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G - Geography (General) / Atlases / Maps acquired during March 2017

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A wretched and precarious situation : in search of the last Arctic frontier
Welky, David, author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2017]
Introduction: "Mine by the right of discovery" -- The tenderfeet -- The best year -- "I wish I were there now" -- Commander Borup? -- A fine fellow -- The boys -- Goodbye -- A true leader -- Blocked -- Home -- Arctic living -- Reaching out -- The evil spirit -- Slaughter ground -- On the ice -- Pujoq -- Crocker Land -- Panic -- Sundown -- Mail -- The world beyond -- Disintegration -- In a Pickel -- Flight -- Discovery and disappointment -- Waiting -- Reunion and separation -- Off the map -- Last days -- No hero's welcome -- Endings -- Epilogue: Mysteries solved.

In 1906, in the ice fields northwest of Greenland Commander Robert E. Peary spotted a line of mysterious peaks looming in the distance. He called this unexplored realm "Crocker Land." Several years later George Borup and Donald MacMillan assembled a team of amateur adventurers to investigate Crocker Land. What followed was a sequence of events that trapped the explorers in a true-life adventure story, as the men endured howling blizzards, unearthly cold, food shortages, isolation, a fatal boating accident, a drunken sea captain, disease, dissension, and a horrific crime.
Baker Berry G670 1913 .W45 2017

World heritage sites and tourism : global and local relations
edited by Laurent Bourdeau, Maria Gravari-Barbas and Mike Robinson
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Tourism at World Heritage Sites : Community Ambivalence / Maria Gravari-Barbas, Mike Robinson, Laurent Bourdeau -- World Heritage as a Revitalization Movement : Managing Local and Global Tourism in UNESCO's Heritage-scape / Michael A. Di Giovine -- Responsible Tourism and Poverty : The Porters of the Inca Trail / James Rollefson, Carolina Espinoza Camus and Alexandra Arellano -- Machu Picchu : an Andean Utopia for the 21st Century? / Amy Cox Hall -- Interrogating the "Universal" in St. Lucia's Piton Management Area / Jennifer C. Lutton and Gregor Williams -- Archaeological Replica Vendors and an Alternative History of a Mexican Heritage Site : The Case of Monte Albán / Ronda L. Brulotte -- Indigenous Perspectives on Ownership and Management of Yucatecan Archaelogical Sites / Stephanie J. Litka -- World Heritage, Tourism Development, and Identity Politics at the Tsodilo Hills / Rachel F. Giraudo -- Tourism Community Involvement Strategy for the Living World Heritage Site of Hampi, India : A Case Study / Bernhard Bauer, Nitin Sinha, Michele Trimarchi and Vincenzo Zappino -- Reconstructing Biodiversity for Tourism Development : Ethnographic Accounts from a World Heritage Site in the Making / Carsten Wergin -- Post-inscription Challenges : Renegotiation World Heritage Management in the Laponia Area in Northern Sweden / Patrick Brouder -- The Level of Societal Reproduction as a Predictor of Visitation : Lessons from World Heritage Sites in the United States / Linda Joyce Forristal -- Looking Back Towards the Future : Historical Analysis of Machu Picchu Planning Documents as a Key to Site Conservation / Evan R. Ward -- Shandong Province and Tourism : An Examination of World Heritage Sites / Ina Freeman and He Sun -- The Valuation of Protected Areas : Tourists in Chitwan National Park, Nepal / Jennifer Michelle Cook and Michal J. Bardecki -- The Impact of Tourism on Latin American World Heritage Towns / Alfredo Conti -- Visitor Management in Sensitive Historic Landscapes : Strategies to Avoid Conflict in Hadrian¿s Wall World Heritage Site / David McGlade.
Baker Berry G140.5 .W6775

Commercial nationalism and tourism : selling the national story
edited by Leanne White
Buffalo : Channel View Publications, [2017]
Baker Berry G155.A1 C53355 2017

Optical remote sensing of land surfaces : techniques and methods
edited by Nicolas Baghdadi, Mehrez Zribi
Oxford : Elsevier, 2016
1. Radiometry in the Optical Domain -- 2. Multispectral Satellite Image Processing -- 3. Digital Terrain Models from Optical Images -- 4. Processing Hyperspectral Images -- 5. Principle and Physics of the LiDAR Measurement -- 6. Airborne LiDAR Data Processing -- 7. Digital Terrain Models Derived from Airborne LiDAR Data.
Baker Berry G70.4 .O685 2016

Simple statistical tests for geography
McCarroll, Danny, author
Boca Raton, Flordia : CRC Press, [2017]
Introduction -- How to use statistics -- Different kinds of data -- Tools of the trade -- Single sample tests -- Two-sample tests for counts in two categories -- Two-sample tests for counts in several categories -- Two-sample tests for individual measurements -- Comparing more than two samples -- Correlation -- Regression analysis -- Tables of critical values.
Baker Berry G70.3 .M39 2017

The Oxford handbook of the prehistoric Arctic
edited by T. Max Friesen and Owen K. Mason
New York : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Archaeology of the North American Arctic: introduction / T. Max Friesen and Owen K. Mason -- Part I. Cross-cutting themes -- Molecular genetic evidence for the origins of North American populations / Rohina C. Rubicz and Michael H. Crawford -- Ancient DNA and stable isotopes: windows on Arctic prehistory / Justin Tackney, Joan Coltrain, Jennifer Raff, and Dennis O'Rourke -- Zooarchaeology and the reconstruction of ancient human-animal relationships in the Arctic / Matthew W. Betts -- A critical resource: wood use and technology in the North American Arctic / Claire Alix -- Archaeological evidence for transport, trade and exchange in the North American Arctic / Jeffrey T. Rasic -- Palaeoeskimo lithic technology / Pierre M. Desrosiers and Mikkel Sørensen -- Arctic archaeometallurgy / H. Kory Cooper -- Archaeology and native northerners: the rise of community-based practice across the North American Arctic / Natasha Lyons -- Part II. Western Arctic -- First traces: late Pleistocene human settlement of the Arctic / Ted Goebel and Ben A. Potter -- The origins and development of Arctic maritime adaptations in the Pacific Subarctic / Ben Fitzhugh -- First maritime cultures of the Aleutians / Richard Davis, Richard Knecht, and Jason Rogers -- Maritime economies of the central Gulf of Alaska after 4,000 BP / Amy Steffian, Patrick Saltonstall, and Linda Finn Yarborough -- Archaeology of the Eastern Aleut region / Herbert D. G. Maschner -- The Denbigh flint complex of Northern Alaska / Andrew H. Tremayne and Jeffrey T. Rasic -- The enigmatic choris and old whaling cultures of the Western Arctic / Christyann M. Darwent and John Darwent -- Norton hunters and fisherfolk of southern Alaska / Don E. Dumond -- The old bering sea florescence about bering strait / Owen K. Mason -- From the norton culture to the ipiutak cult in northwest alaska / Owen K. Mason -- Ancient Eskimo cultures of Chukotka / Mikhail M. Bronshtein, Kirill A. Dneprovsky, and Arkady B. Savinetsky -- Thule origins in the old Bering Sea culture: the inter-relationship of Punuk and Birnirk cultures / Owen K. Mason -- Archaeology of the late western Thule/Inupiat in North Alaska (AD 1300-1750) / Anne M. Jensen -- Holocene prehistory of the northwestern subarctic / Ben A. Potter -- The precontact history of subarctic northwest Canada / Glen MacKay and Thomas D. Andrews -- Development of MacKenzie Inuit culture / Charles Arnold -- The Aleutian tradition: the last 4000 years / Debra Corbett and Michael Yarborough -- Contact and post-contact Iñupiat ethnohistory / Anne M. Jensen and Glenn W. Sheehan -- Part III. Eastern Arctic -- Reconstructing middle and late Holocene paleoclimates of the eastern arctic and Greenland / Sarah A. Finkelstein -- Pan-arctic population movements: the early paleo-Inuit and Thule Inuit migrations / T. Max Friesen -- Pre-Dorset culture / S. Brooke Milne and Robert W. Park -- Independence I and Saqqaq: the first Greenlanders / Bjarne Grønnow -- Greenlandic Dorset / Jens Fog Jensen -- The Dorset problem revisited: the transitional and early and Middle Dorset Periods in the eastern Arctic / Karen Ryan -- Late Dorset / Martin Appelt, Eric Damkjar, and T. Max Friesen -- The Dorset-Thule transition / Robert W. Park -- Classic Thule [classic precontact Inuit] / Peter Whitridge -- Labrador Inuit: thriving on the periphery of the Inuit world / Susan A. Kaplan and James M. Woollett -- Development of polar Inughuit culture in the Smith Sound region / Genevieve M. LeMoine and Christyann M. Darwent -- Inuit-European interactions in Greenland / Hans Christian Gulløv -- Thule-Inuit succession in the Central Arctic / Peter Dawson -- Archaeology of the Inuit of southern Labrador and the Quebec lower north shore / William W. Fitzhugh.
Baker Berry G606 .O94 2016

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