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Greek and Latin narratives about the ancient martyrs
edited by Éric Rebillard
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2017
Apollonius -- Carpus, Papylus, and Agathonice -- Pionius of Smyrna -- Polycarp of Smyrna -- The martyrs of Lyon and Vienne -- Marian and James -- Cyprian of Carthage - Fructuosus of Tarragona and his companions -- Montanus, Lucius, and their companions -- Perpetua, Felicity and their companions -- The Sicilian martyrs.

Collection, with facing-page translations, of Greek and Latin Christian martyr narratives dating from the first four centuries CE. Focuses on the ancient martyrs executed before 260 CE, and examines which of their texts was known to Eusebius ot to Augustine.
Baker Berry BR1603.A1 G74 2017

The Protestant Reformation and world Christianity : global perspectives
edited by Dale T. Irvin
Grand Rapids, Michigan : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2017
Jews and Muslims in Europe : exorcising prejudice against the other / Charles Amjad-Ali -- Spaniards in the Americas : Las Casas among the Reformers / Joel Morales Cruz -- Women from then to now : a commitment to mutuality and literacy / Rebecca A. Giselbrecht -- The global south : The Synod of Dort on baptizing "ethnics" / David D. Daniels -- The Protestant reformations in Asia : a blessing or a curse? / Peter C. Phan -- Contemporary challenges : the Reformation and the world today / Vladimir Latinovic.
Baker Berry BR121.3 .P76 2017

Faith and fraternity : London livery companies and the Reformation, 1510-1603
Branch, Laura, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
Mercantile institutions and individuals during the English Reformation -- Company life in the early sixteenth century c. 1510-1534 -- The corporate reaction to religious change 1534-1603 -- Beyond the company hall: merchants as civic and parish governors -- Reputation and religion: mercantile attitudes towards money and trade -- Mercantile religious identities and social networks.

In 'Faith and Fraternity' Laura Branch provides the first sustained comparative analysis of London's livery companies during the Reformation. Focussing on the Grocers and the Drapers, this book challenges the view that merchants were zealous early Protestants and that the companies to which they belonged adapted to the Reformation by secularising their ethos. Rather, the rhetoric of Christianity, particularly appeals to brotherly love, punctuated the language of corporate governance throughout the century, and helped the liveries retain a spiritual culture. These institutions comprised a spectrum of religious identities yet members managed to coexist relatively peacefully; in this way the liveries help us to understand better how the transition from a Catholic to a Protestant society was negotiated.
Baker Berry BR307 .B734 2017

Sarah Osborn's collected writings
Osborn, Sarah, 1714-1796, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
That precious promise, 1742 -- A memoir, 1743 -- A son's death, 1744 -- A hidden God, 1744-1754 -- The nature, certainty, and evidence of true Christianity, 1755 -- Zion's troubles, 1756-1758 -- Open my hand and heart, 1759-1760 -- Glorify thyself in me, 1761-1763 -- Revive thy work, 1764-1768 -- Great influence, 1769-1774 -- All that hath befallen us, 1779-1780 -- Visions of heaven -- Sarah Osborn's will and inventory.

Riveting and eloquent, the collected writings of a key figure - and one of the first female leaders - of the eighteenth-century evangelical movement.
Baker Berry BR1725.O7 A2 2017

The dawn of Christianity : people and gods in a time of magic and miracles
Knapp, Robert C., author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2017
The Journey -- Polytheists, Jews and the Supernatural -- Ordinary Jewish People -- The Justice of Yahweh -- Polytheists in Their World -- Paths to Change -- Charismatics and Messiahs -- Christianity in the Jewish and Polytheistic World -- Hostility to Christianity -- Christianity's Appeal: Magicians, Miracles and Martyrs -- When Prophecy Fails.

Ordinary people of antiquity interacted with the supernatural through a mosaic of beliefs and rituals. Exploring everyday life from 200 BCE to the end of the first century CE, Robert Knapp shows that Jews and polytheists lived with the gods in very similar ways. Traditional interactions provided stability even in times of crisis, while changing a relationship risked catastrophe for the individual, his family, and his community. However, people in both traditions did at times leave behind their long-honored rites to try something new. The Dawn of Christianity reveals why some people in Judea and then in the Roman and Greek worlds embraced a new approach to the forces and powers in their daily lives. Knapp traces the emergence of Christianity from its stirrings in the eastern Mediterranean, where Jewish monotheism coexisted with polytheism and prayer mixed with magic. In a time receptive to prophetic messages and supernatural interventions, Jesus of Nazareth convinced people to change their beliefs by showing, through miracles, his direct connection to god-like power. The miracle of the Resurrection solidified Jesus's supernatural credentials. After his death, followers continued to use miracles and magic to spread Jesus's message of reward for the righteous in this life and immortality in the next. Many Jews and polytheists strongly opposed the budding movement but despite major setbacks Christianity proved resilient and adaptable. It survived long enough to be saved by a second miracle, the conversion of Emperor Constantine. Hand in hand with empire, Christianity began its long march through history.--
Baker Berry BR129 .K53 2017

The Oxford history of Protestant Dissenting traditions. Volume III, The nineteenth century
edited by Timothy Larsen and Michael Ledger-Lomas
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Congregationalists / Timothy Larsen -- Baptists / Ian Randall -- Quakers / Thomas C. Kennedy -- Unitarians and Presbyterians / Michael Ledger-Lomas -- Methodists and Holiness / Janice Holmes -- Restorationists and new movements / Tim Grass -- Presbyterians and Congregationalists in North America / David W. Kling -- Methodists and Holiness in North America / Jay R. Case -- Baptists in North America / Bill J. Leonard -- Unitarians, Shakers, and Quakers in North America / Stephen P. Shoemaker -- Restorationists and New Movements in North America / Douglas A. Foster -- Colonial contexts and global dissent / Joanna Cruickshank -- The Bible and scriptural interpretation / Mark A. Noll -- Theology / David Bebbington -- Preaching and sermons / Robert H. Ellison -- Evangelism, revivals, and foreign missions / Andrew R. Holmes -- Politics and social reform in Britain and Ireland / Eugenio Biagini -- Social reform in America / Luke E. Harlow -- Gender / S.C. Williams -- Ministers and ministerial training / Michael Ledger-Lomas -- Spirituality, worship, and congregational life / D. Densil Morgan.

The five-volume 'Oxford History of Dissenting Protestant Traditions' series is governed by a motif of migration ("out-of-England"). It first traces organized church traditions that arose in England as Dissenters distanced themselves from a state church defined by diocesan episcopacy, the 'Book of Common Prayer', the 'Thirty-Nine Articles', and royal supremacy, but then follows those traditions as they spread beyond England -and also traces newer traditions that emerged downstream in other parts of the world from earlier forms of Dissent. Secondly, it does the same for the doctrines, church practices, stances toward state and society, attitudes toward Scripture, and characteristic patterns of organization that also originated in earlier English Dissent, but that have often defined a trajectory of influence independent ecclesiastical organizations. 'The Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions', Volume III considers the Dissenting traditions of the United Kingdom, the British Empire, and the United States in the nineteenth century. It provides an overview of the historiography on Dissent while making the case for seeing Dissenters in different Anglophone connections as interconnected and conscious of their genealogical connections. The nineteenth century saw the creation of a vast Anglo-world which also brought Anglophone Dissent to its apogee.
Baker Berry BR759 .O94 2017

Set in stone : America's embrace of the Ten Commandments
Joselit, Jenna Weissman, author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Species humbug -- The ultimate to-do list -- Good neighbors -- Special effects -- Take two -- Conclusion: Pedigree.

Through a series of deftly-rendered vignettes, prominent historian Jenna Weissman Joselit offers a compelling and fresh-eyed perspective on the Ten Commandments, situating them within the context of modern America. Rich in incident and in colorful personalities of the 19th and 20th centuries, her account shows that the Ten Commandments are not cast in stone but a fertile repository of American history.
Baker Berry BR517 .J67 2017

The spiritual lives of young African Americans
Wright, Almeda M., author
New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Talking fragments -- Fragmentation in context -- Tapping into the legacy -- Does god care -- Being young, active and faithful -- Choosing life with youth.
Baker Berry BR563.N4 W655 2017

Conciliarism and heresy in fifteenth-century England : collective authority in the age of the general councils
Russell, Alexander, 1981- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction -- Diplomacy and reform at the general councils -- The councils and lay religion -- Decision-making at the councils and the world of collective politics -- Conciliarism and heresy in England -- Representation and interpretative authority -- Conclusion.

The general councils of the fifteenth century constituted a remarkable political experiment, which used collective decision-making to tackle important problems facing the church. Such problems had hitherto received rigid top-down management from Rome. However, at Constance and Basle, they were debated by delegates of different ranks from across Europe and resolved through majority voting. Fusing the history of political thought with the study of institutional practices, this innovative study relates the procedural innovations of the general councils and their anti-heretical activities to wider trends in corporate politics, intellectual culture and pastoral reform. Alexander Russell argues that the acceptance of collective decision-making at the councils was predicated upon the prevalence of group participation and deliberation in small-scale corporate culture. Conciliarism and Heresy in Fifteenth-Century England offers a fundamental reassessment of England's relationship with the general councils, revealing how political thought, heresy, and collective politics were connected.
Baker Berry BR750 .R87 2017

Borderline virginities : sacred and secular virgins in late antiquity
Undheim, Sissel, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Baker Berry BR195.C45 U53 2018

The book of Jeremiah
Book of Jeremiah (Schroeder), author
Grand Rapids, Michigan : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, [2017]
Authors and texts -- Patristic interpretation of Jeremiah -- Rabanus Maurus and Carolingian interpretation -- Rupert of Deutz -- Albert the Great -- Hugh of St. Cher and the Dominican postill -- Thomas Aquinas -- Nicholas of Lyra -- Denis the Carthusian -- Medieval apocalyptic and women's visionary interpretations of Jeremiah

In this volume, part of the Bible in Medieval Tradition series, Joy Schroeder provides substantial excerpts from seven noteworthy biblical interpreters who commented on Jeremiah between the ninth and fifteenth centuries.
Baker Berry BS1525.52 .B66 2017

The emergence of sin : the cosmic tyrant in Romans
Croasmun, Matthew, 1979- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
s/Sin: the genealogy of a person(ification) -- Emergence -- The emergence of persons great and small -- An emergent account of sin in Romans -- Sin, gender, and empire.
Baker Berry BS2655.S54 C66 2017

The Levites and the boundaries of Israelite identity
Leuchter, Mark, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Chapter 1. Egypt, land, and the patron deity in emergent Israel -- Chapter 2. Moses, the Mushites, and the rise of the Levites -- Chapter 3. The Levites and the early Israelite monarchy -- Chapter 4. The Levites strike back -- Chapter 5. The Levite scribes, part 1: the composition of Deuteronomy -- Chapter 6. The Levite scribes, part 2: the development of the Jeremiah tradition -- Chapter 7. From scribes to sages: the Levites in the Persian period -- Conclusion: The Levite legacy.
Baker Berry BS1199.P7 L47 2017

Marriage by capture in the Book of Judges : an anthropological approach
Southwood, Katherine, 1982- author
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Methods, considerations and recent approaches to Judges 21 -- Contextualised outline of the causes for and consequences of marriage by capture -- Virginity, marriage and rape in the Hebrew Bible -- Judges 21 as an example of marriage by capture in the Hebrew Bible -- Marriage by capture within an ethnic narrative: Judges 21 as a social critique of superficial unity in the Persian period.

In this book, Katherine E. Southwood offers a new approach to interpreting Judges 21. Breaking away from traditional interpretations of kingship, feminism, or comparisons with Greek or Roman mythology, she explores the concepts of marriage, ethnicity, rape, and power as means of ethnic preservation and exclusion. She also exposes the many reasons why marriage by capture occurred during the post-exilic period. Judges 21 served as a warning against compromise - submission to superficial unity between the Israelites and the Benjaminites. Any such unity would result in drastic changes in the character, culture, and values of the ethnic group 'Israel'. The chapter encouraged post-exilic audiences to socially construct those categorised as 'Benjaminites' as foreigners who do not belong within the group, thereby silencing doubts about the merits of unity. --
Baker Berry BS1305.6.M3 S68 2017

Early Jewish writings
edited by Eileen Schuller and Marie-Theres Wacker
Atlanta : SBL Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BS521.4 .E27 2017

Inconsistency in the Torah : ancient literary convention and the limits of source criticism
Berman, Joshua, 1964- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Inconsistency in narrative -- Inconsistency in law -- Renewing pentateuchal criticism

"Rather than viewing inconsistencies in the Torah as signs of revision, this book identifies precursors for these phenomena in ancient Near Eastern writings. It claims that Enlightenment and German historicist influences corrupted critical study of the Bible, and calls for a return to the more modest agenda set out by Spinoza"--
Baker Berry BS1178.H4 B47 2017

Acts of the Apostles and the rhetoric of Roman imperialism
Billings, Drew W., author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Acts of the Apostles' is normally understood as a historical report of events of the early Church and serves as the organizing centerpiece of the New Testament canon. In this book, Drew Billings demonstrates that Acts was written in conformity with broader representational trends and standards found on imperial monuments and in the epigraphic record of the early second century. Bringing an interdisciplinary approach to a text of critical importance, he compares the methods of representation in Acts with visual and verbal representations that were common during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan. Billings argues that Acts adopts the rhetoric of Roman imperialism found on imperial monuments and in the epigraphic record of the early second century. His study bridges the fields of classics, art history, gender studies, Jewish studies and New Testament studies in exploring how Early Christian texts relate to wider patterns in the cultural production of the Roman Empire.
Baker Berry BS2625.52 .B55 2017

Paul : the pagans' apostle
Fredriksen, Paula, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2017
Often seen as the author of timeless Christian theology, Paul himself heatedly maintained that he lived and worked in history's closing hours. His letters propel his readers into two ancient worlds, one Jewish, one pagan. The first was incandescent with apocalyptic hopes, expecting God through his messiah to fulfill his ancient promises of redemption to Israel. The second teemed with ancient actors, not only human but also divine: angry superhuman forces, jealous demons, and hostile cosmic gods. Both worlds are Paul's, and his convictions about the first shaped his actions in the second. Only by situating Paul within this charged social context of gods and humans, pagans and Jews, cities, synagogues, and competing Christ-following assemblies can we begin to understand his mission and message. This original and provocative book offers a dramatically new perspective on one of history's seminal figures.
Baker Berry BS2506.3 .F74 2017

The way of lovers : the Oxford anonymous commentary on the Song of Songs (Bodleian Library, ms opp. 625) : an edition of the Hebrew text, with English translation and introduction
Japhet, Sara, author
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
"This extraordinary commentary by a late twelfth-century anonymous northern French exegete interprets the Song of Songs solely according to its plain meaning as a story of two young lovers and their developing relationship. The exegete pays attention to every detail of the text, offering many enlightening insights into its meaning, all the while expanding upon the "way of lovers" - the ways that young people in love go about their lovemaking. The French background of the exegete is made clear by numerous references to knights, coats of arms, weapons, chivalry, and of course, wine drinking. The edition is accompanied by an English translation and extensive introduction which analyzes the various linguistic, literary, and exegetical features of the text"--
Baker Berry BS1485.53 .J37 2017

The straight mind in Corinth : queer readings across 1 Corinthians 11:2-16
Townsley, Gillian, author
Atlanta, GA : SBL Press, [2017]
Introduction : ideological inter(sex)ions. Que(e)rying 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 -- Que(e)rying the Corinthian men -- The straight mind in Corinth -- Scene 1. The straight mind in 1 Corinthians 11:3 -- Scene 2. The straight mind in 1 Corinthians 11:7 -- Scene 3. The straight mind in 1 Corinthians 11:14-15a -- Conclusion -- Appendix 1. Historical-critical research on 1 Corinthians 11:2-16.
Baker Berry BS2545.H63 T68 2017

God's own ethics : norms of divine agency and the argument from evil
Murphy, Mark C., author
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2017
Part I. The ethics of an Anselmian being -- Anselmianism about God -- Is the Anselmian being loving? -- Is the Anselmian being morally good? -- The ethics of the Anselmian being I (promotion) -- The ethics of the Anselmian being II (respect) -- The argument from evil and the ethics of the Anselmian being -- Part II. God's ethics -- Worship-worthiness and allegiance-worthiness -- The good of religion and contingent divine ethics -- The argument from evil and God's contingent ethics.

Every version of the argument from evil requires a premise concerning God's motivation - about the actions that God is motivated to perform or the states of affairs that God is motivated to bring about. The typical source of this premise is a conviction that God is, obviously, morally perfect, where God's moral perfection consists in God's being motivated to act in accordance with the norms of morality by which both we and God are governed. The aim of 'God's own ethics' is to challenge this understanding by giving arguments against this view of God as morally perfect and by offering an alternative account of what God's own ethics is like. According to this alternative account, God is in no way required to promote the well-being of sentient creatures, though God may rationally do so. Any norms of conduct that favor the promotion of creaturely well-being that govern God's conduct are norms that are contingently self-imposed by God. This revised understanding of divine ethics should lead us to revise sharply downward our assessment of the force of the argument from evil while leaving intact our conception of God as an absolutely perfect being, supremely worthy of worship.
Baker Berry BT100.A57 M87 2017

Aquinas on the metaphysics of the hypostatic union
Gorman, Michael, 1965- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Person and nature in philosophical perspective -- Aquinas's basic view of the incarnation -- The incarnation and divine simplicity, immutability, and impassibility -- How does Christ's human nature not ground its own person -- The number of existences (esse) in Christ -- The consistency of Christology.
Baker Berry BT213 .G67 2017

The Donatist schism : controversy and contexts
edited by Richard Miles
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2016
Baker Berry BT1370 .D662 2016

Catechisms and women's writing in seventeenth-century England
McQuade, Paula, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Machine generated contents note: Introduction. 'Milk for babes': catechisms and female authorship in early modern England; Part I. Domestic Catechesis and Female Authorship: 1. 'Mother bare me': catechisms and maternity in early modern England; 2. 'A tender mother': domestic catechesis in the household devotional of Katherine Fitzwilliam, circa 1603; Part II. Female Witness and Inter-Confessional Dialogue: 3. 'At Magdalin's house': maternal catechesis and female witness in the manuscript miscellany of Katherine Thomas (b. 1637); 4. Catholicism, catechesis, and coterie circulation: the manuscript of Barbara Slingsbury Talbot (b. 1633); Part III. Print and Polemic: 5. 'A knowing people': catechizing and community in Dorothy Burch's A Catechisme of the Severall Heads of the Christian Religion (1646); 6. Prophecy, catechesis, and community in Mary Cary's The Resurrection of the Witnesses (1648; reprint 1653); Epilogue.

"Catechisms and Women's Writing in Seventeenth-Century England is a study of early modern women's literary use of catechizing. Paula McQuade examines original works composed by women - both in manuscript and print, as well as women's copying and redacting of catechisms - and construction of these materials from other sources. By studying female catechists, McQuade shows how early modern women used the power and authority granted to them as mothers to teach religious doctrine, to demonstrate their linguistic skills, to engage sympathetically with Catholic devotional texts, and to comment on matters of contemporary religious and political import - activities that many scholars have considered the sole prerogative of clergymen. This book addresses the question of women's literary production in early modern England, demonstrating that reading and writing of catechisms were crucial sites of women's literary engagements during this time"--
Baker Berry BT1031.3 .M368 2017

Album conmemorativo del 450 aniversario de las apariciones de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
presentación del Excmo. Sr. D. Francisco M. Aguilera ; preámbulo del Emmo. Sr. Cardenal D. Ernesto Corripio Ahumada ; epílogo del Revmo. Sr. D. Guillermo Schulenburg Prado ; edición: José Ignacio Echeagaray ; colaboradores Fidel de J. Chauvet and others
México : Buena Nueva, 1981
Baker Berry BT660.G8 A52 1981

Ecce Homo : on the divine unity of Christ
Riches, Aaron, 1974-
Grand Rapids, Michigan : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2016
Part I. The unity of Christ : -- 1. Against separation -- 2. The humanity of Christ -- 3. Chalcedonian orthodoxy -- Part II. The synergy of Christ : -- 4. Mingling and inversion -- 5. Theopaschism -- 6 Dyothelite unity -- Part III. The existence of Christ : -- 7. The divine esse -- 8. Theandric action -- 9. Union and abandon -- 10. Son of Mary -- Coda : The communion of Jesus and Mary : -- 11. The weight of the cross.

Interacting with theologians throughout the ages, Riches narrates the development of the church's doctrine of Christ as an increasingly profound realization that the depth of the difference between the human being and God is realized, in fact, only in the perfect union of divinity and humanity in the one Christ. He sets the apostolic proclamation in its historical, theological, philosophical, and mystical context, showing that, as the starting point of "orthodoxy," it forecloses every theological attempt to divide or reduce the "one Lord Jesus Christ."
Baker Berry BT212 .R53 2016

Political theology : demystifying the universal
Diamantides, Marinos, author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2017
Premises and arguments -- Part I. Religions R us. From sovereignty to negeschatology -- Social systems on the cross -- The religion of progress -- Political theology beyond Schmitt -- Part 2. Historicised political theology. From Jerusalem to Rome via Constantinople -- The transition from secularism to post-secularism -- Deeds without words.

This book provides a genealogical mapping of the universalisation/secularisation thesis that is both widely saluted and mistrusted as master narrative of modern political and normative history. While accepting that foundational issues of religions weigh heavier than political philosophy's aspirations, the authors question the outdated suggestions of Carl Schmitt's political theology, building instead upon a refined version of Giorgio Agamben's close-reading of Christian government as management. The book identifies Western-Christian tensions within jurisprudence and concludes that the West's secular universality is passing off as politics or law what is really the management of its own dwindling primacy.
Baker Berry BT83.59 .D53 2017

Hope and Christian ethics
Elliot, David, 1978- author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2017
The eudaimonia gap -- The theological virtue of hope in Aquinas -- Rejoicing in hope -- Presumption and moral reform -- Despair and consolation -- The problem of worldliness -- Hope and the earthly city.

The theological virtue of hope has long been neglected in Christian ethics. However, as social, civic and global anxieties mount, the need to overcome despair has become urgent. This book proposes the theological virtue of hope as a promising source of rejuvenation. Theological hope sustains us from the sloth, presumption and despair that threaten amid injustice, tragedy and dying; it provides an ultimate meaning and transcendent purpose to our lives; and it rejoices and refreshes us 'on the way' with the prospect of eternal beatitude. Rather than degrading this life and world, hope ordains earthly goods to our eschatological end, forming us to pursue social justice with a resilience and vitality that transcend the cynicism and disillusionment so widespread at present. Drawing on Thomas Aquinas and virtue ethics, the book shows how the virtue of hope contributes to human happiness in this life and not just the next.
Baker Berry BV4638 .E43 2017

PTL : the rise and fall of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's evangelical empire
Wigger, John H., 1959- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
PTL traces the lives of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, from humble beginnings to wealth, fame, and eventual disgrace after revelations of a sex scandal and massive financial mismanagement. -- Adapted from book jacket.
Baker Berry BV656.3 .W54 2017

Singleness and the church : a new theology of the single life
Bennett, Jana Marguerite, 1975- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Loneliness: the character of a single life? -- Choice: never married and Paul -- Desire: uncommitted relationships and Augustine -- Perfection: committed relationships and John Wesley -- Friendship: same-sex attracted, single, and Aelred of Rievaulx -- Proclamation: widowhood and Elizabeth Ann Seton -- Grace: divorce and Stanley Hauerwas -- Sufficiency: single parenting and Dorothy Day.

Despite the fact that almost half of all Americans are single, singleness remains an often overlooked oddity in American culture and in Christian communities. Christians ought to be the people who most support singleness, given what scripture and tradition suggest, but this does not seem to be the case. In this exciting new book, Jana Marguerite Bennett examines a variety of usually forgotten models of singleness: the never-married, the casually uncommitted, the committed but unmarried, the same-sex attracted, the widowed, the divorced, and the single parent. Each chapter in Singleness and the Church takes one of these models and considers the cultural commentary, Christian debate, and a holy guide-figures like Paul, Augustine, Aelred of Rievaulx, Elizabeth Ann Seton, and Dorothy Day -in order to offer a new perspective on singleness, the church, and what it means to be a single Christian disciple. In Singleness and the Church, Bennett provides a fresh new theology of single life, a starting point for restoring singleness, in all its amazing varieties, to its rightful place in Christian tradition. --
Baker Berry BV639.S5 B46 2017

If your enemy hungers, feed him : Church of Christ missionaries in Japan, 1892-1970
Hooper, Robert E., 1932- author
Abilene, Texas : Abilene Christian University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BV3445.3 .H66 2017

Toyohiko Kagawa : apostle of love and social justice
Schildgen, Robert
Berkeley, Calif., USA : Centenary Books, ©1988
Introduction: Gandhi -- Schweitzer -- Kagawa? -- Making of a mystic rebel -- Ideas into action -- Into the slums -- American interlude -- Labor struggles -- Farmers and outcastes [sic] -- Crusaders at home, ambassador abroad -- The cooperator's message to America -- Toward war -- The pacifist at war -- Reconstruction and repentance -- The peacemaker -- Epilogue: Kagawa today.
Rauner D.C. History BV3457.K3 S26 1988

Christian engagement with Islam : ecumenical journeys since 1910
Pratt, Douglas, author
Leiden ; Brill, 2017
Christian encounters with Islam: an historical precursor -- Part 1. Engagement underway: 20th c[entury] ecumenical journeys. World Council of Churches: c. 1910-1970 ; From dialogue to relationship: c. 1970-2000 ; Vatican II: Catholic groundwork for dialogue ; Catholic-Muslim relations: post-Vatican II -- Part 2. Engagement focussed: developments and initiatives. Ecumenical developments: the twenty-first century ; An African journey: Procmura ; Building bridges: an Anglican ecumenical initiative ; Christian-Muslim theological forum: a German journey ; The 'common word' letter: Christian response to a Muslim initiative.

Why did the Christian Church, in the twentieth century, engage in dialogue with Islam? What has been the ecumenical experience? What is happening now? Such questions underlie Douglas Pratt?s 'Christian Engagement with Islam: Ecumenical Journeys since 1910.' Pratt charts recent Christian (WCC and Vatican) engagement with Islam up to the early 21st century and examines the ecumenical initiatives of Africa?s PROCMURA, ?Building Bridges?, and the German ?Christian-Muslim Theological Forum?, together with responses to the 2007 ?Common Word? letter. 0Between them, Islam and Christianity represent over half the earth?s population. Their history of interaction, positive and negative, impacts widely still today. Contentious issues remain real enough, yet the story and ongoing reality of contemporary Christian-Muslim engagement is both exciting and encouraging. 0.
Baker Berry BV2625 .P73 2017

The battle for the Catholic past in Germany, 1945-1980
Ruff, Mark Edward, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
1. The first postwar anthologies, 1945-1949 -- 2. The battles over the Reichskonkordat, 1945-1957 -- 3. Generation gaps and the Bockenforde controversy -- 4. Gordon Zahn versus the German hierarchy -- 5. The storm over the deputy -- 6. Guenter Lewy and the battle for sources -- 7. The Repgen-Scholder controversy -- Conclusions -- Glossary of names.

"Were Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church in Germany unduly singled out after 1945 for their conduct during the National Socialist era? Mark Edward Ruff explores the bitter controversies that broke out in the Federal Republic of Germany from 1945 to 1980 over the Catholic Church's relationship to the Nazis. He explores why these cultural wars consumed such energy, dominated headlines, triggered lawsuits and required the intervention of foreign ministries. He argues that the controversies over the church's relationship to National Socialism were frequently surrogates for conflicts over how the church was to position itself in modern society--in politics, international relations and the media. More often than not, these exchanges centered on problems perceived as arising from the postwar political ascendancy of Roman Catholics and the integration of Catholic citizens into the societal mainstream"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry BX1536 .R84 2017

François d'Assise : écrits, vies, témoignages
sous la direction de Jacques Dalarun ; avec la collaboration de Gisèle Besson and 23 others ; préface par André Vauchez
Paris : Éditions du Cerf : 2010
v. 1. Écrits ; Vies -- v. 2. Témoignages.
Baker Berry BX4700.F6 F735 2010

History of the Shakers at New Lebanon by Isaac Newton Youngs, 1780-1861
Youngs, Isaac N. author
Clinton, N.Y. : Richard W. Couper Press, 2017
Isaac Newton Youngs's Concise view / by Glendyne Wergland -- Scribes in Israel : Shaker Church histories and the Concise view / by Christian Goodwillie -- Editorial methodology -- Isaac Newton Youngs's abbreviations and Shaker terminology -- Eulogy to Isaac Newton Youngs / by Elisha Blakeman -- A concise view of the Church of God and of Christ, on earth / by Isaac Newton Youngs -- Information on the locations of New Lebanon families prior to the gathering of the Shaker community in 1787 / by Alonzo Hollister -- New Lebanon, New York, Shaker Covenant, 1795 -- A statement of those who have worked in some of the principal occupations of the Brethren, since the gathering of the Church / by Isaac Newton Youngs -- A collection of the names & ages of the Brethren & Sisters at Lebanon & Watervliet, [Savoy, Cheshire, Wilmington, Saybrook, and Hancock], 1819 / by Isaac Newton Youngs -- Names of the Brethren and the Sisters in the First and Second Order, April 1835 -- A list of the names of all who resided in the Church ... 1840 ... [and] their occupation / by Isaac Newton Youngs -- New Lebanon Shakers, 1845 / by Isaac Newton Youngs -- New Lebanon Church family Shakers, 1850 / by Isaac Newton Youngs -- New Lebanon Church family Shakers, 1860 -- Sister's work in the Second Family, 1860 -- Selected poems of Isaac Newton Youngs.

Presents one individual's recollections of Shaker events since the founding of the order, especially in relation to New Lebanon, New York. Some chapters relate to Shaker industries and crafts, and others pertain to the manner of dress and of building, music, education, and diet. The account was begun in 1856, but the final chapter is "The church as it is, or was: December 31st, 1860." This chapter includes the layout of buildings of the First and Second Orders at New Lebanon, New York.
Baker Berry BX9768.N5 Y68 2017

El mito de la Argentina laica : catolicismo, política y estado
Mallimaci, Fortunato, author
Buenos Aires, Argentina : Capital Intelectual, [2015]
Religiones, estados y naciones : la disputa por lo sagrado y el sentido : nacimiento del catolicismo institucional argentino -- Catolicismo intransigente e integral -- Una cultura católica antiliberal y anticomunista en marcha -- Mirada larga sobre los catolicismos y el mundo del trabajo -- Catolización y militarización : catolicismos y militarismos -- Católicos sin Iglesia e Iglesia sin catolicismos : la Argentina pluralista y democrática -- Reflexiones finales provisorias : mirar lejos en el siglo XXI.
Baker Berry BX1462 .M24 2015

The Sufi and the friar : a mystical encounter of two men of God in the abode of Islam
Dallh, Minlib, 1968- author
Albany : State University of New York Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BX4705.B26515 D35 2017

Christianity and monasticism in northern Egypt : Beni Suef, Giza, Cairo, and the Nile Delta
edited by Gawdat Gabra, Hany N. Takla
Cairo ; The American University in Cairo Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BX134.E3 C563 2017

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