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Roman Jerusalem : a new old city
edited by Gideon Avni and Guy D. Stiebel ; with contributions by Gideon Avni and 14 others
Portsmouth, Rhode Island : Journal of Roman Archaeology, 2017
A plan of Jerusalem (Aelia Capitolina) in the 4th c. A.D. / Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah -- Colonnaded streets in the Aelia Capitolina: new evidence from the eastern cardo / Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah and Alexander Onn -- Tableware and lamps from Roman Jerusalem: selected finds from the eastern cardo dump / Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom -- From Aelia Capitolina to Hagia Polis Hierosalima: changes in the in the urban layout of Jerusalem / Oren Gutfeld -- The eastern cardo of Aelia Capitolina / Amos Kloner and Rachel Bar-Nathan -- The southward expansion of Aelia Capitolina in the Late Roman period / Doron Ben-Ami abd Yana Tchekhanovets -- Monumental arches and city gates in Aelia Capitolina: an urban appraisal / Gabriel Mazor -- The Temple Mount at the time of Aelia Capitolina: new evidence from "the giant viaduct" / Alexander Onn and Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah -- A decorated beam of the Roman period on the Temple Mount -- "Absence of evidence" or "Evidence of absence": where was civilian Aelia Capitolina and was Jerusalem the site of the legendary camp? / Jon Seligman -- Who gave the title Antoniniana to Legio X Fretensis? / Avner Ecker -- The necropoleis of Aelia Capitolina: burial practices, ethnicity, and the city limits / Gideon Avni -- The rural hinterland (territorium) of Aelia Capiolina / Amos Kloner, Eitan Klein and Boaz Zissu.
Baker Berry DS109.913 .R66 2017

Embassies to China : diplomacy and cultural encounters before the Opium Wars
Keevak, Michael, 1962- author
[Singapore] : Palgrave Macmillan [2017]
Baker Berry DS754.18 .K44 2017

Babylonia, the Gulf Region, and the Indus : Archaeological and Textual Evidence for Contact in the Third and Early Second Millennium B.C
Laursen, Steffen, author
Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2017
Working premise -- Confronting and combining archaeology and texts -- Some methodological considerations -- The prehistoric foundation (ca. 6000-2650 BC) -- The Pre-Sargonic Period (ca. 2650-2350 BC) -- Archaeology -- Texts -- The Sargonic Period (ca. 2350-2200 BC) -- Archaeology -- Texts -- Makkan and Tilmun between ca. 2200 and ca. 2100 BC -- The Ur III Period (ca. 2100-2000 BC) -- Archaeology -- Texts -- The role of Amorites in Tilmun and Makkan -- The post-Ur III Period (2000-1800 BC) -- Archaeology -- Texts -- The role of Guabba as Babylonia's main seaport and a major textile production center -- 1. Guabba, the seaport -- 2. Guabba, the town -- 2.1. The shipyard -- 2.2. The caravanserai -- 2.3. The weaving establishment -- Excursus : the textile industry at Ur -- Contacts between Babylonia and Meluhha in the late third millennium -- 1. A Meluhhan settlement in Southern Babylonia? -- 2. Contacts between Babylonia and Meluhha -- Conclusion -- The Ur III and Isin texts bearing on the Gulf trade -- The seaworthy ships of Babylonia, the "Makkan ships," and the cylinder seals of the "big ships" personnel from Failaka and Bahrain -- 1. Big ships and big ship captains -- 2. Ships of Makkan -- 3. Boat construction -- 4. The cylinder seals owned by the personnel of "big ships" from Failaka and Bahrain -- The Babylonian burial jar in the Gulf countries.
Baker Berry DS69.5 .L38 2017

日本帝国の表象 : 生成。記憶。継承 / 朴美貞, 長谷川怜編
Tōkyō : Enishi Shobō, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS882.5 .N55 2016

吕向阳, 1961- author
Xi'an Shi Xi'an chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS793.S5 L84 2016

藏着的关中 : 秦地国风 = Hidden in the Guanzhong / 胡武功著
胡武功, 1949-
Xi'an : Xi bei da xue chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian DS793.S5 H783 2014

藏着的关中 : 秦人百相 = Hidden in the Guanzhong / 胡武功著
胡武功, 1949- author
Xi'an : Xi bei da xue chu ban she, 2014
Baker Berry East Asian DS793.S5 H785 2014

Palmyra : an irreplaceable treasure
Veyne, Paul, 1930- author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2017
Riches in the desert -- A monumental ancient city -- Being a capitalist back then -- Antiquity in antiquity -- Palmyra: a subject of the Caesars -- A Syrian tribe and a Hellenized city -- Saving the empire -- The Palmyrene saga -- A hybrid identity -- Dining with the gods -- Religion in Palmyra -- Palmyrene portraits.

Located northeast of Damascus, in an oasis surrounded by palms and two mountain ranges, the ancient city of Palmyra has the aura of myth. According to the Bible, the city was built by Solomon. Regardless of its actual origins, it was an influential city, serving for centuries as a caravan stop for those crossing the Syrian Desert. It became a Roman province under Tiberius and served as the most powerful commercial center in the Middle East between the first and the third centuries CE. But when the citizens of Palmyra tried to break away from Rome, they were defeated, marking the end of the citys prosperity. The magnificent monuments from that earlier era of wealth, a resplendent blend of Greco-Roman architecture and local influences, stretched over miles and were among the most significant buildings of the ancient worlduntil the arrival of ISIS. In 2015, ISIS fought to gain control of the area because it was home to a prison where many members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood had been held, and ISIS went on to systematically destroy the city and murder many of its inhabitants, including the archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad, the antiquities director of Palymra. In this concise and elegiac book, Paul Veyne, one of Palymras most important experts, offers a beautiful and moving look at the history of this significant lost city and why it wasand still isimportant. Today, we can appreciate the majesty of Palmyra only through its pictures and stories, and this book offers a beautifully illustrated memorial that also serves as a lasting guide to a cultural treasure.
Baker Berry DS99.P17 V4913 2017

Cityscapes of violence in Karachi : publics and counterpublics
Nichola Khan (editor)
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry DS392.2.K3 C584 2017b

The prisoner in his palace : Saddam Hussein, his American guards, and what history leaves unsaid
Bardenwerper, William, author
New York, NY : Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2017
Author's note -- Characters -- Timeline -- Introduction -- The Super Twelve -- The Ace of Spades -- Condemned -- Conclusion.

Documents the story of twelve young American soldiers deployed to Iraq in the summer of 2006 who were assigned to guard Saddam Hussein in the months before his execution, a responsibility that raised life-changing questions about their beliefs and Hussein's character.
Baker Berry DS79.66.H87 B36 2017

Hué̂ 1968 : a turning point of the American war in Vietnam
Bowden, Mark, 1951- author
New York : Atlantic Monthly Press, 2017
The infiltration -- The fall of Hué̂ -- Futility and denial -- Counterattack in the Triangle and disaster at La Chu -- Sweeping the Triangle -- Taking back the Citadel.

In mid-1967, the North Vietnam leadership had started planning an offensive intended to win the war in a single stroke. Part military action and part popular uprising, the effort included attacks across South Vietnam, but the most dramatic and successful would be the capture of Hué̂, the country's intellectual and cultural capital ... With unprecedented access to war archives in the United States and Vietnam and interviews with participants from both sides, Bowden narrates each stage of this crucial battle through multiple points of view. Played out over twenty-four days of terrible fighting and ultimately costing more than ten thousand combatant and civilian lives, the Battle of Hue was by far the bloodiest of the entire war. When it ended, the American debate over the war was never again about winning, only about how to leave.--
Baker Berry DS557.8.H83 B68 2017

Material culture, power, and identity in ancient China
Wu, Xiaolong (Art historian), author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Historical setting and approaches to the study of an ancient state in Warring States China -- Life, death, and identity in Zhongshan : sorting out the archaeological evidence -- Royal mortuary practice and artifacts : hybridity, identity, and power -- Inter-state politics and artistic innovation during the reign of King Cuo -- Statecraft and Zhongshan bronze inscriptions -- Funerary architecture, kingly power, and court politics.

"In this book, Xiaolong Wu offers a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Zhongshan state during China's Warring States period (476-221 BCE). Analyzing artefacts, inscriptions, and grandiose funerary structures within a broad archaeological context, he illuminates the connections between power and identity, and the role of material culture in asserting and communicating both. The author brings an interdisciplinary approach to this study. He combines and cross-examines all available categories of evidence, including archaeological, textual, art historical, and epigraphical, enabling innovative interpretations and conclusions that challenge conventional views regarding Zhongshan and ethnicity in ancient China"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DS793.H6 W8 2017

The Korean diaspora in postwar Japan : geopolitics, identity and nation-building
Kim, Myung Ja, author
London ; I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2017
Baker Berry DS832.7.K6 K56 2017

Asia after Versailles : Asian perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference and the interwar order, 1919-33
edited by Urs Matthias Zachmann
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2017
List of illustrations -- Notes on contributors -- Acknowledgments. Introduction: Asia after Versailles / Urs Matthias Zachmann. Part 1 : The correlation of crises, 1918-20 / Mark Metzler -- Muslim Asia after Versailles / Cemil Aydin -- From Versailles to Shanghai: pan-Asianist legacies of the Paris Peace Conference and the failure of Asianism from below / Torsten Weber. Part 2 : A cultural history of diplomacy: reassessing the Japanese "performance" at the Paris Peace Conference / Naoko Shimazu -- India's freedom and the League of Nations: public debates 1919-33 / Maria Framke -- Dashed hopes: Japanese Buddhist perspectives on the Paris Peace Conference / John Lo Breglio -- Particularism and universalism in the New Nationalism of post-Versailles Japan / Kevin M. Doak -- Versailles and the fate of Chinese internationalism: reassessing the anarchist case / Gotelind Müller -- The impact of Versailles on Chinese nationalism as reflected in Shanghai graphic and urban culture, 1919-31 / Hiroko Sakamoto. Index.

The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 marked the end of a conflict which, although intrinsically European, had globalized the world on many levels: politically, as well as economically, culturally and socially. It also stood at the beginning of a new order that saw the power center shift towards the USA and Asia, and whose systemic structures and troubling legacies still remain with us today. This volume traces the complex story of the Asian response to the Conference, an event that acted as an important but neglected watershed for Asian nations. Bringing together an international range of experts in the history of china, Japan, India and the Ottoman Empire/Turkey, this pioneering volume offers a multi-regional and interdisciplinary analysis of the Conference, and demonstrates the importance of Asia in the multifaceted global transformations that followed in its wake.
Baker Berry DS35 .A815 2017

Impossible exodus : Iraqi Jews in Israel
Bashkin, Orit, 1974- author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2017]
Introduction : the death of an Arab Jew -- Human material -- Children of Iraq, children of Israel -- The only democracy in the Middle East -- Elements of resistance -- Israeli Babylonians -- Conclusion : the death of Arab Jewishness.

Between 1949 and 1951, 123,000 Iraqi Jews immigrated to the newly established Israeli state. Lacking the resources to absorb them all, the Israeli government resettled them in maabarot, or transit camps, relegating them to poverty. In the tents and shacks of the camps, their living conditions were squalid and unsanitary. Basic necessities like water were in short supply, when they were available at all. Rather than returning to a homeland as native sons, Iraqi Jews were newcomers in a foreign place. Impossible Exodus tells the story of these Iraqi Jews' first decades in Israel. Faced with ill treatment and discrimination from state officials, Iraqi Jews resisted: they joined Israeli political parties, demonstrated in the streets, and fought for the education of their children, leading a civil rights struggle whose legacy continues to influence contemporary debates in Israel. Orit Bashkin sheds light on their everyday lives and their determination in a new country, uncovering their long, painful transformation from Iraqi to Israeli. In doing so, she shares the resilience and humanity of a community whose story has yet to be told.
Baker Berry DS113.8.I72 B37 2017

Self-portrait of a Holocaust survivor
Weinberg, Werner, author
Cincinnati, OH : Hebrew Union College Press ; 2017
"The breadth of Werner Weinberg's scholarship was prodigious, yielding monographs on ancient Hebrew epigraphy and biblical exegesis; the syntax of Rabbinic Hebrew; medieval grammars; and numerous studies on various aspects of Modern Hebrew. Both Weinberg and Lisl, his wife, survived internment at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. This collection of essays reprinted here, a little more than three decades after it first appeared, conveys Weinberg's ongoing struggle to put into words something that might offer understanding to post-Holocaust generations. But these essays are also about a survivor's own desire for meaning and sense in a senseless world. Most are framed around a series of questions that constitute Weinberg's "prison," and on each time he attempts to pass through its portal, he finds himself "held back at the threshold." --
Baker Berry DS135.G5 W435 2017

Postwar emigration to South America from Japan and the Ryukyu Islands
Iacobelli, Pedro, author
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
History, the State and the Japanese Migration to South America -- Ideology and Migration -- Postwar Japanese Migration to Bolivia -- Understanding American Okinawa : Cold War and Mobility -- Ryukyu Emigration Program as an American Cold War Policy -- Okinawa's Statehood and Mobility -- Postwar Okinawan Emigration Plan to Bolivia -- Epilogue: State and migration in Japan and Okinawa.

"Examines the history of postwar Japan's migration policy, exploring the genesis of the state-led emigration from Japan and the Ryukyu Islands to South America in the mid-20th century"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DS849.B5 I33 2017

Antisemitism and the left : on the return of the Jewish question
Fine, Robert, 1945- author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, [2017]
Introduction: Universalism and the Jewish question -- Struggles within Enlightenment : Jewish emancipation and the Jewish question -- Marx's defence of Jewish emancipation and critique of the Jewish question -- Antisemitism, critical theory and the ambivalence of Marxism -- Political life in an antisemitism world : Hannah Arendt's Jewish writings -- The Jewish question after the holocaust : Jürgen Habermas and the European left -- The return of the Jewish question and the double life of Israel.
Baker Berry DS145 .F549 2017

A short history of the Phoenicians
Woolmer, Mark. author
London ; I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2017
The Phoenicians present a tantalizing face to the ancient historian. Latin sources suggest they once had an extensive literature of history, law, philosophy and religion; but all now is lost. Offering new insights based on recent archaeological discoveries in their heartland of modern-day Lebanon, Mark Woolmer presents a fresh appraisal of this fascinating, yet elusive, Semitic people. Discussing material culture, language and alphabet, religion (including sacred prostitution of women and boys to the goddess Astarte), funerary custom and trade and expansion into the Punic west, he explores Phoenicia in all its paradoxical complexity. Viewed in antiquity as sage scribes and intrepid mariners who pushed back the boundaries of the known world, and as skilled engineers who built monumental harbour cities like Tyre and Sidon, the Phoenicians were also considered (especially by their rivals, the Romans) to be profiteers cruelly trading in human lives. The author shows them above all to have been masters of the sea: this was a civilization that circumnavigated Africa two thousand years before Vasco da Gama did it in 1498.
Baker Berry DS81 .W66 2017

The last Palestinian : the rise and reign of Mahmoud Abbas
Rumley, Grant, 1988- author
Amherst, New York : Prometheus Books, 2017
The rise of Mahmoud Abbas -- The negotiator : 1935-1993 -- From Oslo to Camp David : 1993-2000 -- Years of terror : 2000-2003 -- Our man in Ramallah : 2003 -- President Abbas : 2004-2005 -- Losing Palestine : 2006-2007 -- An offer he couldn't refuse? : 2007-2008 -- Between Barack and Bibi : 2009-2012 -- Negotiator no more : 2012-2014 -- Clinging to power : 2014-2016 -- The reign of Mahmoud Abbas.

The first book in English to profile the man who has led the Palestinian movement for the last twelve years.
Baker Berry DS126.6.A24 R86 2017

Citizen Hariri : Lebanon's neoliberal reconstruction
Baumann, Hannes, author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry DS87.2.H37 B38 2016

China-South Korea relations in the new era : challenges and opportunities
Ye, Min, 1975- author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2017]
Baker Berry DS740.5.K6 Y4 2017

The countryside of Aphrodisias
Ratté, Christopher John, author
Ann Arbor, Michigan : Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 2017
Aphrodisias is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Greek and Roman periods in Turkey. Excavations at Aphrodisias have been carried out by New York University since 1961 and have revealed an unusually well-preserved and picturesque ancient town. A survey of the surrounding territory undertaken between 2005 and 2009 resulted in the discovery of hundreds of new sites spanning three millennia of human occupation in the region. This book presents the rich archaeological remains of the countryside of Aphrodisias, ranging from isolated farmsteads to fortified citadels, from burial mounds to marble quarries, and from Roman aqueducts to Ottoman cisterns.
Baker Berry DS156.A63 R38 2017

The only language they understand : forcing compromise in Israel and Palestine
Thrall, Nathan, author
New York : Metropolitan Books, Henry Holt and Company, 2017
Forcing compromise. The only language they understand -- Domination : Israeli conquest and its justifications. Feeling good about feeling bad ; Going native -- Collaboration : easing occupation as a failed strategy of liberation. Our man in Palestine ; Palestinian paralysis ; The end of the Abbas era -- Confrontation : Palestinian pressure and its limits. Not popular enough ; Rage in Jerusalem ; Hamas's chances ; Trapped in Gaza -- Negotiation : political horizons and other euphemisms for false hope. More than one state, less than two ; Faith-based diplomacy ; Obama's Palestine legacy.

In a myth-busting analysis of the world's most intractable conflict, a star of Middle East reporting argues that only one weapon has yielded progress: confrontation. Scattered over the territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea lie the remnants of failed peace proposals, international summits, secret negotiations, UN resolutions and state-building efforts. The conventional story is that these well-meaning attempts at peacemaking were repeatedly thwarted by the use of violence. Through a rich interweaving of reportage, historical narrative and forceful analysis, Nathan Thrall presents a startling counter-history. He shows that Israelis and Palestinians have persistently been marching toward partition, but not through the high politics of diplomacy or the incremental building of a Palestinian state. In fact, negotiation, collaboration and state-building--the prescription of successive American administrations--have paradoxically entrenched the conflict in multiple ways. They have created the illusion that a solution is at hand, lessened Israel's incentives to end its control over the West Bank and Gaza and undermined Palestinian unity. Ultimately, it is those who have embraced confrontation through boycotts, lawsuits, resolutions imposed by outside powers, protests, civil disobedience, and even violence who have brought about the most significant change. Published as Israel's occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza reaches its fiftieth year, which is also the centenary of the Balfour Declaration that first promised a Jewish national home in Palestine, The Only Language They Understand advances a bold thesis that shatters ingrained positions of both left and right and provides a new and eye-opening understanding of this most vexed of lands.
Baker Berry DS119.7 .T487 2017

Inglorious empire : what the British did to India
Tharoor, Shashi, 1956- author
London : Hurst & Co. (Publishers) Ltd., 2017
Inglorious Empire' tells the real story of the British in India from the arrival of the East India Company to the end of the Raj, revealing how Britain's rise was built upon its plunder of India. In the eighteenth century, India's share of the world economy was as large as Europe's. By 1947, after two centuries of British rule, it had decreased six-fold. Beyond conquest and deception, the Empire blew rebels from cannon, massacred unarmed protesters, entrenched institutionalised racism, and caused millions to die from starvation. British imperialism justified itself as enlightened despotism for the benefit of the governed, but Shashi Tharoor takes on and demolishes this position, demonstrating how every supposed imperial "gift" - from the railways to the rule of law -was designed in Britain's interests alone. He goes on to show how Britain's Industrial Revolution was founded on India's deindustrialisation, and the destruction of its textile industry.
Baker Berry DS463 .T43 2017

Where the line is drawn : a tale of crossings, friendships, and fifty years of occupation in Israel-Palestine
Shehadeh, Raja, 1951- author
New York, NY : The New Press, 2017
"A moving account of one man's border crossings-both literal and figurative-by the award-winning author of Palestinian Walks, published on the fiftieth anniversary of the Six Day War In what has become a classic of Middle Eastern literature, Raja Shehadeh, in Palestinian Walks, wrote of his treks through the hills surrounding Ramallah over a period of three decades under Israel's occupation. In Where the Line Is Drawn, Shehadeh explores how occupation has affected him personally, chronicling the various crossings that he undertook into Israel over a period of forty years to visit friends and family, to enjoy the sea, to argue before the Israeli courts, and to negotiate failed peace agreements. Those forty years also saw him develop a close friendship with Henry, a Canadian Jew who immigrated to Israel at around the same time Shehadeh returned to Palestine from studying in London. While offering an unforgettably poignant exploration of Palestinian-Israeli relationships, Where the Line Is Drawn also provides an anatomy of friendship and an exploration of whether, in the bleakest of circumstances, it is possible for bonds to transcend political divisions"--
Baker Berry DS119.7 .S38192 2017

Ten myths about Israel
Pappé, Ilan, author
Brooklyn, NY : Verso Books, [2017]
Part I. Fallacies of the past. 1. Palestine was an empty land -- 2. The Jews were a people without a land -- 3. Zionism is Judaism -- 4. Zionism is not colonialism -- 5. The Palestinians voluntarily left their homeland in 1948 -- 6. The June 1967 war was a war of "No Choice" -- Part II. Fallacies of the present. 7. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East -- 8. The Oslo mythologies -- 9. The Gaza mythologies -- Part III. Looking ahead. 10. The two-states solution Is the only way forward -- Conclusion: The settler colonial state of Israel in the twenty-first century.

What are the myths - and reality - behind the state of Israel? Ilan Pappe is one of the most outspoken and radical thinkers writing on the history of Israel. In this groundbreaking and controversial book he examines ten of the most contested ideas concerning the origins and identity of the contemporary state of Israel.
Baker Berry DS125 .P2985 2017

Cursed victory : Israel and the Occupied Territories : a history
Bregman, Ahron, author
New York : Pegasus Books, 2015
The first decade, 1967-1977. West Bank and Jerusalem ; Gaza Strip ; Golan Heights ; Sinai -- The second decade, 1977-1987. Likud years ; Black December, 1987 -- War and diplomacy, 1987-2007. Intifada ; Gulf, Madrid, Oslo, 1991-1995 ; Missed opportunities, 1995-1999 ; Golan first, 1999-2000 ; Camp David II, 2000 ; Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000-2001 ; Sharon and Arafat, 2001-2004 ; Unilateralism and its rewards, 2004-2007 -- Into a fifth decade of occupation.

"In a move that would forever alter the map of the Middle East, Israel captured the West Bank, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, and Sinai Peninsula in 1967's brief but pivotal Six Day War. Cursed Victory is the first complete history of the war's troubled aftermath--a military occupation of the Palestinian territories that is now well into its fifth decade. Drawing on unprecedented access to high-level sources, top-secret memos and never-before-published letters, the book provides a gripping and unvarnished chronicle of how what Israel promised would be an 'enlightened occupation' quickly turned sour, and the anguished diplomatic attempts to bring it to an end. Bregman sheds fresh light on critical moments in the peace process, taking us behind the scenes as decisions about the fate of the territories were made, and more often, as crucial opportunities to resolve the conflict were missed. As the narrative moves from Jerusalem to New York, Oslo to Beirut, and from the late 1960s to the present day, Cursed Victory provides vivid portraits of the key players in this unfolding drama, including Moshe Dayan, King Hussein of Jordan, Bill Clinton, and Yasser Arafat. Yet Bregman always reminds us how diplomatic and back-room negotiations affected the daily lives of millions of Arabs, and how the Palestinian resistance, especially during the first and second intifadas, and now in recent tragic developments, have shaped the political arena."--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry DS119.7 .B7139 2015

满与汉 : 清代民族思想及其实践的历史考察 / 李世荣著
李世荣, author
Yinchuan Shi : Yang guang chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian DS754 .L538 2015

走进他者的汉学世界 : 美国的中国研究及其学术史探研 = Stepping into the world of the other's sinology / 吴原元著
吴原元, 1977- author
Shanghai : Shanghai ren min chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS734.97.U6 W83 2016

Thamel : dark star of Kathmandu
Thapa, Rabi, author
New Delhi : Speaking Tiger Publishing Pvt. Ltd., 2016
Prologue -- Metamorphoses -- 'Roots bloody roots' -- Songs of innocence -- 'Truckin' -- Be here and now -- 'I'm gonna be a wheel someday' -- The outsiders -- 'Born under a bad sign' -- Songs of experience -- 'Golden brown' -- Sin city -- 'Get a haircut -- Pale fire -- Epilogue.
Baker Berry DS495.8.K3 T43 2016

陈永贵 / 李静萍著
李静萍, 1968- author
Taiyuan : Shanxi ren min chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS778.C5353 L555 2016

The UAE : geopolitics, modernity and tradition
Guéraiche, William, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2017
Baker Berry DS247.T8 G84 2017

Consumer culture and the making of modern Jewish identity
Reuveni, Gideon, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Antisemitic stereotypes of Jews as capitalists have hindered research into the economic dimension of the Jewish past. The figure of the Jew as trader and financier dominated the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. But the economy has been central to Jewish life and the Jewish image in the world; Jews not only made money but spent money. This book is the first to investigate the intersection between consumption, identity, and Jewish history in Europe. It aims to examine the role and place of consumption within Jewish society and the ways consumerism generated and reinforced Jewish notions of belonging from the end of the eighteenth century to the beginning of the new millennium. It shows how the advances of modernization and secularization in the modern period increased the importance of consumption in Jewish life, making it a significant factor in the process of redefining Jewish identity.
Baker Berry DS135.E83 R48 2017

Feeling Jewish : (a book for just about anyone)
Baum, Devorah, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
Introduction: How are you? -- Self-hatred -- Envy -- Guilt -- Over the top -- Paranoia -- Mother love -- affected -- Conclusion: Intelligence gathering.

In this sparkling debut, a young critic offers an original, passionate, and erudite account of what it means to feel Jewish-even when you're not. Self-hatred. Guilt. Resentment. Paranoia. Hysteria. Overbearing Mother-Love. In this witty, insightful, and poignant book, Devorah Baum delves into fiction, film, memoir, and psychoanalysis to present a dazzlingly original exploration of a series of feelings famously associated with modern Jews. Reflecting on why Jews have so often been depicted, both by others and by themselves, as prone to "negative" feelings, she queries how negative these feelings really are. And as the pace of globalization leaves countless people feeling more marginalized, uprooted, and existentially threatened, she argues that such "Jewish" feelings are becoming increasingly common to us all. Ranging from Franz Kafka to Philip Roth, Sarah Bernhardt to Woody Allen, Anne Frank to Nathan Englander, Feeling Jewish bridges the usual fault lines between left and right, insider and outsider, Jew and Gentile, and even Semite and anti-Semite, to offer an indispensable guide for our divisive times.
Baker Berry DS143 .B335 2017

优游之道 : 宋代士大夫休闲文化及其意蕴 / 赵玉强著
赵玉强, 1981- author
Shanghai : Shanghai gu ji chu ban she, 2017
Baker Berry East Asian DS751.3 .Z448 2017

平埔蕃調查書 / 編著臺灣總督府民政部警察本署蕃務本署 ; 譯者翁佳音, 陳怡宏
Tainan Shi : Guo li Taiwan li shi bo wu guan, Minguo 102 [2013]
Baker Berry East Asian DS799.42 .P556 2013

Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi
Z̤iyāʼ al-Dīn Baranī, active 1284-1356, author
New Delhi : Primus Books, 2015
Baker Berry DS459.2 .Z5913 2015

A Muslim conspiracy in British India? : politics and paranoia in the early nineteenth-century Deccan
Mallampalli, Chandra, 1965- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
The fear of itinerant Muslims -- Prince Mubariz ud-Daula -- A fondness for military display -- A diamond in the trough -- Slaying men with faces of women -- Conclusions.

"As the British prepared for war in Afghanistan in 1839, rumours spread of a Muslim conspiracy based in India's Deccan region. Colonial officials were convinced that itinerant preachers of jihad--whom they labelled 'Wahhabis'--were collaborating with Russian and Persian armies and inspiring Muslim princes to revolt. Officials detained and interrogated Muslim travellers, conducted weapons inspections at princely forts, surveyed mosques, and ultimately annexed territories of the accused. Using untapped archival materials, Chandra Mallampalli describes how local intrigues, often having little to do with 'religion,' manufactured belief in a global conspiracy against British rule. By skillfully narrating stories of the alleged conspirators, he shows how fears of the dreaded 'Wahhabi' sometimes prompted colonial authorities to act upon thin evidence, while also inspiring Muslim plots against princes not of their liking. At stake were not only questions about Muslim loyalty, but also the very ideals of a liberal empire"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DS485.D25 M35 2017

Household and family religion in Persian-period Judah : an archaeological approach
Balcells Gallarreta, José E., author
Atlanta : SBL Press, [2017]
Baker Berry DS111.7 .B35 2017

Montazeri : the life and thought of Iran's revolutionary Ayatollah
Siavoshi, Sussan, author
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction -- Part one: the life -- Life in the seminary: the making of a religious scholar -- The birth of a revolutionary -- The post-revolutionary state and Montazeri: the bearer, the agitator -- Life of a dissident -- Part two: the thought -- State-society relations -- Human rights -- Conclusion: legacy of a Grand Ayatollah.

By the time of his death in 2009, the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri was lauded as the spiritual leader of the Green movement in Iran. Since the 1960s, when he supported Ayatollah Khomeini's opposition to the Shah, Montazeri's life reflected the crucial political shifts within Iran. In this book, Sussan Siavoshi presents the historical context as well as Montazeri's own political and intellectual journey. Siavoshi highlights how Montazeri, originally a student of Khomeini became one of the key figures during the revolution of 1978-9. She furthermore analyses his subsequent writings, explaining how he went from trusted advisor to and nominated successor of Khomeini to an outspoken critic of the Islamic Republic. Examining Montazeri's political thought and practice as well as the historical context, Siavoshi's book is vital for those interested in post-revolutionary Iran and the phenomenon of political Islam.
Baker Berry DS318.84.M85 S53 2017

Everyman in Vietnam : a soldier's journey into the quagmire
Adas, Michael, 1943- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Prologue : In the Ho Bo woods: June 28, 1966 -- Divergent trajectories: America and Vietnam after World War II -- The promise of prosperity in postwar America -- The struggle to liberate a shattered land, 1945-1954 -- Early US interventions in Indochina -- Exemplar of modernity -- Cold war convergences -- Flawed settlement at Geneva and a nation divided -- Coming of age in Cold War America -- The invention of South Vietnam -- The mounting costs of containment -- Rebel without a cause -- The making of a quagmire -- Draft decisions -- Lyndon Johnson's dilemmas -- Basic training: Fort Dix, New Jersey, September 1965 -- Renewing the war for independence -- Off to war, January 1966 -- Into the quagmire -- Angst and escalation -- Contested ground -- Arrival in Nam, February 1966 -- Terms of engagement -- In pursuit of an elusive enemy, late February 1966 -- In dubious battle -- The lessons of Ia Drang -- The good soldier, March 1966 -- Rethinking the path to liberation -- Ambivalence and disillusionment, March 1966 -- McNamara's predicament -- Finding his own mission, March-April 1966 -- The price of attrition -- Surviving the stalemate, April, 1966 -- An unwinnable war -- Losing hope, mid-April-early May 1966 -- Confounding the colossus -- Waiting for leave, June-July 1966 -- Return to Filhol, late July, 1966 -- Epilogue.

"Everyman in Vietnam: A Soldier's Journey into the Quagmire by Michael Adas and Joseph Gilch interweaves a macro perspective of American foreign policy during the war, with the individual-level perspective of one of the many soldiers who lived and died in the "quagmire." This unique perspective is made possible through the personal letters of Private James "Jimmy" Gilch, the late uncle of co-author, Joseph Gilch. Throughout his time on the ground in Vietnam, Jimmy sent dozens of letters back to his family in New Jersey, which detailed everything from the brutal, callous nature of basic training to the daily life of a GI in the jungles of Vietnam. Fascinated by these letters from an early age, Joseph Gilch poured over the nearly 80 letters ravenously. A graduate student at Rutgers University, Joseph has been working with Dr. Michael Adas to situate the story of Private Jimmy Gilch into the broader narrative of the United States' involvement in Vietnam. What comes out of this perspective is a truly remarkable and extraordinary picture of one of America's defining wars through the eyes of one of its many soldiers in a generation forever marked by the conflict."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DS557.7 .A435 2018

Yemen endures : civil war, Saudi adventurism and the future of Arabia
Hill, Ginny, author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Map; Preface; Introduction; 1. The Last Imam: The 1962 Revolution in the Yemen Arab Republic; 2. Victor's Peace: The End of the Cold War, Unification and the 1994 Civil War; 3. An Illusory State: Parliamentary Politics and Presidential Patronage; 4. Giraffe Army: AK-47, Arms-Dealers and Warlords; 5. Across the Gulf: Piracy and People-Smuggling from The Horn of Africa; 6. The Chicken and the Egg: Elite Competition, Corruption and Reform; 7. Layla and the Madman: Yemen's Role in the Origins of Al-Qaeda; 8. Shadow War: US Cruise Missiles and Drones9. Southern Discomfort: Birth of the Southern Separatist Movement(s); 10. Black Box: Houthi-Led Insurgency in the Northern Province of Saada; 11. Change Square: Youth Activists and the 2011 Uprising; 12. Sheep Rustlers: Elite Rivalry and Urban Warfare; 13. Breaking the Bones: Politics of Balance and the 2012 Transition; 14. Interregnum: Hadi's Failure and The Rise of the Houthis; 15. Saleh's Revenge: The Return to Power; Notes; Index
Baker Berry DS247.Y48 H55 2017

Sasanian Persia : between Rome and the steppes of Eurasia
edited by Eberhard W. Sauer
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, [2017]
The Sasanian Empire (third-seventh centuries) was one of the largest empires of antiquity, stretching from Mesopotamia to modern Pakistan and from Central Asia to the Arabian Peninsula. This mega-empire withstood powerful opponents in the steppe and expanded further in Late Antiquity, whilst the Roman world shrunk in size. Recent research has revealed the reasons for this success, notably population growth in some territories, economic prosperity and urban development, made possible through investment in agriculture and military infrastructure on a scale unparalleled in the late antique world. This volume explores the empire's relations with its neighbours and key phenomena which contributed to its wealth and power, from the empire's armed forces to agriculture, trade and treatment of minorities. The latest discoveries, notably major urban foundations, fortifications and irrigations systems, feature prominently. An empire whose military might and urban culture rivalled Rome and foreshadowed the caliphate will be of interest to scholars of the Roman and Islamic world.
Baker Berry DS286 .S27 2017

Chinese Newspapers Collection
[Ann Arbor, Michigan] : ProQuest, [2013?]-
Contains full text of various Chinese newspapers.

竹書紀年與出土文獻研究之一 : 竹書紀年考 = Research on the Zhushu jinian / 程平山著
程平山, author
Beijing : Zhonghua shu ju, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian DS741.3.Z483 C44 2013

Illusions of victory : the Anbar awakening and the rise of the Islamic State
Malkasian, Carter, 1975- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
A decade later -- The war in Anbar, 2003-2005 -- The battle for Ramadi -- Before the surge : the US offensive in Ramadi -- The Anbar awakening -- The land of the Islamic State -- Lessons from the past.

In the years immediately following the 2006 "Surge" of American troops in Iraq, observers of America's counterinsurgency war there regarded the defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) in Anbar Province as one of the strategy's signature victories. With the assistance of American troops, the fractious tribal sheiks in that province united in an "Awakening" that ultimately led to the defeat of the legendarily brutal AQI. The success of the Awakening convinced many that smart, properly resourced counterinsurgency strategies could in fact work. Even more, the episode showed that victory could be snatched from the jaws of defeat.
Baker Berry DS79.76 .M3564 2017

The Middle East and the making of the modern world
Schayegh, Cyrus, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2017
Prelude 1. Khalil Sakakini has a dream -- Rise of an urban patchwork region: 1830s-1914 -- Prelude 2. Rafiq al-Tamimi and Muhammad Bahjat make a tour -- Crucible of war: 1914-1918 -- Prelude 3. Alfred Sursock keeps busy -- Ottoman twilight: 1918-1929 -- Prelude 4. Hauranis migrate to Palestine -- Birth of a region of nation-states: 1929-1939 -- Prelude 5. Eliahu Rabino's war -- Empire redux: 1939-1945 -- Postscript: The more things change : 1945-2017.

This book is a socio-spatial history of the Middle East, and uses that case to reflect more broadly on the making of the modern world. Pivoting around Bilād al-Shām (Greater Syria) - alternatingly zooming in on cities and nation-states and zooming out to neighboring countries, imperial and transnational links, and overseas diasporas - it asks: Why, how, and in which stages did well-rooted cities and regions mold a dynamic modern world economy and powerful modern states, and how were they remolded in return ? Covering culture, the economy, and administration from the mid-19th to the mid-20th century in five chapters, each prefaced by one person's illustrative story, the book identifies three key developments in the late Ottoman period. Cities were transformed but remained powerful; interurban ties grew stronger; and Bilād al-Shām became more integrated. These developments did not end in 1918 but, as is shown next, deeply shaped post-Ottoman times. While quartered, Bilād al-Shām became an umbrella region for Palestine, Transjordan, Syria and Lebanon, and forced French and British rulers to coordinate policies. And while cities lionized their weight in transnational circuits as well as reimagined themselves as national places to assert their rank in new nation-states, the latter were from the start multi-urban and transnationalized spaces. Building on the Middle Eastern case, the book argues that the modern world cannot be truly grasped by studying globalization or state formation or urbanization, as many histories do. Rather, the modern world's most fundamental socio-spatial feature is what can be called transpatialization: the intertwinement of cities, regions, states, and global circuits in faster changing and more mutually transformative ways than before in history.--
Baker Berry DS62.4 .S33 2017

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