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DT - Africa acquired during September 2016

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The lithic industries on Elephantine Island during the 3rd Millenium BC
Hikade, Thomas
Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, [2013]
Baker Berry Oversize DT57 .D47 no.121

The pyramid complex of Amenemhat I at Lisht : the reliefs
Jánosi, Peter, author
New York : The Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2016]
Part one: The temple's history and its decoration -- Part two: Reused blocks originating from the Old Kingdom -- Part three: Reused blocks found in place and originating from the early Twelfth Dynasty -- Part four: Blocks from Amenemhat I's Temple.

"This publication is a continuation of the series documenting The Metropolitan Museum of Art's excavations at the Middle Kingdom Egyptian site at Lisht. This volume covers the relief decoration from three different locations or structures. These reliefs furnish a welcome addition to the little-known relief decoration of pyramid temples of the Middle Kingdom. Presenting previously unpublished materials and including informative, high quality photographs of the relief blocks, this essential resource preserves the decoration at this endangered historic site and makes substantial contributions to the study of Middle Kingdom Egypt." -- Publisher's description.
Baker Berry Oversize DT73.L6 J36 2016

Under an African sky : a journey to the frontline of climate change
Hudson, Peter, 1960- author
Oxford : New Internationalist, 2014
Baker Berry DT528 .H84 2014

Libya in Western foreign policies, 1911-2011
Genugten, Saskia van, author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Baker Berry DT227 .G46 2016

Black nationalist thought in South Africa : the persistence of an idea of liberation
Tafira, Hashi Kenneth, author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
Baker Berry DT1756 .T34 2016

Empire and the Nuer : sources on the pacification of the Southern Sudan, 1898-1930
edited by Douglas H. Johnson
Oxford : Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press, 2016
List of maps -- Preface -- Sources of documents and texts -- List of abbreviations -- Glossary -- Introduction. Documents and texts : First contact -- First military patrol -- Ngundeng and the Turuk -- The Nuer and Kinka of the Zeraf valley -- First visit to the prophet Deng Laka -- Confirmation of Ngundeng's death -- Second visit to the prophet Deng Laka -- Fixing a tribal boundary -- Attack on Duk Fadiat 1 -- Attack on Duk Fadiat 2 -- Tribute collection in the Zeraf valley -- The death of Macar Diu -- Intelligence on the Eastern Jikany -- Intelligence on the Lou Nuer -- Nuer cattle raids along the Dinka border -- The Mabaan and the Nuer -- Pacification of the Eastern Jikany -- Intelligence on the Western Nuer -- Contact with the prophet Maani -- In defence of Guek Ngundeng 1 -- In defence of Guek Ngundeng 2 -- Pacification of the Lou Nuer -- Contact with a Gaawar prophet -- Dual Diu's attack on a police post 1 -- Dual Diu's attack on a police post 2 -- Pacification of the Lou Nuer 2 -- Capture of the prophet Dual Diu -- Gaawar views -- Dinka views -- Epilogue. Appendix 1 biographical notes -- Appendix 2 river transport mentioned in the documents -- Sources and bibliography -- Index.

The documents edited here cover the significant events in the contact, conquest, and pacification of the Nuer from 1898 to 1930. They contain some of the earliest 20th-century ethnographic descriptions of the Nuer and their Dinka and Mabaan neighbors. Together these sources provide a historical context for further understanding Evans-Pritchard's ethnography, as well as a more detailed understanding of the events that led to incorporation of the Nuer into the colonial state.
Baker Berry DT159.927.N84 E47 2016

Fighting the Mau Mau : the British Army and counter-insurgency in the Kenya Emergency
Bennett, Huw C
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, ©2013
'A determined campaign against the terrorist bands' -- 'Harmonious relations' : soldiers, civilians, and committees -- 'Possibly restrictive to the operations' : marginalising international law in colonial rebellions -- 'The degree of force necessary' : British traditions in countering colonial rebellions -- 'Restraint backed by good discipline' -- 'A dead man cannot talk' : the need for restraint -- 'A lot of indiscriminate shooting' : military repression before Erskine's arrival -- 'Severe repressive measures' : the army under Erskine -- 'An essential part of the campaign' : civil-military alliances.
Baker Berry DT433.577 .B47 2013

South Sudan the untold story : from independence to civil war
Johnson, Hilde F., author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2016
Baker Berry DT159.944 .J64 2016

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