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BR-BX - Christianity acquired during November 2016

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Evangelicalism in America
Randall Balmer
Waco, Texas : Baylor University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BR1642.U5 B342 2016

Reforming Sodom : Protestants and the rise of gay rights
White, Heather Rachelle, 1974-
Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, [2015]
How the Bible came to speak about homosexuality -- The therapeutic orthodoxy -- Writing the homophile self -- Churchmen and homophiles -- Sanctified heterosexuality -- Born again at Stonewall -- Afterlives of an invented past.
Baker Berry BR115.H6 W446 2015

Ungläubiges Staunen : über das Christentum
Kermani, Navid, 1967- author
München : C.H. Beck, 2015
Baker Berry BR115.A8 K456 2015

Beyond memory : Italian protestants in Italy and America
Barone, Dennis, author
Albany : State University of New York Press, [2016]
Introduction -- Chapter 1. The soul of a stranger -- Chapter 2. To struggle for a place at the table -- Chapter 3. Does Christ linger at Eboli? -- Chapter 4. Answers to the Roman question -- Chapter 5. By twos and by threes -- Chapter 6. Christ for Hartford -- Chapter 7. A sermon for the oppressed -- Epilogue.
Baker Berry BR563.I8 B37 2016

Making and remaking saints in nineteenth-century Britain
edited by Gareth Atkins
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2016
Baker Berry BR759 .M28 2016

The psychedelic gospels : the secret history of hallucinogens in Christianity
Brown, Jerry B. 1942- author
Rochester, Vermont : Park Street Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BR129 .B76 2016

The house of the mother : the social roles of maternal kin in Biblical Hebrew narrative and poetry
Chapman, Cynthia R., 1964- author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BS579.M65 C437 2016

La Sainte Bible : qui contient l'Ancien et le Nouveau Testament : revue sur les textes hebreux et grecs par les pasteurs et professeurs de Geneve
Amsterdam : D. Onder de Linden, [1761]
Rauner Rare Book BS230 1761

The New Testament in Byzantium
edited by Derek Krueger and Robert S. Nelson
Washington, D.C. : Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, [2016]
Baker Berry BS2325 .N483 2016

Acts : a commentary
Holladay, Carl R., author
Louisville, Kentucky : Westminster John Knox Press, [2016]
Part 1 : the beginning of the church in Jerusalem -- Part 2 : the word spreads : Jerusalem to Syrian Antioch -- Part 3 : the word spreads westward : Paul's mission in Cyprus and South-Central Asia minor -- Part 4 : the Jerusalem council decides terms of admission for gentiles -- Part 5 : the word spreads farther west : Paul's mission around the Aegean -- Part 6 : Paul in Jerusalem and Caesarea : his arrest and trials -- Part 7 : Paul reaches Rome.

"In his own inimitable way, Carl Holladay combines accuracy of description in summoning events and personages and cultural-classical texts critical to Luke's telling, while at the same time extracting with magnetic-like force their importance in the much larger theological-missional intent of Luke's interactive narrative arc. As a highly skilled historian, Holladay enables the lasting significance of Luke's kerygmatic message to present itself from within the historical-literary-cultural contexts that he highlights so well." David P. Moessner - Book Jacket.
Baker Berry BS2625.53 .H65 2016

The economy of Salvation : essays in honor of M. Douglas Meeks
edited by Jürgen Moltmann, Timothy R. Eberhart and Matthew W. Charlton
Eugene, Oregon : Cascade Books [2015]
Baker Berry BT751.3 .E26 2015

Working against the grain : re-imaging black theology in the 21st century
Reddie, Anthony
London ; Routledge, 2014
Prologue: A personal manifesto -- Defending Black theology from homogeneity -- A Black theological approach to reconciliation -- Rethinking Black biblical hermeneutics in Black theology in Britain -- Jesus as a Black hero -- A Black theological Christmas story -- Black churches as counter-cultural agencies -- A Black theological approach to violence against Black people : countering the fear and reality of being "othered" -- A biblical and theological case for reparations -- What is the point of this? : a practical Black theology exploration of suffering and theodicy -- Peace and justice through Black Christian education -- HIV/AIDS and Black communities in Britain : reflections from a practical Black British liberation theologian -- Making the difference.

Christianity has been both the cause of oppression among Black communities and a source of liberation. Black Christianity has sought solace in the redemptive figure of Christ in its struggle for human dignity and freedom. 'Working Against the Grain' addresses the displacement of Black theology in Diasporan African churches by charismatic and conservative neo-Pentecostalism. The essays present a radical Black theology that empowers disenfranchised Black people whilst challenging White power to see and act differently. 'Working Against the Grain' is an essential text for all those interested in the pursuit of racial justice and other forms of anti-oppressive practice, both inside the church and beyond it. (Publisher)
Baker Berry BT82.7 .R46 2008

Mother of Mercy, Bane of the Jews : devotion to the Virgin Mary in Anglo-Norman England
Ihnat, Kati, 1981- author
Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2016]
Praising Mary: liturgy and prayer -- Understanding Mary: theological treatises -- Hagiographies of Mary: miracle collections -- Enemies of Mary: Jews in miracle stories.
Baker Berry BT652.E54 I36 2016

The prince of this world
Kotsko, Adam, author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, 2017
Introduction : why the devil? -- The Hebrew biblical tradition : the paradox of minority monotheism -- The New Testament and early Christianity : apocalyptic and its Christian vicissitudes -- Monasticism and medieval Christianity : the ransom paid the devil -- The fall of the devil -- The earthly city -- Life in hell -- Conclusion : the legacy of the devil.
Baker Berry BT982 .K68 2017

Christmas in the crosshairs : two thousand years of denouncing and defending the world's most celebrated holiday
Bowler, G. Q., 1948- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
The inventors -- The revivalists -- The tyrants -- The godly and the godless -- The appropriators -- The discontented -- The privatizers -- A brief epilogue.
Baker Berry BV45 .B684 2017

Theology and the university in nineteenth-century Germany
Purvis, Zachary, 1986- author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2016
Organizing knowledge -- Institutions and reforms -- Enlightenment, history, and new ideals -- Theology and Wissenschaft in the 'quiet war' -- Schleiermacher from Halle to Berlin -- Renewing Protestantism? Schleiermacher and university theology -- The speculative trajectory -- Preceptor of modern theology : Hagenbach and the mediating school.
Baker Berry BV4140.G3 P87 2016

Manipulating theophany : light and ritual in north Adriatic architecture (ca. 400-ca. 800)
Ivanovici, Vladimir, author
Berlin ; De Gruyter, [2016]
Baker Berry BV6 .I93 2016

Meister Eckhart : philosopher of Christianity
Flasch, Kurt
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2015]
Life and works around 1300 -- A forgotten concept: philosophy of Christianity -- Self-portrayals -- Beginnings: Paris and Erfurt, 1292-1298 -- The sermon cycle on eternal birth -- Too grand a plan: prologues to the Opus tripartitum -- Parisian debates, 1302-1303 -- Programmatic speeches -- Golden apples in silver peels: the origin of the world : an explanation of Genesis -- Wisdom: In sapientiam -- Departure: In exodum -- Interlude: writing about Eckhart today -- Eckhart's intention: commentary on John, part 1 -- Unity according to kind: commentary on John, part 2 -- A new Christianity for the people: German sermopns, part 1 -- Spicy nutmegs: German sermons, part 2 -- A new consolation of philosophy -- Eckhart's trial: the charges -- Eckhart's trial: the defense -- The end in Avignon: "devil's seed" -- Epilogue.
Baker Berry BV5095.E3 F7313 2015

Misiones del noroeste de México : origen y destino 2013
Raquel Padilla Ramos, compiladora
[Hermosillo, Mexico] : FORCA Noroeste, 2015
Baker Berry BV2387.N6 F67 2013

The many captivities of Esther Wheelwright
Little, Ann M., author
New Haven, Connecticut ; Yale University Press, [2016]
"Born and raised in a New England garrison town, Esther Wheelwright (1696-1780) was captured by Wabanaki Indians at age seven. Among them, she became a Catholic and lived like any other young girl in the tribe. At age twelve, she was enrolled at a French-Canadian Ursuline convent, where she would spend the rest of her life, eventually becoming the order's only foreign-born mother superior. Among these three major cultures of colonial North America, Wheelwright's life was exceptional: border-crossing, multilingual, and multicultural. This meticulously researched book discovers her life through the communities of girls and women around her: the free and enslaved women who raised her in Wells, Maine; the Wabanaki women who cared for her, catechized her, and taught her to work as an Indian girl; the French-Canadian and Native girls who were her classmates in the Ursuline school; and the Ursuline nuns who led her to a religious life"--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry BX4705.W47 L58 2016

Pierre Bayle dialogues of Maximus and Themistius
Bayle, Pierre, 1647-1706, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2016]
Chronology of Bayle's life and main philosophical works -- Chronology of the Bayle-Le Clerc debate -- Chronology of the Bayle-Jaquelot debate -- The problem of evil in Bayle's dictionary -- Bayle's debate with Le Clerc -- Bayle's debate with Jaquelot.
Baker Berry BX9422.3 .B3913 2016

Monastic sermons
Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint, 1090 or 1091-1153, author
Collegeville, Minnesota : Cistercian Publications, Liturgical Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BX891.3 .B4713 2016

Baring witness : 36 Mormon women talk candidly about love, sex, and marriage
edited by Holly Welker
Urbana ; University of Illinois Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BX8643.W66 B37 2016

Theologian of resistance : the life and thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Tietz, Christiane, 1967- author
Minneapolis, Minn. : Augsburg Fortress, [2016]
Preface; From Breslau to Berlin, 1906-1923; The Return from Tübingen to Berlin, 1923-1927; Wider Horizons, 1928-1931; Beginnings, 1931-1932; The Beginning Church Struggle, 1933; Pastor in London, 1933-1935; Director of a Preachers' Seminary,1935-1937; The Path into Illegality, 1937-1940; The Conspiracy Period, 1940-1943; Prisoner in Tegel, 1943-1945; Epilogue: A Modern Saint?; Chronology; Bibliography; Index

Since Dietrich Bonhoeffer's death in 1945, he has continued to fascinate and compel readers as a theologian, witness, and martyr. In this new biography, Christiane Tietz masterfully portrays the interconnectedness of Bonhoeffer's life and thought, theology and politics, discipleship, witness, and resistance, tracing the path from his childhood to his imprisonment and execution. Brief, lucid, and accessible, Tietz's new account brings Bonhoeffer's story and work to life in a vivid retelling, unfolding his important and widely read texts in the process.
Baker Berry BX4827.B57 T54813 2016

The body or the soul? : religion and culture in a Quebec parish, St-Joseph-de-Beauce, 1736-1901
Abbott, Frank Albert, 1950-, author
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, 2016
Baker Berry BX1422.Q8 A232 2016

Reformas y contrarreformas en la europa católica : (siglos XV-XVII)
Maria Laura Giordano y Adriana Valerio (eds.)
Estella (Navarra), España : Editorial Verbo Divino, [2016]
Baker Berry BX1304 .R44 2016

Iglesia y estado en la sociedad actual : política, cine y religión
José Miguel Delgado Idarreta, Julio Pérez Serrano, Rebeca Viguera Ruiz, editores
Logroño : Gobierno de La Rioja, Instituto de Estudios Riojanos, 2014
Baker Berry BX1585.2 .I345 2014

De la vida, muerte, virtudes y milagros de la Santa Madre Teresa de Jesús. Libro primero : por el maestro Fray Luis de León
León, Luis de, 1527-1591, author
Salamanca : Universidad de Salamanca, 2015
Critical edition of 16th century text.
Baker Berry BX4700.T4 L465 2015

Theater of a thousand wonders : a history of miraculous images and shrines in New Spain
Taylor, William B., author
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Baker Berry BX2320.5.N49 T39 2016

Suma de la vida del Cardenal Mendoza
Medina y Mendoza, Francisco de, 1516-1577, author
Guadalajara : Editores del Henares, [2014]
Pedro González de Mendoza / por José Manuel Latre Rebled -- El Cardenal de España / por Atilano Rodríguez Martínez -- Estudio de la obra Suma de Pedro González de Mendoza, de Francisco de Medina y Mendoza / por Aurelio García López -- Manuscrito, Suma de la Vida del Reverendísimo Cardenal Don Pedro Gonçalez de Mendoça.
Baker Berry BX4705.G617 M43 2014

Camilo Torres Restrepo
Torres, Camilo, 1929-1966, author
Bogota, D.C. : Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Rectoría, 2016
Volumen I. Textos inéditos y poco conocidos -- volumen IV. Bibliografía general
Baker Berry BX4705.T716 A2 2016

Viviendo sin vivir en mí : estudios en torno a Teresa de Jesús en el V Centenario de su nacimiento
Emilio Callado Estela (ed.)
Madrid : Sílex, 2016
Baker Berry BX4700.T4 V58 2016

Diario de 1814 y 1815 : el final del destierro y la restauración de la Compañía de Jesús
Luengo, Manuel, 1735-1816
San Vicente del Raspeig : Universidad de Alicante ; [2015]
Baker Berry BX4705.L84 A3 2015

Care for creation : a call for ecological conversion
Francis, Pope, 1936- author
Maryknoll, NY : Orbis Books, [2016]
Care for creation -- Degrading our common home -- Ethical failure -- This economy kills -- The globalization of indifference -- Redefining progress -- The search for the common good -- Toward a culture of integral ecology -- Constructing the human city -- The spiritual dimension of life.
Baker Berry BX1795.H82 F73 2016

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