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DG - Italy acquired during January 2017

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Sicily : culture and conquest
Booms, Dirk, author
Ithaca, New York : Cornell University Press, 2016
Sicily: land of gods and heroes -- Peoples of Sicily -- "The glorious Greeks" -- Roman Sicily: the rebel island -- The Normans -- An enlightened kingdom.

"Sicily's central location and natural resources have meant that various peoples have sought to conquer, control and settle on the island throughout its 3000-year history. Its Italian identity, with which we are familiar today, emerges only comparatively recently. Under the successive rule of Greeks, Muslim Arabs, and medieval Normans, the island achieved a distinctly heterogeneous identity, becoming at times a major political actor in the Mediterranean and one of the wealthiest and most culturally prosperous places in the region. This book is the catalog that the British Museum is publishing for its major Spring 2016 exhibition, Sicily: Culture and Conquest. Written by two curators at the British Museum, this book highlights Sicily's long history as a cultural crossroads and battleground between empires and faiths. The book is illustrated with 200 images of objects from the British Museum's collection of Sicilian art and artifacts spanning almost 3000 years. Through text and art, the book uses art, architecture, and a remarkable selection of objects--from monumental metopes and beautiful mosaics to reliquary pendants and chess pieces (many revealing a distinct Sicilian character and style)--to provide a visually stunning insight into the key periods of Sicily's extraordinary past"--
Baker Berry DG865 .B66 2016

Roma pagana e Roma cristiana nel Rinascimento : atti del XXIV Convegno internazionale (Chianciano Terme-Pienza, 19-21 luglio 2012)
a cura di Luisa Secchi Tarugi
Firenze : Franco Cesati editore, [2014]
Baker Berry DG807.6 .I85 2012

Exercitus Moesiae : the Roman army in Moesia from Augustus to Severus Alexander
Whately, Conor, author
Oxford : BAR Publishing, 2016
Baker Berry DG59.M7 W43 2016

Mussolini 1883-1915 : triumph and transformation of a revolutionary socialist
Spencer M. Di Scala, Emilio Gentile, editors
New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan imprint is published by Springer Nature, [2016]
Making Mussolini / Spencer M. Di Scala -- Father and son / Philip Cannistraro -- A Romagnol in Switzerland: education of a revolutionary / Simone Visconti -- A revolutionary in Trentino / Stefano Biguzzi -- Mussolini and revolutionary syndicalism / Marco Gervasoni -- The battle within: Benito Mussolini, the reformists and the Great War / Spencer M. Di Scala -- The enemy of my enemy: Gaetano Salvemini, Benito Mussolini and the politics of the liberal state, 1910-1914 / Charles Killinger -- The style of a revolutionary journalist / Pierluigi Allotti -- A revolution for the third Italy / Emilio Gentile.

This book describes Mussolini's little-known radical ideology, including his activities in Switzerland, relationship with revolutionary syndicalism, and radical journalism. It provides an in-depth treatment of the young Benito Mussolini as a revolutionary Socialist and describes the political maneuverings that took a major European Socialist party by storm before the First World War. It explains the process of how he came to dominate Italian Socialism until the crisis caused by Italy's intervention in World War I. It illuminates Mussolini's leadership qualities and his rise to leader of the Italian Socialist Party.
Baker Berry DG575.M8 M87 2016

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