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BR-BX - Christianity acquired during September 2016

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Theodoret of Cyrus : a cure for pagan maladies
Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus
New York : Newman Press, [2013]
On faith -- On the first principle -- On angels, so-called gods, and maleficent demons -- On matter and the cosmos -- On human nature -- On divine providence -- On sacrifices -- On the cult of martyrs -- On laws -- On true and false oracles -- On the last end and final judgment -- On practical virtue.
Baker Berry BR60 .A35 no.67

A companion to the Swiss Reformation
edited by Amy Nelson Burnett and Emidio Campi
Leiden ; Brill, 2016
Baker Berry BR410 .C66 2016

God's province : evangelical Christianity, political thought, and conservatism in Alberta
Banack, Clark, 1981-
Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2016]
Introduction -- Democracy and millennialism in American evangelical Protestantism : the context of religious interpretation in Alberta -- Religion and the political thought of Henry Wise Wood : liberal postmillennialism and the initial rejection of prairie socialism in Alberta -- Religion and the political thought of William Aberhart and Ernest Manning : fundamentalist premillennialism and anti-socialist sentiment in Alberta -- Religion, political thought, and public policy in contemporary Alberta : social conservatism vs the anti-statist religious perspective of Preston Manning -- Conclusion.

"Relative to the United States, it is assumed that religion has not been a significant factor in Canada's political development. In God's Province, Clark Banack challenges this assumption, showing that, in Alberta, religious motivation played a vital role in shaping its initial political trajectory. For Henry Wise Wood, president of the United Farmers of Alberta from 1916 until 1931, William "Bible Bill" Aberhart, founder of the Alberta Social Credit and premier from 1935 until 1943, Aberhart's protégé Ernest Manning, Alberta's longest serving premier (1943-1968), and Manning's son Preston, founder of the Alberta-based federal Reform Party of Canada, religion was central to their thinking about human agency, the purpose of politics, the role of the state, the nature of the economy, and the proper duties of citizens. Drawing on substantial archival research God's Province highlights the strong link that exists between the religiously inspired political thought and action of these formative leaders, the US evangelical Protestant tradition from which they drew, and the emergence of an individualistic, populist, and anti-statist sentiment in Alberta that is largely unfamiliar to the rest of Canada. Covering nearly a century of Alberta's history, Banack offers an illuminating reconsideration of the political thought of these leaders, the goals of the movements they led, and the roots of Alberta's distinctiveness within Canada. A fusion of religious history, intellectual history, and political thought, God's Province exposes the ways in which the individual intentions of politicians shape one province's political culture."--
Baker Berry BR1642.A5 B36 2016

The production of American religious freedom
Curtis, Finbarr, 1973-
New York : New York University Press, [2016]
You, and you, and you: Charles Grandison Finney and democracy -- I'm not myself to-night. I owe money: Louisa May Alcott and salvation -- Sentiment rules the world: William Jennings Bryan and populism -- The helpless white minority: D.W. Griffith and violence -- The fundamental faith of every true American: Al Smith and loyalty -- Do you hate me? Malcolm X and the truth -- Science in a little box: intelligent design and secularity -- The most sacred of all property: corporations and persons -- You, and you, and you.
Baker Berry BR516 .C945 2016

Church and society in Hungary and in the Hungarian diaspora
Dreisziger, N. F
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press, [2016]
Introduction: Hungarians and Hungary through the ages -- Hungarians and Christianity to the early sixteenth century -- The churches in the Ottoman and Habsburg eras: from Reformation to Counter-Reformation -- The churches in an independent Hungary, 1918-1944 -- The churches under Nazi and Soviet rule, 1944-1989 -- The churches of minority Hungarians in Romania, 1918-1990 -- The churches of the Hungarian minorities in Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine -- The religious life of Hungarian émigré communities in Western Europe -- The churches of Hungarian immigrants in the United States, 1850-2000 -- The churches of Hungarian immigrants to Canada in the twentieth century -- Hungarian religious life in Latin America -- The Hungarians' churches in the distant diaspora: Australia and South Africa -- The churches of the Hungarians at the turn of the twenty-first century -- The themes of Hungarian church history: conclusions.

"In Church and Society in Hungary and in the Hungarian Diaspora, Nándor Dreisziger tells the story of Christianity in Hungary and the Hungarian diaspora from its earliest years until the present. Beginning with the arrival of Christianity in the middle Danube basin, Dreisziger follows the fortunes of the Hungarians' churches through the troubled times of the Middle Ages, the years of Ottoman and Habsburg domination, and the turmoil of the twentieth century: wars, revolutions, foreign occupations, and totalitarian rule. Complementing this detailed history of religious life in Hungary, Dreisziger describes the fate of the churches of Hungarian minorities in countries that received territories from the old Kingdom of Hungary after the First World War. He also tells the story of the rise, halcyon days, and decline of organized religious life among Hungarian immigrants to Western Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere."--
Baker Berry BR869.52 .D74 2016

The new way : Protestantism and the Hmong in Vietnam
Ngo, Tam T. T., 1980- author
Seattle ; University of Washington Press, [2016]
The Hmong in Vietnam -- The short-waved faith -- Remittance of faith and modernity -- Millenarianism and conversion -- Not by rice alone -- State, church, and community -- Transformation of morality and subjectivity.

"Traces the unique route through which Hmong in Vietnam discovered Christianity and appropriated it for themselves. Although a significant proportion of Vietnam's population has been Catholic since the days of French colonialism, the Hmong continued animistic spiritual practices shared across Hmong populations throughout Southeast Asia in the remote highland areas where most of them lived. After the Vietnam War, the Far East Broadcasting Company started an evangelical program in Hmong language targeting war refugees in Laos. In the mid-1980s this radio signal was accidentally received by listeners in Vietnam's Northern Highland, who related the content to their traditional expectation of salvation by a Hmong messiah-king who would lead them out of subjugation. Actual missionaries, mostly Laotian Hmong refugees in the US, eventually arrived to help them routinize their new Protestant faith. Today, this New Way (Kev Cai Tshiab) is the claimed religion of roughly one third of a million Hmong in Vietnam. This ethngraphic study describes what happened when some Hmong decided to become Protestants while many of their kin kept their traditional religion, how the communist state views their religious activities, and the global dimensions of Hmong Protestant life. Hmong conversion serves as a lens for viewing the complex politics of religion and ethnic relations in contemporary Vietnam and illuminates larger issues such as the dynamic interplay between local and global forces, socialist and post-socialist state-building, Cold War and post-Cold War antagonisms, Hmong transnationalism, and US-led evangelical expansionism"--
Baker Berry BR1187 .N46 2016

On Augustine
Williams, Rowan, 1950- author
London : Bloomsbury, 2016
'A question to myself' time and self-awareness in the Confessions -- The soul in paraphrase: Augustine as interpreter of the Psalms -- Language, reality and desire: the nature of Christian formation -- 'Good for nothing'? Augustine on creation -- Insubstantial evil -- Politics and the soul: reading the City of God -- Augustine on Christ and the Trinity: an overview -- Wisdom in person: Augustine's christology -- The paradoxes of self-knowledge in Augustine's trinitarian thought -- Sapientia: wisdom and the trinitarian relations -- Augustinian love -- God in search: a sermon.

"St Augustine not only shaped the development of Western theology, he also made a major contribution to political theory (City of God) and through his Confessions to the understanding of human psychology." --
Baker Berry BR65.A9 W57 2016

The blood of Christ in the theology of William Tyndale
Werrell, Ralph S., author
Cambridge, England : James Clarke & Co, 2015
The Trinity, election and the covenant -- The fall to man's freedom from slavery -- Man's salvation -- The Christian life, worship and the sacraments -- Errors of the Pope's church.
Baker Berry BR350.T8 W46 2015

The Greek Historia monachorum in Aegypto : monastic hagiography in the late fourth century
Cain, Andrew
New York : Oxford University Press, 2016
The Greek Historia Monachorum in Aegyptoþ was one of the most widely read and disseminated Greek hagiographic texts during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. To this day it remains, alongside Athanasius' Life of Antony, one of the core primary sources for fourth-century Egyptian monasticism as well as one of the most fascinating, yet perplexing, pieces of monastic hagiography to survive from the entire patristic period. However, until now it has not received the intensive and sustained scholarly analysis that a monograph affords. In this study, Andrew Cain incorporates insights from source criticism, stylistic and rhetorical analysis, literary criticism, and historical, geographical, and theological studies in an attempt to break new ground and revise current scholarly orthodoxy about a broad range of interpretive issues and problems.
Baker Berry BR195.M65 C35 2016

[United States?] : [publisher not identified], [between 1860 to 1920?]
Autobiographical account of a young woman born in Windham, New Hampshire in 1760 and her experience with Christianity.
Rauner Rare Book BR1700.2 .A33 1860z

Reformations : the early modern world, 1450-1650
Eire, Carlos M. N., author
New Haven; Yale University Press, [2016]
On the edge. Prelude : Rome, 1450 -- An age of breakthroughs -- Religion in late medieval Christendom -- Reform and dissent in the late Middle Ages -- Italian Humanism -- Humanism beyond Italy -- Forerunners of the Catholic Reformation -- Protestants. Prelude : Rome, 1510 -- Luther : from student to monk -- Luther : from rebel to heretic -- Luther : the reactionary -- The Swiss Reformation -- The Radical Reformation -- Calvin and Calvinism -- England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, 1521-1603 -- Catholics. Prelude : Rome, 1564 -- Catholic reform : facing the challenge -- Catholic reform : healing the body of Christ -- Catholic reform : fashioning a new clergy -- Catholic reform : the Society of Jesus -- Missions to the New World -- Missions to the East Indies -- Consequences. Prelude : Rome, 1626 -- The age of religious wars -- The age of orthodoxy -- The confessional age -- The age of devils -- The age of reasonable doubt -- The age of outcomes -- The spirit of the age -- Epilogue. Assessing the reformations.

This fast-paced survey of Western civilization's transition from the Middle Ages to modernity brings that tumultuous period vividly to life. Carlos Eire, popular professor and gifted writer, chronicles the two-hundred-year era of the Renaissance and Reformation with particular attention to issues that persist as concerns in the present day. Eire connects the Protestant and Catholic Reformations in new and profound ways, and he demonstrates convincingly that this crucial turning point in history not only affected people long gone, but continues to shape our world and define who we are today. The book focuses on the vast changes that took place in Western civilization between 1450 and 1650, from Gutenberg's printing press and the subsequent revolution in the spread of ideas to the close of the Thirty Years' War. Eire devotes equal attention to the various Protestant traditions and churches as well as to Catholicism, skepticism, and secularism, and he takes into account the expansion of European culture and religion into other lands, particularly the Americas and Asia. He also underscores how changes in religion transformed the Western secular world. A book created with students and nonspecialists in mind, Reformations is an inspiring, provocative volume for any reader who is curious about the role of ideas and beliefs in history.
Baker Berry BR305.3 .E37 2016

The ascension of Isaiah
Jan N. Bremmer, Thomas R. Karmann, Tobias Nicklas (eds.)
Leuven : Peeters, [2016]
The domestication of early Christian prophecy and the Ascension of Isaiah -- How the author of the Ascension of Isaiah created its cosmological version of the story of Jesus -- The Ascension of Isaiah: a new(er) interpretation -- The Ascension of Isaiah as a response to Marcion of Sinope -- 'A door into an alien world': reading the Ascension of Isaiah as a Jewish mystical text -- Subtleties of translation and ancient interpretation: cues for understanding the Ascension of Isaiah -- Questions of self-disgnation in the Ascension of Isaiah -- The Ascension of Isaiah and the Johannist of constellation -- Religious experience behind the account of Isaiah's ascent to Heaven: insights from cognitive science -- The cosmology of the Ascension of Isaiah: analysis and re-assessment of the text's cosmological framework -- The descent of Jesus Christ in the Ascension of Isaiah -- Pessimisim in all its glory: the Ascension of Isaiah on the church in the Last Days -- Die Jungfrauengeburt in der Ascensio Isaiae und in anderen Texten des frühen Christentums -- The P. Amh. I 1 (Ascension of Isaiah) - what a manuscript tells about a text and its world.

This book is one of the first modern collections of studies on important aspects of the 'Ascension of Isaiah', which occupies a special place among the early Christian writings, due to its complicated origin and its relevance in regards of the early Christian self-understanding in respect of the Jews. 0The volume starts with an analysis of the place of the Ascension in the development of early Christian prophecy and continues with several chapters that discuss the problems of the date, provenance, genre and interpretation of the Ascension as well as its potential relationship to Marcion. The following chapters focus on various aspects of the Ascension, such as its mystical character, oracular nature, self-designation, Johannist constellation, religious experience, cosmology, the descent of Christ, eschatology and the Virgin birth. A final chapter looks at P.Amh. I 1, the Greek witness to the Ascension of Isaiah. The volume concludes, as has become customary, with a bibliography and index.
Baker Berry BS1830.A64 A834 2016

Biblical criticism in early modern Europe : Erasmus, the Johannine comma, and Trinitarian debate
McDonald, Grantley Robert
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2016
Baker Berry BS500 .M345 2016

Echoes of Scripture in the gospels
Hays, Richard B
Waco, Texas : Baylor University Press, [2016]
Introduction: Figural interpretation of Israel's scripture -- The evangelists as readers of Israel's scripture. The Gospel of Mark: herald of mystery -- The Gospel of Matthew: Torah transfigured -- The Gospel of Luke: the liberation of Israel -- The Gospel of John: the temple of his body.

The claim that the events of Jesus life, death, and resurrection took place according to the Scriptures stands at the heart of the New Testament's message. All four canonical Gospels declare that the Torah and the Prophets and the Psalms mysteriously prefigure Jesus. The author of the Fourth Gospel states this claim succinctly: in his narrative, Jesus declares, "If you believed Moses, you would believe me, for he wrote about me" (John 5:46). Yet modern historical criticism characteristically judges that the New Testament's christological readings of Israel's Scripture misrepresent the original sense of the texts; this judgment forces fundamental questions to be asked: Why do the Gospel writers read the Scriptures in such surprising ways? Are their readings intelligible as coherent or persuasive interpretations of the Scriptures? Does Christian faith require the illegitimate theft of someone else's sacred texts? Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels answers these questions. Richard B. Hays chronicles the dramatically different ways the four Gospel writers interpreted Israel's Scripture and reveals that their readings were as complementary as they were faithful. In this long-awaited sequel to his Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul, Hays highlights the theological consequences of the Gospel writers' distinctive hermeneutical approaches and asks what it might mean for contemporary readers to attempt to read Scripture through the eyes of the Evangelists. In particular, Hays carefully describes the Evangelists' practice of figural reading an imaginative and retrospective move that creates narrative continuity and wholeness. He shows how each Gospel artfully uses scriptural echoes to re-narrate Israel's story, to assert that Jesus is the embodiment of Israel's God, and to prod the church in its vocation to engage the pagan world. Hays shows how the Evangelists summon readers to a conversion of their imagination. The Evangelists' use of scriptural echo beckons readers to believe the extraordinary: that Jesus was Israel's Messiah, that Jesus is Israel's God, and that contemporary believers are still on mission. The Evangelists, according to Hays, are training our scriptural senses, calling readers to be better scriptural people by being better scriptural poets.
Baker Berry BS2555.52 .H385 2016

Juvencus' Four books of the Gospels : Evangeliorum libri quattuor
Juvencus, Caius Vettius Aquilinus
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2016
"Juvencus' Evangeliorum libri quattuor or "Four Books of the Gospels," is a verse rendering of the gospel narrative written ca. 330 CE, an important text in literary and cultural history. This is the first English translation of the entire poem. The lack of a full English translation has kept many scholars and students, particularly those outside of Classics, and many educated general readers from discovering it. With a thorough introduction to aid in the interpretation and appreciation of the text this clear and accessible English translation will enable a clearer understanding of the importance of Juvencus' work to later Latin poetry and to the early Church."--
Baker Berry BS2552 .Z7 2016

Did I not bring Israel out of Egypt? : biblical, archaeological, and egyptological perspectives on the Exodus narratives
edited by James K. Hoffmeier, Alan R. Millard, and Gary A. Rendsburg
Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2016
Part 1. Egyptology and linguistic matters. Egyptian religious influences on the early Hebrews ; Onomastics of the Exodus generation in the Book of Exodus ; Egyptian loanwords as evidence for the authenticity of the Exodus and wilderness traditions ; The signigicance of the horns of Exodus 27:2 : the Egyptian (ṯst) and Levantine four-horned altars -- Part 2. Exodus in the Pentateuch/Torah. The practices of the land of Egypt (Leviticus 18:3): incest, 'Anat, and Israel in the Egypt of Ramesses the Great ; The Kadesh inscriptions of Ramesses II and the Exodus sea account (Exodus 13:17-15:19) ; The literary unity of the Exodus narrative ; Moses, the tongue-tied singer! ; The Egyptian sojourn and deliverance from slavery in the framing and shaping of the Mosaic law ; "Tell your children and grandchildren!" The Exodus as cultural memory -- Part 3. Exodus, the wilderness period, and archaeology. Recent developments in understanding the origins of the Arameans: possible contributions and implications for understanding Israelite origins ; Exodus on the ground: the elusive signature of nomads in Sinai -- Part 4. Exodus in the Hebrew Prophets. "I am Yahweh your God from the land of Egypt" : Hosea's use of the Exodus traditions -- Some observations on the Exodus and wilderness wandering traditions in the books of Amos and Micah.
Baker Berry BS1199.E93 D53 2016

Torah ethics and early Christian identity
edited by Susan J. Wendel and David M. Miller
Grand Rapids : Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2016
Torah ethics in early Judaism -- Entering a synagogue with Paul : first-century Torah observance / Anders Runesson -- The meaning and function of the law in Philo and Josephus / John W. Martens -- Torah ethics and the New Testament -- Jesus, the eschatological perfection of Torah, and the imitatio Dei in Matthew / Wesley G. Olmstead -- Torah, Jesus, and the kingdom of God in the Gospel of Mark / S. A. Cummins -- Reading law as prophecy : Torah ethics in Acts / David M. Miller -- Reproach and revelation : ethics in John 11:1-44 / Adele Reinhartz -- The law of the laws : James, wisdom, and the law / Scot McKnight -- Questions about nomos, answers about Christos : Romans 10:4 in context / Beverly Roberts Gaventa -- Paul, Abraham's Gentile "offspring," and the Torah / Terence L. Donaldson -- The conversion of the imagination : Scripture and eschatology in 1 Corinthians / Richard B. Hays -- Beyond the New Testament -- Torah obedience and early Christian ethical practices in Justin Martyr / Susan J. Wendel -- The law, God, and the Logos : Clement and the Alexandrian tradition / Peter Widdicombe -- Canonical Paul and the law / Stephen Westerholm.
Baker Berry BS680.E84 T67 2016

The Syriac Peshiṭta Bible with English translation. Hebrews and the General Catholic Epistles
English translation by Daniel King, J. Edward Walters ; text prepared by George A. Kiraz
Piscataway, NJ : Gorgias Press, 2016
"This volume is part of a series of English translations of the Syriac Peshitta along with the Syriac text carried out by an international team of scholars. Kitchen has translated the text, while Kiraz has prepared the Syriac text in the west Syriac script, fully vocalized and pointed. The translation and the Syriac text are presented on facing pages so that both can be studied together"--
Baker Berry BS2774 .S97 2016

An introduction to the literature of the New Testament
Moffatt, James, 1870-1944
New York, C. Scribner's Sons, 1915
Baker Berry BS2330 .M6

Philippians and Philemon
Thompson, James, 1942- author
Grand Rapids : Baker Academic, 2016
Baker Berry BS2705.53 .T46 2016

Early Latin commentaries on the Apocalypse
edited by Francis X. Gumerlock
Kalamazoo : Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University, [2016]
Introduction -- Pseudo-Jerome, handbook on the apocalypse of the Apostle John -- Reference Bible, on the mysteries in the apocalypse of John -- Bibliography.
Baker Berry BS2825.52 .E27 2016

The Acts of John
Pervo, Richard I
Salem, Oregon : Polebridge Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BS2880.J62 P67 2016

The Syriac Peshiṭta Bible with English translation. Job
English translation by Jonathan Loopstra ; text prepared by George A. Kiraz, Joseph Bali
Piscataway, NJ : Gorgias Press, 2016
Baker Berry BS1414 .S97 P47 2016

A place for Hagar's son : Ishmael as a case study in the priestly tradition
Noble, John T. author
Minneapolis : Fortress Press, [2016]
Introduction -- Patterns of exodus in the Hagar and Ishmael traditions of J and E -- Particularity and ambiguity in the priestly Abrahamic covenant -- Covenant and context in P -- Ishmael, Ishmaelites, and biblical narrative -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry BS1235.52 .N63 2016

Resurrection in Paul : cognition, metaphor, and transformation
Tappenden, Frederick S., author
Atlanta : SBL Press, [2016]
The disembodiment of resurrection: literature review, problem definition, and the integration of cognition and culture -- Imaging resurrection: toward an image-schematic understanding of resurrection belief in Paul and in Second Temple Judaism -- "We will all be changed": on dualism/monism, plants, and the peculiarity of wearing a house -- Eschatological somatology: identifying the already and the not yet in Paul -- Participating in resurrection: UNION, mutual affectivity, and ethnicity -- Embodying resurrection: conclusions and prospects.
Baker Berry BS2655.R35 T37 2016

¿Cómo vivimos los venezolanos nuestra situación? : aportes para la acción social desde una perspectiva cristiana
coordinación editorial, Pedro Trigo, s.j
[Caracas] Venezuela : Centro Gumilla, [2015]
Baker Berry BT738 .C672 2015

Afterlife : a history of life after death
Almond, Philip C., author
Ithaca, New York : Cornell University Press, 2016
The destiny of the dead -- The geography of the underworld -- Souls and bodies -- Purgatory and beyond -- The sleep of death -- The saved and the damned -- Heavens, sacred and secular.
Baker Berry BT903 .A46 2016

Transgender, intersex, and biblical Interpretation
Hornsby, Teresa J., 1959- author
Atlanta : SBL Press, [2016]
A call for "trans literacy" within biblical scholarship In this volume Hornsby and Guest introduce readers to terms for the various identities of trans people and how the Bible can be an affirmation of those deemed sexually other by communities. This book offers readings of well known (e.g., Gen 1; Revelation) and not so well known (2 Sam 6; Jer 38) narratives to illustrate that the Bible has been translated and interpreted with a bias that makes heterosexuality and a two sex, two gender system natural, and thus divinely ordained. The authors present examples that show gender was never a binary, and in the Bible gender and sex are always dynamic categories that do, and must, transition. Features: Definitions of key terms, including transsexual, transgender, cissexism, heterosexism, intersex, eunuch Critique of how biblical texts are used in Christian positional statements on transsexuality Statistics concerning rates of violence against trans persons.
Baker Berry BT708 .H676 2016

How marriage became one of the sacraments : the sacramental theology of marriage from its medieval origins to the Council of Trent
Reynolds, Philip Lyndon, 1950- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2016
Among the contributions of the medieval church to western culture was the idea that marriage was one of the seven sacraments, which defined the role of married folk in the church. Although it had ancient roots, this new way of regarding marriage raised many problems, to which scholastic theologians applied all their ingenuity. By the late Middle Ages, the doctrine was fully established in Christian thought and practice but not yet as dogma. In the sixteenth century, with the entire Catholic teaching on marriage and celibacy and its associated law and jurisdiction under attack by the Protestant reformers, the Council of Trent defined the doctrine as a dogma of faith for the first time but made major changes to it. Rather than focusing on a particular aspect of intellectual and institutional developments, this book examines them in depth and in detail from their ancient precedents to the Council of Trent.
Baker Berry BT706 .R49 2016

Faith and speculation : an essay in philosophical theology ; containing the Deems lectures delivered at New York University in 1964
Farrer, Austin Marsden
New York : New York University Press ; 1967
The believer's reasons -- The empirical demand -- Spiritual science -- Grace and freewill -- Nature and creation -- Revelation and history -- The theology of will -- Justifiable analogy -- First cause -- Anima Mundi -- Incorporeal spirit -- The argument in summary.
Baker Berry BT40 .F35

European evangelicals in Egypt (1900-1956) : cultural entanglements and missionary spaces
Boulos, Samir
Leiden ; Brill, [2016]
Baker Berry BV3570 .B59 2016

A clear and simple treatise on the Lord's Supper : in which the published slanders of Joachim Westphal are finally refuted
Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605
Grand Rapids, Michigan : Reformation Heritage Books, [2016]
Baker Berry BV823 .B4813 2016

Mission at Nuremberg : an America army chaplain and the trial of the Nazis / Tim Townsend
Townsend, Tim
New York : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins, 2015
Baker Berry BV4596.W37 T69 2014

Jane Lead and her transnational legacy
edited by Ariel Hessayon
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
Baker Berry BV5095.L43 J36 2016

Longing for home : forced displacement and postures of hospitality
Holton, M. Jan, author
New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, [2016]
Notions of home -- Leaning into God -- Crisis and forced displacement -- Breathing home -- Fleeing conflict and disaster -- War and home: no safe place -- Chronic displacement and persons without home -- Postures of hospitality.
Baker Berry BV4466 .H65 2016

Le bréviaire cistercien Troyes, bibliothèque municipale, MS. 2030
Claire Maître
Fribourg : Academic Press, 2015
Baker Berry BX2000.A3 C57 2015

The Holy See and the emergence of the modern Middle East : Benedict XV's diplomacy in Greater Syria (1914-1922)
Dreuzy, Agnes de
Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2016]
Introduction : rethinking Benedict XV's contribution to international relations -- PART I. THE VATICAN AND CATHOLIC INTERESTS IN PREWAR AND WARTIME GREATER SYRIA, 1914-1917. Benedict XV, Pope of Peace -- Protection of Catholics in the Ottoman Empire -- Vatican wartime foreign policy -- Protection of Catholic clergy and property -- Benedict XV's humanitarian assistance -- PART II. POSTWAR PROTECTION OF CATHOLIC INTERESTS, 1917-1922. The Holy See and the postwar world order -- The Holy See and Syria -- The Holy See and Palestine -- Conclusion.

"This detailed analysis of Pope Benedict XV's wartime diplomacy in the Levant focuses on relations between the Holy See and the European powers with Middle Eastern interests (France, Britain, and Russia) as well as the Ottoman Empire, and sheds new light on the intricate relationships between churches of the Eastern Rite (Maronites, Melkites) and those of the Latin Rite. The author argues that far from being passive and ineffectual during World War I, Benedict XV vigorously pursued a nuanced foreign policy that shaped the history of the papacy through the 20th century"--
Baker Berry BX1617 .D74 2016

Revue d'histoire du protestantisme
Société de l'histoire du protestantisme français
Paris : Au Siège de la Société ; 2016-
Baker Berry BX9450 .S62

Papa Francisco : la cultura del encuentro
Fares, Diego, 1955- author
Buenos Aires : Edhasa, agosto 2014
Baker Berry BX1378.7 .F37 2014

Epiphanius of Cyprus : a cultural biography of late antiquity
Jacobs, Andrew S., 1973- author
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2016]
Introduction : Epiphanius, then and now -- Celebrity -- Conversion -- Discipline -- Scriptures -- Salvation -- After lives.

"Epiphanius, Bishop of Contantia on Cyprus from 367-403 C.E., was incredibly influential in the last decades of the fourth century, yet modern scholarship has very little use for him. His major surviving text (the Panarion, an encyclopedia of heresies) is plumbed for lost sources, but Epiphanius himself is often dismissed as an anti-intellectual crank, a marginal figure of late antiquity. This book moves Epiphanius from the margin back toward the center, and proposes we view major cultural themes of late antiquity in a new light altogether. Through an examination of key cultural concepts--celebrity, conversion, discipline, scripture, salvation--this book shifts our understanding of 'late antiquity' from a transformational period open to new ideas and peoples toward a Christian Empire that posited a troubling, but ever-present, 'otherness' at the center of its cultural production. The book includes a consideration of the hagiographic 'afterlives' of Epiphanius, and concludes with a discussion of why modern scholarship finds the fourth-century bishop so troubling"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry BX395.E65 J33 2016

La cuestión religiosa en España, 1875-1912 : Iglesia y Estado : clericalismo y anticlericalismo
Barrón García, José Ignacio
Madrid : Ediciones 19, [2015]
Baker Berry BX1585 .B27 2015

Wilhelm Rotermund : seu tempo, suas obras
Dreher, Martin Norberto, author
São Leopoldo, RS : Oikos Editora, 2014
Baker Berry BX7289.R6 D74 2014

Starai︠a︡ Rossii︠a︡ v sovremennoĭ Amerike : russkie staroobri︠a︡dt︠s︡y na Ali︠a︡ske
Dolitsky, Alexander B
Juneau, Alaska : Alaska-Siberia Research Center (AKSRC), ©2007
Baker Berry BX601 .D645 2007

Archbishop Ramsey : the shape of the Church
Webster, Peter, 1974-
Farnham Surrey, England ; Ashgate, [2015]
The Church and the churches -- Church and state -- Church and nation -- The Church in a time of crisis -- The prophetic church.
Baker Berry BX5199.R224 W43 2015

False prophets and preachers : Henry Gresbeck's account of the Anabaptist kingdom of Münster
Gresbeck, Heinrich, active 1540
Kirksville, Missouri : Truman State University Press, 2016
"In February 1534, a radical group of Anabaptists, gripped with apocalyptic fervor, seized the city of Münster and established an idealistic communal government that quickly deteriorated into extreme inequality and theocratic totalitarianism. In response, troops hired by the city's prince-bishop laid siege to the city. Fifteen months later, the besieged inhabitants were starving, and, in the dead of the night, five men slipped out. Separated from his fellow escapees, Henry Gresbeck gambled with his life by approaching enemy troops. Taken prisoner, he collaborated with the enemy to devise a plan to recapture Münster and later recorded the only eyewitness account of the Anabaptist kingdom of Münster. Gresbeck's account, which attempts to explain his role in the bizarre events, disappeared into the archives and was largely ignored for centuries. Before now, Gresbeck's account was only available in a heavily edited German copy adapted from inferior manuscripts. Christopher S. Mackay, who previously produced the only modern translation of the main Latin account of these events, has adhered closely to Gresbeck's own words to produce the first complete and accurate English translation of this important primary source"--From publisher's website.
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