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Welcome to Iceland, '91 : free visitor's map
Reykjavík : Ferðaland Atvik, [1991]
Evans Map Room G6931.E635 1991 .F47

The frozen Saqqaq sites of Disko Bay, West Greenland : Qeqertasussuk and Qajaa (2400-900 BC) : studies of Saqqaq material culture in an Eastern Arctic perspective
Grønnow, Bjarne, author
Copenhagen, Denmark : Museum Tusculanum Press, [2017]
Qeqertasussuk and Qajaa are the only known sites of the Early Arctic Small Tool tradition in the Eastern Arctic, where all kinds of organic materials - wood, bone, baleen, hair, skin - are preserved in permafrozen culture layers. Together, the sites cover the entire Saqqaq era in Greenland (c. 2400-900 BC). Technological and contextual analyses of the excellently preserved archaeological materials from the frozen layers form the core of this publication.
Baker Berry G750 .G76 2017

Far out : countercultural seekers and the tourist encounter in Nepal
Liechty, Mark, 1960- author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2017
The golden age. Building the road to Kathmandu: steps in the West's journey to the East -- Making Nepal a destination: the cultural politics of early tourism -- Mountains, monsters, and monks: Nepal in the 1950s Western popular imagination -- The key to an oriental world: Boris Lissanevitch, Kathmandu's Royal Hotel, and -- The "golden age" of tourism in Nepal -- Jung Bahadur Coapsingha: John Coapman, hunting, and the origins of adventure tourism in Nepal -- Hippie Nepal. The great rucksack revolution: Western youth on the road to Kathmandu -- "Kathmandu or bust": countercultural longing and the rise of Freak Street -- "Something big and glorious and magnificently insane": hippie Kathmandu -- Hippie ko pala (the age of hippies) -- Nepal's discovery of tourism and the end of the hippie era -- Adventure tourism. Adventure Nepal: trekking, thamel, and the new tourism -- mbibing Eastern wisdom: Nepal as dharma destination.
Baker Berry G155.N35 L54 2017

Atlante di Roma : la forma del centro storico in scala 1:1000 nel fotopiano e nella carta numerica
Venezia : Marsilio, 1991
Baker Berry G1989.24.R7 A8 1991

The Routledge companion to Strabo
edited by Daniela Dueck
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry G87.S95 R68 2017

Atlas of sustainable development goals : from World Development Indicators
Washington, DC : World Bank Group, [2017]-
Baker Berry G1046.G1 I5

Introduction to GIS programming and fundamentals with Python and ArcGIS
Yang, Chaowei, author
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2017]
Baker Berry G70.212 .Y36 2017

The black penguin
Evans, Andrew, 1975- author
Madison, Wisconsin : The University of Wisconsin Press, [2017]
Cold pitch -- Sandy Cay -- Sixteenth and M -- Ohio -- Virginia -- Two letters -- Atlanta -- Ethel, Doris, and Mabel -- Dixie -- Light blue -- Going home -- The shape of the earth -- Telmex -- Hannah -- Utah -- Chicken bus -- A place without guns -- England -- Milkman -- Panama -- Through the plexiglass -- Death in Colombia -- Close call -- Court of love -- Middle earth -- Bananas -- Medzhybizh -- A thousand miles of sand -- The laws of physics -- Rainy season -- Argentina -- Marching as to war -- The end of the world -- Pionero -- The Drake -- Antarctica -- The black penguin -- Epilogue.

A devout young boy in rural Ohio, Andrew Evans had his life mapped for him: baptism, mission, Brigham Young University, temple marriage, and children of his own. But as an awkward gay kid, bullied and bored, he escaped into the glossy pages of National Geographic and the wide promise of the world atlas. Eventually ejected from church and shunned by his family, Evans embarked on an ambitious overland journey halfway across the world. Riding public transportation, he crossed swamps, deserts, mountains, and jungles, slowly approaching his lifelong dream and ultimate goal: Antarctica. With each new mile came laughter, pain, unexpected friendship, true weirdness, unsettling realities, and some hair-raising moments that eventually led to a singular discovery on a remote beach at the bottom of the world.
Baker Berry G465 .E835 2017

Out and away : a posy of travellers' joy
London : G. Heath, Robinson, & J. Birch, Ltd., 1919-1920
Rauner Sine Serials G149 .O983

Ernst von Hesse-Wartegg (1851-1918) : Reiseschriftsteller, Wissenschaftler, Lebemann
Dutz, Andreas, author
Wien : Böhlau Verlag, 2017
Baker Berry G154.5.H47 D88 2017

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