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G - Geography (General) / Atlases / Maps acquired during January 2017

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Microwave remote sensing of land surfaces : techniques and methods
Edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, Mehrez Zribi
Oxford : Elsevier Ltd, 2016
Baker Berry G70.4 .M4953 2016

Neueste Länder-Fiebel
[Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], [approximately 1830]
Oestliche Halbkugel -- Westliche Halbkugel -- Europa -- Asien -- Afrika -- Nord Amerika -- Süd Amerika -- Australien -- Deutschland -- Oestreich -- Preussen -- Russland -- Palaestina -- Schweiz -- Holland u. Belgien -- Schleswig u. Holstein -- Dänemark -- Schwedeu u. Norwegen -- Spanien u. Portugal -- Türkei -- Jtalien -- Frankreich -- Grossbritanien -- Poleu.

"The 'Latest Geographical Primer' is geared toward a juvenile audience, which no doubt explains the rarity of this fragile item. Probably produced in Austria or Germany, it contains maps of the Eastern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia, Germany, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Palestine, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, Spain and Portugal, Turkey, Italy, France, Great Britain, and Poland"--Accompanying advertisement.
Rauner Rare Book G1019 .N484 1830

The atlas of environmental migration
Ionesco, Dina, author
New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
People have always migrated in search of better climatic conditions or in response to environmental change. Today, this phenomenon takes a whole new dimension, as climate change progressively threatens traditional landscapes and livelihoods of entire communities. Increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events, such as floods, hurricanes, and droughts lead to significant population displacement every year on every continent. Every day we hear and read about 'environmental' or 'climate migrants'. The Atlas of Environmental Migration is the first illustrated publication mapping environmental migration, clarifying terminology and concepts, drawing a typology of migration related to environment and climate change, describing the multiple factors at play, explaining the challenges, and highlighting the opportunities related to this phenomenon. Through elaborate maps, diagrams, illustrations, case studies from all over the world based on the most updated international research findings, the Atlas guides the reader through this complex phenomenon from the roots of environmental migration to governance.
Baker Berry G1046.E27 I613 2017

3D geoinformation science: the selected papers of the 3D GeoInfo 2014
Martin Breunig, Mulhim Al-Doori, Edgar Butwilowski, Paul V. Kuper, Joachim Benner, Karl Heinz Haefele, editors
Cham : Springer, c2015
Nowadays 3D Geoinformation is needed for many planning and analysis tasks. For example, 3D city and infrastructure models are paving the way for complex environmental and noise analyzes. 3D geological sub-surface models are needed for reservoir exploration in the oil-, gas-, and geothermal industry. Thus 3D Geoinformation brings together researchers and practitioners from different fields such as the geo-sciences, civil engineering, 3D city modeling, 3D geological and geophysical modeling, and, last but not least, computer science. The diverse challenges of 3D Geoinformation Science concern new approaches and the development of standards for above- and under-ground 3D modeling, efficient 3D data management, visualization and analysis. Finally, the integration of different 3D approaches and data models is seen as one of the most important challenges to be solved.
Baker Berry Cook G70.212 .A13 2014

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