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DB - Austria / Liechtenstein / Hungary / Czechoslovakia acquired during June 2017

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Maria Theresia : die Kaiserin in ihrer Zeit : eine Biographie
Stollberg-Rilinger, Barbara, author
München : C.H. Beck, [2017]
Baker Berry DB71 .S765 2017

The monumental nation : Magyar nationalism and symbolic politics in Fin-de-Siecle Hungary
Varga, Bálint, 1983- author
New York ; Berghahn 2016
From the 1860s onward, Habsburg Hungary attempted a massive project of cultural assimilation to impose a unified national identity on its diverse populations. In one of the more quixotic episodes in this "Magyarization," large monuments were erected near small towns commemorating the medieval conquest of the Carpathian Basin-supposedly, the moment when the Hungarian nation was born. This exactingly researched study recounts the troubled history of this plan, which-far from cultivating national pride-provoked resistance and even hostility among provincial Hungarians. Author Balint Varga thus reframes the narrative of nineteenth-century nationalism, demonstrating the complex relationship between local and national memories.
Baker Berry DB945 .V36 2016

Die Noblesse im Bild : die adeligen Porträtgalerien in der Frühen Neuzeit in den Ländern der ehemaligen Habsburgermonarchie
Editor, Ingrid Halászová
Bratislava : VEDA, Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences ; [2016]
One of the most elaborate and, for this reason, little worked on topics is the problem of the development and the initial phases of the development of aristocratic portrait galleries in the former countries of the Habsburg monarchy in Central Europe. This publication is the joint work of an international author collective. The individual chapters present findings on the development and development of portrait galleries in the Czech Republic and Moravia. In the case of the former Kingdom of Hungary, a general overview of the development of the aristocratic portrait in the 17th century is presented by painters and clients. In the individual case studies two portrait collections are analyzed: the Bibersburg Portrait Gallery of the Pálffy family and the Esterházy Collection at Forchtenstein Castle. The Austrian side of the Danube represents the Galerie der Adelsgeschlechts Lamberg at Schloss Ottenstein.
Baker Berry DB36.3.H3 N63 2016

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