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BR-BX - Christianity acquired during July 2016

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Vita Fulgentii
Ferrandus, Fulgentius, active 523-546
Turnhout : Brepols Publishers, 2016
Baker Berry BR60 .C49 v.91F

Erasmo y España : 75 años de la obra de Marcel Bataillon (1937-2012)
Eliseo Serrano (coordinador)
Zaragoza : Institución Fernando el Católico, 2015
Baker Berry BR350.E7 B3284 2015

북한 지하 교회 순교사 / 이 반석 지음
이 반석, author
Sŏul : Mun'gwang Sŏwŏn, 2015
Baker Berry Korea BR1330.K7 Y5 2015

Biblia Latina cum glossa ordinaria : introduction to the facsimile reprint of the edition princeps, Adolph Rusch of Strassburg 1480/81
by Karlfried Froehlich and Margaret T. Gibson
Turnhout : Brepols, 1992
Baker Berry Oversize BS75 1480a suppl

Biblia Latina cum glossa ordinaria : facsimile reprint of the editio Princeps Adolph Rusch of Strassburg 1480/81
introduction by Karlfried Froehlich and Margaret T. Gibson
Turnhout : Brepols, 1992
t. 1. Pentateuchus. Josue. Judicum. Ruth -- t. 2. I-II Samuels. III-IV Regum. I-II Paralipomenon. I-IV Esdrae. Tobias. Judith. Esther. Job. Psalmi. Proverbia. Ecclesiastes. Canticum canticorum. Sapientia. Ecclesiasticus -- t. 3. Isaias. Jeremias. Lamentationes. Baruch. Ezechiel. Daniel. Prophetae minores. I-II Maccabaeorum -- t. 4. Evangelia. Epistulae Pauli. Ad hebreos. Acta apostolorum. Epistulae catholicae. Apocalypsis Johannis.
Baker Berry Oversize BS75 1480a

The cultural life setting of the Proverbs
Pilch, John J
Minneapolis : Fortress Press, [2016]
Outline of the book of Proverbs -- Reading scenarios for the book of Proverbs.

"Reading the Proverbs as “timeless” observations and recommendations regarding human nature, valid for all cultures and places, blunts their cultural relevance, argues John J. Pilch. Similar in approach and format to the Social-Science Commentary on the New Testament volumes that he authored with Richard L. Rohrbaugh and Bruce J. Malina, this volume explores and describes the cultural matrix of the Mediterranean world from which the Proverbs come and of which they are descriptive. A list of social-science “scenarios” provides ready reference to particular aspects of the larger Mediterranean culture." --
Baker Berry BS1465.53 .P55 2016

The School of Antioch : biblical theology and the church in Syria
edited by Vahan S. Hovhanessian
New York : Peter Lang, [2016]
Exegesis for John Chrysostom: preaching and teaching the Bible -- Biblical fragments from the Christian library of Turfan, an Eastern outpost of the Antiochian Tradition -- John Chrysostom and the Johannine Jews -- Theōria as a hermeneutical term in the commentaries of Theodore of Mopsuestia and Theodoret of Cyrus -- The Commentary of St. Ephrem the Syrian on the apocryphal Third Corinthians.
Baker Berry BS483.3 .S346 2016

When Paul met Jesus : how an idea got lost in history
Porter, Stanley E., 1956- author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2016
What scholars have said in the past about Paul and Jesus -- What scholars now say about Paul and Jesus -- What the New Testament does and does not say about Paul and Jesus -- The implications of Paul having met Jesus.

Did Paul ever meet Jesus and hear him teach? A century ago, a curious assortment of scholars -- William Ramsay, Johannes Weiss, and James Hope Moulton - thought that he had. Since then, their idea has virtually disappeared from New Testament scholarship, to be revived in this monograph. When Paul Met Jesus is an exercise in both biblical exegesis and intellectual history. After examining the positive arguments raised, it considers the negative influence of Ferdinand Christian Baur, William Wrede, and Rudolf Bultmann on such an idea, as they drove a growing wedge between Jesus and Paul. In response, Stanley E. Porter analyzes three passages in the New Testament - Acts 9:1-9 and its parallels, 1 Corinthians 9:1, and 2 Corinthians 5:16 -- to confirm that there is New Testament evidence that Paul encountered Jesus. The implications of this discovery are then explored in important Pauline passages that draw Jesus and Paul back together again.
Baker Berry BS2506.3 .P684 2016

Sister of Zion
Canetti, Regine, 1921-
New Jersey : Gefen Publishing House, [2015]
Baker Berry BV2623.C26 A3 2015

한국 을 사랑 한 선교사들 : OMF 한국 필드 역사 기록, 1969-2004 = Missionaries who loved Korea / 주요 참여 저자 김 성환, 도 문갑, OMF 한국 필드 선교사들
Pusan-si : Rodem Puksŭ, 2015
Baker Berry Korea BV3462.A1 H39 2015

Entre a caridade e a ciência : a prática missionária e científica da Companhia de Jesus (América platina, séculos XVII e XVIII)
Fleck, Eliane Cristina Deckmann
São Leopoldo, RS : Oikos,UNISINOS - Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, 2014
Baker Berry BV2851 .F44 2014

L'Occident au miroir de l'Orient chrétien : Cilicie, Syrie, Palestine et Égypte (XIIe-XIVe siècle)
Rouxpetel, Camille, 1978-
Rome : École francaise de Rome, 2015
Baker Berry BX103.3 .R68 2015

"Comme des anges sur Terre" : les moniales dominicaines et les débuts de la réforme observante, 1385-1461
Duval, Sylvie
[Rome] : Ecole française de Rome, 2015
Baker Berry BX4337 .D88 2015

La politique russe du Saint-Siège (1905-1939)
Pettinaroli, Laura
Rome : Ecole française de Rome, 2015
Baker Berry BX1558.2 .P48 2015

The journal of Bishop Daniel Wilson of Calcutta, 1845-1857
Wilson, Daniel, 1778-1858
Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK : The Boydell Press, 2015
"Wilson's private journal covers the second half of his episcopate, beginning with a day-to-day account of his furlough in England in 1845-46, and including his frequent, lenghty journeys con visitation to far-flung mission stations."
Baker Berry BX5680.W5 A3 2015

On care for our common home : the encyclical of Pope Francis on the environment, Laudato Si'
with commentary by Sean McDonagh
Maryknoll, New York : Orbis Books, [2016]
Catholic teaching and the environment / by Sean McDonagh -- Laudato Si' : theological and historical background -- Climate change -- Biodiversity -- Fresh water -- The oceans -- Sustainable food -- Responsibility for protecting the environment -- Encyclical letter Laudato Si' -- Of the Holy Father Francis -- On care for our common home -- What is happening to our common home -- The gospel of creation -- The human roots of the ecological crisis -- Integral ecology -- Lines of approach and action -- Ecological education and spirituality.
Baker Berry BX1795.H82 C38313 2016

San Romero de América : mártir de la justicia
Juan José Tamayo, director
Valencia : Tirant Humanidades, 2015
Baker Berry BX4705.R669 S26 2015

En cuya presencia estoy : autobiografía espiritual de una hermana de velo blanco de la Nueva Granada
María de Jesús, hermana, -1776?
Barcelona : Paso de Barca, [2015]
Baker Berry BX4705.M325415 A3 2015

What is the Bible? : the patristic doctrine of scripture
Matthew Baker and Mark Mourachian, editors
Minneapolis : Fortress Press, [2016]
Part I. Approaches in the Christian East. The exegetical metaphysic of Origen of Alexandria / J. A. McGuckin -- A "doctrine of scripture" from the Eastern Orthodox tradition : a reflection on the Desert Father Saint Sarapion of Thmuis / Oliver Herbel -- "He has clothed himself in our language" : the incarnational hermeneutic of Saint Ephrem the Syrian / Matthew Baker -- John Chrysostom on the nature of revelation and task of exegesis / Bradley Nassif -- Barsanuphius, John, and Dorotheos on Scripture : voices from the desert in sixth-century Gaza / Alexis Torrance -- The transfiguration of Jesus Christ as "saturated phenomenon" and as a key to the dynamics of biblical revelation in Saint Maximus the Confessor / Paul M. Blowers -- Scripture as divine mystery : the Bible in the Philokalia / Brock Bingaman -- Part II. Modern approaches inspired by the Fathers. The Bible as Heilsgeschichte : the basic axis and scope of Georges Florovsky's neopatristic synthesis / Nikolaos Asproulis -- The Gospel according to Saint Justin the New : Justin Popović on scripture / Vladimir Cvetkovic -- Reality and biblical interpretation : T.F. Torrance's retrieval of patristic hermeneutics / John Taylor Carr -- Merely academic : a brief history of modern biblical criticism / Michael C. Legaspi.
Baker Berry BX320.3 W43 2016

Tratado dos passos
Rodrigo de Deus, 1547-1622
Em Lixboa : por Pedro Craesbeeck, 1618
Rauner Rare Book BX2040 .R6 1618

Teresa de Jesús : una mujer revolucionaria
Leralta, Javier
Madrid : Sílex, [2015]
Baker Berry BX4700.T4 L473 2015

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