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BR-BX - Christianity acquired during June 2017

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Warrior churchmen of Medieval England, 1000-1250 : theory and reality
Nakashian, Craig M., author
Woodbridge, UK : Boydell Press, 2016
Acknowledgments -- List of abbreviations. Introduction: churchmen and warfare. Part 1 Prescriptive voices of the debate : Clerics and war in the first millennium -- Papal centralization and canonical prescriptions -- The epic archetype: evidence from chivalric literature. Part 2 The debate in practice : The Norman conquest: Odo of Bayeux and Geoffrey of Coutances -- Negotiating a new Anglo-Norman reality -- The civil war between Stephen and Matilda -- The Angevins, part I (Henry II and Richard I): royal servants -- The Angevins, part II (Richard I, John, and Henry III): crusaders for king and Christ. Conclusion: the thirteenth century and beyond -- Bibliography -- Index.

Christianity has had a problematic relationship with warfare throughout its history, with the middle ages being no exception. While warfare came to be accepted as a necessary activity for laymen, clerics were largely excluded from military activity. Those who participated in war risked falling foul of a number of accepted canons of the church as well as the opinions of their peers. However, many continued to involve themselves in war - including active participation on battlefields. This book, focusing on a number of individual English clerics between 1000 and 1250, seeks to untangle the cultural debate surrounding this military behaviour. It sets its examination into a broader context, including the clerical reform movement of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the development of a more comprehensive canon law, and the popularization of chivalric ideology. Rather than portraying these clerics as anachronistic outliers or mere criminals, this study looks at how contemporaries understood their behaviour, arguing that there was a wide range of views - which often included praise for clerics who fought in licit causes. The picture which emerges is that clerical violence, despite its prescriptive condemnation, was often judged by how much it advanced the interests of the observer.
Baker Berry BR750 .N35 2016

Nicephori Blemmydae De virtute et ascesi. Iosephi Racendytae De virtute
edidit Erika Gielen
Turnhout : Brepols Publishers, 2016
"Nicephorus Blemmydes was born as the second son of a doctor in Constantinople at the very end of the twelfth century. In December 1224 he was ordained lector by patriarch Germanus II, which marked the beginning of a successful career in the Church, culminating inthe foundation of his own monastery near Ephesus. Teaching, both on theological and secular topics, played a major part in his life as well. Among his pupils were George Acropolites and the future emperor Theodore II Lascaris. In order to instruct his fellow monks in hismonastery, Blemmydes wrote, among other things, four brief treatises, entitled De fide, De virtute et ascesi, De anima and De corpore, each of which may originally have been part of his Typikon, but has also been circulating independently. Up to now, only the De anima has been decently edited. This volume presents the first critical edition of the De virtute et ascesi of Nicephorus Blemmydes, previouslyonly available in the, at several places deficient, edition of 1784 by Dorotheos Voulismas. The Greek text is preceded by a detailed analysis of the manuscript tradition. Special attention is also given to the indirect tradition of this ethical treatise. The reason is that Nicephorus' treatise has been included in full in the Synopsis Variarum Disciplinarum by the philosopher-monk Joseph Rhacendytes (ca. 1260-1330). The main difference is the addition by Joseph of a passage from the opuscule Ad sanctissimum presbyterum Marinum of Maximus the Confessor (CPG 7697.1) after the introductory part of Blemmydes' De virtute et ascesi. Also Joseph's De virtute is presented here for the first time in a critical edition."--
Baker Berry BR60 C65 v.80

Theodori Metochitae Carmina
Metochites, Theodoros, 1270-1332, author
Turnhout : Brepols, 2015
"The twenty Poems of Theodore Metochites (ca. 1270-1332) constitute a unique corpus of approximately 10.000 verses composed in the traditional Homeric hexameter. Metochites did not use the most common iambic verse, but chose to commemorate his deeds and immortalize his thoughts and experiences in the heroic Homeric verse. At the same time he took advantage of the poetic works of Gregory of Nazianzus, who exercised a considerable influence upon his language and his general attitude towards his fellow men and his social environment."--
Baker Berry BR60 .C65 v.83

Jerry Falwell and the rise of the religious right : a brief history with documents
Sutton, Matthew Avery, 1975-
Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's, ©2013
pt. 1. Introduction : evangelicals and the reconstruction of American politics and culture. Making Jerry Falwell -- The origins of American fundamentalism -- Remaking American evangelicalism -- Race and the politicalization of American evangelicals -- Focusing on the family -- Building the religious right -- The moral majority and the Reagan revolution -- Beyond the moral majority -- pt. 2. The documents. Modern evangelicalism comes of age: The "new" evangelicalism, 1957 / Harold John Ockenga ; America at the crossroads, 1958 / Billy Graham ; The late great planet earth, 1970 / Hal Lindsey ; Chicago declaration of evangelical social concern, November 25, 1973 ; A Christian manifesto, 1981 / Francis Schaeffer -- Race and religious activism: A Southern evangelical on integration, August 17, 1955 / L. Nelson Bell ; A minister denounces the Civil Rights Act, March 26, 1964 / Carl McIntire ; Ministers and marches, 1965 / Jerry Falwell ; Bob Jones University v. United States, 1981, 1983 ; Down with the honky Christ, January 30, 1976 / Clarence Hilliard -- The battle for the schools: Engel v. Vitale and the end of official school prayer, 1962 ; A Christian view of radical sex education, 1969 / Tim LaHaye ; The benefits of Lynchburg Christian Academy, 1975 ; God in American history, 1977 / Peter Marshall and David Manuel ; Dinosaurs and young-earth creationism, 1977 / Duane Gish -- Focusing on the family: Abortion : an evangelical view, February 1971 / Carl F.H. Henry ; The House debates "pro-life" civil disobedience, 1985, 1986 ; When the homosexuals burn the Holy Bible in public ... how can I stand by silently, ca. 1977 / Anita Bryant ; Homosexuality : is it an acceptable lifestyle? 1978 / Jerry Falwell ; The total woman, 1973 / Marabel Morgan ; Interview with Phyllis Schlafly on the Equal Rights Amendment, November 1978 -- God and the GOP: Action plan for the 1980s, 1979 / Pat Robertson ; Organizing the moral majority, 1980 / Jerry Falwell ; Evangelicals share their concerns with President Jimmy Carter, January 21, 1980 ; Remarks at the annual convention of the National Association of Evangelicals, March 8, 1983 / Ronald Reagan ; Remarks at an ecumenical prayer breakfast in Dallas, Texas, August 23, 1984 / Ronald Reagan ; A pornographer's eulogy for Jerry Falwell, May 20, 2007 / Larry Flynt -- Appendixes. A chronology of the religious right (1925-2007) -- Questions for consideration -- Selected bibliography.

"As one of the most media-savvy ministers in U.S. history, Jerry Falwell figured prominently in the political mobilization of religious conservatives in the 1970s and early 1980s. Falwell's life and work touched on almost all of the major issues of the time period: the cold war, changing gender roles, civil rights, the revitalization of American conservatism, and the Reagan revolution. In his introductory essay, Matthew Avery Sutton traces Falwell's politicization and rise to celebrity status, using Falwell as a lens through which to view the larger movement. More than two dozen primary documents focus on the Religious Right's emergence in the 1970s as a powerful political force and present students with first-hand accounts of the era's culture wars. The thematically arranged documents including sermons, letters, speeches, interviews, court documents, and children's books provide an up-close look at the motivations and aspirations of the Religious Right. Photographs, document headnotes, a chronology, questions for consideration, and a selected bibliography provide additional pedagogical support."--Publisher description.
Baker Berry BR115.P7 S88 2013

Duncan, Julie Ann, author
Nashville : Abingdon Press, [2017]
1:1-2 Making introductions : the speaker and his theme -- Excursus : Vapor in the Old Testament and in Ecclesiastes -- 1:3-10 The legacy of amnesia -- 1:12-2:26 The royal quest: when all you've ever wanted isn't enough -- Excursus : "Chasing after wind" in Ecclesiastes -- 3:1-15 The mystery of the times -- 3:16-4:3 Injustices lamented -- 4:4-16 Of earnings and yearnings : relocating value -- 5:1-7 (Heb. 4:17-5:6) Reticence before God -- 5:8-9 (Heb. 7-8) Systems failure (diagnosis and prognosis) -- 5:10-6:9 Portion over profit -- 6:10-7:14 Prodding the pupil -- 7:15-29 Elusive wisdom -- 8:1-17 Injustices revisited -- 9:1-12 To life! -- 9:13-10:20 The value and limits of wisdom -- 11:1-6 A modus vivendi -- 11:7-12:8 Accepting death, embracing life -- 12:9-14 Epilogue : a tribute to Qohelet the Wise.

The Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries provide compact, critical commentary on the books of the Old Testament for the use of theological students and pastors. The commentaries are also useful for upper-level college or university students and for those responsible for teaching in congregational settings. In addition to providing basic information and insights into the Old Testament writings, these commentaries exemplify the task and procedure of careful interpretation to assist students of the Old Testament in coming to an informed and critical engagement with the biblical texts themselves. From back cover.
Baker Berry BS1475.53 .D86 2017

Exposition of the Apocalypse
Ticonius, active 4th century, author
Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BS2825 .T54513 2017

Mixed marriages : intermarriage and group identity in the Second Temple period
edited by Christian Frevel
New York : Bloomsbury T & T Clark, [2013]
Baker Berry BS1199.I54 M59 2013

Holy Bible : with the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books : New Revised Standard Version
New York : American Bible Society, ©1989
Baker Berry BS191.5.A1 1989d .N37

L'absolu et le monde : Études sur les écrits du Petit Concile : Bossuet, La Bruyère, Fénelon et leurs amis
Cuche, François-Xavier, author
Paris : Honoré Champion Editeur, 2017
Although still little known, the Little Council was the most important intellectual pole of French Catholicism during the reign of Louis XIV. The greatest names in scholarly, ecclesiastical, and literary life were represented: besides Bossuet and Fénelon, La Bruyère, Fléchier, Fleury, Huet, Cordemoy, and so many others. If the group were profoundly convinced that only the Absolute "is" truly, he did not believe that the salvation of peoples as people is played out in history and that society is its place. Unlike Port-Royal, he rejected any temptation to "retire". From then on, all the questions asked of the Christians of his time, including political or economic, interested him, and one is surprised at the incredible variety of the subjects that he addresses. The question of the world passes through a questioning of literature. The originality of the project of the little Council is measured by the originality of its vision, and this originality founds a new writing of the world. Between the Christian or humanist heritage and the prefiguration of the Enlightenment, between the anchoring in the past and the ways open to the future, the Little Council played a decisive role at the turning point of the Europe of the "Devotees" and the Europe of the "Philosophers ".--Translation of page 4 of cover by Honoré Champion.
Baker Berry BT738 .C835 2017

A gentler God : breaking free of the Almighty in the company of the human Jesus
Frank, Douglas, 1941-
Menangle, N.S.W. : Albatross Books, 2010
Baker Berry BV4501.3 .F63 2010

The Holy Abodes of the Russian Soul
Xelot, Charles, photographer
Paris : Cherche midi ; [2014]
Baker Berry Oversize BX581 .X453 2014

The text of a Coptic monastic discourse, On love and self-control : its story from the fourth century to the twenty-first
Schneider, Carolyn M., 1963- author
Athens, Ohio : Cistercian Publications ; [2017]
Baker Berry BX137.2 .S346 2017

A saint in the sun : praising Saint Bernard in the France of Louis XIV
David N. Bell
Athens, Ohio : Cistercian Publications ; [2017]
Preface -- The background -- The Quietist controversy -- Sermons and panegyrics -- Paving the way : divisions and subdivisions in Jacques Biroat -- Moving forward : commonplaces and curiosities in Jean-François Senault, Bernard Planchette, Claude Texier, and Jean-Louis de Fromentières -- The Bernard of the Strict Observance : Armand-Jean de Rancé -- Bernard returns to Metz : Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet -- Touching, moving, converting : the unction of François Fénelon -- Bernard in battle : the anti-Quietist polemic of Charles de La Rue -- The flames die down : the revised panegyric of Charles de La Rue -- Bernard the mystic : Henri-Marie Boudon -- Panegyrical plagiarism? Claude Lion, François Ogier, and Esprit Fléchier -- Last of the Fathers and Angel of the Lord : Antoine Anselme and Louis-Bénigne Bourru -- Bernard the second Samuel : the psychological acuity of Jean-Baptiste Massillon -- Conclusion : the saint in the sun -- Appendix 1. Technical terms -- Appendix 2. Personalities.

"This volume contains translations or summaries of the most important panegyrics in praise of Saint Bernard that were preached during the reign of Louis XIV. Some of the preachers were and are regarded as the greatest orators ever to grace the French pulpit. All the translations are extensively annotated, and there are three introductory chapters providing a necessary background for appreciating the sermons. Sixteen preachers are represented, and, with one exception, none of the material has ever appeared in English. For those interested in the afterlife of Saint Bernard, as he was used, and sometimes abused, in the reign of the Sun King, this collection provides essential primary sources"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry BX4700.B5 S19 2017

A book of Psalms from eleventh-century Byzantium : the complex of texts and images in Vat. Gr. 752
edited by Barbara Crostini & Glenn Peers
Città del Vaticano : Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 2016
Baker Berry BX2033 .A77 2016

England's cathedrals
Jenkins, Simon, author
London : Little, Brown, 2016
England's cathedrals are the nation's glory. They tower over its landscape, outranking palaces, castles and mansions. They attract roughly half the nation's population each year. For a millennium they have been objects of pilgrimage for those seeking faith, consolation and beauty. Still at the start of the twenty-first century, they remain unequalled in their size and splendour. More than any other English institution, cathedrals reflect the vicissitudes of history and should be treasured as such. They are custodians of culture and of the rituals of civic life. They offer welfare and relieve suffering. They uplift spirits with their beauty. In a real sense they are still what they were when first built a millennium ago, a glimpse of the sublime. Gloriously illustrated throughout, this book takes us on an enthralling tour of the nation and its history, through some of our most astonishing buildings.
Sherman BX5194 .J46 2016

기다림 과 서두름 의 역사 : 한국 장로 교회 130년 / 임 희국 지음
임 희국, 1955- author
Sŏul-si : Changnohoe Sinhak Taehakkyo Ch'ulp'anbu, 2013
Baker Berry Korea BX9151.K8 I5 2013

Council of Fifty, minutes, March 1844-January 1846
Matthew J. Grow, Ronald K. Esplin, Mark Ashurst-McGee, Gerrit J. Dirkmaat, Jeffrey D. Mahas, volume editors
Salt Lake City, Utah : The Church Historian's Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BX8611 .C665 2016

Tribunal de gênero : mulheres e homens indígenas e cativos na Antiga Província Jesuítica do Paraguai
Ramos, Antonio Dari
São Leopoldo : Oikos, 2016
Baker Berry BX3714.P3 R36 2016

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