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D - General History acquired during July 2016

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World War I from local perspectives : history, literature and visual arts : Austria, Britain, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Poland and the United States
Miroslawa Buchholtz, Grzegorz Koneczniak (eds.)
New York : Peter Lang, [2015]
Baker Berry D524.6 .W67 2015

Frontovye budni artillerista : s gaubit︠s︡eĭ ot Sozha do Ėlʹby 1941-1945
Stopalov, Sergeĭ
Moskva : T︠S︡entrpoligraf, 2015
Baker Berry D811.A2 S75 2015

Происхождение Первой мировой войны / Игорь Тышецкий
Tyshet︠s︡kiĭ, Igorʹ Timofeevich
Moskva : Mezhdunarodnye otnoshenii︠a︡, 2015
Baker Berry D511 .T97 2015

Дорога к свободе : беседы с Кахой Бендукидзе / Владимир Федорин
Бендукидзе, Каха, 1956-2014, interviewee
Moskva : Novoe izdatelʹstvo, 2015
Baker Berry D860 .B4518 2015

Invasion Syria, 1941 : Churchill and De Gaulle's forgotten war
Wailly, Henri de, 1934-
New York : I B Tauris, 2016
Baker Berry D766.7.S9 W3513 2016

Palabras que atan : metáforas y conceptos del vínculo social en la historia moderna y contemporánea
François Godicheau y Pablo Sánchez León (eds.)
Madrid : FCE, 2015
Baker Berry D13 .P353 2015

The age of genius : the seventeenth century and the birth of the modern mind
Grayling, A. C
New York, NY : Bloomsbury, 2016
Introduction. Seeing the universe ; The epoch in human history -- A time of wars. The origins of the wars ; The loss of the Palatinate ; The mercenary captains ; The Edict of Restitution, 1629 -- The Swedish apogee ; From Wallenstein to Breisach ; Towards Westphalia ; In the ruins of Europe ; The maritime conflicts -- The cumulation of ideas. The intelligencers ; The short ways to knowledge ; Dr Dee and the potent art ; The Rosicrucian scare -- From magic to science. From magic to method ; The birth of science ; War and science -- The social order. Society and politics ; Language and belief -- Conclusion. Is it a myth?

"Explores the eventful intertwining of outward event and inner intellectual life to tell, in all its richness and depth, the story of the 17th century in Europe. It was a time of creativity unparalleled in history before or since, from science to the arts, from philosophy to politics ... Grayling points to three primary factors [behind this epochal shift]: the rise of vernacular (popular) languages in philosophy, theology, science, and literature; the rise of the individual as a general and not merely an aristocratic type; and the invention and application of instruments and measurement in the study of the natural world"
Baker Berry D242 .G73 2016

Le soldat et la mort dans la Grande Guerre
sous la direction de Isabelle Homer et Emmanuel Pénicaut
Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, [2016]
Mourir à la guerre -- Gérer la mort -- Représenter la mort.
Baker Berry D639.D4 S65 2016

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