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C - Auxiliary Sciences of History Acquisitions during May 2017

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Community-based heritage in Africa : unveiling local research and development initiatives
Schmidt, Peter R. 1942- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2017
Part I: Backdrop to heritage meanings -- Prelude to the unexpected -- Setting, place, and heritage -- Part II: A biography of a local heritage initiative -- Disorientation and recuperation: relearning heritage in Katuruka Village -- Grassroots heritage work in action -- Spitting pearls: agendas for community research and heritage performance are realized -- Euphoria, cargo cult expectations, and hard reality -- Commentary: fitting Buhaya into global perspectives -- Part III: Community research findings -- HIV/AIDS, the living, and memory -- Intangible heritage: hope lost over erased ethical values -- Commentary: reflections on human rights, senses of place, and heritage -- Heritage lost, heritage regained -- Androcentric perspectives, subaltern conundrums, and learning from snakes -- Njeru, the "white sheep" and her snake -- With Eudes Bambanza and Zuriat Mohamed -- Part IV: Reflections on the Katuruka initiative -- Progress while negotiating potholes -- Harm by greed: "negotiating" heritage rights and land use -- The future of Katuruka: is there hope? -- Part V: Spreading to other communities and concluding thoughts -- Heritage ephemeral, heritage hidden, and heritage revealed at Kanazi Palace -- Kanazi Palace, King Kahigi II, and ethical conundrums in community heritage work -- The "Cave of the dead": genocide, forgotten heritage, and education -- Reflections and connections.
Baker Berry CC77.C66 S36 2017

Staging death : funerary performance, architecture and landscape in the Aegean
edited by Anastasia Dakouri-Hild and Michael J. Boyd
Berlin : De Gruyter, [2016]
"Places are social, lived, ideational landscapes constructed by people as they inhabit their natural and built environment. An 'archaeology of place' attempts to move beyond the understanding of the landscape as inert background or static fossil of human behaviour. From a specifically mortuary perspective, this approach entails a focus on the inherently mutable, transient and performative qualities of 'deathscapes': how they are remembered, obliterated, forgotten, reworked, or revisited over time. Despite latent interest in this line of enquiry, few studies have explored the topic explicitly in Aegean archaeology. This book aims to identify ways in which to think about the deathscape as a cross between landscapes, tombs, bodies, and identities, supplementing and expanding upon well explored themes in the field (e.g. tombs as vehicles for the legitimization of power; funerary landscapes as arenas of social and political competition). The volume recasts a wealth of knowledge about Aegean mortuary cultures against a theoretical background, bringing the field up to date with recent developments in the archaeology of place"--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry CC77.H5 S72 2016

The Templars and their sources
edited by Karl Borchardt, Karoline Döring, Philippe Josserand and Helen Nicholson
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Section I. Headquarters -- Vestiges of Templar presence in the Aqsa Mosque / Benjamin Z. Kedar -- The Templars and the kings of Jerusalem / Jochen Burgtorf -- The Templars' archives in Syria and Cyprus / Anthony Luttrell -- Section II. Charters -- Templar charters and charters for the Templars: self-promotion versus the image of the order / Karl Borchardt -- Copies and cartularies: modernizing Templar documents in mid-thirteenth century Champagne / Michael J. Peixoto -- Private charters and other family documents in the Templar archives: commanderies in southern France / Damien Carraz -- Editing Templar charters in the Iberian Peninsula at the beginning of the twenty-first century / Philippe Josserand -- The Marquis of Albon, Carl Erdmann and the Templar sources in Portugal / Kristjan Toomaspoeg -- Section III. Constitution, structure and finance -- The office of master deça mer in military orders / Alan Forey -- Die prokuratoren der templer: diplomatische und rechtliche aspekte ihrer einsetzung und ihrer Aufgaben: English summary / Christian Vogel -- Templar tactics: the order on the battlefield / John France -- Les ordres religieux-militaires et l'argent: sources et pratiques: English summary / Alain Demurger -- Section IV. Spiritual character -- Les templiers et le progressif évanouissement de leur règle: English summary / Simonetta Cerrini -- The documentary evidence for Templar religion / Jochen Schenk -- Gab es eine spiritualität der templer: English summary / Arno Mentzel-Reuters.
Baker Berry CR4743 .T463 2017

The life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African
Equiano, Olaudah, 1745-1797
Boston: : Published by Isaac Knapp, 25 Cornhill., 1837
Baker Berry Old Dartmouth B E647

Graeco-Roman archives from the Fayum
by Katelijn Vandorpe, Willy Clarysse and Herbert Verreth ; with contributions by Guiseppina Azzarello, Yanne Broux, Marie-Pierre Chaufray, W. Graham Claytor, Lucia Crisuolo, Birgit Feucht, Karolien Geens, Francisca A.J. Hoogendijk, Ruben Smolders, Silke Vanbeselaere, Bart Van Beek, Korneel Van Lommel, Sofie Waebens
Leuven, Belgium : Peeters, 2015
The Fayum is a large depression in the western desert of Egypt, receiving its water directly from the Nile. In the early Ptolemaic period the agricultural area expanded a great deal, new villages were founded and many Greeks settled here. When villages on the outskirts were abandoned about AD 300-400, houses and cemeteries remained intact for centuries. Here were found thousands of papyri, ostraca (potsherds) and hundreds of mummy portraits, which have made the area famous among classicists and art historians alike. Most papyri and ostraca are now scattered over collections all over the world. The sixth volume of Collectanea Hellenistica presents 145 reconstructed archives originating from this region, including private, professional, official and temple archives both in Greek and in native Demotic.
Baker Berry CD2337.5.F39 V36 2015

Árvore genealógica família Knob : primeiros registros de terras, Hanns Knopp (1450), relação dos descendentes a partir de Peter Knopp (1605)
J. Rubem Knob, organizador
São Leopoldo, RS : Oikos Editora, 2015
Baker Berry CS309 .K56 2015

Contemporary perspectives on C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of man : history, philosophy, education, and science
edited by Tim Mosteller and Gayne John Anacker
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
"Beginning with a clear account of the historical setting for The Abolition of Man and its place within C.S. Lewis' corpus of writing, Contemporary Perspectives on C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man: History, Philosophy, Education and Science assesses and appraises Lewis' seminal lectures, providing a thorough analysis of the themes and subjects that are raised. Chapters focus on the major areas of thought including: philosophy, natural law, education, literature, politics, theology, science, biotechnology and the connection between the Ransom Trilogy. Drawing on Lewis' central ideas, they tackle questions such as, is The Abolition of Man hostile to scientific inquiry? Does Lewis provide an adequate rational defense of natural moral law? Do the lectures address the philosophical questions of the 21st century as Lewis sought to provide answers to philosophical questions of the 20th century? Dealing with themes across multiple areas of human inquiry, the authors bring expertise from their respective fields to bear on the core issues raised in Lewis' lectures. The result is an interdisciplinary approach that offers the first comprehensive scholarly treatment of The Abolition of Man, one of the most debated of Lewis' works."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry CB245 .C66 2017

Injury and trauma in bioarchaeology : interpreting violence in past lives
Redfern, Rebecca, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Foreword / Debra L. Martin -- Introduction -- Approaches to understanding and interpreting violence in the past -- Violent behaviour in humans and human societies -- Environmental factors and violence -- Injury in life course perspective -- Violent happenings : intentional injury patterns -- Living with the consequences of injury -- Conclusions.

"The remains of past people are a testament to their lived experiences and of the environment in which they lived. Synthesising the latest research, this book critically examines the sources of evidence used to understand and interpret violence in bioarchaeology, exploring the significant light such evidence can shed on past hierarchies, gender roles and life courses. The text draws on a diverse range of social and clinical science research to investigate violence and trauma in the archaeological record, focussing on human remains. It examines injury patterns in different groups as well as the biological, psychological and cultural factors that make us behave violently, how our living environment influences injury and violence, the models used to identify and interpret violence in the past, and how violence is used as a social tool. Drawing on a range of case studies, Redfern explores new research directions that will contribute to nuanced interpretations of past lives"--
Baker Berry CC79.5.H85 R425 2017

Postcolonial interruptions, unauthorised modernities
Chambers, Iain, author
London ; Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
The algebra of power -- A broken archive -- Migrating modernities -- Lessons from the south -- Scarred landscapes -- Folds in time.

"This book is a ground-breaking work that revaluates the cultural and political understandings of the world today from the perspective of the south"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry CB261 .C47 2017

Greece reinvented : transformations of Byzantine Hellenism in Renaissance Italy
Lamers, Han, author
Leiden : Brill, [2015]
Introduction -- A Hellenic alternative : the emergence of Greekness in Byzantium -- Making the best of it : the negotiation of Greekness in Italy -- Freedom and community : the secular Greekness of Cardinal Bessarion -- The Greek tradition as a combat zone : Hellenocentrism in the work of George Trapezuntius of Crete -- Greekness as cultural common ground : Ianus Lascaris' attempt at Greco-Latin ecumenism -- Greekness without Greece : Michele Tarcaniota Marullo and Manilio Cabacio Rallo -- The territorialisation of Hellenism : Giovanni Gemisto's vision of the Greek world -- Conclusion : Greece reinvented.

"In Greece Reinvented Han Lamers explores the transformations of Byzantine Hellenism in Renaissance Italy. Relinquishing their traditional Roman inheritance, the Byzantine intelligentsia in Italy generally portrayed themselves as 'children of the Hellenes'. On the basis of sources in Greek, Latin, and Italian, and at the crossroads of cultural, literary, and intellectual history, Greece Reinvented shows in what ways Greek exiles such as Bessarion, George Trapezuntius, Ianus Lascaris, Michele Marullo, and others redefined what it meant to be Greek in the Italian diaspora. Placing their renewed 'Greekness' in the context of the cultural exchange between Greeks and Latins, Greece Reinvented reveals the cultural dynamics behind the much-studied transfer of Greek learning from Byzantium to the Latin West"--
Baker Berry CB367 .L36 2015

Dicionário genealógico latino-português
Cesca, Vitalino, author
Porto Alegre : EdiPUCRS, 2016
Baker Berry CS6 .C47 2016

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