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DT - Africa acquired during November 2016

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The Maghreb
editors, Ziauddin Sardar and Robin Yassin-Kassab
London : C. Hurst, [2014]
The Maghreb covers the politics, history, literature, and culture of The Maghreb. Robin Yassin-Kassab has an enlightening sojourn in Morocco; Hicham Yezza examines the role of the Berbers in the Arab Spring; Marcia Lynx Qualey is dazzled by the transformative power of Maghrebi poetry; Louis Proyect spends some time with the Jews of the Maghreb; Cécile Oumhani provides a daily account of the Tunisian revolution; Paul Mutter tangles with al-Qaeda in Mali; Robert Irwin wonders if Ibn Khaldun had a mystical vision of history; Julia Melcher explores the absurd world of exiled western writers in Tangiers; John Liechty attempts to get a US visa for his Moroccan wife; Jamal Bahmad watches some revolutionary films; Arie Amaya-Akkermans admires Algerian art; and Anissa Helou tastes some Moroccan street food. Also in this issue: Extracts from a new novel by Amal Hanano and poems by George Szirtes.
Baker Berry DT192 .M344 2014

Women and war in Rwanda : gender, media and the representation of genocide
Holmes, Georgina
London ; I.B. Tauris ; 2014
Contextualizing media events : war and genocide in Rwanda and the east of Congo -- Rwandan women and war -- Militarizing women, preparing for genocide : Hutu extremist magazine Kangura 1990-94 -- Newsnight -- Remembering genocide, forgetting politics : the BBC's institutional narrative post-1994 -- 'Living on gold should be a blessing, instead it is a curse': mass rape in the Congo.
Baker Berry DT450.435 .H65 2014

Nefertiti's sun temple : a new cult complex at Tell El-Amarna
Williamson, Jacquelyn, author
Leiden ; Brill, 2016
"Nefertiti's Sun Temple publishes stone relief fragments excavated from the site of Kom el-Nana at Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, dating to approximately 1350 BCE. This is the first time relief fragments can be associated with a specific wall from a specific temple at Tell el-Amarna. Jacquelyn Williamson reconstructs the architecture, art, and inscriptions from the site to demonstrate Kom el-Nana is the location of Queen Nefertiti's 'Sunshade of Re' temple and another more enigmatic structure that served the funerary needs of the non-royal courtiers at the ancient city. The art and inscriptions provide new information about Queen Nefertiti and challenge assumptions about her role in Pharaoh Akhenaten's religious movement dedicated to the sun god Aten."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DT73.T25 W55 2016

O adeus a Angola : diário da fuga pela Costa dos Esquletos
Amorim, Rogério, author
Vila do Conde : Verso da História, setembro de 2015
Baker Berry DT1417.A525 A3 2015

Selling apartheid : South Africa's global propaganda war
Nixon, Ron. author
London : Pluto Press, 2016
Introduction -- Apartheid is good for Blacks -- In defense of apartheid -- Taking the offensive -- Operation Blackwash -- Muldergate -- Constructive engagement -- Free South Africa -- Stopping the anti-apartheid movement -- Sanctions only hurt Blacks -- The fixer -- Operation Heartbreak -- The anti-sanctions videos -- Apartheid's man in Angola -- Apartheid's last gasp -- The end of apartheid.

"Ron Nixon brings to light a mostly forgotten aspect of the long battle over apartheid: the global propaganda campaign waged by the South African government in an attempt to bolster support for the regime. Drawing on interviews with key players and thousands of previously unavailable documents from US, British, and South African archives, Nixon offers a detailed picture of a $100 million annual campaign that drew on an elaborate network of support from corporations, conservative religious organizations, and even an unlikely Cold War coalition of liberal black clergy and anticommunist black conservatives aligned with right-wing politicians. The result is a fascinating look at how the image of apartheid was managed, and the regime supported, despite fifty years of struggle and protest"--
Baker Berry DT1757 .N595 2016

Assembling the village in medieval Bambuk : an archaeology of interaction at Diouboye, Senegal
Gokee, Cameron D., author
Bristol, CT : Equinox Publishing Ltd, 2016
Village communities : rethinking power and periphery -- A medieval mosaic -- In search of Bambuk -- Everyday life in the land of gold -- Materializing interaction : architecture and artifacts -- Spaces of interaction : houses and quarters -- Depositional histories I : the east quarter -- Depositional histories II : the west quarter and site chronology -- Landscape and interaction along the Falemme River -- Assembling the medieval village -- Globalized communities: perspectives from prehistory.
Baker Berry DT549.9.D56 G65 2016

Letters from an Englishwoman in Egypt 1842-44
Poole, Sophia Lane, 1804-1891
Cairo ; American University in Cairo Press, [2016]
"First published in 1844, these letters are the collected observations of Sophia Poole, who lived in Cairo from 1842 until 1849 with her brother, the well known Orientalist Edward Lane, and her two children. During her residence, Poole learned Arabic and adopted Egyptian clothing that enabled her not only to observe day-to-day life in the streets and markets but also to enter hammams and harems and interact on an intimate level with Egyptian women of different classes. Poole ultimately had access, in fact, to the highest levels of society, including the family of the viceroy, Mohamed 'Ali Pasha, and recorded her experiences there with the same eye for detail and understanding of underlying customs as she brought to bear in the marketplace. She moves effortlessly from situation to situation - the pasha's daughter smoking her jewel-encrusted pipe, the homesick slave-girl, the occupation of ladies of leisure - one scene after another is unfolded in her writing that reveals not only a mind that observes and records but a human being who attempts to feel and understand a different culture." "In contrast to her brother's dense works of research, Sophia Poole's was cast in the form of letters to a friend. These letters cover her arrival in Alexandria and trip up the Nile to Cairo, as well as her life in Cairo, with its visits to surrounding villages. The Englishwoman in Egypt is at once entertaining and informative. If Edward Lane kept alive for posterity a post-medieval Cairo that has since disappeared, then his sister in her work no doubt complemented that great achievement by presenting the same world from a feminine perspective that he as a man could not have access to."--Cover.
Baker Berry DT53 .P82 2016

Refugees, conflict and the search for belonging
Hovil, Lucy, author
Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Baker Berry DT352.42 .H68 2016

Egypt beyond Tahrir Square
edited by Bessma Momani and Eid Mohamed
Bloomington ; Indiana University Press, [2016]
Egypt's Revolutionary Spirit across Time / Belal Fadl and Maissaa Almustafa -- Egyptian Revolutionaries' Unrealistic Expectations / Mohammad Fadel -- Egypt's Revolutionary Moment Turned Uprising / Sahar Aziz -- The New Intellectual in Egypt's Revolutions / Shereen Abouelnaga -- The Muslim Brotherhood : Between Opposition and Power / Dalia Fahmy -- Copts' Role in Modern Egypt / Mai Mogib Mosad -- Egyptian Media Capturing the Revolution / Mohamad Hamas Elmasry and Mohammed El-Nawawy -- The Egyptian Military and the Presidency : Continuity and Change / Dina Rashed -- Policing Egypt during Revolutionary Times / Hesham Genidy and Justine Salam -- Conclusion : Moving beyond Tahrir / Ismail Alexandrani and Isaac Friesen.

On January 25, 2011, the world's eyes were on Egypt's Tahrir Square as millions of people poured into the city center to call for the resignation of president Hosni Mubarak. Since then, few scholars or journalists have been given the opportunity to reflect on the nationwide moment of transformation and the hope that was embodied by the Egyptian Revolution. In this important and necessary volume, leading Egyptian academics and writers share their eyewitness experiences. They examine how events unfolded in relation to key social groups and institutions such as the military, police, labor, intellectuals, Coptic Christians, and the media; share the mood of the nation; assess what happened when three recent regimes of Egyptian rule came to an end; and account for the dramatic rise and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood. The contributors' deep engagement with politics and society in their country is evident and sets this volume apart from most of what has been published in English about the Arab Spring. The diversity of views brought together here is a testament to the contradictions and complexities of historical and political changes that affect Egypt and beyond.
Baker Berry DT107.88 .E346 2016

Welcome to greater Edendale : histories of environment, health, and gender in an African city
Epprecht, Marc, author
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, [2016]
"In the coming decades, the bulk of Africa's anticipated urban population growth will take place in smaller cities. Failure to manage environmental and public health problems in one such aspiring city, Edendale, has fostered severe pollution, seemingly intractable poverty, and gender inequalities that directly fuel one of the worst HIV/AIDS pandemics in the world. A nuanced and timely presentation of South African responses to changing times, conditions, opportunities, and state interventions, Welcome to Greater Edendale reconstructs nearly two centuries of contestation over land, governance, human rights, identity, housing, sanitation, public health, and the meaning of development. Bringing gender and health issues to the foreground, Epprecht reveals many unexpected or forgotten triumphs against environmental injustice, but also unsettling continuities between colonial, apartheid, and post-apartheid policies to spur economic growth. Sheltered from the glare of national media and often overlooked by scholars, smaller cities like Edendale attract political patronage, corruption, and violent protests, while rapid climate change promises to further strain their infrastructure, social services, and public health."--
Baker Berry DT2405.E34 E66 2016

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