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DK - Soviet Union / Russia / Poland acquired during January 2017

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Rasputin : faith, power, and the twilight of the Romanovs
Smith, Douglas, 1962- author
New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2016
Introduction: The Holy Devil? -- Holy pilgrim: 1869-1904 -- Our friend: 1905-1909 -- Scandals: 1910-1911 -- A time of miracles: 1912-July 1914 -- War: July 1914-1915 -- The final year: 1916 -- The aftermath: 1917-1918 -- Epilogue.

"The definitive biography of Rasputin, spiritual guide to the Romanovs and source of great political intrigue, based on many new documents"--
Baker Berry DK254.R3 S66 2016

Legendy pervykh lit︠s︡ SSSR
Bogomolov, Alekseĭ
Moskva : Izdadelʹstvo AST, [2016]
Baker Berry DK293.B64 L44 2016

Brothers or enemies : the Ukrainian national movement and Russia, from the 1840s to the 1870s
Remy, Johannes, 1962- author
London : University of Toronto Press, [2016]
From the Cyrillo-Methodian society to the death of Nicholas I, 1845-1855 -- Ukrainian literature and censorship, 1855-9 -- Ukrainian publishing, Russians, and the empire in the beginning of the 1860s -- Ukrainian clandestine activities and government reaction, 1856-64 -- Imperial policies and the Ukrainian movement, 1863-76 -- The Ukrainian movement and Russia in the 1870s -- Aftermath and conclusions.

"Contrary to the prevailing opinion, the idea of Ukrainian independence did not emerge at the end of the nineteenth-century. In Brothers and Enemies, Johannes Remy reveals that the roots of Ukrainian independence were planted fifty years earlier. Remy contextualizes the Ukrainian national movement against the backdrop of the Russian Empire and its policy of oppression in the mid-nineteenth-century. Remy utilizes a wide range of unpublished archival sources to shed light on topics that are absent from current discourse including: Ilarion Vasilchikov's alliance with Ukrainian activists in 1861, the forged revolutionary proclamation used to deport Pavlo Chubynsky (who is known today as the author of the Ukrainian national anthem), and the 1864 negotiations between Kyiv activists and the Polish National Government. Brothers and Enemies is the first systematic study of imperial censorship policies during the period and will be of interest to those who seek a better understanding of the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict."--
Baker Berry DK508.772.R46 B76 2016

Scorched earth : Stalin's reign of terror
Baberowski, Jörg, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2016
What was Stalinism? -- Imperial spaces of violence -- Pyrrhic victories -- Subjugation -- Dictatorship of dread -- Wars -- Stalin's heirs.
Baker Berry DK267 .B22513 2016

The man with the poison gun : a Cold War spy story
Plokhy, Serhii, 1957- author
New York : Basic Books, [2016]
Part I. KGB man -- Stalin's call -- Master killer -- Secret agent -- Parachutist -- Streets of Munich -- Wonder weapon -- Greetings from Moscow -- Part II. Perfect murder -- Red Square -- Herr Popel -- Dead on arrival -- Funeral -- CIA telegram -- Upswing -- Prime suspect -- Active measures -- Part III. Moscow nights -- High hopes -- Man at the top -- Private matter -- Award -- Proposal -- Introducing the bride -- Month of the spy -- Going in circles -- Part IV. Escape from paradise -- Moscow bugs -- Family -- Change of plans -- New year -- Back to school -- Telephone call -- Berlin -- Down to the wire -- Part V. Publicity bomb -- Shock wave -- Defector -- Investigation -- Press conference -- High politics -- Congressman -- Part VI. Trial -- Karlsruhe -- Loyalty and betrayal -- First murder -- Big day -- Doubt -- Prosecution -- Devil's advocates -- Verdict -- Part VII. Departed -- Unanswered letter -- Guest from Washington -- Judex -- Vanished -- Kremlin ghost -- On the run -- Homecoming.

"In the fall of 1961, a KGB agent defected to West Germany. The slim 30-year-old man in police custody had papers in the name of an East German, Josef Lehmann, but claimed that his real name was Bogdan Stashinsky, and he was a citizen of the Soviet Union. On the orders of his KGB bosses, he had traveled on numerous occasions to Munich, where he singlehandedly tracked down and killed two enemies of the communist regime. He used a new, specially designed secret weapon--a spray pistol delivering liquid poison that, if fired into the victim's face, killed him without leaving any trace. Wracked by a guilty conscience, Stashinsky escaped with his wife under the tragic cover of their infant son's funeral, and crossed into West Berlin just hours before the Berlin Wall was erected. In 1962, after spilling his secrets to the CIA, Stashinsky was put on trial in what would be the most publicized assassination case in Cold War history. Stashinsky's testimony, implicating the Kremlin rulers in political assassinations carried out abroad, shook the world of international politics. The publicity stirred up by the Stashinsky case forced the KGB to change its modus operandi abroad and helped end the career of one of the most ambitious and dangerous Soviet leaders, the former head of the KGB and Leonid Brezhnev's rival, Aleksandr Shelepin. In West Germany, the Stashinsky trial changed the way in which Nazi criminals were prosecuted. Using the Stashinsky case as a precedent, many defendants in such cases claimed, as had the Soviet spy, that they were simply accessories to murder, while their superiors, who ordered the killings, were the main perpetrators."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DK266.3 .P463 2016

A history of the Soviet Union from the beginning to its legacy
Kenez, Peter, author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
The revolution, 1917-1921 -- New economic policies, 1921-1929 -- The first five-year plan -- High Stalinism -- A Great and Patriotic War -- The nadir, 1945-1953 -- The age of Khrushchev -- Real, existing socialism -- Failed reforms -- Leap into the unknown -- Illiberal democracy -- Putin returns -- Chronology.
Baker Berry DK266 .K43 2017

Южный берег русской аристократии : из истории освоения крымского Южнобережья 1820-1830 гг. в неопубликованных письмах княгини А.С. Голицыной Александру I, М.С. Воронцову и другим лицам / Татьяна Фадеева
Фадеева, Т. М. author. (Татьяна Михайловна),
Moskva : Progress-Tradit︠s︡ii︠a︡, [2016]
Baker Berry DK508.9.K78 F334 2016

Россия против Запада : 1000-летняя война / Лев Вершинин
Vershinin, Lev, author
Moskva : ĖKSMO, 2015
Baker Berry DK66 .V47 2015

С царем и без царя : воспоминания последнего дворцового коменданта государя императора Николая ИИ / Владимир Николаевич Воейков
Воейков, В. Н. аuthor. (Владимир Николаевич),
Moskva : "Zakharov", 2016
Baker Berry DK254.V57 A3 2016

Kashgar revisited : Uyghur studies in memory of Ambassador Gunnar Jarring
edited by Ildikó Bellér-Hann, Birgit N. Schlyter, Jun Sugawara
Boston : Brill, [2017]
Building on the rich scholarly legacy of Gunnar Jarring, the Swedish Turcologist and diplomat, the fourteen contributions by sixteen authors representing a variety of disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences provide an insight into ongoing research trends in Uyghur and Xinjiang Studies. In one way or other all the chapters explore how new research in the fields of history, linguistics, anthropology and folklore can contribute to our understanding of Xinjiang's past and present, simultaneously pointing to those social and knowledge practices that Uyghurs today can claim as part of their traditions in order to reproduce and perpetuate their cultural identity.
Baker Berry DK855.5.U35 K37 2012

Leaving footprints in the taiga : luck, spirits and ambivalence among the Siberian Orochen reindeer herders and hunters
Brandišauskas, Donatas, author
New York : Berghahn Books, 2017
Baker Berry DK759.O7 B73 2016

The future of the past : new perspectives on Ukrainian history
edited by Serhii Plokhy
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Distributed by Harvard University Press for the Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University, 2016
Quo Vadis Ukrainian History? / Serhii Plokhy -- 1. Towards a new narrative -- Teaching Ukraine in a comparative context / Alfred J. Rieber -- A view from the edge: borderland studies and Ukraine, 1991-2013 / Liliya Berezhnaya -- National histories and contemporary historiography: the challenges and risks of writing a new history of Ukraine / Georgiy Kasianov and Oleksii Tolochko -- 2. The transnational turn -- Viewing the twentieth century through the prism of Ukraine: reflections on the heuristic potential of Ukrainian history / Andrea Graziosi -- Ukraine, total wars, and the dialectics of integration and fragmentation, 1914-1953 / George O. Liber -- Wartime occupation and peacetime alien rule: "notes and materials" toward a(n) (anti-) (post-) colonial history of Ukraine / Mark von Hagen -- Ukraine and Eurasian history in the twentieth century / Hiroaki Kuromiya -- Remapping the geo-body: transnational dimensions of Stepan Rudnytsʹkyi and his contemporaries / Steven Seegel -- The art of shifting contexts / Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern -- Beyond Ukraine or Little Russia: going global with culture in Ukraine / Mayhill C. Fowler -- 3. The return of the region -- Galicia and Ukraine: measuring distance and writing history / Larry Wolff -- Empire, nation, and in-between: Ukrainian historiography / Iryna Vushko -- Children of Rusʹ: nationalist imaginations in Right-Bank Ukraine / Faith Hillis -- History, faith, and regional identity in nineteenth-century Kyiv: Father Petro Lebedyntsev as priest and scholar / Heather Coleman -- Post-Soviet studies of the Cossack elite: the present state of research and future tasks / Zenon E. Kohut -- Mapping the Great Famine / Serhii Plokhy -- 4. Representations of the past -- History, memory, and the media / Marta Dyczok -- Fighting Soviet myths: the Ukrainian experience / Volodymyr Kravchenko -- Studying the early modern period and teaching Ukrainian history in Russia / Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva -- Teaching the history of Ukraine in North America / Paul Robert Magocsi.
Baker Berry DK508.46 .F87 2016

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