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DR - Balkan Peninsula acquired during January 2017

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The archaeology of Mediterranean placemaking : Butrint and the global heritage industry
Hodges, Richard, author
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
Championing placemaking -- Virgil's long shadow -- New identity? An excavated narrative -- A short history of the Butrint Foundation -- Eternal Butrint: reflections on its future sustainability.

Butrint has been one of the largest archaeological projects in the Mediterranean over the last two decades. Major excavations and a multi-volume series of accompanying scientific publications now make this a key site for our developing understanding of the Roman and Medieval Mediterranean. Through this set of interwoven reflections about the archaeology and cultural heritage history of his twenty-year odyssey in south-west Albania, Richard Hodges considers how the Butrint Foundation protected and enhanced Butrint's spirit of place for future generations. Hodges reviews Virgil's long influence on Butrint and how its topographic archaeology has now helped to invent a new narrative and identity. He then describes the struggle of placemaking in Albania during the early post-communist era, and finally asks, in the light of the Butrint Foundation's experience, who matters in the shaping of a place - international regulations, the nation, the archaeologist, the visitor, the local community or some combination of all of these stakeholders? With appropriate maps and photographs, this book aims to offer an unusual but important new direction for archaeology in the Mediterranean.
Baker Berry DR998.B88 H629 2017

Under the shadow : rage and revolution in modern Turkey
Genç, Kaya, author
New York : I.B. Tauris, 2016
Speaking out -- Young, Turk, and furious -- Turkish rebellion as a fine art -- All the anger that's fit to print -- Rise of Turkey's angry young entrepreneurs -- The night of the coup.

Turkey stands at the crossroads of the Middle East--caught between the West and ISIS, Syria and Russia, and governed by an increasingly forceful leader. Acclaimed writer Kaya Gen has been covering his country for the past decade. In Under the Shadow he meets activists from both sides of Turkey's political divide: Gezi park protestors who fought tear gas and batons to transform their country's future, and supporters of Erdoğan's conservative vision who are no less passionate in their activism. He talks to artists and authors to ask whether the New Turkey is a good place for them to live and work. He interviews censored journalists and conservative writers both angered by what has been going on in their country. He meets Turkey's Wall Street types who take to the streets despite the enormity of what they can lose as well as the young Islamic entrepreneurs who drive Turkey's economy. While talking to Turkey's angry young people Gen weaves in historical stories, visions and mythologies, showing how Turkey's progressives and conservatives take their ideological roots from two political movements born in the Ottoman Empire: the Young Turks and the Young Ottomans, two groups of intellectuals who were united in their determination to make their country more democratic. He shows a divided society coming to terms with the 21st Century, and in doing so, gets to the heart of the compelling conflicts between history and modernity in the Middle East. -- Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DR603 .G46 2016

The shaping of Turkey in the British imagination, 1776-1923
Katz, David S., author
Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
1. Introduction: "Bag and Baggage" -- 2. Edward Gibbon's Eastern Question (1776-1788) -- 3. Lord Byron, Turkophile and his Grand Tour to the East (1809-1811) -- 5. Greenmantle at the Ministry of Information: John Buchan, the First World War and the Turks -- 6. Arnold Toynbee on the Quay at Smyrna, 1921-1922 -- 7. Conclusion: Turkey-in-Europe, Turkey-in-Asia, Turkey-in Britain.
Baker Berry DR479.G7 K289 2016

Kurdish politics in Turkey : from the PKK to the KCK
Saeed, Seevan, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
General perspectives, key concepts, literature review and theoritical approaches -- Historical background of Kurdish nationalism -- Down to Turkey : overview of the PKK and the KCK -- The KCK : the beginnings of the transformation -- The KCK : democratic autonomy and the road map : the projects of the transformation -- The KCK : the outcomes of the transformation.

In the aftermath of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurds were promised their own state. However, several factors, including rapid changes in the political interests of the main powers in the region, meant that this dream never became a reality, and the land of the Kurds was divided. Amid a sense of a loss of identity, the Kurds started to fight for their social and political rights. 'Kurdish Politics in Turkey' argues that the Kurdish struggle during the twentieth century has largely been a failure, and that the emergence of the Unions of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) has been a direct result of this. The book examines the success of the KCK and how it has transformed this Kurdish struggle in Turkey from a one-dimensional political movement, to a multi-dimensional social movement. The book argues that this transformation has brought about the notion of democratic autonomy as an alternative to the nation state model in Turkey. This 'new discourse' of multi-dimensional struggle is, in particular, compared to the old discourse of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which came to light as a reaction to Turkish state policy towards the Kurds. 'Kurdish Politics in Turkey' offers the first comprehensive analysis of the Kurdish Struggle and the KCK within Turkey, and is therefore a unique and valuable resource for students and scholars of Middle East Politics, as well as those with an interest in Social Movements and the Kurdish struggles during the past few decades.
Baker Berry DR435.K87 S24 2017

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