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DC - France acquired during August 2016

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Paris vagabond
Clébert, Jean-Paul, author
New York : New York Review Books, [2016]
Back to the city -- Discovering Paris -- Apartment measurer -- Ambulant newsie -- Itineraries -- Vagabondage -- Saint-Paul neighborhood -- Jewish Quarter -- Rue Quincampoix -- Grand tour of Paris -- Saint-Ouen Fleamarket -- The zone -- By the river in Ivry -- Avenue Eugène-Thomas- -- Cité universitaire -- Grand Canal -- Keeping clean -- Pigalle -- First, eat -- Hunger -- Hunger delusions -- The merits of tea -- Les Halles, belly of Paris -- Pilfering -- "Food! You can't beat it" -- A clochard's paradise -- The Attic of Evil Spells -- Tea ceremony -- Luc's place -- Paris nights -- Station waiting rooms -- Cemetery -- "Make yourself at home" -- Camping out (in Paris) -- Feast day -- A brothel for down-and-outs -- Hospitable bistros -- Maubert -- Baby carriages -- Ragpickers -- Waste paper as a resource -- Wine warehouses of Bercy -- The last guinguettes -- A tattoo market -- Arab bistros -- Dying alone -- Unknown bistros -- Familiar streetwalkers -- A phantasmagorical alleyway -- Vie de bohème -- Idleness has much to be said for it -- Realm of the offbeat -- Sexual perversion -- Real-life Paris -- "I've had enough."

"Paris Vagabond is an unclassifiable masterpiece, a book that purports to be a novel but, accompanied as it is by the photographs of Patrice Molinard, is as much a brilliant documentary as a work of the imagination. In rich prose, suffused with the language of the street, and brilliantly rendered in English by Donald Nicholson-Smith, Jean-Paul Clebert captures the essence of a long-gone Paris of the poor, the criminal, and the outcast: a society of outsiders beyond the social pale. Clebert's is a genuinely anarchist voice, a free spirit who was an intrepid explorer of a Paris that was in many places practically ruinous but where the poor were not yet completely marginalized. He was also a true writer's writer, hailed by his mentor and friend Blaise Cendrars and admired by Henry Miller, who said that reading Paris Vagabond "roiled my guts.""--
Baker Berry DC707 .C537913 2016

Interpretation in/of the seventeenth century
edited by Pierre Zoberman
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015
Baker Berry DC128 .I56 2015

The real Traviata : the song of Marie Duplessis
Weis, René, 1953- author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015
Prologue : a weekend in the country -- A mother and daughter : 1824-1837 -- L'affaire Plantier : Exmes 1837 -- Working girls in Paris : 1839-1841 -- A fair lady meets Pygmalion : 1840-1841 -- The baby of a traviata : Versailles, May 1841 -- Stallions and flaneurs on the boulevard des Italiens : 1841-1842 -- An old count in Baden-Baden : July 1842 -- Partying in Paris and London with Antinous : 1842-1843 -- A summer idyll on a bend in the river : 1843 -- Sin and luxury at 11 boulevard de la Madeleine : 1844-1847 -- Alexandre Dumas fils, Lola Montez, and Olympe Aguado : 1844-1845 -- The pianist, the baroness, and the actress : October 1845-February 1846 -- A registry wedding in London : 21 February 1846 -- A summer sunset in the spas of Europe : 1846 -- Agony and death of a maiden : October 1846-3 February 1847 -- Two winter funerals in Montmartre : February 1847 -- Auction at 11 boulevard de la Madeleine : February 1847 -- La dame aux camélias, by Alexandre Dumas fils : 1848 -- La dame aux camélias at the Vaudeville : February 1852 -- Verdi and the Barezzis : the genesis of La traviata : 1823-1852 -- La traviata 1853-4 : the apotheosis of Marie Duplessis -- Epilogue : memory and myth.

"... the rags-to-riches story of a tragic young woman whose life inspired one of the most famous operas of all time, Verdi's masterpiece, La traviata, as well as one of the most scandalous and successful French novels of the nineteenth century, La Dame aux Camelias, by Alexandre Dumas fils. The woman at the centre of the story, Marie Duplessis, escaped from her life as an abused teenage girl in provincial Normandy, rising in an amazingly short space of time to the apex of fashionable life in nineteenth century Paris, where she was considered the queen of the Parisian courtesans. Her life was painfully short, but by sheer willpower, intelligence, talent, and stunning looks she attained such prominence in the French capital that ministers of the government and even members of the French royal family fell under her spell. In the 1840s she commanded the kind of 'paparazzi' attention that today we associate only with major royalty or the biggest Hollywood stars. Aside from the younger Dumas, her conquests included a host of writers and artists, including the greatest pianist of the century, Franz Liszt, with whom she once hoped to elope. When she died Theophile Gautier, one of the most important Parisian writers of the day, penned an obituary fit for a princess. Indeed, he boldly claimed that she had been a princess, notwithstanding her peasant origin and her distinctly demi-monde existence."--Book jacket.
Baker Berry DC705.D87 W45 2015

Journal d'un attaché d'ambassade (1916-1917)
Morand, Paul, 1888-1976
[Paris] : Gallimard, ©1996
Baker Berry DC387 .M67 1996

Le PSF : un parti de masse à droite : 1936-1940
sous la direction de Serge Berstein et de Jean-Paul Thomas ; préface de Jean-Noël Jeanneney
Paris : CNRS Éditions, [2016]
Baker Berry DC389 .P74 2016

Les années 30 sont de retour : petite leçon d'histoire pour comprendre les crises du présent
Renaud Dély, Pascal Blanchard, Claude Askolovitch, Yvan Gastaut
[Paris] : Flammarion, [2014]
Baker Berry DC389 .A56 2014

Le road trip : a traveler's journal of love and France
Swift, Vivian, 1956-
New York : Bloomsbury USA, 2012
Anticipation : in love and travel, getting there is half the fun -- Infatuation : arrival-- it's a lot like love at first sight -- The reality check : a little bump in the road -- The honeymoon phase : travel at its most romantic -- The going gets tough : survival tips -- The comfort zone : ready for the long haul -- The end of the road : it's a lot like breaking up -- Aller et retour : there and back.

"Part journal of the splendor of being footloose in the French countryside, part instruction manual on how to survive the pitfalls of the vagabond lifestyle, Le Road Trip is a beautiful celebration of the pleasurable perils of travel, love, and France."--Jacket.
Baker Berry DC29.3 .S95 2012

Pour les musulmans
Plenel, Edwy, author
Paris : La Découverte, ©2016
"Il y a un problème de l'islam en France", n'hésite pas à proclamer un académicien, regrettant même "que l'on abandonne ce souci de civilisation au Front national". A cette banalisation intellectuelle d'un discours semblable à celui qui, avant la catastrophe européenne, affirmait l'existence d'un "problème juif" en France, ce livre répond en prenant le parti de nos compatriotes d'origine, de culture ou de croyance musulmanes contre ceux qui les érigent en boucs émissaires de nos inquiétudes et de nos incertitudes. L'enjeu n'est pas seulement de solidarité mais de fidélité. Pour les musulmans donc, comme l'on écrirait pour les juifs, pour les Noirs et pour les Roms, ou, tout simplement, pour la France. -- Back cover
Baker Berry DC34.5.M87 P54 2016

Souvenirs et chronique de la duchesse de Dino, nièce aimée de Talleyrand
Dino, Dorothée, duchesse de, 1793-1862, author
Paris : Robert Laffont, [2016]
Baker Berry DC255.D56 A3 2016

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