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E - History: America (General) / U.S. (General) Acquisitions during July 2017

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The birth of cool : style narratives of the African diaspora
Tulloch, Carol, author
London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016
Introduction : This time it's personal -- Angel in the market place: the African-Jamaican higgler, 1880-1907 -- "We also should walk in the newness of life": individualised Harlem styles of the 1930s -- "All of me": Billie Holiday -- "My man, let me pull your coat to something": Malcolm X -- You should understand, it's a freedom thing: the Stoned Cherrie-Steve Biko T-shirt -- Here: the haunting joy of being in England -- Coda.

"It is broadly recognized that black style had a clear and profound influence on the history of dress in the twentieth century, with black culture and fashion having long been defined as 'cool'. Yet despite this high profile, in-depth explorations of the culture and history of style and dress in the African diaspora are a relatively recent area of enquiry. The Birth of Cool asserts that 'cool' is seen as an arbiter of presence, and relates how both iconic and 'ordinary' black individuals and groups have marked out their lives through the styling of their bodies. Focusing on counter- and sub-cultural contexts, this book investigates the role of dress in the creation and assertion of black identity. From the gardenia corsage worn by Billie Holiday to the work-wear of female African-Jamaican market traders, through to the home-dressmaking of black Britons in the 1960s, and the meaning of a polo-neck jumper as depicted in a 1934 self-portrait by African-American artist Malvin Gray Johnson, this study looks at the ways in which the diaspora experience is expressed through self-image. Spanning the late nineteenth century to the modern day, the book draws on ready-made and homemade fashion, photographs, paintings and films, published and unpublished biographies and letters from Britain, Jamaica, South Africa, and the United States to consider how personal style statements reflect issues of racial and cultural difference. The Birth of Cool is a powerful exploration of how style and dress both initiate and confirm change, and the ways in which they expresses identity and resistance in black culture"--
Baker Berry E185.86 .T85 2016

Reasserting America in the 1970s : U.S. public diplomacy and the rebuilding of America's image abroad
edited by Hallvard Notaker, Giles Scott-Smith, and David J. Snyder
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016
Introduction: Reasserting America in the 1970s / Hallvard Notaker, Giles Scott-Smith, and David J. Snyder -- Historical setting: the age of fear, uncertainty, and doubt / Thomas W. Zeiler -- Part One: A New Public Diplomacy for a New America. The devil at the crossroads: USIA and American public diplomacy in the 1970s / Nicholas J. Cull -- The sister-city network in the 1970s: American municipal internationalism and public diplomacy in a decade of change / Brian C. Etheridge -- The exposure of CIA sponsorship of Radio Free Europe: the "crusade for freedom," American exceptionalism, and the foreign-domestic nexus of public diplomacy / Kenneth Osgood -- USIA responds to the women's movement, 1960-1975 / Laura A. Belmonte -- "The low key mulatto coverage": race, civil rights, and American public diplomacy, 1965-1976 / Michael L. Krenn -- Paintbrush politics: the collapse of American arts diplomacy, 1968-1972 / Claire Bower -- Selling space capsules, moon rocks, and America: spaceflight in U.S. public diplomacy, 1961-1979 / Teasel Muir-Harmony -- Part Two: The World Responds to a Reassertive America. America's public diplomacy in France and Italy during the years of Eurocommunism / Alessandro Brogi -- Selling America between Sharpeville and Soweto: the USIA in South Africa, 1960-1976 / John C. Stoner -- Selling the American West on the frontier of the Cold War: the U.S. Army's German-American Volksfest in West Berlin, 1965-1981 / Benjamin P. Greene -- Unquiet Americans: the Church Committee, the CIA, and the intelligence dimension of U.S. public diplomacy in the 1970s / Paul M. McGarr -- Time to heal the wounds: America's Bicentennial and U.S.-Sweden normalization in 1976 / M. Todd Bennett -- "Something to boast about": western enthusiasm for Carter's human rights diplomacy / Barbara Keys -- To arms for the Western alliance: the Committee on the Present Danger, defense spending, and the perception of American power abroad, 1973-1980 / John M. Rosenberg -- Afterword: Selling America in the shadow of Vietnam / Robert J. McMahon.
Baker Berry E840.2 .R45 2016

Firewater : how alcohol is killing my people (and yours)
Johnson, Harold, 1957- author
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada : University of Regina Press, [2016]
Part 1. Kayâs : a long time ago: Wîsahkicâhk's lost stories -- Part 2. How alcohol is killing my people: So the story goes ; Who am I to speak? ; The drunken Indian story ; A little bit more history to help put it in perspective ; A time before alcohol killed our people ; Going to the graveyard ; The Royal Commission on Aboriginal peoples and the Supreme Court ; Four models ; The trickster in the story ; Being frank : exposing the problem ; Costs of the alcohol story ; Employment ; The story we tell ourselves ; The story kiciwamanawak tell themselves ; Addictions ; The land ; It's all only a story ; Banning alcohol ; Treatment ; Leadership ; The storyteller ; Healing ; Community ; The sober house and the sober community -- Part 3. Letters from our scouts, the artists: A letter from Tracey Lindberg ; A letter from Richard Van Camp -- Part 4. Niyâk : for the future: Wîsahkicâhk returns to find out he is story -- Appendix: Treaty No. 6.

"In a passionate call to action, Harold Johnson, Cree trapper and Crown Prosecutor, examines alcohol--its history, its myths, and its devastating impact on his community. Confronting what he calls a crime against humanity--one in every two will die an alcohol-related death in northern communities--Johnson refuses to be silent any longer. Asserting that the "lazy, drunken Indian" story is a root cause of the alcohol problems, Johnson sets out to recast the narrative of his people, urging them to reject this racist description of who they are. In plain, frank language, Johnson calls on traditional stories, spirituality, and medical research for guidance. He also enlists the support of Indigenous artists and leaders, including contributions from Richard Van Camp and Tracey Lindberg. Written specifically for the people of Treaty 6, Firewater is relevant to anyone struggling with alcohol. A graduate of Harvard Law School and the author of six books, Harold R. Johnson is a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation and lives in La Ronge, Saskatchewan"--
Baker Berry E78.C2 J64 2016

Writing history from the margins : African Americans and the quest for freedom
edited by Claire Parfait, Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry, and Claire Bourhis-Mariotti
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Introduction / Claire Parfait, Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry, and Claire Bourhis-Mariotti -- Part I. New perspectives on African American history -- "The grandest book ever written" : advertising Joseph T. Wilson's Black Phalanx (1888) / Claire Parfait -- A race against obscurity : Merl R. Eppse and the Negro, too, in American history / Cheryl Knott -- Abolitionist Black histories and historians in Massachusetts petitions / Nicole Topich -- From the margins with a legacy of agency in Africanity : an encyclopedic idea / Michael Benjamin -- Part II. Material and visual culture and the writing of history -- Work, class, and respectability in Robert Roberts's House Servant's Directory, or, A Monitor for Private Families (Boston, 1827) / Hélène Le Dantec-Lowry -- Expressions of self and belonging : enslaved people and race-based fashion in the antebellum U.S. South / Katie Knowles -- African American quilts : color, creation, (counter)culture / Géraldine Chouard -- Freeman Murray and the art of social justice / James Smalls -- Romare Bearden : the making of a Black political cartoonist / Amy Kirschke.
Baker Berry E184.65 .W78 2017

1777 : Tipping Point at Saratoga
Snow, Dean R., 1940- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
The opening -- The Battle of Freeman's Farm -- The middle game -- The Battle of Bemis Heights -- The end game.

In the autumn of 1777, near Saratoga, New York, an inexperienced and improvised American army led by General Horatio Gates faced off against the highly trained British and German forces led by General John Burgoyne. Despite inferior organization and training, the Americans exploited access to fresh reinforcements of men and materiel, and ultimately handed the British a stunning defeat. Assimilating the archaeological remains from the battlefield along with the many letters, journals, and memoirs of the men and women in both camps, Snow provides a richly detailed narrative of the two battles fought at Saratoga over the course of thirty-three tense and bloody days.
Baker Berry E241.S2 S69 2016

The education of Augie Merasty : a residential school memoir
Merasty, Joseph Auguste, author
[Regina] Saskatchewan : University of Regina Press, 2015
School days, school days -- Hard times -- The passion of sister Felicity -- The loves of Languir and Cameron -- Brotherly love and the fatherland -- Father Lazzardo among the children -- Sisters of the night -- Lepeigne -- Revenge.

"Now a retired fisherman and trapper, Merasty was one of an estimated 150,000 First Nations, Inuit, and Metis children who were taken from their families and sent to government-funded, church-run schools, where they were subjected to a policy of 'aggressive assimiliation.' As Merasty recounts, these schools did more than attempt to mold children in the ways of white society. They were taught to be ashamed of their native heritage and, as he experienced, often suffered physical and sexual abuse. Even as he looks back on this painful part of his childhood, Merasty's generous and authentic voice shines through."--Publisher.
Baker Berry E96.65.S27 M47 2015

The child's instructor, or Picture alphabet
Glasgow : Published and sold, wholesale, by Lumsden & Son, [approximately 1815?]
Rauner Miniature E0081

Relatos de cautivos en las Américas desde Canadá a la Patagonia : siglos XVI al XIX
Fernando Operé compilador
Bs. As. : Corregidor, [2016]
A selection of personal accounts of Indian captivities in the Americas, with introduction.
Baker Berry E85 .R45 2016

Native American arts
U.S. Department of the Interior, Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Washington, D.C. : U.S. Department of the Interior, Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Baker Berry E98.A7 N36

The Navajo yearbook. Report
Window Rock, Ariz. [1952-]
Baker Berry E99.N3 N36

Dena--the people : the way of life of the Alaskan Athabascans described in nonfiction stories, biographies, and impressions
written by Athabascans from all over the interior of Alaska ; edited by Linda E. Wiggins
Fairbanks, Alaska : Theata Magazine, ©1978
Baker Berry E99.A86 D46

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