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BQ - Buddhism acquired during June 2017

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A Buddhist pilgrim at the shrines of Tibet
Цыбиков, Г. Ц. 1873-1930, author. (Гонбочжаб Цэбекович),
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
Preface to the English edition -- Author's autobiographical note to the 1919 edition -- Preface to the 1919 edition -- Pilgrims on the way from Urga to Kumbum -- The holy places of Amdo : Kumbum and Labrang -- Kumbum to Lhasa -- Lhasa : the city and its main shrines -- The population of Lhasa -- Life in Lhasa -- The administration of Tibet -- The Dalai Lamas -- An episode from the life of the present Dalai Lama -- The organization and administration of the chief monasteries in the environs of Lhasa -- Ganden Monastery -- Drepun Monastery -- Sera Monastery -- Tashi-Lhunpo Monastery -- From Tashi-Lhunpo to Lhasa -- A journey to Tsetan and Samye -- Going home : journey from Lhasa to Kyakhta -- Glossary.

"Tsybikov was the first scholar with a European education to visit Tibet and describe its monasteries and temples as an eyewitness traveler and an objective researcher. Tsybikov had two distinct advantages: an ethnic Buryat he could travel as a Buddhist pilgrim and thus have a chance of reaching its mysterious capital Lhasa, the religious and political center of Tibet, which was barred to outsiders, especially Europeans; as a scholar educated at a European university he had the historical and linguistic background to understand and describe what he saw. Tsybikov understood the secretive nature of the lama state and was careful to hide his work as a researcher. It was his journal that became the basis of A Buddhist Pilgrim at the Shrines of Tibet, which has both the vividness of a traveller's eyewitness account and the informed detachment of a scholar. As a record of both religious practices and the everyday life in Tibet before Chinese inroads during the twentieth century effaced that way of life, Tsybikov's book is a unique and invaluable snapshot of a lost culture"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry BQ7915.T5 T7813 2017

Light comes through : Buddhist teachings on awakening to our natural intelligence
Kongtrül, Dzigar
Boston : Shambhala, 2008
The five self-centered emotions: -- Self-clinging: the juice of self-centered emotions -- Guilty as charged!: a case against jealousy -- The other side of the fence: a case against aggression -- Invisible strings: a case against attachment -- Entering the circle of dogs: a case against arrogance -- Connecting seed and fruit: a case against stupidity -- Working with others: -- The lenchak dynamic: not a healthy kind of love -- Part of the equation: no room for indifference -- Putting others in the center: the fundamental principle -- Faith: opening the shutters -- Working with a teacher: not a one-hand clap -- Devotion and lineage: from the womb of the mother -- Teachings on emptiness: -- Mere appearance: thinking like an elephant -- The haunted dominion of the mind: shaken from within -- The unfindability of phenomena: disassembling delusion -- Light comes through: potential and entirety.

Contends that the secret to achieving happiness and fulfillment lies in shifting the focus outward and showing a concern for others, and describes how to develop natural intelligence and innate compassion through the practice of Buddhist mediation and contemplation.
Baker Berry BQ4302 .K675 2008

Buddhahood in this life : the great commentary by Vimalamitra
Vimalamitra, active 8th century, author
Somerville, MA : Wisdom Publications with Zangthal Editions, [2016]
"Buddhahood in This Life is a complete translation of the earliest Tibetan commentary on the Dzogchen secret instructions. Available for the first time in English, Buddhahood in This Life presents the Great Commentary of Vimalamitra--one of the earliest and most influential texts in the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. It explores the theory and practice of the Great Perfection tradition in detail, shows how Dzogchen meditation relates to the entirety of the Buddhist path, and outlines how we can understand buddhahood--and even achieve it in our lifetime. This essential text includes topics such as: How delusion arises; The pathway of pristine consciousness; How buddhahood is present in the body and more. Translator Malcolm Smith includes an overview, analysis and clarification for all topics. Buddhahood in This Life covers fine details of Dzogchen meditation, including profound 'secret instructions' rarely discussed in most meditation manuals. This text is essential for any serious student of the Great Perfection"--
Baker Berry BQ7662.4 .V5413 2016

Unfortunate destiny : animals in the Indian Buddhist imagination
Ohnuma, Reiko, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Unfortunate destiny -- Introduction -- Unfortunate destiny: animals in a Buddhist cosmos -- Catching sight of the Buddha: -- Faithful animals in the Divyavadana and Avadanasataka -- When animals speak: animals in the Pali Jatakas -- Introduction -- (Human) nature, red in tooth and claw -- Animal saviors -- Animal doubles of the Buddha -- Introduction -- Scapegoat for the Buddha: the horse Kanthaka -- Mirror for the Buddha: the elephant Parileyyaka -- Billboard for the Buddha: the elephant Naagiri.
Baker Berry BQ1029.I42 O58 2017

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