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DS - Asia acquired during March 2017

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From anti-Judaism to anti-Semitism : ancient and medieval Christian constructions of Jewish history
Chazan, Robert, author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016
The Gospels -- Paul -- Eusebius -- Augustine -- The crusading epoch and spirit: Peter the Venerable -- The discovery of Jewish sources: the Pugio Fidei -- Introduction of medieval slanders: the Fortalitium Fidei -- Looking backward and looking forward: Martin Luther.
Baker Berry DS146.E85 C43 2016

Sino-Japanese relations in a trilateral context : origins of misperception
Zhang, Yun (International relations), author
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Baker Berry DS779.47 .Z4235 2017

Muslim rule in medieval India : power and religion in the Delhi Sultanate
Ahmed, Fouzia Farooq, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2016
Baker Berry DS457 .A36 2016

The defiant border : the Afghan-Pakistan borderlands in the era of decolonization, 1936-1965
Leake, Elisabeth, author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction: "A doughty & honorable opponent" -- "Using a Crowbar to Swat Wasps" : The Frontier Tribal Area in Imperial Defense -- The "Opening of Sluice Gates" : Plan Partition and the Frontier -- "We are One People and Ours is a Land" : The Demand for Pashtunistan, 1948-1952 -- A "Friendly Point of Return" : Pakistan and the Global Cold War -- An "Eye for an Eye" : Mohammad Ayub Khan and the Collapse of Regional Relations -- Conclusion: "Religion, Land, Lineage, and Honour" : The Afghan-Pakistan Borderlands Then and Now.

"The Defiant Border explores why the Afghan-Pakistan borderlands have remained largely independent of state controls from the colonial period into the twenty-first century. This book looks at local Pashtun tribes' modes for evading first British colonial, then Pakistani, governance; the ongoing border dispute between Pakistan and Afghanistan; and continuing interest in the region from Indian, US, British, and Soviet actors. It reveals active attempts first by British, then by Pakistani, agents to integrate the tribal region, ranging from development initiatives to violent suppression. The Defiant Border also considers the area's influence on relations between Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, as well as its role in the United States' increasingly global Cold War policies. Ultimately, the book considers how a region so peripheral to major centers of power has had such an impact on political choices throughout the eras of empire, decolonization, and superpower competition, up to the so-called 'War on Terror.' One of the only historical studies of Pakistan's Pashtun tribal area (post-1947), which complements existing anthropological literature on the region and histories of the colonial era to provide readers with a fuller understanding of the region. Integrates histories of South Asia, decolonization, and the global Cold War, which provides readers with a holistic view of the region by recognizing the interconnections between international diplomacy, regional developments, subaltern movements, and colonial legacies. Considers the impact of non-state actors--Pashtun tribes--on South Asian state-building, which complements work done on state-building in India, extends understanding of the impact of peripheral areas on state power and practice, and expands understanding of the history of Pakistan"--From publisher's website.
Baker Berry DS357.6.P18 L43 2017

Is theory good for the Jews? : French thought and the challenge of the new antisemitism
Chaouat, Bruno, author
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2016
Baker Berry DS146.F8 C43 2016

歷史分光鏡 = Lishi fenguangjing / 许倬云作品 ; 陈宁, 邵东方编
许倬云, 1930- author
Beijing : Zhonghua shu ju, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian DS736 .X84 2015

佟佳江, author
Beijing Shi : Zhonghua shu ju, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian DS754 .T92 2013

Arabic thought beyond the liberal age : towards an intellectual history of the Nahda
edited by Jens Hanssen, University of Toronto, and Max Weiss, Princeton University
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
General introduction: Time, language, mind and freedom : the Arabic Nahda in four words / Jens Hanssen and Max Weiss -- Part I. The Legacies of Albert Hourani -- Albert Hourani and the making of modern Middle East studies in the English-speaking world : a personal memoir / Roger Owen -- Albert's world : historicism, liberal imperialism and the struggle for Palestine, 1936-48 / Jens Hanssen -- Part II. The Expansion of the Political Imagination -- Debating political community in the age of reform, rebellion and empire, 1780-1820 / Dina Rizk Khoury -- The question of the Ottoman caliphate in global Muslim political thought, 1774-1914 / Cemil Aydin -- From rule of law to constitutionalism : Arab political thought in its Ottoman context, 1808-1908 / Thomas Philipp -- Part III. Means and Ends of the Nahda Experiment -- Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq (1804-87) : the quest for another modernity / Fawwaz Traboulsi -- Liberal thought and the "problem" of women : 1890s Cairo / Marilyn Booth -- "Illiberal" thought in the liberal age : Yusuf al-Nabhani (1849-1932), dream-stories and the polemics against the modern era / Amal Ghazal -- Part IV. The Persistence of the Nahda -- Participation and critique : Arab intellectuals respond to the "Ottoman revolution" / Thomas Philipp -- Men of capital : making money, making nation in Palestine / Sherene Seikaly -- The demise of "the Liberal age"? : 'Abbas Mahmud al-'Aqqad and Egyptian responses to Fascism during World War II / Israel Gershoni -- Part V. The Afterlives of the Nahda in Comparative Perspective -- Indian and Arabic thought in the liberal age / C.A. Bayly -- The autumn of the Nahda in light of the Arab Spring : some figures in the carpet / Leyla Dakhli -- Epilogue: The Legacies of Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age / Rashid Khalidi.

"What is the relationship between thought and practice in the domains of language, literature and politics? Is thought the only standard by which to measure intellectual history? How did Arab intellectuals change and affect political, social, cultural and economic developments from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries? This volume offers a fundamental overhaul and revival of modern Arab intellectual history. Using Hourani's Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, 1798-1939 (Cambridge, 1962) as a starting point, it reassesses Arabic cultural production and political thought in the light of current scholarship and extends the analysis beyond Napoleon's invasion of Egypt and the outbreak of World War II. The chapters offer a mixture of broad-stroke history on the construction of 'the Muslim world,' and the emergence of the rule of law and constitutionalism in the Ottoman empire, as well as case studies on individual Arab intellectuals that illuminate the transformation of modern Arabic thought"--
Baker Berry DS36.88 .A74284 2016

La brocca d'oro dalla Tomba Reale III a Nimrud : un caso di studio
a cura di Alessandra Cellerino
Oxford : BAR Publishing, 2016
Baker Berry DS70.5.C3 B76 2016

The Shah's Iran - rise and fall : conversations with an insider
Anṣārī, ʻAbd al-Riz̤ā, 1925 or 1926- author
London : I.B. Tauris, [2017]
Baker Berry DS316.9.A65 S534 2017

Routledge handbook of East Asian popular culture
edited by Koichi Iwabuchi, Eva Tsai, and Chris Berry
New York, NY : Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Historicizing and spatializing East Asian popular culture -- Media culture in national specificities and inter-Asian referencing -- Gender, sexuality, and cultural icons -- The politics of the transnational commons.
Baker Berry DS509.3 .R68 2017

Middle kingdom and empire of the rising sun : Sino-Japanese relations, past and present
Dreyer, June Teufel, 1939- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Getting to the present -- China, Japan, and the coming of the west, 1835-1945 -- Wary engagement, 1945-1969 -- The tortuous path to normalization, 1969-1972 -- The golden age of Sino-Japanese relations, 1972-1989 -- Tarnished gold: 1990-2006 -- Contradictions deepen, 2006-2015 -- Economic rivalry -- Mutual military apprehensions -- Taiwan between two powers -- Conclusions.
Baker Berry DS740.5.J3 D74 2016

Inside An L̂ọc : the battle to save Saigon, April-May 1972
Duong, Van Nguyen, 1934- author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2016]
The border war -- General Lê Van Hung and I -- Prelude to the Binh Long Battle -- The fall of L̂ọc Ninh -- Crucial decisions made to save An L̂ọc -- The first attack on An L̂ọc -- A clash of personalities -- The siege -- The war game in Chan Thanh -- Breaking the siege -- Releasing the pressure on An L̂ọc -- Besieged towns -- Return to the Mekong Delta -- Hell in a very insignificant place.

"The Battle of An Loc was one of the bloodiest battles in the Vietnam War and a defining moment in the history of the Republic of South Vietnam. No foreign reporters were on hand and the action was ignored or misreported. The story comes from an officer who shared a bunker with the general during the fight"--
Baker Berry DS557.8.A5 D86 2016

なぜ日本型統治システムは疲弊したのか : 憲法学。政治学。行政学からのアプローチ / 大石眞監修 ; 縣公一郎, 笠原英彦編著
Kyōto-shi : Mineruva Shobō, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS889 .N39 2016

Nehemiah : statesman and sage
Zakheim, Dov S., author
New Milford, CT : Maggid, [2016]
"Jewish history recognizes Nehemiah as one of the founding fathers of the Second Commonwealth, when the Second Temple stood in Jerusalem. A statesman, politician, and lay religious administrator, Nehemiah aimed to strengthen national security, foster diplomatic relations with neighboring states, and establish social and religious order in the ancient Jewish society. In Nehemiah: Statesman and Sage, Dov Zakheim, a former senior official in the US government, examines the life of the biblical figure through the lens of modern experience. Zakheim mines the biblical Book of Nehemiah to present a political biography of a man who rose to the highest levels of the Persian court, dedicating his life to the welfare of the Jewish people. Utilizing a unique collection of traditional and scholarly sources, Zakheim reveals how Nehemiah confronted fundamental issues of his day, highlighting lessons for policy-makers today."--Back cover.
Baker Berry DS121.65 .Z35 2016

台湾のなかの日本記憶 : 戦後の「再会」による新たなイメージの構築 / 編者所澤潤, 林初梅
Tōkyō-to Bunkyō-ku : Sangensha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS799.7 .T3525 2016

Israel in the 1973 Yom Kippur War : diplomacy, battle, and lessons
Rodman, David, author
Chicago ; Sussex Academic Press, [2017]
The American-Israeli relationship -- The Israeli-Jordanian relationship -- Nuclear arms, deterrence, and compellence -- Israeli combined arms warfare -- Israeli resurgence on the Golan versus in the Sinai -- Israeli airpower in the Six-Day and Yom Kippur Wars -- The impact of American arms transfers to Israel -- The American assessment -- The Israeli response.

"The State of Israel faced one of its most difficult challenges during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Though the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) eventually emerged as the clear victor in the war, it suffered serious reverses at the outset of hostilities, as well as substantial losses in men and equipment. This book revisits the Yom Kippur War by exploring a number of issues that have not previously received the attention they deserve or that would benefit from a fresh evaluation. Among the issues examined are: the American-Israeli and Jordanian-Israeli relationships during the war; the roles of Israeli nuclear weapons and airpower; the IDF's practice of combined arms warfare; the reasons why the IDF turned the tide of the war more quickly on the Golan front than on the Sinai front; the impact of American arms transfers; and the lessons derived from the war by the United States Army and the IDF. This book, which relies heavily on government documents and other primary sources of information, fills important descriptive and analytical gaps in the academic literature about the Yom Kippur War. No other book compares to it in respect of content and interpretation. It is, in short, essential reading for all scholars interested in the diplomatic and military dimensions of the war"--
Baker Berry DS128.185 .R63 2017

文革五十年 : 毛泽东遗产和当代中国 / 宋永毅主编 = China and the Maoist legacy : the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Revolution / Yongyi Song, editor-in-chief
Deer Park, NY : Ming jing chu ban she =, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian DS778.7 .W4646 2016

A history of East Asia : from the origins of civilization to the twenty-first century
Holcombe, Charles, 1956- author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction: what is East Asia? -- The origins of civilization in East Asia -- The formative era -- The age of cosmopolitanism -- The creation of a community: China, Korea, and Japan (seventh to tenth centuries) -- Mature independent trajectories (tenth to sixteenth centuries) -- Early modern East Asia (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries) -- Dai Viet (Vietnam before the nineteenth century) -- The nineteenth-century encounter of civilizations -- The age of westernization (1900-1929) -- The dark valley (1930-1945) -- Japan since 1945 -- Korea since 1945 -- Vietnam since 1945 -- China since 1945.
Baker Berry DS511 .H65 2017

The six-day war : the breaking of the Middle East
Laron, Guy, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
Introduction From The Local To The Global -- The Article -- The Baath In Power 1963-66 -- Playing The Israel Card -- The Spy Who Came Back From The Cold -- The Corruption Of The Revolution -- Sliding Into War -- The Phone Call -- Arming The Middle East -- Secret Liaisons -- Abba Eban's Tin Ear -- One Soviet Foreign Policy or Two? -- Restraining Damascus Disciplining Cairo -- A Soviet Hall of Mirrors -- A Very Israeli Putsch? -- Last Days -- Defying Israel's Founding Father -- Expanding Israel's Borders -- Confronting Syria -- The Self-inflicted Recession -- Rabin's Schlieffen Plan -- From Yemen to Texas -- A Short Tether -- Conclusion: Six Days and After -- Endnotes

This history examines the Six-Day War, its causes, and its enduring consequences against its global context. One fateful week in June 1967 redrew the map of the Middle East. Many scholars have documented how the Six-Day War unfolded, but little has been done to explain why the conflict happened at all. As we approach its fiftieth anniversary, Guy Laron refutes the widely accepted belief that the war was merely the result of regional friction, revealing the crucial roles played by American and Soviet policies in the face of an encroaching global economic crisis, and restoring Syria's often overlooked centrality to events leading up to the hostilities. The Six-Day War effectively sowed the seeds for the downfall of Arab nationalism, the growth of Islamic extremism, and the animosity between Jews and Palestinians. In this new work, Laron's interdisciplinary perspective and extensive archival research offer a significant reassessment of a conflict-and the trigger-happy generals behind it-that continues to shape the modern world.
Baker Berry DS127 .L39 2017

陸軍士官学校事件 : 二。二六事件の原点 / 筒井清忠著
筒井清忠, 1948- author
Tōkyō : Chūōkōron Shinsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS888.5 .T788 2016

乃南アサ, 1960- author
Tōkyō : Kōdansha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS799.7 .N663 2016

満蒙をめぐる人びと= The lives of Manchuria and Mongolia / 北野剛
北野剛, 1977- author
Tōkyō : Sairyūsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS783.7 .K585 2016

偽史冒険世界 : カルト本の百年 / 長山靖生著
長山靖生, 1962-
Tōkyō : Chikuma Shobō, 2001
Baker Berry Japan DS834.7 .N342 2001

Eurasian frontier : interrelation of Eurasian cultures in a global age
edited by Irina Boldonova, Vensus A. George
Washington, D.C. : The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, [2016]
Searching for ways of peace / Thomas Menamparampil -- The Eurasian union's project : a sustainable future being born today / Vyacheslav Mantatov -- Transversal values in a hermeneutic dialogue / Irina Boldonova and Vera Bashkeeva -- The frontier thesis and social interactions in Eurasia / Oyuna Randalova -- Social liberalism and holism : solidarity of purpose / Lydia Gomboeva -- Imago Alterius as an orientation of the cross-cultural dialogue and communication / Liubov Ivankina -- The ecological and cultural aspects of the Eurasian frontier : the Baikal region / Larisa Mantatova -- Ethnic contradictions and political conflicts in the globalized world : reasons and solutions / Aleksandr Boldonov & Yuri Romanov -- National characters and themes in the Russian language : Buryat literature / Svetlana Imikhelova -- Literature and spirituality in the information society / Irina Bulgutova -- Genre peculiarities of minor forms in the Buryat legendry : the case of oral compositions of the Alar' Buryats / Maria Danchinova -- Spheres and aspects of culture / Tsytsygma D. Bidagaeva -- The role of synonymy as a method of systematization of medical terminology in intercultural interaction / Victoria Khantakova & Svetlana Shvetsova -- Conclusion: geopolitical feasibility and sustainability of the Eurasian union in the Twenty-First Century / Vensus A. George.

"This is a philosophical study by a group of scholars from Ulan Ude, Russia. Authors in this volume discuss such issues as interrelation of Eurasian cultures in global times, sustainable development, social interaction in Eurasia, social solidarity, dialogue and communication of cultures, ecological issues, literature, information age, geopolitical situation of Eurasia, etc."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DS33.3 .E95 2016

Asylum: a survivor's flight from Nazi-occupied Vienna through wartime France
Scheyer, Moriz, 1886-1949, author
New York : Little Brown and Company, 2016
The 'Anschluss' -- Breathing again: Switzerland -- France: beloved France -- Earning the first hundred francs -- The men in berets -- The 'Drôle de Guerre' -- Paris, ghost of an enchanted city -- Paths of the Exodus -- 'Armistice' -- Paris under the German boot -- The French ... and the French -- From 'the Israelites' to 'the Jew' -- Stay of execution -- 'For examination of your situation' -- Hut 8 -- Another stay of execution -- 'Zone libre' -- Voiron -- Nine gendarmes versus five Jews -- Caserne Bizanet, Grenoble -- A toast -- Escape to Switzerland -- A telegram -- Labarde -- Blessed are the poor in spirit -- Nuns -- A glimpse through a peephole -- Music -- Eugène le Roy -- Informers -- In place of a chapter on the Resistance -- They're coming - they're not coming - they're coming! -- The morning of 6th June 1944 -- Summer -- The first step into freedom -- Carlos -- In memory of my comrades from the concentration camp at Beaune-la-Rolande -- The undeserving survivors -- Still in Labarde: but free.

"'It may be that the way in which the words, the sentences, the pages have been put together is the result of a certain intellectual effort. But their content, their essence, has a quite different source. And that source is a profound emotional anguish. An anguish in which the wretched sufferer is able only to keep repeating the same stammering question: How could it all have happened?' As arts editor for one of Vienna's principal newspapers before the German invasion in 1938, Moriz Scheyer knew many of the city's great artists, from Stefan Zweig and Arthur Schnitzler to Bruno Walter, and was an important literary journalist in his own right. But when the vicious, brutal hands of Nazism grabbed hold of Austria, Scheyer was forced from his position and his home. In 1943, while in hiding at a convent in the Dordogne region of France, Scheyer began drafting what would become this book--his memoir. Tracing events from the Anschluss in Austria through life in Paris, both prewar and under German occupation, the Exodus from Paris, his experiences of a French concentration camp, an escape attempt and contact with the Resistance, and a final, dramatic rescue and clandestine life in the convent, Asylum is tense, raw, and riveting in its immediate perspective and the minute details of those terrifying, endless days. After Scheyer's death in 1949, his stepson--who disliked the book and its emotive anti-German rhetoric--destroyed the manuscript. Or thought he did. Recently a carbon copy was discovered in the family's attic by P. N. Singer, the author's step-grandson, who has translated the work and provided an epilogue."--Dust jacket.
Baker Berry DS135.A93 S345 2016b

British imperialism in Qajar Iran : consuls, agents and influence in the Middle East
Stebbins, H. Lyman, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2016
"Spurred by a Russian threat to India and the weakness of the Qajar dynasty (1796-1925), Britain established an extensive consular network to further its interests in southern Iran in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In 1888, there were just four British consulates in the country; by 1921 there were twenty-three. H. Lyman Stebbins investigates the development and consequences of British imperialism in Iran in a time of international rivalry, revolution and world war. While previous narratives of Anglo-Iranian relations have focused on the highest diplomatic circles in Tehran, London, Calcutta and St. Petersburg, this book argues that British consuls and political agents made the vast southern borderlands of Iran the real centre of British power and influence during this period. Based on British consular archives from Bushehr, Shiraz, Sistan and Muhammarah, this book reveals that Britain, India and Iran were linked together by discourses of colonial knowledge and patterns of political, military and economic control. It also contextualizes the emergence of Iranian nationalism as well as the failure and collapse of the Qajar state during the Iranian Constitutional Revolution and World War I."--
Baker Berry DS70.96.G7 S84 2016

The Jews and the nation-states of Southeastern Europe from the 19th century to the Great Depression : combining viewpoints on a controversial story
edited by Tullia Catalan and Marco Dogo
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016
Neither foreigners nor citizens: Romanian Jews' long road to citizenship / Emanuela Costantini -- The Jews of Serbia (1804-1918): from princely protection to formal emancipation / Milan Ristović -- Jewish identity and the competing national projects in the western Balkans (1848-1929) / Bojan Mitrović -- Loyalty sorely tried: the Jews and the Bulgarian state (1878-1935) / Marco Dogo -- A place in the nation: Jews and the Greek state in the long 19th century / Evdoxios Doxiadis -- The tie and the kaftan: the Hungarian Jews between emancipation, assimilation and Zionism (1848-1918) / Gianluca Volpi -- East European Jewry under Western eyes: an overview of the official publications of the Alliance Israélite Universelle (1860-1930) / Annalisa Di Fant -- Looking east, thinking west: Isidore Loeb (1839-1892) and the Jews in the Ottoman Empire / Paolo L. Bernardini -- The Jews of Southeastern Europe and the policies of Western European philantropic associations (1878-1930) / Tullia Catalan -- The Vienna Jewish Alliance (Israelitische Allianz zu Wien) and its attempt to modernise Central Europe / Björn Siegel -- Luigi Luzzatti and the Oriental Front: Jewish agency and the politics of religious toleration / Cristiana Facchini.
Baker Berry DS135.B3 J49 2016

バルチック艦隊ヲ捕捉セヨ : 海軍情報部の日露戦争 / 稲葉千晴
稲葉千晴, 1957- author
Yokohama-shi : Seibunsha, 2016
Baker Berry Japan DS517.1 .I53 2016

Stormy days : memoirs of an Iranian-Armenian businessman
Aharonian, Levon, author
London, United Kingdom : Gomidas Institute, [2016]
Baker Berry DS316.9.A345 A3 2016

Truth held hostage : America and the Armenian Genocide - What then? What now?
Evans, John M., author
London : Gomidas Institute, [2016]
Part I: Voyage of Discovery -- Part II: The Armenian Genocide... -- Part III:...And Us?

"John Evans, formerly U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, gained notoriety in 2005 by publicly dissenting from the stated policy of the Bush and previous Administrations on the 90-year-old issue of the Armenian Genocide. A veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service, Ambassador Evans had no Armenian ancestors or family connections, but over the course of his historical studies and diplomatic career, became convinced that a gross injustice was being perpetrated against the Armenians through the denialist policies of the Turkish Government and the U.S. Government's tacit acceptance of them. He decided to take a measured public stand, but then paid for his "heresy" by being dismissed from his post and forced into early retirement, although not without a fight over the issue in the U.S. Congress. Over the course of his thirty-five-year career, Ambassador Evans served with distinction in diplomatic posts in Tehran, Prague, Moscow, Brussels (NATO), St. Petersburg and Washington, reaching the rank of Minister-Counselor. A native of Williamsburg, Virginia, educated at Yale and Columbia, he is an avid student of Russian history who devoted a sabbatical year to investigating the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the setting in which the tragic events of 1915 occurred. Now retired from the Foreign Service, Mr. Evans makes his home in Washington with his wife, the former Donna Chamberlain." -- From publisher web site.
Baker Berry DS195.5 .E936 2016

Such a lovely little war : Saigon, 1961-63
Truong, Marcelino, artist
Vancouver, BC, Canada : Arsenal Pulp Press, [2016]
A memoir, in graphic novel form, on the early years of the Vietnam war through the eyes of a young Vietnamese boy.
Baker Berry DS559.5 .T74913 2016

American imperial pastoral : the architecture of US colonialism in the Philippines
McKenna, Rebecca Tinio, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, [2017]
A cure for Philippinitis -- Liberating labor: the road to Baguio -- "A hope of something unusual among cities" -- "Independencia in a box" -- Savage hospitality.
Baker Berry DS689.B2 M35 2017

Understanding Japaneseness : a fresh look at Nipponjinron through "maternal-filial affection"
Nishitani, Kosuke, 1950- author
Plymouth, UK : Hamilton Books, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
This book makes a distinctly new contribution to the field of Nipponjinron as a theological anthropology of Japaneseness. Through concrete examples, classic literature, historical analysis, and religious reflection, the author illuminates a new path to understanding Japaneseness by drawing the reader's attention to the lifeblood of Japanese behavior, "maternal-filial affection."
Baker Berry DS830 .N5768 2016

A world erased : a grandson's search for his family's Holocaust secrets
Lederman, Noah, 1981- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
The Holocaust through nightmares -- Super Poppy and the meshugge grandma -- The hospital -- Keys to the Holocaust vault -- Adrift -- Death in the Czech Republic -- The e-mail -- Otwock -- From night to dawn -- Peering into the vault -- The tapes -- Panama -- Escape from Warsaw -- Revision -- A box of photos -- The four questions -- Israel -- Research at Yad Vashem -- Nearly unraveled -- The boy at the gates of Warsaw -- Lightning lad -- Escape from Treblinka -- The liquidation -- Grandma's determination -- Get well soon -- The bronze arm -- Bergen-Belsen -- Better and you better -- Umschlagplatz -- The mystery camp -- A return to the camps -- Majdanek -- Birkenau -- Auschwitz -- The Buna -- Liberation -- In search of new beginnings.
Baker Berry DS134.72.L435 L43 2017

Himalayan bridge
editors, Niraj Kumar, George van Driem, Phunchok Stobdan
New Delhi : KW Publishers Pvt Ltd., [2016]
Baker Berry DS485.H6 H54983 2016

The Ottoman cities of Lebanon : historical legacy and identity in the modern Middle East
Reilly, James A., author
New York : I.B. Tauris, 2016
Introduction -- 1. Ottoman Saida : 'Islamic City', modern state? -- 2. Ottoman Beirut : liberal cosmopolis or Islamic fortress? -- 3. Ottoman Tripoli : a fragmented mirror -- Conclusion.

"Whether defined as essentially 'Turkish', and therefore alien to the Lebanese experience, or remembered in its final years as a tyrannical and brutal dictatorship, the period has not been thought of fondly in most Lebanese historiography. In a far-reaching and much-needed analysis of this complex legacy, James A. Reilly looks at Arabic-language history writing emanating from Lebanon in the post-1975 period, focusing on the three main Ottoman administrative centres of Saida, Beirut and Tripoli. This examination highlights key aspects of Lebanon's current political and cultural climate, and emphasises important points of agreement and conflict in contemporary historical discourse. The 1989 Ta'if Accords, for example, which ended the Lebanese Civil War, were accompanied by calls for reinterpretation of how the country's history could assist in creating a sense of national cohesion. The Ottoman Cities of Lebanon is invaluable to all historians and researchers working on Lebanese history and politics, and wider issues of identity, post-imperialist discourse and nationhood in the Middle East."-- from publisher's description.
Baker Berry DS89.S5 R45 2016

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