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DS - Asia acquired during June 2017

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Visualizing community : art, material culture, and settlement in Byzantine Cappadocia
Ousterhout, Robert G., author
Washington, D.C. : Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, [2017]
Preface : what's in a name? -- Introduction : rethinking Byzantine Cappadocia -- Architecture : churches and chapels -- Painting in its contexts -- Visualizing community : constructing a social history of Cappadocia -- Landscapes of commemoration : monasteries and cemeteries -- Conclusion : multum in parvo.
Baker Berry DS156.C3 O877 2017

Southeast Asia chronicle
[Berkeley, Calif. Southeast Asia Resource Center, 1977-1985]
Baker Berry DS518.1 .S62

Indochina chronicle
Washington, D.C. : Indochina Resource Center, 1971-1977
Baker Berry DS518.1 .S62

丝绸之路 : 图像与历史 / 包铭新主编
上海市 : 东华大学出版社, 2011
Baker Berry East Asian DS793.N6 S643 2010

商代经济与科技 = Economy and technology in Shang dynasty / 宋镇豪主编 ; 杨升南, 马季凡著
北京 : 中国社会科学出版社, 2010
Ben shu li yong jia gu jin wen, wen xian zi liao yu Shang dai kao gu cai liao, jiu Shang dai she hui jing ji xing tai, jing ji ji chu, tu di suo you zhi, pen fu fen ceng cha yi deng zhan kai lun shu. Ben shu kao liang Shang chao can zheng shou zhi, fang guo jing ji, shang ye jiao huan he shang pin huo bi zhuang kuang, lu xi Shang dai nong ye, xu mu ye, yu lie ye, jian zhu ye, qing tong ye zhu ye, fang zhi ye, tao ci ye, shou gong ye guan li, yi ji you guan ke ji yu tian wen li fa deng.
Baker Berry East Asian DS744.2 .Y36 2010

東アジア, 和解への道 : 歴史問題から地域安全保障へ / 天児慧, 李鍾元編
Tōkyō : Iwanami Shoten, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS518.14 .H54 2016

Ancient Cyprus today : museum collections and new research
edited by Giorgos Bourogiannis and Christian Mühlenbock
Uppsala : Åströms förlag, 2016
Medelhavsmuseet in Stockholm hosts the largest and most well documented collection of Cypriot antiquities in the world outside Cyprus. The museum's goal is to continuously stay in-tune with the latest research centered on its collection. The suggested conference, mostly focused on the Cypriote Bronze and Iron-Age, is part of this long-term strategy to systemize an exchange of knowledge between the museum and external Swedish and international partners. Another important component in the long term strategy is to particularly focus on young and promising Swedish and international scholars so that the research on the Cypriote collections at Medelhavsmuseet remains vital and dynamic also in the future.
Baker Berry DS54.3 .A534 2016

张明东, author
Beijing : Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS741.65 .Z2765 2016

한국 보수 세력 연구 / 남 시욱 저
남 시욱
서울 : 청 미디어, 2011
Baker Berry Korea DS916.35 .N36 2011

康居粟特考 / [日]白鳥庫吉著 ; 傅勤家譯
白鳥庫吉, 1865-1942, author
Taiyuan Shi : Shanxi ren min chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian DS329.4 .S456125 2015

周龙勤, author
Wulumuqi : Xinjiang mei shu she ying chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian DS793.S62 Z486 2015

盧叔寧, author
Taibei Shi : Niang chu ban, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian DS778.7 .L848 2014

芮传明, author
Beijing : Shang wu yin shu guan, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS727 .R74 2016

湮没的思想 : 出土竹简中的禅让传说与理想政制 / [美]艾兰著 ; 蔡雨钱译
Allan, Sarah, author
Beijing : Shang wu yin shu guan, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS747.2 .A55125 2016

비동시성 의 동시성 : 한국 근대 정치 의 다중적 시간 = Simultaneity of non-simultaneous : Multiple temporalities of modern politics in Korea / 임 혁백
임 혁백, author
Sŏul T'ŭkpyŏlsi : Koryŏ Taehakkyo Ch'ulp'anbu, 2014
Baker Berry Korea DS916.35 .I42 2014

고대 일록 / 정 경운 지음 ; 문 인채, 문 희구 옮김
정 경운, 1556- author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Sŏhae Munjip, 2016
Baker Berry Korea DS913.45.C4595 A3 2016

대통령 기록 전쟁 : 노 무현, 대통령 기록 을 남긴 죄 / 전 진한 지음
전 진한, author
Taegu-si : Hant'ijae, 2016
Baker Berry Korea DS923.25 .C4754 2016

자유 만세 : 1945-1975 권력 이 대중 의 문화 를 억압 하다 / 지은이 강 헌
강 헌, author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Ibom, 2016
Baker Berry Korea DS917.27 .K37 2016

사랑 에 속고 돈 에 울고 : 1894-1945 대중 문화 시대 의 막 이 오르다 / 지은이 강 헌
강 헌, author
Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Ibom, 2016
Baker Berry Korea DS916.554 .K36 2016

가면 권력 : 한국 전쟁 과 학살 / 한 성훈 지음
한 성훈, author
Sŏul : Humanit'asŭ, 2014
Baker Berry Korea DS920.8 .H33 2014

Sino-Japanese power politics : might, money and minds
Pugliese, Giulio, author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Back to the future? : China and Japan's drumbeats in the year of history -- The power politics behind Sino-Japanese identity politics -- The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands dispute : mirror of shifting axes of power -- Might : the importance of balancing in Sino-Japanese relations -- Money : economic rivalry and economic statecraft in Sino-Japanese relations -- Minds : China's propaganda offensive and Japan's response -- Is Sino-Japanese antagonism here to stay?
Baker Berry DS740.5.J3 P84 2017

Beyrouth aller-retour
Elkoury, Fouad
Paris : Editions de l'Etoile : ©1984
Sherman DS89.B4 E44 1984

The body and military masculinity in late Qing and early Republican China : the art of governing soldiers
Schillinger, Nicolas, author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2016]
Baker Berry DS754.15 .S35 2016

China and India : history, culture, cooperation and competition
edited by Paramita Mukherjee, Arnab K. Deb, Miao Pang
Los Angeles : SAGE, 2016
Baker Berry DS35.2 .C455 2016

A people without a state : the Kurds from the rise of Islam to the dawn of nationalism
Eppel, Michael, 1947- author
Austin : University of Texas Press, [2016]
Introduction : the origins of the Kurds -- myths, history, and modern politics -- Kurdish distinctiveness under Arab, Persian, and Turkish dominance -- The era of Ottoman and Iranian rule -- The demise of Kurdish emirates in the nineteenth century -- Seeds of Kurdish nationalism in the declining Ottoman empire -- The beginnings of modern Kurdish politics -- The Kurds and Kurdistan during World War I -- The Kurds and the new Middle East after the Ottomans -- Conclusion : from distinctiveness to nationalism -- continuing issues of Kurdish collective identity.

"Numbering between 25 and 35 million worldwide, the Kurds are among the largest culturally and ethnically distinct people to remain stateless. A People Without a State offers an in-depth survey of an identity that has often been ignored in mainstream historiographies of the Middle East and brings to life the historical, social, and political developments in Kurdistani society over the past millennium. Michael Eppel begins with the myths and realities of the origins of the Kurds, describes the effect upon them of medieval Muslim states under Arab, Persian, and Turkish dominance, and recounts the emergence of tribal-feudal dynasties. He explores in detail the subsequent rise of Kurdish emirates, as well as this people's literary and linguistic developments, particularly the flourishing of poetry. The turning tides of the nineteenth century, including Ottoman reforms and fluctuating Russian influence after the Crimean War, set in motion an early Kurdish nationalism that further expressed a distinct cultural identity. Stateless, but rooted in the region, the Kurds never achieved independence because of geopolitical conditions, tribal rivalries, and obstacles on the way to modernization. A People Without a State captures the developments that nonetheless forged a vast sociopolitical system." -- Publisher's description
Baker Berry DS59.K86 E67 2016

A history of Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Middle East
Sharkey, Heather J. 1967- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Middle East -- The Islamic foundations of intercommunal relations -- The Ottoman experience -- The Ottoman Empire in an age of reform: from Sultan Mahmud II to the end of the Tanzimat Era, 1808-1876 -- Coming together, moving apart: Ottoman Muslims, Christians, and Jews at the turn of the century -- Epilogue.
Baker Berry DS58 .S52 2017

Sectarianization : mapping the new politics of the Middle East
Nader Hashemi, Danny Postel (editors)
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry DS63.123 .S43 2017b

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