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Affluence without abundance : the disappearing world of the bushmen
Suzman, James, author
New York : Bloomsbury USA, 2017
Part one: Old times -- The rewards of hard work -- The mother hill -- A beachside brawl -- The settlers -- Living in the moment -- Tsumkwe Road -- Part two: The provident environment -- the hollow tree -- Strong food -- An elephant hunt -- Pinnacle Point -- A gift from God -- Hunting and empathy -- Insulting the meat -- Part three: New times -- When lions become dangerous -- Fear and farming -- Cattle country -- Crazy gods -- The promised land.

"A vibrant portrait of the "original affluent society"--the Bushmen of southern Africa--by the anthropologist who has spent much of the last twenty-five years documenting their encounter with modernity. If the success of a civilization is measured by its endurance over time, then the Bushmen of the Kalahari are by far the most successful in human history. A hunting and gathering people who made a good living by working only as much as needed to exist in harmony with their hostile desert environment, the Bushmen have lived in southern Africa since the evolution of our species nearly two hundred thousand years ago. In Affluence Without Abundance, anthropologist James Suzman vividly brings to life a proud and private people, introducing unforgettable members of their tribe, and telling the story of the collision between the modern global economy and the oldest hunting and gathering society on earth. In rendering an intimate picture of a people coping with radical change, it asks profound questions about how we now think about matters such as work, wealth, equality, contentment, and even time. Not since Elizabeth Marshall Thomas's The Harmless People in 1959 has anyone provided a more intimate or insightful account of the Bushmen or of what we might learn about ourselves from our shared history as hunter-gatherers."--Jacket flap.
Baker Berry DT764.B8 S89 2017

A poisonous thorn in our hearts : Sudan and South Sudan's bitter and incomplete divorce
Copnall, James, author
London : Hurst & Company, 2017
Baker Berry DT157.675 .C67 2017

Why comrades go to war : liberation politics and the outbreak of Africa's deadliest conflict
Roessler, Philip G., author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Introduction -- Liberation, counter-revolution and war -- Winning the war, losing the peace: the liberation of Zaire and the outbreak of Africa's Great War -- The gathering storm: Mobutu's Zaire, the African Liberation Project and the Rwandan patriotic front -- Comrades preparing for war: the alliance to overthrow Mobutu -- The campaign: the sprint to Kinshasa and the Rwandan-Angolan Cold War -- The post-Mobutu order and politics after liberation -- The unraveling: internal and external strains on the Alliance - Back against the wall: the return of the Génocidaire threat -- Kabila's pre-emptive stike: the Kinshasa endgame -- Comrades go to war: triangular diplomacy between Kinshasa, Kigali and Luanda -- Why comrades go to war.
Baker Berry DT658.26 .R64 2016b

The book smugglers of Timbuktu : the quest for this storied city and the race to save its treasures
English, Charlie, author
London : William Collins, 2017
Prologue: Enterprise and genius -- Occupation -- A seeker of manuscripts -- A wide but extended blank -- Hell is not far away -- The fourth traveler -- Al-Qaeda to the rescue -- Frogs and rosbifs -- Ismael's list -- Destruction -- The armchair explorer -- The headless horseman -- The pope of Timbuktu -- Secret agents -- Liberation -- Lives of the scholars -- The terrible twosome -- King Leopold's paperweight -- Auto-da-fé -- Chronicle of the seeker -- An Indiana Jones moment in real life! -- Manuscript fever -- The myth factory -- Epilogue.

Two tales of a city: The historical race to reach one of the world's most mythologized places, and the story of how a contemporary band of archivists and librarians, fighting to save its ancient manuscripts from destruction at the hands of al Qaeda, added another layer to the legend. To Westerners, the name "Timbuktu" long conjured a tantalising paradise, an African El Dorado where even the slaves wore gold. Beginning in the late eighteenth century, a series of explorers gripped by the fever for "discovery" tried repeatedly to reach the fabled city. But one expedition after another went disastrously awry, succumbing to attack, the climate, and disease. Timbuktu was rich in another way too. A medieval centre of learning, it was home to tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts, on subjects ranging from religion to poetry, law to history, pharmacology, and astronomy. When al-Qaeda-linked jihadists surged across Mali in 2012, threatening the existence of these precious documents, a remarkable thing happened: a team of librarians and archivists joined forces to spirit the manuscripts into hiding. Relying on extensive research and firsthand reporting, Charlie English expertly twines these two suspenseful strands into a fascinating account of one of the planet's extraordinary places, and the myths from which it has become inseparable.
Baker Berry DT551.9.T55 E54 2017b

The Addis Ababa Massacre : Italy's national shame
Campbell, Ian, 1945- author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry DT387.9 .C358 2017

Growing up in a shrinking world : how politics, culture and the nuclear age defined the biography of Ali A. Mazrui
edited by D. Ndirangu Wachanga
Trenton, New Jersey : Africa World Press, [2017]
Foreword / Willy Mutunga -- Introduction / D. Ndirangu Wachanga -- Growing up in a shrinking world : from a Kenyan childhood to the Cuban missile crisis / Ali A. Mazrui -- A tribute to Ali Mazrui, the global Kenya / Ngugi wa Thiong'o -- Publishing Ali A. Mazrui : an eloquent debater / Henry Chakava -- Orature poems of celebration and healing in honor of Mwalimu Ali Mazrui / Micere Githae Mugo -- Mazrui and Achebe : the literary artist and the political scientist / Ngugi wa Thiong'o -- Recording Ali Mazrui documentary biography : lessons and challenges / D. Ndirangu Wachanga -- Recasting Ali Mazrui / Macharia Munene -- Who killed pax Africana? / Adekeye Adebajo -- Kwame Nkrumah and Ali Mazrui : an analysis of the 1967 transition debate / Michael O. West -- Global citizen, dialectical thinker : Ali Mazrui and the analytical potency of Mazruiana / Wanjala S. Nasong'o -- The African impact on American higher education : Ali Mazrui's contribution / Alamin M. Mazrui -- Salient features in Mazrui's thought on education in Africa : critical reflections / N'Dri T. Assie-Lumumba & Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo -- The trial of Ali Mazrui's trilogy, scholarship and the making of a public intellectual in Africa : revisiting his legacy in the world of knowledge / Maurice N. Amutabi -- Terrorism and counterterrorism in Ali Mazrui's political thought / Oscar Mwangi -- Paradox of gender in Mazrui's triple heritage / Etin Anwar -- Pan-Blackist conceptualizations of the Black Power paradigm : from Cheikh Anta Diop to Ali Al'Amin Mazrui / Abdul Karim Bangura -- Ali A. Mazrui's meditation about global Africa : from Otto von Bismarck to Barack Obama / Darryl C. Thomas.
Baker Berry DT19.7.M39 G76 2017

The aftermath of the Cassinga massacre : survivors, deniers and injustices
Shigwedha, Vilho
Basel : Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2017
Baker Berry DT1436 .S55 2017

The African Affairs reader : key texts in politics, development, and international relations
edited by Nic Cheeseman, Lindsay Whitfield, and Carl Death
[Oxford] : Oxford University Press, [2017]
African Affairs' is the top journal in African Studies and has been for some time. This book draws together some of the most influential, important, and thought provoking articles published in its pages over the last decade. In doing so, it collates essential cutting-edge research on Africa and makes it easily available for students, teachers, and researchers alike. 0'The African Affairs Reader' is broken down into four sections that cover some of the biggest themes and questions facing the continent today, including: the African State, the Political Economy of Development, Africa's Relationship with the World, and Elections, Representation & Democracy. Within each section, articles deal with some of the most significant recent trends and events, such as the prospects for democratization in Ghana and Nigeria, the factors underpinning Rwanda's economic success, the rise of political corruption in South Africa, the spread of the drugs trade, the struggle against gender based violence, and the growing influence of China. Each section is introduced by a new purpose-written essay by the journal's editors that explains the evolution of the wider debate, highlights key contributions, and suggests new ways in which the discussion can be taken forward. Taken together, the essays and articles included in the volume provide both a coherent introduction to the study of Africa and a compelling commentary on the current state of play on the continent.
Baker Berry DT30.5 .A35432 2017

Calabar on the Cross River : historical and cultural studies
David Imbua, Paul Lovejoy and Ivor L. Miller, eds
Trenton, New Jersey : Africa World Press, [2017]
Baker Berry DT515.9.C35 C35 2017

Sovereignty and struggle : Africa and Africans in the era of the Cold War, 1945-1994
Reynolds, Jonathan T., author
New York, New York : Oxford University Press, [2015]
Baker Berry DT30.5 .R495 2015

The African intelligentsia : domestic decline and global ascent
Mazrui, Ali AlʼAmin, author
Trenton, New Jersey : Africa World Press, [2016]
The making of an intelligentsia -- Pan-Africanism and the intellectuals : rise, decline and revival / Ali A. Mazrui -- The rise and decline of African universities / Ali A. Mazrui -- Fewer heroes and more martyrs in post-colonial Africa / Ali A. Mazrui -- The brain drain and the African diaspora -- From the slave trade to the modern skill exodus : two phases of West Africa's brain drain / Amadu Jacky Kaba -- Between the brain drain and the brain bonus : the African diaspora as a nation afloat / Ali A. Mazrui and Amadu Jacky Kaba -- The brain drain and effects of globalization -- Africa's terminal brain drain : HIV/AIDS / Amadu Jacky Kaba -- Renewable energy and departing skills : the brain drain and Africa's fuel crisis / Ali A. Mazrui and Amadu Jacky Kaba -- Can reverse migration compensate for HIV losses? : an East African case study / Ali A. Mazrui and Amadu Jacky Kaba -- Conclusion. From sacred to secular intelligentsia / Ali A. Mazrui.
Baker Berry DT14 .M387 2016

Foreign policy and leadership in Nigeria : Obasanjo and the challenge of African diplomacy
Itugbu, Steve, author
London : I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2017
Baker Berry DT515.844 .I88 2017

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