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G - Geography (General) / Atlases / Maps acquired during June 2017

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Dictionary of remote sensing and geoinformatics
Malik, Anand (Associate professor of geography), author
Jaipur : Rawat Publications, [2016]
Baker Berry G70.4 .M346 2016

Discovering GIS and ArcGIS
Shellito, Bradley A
New York, NY : W. H. Freeman ; ©2017
Preface -- Acknowledgments and thanks -- Chapter 1. How to Use Geospatial Data and ArcGIS -- Chapter 2. How to Use Tables and Attributes in ArcGIS -- Chapter 3. How to Create a Map Layout with ArcGIS -- Chapter 4. How to Create a Web Map and Share Data Online with ArcGIS -- Chapter 5. How to Obtain and Use Online Data with ArcGIS -- Chapter 6. How to Create Geospatial Data with ArcGIS -- Chapter 7. How to Edit Data with ArcGIS -- Chapter 8. How to Perform Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS -- Chapter 9. How to Perform Geoprocessing in ArcGIS -- Chapter 10. How to Perform Geocoding in ArcGIS -- Chapter 11. How to Perform Network Analysis in ArcGIS -- Chapter 12. How to Use Raster Data in ArcGIS -- Chapter 13. How to Use Remotely Sensed Imagery in ArcGIS -- Chapter 14. How to Perform Spatial Interpolation with ArcGIS -- Chapter 15. How to Work with Digital Elevation Models in ArcGIS -- Chapter 16. How to Work with Contours, TINs, and 3D Imagery in ArcGIS -- Chapter 17. How to Work with Lidar Data in ArcGIS -- Chapter 18. How to Represent Geospatial Data in 3D with ArcGIS -- Chapter 19. How to Utilize Distance Calculations in ArcGIS -- Chapter 20. How to Perform Map Algebra in ArcGIS Editing in ArcGIS -- Chapter 21. How to Build a Model in ArcGIS -- Chapter 22. How to Use Hydrologic Modeling Tools in ArcGIS --Appendix A. Using Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS -- Appendix B. How to customize toolbars in ArcGIS -- Glossary -- Index.

"The goal of Discovering GIS and ArcGIS is to teach students how to combine GIS concepts with ArcGIS software skills. Students learn to use the software, apply it to real-world tasks, and discover the concepts behind their actions. Students learn background and theory when appropriate as they work through hands-on applications of ArcGIS."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry G70.212 .S5414 2017

금요일 엔 돌아 오렴 : 240일 간 의 세월호 유가족 육성 기록 / 416 세월호 참사 시민 기록 위원회 작가 기록단 씀
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Ch'angbi, 2015
Baker Berry Korea G530.S519 K76 2015

Topographische Vorstellung der neuen russischen Haupt-Residenz und See-Stadt St. Petersburg
Homann, Johann Baptist, 1663-1724
Nürnberg, [1718]
Shows city grid, drainage, names of some buildings, vegetation, fortifications, and other points of interest.
Rauner Rare Book G7064.S2 1718 .H6

Antarctic exploration : a plea for a national expedition
Markham, Clements R. Sir, 1830-1916
London : Royal Geographical Society, 1898
Rauner Stefansson G880 .M3 1898

Evolution of geographical thought
Husain, Majid, 1938-
Jaipur : Rawat Publications, 2015
Baker Berry G70 .H87 2015

Sir Joseph Banks, Iceland and the North Atlantic, 1772-1820 : journals, letters, and documents
Banks, Joseph, 1743-1820, author
London ; Published by Routledge the Hakluyt Society, 2016
INTRODUCTION: BANKS AND ICELAND: Joseph Banks : explorer and naturalist prior to the Iceland Expedition, 1743-72 ; The origins of the Iceland Expedition ; Previous Anglo-Icelandic relations ; Iceland 1772-1815 ; The scientific exploration of Iceland before Banks's visit ; The Banks Expedition in Iceland ; The Iceland Expedition : an assessment ; Sir Joseph Banks, 1772-1820 ; Sir Joseph Banks as protector of Iceland during the Napoleonic wars -- TEXTUAL INTRODUCTION: Banks as a writer ; The text -- INTRODUCTION TO THE JOURNALS: The scientific papers of the Iceland Expedition -- THE ICELAND JOURNAL OF SIR JOSEPH BANKS PART I, 12 JULY - 6 SEPTEMBER 1772: Bank's notes from 29 August-15 September 1772 -- THE ICELAND JOURNAL OF SIR JOSEPH BANKS PART II, 17 SEPTEMBER - 22 OCTOBER 1772: Bank's notes from 28-31 October and 18-21 November 1772 ; Notes by Banks regarding his expedition to Iceland in 1772 -- THE ICELAND JOURNAL OF JAMES ROBERTS -- CALENDAR OF LETTERS AND DOCUMENTS -- THE ICELAND CORRESPONDENCE AND DOCUMENTS OF SIR JOSEPH BANKS, 1772-1820 -- APPENDICES: The Iceland Expedition 1772 ; Greenland ; Trade.
Baker Berry G161 .H2 3rd ser. no.30

Responsible tourism : using tourism for sustainable developement
Goodwin, Harold, author
Wolvercote, Oxford : Goodfellow Publishers Ltd, [2016]
pt. 1: Why responsible tourism? What is responsible tourism? -- The business of responsible tourism -- Responsible tourism in destinations -- pt. 2. Responsible tourism in practice. Social responsibility -- Economic responsibility -- Environmental responsibility -- What is to be done?
Baker Berry G156.5.S87 G67 2016

Collection of postcards from approximately 1910 to 1915 about reaching the North Pole
Postcards illustrating the expeditions of Frederick A. Cook and Robert E. Peary and the reactions in popular culture to the attainment of the North Pole.
Rauner Stefansson G610 .C675 1910z

Arctic environmental modernities : from the Age of Polar Exploration to the Era of the Anthropocene
Lill-Ann Körber, Scott MacKenzie, Anna Westerståhl Stenport
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan [2017]
Baker Berry G587 .A73 2017

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