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F - U.S. Local History / Central America / South America Acquisitions during May 2017

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Great crossings : Indians, settlers, and slaves in the age of Jackson
Snyder, Christina, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Introduction: the great path? -- Warriors -- A family at the crossing -- Scholars -- Indian gentlemen and black ladies -- Rise of the leviathan -- The land of death -- Rebirth of the Spartans -- The vice president and the runaway lovers -- Dr. Nail's Rebellion -- The new superintendent -- Orphans among strangers -- Indian schools for Indian territory -- Conclusion: paths to the future.

"The book centers on the community that developed around Choctaw Academy, the first federally-controlled Indian boarding school in the United States, which operated from 1825 to 1848 on the Kentucky plantation of prominent politician Richard Mentor Johnson. In addition to white and Indian teachers, the school was supported by the labor of free and enslaved African Americans. Although initiated by the Choctaw Nation, the Academy eventually became home to nearly 700 boys and young men from seventeen different Native nations throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Beginning auspiciously as a voluntary, collaborative project between Native peoples and the federal government, Choctaw Academy catered to the children of Indian elites and advertised a classical education with a curriculum that included Latin, moral philosophy, and advanced study in law and medicine. In the 1830s, however, with the rise of scientific racism and Indian removal, the curriculum deteriorated, and the school itself became a battleground, where students, slaves, and staff clashed over race, status, and the future of America. Choctaw Academy both anticipated and contrasted with later Indian and African American schooling experiences, but my project addresses a much broader historiography as well. Great Crossings reveals much about the gap between racial ideology and everyday practice as well as cross-cultural ideas about class and gender, and American and Indian notions of sovereignty during a crucial era in the continent's history. Arguing that, for people of color, the colonial era extended into--and even accelerated in--the early to mid-nineteenth century, Great Crossings explores the complex ways in which colonized people responded to early U.S. imperialism"--Author's description from Indiana University Bloomington, Department of History website.
Baker Berry F459.G73 S68 2017

Los indígenas y la construcción del Estado nación (Argentina y México, 1810-1920) : historia y antropología de un enfrentamiento
Bernand, Carmen, 1939- author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Prometeo Libros, 2016
Baker Berry F1413 .B47 2016

Historias recientes de Córdoba : política y derechos humanos en la segunda mitad del siglo XX
Silvia Romano (compiladora) ; Agostina Gentili and 6 others
[Córdoba, Argentina] : Editorial de la Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, 2013
Presentación / Silvia Romano -- La paz de los archivos. Orígenes, entregas y destinos de niños en guarda Córdoba 1957-1974 / Agostina Gentili -- El movimiento estudiantil y el Taller Total : debates sobre la Universidad / Gonzalo Pedano -- Reflexiones sobre la Universidad y el terrorismo de Estado, 1974-1976 / Norma San Nicolás -- La militancia de los destinatarios de la represión : entre la "inocencia" y "heroísmo" / Silvia Romano, Norma San Nicolás -- Violencia política y terrorismo de Estado en cifras : Argentina, 1969-1983 / Gustavo Morello -- Vestigios del pasado : aspectos metodológicos de la investigación en archivo de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba sobre desaparecidos en los setenta / Silvia Romano -- Estudiantes, egresados, docentes y no docentes de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba desaparecidos y/o asesinados en los '70 -- Imágenes del reencuentro / Silvia Romano, Norma San Nicolás, Marta O. Palacios y Malvina González Lanfir -- Personas identificadas en archivos audiovisuales de televisión.

"El libro compila contribuciones que abordan problemas en cierto modo diversos, en tanto proponen miradas sobre determinados procesos, ámbitos y temporalidades de la historia política y los derechos humanos en el pasado reciente de Córdoba. De allí el uso de "historias" en el título del libro, como las piezas de un rompecabezas sin la pretensión de componer el todo. La justicia y el derecho a la identidad, el movimiento estudiantil y la experiencia del Taller Total, la Universidad y el terrorismo de Estado, la militancia de los desaparecidos de Córdoba, la violencia política y el terrorismo de Estado, los archivos de la UNC y la reconstrucción de biografías de universitarios desaparecidos en los 70; imágenes y trayectorias de destinatarios de la represión recuperadas en archivos de la televisión, son los temas investigados por los autores con la pasión y el deseo de aportar al conocimiento de ese pasado todavía vivo."--Contratapa.
Baker Berry F3011.C7 H577 2013

Sacrifice, violence, and ideology among the Moche : the rise of social complexity in ancient Peru
Bourget, Steve, 1956- author
Austin : University of Texas Press, 2016
A cultural landscape -- The Moche -- The Plaza 3A sacrificial site -- Platform II -- A ritual ecology of power -- Children and warriors -- Human sacrifice and rulership -- Violence in the rise of social complexity.

"In a special precinct dedicated to ritual sacrifice at Huaca de la Luna on the north coast of Peru, about seventy-five men were killed and dismembered, their remains and body parts then carefully rearranged and left on the ground with numerous offerings. The discovery of this large sacrificial site--one of the most important sites of this type in the Americas--raises fundamental questions. Why was human sacrifice so central to Moche ideology and religion? And why is sacrifice so intimately related to the notions of warfare and capture? In this pioneering book, Steve Bourget marshals all the currently available information from the archaeology and visual culture of Huaca de la Luna as he seeks to understand the centrality of human sacrifice in Moche ideology and, more broadly, the role(s) of violence in the development of social complexity. He begins by providing a fully documented account of the archaeological contexts, demonstrating how closely interrelated these contexts are to the rest of Moche material culture, including its iconography, the regalia of its elite, and its monumental architecture. Bourget then probes the possible meanings of ritual violence and human sacrifice and their intimate connections with concepts of divinity, ancestry, and foreignness. He builds a convincing case that the iconography of ritual violence and the practice of human sacrifice at all the principal Moche ceremonial centers were the main devices used in the establishment and development of the Moche state."--Publisher's description.
Baker Berry F3430.1.M6 B69 2016

The pursuit of ruins : archaeology, history, and the making of modern Mexico
Bueno, Christina, 1966-
Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, [2016]
Part One. Ruins and meaning -- A day at the ruins -- Ruins and the state -- Part Two. The archaeologists -- The museum men -- El inspector -- Part Three. Making patrimony -- Guarding -- Inspecting -- Centralizing -- Reconstructing -- Epilogue.

"This book, then, is essentially about objects. It examines how the ruins of the ancient Indians--monuments overtaken by nature and used by foreigners and local people for centuries--were transformed into museum pieces and official sites. It looks at the making of patrimony, how the pots and statues of the Toltecs, Aztecs, and many other ancient cultures became Mexican objects. It does not pretend to be an intellectual or institutional history of archaeology, nor a comprehensive history of the science. Instead, it focuses on archaeology's role in nation building during one of Mexico's pivotal regimes, a dictatorship that is often thought to have brought the country its first modern state. It explores the process of constructing an ancient patrimony and past--the Porfirian government's effort to cast a net over the pre-Hispanic remains and draw them into the fold of the state"--Introduction.
Baker Berry F1219 .B918 2016

The Newark frontier : community action in the Great Society
Krasovic, Mark, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016
Baker Berry F144.N657 K73 2016

The Rothschilds and the Gold Rush : Benjamin Davidson and Heinrich Schliemann in California, 1851-52
Constable, Giles, author
Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society Press, 2015
Introduction by Malcolm Rohrbough -- Arriving in California -- Davidson in San Francisco (1849-52) -- Schliemann in Sacramento (1851-52) -- Parting of the ways.

In this extraordinary monograph, based on a totally new array of sources, Giles Constable successfully chronicles the month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter cash transactions and other business between the Rothschild ownership and their agents in Sacramento, Benjamin Davidson and Heinrich Schliemann. In doing this, the author succeeds in presenting a case study embracing both the macroeconomics of the California Gold Rush vis-à-vis international finance as well as the microeconomics of as close as one can come to day-to-day issues of credit, cash exchange, wealth transference, insurance, and risk as experienced between 1851 and 1852. -- Back cover.
Baker Berry F865 .C75 2015

Ensayos sobre la lucha por un pensamiento propio en nuestra América : una aproximación posible a las primeras tres décadas del siglo XX
Corvalán Marquéz, Luis, author
Santiago, Chile : América en Movimiento Editorial, noviembre 2015
Baker Berry F1414 .C855 2015

Maya caciques in early national Yucatán
Dutt, Rajeshwari, 1981- author
Norman, OK : University of Oklahoma Press, [2017]
Introduction -- Setting the stage : caciques as political intermediaries in colonial Ebtún -- Webs of power : cacique politicization in post-independence Yucatán -- For God, glory, and taxes : caciques and the politics of taxation on the eve of Yucatán's caste war -- War and the cacique : alliance making in caste war Yucatán -- "Your majesty loves the Indians" : the defensor and Maya commoners in the years of Maximilian's empire -- Of promises and dilemmas : the defensor and Maya caciques in the years of Maximilian's empire.
Baker Berry F1435.3.P7 D88 2017

At home with the Aztecs : an archaeologist uncovers their daily life
Smith, Michael Ernest, 1953- author
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Rusty nails, stone walls and a drum -- The discovery of Aztec peasants -- Reconstructing daily life -- A high quality of life -- Excavations in an urban community -- Urban life -- Resilient communities -- Lessons from the dirt.

"At Home with the Aztecs provides a fresh view of Aztec society, focusing on households and communities instead of kings, pyramids, and human sacrifice. This new approach offers an opportunity to humanize the Aztecs, moving past the popular stereotype of sacrificial maniacs to demonstrate that these were successful and prosperous communities. Michael Smith also engagingly describes the scientific, logistic and personal dimensions of archaeological fieldwork, drawing on decades of excavating experience and considering how his research was affected by his interaction with contemporary Mexican communities. Through first-hand accounts of the ways archaeologists interpret sites and artifacts, the book illuminates how the archaeological process can provide information about ancient families. Facilitating a richer understanding of the Aztec world, Smith's research also redefines success, prosperity and resilience in ancient societies, making this book suitable not only for those interested in the Aztecs but in the examination of complex societies in general."--Back cover.
Baker Berry F1219.76.S64 S65 2016

Cantos de guerra y paz : la música en las independencias iberoamericanas (1800-1840)
Begoña Lolo, Adela Presas (eds.)
Madrid : Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2015
Baker Berry F1412 .C26 2015

Open midnight : where ancestors and wilderness meet
Williams, Brooke (Conservationist), author
San Antonio : Trinity University Press, 2017
Prologue: San Rafael River, Utah -- Castle Valley, Utah -- Severn River, Shrewsbury, England -- Solitude Wash, Book Cliffs, Utah -- Aboard the Cynosure, Atlantic Ocean -- Cottonwood Wash, San Rafael Desert, Utah -- Big Draw, Canyonlands National Park, Utah -- Platte River, Somewhere in Middle America -- Musée d'Orsay, Paris -- Recapture Creek, Utah -- Dead Horse Point, Utah -- Three Crossings, Wyoming -- Epilogue: Colorado River, Dream Water.

"Two parallel stories about the great wilderness--Williams's year alone, ground truthing backcountry maps of southern Utah, and that of his great-great-great-grandfather, who in 1863 traveled with a group of Mormons from England to the American West; intertwines ancestry, identity, philosophy, evolution, and our dependence on wilderness"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry F830.3.W55 A3 2017

International express : New Yorkers on the 7 train
Tonnelat, Stéphane, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Becoming New Yorkers on the 7 train -- Coping with diversity aboard the "International Express" -- Walking to the stations, code switching, and the I-we-you shift -- The 74th Street/Roosevelt Avenue Station: universalism, differentiation, and discrimination -- Trust in the subway: exploring the situational community in transit -- Gender relations on the subway -- Teenagers on the 7 train -- Subway city: the 7 train as an engine of urbanism -- Conclusion: a world of subway citizens.

Nicknamed the International Express, the New York City Transit Authority 7 subway line runs through a highly diverse series of ethnic and immigrant neighborhoods in Queens. People from Andean South America, Central America, China, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, and Vietnam, as well as residents of a number of gentrifying blue-collar and industrial neighborhoods, fill the busy streets around the stations. The 7 train is a microcosm of a specifically urban, New York experience, in which individuals from a variety of cultures and social classes are forced to interact and get along with one another. For newcomers to the city, mastery of life in the subway space is a step toward assimilation into their new home. In International Express, the French ethnographer St phane Tonnelat and his collaborator William Kornblum, a native New Yorker, ride the 7 subway line to better understand the intricacies of this phenomenon. They also ask a group of students with immigrant backgrounds to keep diaries of their daily rides on the 7 train. What develops over time, they find, is a set of shared subway competences leading to a practical cosmopolitanism among riders, including immigrants and their children, that changes their personal values and attitudes toward others in small, subtle ways. This growing civility helps newcomers feel at home in an alien city and builds what the authors call a "situational community in transit."
Baker Berry F128.9.A1 T66 2017

The Origins of Maya States
edited by Loa P. Traxler and Robert J. Sharer
Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, 2016
The origins of Maya states : problems and prospects / Robert J. Sharer and Loa P. Traxler -- Maya states : the theoretical background in historical overview / Astrid Runggaldier and Norman Hammond -- Part I. The Mesoamerican context -- Preclassic Central Mexico : the uncertain pathway from Tlatilco to Teotihuacan / David Grove -- The early Preclassic Olmec : an overview / Ann Cyphers -- Western polities of the Middle Preclassic / John E. Clark -- Part II. The Maya area -- Regional and interregional interactions and the Preclassic Maya / Francisco Estrada-Belli -- Early states in the southern Maya region / Michael Love -- Cultural and environmental components of the first Maya states : a perspective from the central and southern Maya lowlands / Richard Hansen -- Part III. Theoretical contexts -- Rethinking the role of early economies in the rise of Maya states : a view from the lowlands / Eleanor King -- Middle Preclassic Maya society : tilting at windmills or giants of civilization? / Marcello Canuto -- Ideology and the early Maya polity / Simon Martin.

"Rather than unified into a single state, the Pre-Columbian Maya were organized into a series of independent kingdoms or polities. The vast majority of studies of Maya states focus on the apogee of their development in the Classic period, ca. 250-850 CE. In fact, Maya states are defined by the specific political structures that characterized Classic period lowland Maya society. The Origins of Maya States is the first study in over 30 years to specifically examine the origins and development of these states during the preceding Preclassic period, ca. 1000 BCE to 250 CE. Coverage includes material signatures for the development of Maya states, evaluations of extant models for the emergence of Maya states, and advancement of new models based on recent archaeological data. Attempts to understand the origins of Maya states cannot escape the limitations of archaeological data, and this is complicated by both the variability of Maya states in time and space, and the interplay between internal development and external impacts. To mitigate these factors, The Origins of Maya States combines an examination of topical issues with regional perspectives from both the Maya area and neighboring Mesoamerican regions to highlight the role of interregional interaction in the evolution of Maya states. At the core of the study the development of complexity during the Preclassic era is discussed within the Maya regions of the Pacific coast, highlands, and lowlands. This is followed by studies of Preclassic economic, social, political, and ideological systems to provide a developmental context for the origins of Maya states"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry F1435.3.P7 O75 2016

The Gulf : the making of an American sea
Davis, Jack E., 1956- author
New York, NY : Liveright Publishing Corporation, [2017]
Prologue : history, nature, and a forgotten sea -- Introduction : birth -- Part one. Estuaries, and the lie of the land and sea : aborigines and colonizing Europeans. Mounds -- El golfo de México -- Unnecessary death -- A most important river, and a "magnificent" bay -- Part two. Sea and sky : American debuts in the nineteenth century. Manifest destiny -- A fishy sea -- The wild fish that tamed the coast -- Birds of a feather, shot together -- Part three. Preludes to the future. From bayside to beachside -- Oil and the Texas toe dip -- Oil and the Louisiana plunge -- Islands, shifting sands of time -- Wind and water -- Part four. Saturation and loss : post-1945. The growth coast -- Florida worry, Texas slurry -- Rivers of stuff -- Runoff, and runaway -- Sand in the hourglass -- Losing the edge -- Epilogue : a success story amid so much else.

Significant beyond tragic oil spills and hurricanes, the Gulf has historically been one of the world's most bounteous marine environments, supporting human life for millennia. Based on the premise that nature lies at the center of human existence, Davis takes readers on a compelling and, at times, wrenching journey from the Florida Keys to the Texas Rio Grande, along marshy shorelines and majestic estuarine bays, both beautiful and life-giving, though fated to exploitation by esurient oil men and real-estate developers. Davis shares previously untold stories, parading a vast array of historical characters past our view: sports-fishermen, presidents, Hollywood executives, New England fishers, the Tabasco king, a Texas shrimper, and a New York architect who caught the "big one". Sensitive to the imminent effects of climate change, and to the difficult task of rectifying the assaults of recent centuries, this book suggests how a penetrating examination of a single region's history can inform the country's path ahead. --
Baker Berry F296 .D38 2017

Chimè et Tontons macoutes comme milices armées en Haïti : essai sociologique
Saint Paul, Jean Eddy, author
Montreal : Editions du CIDIHCA, 2015
Baker Berry F1928.2 .S35 2015

Más allá de la guerra : aportes para el debate contemporáneo
Herib Caballero...and 11 others
Asunción, Paraguay : Secretaría Nacional de Cultura, [2016]
Baker Berry F2687 .M34 2016

Brazil, 1964-1985 : the military regimes of Latin America in the Cold War
Klein, Herbert S., author
New Haven ; Yale University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry F2538.25 .K54 2017

Lima fundida : épica y nación criolla en el Perú
Mazzotti, José Antonio, 1961- author
Madrid : Iberoamericana ; [2016]
El mirador criollo : Pedro de Oña, entre la lealtad y el caos -- Los soles del Nuevo Mundo : oro material, oro espiritual y exaltación de la patria limeña -- La "limpieza de tinta" : nación étnica y comunidad guerrera en la épica limeña -- Fernando de Valverde y los monstruos andinos : criollismo místico en el peregrinaje a Copacabana -- Rodrigo de Valdés entre el "Imperio del Perú" y la latinización de la lengua -- Peralta, el Inca Garcilaso, y la génesis criollista de la Lima fundada.
Baker Berry F3429.3.M63 M39 2016

El tiempo de los dioses-tiempo : concepciones de Mesoamérica
Mercedes de la Garza Camino (coordinadora)
México, D. F. : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2015
This edition comprises the papers presented in the roundtable "Concepciones del tiempo en Mesoamerica", organized during the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy, held in Athens, Greece, in August of 2013. The papers address different aspects of the main ideas on time of the Nahua and Maya cultures, from the pre-Hispanic period to the present, to offer a vision of the Mesoamerican thinking around the concept of time that can be considered philosophical, for its depth and its original rationality.
Baker Berry F1219.3.A85 T54 2015

Zonas de disturbio : espectros del México indígena en la modernidad
Botey, Mariana, author
México, D.F. : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México : [2014]
A manera de introducción -- Introducción: máquinas barrocas -- Inscripciones amerindias: subalternidad y los limites -- La máquina de guerra colonial -- La máquina barroca -- 1. Historia -- I. Las coordenadas del proyecto -- II. Una teorización preliminar de lo mesiánico: la lógica de la colonización entendida como una teología política de la dominación -- III. El enigma de Ichcateopan: un archivo mesiánico de la nación -- IV. El preciado objeto abyecto: la Economía General de Bataille y la Revuelta Metafísica de Artaud -- 2. Teoría -- Hacia una critica de la razón sacrificial: necropolítica y estética -- II. El alfabeto colérico -- III. Notas hacia una historia alegórica de la universalidad -- 3. Arte -- I. Alegoría y modernismo: inscripciones poscoloniales -- II. El espectro de la soberanía indígena: el "Cuauhtémoc" de Leopoldo Méndez.
Baker Berry F1219.3.P87 B6718 2014

Art and myth of the ancient Maya
Chinchilla Mazariegos, Oswaldo Fernando, 1965- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
Image and text -- Pictorial and textual sources -- Mesoamerican cosmogony -- The maiden -- The grandmother -- The sun's opponents -- The sun -- The perfect youth -- The father.

This nuanced account explores Maya mythology through the lens of art, text, and culture. It offers an important reexamination of the mid-16th-century Popol Vuh, long considered an authoritative text, which is better understood as one among many crucial sources for the interpretation of ancient Maya art and myth. Using materials gathered across Mesoamerica, Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos bridges the gap between written texts and artistic representations, identifying key mythical subjects and uncovering their variations in narratives and visual depictions. Central characters-including a secluded young goddess, a malevolent grandmother, a dead father, and the young gods who became the sun and the moon-are identified in pottery, sculpture, mural painting, and hieroglyphic inscriptions. Highlighting such previously overlooked topics as sexuality and generational struggles, this beautifully illustrated book paves the way for a new understanding of Maya myths and their lavish expression in ancient art.
Baker Berry F1435.3.A7 C47 2017

Máscaras mexicanas : simbolismos velados
Sofía Martínez del Campo Lanz, coordinadora
[Distrito Federal, Mexico] : Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2015
Introducción ; Máscaras mexicanas, simolismos velados / Sofía Martínez del Campo Lanz -- Origenes, la divina mascaa / René Bustamante -- Las mascaras en el mundo preshipanico / Eduardo Matos Moctezuma -- Rostros de la diversidad / Miguel Ángel Rubio Jiménez -- Máscara efímera o ausente en la Ópera de Beijing / Silvia Seligson -- Formas expresivas-fuerzas intensivas : las caras de la mascara en el arte contemporáneo / Gabriela Jauregui -- Obras en exposición : La máscara, pensamiento universal ; La máscara, el rostro de la deidad ; La máscara, esencia sagrada y humana ; La máscara, el rito y la fiesta ; El arte y la máscara.
Baker Berry F1219.3.M4 M76 2015

Harlem : the crucible of modern African American culture
Bascom, Lionel C., author
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2017]
From exodus to the rise of Harlem as a cultural center -- Raisins in the sun -- A history of New York activism -- The arrivals -- Negrophilia -- Almost made king -- Exit the New Negro -- Mystic knights -- New York frame of mind -- Black Socrates -- The last leaf -- Legal defense -- The gospel of Powell -- The crisis -- The messenger -- Going home -- March on Washington I -- March on Washington II -- Epilogue: fire in the crucible.

Focusing on the contributions of civic reformers and political architects who arrived in New York in the early decades of the 20th century, this book explores the wide array of sweeping social reforms and radical racial demands first conceived of and planned in Harlem that transformed Negroes into self-aware Americans for the first time in history. It documents the Harlem Renaissance period's important role in one of the greatest transformations of American citizens in the history of the United States-from slavery to a migration of millions to parity of achievement in all fields, extends the definition of one of the most progressive periods in African American history for students, academics, and general readers and provides an intriguing reexamination of the Harlem Renaissance period that posits that it began earlier than most general histories of the period suggest and lasted well into the 1960s.
Baker Berry F128.68.H3 B37 2017

Mayas : el lenguaje de la belleza
coordinación curatorial: Karina Romero Blanco ; autores de textos: Miriam Judith Gallegos Gómora, Antonio Benavides Castillo, Adriana Velázquez Morlet
México, D.F. : Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, [2015]
Introducción / Karina Romero Blanco -- El lenguaje de la belleza = The language of beauty / Adriana Velázquez Morlet -- La isla de Jaina y las figurillas de la costa campechana = Jaina Island and figurines from the coast of Campeche / Antonio Benavides Castillo -- Vestido, peinados e identidad de la mujer maya en el pasado = Clothing, hairstyles, and identty of Maya women in the past / Miriam Judith Gallegos Gómora -- Selección de piezas por regiones -- I. El cuerpo como lenzo -- II. El cuerpo revestido -- III. La contraparte animal -- IV. Los cuerpos de la divinidad -- Lista de obras.

A selection of 300 archaeological Mayan objects, from the holdings of 20 museums in five States comprising the Maya area in Mexico: Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo. The exhibition includes fragments of archeological textiles from the sacred Cenote of Chichén Itzá displayed abroad for the first time. The exhibition venues included the Museum Martin-Gropius-Bau, in Berlin, Germany, the National Museum of China in Beijing, China; the Museo Palacio Cantón, in Mérida, Yucatan; the Museo Regional de Antropología in Villahermosa, Tabasco and in the Museo Maya in Cancún, Quintana Roo.
Baker Berry F1435.3.A7 M393 2015

A República revisitada : construção e consolidação do projeto republicano brasileiro
Cláudia Maria Ribeiro Viscardi, José Almino de Alencar, organizadores
Porto Alegre : EDIPUCRS, 2016
Baker Berry F2537 .R47 2016

Positivismo ao estilo gaúcho a ditadura de Júlio de Castilhos e seu impacto sobre a construção do Estado e da Nação no Brasil de Getúlio Vargas
Hentschke, Jens R., author
Porto Alegre : EDIPUCRS, 2015
Baker Berry F2538 .H48 2015

Escritos políticos
Rozitchner, León, author
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires : Ediciones Biblioteca Nacional, 2015
Presentación -- Palabras previas -- Izquierdas -- Contra el terror -- Peronismo -- Neoliberalismo -- Kirchnerismo -- Cristianismo.
Baker Berry F2849.3 .R7 2015

The end of Iberian rule on the American continent, 1770-1830
Hamnett, Brian R., author
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Part I. One sole monarchy: 'one sole nation' -- advocates, critics, and challengers -- Negotiation, networks, linkages -- An alternative vision? Andean perceptions of the Hispanic monarchy -- The idea of metropolis and empire as one nation -- Part II. Salvaging the greater nation: constitutionalism or absolutism? -- Iberian monarchies in crisis: juntas, congresses, constitutions -- Hispanic America -- violence unleashed -- The first Spanish constitutional experiment: the 'one sole nation' and its opponents (1810-1814) -- The counter-revolution and its opponents (1814-1820) -- Part III. Shattering the greater nation: fragmentation, separate sovereign states, and the search for legitimacy -- Metropolitan Iberia: focus of disunion (1820-1830) -- The divergence of the American territories (1820-1830) -- Independence -- territory, peoples, nations -- Final reflections.
Baker Berry F1412 .H36 2017

El peronismo republicano : John William Cooke en el Parlamento Nacional
Gaude, Cristian Leonardo, 1980-, author
Los Polvorines : Ediciones UNGS, [2015]
Baker Berry F2849 .G394 2015

Atlas etnográfico de los mundos contemporáneos
Francisco de la Peña Martínez (coordinador)
México, Ciudad de México : Ediciones Navarra, 2016-
Baker Berry F1210 .A88 2016

La República Argentina
Beck-Bernard, Charles
Santa Fé : Ediciones UNL, [2015]
Baker Berry F2815 .B43 2015

Os Canelistas
Cavalli, Márcio, 1978- author
Porto Alegre, RS : Redes Editora, 2014
"Os Canelistas é a história de Canela contada indiretamente por seus personagens. Muito além da simples reprodução jornalística, esta obra constitui-se em um memorial cuja perenidade foi construída semana a semana, em cada uma das 100 primeiras edições do Nova Época"--Page 5.
Baker Berry F2651.C323 C39 2014

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