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DS - Asia acquired during July 2016

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Asiatische Studien : Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Asienkunde = Études asiatiques : revue de la Société Suisse d'études asiatiques
Bern : A. Francke
Baker Berry DS1 .A54

Of sand or soil : genealogy and tribal belonging in Saudi Arabia
Samin, Nadav, 1976-
Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2015]
Ḥamad al-Jāsir: a life in context -- The dark matter of tribal belonging -- The oracle of al-wurūd: Ḥamad al-Jāsir's genealogical correspondence -- Marriage and lineal authentication -- Parallel migrations, divergent destinations -- Toward a genealogical rule of governance.
Baker Berry DS218 .S26 2015

화해 를 위해서 : 교과서, 위안부, 야스쿠니, 독도 / 박 유하 지음
박 유하, 1957- author
Sŏul-si : Ppuri wa Ip'ari, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS910.2.J3 P374 2015

한중록 / 혜경궁 홍씨 지음 ; 정 병설 옮김
혜경궁 홍 씨, 1735-1815
경기도 파주시 : 문학 동네, 2010
Baker Berry Korea DS913.392.H94 A3 2010

나 는 오늘 도 국경 을 만들고 허문다 : 국경 도시 단둥 을 읽는 문화 인류학 가이드 / 강 주원
강 주원, author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Kŭl Hangari, 2013
Baker Berry Korea DS797.62.D363 K36 2013

원본 한중록 / 혜경궁 홍 씨 지음 ; 정 병설 주석
혜경궁 홍 씨, 1735-1815
Kyŏnggo-do P'aju-si : Munhak Tongne, 2010
Baker Berry Korea DS913.392.H94 A3 2010b

烈火中的青春 : 69 位兵团烈士寻访纪实 / 老鬼著
馬波, 1947-
北京 : 中国社会科学出版社, 2009
Baker Berry East Asian DS777.6 .M28 2009

권력 과 인간 : 사도 세자 의 죽음 과 조선 왕실 / 정 병설 지음
정 병설
경기도 파주시 : 문학 동네, 2012
Baker Berry Korea DS913.392.C415 C46 2012

Japan's Asian diplomacy : a legacy of two millennia
Ogura, Kazuo, 1938-
Tokyo : International House of Japan, 2015
Fundamentals of Japan's Asian Diplomacy -- The Ethos of Japan's Asian Diplomacy -- The Interaction of Domestic and Foreign Policy -- Foreign Relations of Japan, China, and Korea in Historical Perspective -- The History of Sikanron Thought -- Two Millennia of Sino-Japanese History: Five Wars and their Antecedents

"Japan's relations with its closest neighbors, China and Korea, are tense - exacerbated by disputes over territorial issues and the unresolved trauma of a tumultuous twentieth-century history. In this book, the author, a veteran Japanese diplomat, examines his nation's relations with its East Asian neighbors along a temporal axis stretching back some two thousand years, a perspective he feels is essential to the construction of a new Asian diplomacy. In his view, Japan's relations with China and Korea in modern times have tended to be understood within the context of Japan's relations with the West, and Japanese diplomacy has often operated as a dependent variable of the foreign policies of the Western powers. Yet as the political and economic importance of Asia seems destined to increase in coming years, the interplay of foreign policies among the Asian nations themselves should receive more of a spotlight. In order to fully appreciate Japan's place in Asia and what must be done to rebuild relations with China and Korea, an examination of the deeper patterns of historical contact among these nations serves as an essential point of departure." from back cover.
Baker Berry DS849.A78 O38 2015

Portable shrine models : ancient architectural clay models from the Levant
Katz, Hava
Oxford : British Archaeological Reports Ltd, 2016
Baker Berry DS111.1 .K38 2016

Japan photo almanac
[Tokyo] : 同盟通信社
Rauner Rare Book DS801 .J273

Foundations of Chinese civilization
Liu, Jing (Author of graphic novels)
Berkeley : Stone Bridge Press, 2016
V. 1. The Yellow Emperor to the Han Dynasty (2697 BCE-220 CE).
Baker Berry DS735 .L576 2016

Towards freedom : documents on the movement for independence in India, 1942
edited by Bipan Chandra with Visalakshi Menon and Salil Misra ; with a preface by the general editor, Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2016-
Baker Berry DS480.45 .T69 2016

西汉南越王墓多元文化研究 / 张荣芳, 周永卫, 吴凌云著
张荣芳, author
Guangzhou : Zhongshan da xue chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian DS797.32.G836 Z546 2015

일본 제국 vs. 자이니치 : 대결 의 역사 1945-2015 / 이 범준 지음
이 범준, 1973- author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Puk K'omma, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS832.7.K6 Y485 2015

지구상 의 마지막 비무장 지대 를 걷다 : 민간인 최초, DMZ 248km 탐사 의 기록 / 서 재철 지음
서 재철, 1968- author
Sŏul-si : Humanist, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS921.7 .S64 2015

송 기호 교수 의 우리 역사 읽기 / 송 기호 지음
송 기호, 1956- author
Sŏul : Sŏul Taehakkyo Ch'ulp'an Munhwawŏn, 2015-
Baker Berry Korea DS907.6 .S686 2015

문화 간 커뮤니케이션 시각 으로 본 "열하 일기" = 跨文化交际视角下的《热河日记》 / 金 东国 著
金东国, author
Sŏul-si : Tosŏ Ch'ulp'an Pagijŏng, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS708.P293 J56 2015

조선 시대 여진인 내조 연구 = A study of the Jurchen's mission to Hanyang in the Joseon dynasty / 박 정민
박 정민, 1980- author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Kyŏngin Munhwasa, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS913.39316 .P37 2015

중국 공문서 와 자료 로 본 6·25 전쟁 과 중공군 / 박 실 저
박 실, 1939- author
Sŏul-si : Ch'ŏng Midiŏ, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS919.5 .P35 2015

出土简牍与秦汉社会. 杨振红著. 续编 /
杨振红, author
Guilin : Guangxi shi fan da xue chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian DS747.38 .Y364 2015

清文化与满族精神 : 水滴石斋前集 / 张杰著
张杰, 1954-
沈阳 : 辽宁民族出版社, 2012
Ben shu shou lu le zuo zhe duo nian yan jiu Man zu wen hua de jing hua, quan shu you Man zu jing shen yu wen hua zong lun, xin Manzhou de jian ku fen dou, man zu de xue xi jin qu, Dongbei de man wen xue xiao he qu yu wen hua, Man zu de li shi gong xian he man zu zhu ming ren wu deng liu bu fen zu cheng.
Baker Berry East Asian DS731.M35 Z463 2012

华子笔谈 = Huazi bitan / 刘建华著
刘建华, 1956- author
Beijing : Beijing tu shu chu ban she, 2012
Baker Berry East Asian DS779.4 .L558 2012

조선 시대 서울 사람들 삶 의 흔적 / 박 경룡 지음
박 경룡, 1940- author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Susŏwŏn, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS925.S4 P35 2015

이 승만 과 하지 장군 / 차 상철 지음
차 상철, author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Paengnyŏn Tongan, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS917.56 .C43 2015

인천 상륙 작전 과 맥아더 / 이 상호 지음
이 상호, 1972- author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Paengnyŏn Tongan, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS918.2.I5 Y53 2015

'삼국 사기' 와 '삼국 유사' 의 역사 인식 과 역사 의식 = Historical recognition and historical consciousness of Samguksaki and Samgukyusa / 문 성화 지음
문 성화, 1961- author
Sŏul-si : Somyŏng Ch'ulp'an, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS911.19 .M86 2015

反共 捕虜 出身 在美 僑胞 敎授 가 編輯筆 한 한국 교회 와 6.25 전쟁사 = A history of the Christian church and the Korean war / 김 창식 편저
김 창식 (Seminary professor), author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : K'umnan Ch'ulp'ansa, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS921.4 .K56 2015

미국 의 6.25 전쟁사 : 왜, 비긴 전쟁 으로 마무리 할 수 밖에 없었을까? / 정 길현 지음
정 길현, author
Kyŏnggi-do Sŏngnam-si : Puk K'oria, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS919 .C495 2015

남 창근, author
조 유진 (Cultural property researcher). Container of (work) : 세계 유산 이란 무엇 일까
Sŏul-si : Nŭlbom, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS904 .H27684 2015

An inconvenient genocide : who now remembers the Armenians?
Robertson, Geoffrey
London : Biteback Publishing, 2015
Preface to the Paperback Edition -- Introduction -- Chapter 1: The Armenian Question -- Chapter 2: The History -- Chapter 3: The Evidence -- Chapter 4: The Law -- Chapter 5: Justifying Genocide -- Chapter 6: The Politics of Genocide Recognition -- Chapter 7: Genocide Equivocation: A Case Study -- Chapter 8: Should Genocide Denial Be a Crime? -- Chapter 9: Reparations -- Chapter 10: Conclusion -- Note on the Author -- Acknowledgements -- Appendix 1 -- Appendix 2 -- Endnotes -- Index
Baker Berry DS195.5 .R63 2015

영상 으로 보는 북한 의 일상 = People and life of North Korea / 전 영선 지음 ; 건국 대학교 통일 인문학 연구단 기획
전 영선, 1965- author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Kyŏngjin Ch'ulp'an, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS932.7 .C4736 2015

이 연경, author
한성부 의 '작은 일본', 진고개 혹은 本町 : 제 6회 심원 건축상 수상작 / 이 연경 지음
Sŏul-si Sigong Munhwasa, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS925.S443 Y577 2015

격동 한국 50년 : 역사 의 기억, 시대 의 추억 1965-2015 : 구와바라 시세이 한국 사진 전집 = Korea 50 years of turbulence
桑原史成, 1936- photographer
Sŏul-si : Nunpit, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS922.2 .K93 2015

The 1857 Indian Uprising and the British Empire
Bender, Jill C
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Situating the 1857 Indian uprising within an imperial context, Jill C. Bender traces its ramifications across the four different colonial sites of Ireland, New Zealand, Jamaica, and southern Africa. Bender argues that the 1857 uprising shaped colonial Britons' perceptions of their own empire, revealing the possibilities of an integrated empire that could provide the resources to generate and 'justify' British power. In response to the uprising, Britons throughout the Empire debated colonial responsibility, methods of counter-insurrection, military recruiting practices, and colonial governance. Even after the rebellion had been suppressed, the violence of 1857 continued to have a lasting effect. The fears generated by the uprising transformed how the British understood their relationship with the 'colonized' and shaped their own expectations of themselves as 'colonizer'. Placing the 1857 Indian uprising within an imperial context reminds us that British power was neither natural nor inevitable, but had to be constructed.
Baker Berry DS478 .B41 2016

6·25 전쟁 과 미국 : 트루먼, 애치슨, 맥아더 의 역할 / 남 시욱 저 = The Korean war and the United States : roles of Truman, Acheson, and MacArthur / by Si-Uk Nam
남 시욱, author
Sŏul-si : Ch'ŏng Midiŏ, 2015
Baker Berry Korea DS919 .N37 2015

China y México : un diálogo cultural desde las humanidades y las ciencias sociales
Alicia Girón, Aurelia Vargas Valencia, Guillermo Pulido, coordinadores
México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2015
Crisis y transformaciones en las relaciones de género: el caso de México / Lucero Jiménez -- Reforma administrativa pública y gestión gubernamental en el proceso de urbanización en China / Sun Tao -- Meritocracia y gobierno en la historia china / Guillermo Dañino -- Avances y retos del sistema jurídico chino desde una perspectiva comparada / Héctor Fix-Fierro -- El ordenamiento jurídico de China en el 2014: progreso y objetivo / Mo Jihong -- Líneas generales de desarrollo del derecho laboral chino: progresos y retos / Xie Zengyi -- Derecho romano, fuente de comparación entre el derecho chino y el derecho mexicano / Jorge Adame Goddard -- El derecho romano en China / Zhang Lihong -- El Corpus Iuris Civilis: un puente entre culturas / Autelia Vargas Valencia -- Medicina tradicional china / Roberto González -- Medicina tradicional mexicana / Bruno Parodi.
Baker Berry DS740.5.M4 C66 2014

本当はひどかった昔の日本 : 古典文学で知るしたたかな日本人 / 大塚ひかり
大塚ひかり, 1961- author
Tōkyō : Shinchōsha, 2014
Baker Berry Japan DS835 .O88 2014

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