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Metaphysis : ritual, myth and symbolism in the Aegean Bronze age : proceedings of the 15th International Aegean Conference, Vienna, Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Aegean and Anatolia Department, Austrian Academy of Sciences and Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Vienna, 22-25 April 2014
edited by Eva Alram-Stern, Fritz Blakolmer, Sigrid Deger-Jalkotzy, Robert Laffineur and Jörg Weilhartner
Leuven : Peeters, 2016
The topic of the 15th International Aegean Conference has been inspired by one of Vienna's most prominent residents: Sigmund Freud. In Aegean prehistory, questions of ritual behaviour and underlying 'metaphysical' beliefs have become a widespread and multifaceted field of research based on a large variety of methodological approaches. At the Metaphysis conference a large range of issues of ritual, myth and symbolism in the Aegean Bronze Age were addressed, such as ritual places and ritual landscapes, sacral and sepulchral rituals, social and political ceremonies, ritual acts and performances, the supernatural realm, liminality, irrationality and magic, mythology, hybrid creatures, heroes/heroines, divinities, symbols, emblems and iconography, images of power, and cosmology. Thus, Metaphysis was dedicated to the complex relationship between humans and 'the other' - the broad scholarly interface between a popular ritual belief and the cult of deities, i.e. religion in its proper sense.
Baker Berry CC1 .A25 no.39

The Routledge companion to intangible cultural heritage
edited by Michelle L. Stefano and Peter Davis
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
Baker Berry CC135 .R68 2017

Archaeologies of "us" and "them" : debating history, heritage and indigeneity
edited by Charlotta Hillerdal, Anna Karlström and Carl-Gösta Ojala
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
"Archaeologies of 'Us' and 'Them' explores the concept of indigeneity within the field of archaeology and heritage and in particular examines the shifts in power that occur when 'we' define 'the other' by categorizing 'them' as indigenous. Recognizing the complex and shifting distinctions between indigenous and non-indigenous pasts and presents, this volume gives a nuanced analysis of the underlying definitions, concepts and ethics associated with this field in order to explore indigenous archaeology as a theoretical, ethical and political concept"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry CC72 .A66 2017

Galloping horses : artist Xu Beihong and his family in Mao's China
Xu, Fangfang, author
Saint Louis, MO : Beihong Arts Publishing, LLC, 2016
The author recalls growing up in Mao's China as the daughter of pioneering artist Xu Beihong, describing how her family and her father's legacy survived the turbulence of Mao's ever-changing policies, which dictated the direction of art and music from 1949 to 1976.
Baker Berry CT1828.X8 A3 2016

In space we read time : on the history of civilization and geopolitics
Schlögel, Karl, author
New York City : Bard Graduate Center, [2016]
The return of space -- Reading maps -- The work of the eye -- Europe, diaphanous.

"History is usually thought of as a tale of time, a string of events flowing in a particular chronological order. But as Karl Schlogel shows in this groundbreaking book, the where of history is just as important as the when. Schlogel relishes space the way a writer relishes a good story: on a quest for a type of history that takes full account of place, he explores everything from landscapes to cities, maps to railway timetables. Do you know the origin of the name 'Everest'? What can the layout of towns tell us about the American Dream? In Space We Read Time reveals this and much, much more. Here is both a model for thinking about history within physical space and a stimulating history of thought about space, as Schlogel reads historical periods and events within the context of their geographical location. Discussions range from the history of geography in France to what a town directory from 1930s Berlin can say about professional trades that have since disappeared. He takes a special interest in maps, which can serve many purposes--one poignant example being the German Jewish community's 1938 atlas of emigration, which showed the few remaining possibilities for escape. Other topics include Thomas Jefferson's map of the United States; the British survey of India; and the multiple cartographers with Woodrow Wilson at the Paris Peace Conference, where the aim was to redraw Europe's boundaries on the basis of ethnicity. Moving deftly from the Austro-Hungarian Empire to 9/11 and from Vermeer's paintings to the fall of the Berlin wall, this intriguing book presents history from a completely new perspective"--
Baker Berry CB450 .S3513 2016

Joe Gould's teeth
Lepore, Jill, 1966- author
New York : Vintage Books, 2017
Meo Tempore -- Miss Savage -- Case No. 231.

"A "New Yorker" staff writer and Harvard historian chronicles the discovery of Joe Gould's long-lost manuscript, "The Oral History of Our Time," and of the violence, betrayals, and madness that led to its concealment, "--NoveList.
Baker Berry CT9991.G6 L47 2017

Locating lost family members & friends : modern genealogical research techniques for locating the people of your past and present
Hinckley, Kathleen W., 1948-
Cincinnati, Ohio : Betterway Books, ©1999
Beginning the search -- The telephone directory -- City directories and householder directories -- Birth certificates -- Marriage and divorce records -- Death certificates; obituaries; cemetery, funeral home and probate records -- Social Security Administration -- Twentieth-century census records -- Military records -- Real estate records -- High school and college -- Church records -- Court records -- Voter registration -- Licenses and registrations -- Immigration and naturalization -- Finding assistance -- Putting the pieces together -- Appendixes : A. State health departments ; B. National archives and regional facilities ; C. National cemetery system ; D. Repositories with major genealogical collections ; E. Reading list ; F. Internet sites ; G. Research work sheet.

Provides instructions for locating lost family members on the Internet, and demonstrates how to overcome research obstacles.
Baker Berry CS14 .H56 1999

Medrar para sobrevivir : individualidades presas en la fragua de la historia (siglos XVI-XIX)
Thomas Calvo, Armando Hernández Soubervielle (coordinadores)
San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. : El Colegio de San Luis ; [2016]
De un seminario a un libro / Thomas Calvo y José Armando Hernández Soubervielle -- Don Martín de Mendalde y el mecenazgo de lo efímero (o cómo forjarse un nombre en el siglo XVII) / Armando Hernández Soubervielle -- Exploración, literatura y erudición en el siglo XVII novohispano : el caso de Pedro Porter Casanate (1611-1662) / Ramón Manuel Pérez Martínez -- Un juez español en México en el tránsito entre la administración colonial y la independiente, José de Peón Valdés / Marcelino Cuesta Alonso -- El converadurismo militante, Teodosio Lares : la tradición monárquica como alternativa política / Martín Escobedo Delgado -- Juan de Monroy y el norte de la Nueva Galicia entre los siglos XVI y XVII : una vida con un sinfín de facetas / Thomas Hillerkuss y Georgina Indira Quiñones Flores -- Juan de Zavala, benefactor de la ciudad de San Luis Potosí (1592-1620) / María Teresa Quezada Torres -- De lealtades y reivindicación : paisaje autobiográfico de un administrador del México decimonónico / Moisés Gámez -- Cayetano Rubio y Joaquín Errazu : empresa y familia en Salinas del Peñón Blanco, 1835-1846 / David Eduardo Vázquez Salguero -- "Artifice dle progreso" : el general Carlos Pacheco y su gestión en la Secretaría de Formento, 1881-1891 / Marcela Martínez Rodríguez -- Una zacatecana del siglo XVIII : Catalina Alvarez de Valdez / Emilia Recéndez Guerrero -- La condesa de San Mateo de ValparaIso, mujer de negocios del siglo XVIII / Ana Guillermina Gómez Murillo -- Medrar entre palmares : Francisca Martha, una "india china" en el Colima del siglo XVII / Paulina Machuca Chávez -- Tánatos y sociedad : la muerte de un carbonero en los caminos de San Luis Potosí (1605) / Thomás Calvo -- Dar fe..., el legado de un testigo de asistencia : Rioverde, San Luis Potosí, 1859 / Luz Carregha Lamadrid y Miriam Aurora Gómez Escalante.
Baker Berry CT555 .M434 2016

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