sensing and complementary techniques / Allan S. Arnesen [and three others] -- Flood studies using synthetic aperture radar data / Sandro Martinis [and two others] -- Section IV. Wetlands. Remote sensing of mangrove wetlands / Chandra Giri -- Wetland mapping methods and techniques using multisensor, multiresolution remote sensing: successes and challenges / D.R. Mishra [and four others] -- Inland valley wetland cultivation and preservation for Africa's Green and Blue Revolutions / Murali Krishna Gumma [and four others] -- Section V. Snow and Ice. Remote sensing mapping and modeling of snow cover parameters and applications / Hongjie Xie [and three others] -- Section VI. Nightlights. Nighttime light remote sensing: monitoring human societies from outer space / Qingling Zhang [and three others] -- Section VII. Geomorphology. Geomorphological studies from remote sensing / James B. Campbell [and one other] -- Section VIII. Droughts and Drylands. Agricultural drought detection and monitoring using vegetation health methods / Felix Kogan [and one other] -- Agricultural drought monitoring using space-derived vegetation and biophysical products: a global perspective / Relix Rembold [and five others] -- Remote sensing of drought: emergence of a satellite-based monitoring toolkit / Brian Wardlow [and five others] -- Regional drought monitoring based on multisensor remote sensing / Jinyoung Rhee [and two others] -- Section IX. Disasters. Disasters: risk assessment, management, and post-disaster studies using remote sensing / Norman Kerle -- Humanitarian emergencies: causes, traits, and impacts as observed by remote sensing / Stefan Lang [and five others] -- Section X. Volcanoes. Remote sensing of volcanoes / Robert Wright -- Section XI. Fires. Satellite-derived nitrogen dioxide variations from biomass burning in a subtropical evergreen forest, northeast India / Krishna Prasad Vadrevu [and one other] -- Remote sensing-based mapping and monitoring of coal fires / Anupma Prakash [and one other] -- Section XII. Urban Areas. Urban growth mapping of mega cities: multisensor approach / Hasi Bagan [and one other] -- Latest high-resolution remote sensing and visibility analysis for smart environment design / Yoshiki Yamagata [and two others] -- Section XIII. Summary. Remote sensing of water resources, disasters, and urban areas: monitoring, modeling, and mapping advances over the last 50 years and a vision of the future / Prasad S. Thenkabail.
Kresge GB1001.72.R42 R48 2016

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