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Pompeii, a different perspective : via dell 'Abbondanza, a long road, well-traveled
Stephens, Jennifer F
Atlanta, Ga. : Lockwood Press, 2017
"The book presents the high-resolution digital orthographic photomosaics of the fa├žades of the city blocks along the street [via d'Abbondanza], provides historical and factual information about the buildings, and describes the process used to create the images."--page 2.
Baker Berry DG70.P7 S84 2017

Baldassarre Castiglione diplomatico : la missione del cortigiano
Ruggiero, Raffaele, 1971- author
Firenze : Leo S. Olschki editore, MMXVII
Baker Berry DG540.8.C3 R84 2017

The plight of Rome in the fifth century AD
Merrony, Mark W., author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
The purple cloak of deceit -- The bloody peace -- Crisis! What crisis? -- The rise and fall of the new golden era -- The plight of Rome.

"This volume examines the collapse of the western Roman Empire, and argues that the significant drop in war booty, agricultural productivity, and mineral resources from the early fifth century were are at the root of this collapse. As well as using literary sources, this volume focusses on the archaeological evidence available for the period, and argues that there is a noticeable decline in booty, economic product (arable and pastoral), and gold and silver mining, all of which was needed to underwrite urban building programmes, generate essential tax revenue to maintain military capability, and of course feed the population of Rome and support the imperial bureaucracy"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry DG312 .M47 2017

Duchess and hostage in Renaissance Naples : letters and orations
Sforza, Ippolita, 1445-1488, author
Tempe, Arizona : Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies ; 2017
Baker Berry DG848.112.S48 A4 2017

Hannibal's oath : the life and wars of Rome's greatest enemy
Prevas, John, author
Boston, MA : Da Capo Press, [2017]
The ultimate sacrifice to fulfill an oath -- The road to power -- On the march -- Over the icy peaks -- Crushing the Romans -- The ebbing tide -- Unending war -- Return to Africa -- Exile -- Afterword.

"According to ancient sources, Hannibal was only nine years old when his father dipped the small boy's hand in blood and made him swear eternal hatred of Rome. Whether the story is true or not, it is just one of hundreds of legends that have appeared over the centuries about this enigmatic military genius who challenged Rome for mastery of the ancient world. In this new biography, historian John Prevas reveals the truth behind the myths of Hannibal's life, wars, and character- from his childhood in Carthage to his training in military camps in Spain, crossing of the Alps, spectacular victories in Italy, humiliating defeat in the North African desert, banishment from Carthage, and suicide. Hannibal's Oath is an epic account of a monumental figure in history"--
Baker Berry DG249 .P74 2017

The Etruscans : lost civilizations
Shipley, Lucy, author
London : Reaktion Books, 2017
Why do the Etruscans matter? -- Where is home? -- Ostrich eggs and oriental dreams -- Pots and prejudice -- Super rich, invisible poor -- To be a woman -- Safe as houses -- Sex, lies and Etruscans -- Wrapped up writings -- Listening to livers -- Facing oblivion.

The Etruscans were a powerful and influential civilization in ancient Italy. But despite their prominence, they are often misrepresented as mysterious - a strange, unknowable people whose language and culture have largely vanished. Lucy Shipley's new history of the Etruscans presents a different picture: of a people who traded with Greece and shaped the development of Rome, who inspired Renaissance artists and Romantic firebrands and whose influence is still felt strongly in the modern world. Covering colonialism and conquest, misogyny and mystique, Etruscan history is woven with the very latest archaeological evidence to provide a unique perspective on this enigmatic culture, revealing how much we now know, and how much still remains undiscovered. The book explores Etruscan culture through a series of stories that also reveal the biases and prejudices of the present day. It describes the journey of Etruscan objects from the point of their creation through the story of their use, loss, rediscovery and reinvention. From the wrappings of an Egyptian mummy displayed in a fashionable salon to the extra-curricular activities of a member of the Bonaparte family, it takes us on an extraordinary voyage through Etruscan archaeology that leads to surprising and intriguing places.
Baker Berry DG223 .S557 2017

The intellectual struggle for Florence : humanists and the beginnings of the Medici regime, 1420-1440
Field, Arthur, 1948- author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017
Baker Berry DG737.55 .F54 2017