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DP - Spain & Portugal acquired during January 2017

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Espacios de libertad : la cultura española y la recuperación de la democracia (c. 1960-c.1990) : discurso de ingreso en la Real Academia de la Historia
Fusi Aizpurúa, Juan Pablo, 1945- author
Madrid : Real Academia de la Historia, 2015
Baker Berry DP270 .F87 2015

Tartessos and the Phoenicians in Iberia
Celestino Pérez, Sebastián, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2016
1. In search of Tartessos -- Unearthing a mythical land -- Tartessos becomes archaeological -- Striking a balance -- 2. Tartessos in Greek geography and historiography -- Introduction to the sources -- The earliest references to Tartessos -- Herodotos: an historical framework for archaic Tartessos -- Tartessos and Iberia in later Greek sources -- 3. Tartessos through Carthaginian and Roman lenses -- Tartessos in literature about the Punic Wars -- Other perspectives from the late republic and early empire -- The second century CE and after -- Final thoughts on the historical-geographical sources -- 4. Tartessos and the mythological Far West -- Finis terrae: the western Mediterranean in mythical imagination -- Tartessic founding heroes -- Tartessos in Phoenician and Hebrew sources? -- Final thoughts on the ancient sources -- 5. Early cross-cultural contacts -- Setting the stage -- Greek and Phoenician networks -- Tartessos and the question of "precolonization" -- The "Warrior stelae" and the roots of Tartessos -- Huelva and the dawn of Tartessos -- 6. Human and economic landscapes -- Geography and settlement patterns -- Metallurgy and the Emporion of Río Tinto -- In the wake of Habis: farming, husbandry, and fishing -- The economy of an emerging state -- Tartessos after Tartessos: the sixth-century crisis -- 7. Religious spaces and ritual life -- The Phoenician background -- Tartessic cultic life through material culture -- Two Tartessic sanctuaries: el carambolo and Cancho Roano -- Tartessos from the grave -- 8. Art and technology -- Pottery: between tradition and innovation -- Metal work and ivories in an orientalizing culture -- Language and writing in the Tartessic milieu -- Epilogue: Tartessic questions.

"This is the first book in English about the earliest historical civilization in the western Mediterranean, known as 'Tartessos.' Endowed with extraordinary wealth in metals and strategically positioned between the Atlantic and Mediterranean trading routes at the time of Greek and Phoenician colonial expansion, Tartessos flourished in the eighth and seventh centuries BCE. Tartessos became a literate, sophisticated, urban culture in southwestern Iberia (today's Spain and Portugal), enriched by commercial contacts with the Aegean and the Levant since at least the ninth century. In its material culture (architecture, grave goods, sanctuaries, plastic arts), we see how native elements combined with imported 'orientalizing' innovations introduced by the Phoenicians. Historians of the rank of Herodotos and Livy, geographers such as Strabo and Pliny, Greek and Punic periploi and perhaps even Phoenician and Hebrew texts, testify to the power, wealth, and prominence of this western-most Mediterranean civilization. Archaeologists, in turn, have demonstrated the existence of a fascinating complex society with both strong local roots and international flare. Yet for still-mysterious reasons, Tartessos did not attain a 'Classical' period like its peer emerging cultures did at the same time (Etruscans, Romans, Greeks). This book combines the expertise of its two authors in archaeology, philology, and cultural history to present a comprehensive, coherent, theoretically up-to-date, and informative overview of the discovery, sources, and debates surrounding this puzzling culture of ancient Iberia and its complex hybrid identity vis-a-vis the western Phoenicians. This book will be of great interest to students of the classics, archaeology and ancient history, Phoenician-Punic studies, colonization and cultural contact"--Publisher description.
Baker Berry DP402.T36 C445 2016

El debate nacionalista : Sabino Arana y sus herederos
Antxustegi Igartua, Esteban
[Spain] : Universidad de Murcia, 2007
Baker Berry DP302.B53 A58 2007

El plan Ibarretxe : los protagonistas : Euskal Herria, 1955-2005
Baeza L., Álvaro
Madrid : ABL Editor, 2005
Baker Berry DP302.B53 B33 2005

Historia del País Vasco durante el franquismo
Villa, Imanol, 1964-
Madrid : Sílex, ©2009
Baker Berry DP302.B53 V53 2009

El gran miedo de 1936 ; cómo España se precipitó en la guerra civil
Ranzato, Gabriele, author
Madrid : La Esfera de los Libros , 2014
Baker Berry DP257 .R36218 2014

Mi guerra de España
Etchebehere, Mika
Oviedo Cambalache 2014
Baker Berry DP269.9 .E8218 2014

La ternura de los pueblos : Euskal Herria internacionalista
Valencia, Jesús, 1943-
Tafalla : Txalaparta, 2011
Baker Berry DP302.B37 V35 2011

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