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The Ottoman Empire : a historical encyclopedia
Kia, Mehrdad, author
Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, [2017]
Baker Berry DR485 .K54 2017

Musa Kâẓim : from ʻilm to polemics
Reinhart, Kevin A., 1952- author
Baker Berry DR568.8.M87 R45 2001

The political economy of the Kurds of Turkey : from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic
Yadirgi, Veli, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
The Kurds, the Kurdish question in Turkey, and economic development in ESA : an exploration of the central theoretical debates and outline of the methodological resources -- The formation of Ottoman Kurdistan : social, economic and political developments in Ottoman Kurdistan before the nineteenth century (1514-1799) -- The transformation of Ottoman Kurdistan : underdevelopment in Ottoman Kurdistan in the age of centralisation, westernisation, and crisis (1800-1914) -- The deformation of Ottoman Kurdistan and bordering regions : de-development in ESA from the First World War until the 1980 coup (1914-80) -- Turkey's Kurdish question in the era of neoliberalism : from the 1980 coup to the AKP's Kurdish overture (1980-2010s) -- Conclusion -- Appendix I. List of interviews -- Appendix II. Ottoman Diyarbakir trade statistics.

In recent years, the persecution of the Kurds in the Middle East under ISIS in Iraq and Syria has drawn increasing attention from the international media. In this book, Veli Yadirgi analyses the socioeconomic and political structures and transformations of the Kurdish people from the Ottoman era through to the modern Turkish Republic, arguing that there is a symbiotic relationship between the Kurdish question and the de-development of the predominantly Kurdish domains, making an ideal read for historians of the region and those studying the socio-political and economic evolution of the Kurds. First outlining theoretical perspectives on Kurdish identity, socioeconomic development, and the Kurdish question, Yadirgi then explores the social, economic and political origins of Ottoman Kurdistan following its annexation by the Ottomans in 1514. Finally, he deals with the collapse of the Empire, and the subsequent foundation and evolution of the Kurdish question in the new Turkish Republic.
Baker Berry DR435.K87 Y326 2017

Border : a journey to the edge of Europe
Kassabova, Kapka, author
Minneapolis, Minnesota : Graywolf Press, 2017
Preface -- border -- Mountain of madness, I -- Part one: Starry Strandja -- via pontica -- Red Riviera -- strandja -- The village in the valley -- agiasma -- Everything begins with a spring -- cheshma -- A man of leisure -- 415 -- Wire in the heart -- klyon (1961-1990) -- The tomb of Bastet -- cold water -- Pilgrims -- atonement -- One hundred and twenty sins -- sozialistishen persönlichkeit -- Riding the Iron Curtain -- zmey -- Ball of fire -- Part two: Thracian corridors -- thrace -- The friend with the pigeons -- memleket -- Girl between languages -- komshulak -- To see a dancing priest -- rosa damascena -- If you are true -- corridors -- Everybody comes to Ali's -- via antica -- Tales from the bridge -- ghosts -- A Kurdish love story -- the spring of the white-legged maiden -- The chicken shack -- Part three: Rhodope Pass -- rhodopaea, rhodopaeum, rhodopensis -- The village where you lived for ever -- the judgement -- On the road to freedom -- tale of two kingdoms -- Drama -- metaxaz line -- Mountain of madness, II -- agonia -- Hotel above the world -- ursus arctos -- Goddess of the forest -- tobacco -- the woman who walked for a week -- Part four: Starry Strandja -- lodos -- To the river -- kaynarca -- The monk of happiness -- eternal return -- The good siren -- muhhabet -- The last shepherd -- uroki -- How to lift a spell.

"In this extraordinary work of narrative reportage, Kapka Kassabova returns to Bulgaria, from where she emigrated as a girl twenty-five years previously, to explore the border it shares with Turkey and Greece. When she was a child, the border zone was rumored to be an easier crossing point into the West than the Berlin Wall, and it swarmed with soldiers and spies. On holidays in the "Red Riviera" on the Black Sea, she remembers playing on the beach only miles from a bristling electrified fence whose barbs pointed inward toward the enemy: the citizens of the totalitarian regime. Kassabova discovers a place that has been shaped by successive forces of history: the Soviet and Ottoman empires, and, older still, myth and legend. Her exquisite portraits of fire walkers, smugglers, treasure hunters, botanists, and border guards populate the book. There are also the ragged men and women who have walked across Turkey from Syria and Iraq. But there seem to be nonhuman forces at work here too: This densely forested landscape is rich with curative springs and Thracian tombs, and the tug of the ancient world, of circular time and animism, is never far off."--Amazon.com.
Baker Berry DR50.8 .K37 2017

The new sultan : Erdogan and the crisis of modern Turkey
Çaǧaptay, Soner, author
London ; I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd., 2017
Introduction: Meet Recep Tayyip Erdogan -- Growing up poor and pious in secular Turkey -- Turkey after Ataturk -- The foundations of political Islam in Turkey -- The generals fashion a new Turkey -- Erdogan's meteoric rise as Istanbul's mayor -- The perfect storm -- Erdogan in power: the good years -- The silent revolution -- The revolution devours its children -- The future of the Turkish Kurds: peace or fire? -- Foreign-policy gambit -- Ending Turkey's crisis.

"Turkey will play a critical geopolitical role in the events of the Middle East. After the attempted coup of July 2016, the spotlight is on Recep Tayyip Erdogan - the powerful leader of the country whose increasingly authoritarian regime has heightened tensions both within and outside the country. Erdogan's crackdown on dissent has been brutal and consistent - hundreds of journalists arrested, academics officially banned from leaving the country, university deans fired and nearly half of the highest-ranking army officers in custody. As opponents accuse his Justice and Development Party (AKP) of heavy-handedness, Erdogan promises to bring order and stability under a 'strongman'. Here, leading Turkish expert Soner Cagaptay looks at where Erdogan comes from in Turkish history, what he believes in, and how he has cemented his rule. The New Sultan tells the story of the increasingly Islamic turkey Erdogan has built, and assesses the threats he faces - from the liberal youth to the Gulen movement, the army plotters and the fallout from the Kurdish question."--Jacket flap.
Baker Berry DR603 .C33 2017

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