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DJ - Netherlands (Holland) acquired during August 2016

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Below sea level : Nederland in foto's = The Netherlands in photographs
Huibers, Ewout, 1969- photographer
Houten, The Netherlands : Terra, [2015]
In 'Below sea level', photographer Ewout Huibers captures the Netherlands in every season and includes some remarkable highlights and places well below sea level. Almost one quarter of the Netherlands' surface is made up of drained inland lakes and land reclaimed from the sea. In such a densely populated country, every piece of land is cherished. In Ewout Huibers' stunning photographs, the ever-present water plays a natural leading role. The Dutch people have lived with water for centuries and half of the country still lies below sea level, or Amsterdam Ordnance Datum, as it is officially known. 'Below sea level is a painstaking visual study of the land that the down-to-earth and industrious Dutch people have worked hard to create. And their work will never end.
Baker Berry Oversize DJ24 .H85 2015

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