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DS - Asia acquired during January 2017

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China's hegemony : four hundred years of East Asian domination
Lee, Ji-Young (Professor of East Asian studies), author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Understanding the tribute system -- Chinese hegemonic authority: a domestic politics explanation -- The making of Ming hegemony -- The Imjin War (1592-1598) -- The making of Qing hegemony.
Baker Berry DS518.15 .L44 2017

China's peaceful rise : perceptions, policy and misperceptions
Herrick, Christopher, author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016
Introduction -- Part I: Perspectives. Public and elite perceptions of China's rise ; The perspectives of International Relations theory ; The Chinese worldview -- Part II: The Security Dimension. China's relations with the United States ; China's relations with key European states ; Sino-Japanese relations ; China-Russia relations ; China-India relations ; China's relations with Southeast Asia -- Part III: The Economic Dimension. China in the global economy ; China - Africa relations ; China and emerging Asia ; China and the developmental state -- Part IV: Governance. China in the UN Security Council ; China in the WTO ; China's ASEAN policy ; China and global democracy -- Conclusions.

Can China peacefully attain great power status in the twenty-first century? Adopting a constructivist approach, the book argues that China's prospects for achieving great power status peacefully depend more on Chinese and international perceptions of China's rise/development than on concrete measures of power or economic benefits, because power considerations and economic self-interest reflect shifting perceptions that have their roots in factors, such as historical experience and national image. Incorporating historical perceptions, survey data and general analysis, the book explores Chinese foreign policies in international organizations, international trade, security relations and as a model for global governance, plus the reactions to those policies within the context of China's relations with Asian neighbours (India, Japan and the states of South-east Asia), existing international powers (the European Union, Russia and the United States), and emergent trading partners (Africa), representing a wider number of diverse states than are included in most books.--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry DS779.47 .H47 2016

Life after ruin : the struggles over Israel's depopulated Arab spaces
Leshem, Noam, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction: tracing ruination -- Toward a spatial history in Israel -- Repopulating the emptiness: the spatiality and materiality of the overlooked -- Fences and defences: spaces of emergency -- On the road: from Salama to Kfar Shalem and back -- Housing complex: between Arab houses and public tenaments -- Sacred: the making and unmaking of a holy place -- Conclusion: histories of the rough and charmless.

"Following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the landscape of Israel-Palestine was radically transformed. Breaking from conventional focus on explicit sites of violence and devastation, Noam Leshem turns critical attention to 'ordinary' spaces and places where the intricate and often intimate engagements between Jews and myriad Arab spaces takes place to this day. Leshem builds on interdisciplinary studies of space, memory, architecture and history and exposes a rich archive of ideology, culture, political projects of state-building and identity formation. The result is a fresh look at the conflicted history of Israel-Palestine: a spatial history in which the Arab past isn't in fact separate, but inextricably linked to the Israeli present"--
Baker Berry DS110.T36 K465 2017

부모와 함께하는 조선시대 역사문화 여행 / 최 정훈, 오 주환 지음
최 정훈, author
Sŏul-si : Pug Hŏbŭ, 2013
Baker Berry Korea DS913.2 .C46 2013

시험에 꼭 나오는 한국사 용어풀이 101 / 김 이식
김, 이식, author
Sŏul-si : Chinhan M&B, 2013
Baker Berry Korea DS907.18 .K53266 2013

I carnefici italiani : scene dal genocidio degli ebrei, 1943-1945
Levis Sullam, Simon, author
Milano : Feltrinelli, gennaio 2015
Baker Berry DS135.I8 L495 2015

Fighting blind : a Green Beret's story of extraordinary courage
Castro, Iván, 1967- author
New York : St. Martin's Press, [2016]
Early days -- War & the ugly -- Not worth living -- Blind man running -- Living is the only revenge -- Gone dark.

"Fighting was a practiced routine for Lieutenant Ivan Castro. But when a mortar round struck the rooftop of his sniper's post in Iraq, he found himself in a battle more difficult than even he could have imagined. The direct hit killed two other soldiers and nearly claimed Castro's life as well. Mangled by shrapnel and badly burned, Castro was medevac'd to Germany more dead than alive. His lungs were collapsed. He couldn't hear. One eye had been blown out, the nerve to the other severed. In the weeks and months that followed, Castro would find that physical darkness was nothing compared to the emotional darkness of loss and despair. Desperate for a reason to live, he eventually fought his way back to health through exercise and a single-minded goal: running a marathon. Once he set his course, there was no stopping him. Stubborn to a point that at times bordered on insanity, he managed not only to recover but to return to active duty. Since 2007, he has run over two dozen marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2013, where he was one of the runners diverted when the bombs exploded. Today, Castro he helps prepare soldiers for combat, working exactly as if he were "sighted." This frankly told account of his struggle through adversity, the highs and lows and the always bumpy road in between, is a story of hope and perseverance against the odds: an Unbroken for the present generation,"--Baker & Taylor.
Baker Berry DS79.766.C38 A3 2016

Staging Chinese Revolution : theater, film, and the afterlives of propaganda
Chen, Xiaomei, 1954- author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2016]
Introduction : propaganda performance, history, and landscape -- The place of Chen Duxiu : political theater, dramatic history, and the question of representation -- The return of Mao Zedong : a people's hero and a "new" legacy in postsocialist performance -- The stage of Deng Xiaoping : the "incorrigible capitalist roader" -- The myth of the "red classics" : three revolutionary music-and-dance epics and their peaceful restorations -- Epilogue : Where are the "founding mothers"?.
Baker Berry DS777.549 .C47 2017

Revolutionary Yiddishland : a history of Jewish radicalism
Brossat, Alain, author
New York : Verso, 2016
"They were on the barricades from the avenues of Petrograd to the alleys of the Warsaw ghetto, from the anti-Franco struggle to the anti-Nazi resistance. Before the Holocaust, Yiddishland was a vast expanse of Eastern Europe running from the Baltic Sea to the western edge of Russia and featured hundreds of Jewish communities, numbering some 11 million people. Within this territory, revolutionaries arose from the Jewish misery of Eastern and Central Europe; they were raised in the fear of God and respect for religious tradition, but were then caught up in the great current of revolutionary utopian thinking. Socialists, Communists, Bundists, Zionists, Trotskyists, manual workers and intellectuals, they embodied the multifarious activity and radicalism of a Jewish working class that glimpsed the Messiah in the folds of the red flag Today, the world from which they came has disappeared, dismantled and destroyed by the Nazi genocide. After this irremediable break, there remain only survivors, and the work of memory for red Yiddishland. This book traces the struggles of these militants, their singular trajectories, their oscillation between great hope and doubt, their lost illusions--a red and Jewish gaze on the history of the twentieth century"--
Baker Berry DS135.E8 B7613 2016

两周时期采邑制度的演变 = LiangZhou shiqi caiyi zhidu de yanbian / 李春利著
李春利, author
Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS747.13 .L826 2016

Landscape, memory, and post-violence in Cambodia
Tyner, James A., 1966- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield International, Ltd., [2017]
Dig a hole and bury the past -- Their bones have piled up -- More than I can speak -- Only if pregnant women were killed -- They just kept bombing -- They are murderous thugs.

"Explores how the legacy of violence during the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia is memorialized. Engaging with war, violence and critical heritage studies, the book looks at the selective production of heritage diminishes opportunities for justice and reconciliation beyond the violence. It should be of particular interest to students and scholars interested in heritage studies, memory, trauma, genocide, dark tourism, and Cambodia"--
Baker Berry DS554.8 .T96 2017

从思想发现历史 : 重寻"五四"以后的中国 / 张太原著
张太原, 1970- author
Beijing Shi : Zhonghua shu ju, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS775.2 .Z477235 2016

Fire over Luoyang : a history of the later Han dynasty, 23-220 AD
De Crespigny, Rafe, author
Boston : Brill, [2017]
Introduction: The emperors of Han; Chronology of the later Han dynasty -- Imperial capital -- Emperor Ming and Emperor Zhang (57-88) -- The reign of Emperor He (88-106) -- The Dowager Deng and Emperor An (106-125) -- The reign of Emperor Shun (125-144) -- The hegemony of Liang Ji (144-159) -- Emperor Huan and the eunuchs (159-168) -- Emperor Ling : disordered government (169-184) -- End of an empire (185-189) -- Epilogues and conclusions (part I, Elegy for a lost capital; part II, What went wrong? : reflections on a ruin).

"The Later Han dynasty, also known as Eastern Han, ruled China for the first two centuries of the Christian era. Comparable in extent and power to the early Roman empire, it dominated East Asia from present-day Vietnam to the Mongolian steppe. Rafe de Crespigny presents here the first full account of this period in Chinese history to be found in a Western language. Commencing with a detailed account of the imperial capital, the history describes the nature of government, the expansion of the Chinese people to the south, the conflicts of scholars and officials with eunuchs at court, and the final collapse which followed the rebellion of the Yellow Turbans and the rise of regional warlords"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DS748 .D39 2017

Memories of a bygone age : Qajar Persia and Imperial Russia 1853-1902
Arfaʻ, Riz̤ā, 1850 or 1851-1937 or 1938, author
London : Gingko Library, [2016]
"Set against the backdrop of Iran's struggle against the rising powers of Russia and Britain, the memoirs of Mirza Riza Khan Arfa'-ed-Dowleh--otherwise known as Prince Arfa (1853-1902)--are packed with picaresque adventures as the prince tells the story of his rise from humble provincial beginnings to the heights of the Iranian state. With this translation, his incredible story is brought to life for the first time in English.Prince Arfa writes with arresting wit about the deadly intrigues of the Qajar court. Lamentingly, but resolutely, he chronicles the decline of Iran from a once great empire to an almost bankrupt, lawless state, in which social unrest is channelled and exploited by the clergy. He describes the complex interactions between Iran and Europe, including an account of Naser-od-Din Shah's profligate visits to Britain and France; the splendor and eccentricities of the doomed Tsar Nicholas II's court; the Tsar's omen-laden coronation; and his own favor with the Tsarina, who would grant him concessions on matters of vital importance to his country. The result is a memoir of extraordinary political intrigue." -- From publishers.
Baker Berry DS316.A72 A3 2016

日本/フィリピン歴史対話の試み : グローバル化時代のなかで / 永野善子
永野善子, 1950- author
東京都文京区 : 御茶の水書房, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS685 .N268 2016

成吉思汗ハ源義経也 / 小谷部全一郎著
東京 : 冨山房, 1924
Baker Berry Japan DS22 .O84

Musāfirān-i jāvidānah-ʼi kūhhā va dashthā
Bahārnāz, Muḥammad Riz̤ā
Tihrān : Surūsh, 1991
Baker Berry DS268 .B25 1991

A disappearance in Damascus : a story of friendship and survival in the shadow of war
Campbell, Deborah, 1970- author
Toronto : Alfred A. Knopf Canada, [2016]
The true story of an amazing friendship between 2 women--the award-winning Canadian journalist Deborah Campbell and Ahlam, an Iraqi woman who worked as a "fixer" for Western media in Syria as it plunged into war.
Baker Berry DS98.72.M34 C34 2016

Where memory leads : my life
Friedländer, Saul, 1932- author
New York : Other Press, ©2016
Nirah -- Paris -- Sweden -- New horizons -- Geneva -- Turmoil -- The footsteps of the Messiah -- Hubris -- Expiation -- The mount of the blessing -- The inability to mourn -- Berlin -- A sense of exile? -- Dilemmas -- The time that remains.

"Forty years after his acclaimed, poignant first memoir, Friedländer returns with WHEN MEMORY COMES: THE LATER YEARS, bridging the gap between the ordeals of his childhood and his present-day towering reputation in the field of Holocaust studies. After abandoning his youthful conversion to Catholicism, he rediscovers his Jewish roots as a teenager and builds a new life in Israeli politics. Friedländer's initial loyalty to Israel turns into a lifelong fascination with Jewish life and history. He struggles to process the ubiquitous effects of European anti-Semitism while searching for a more measured approach to the Zionism that surrounds him. Friedländer goes on to spend his adulthood shuttling between Israel, Europe, and the United States, armed with his talent for language and an expansive intellect. His prestige inevitably throws him up against other intellectual heavyweights. In his early years in Israel, he rubs shoulders with the architects of the fledgling state and brilliant minds such as Gershom Scholem and Carlo Ginzburg, among others. Most importantly, this memoir led Friedländerto reflect on the wrenching events that induced him to devote sixteen years of his life to writing his Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece, The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945"--
Baker Berry DS135.F9 F75 2016

Hand-grenade practice in Peking : my part in the Cultural Revolution
Wood, Frances, 1948- author
London : Slightly Foxed Ltd, 2015
Baker Berry DS795.13 .W66 2015

Tel Beth-Shemesh : a border community in Judah : renewed excavations 1990-2000 : the iron age
Bunimovits, Shelomoh, author
Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2016
Baker Berry DS110.B394 B86 2016

Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Shinwasha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS784 .M341 2016

秩序変動と日本外交 : 拡大と収縮の七〇年 / 添谷芳秀編著
Tōkyō-to Minato-ku : Keiō Gijuku Daigaku Shuppankai, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS889.5 .C454 2016

帝京印象 : 西版画中的老北京 = Imperial city impression: old Peking images in Western prints / 中华世纪坛世界艺术馆编 ; [《帝京印象》编委会]
北京 : 中華書局, 2009
Baker Berry East Asian DS795.2 .D525 2009

東アジアの政治と文化 : 近代化。安全保障。相互交流史 / 大内憲昭, 渡辺憲正編著
渡辺憲正, 1948- author, editor
Baker Berry Japan DS518.45 .H544 2016

Anti-Judaism, antisemitism, and delegitimizing Israel
edited by Robert S. Wistrich
Lincoln, Nebraska : University of Nebraska Press, [2016]
"An exploration of the many aspects of the current surge in anti-Jewish and anti-Israel rhetoric and violence around the world"--
Baker Berry DS145 .A5985 2016

Biosocial synchrony on Sumba : multispecies relationships and environmental variations in Indonesia
Fowler, Cynthia, 1970- author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2017]
Stretching our biosoical universe -- Making worlds with transtaxa beings in multispecies swarms -- The interchangeability of humans, seaworms, and spirits -- Connecting with celestial bodies and un-grounding space-time -- Listening for cosmic voices and speculating about their perspectives -- Sequential synchronies in multispecies interactions and biosoical change.

"Examines biosocial change in the Austronesian community of the Kodi by examining multispecies interactions between select biota and abiota"--
Baker Berry DS632.K6 F69 2017

Identity politics and popular culture in Taiwan : a Sajiao generation
Yueh, Hsin-I Sydney, 1977- author
Lanham : Lexington Books, 2017
Note on Asian names and traditional Chinese character usages -- Introduction: The necessity of going "feminine" -- The word of Sajiao : the gendered body and language -- The uses of Sajiao : identity construction in everyday communication -- Situating Sajiao in the age of globalization -- The dialogic struggle of becoming Tai -- Conclusion: Toward Taiwan studies -- Glossary: List of Chinese characters.

"An interdisciplinary analysis of Taiwanese popular culture over the past two decades, examining various shifts in the country's identity politics"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DS799.4 .Y84 2017

现代游记选 / 蒋静选编
长沙市 : 湖南人民出版社, 1980
Baker Berry East Asian DS711 .H724 1980

Anti-Jewish riots in the Crown of Aragon and the royal response, 1391-1392
Gampel, Benjamin R., author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Introduction: As if the Jews had no Lord. Part I. The things as they happened -- Prologue: The Kingdom of Castile. Chapter 1. The city of Valencia -- Chapter 2. The Kingdom of Valencia -- Chapter 3. The Island of Majorca -- Chapter 4. Barcelona -- Chapter 5. Girona -- Chapter 6. Elsewhere in Catalonia -- Chapter 7. The Kingdom of Aragon -- Epilogue: Part 1 -- Part 2. Unless the Lord watches over the city -- Chapter 1. King Joan -- Chapter 2. Queen Lolant -- Chapter 3. Duke Martí (and the Duchess Maria).

"The most devastating attacks against the Jews of medieval Christian Europe took place during the riots that erupted, in 1391 and 1392, in the lands of Castile and Aragon. For ten horrific months, hundreds if not thousands of Jews were killed, numerous Jewish institutions destroyed, and many Jews forcibly converted to Christianity. Benjamin Gampel explores why the famed convivencia of medieval Iberian society - in which Christians, Muslims and Jews seemingly lived together in relative harmony - was conspicuously absent"--
Baker Berry DS135.S75 A7237 2016

四十年來之中國與我 / 吳鐵城著
吳鐵城, 1888-1953
[臺北?] : [publisher not identified], [1957?]
Baker Berry East Asian DS777.488.W86 A3 1957

臺灣紀錄兩種 / 胡傳著
胡傳, 1841-1895
台北 : 台灣省文献委員會, 民國40 [1951]
v. 1. Taiwan ri ji ba juan -- v. 2. Taiwan bing qi cun gao san juan.
Baker Berry East Asian DS895.F75 H78 1951

徐偃王志 : 6卷 / 徐時棟輯
[China] : 四明張氏約園, 民國37 [1948]
Baker Berry East Asian DS735.A2 X86

The burial record of prehistoric Liangshan in southwest China : graves as composite objects
Hein, Anke, author
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2017]
1. Introduction -- Part I. The model and the material. 2. Introducing the tools : theory, method, and model ; 3. Setting the stage : the geography and burial record of the Liangshan region -- Part II. Applying the model. 4. Constructing the grave : the main parts and their combination ; 5. Placing the dead : interment practices and other rituals ; 6. Providing for the dead : the object assemblages ; 7. Time and space : connecting the parts -- Part III. Evaluating the model and the data. 8. Connecting the parts : graves and groups, space and time ; 9. Taking stock and moving forward -- 10. Online material -- Appendix A. Plates -- Appendix B. Tables and figues.

This book proposes a new model and scheme of analysis for complex burial material and applies it to the prehistoric archaeological record of the Liangshan region in Southwest China that other archaeologists have commonly given a wide berth, regarding it as too patchy, too inhomogeneous, and overall too unwieldy to work with. The model treats burials as composite objects, considering the various elements separately in their respective life histories. The application of this approach to the rich and diverse archaeological record of the Liangshan region serves as a test of this new form of analysis. This volume thus pursues two main aims: to advance the understanding of the archaeology of the immediate study area which has been little examined, and to present and test a new scheme of analysis that can be applied to other bodies of material.
Baker Berry DS797.77.L53 H45 2017

The resistible rise of Benjamin Netanyahu
Lochery, Neill, author
New York, NY : Bloomsbury, 2016
Introduction -- Rise. Interview ; Madrid ; Earthquake -- Opposition. Rebuilding ; Dangerous games ; Dark nights -- Arrival. Election night ; Campaign ; Cheques -- Power. Arafat's hand ; Hebron ; Wye -- Decline. Deal breaker ; Home ; End -- Exile. Loss ; Father ; Invisible ; False start -- Return. Invitation ; November ; Finance ; Separation -- King. The speech ; Challenge ; Relationships ; Protests -- Comeback. Indeed ; Hail ; D-Day -- Postscript. A stranger in a strange land.

One of the longest-serving Prime Ministers of Israel, Netanyahu has been at the very centre of Arab-Israeli politics since 1990, when he became the telegenic Israeli spokesman for CNN's coverage of the Persian Gulf War, arguably ushering in the Americanization of the Israeli media. Using the juncture of the Oslo Accords to take the reader back to Netanyahu's formative years, Lochery chronicles not only the Prime Minister's life but also the issues his career has encompassed, from the rise of militant Islam to the politics of oil, and the changing role of the U.S. in the Middle East.
Baker Berry DS126.6.N48 L63 2016b

宋慶齡偉大光榮的一生 / 宋慶齡基金會編 ; [編者傅伍儀 ... et al. ; 英文翻譯祝承耀] = The Great life of Soong Ching-ling : a photo album / by Soong Ching Ling Fou[n]dation
北京 : 中國和平出版社 : 新華書店北京發行所發行, 1987
Baker Berry East Asian DS778.S82 S975 1987

近代上海繁华录 : [摄影集] / 唐振常主编
Bei jing : Shang wu yin shu guo ji you xian gong si, 1993
Baker Berry East Asian DS796.S257 J5634 1993

Vozes da resistência timorense
Sousa, Domingos de, 1947- interviewer
Brasília, DF : Thesaurus , [2014]
Golpe, contragolpe e invasão -- Resistência em Matabian -- Clandestinidade -- O lúdico-heroica da história da resistência.

Collection of oral history interviews by the author with several East Timorese, including some prominent figures, on their experiences during the coup, counter coup and Indonesian invasion in 1975, and their roles in the armed or clandestine resistance movement against Indonesian occupation.
Baker Berry DS649.62 .S67 2014

Statecraft in the Middle East : foreign policy, domestic politics and security
Mansour, Imad, author
New York : I.B. Tauris, 2016
1. A framework for analysing statecraft -- 2. Statecraft in Egypt -- 3. Statecraft in Israel -- 4. Statecraft in Syria -- 5. Statecraft in Turkey -- 6. Statecraft in Saudi Arabia -- 7. Statecraft in Iran -- 8. Concluding remarks.

"What role do ideas play in state-building and state behaviour? This book argues that government policies in both foreign relations and domestic politics must always be situated within a broader ideological and societal context. Imad Mansour analyses how governments in the contemporary Middle East have governed internally and acted externally based on societal narratives, narratives which bring together a variety of ideas about a society's history and place in the world. He argues that there is a dominant societal narrative that acts as a primary building block of statecraft, where statecraft is understood as an ongoing set of local, regional and global state-building processes. Mansour investigates the ways in which statecraft in the Middle East has been guided by narratives through a close historical reading and comparative discussion of the political behaviors of six states-Egypt, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran-in the second half of the twentieth century and the early twenty-first century. His book demonstrates the analytical purchase of narratives in understanding statecraft and explains why governing governments' decisions need to be understood in complex ways."--
Baker Berry DS63.1 .M36 2016

Hazor : Cannanite metropolis, Israelite city : "The Head of All Those Kingdoms" (Joshua 11:10)
Ben-Tor, Amnon, author
Jerusalem : Israel Exploration Society, [2016]
Baker Berry DS110.H38 B4613 2016

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