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BP - Islam / Bahaism / Thesophy acquired during August 2016

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Qurʼanic studies today
edited by Angelika Neuwirth and Michael A. Sells
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Baker Berry BP130.77 .Q87 2016

Twelve infallible men : the imams and the making of Shi'ism
Pierce, Matthew, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2016
Setting the stage -- Consolation for a community -- Betrayal and the boundaries of faithfulness -- Vulnerable bodies and masculine ideals -- Entering the cosmos.

"The rift between Sunni and Shīʻah Muslims is one of the most salient divisions in the history of Islam. Twelve Infallible Men explores the role of stories in the development of a distinctly Shīʻah identity, demonstrating how accounts of saintly figures were popularized to meet the needs of a religious community. This analysis of Shīʻah narratives provides insight into the social and religious significance of stories of the imams, helping explain what made them worth preserving. This book examines a form of biography that emerged around the beginning of the tenth century CE, when Shīʻah scholars began compiling accounts of individual imams into works spanning the lives of all twelve holy figures. These collective biographies canonized particular versions of the lives and deaths of the imams, in the process constructing a sacred history. The themes and motifs found in these biographies reveal the concerns of Shīʻah Muslim communities in the medieval period. Shīʻah accounts of the imams' lives often differed significantly from those of their adversaries, reflecting an emotionally-charged conflict about issues of religious authority and legitimacy. The collective biographies imbued select memories of the imams' lives with religious significance, thereby demarcating communal boundaries in enduring ways. The stories inspired and entertained, but more importantly they offered consolation to a community searching for meaning at a new stage of history. They became the focal point of communal memory, inspiring Shīʻah religious imagination for centuries to come."--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry BP189.43 .P54 2016

The Oxford handbook of Islamic theology
edited by Sabine Schmidtke
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, [2016]
Baker Berry BP166 .O94 2016

Approaching the Qurʼán : the early revelations
Sells, Michael Anthony
Ashland, Or. : White Cloud Press, 2007
Introduction : Approaching the Qurʼán -- Glossary of Arabic terms -- The early Suras with commentary -- The Sura of the compassionate -- Hearing the Qur'án : the call to prayer and six Suras -- Sound, spirit, and gender in the Qur'án.

"Approaching the Qur'án is a major event in religious publishing, Professor Michael Sells has captured the complexity, power, and poetry of the early suras of the Qur'án, the sacred scripture of Islam. In this 2nd edition, Sells introduces important new translations of Qur'ánic suras and a new preface that addresses the ongoing controversy over teaching about Islam and the Qur'án in American universities. This book presents brilliant translations of the short, hymnic chapters, or suras, associated with the first revelations to the Prophet Muhammad. Most of these early revelations appear at the end of the written text and are commonly reached only by the most resolute reader of existing English translations. These suras contain some of the most powerful, prophetic and revelatory passages in religious history. They offer the vision of a meaningful and just life that anchors the religion of one-fifth of the world's inhabitants. Approaching the Qur'án is enriched by the recording of Qur'ánic reciters chanting several of the early suras, allowing readers an opportunity to hear the Qur'án in its original form. These recordings are now available as MP3 downloads free with the purchase of the book. The book includes Sells' Introduction to the Qur'án, commentaries of the suras, a glossary of technical terms, and chapters discussing the sound nature and gender aspects of the Arabic text."--Publisher description.
Baker Berry BP130.4 .S43 2007

Writings against the Saracens
Peter, the Venerable, approximately 1092-1156, author
Washington, D.C. : Catholic University of America Press, 2016
Introduction -- Letter to Bernard of Clairvaux on his [i.e. Peter's] translation (Epistola de translatione sua) -- A summary of the entire heresy of the Saracens (Summa totius haeresis Saracenorum) -- Against the sect of the Saracens (Contra sectam Saracenorum).
Baker Berry BP172 .P45413 2016

Islam and Christianity in medieval Anatolia
edited by A.C.S. Peacock, Bruno De Nicola and Sara Nur Yıldız
Burlington, VT : Ashgate Publishing Company, [2015]
Christians in the Middle East, 600-1000: conquest, competition and conversion / Philip Wood -- Christian views of Islam in early Seljuq Anatolia: perceptions and reactions / Alexander Beihammer -- Patterns of Armeno-Muslim interchange on the Armenian plateau in the interstice between Byzantine and Ottoman hegemony / Peter Cowe -- The rape of Anatolia / Scott Redford -- Liquid frontiers: a relational analysis of maritime Asia Minor as a religious contact zone in the thirteenth-fifteenth centuries / Johannes Preiser-Kapeller -- Greek orthodox communities of Nicaea and Ephesus under Turkish rule in the fourteenth century: a new reading of old sources / Johannes Pahlitzsch -- Byzantine appropriation of the Orient: notes on its principles and patterns / Rustam Shukurov -- Other encounters: popular belief and cultural convergence in Anatolia / Antony Eastmond -- Thirteenth-century "Byzantine" art in Cappadocia and the question of Greek painters at the Seljuq court / Tolga Uyar -- An interfaith polemic of medieval anatolia: Qāḍī Burḥān al-Dīn al-Anawī on the Armenians and their heresies / Andrew Peacock -- "What does the clapper say?" an interfaith discourse on the Christian call to prayer by ʻAbdīshā bar Brākhā / Salam Rassi -- Sunni orthodox vs. Shiʻite heterodox?: a reappraisal of Islamic piety in medieval Anatolia / Rıza Yıldırım -- Mevlevi-Bektashi rivalries and the Islamisation of the public space in late Seljuq Anatolia / Judith Pfeiffer -- Battling kufr (disbelief) in the land of infidels: Gülşehri's Turkish adaptation of ʻAṭṭār's Manṭiq al-ṭayr / Sara Nur Yıldız -- Islamisation through the lens of the Saltuk-name / Ahmet Karamustafa.

Islam and Christianity in Medieval Anatolia offers a comparative approach to understanding the spread of Islam and Muslim culture in medieval Anatolia. It aims to reassess work in the field since the 1971 classic by Speros Vryonis, The Decline of Hellenism in Asia Minor and the Process of Islamization which treats the process of transformation from a Byzantinist perspective. Since then, research has offered insights into individual aspects of Christian-Muslim relations, but no overview has appeared. Moreover, very few scholars of Islamic studies have examined the problem, meaning evidence in Arabic, Persian and Turkish has been somewhat neglected at the expense of Christian sources, and too little attention has been given to material culture. The essays in this volume examine the interaction between Christianity and Islam in medieval Anatolia through three distinct angles, opening with a substantial introduction by the editors to explain both the research background and the historical problem, making the work accessible to scholars from other fields. The first group of essays examines the Christian experience of living under Muslim rule, comparing their experiences in several of the major Islamic states of Anatolia between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries, especially the Seljuks and the Ottomans. The second set of essays examines encounters between Christianity and Islam in art and intellectual life. They highlight the ways in which some traditions were shared across confessional divides, suggesting the existence of a common artistic and hence cultural vocabulary. The final section focusses on the process of Islamisation, above all as seen from the Arabic, Persian and Turkish textual evidence with special attention to the role of Sufism.
Baker Berry BP172 .I8115 2015

Muslim mothering : global histories, theories, and practices
edited by Margaret Aziza Pappano and Dana M. Olwan
Bradford, ON : Demeter Press, [2016]
"Muslim Mothering is an interdisciplinary volume, concentrating on the experiences of Muslim mothers, largely in the contemporary period. The volume is notable for the global range of its contributors and topics, indicative of the number of Muslim majority national contexts and large and diverse Muslim diaspora of today's world. While motherhood is highly valued in the sacred texts of Islam, the lived reality of Muslim mothers demonstrates that their lives do not often conform with traditional religious paradigms. For instance, prominent among the themes uniting these essays from diverse global contexts are the challenges facing Muslim mothers to protect and nurture their children in the context of war and militarization. With ongoing turbulence in the Middle East and subcontinent, many Muslims mothers face the difficulties of rearing children amongst frequent bombings and episodes of violence. Muslim mothers living in the diaspora face other challenges, such as the difficulty of fostering positive Muslimidentity as a minority and in a context of Islamophobia. Other contributions discuss the way that Muslim mothers negotiate cultural institutions and practices, such as divorce, adoption/guardianship, post-partum confinement, and societal/religious expectations of procreation. This collection demonstrates the diverse and complex ways that Muslim mothers define and redefine the resources of Islam to negotiate better situations for themselves and their children, revealing how religious identity is a dynamic and vital force in their everyday lives."--
Baker Berry BP190.5.M67 M88 2016

The Quran and the secular mind : a philosophy of Islam
Akhtar, Shabbir, 1960-
London ; Routledge, 2008
pt. I : Quranic Islam and the secular mind -- Locating Islam in the modern world -- Human reason and divine revelation -- The moral challenge of secular humanism -- pt. II : an Arabic Quran : assessing its authority -- The book sent down -- The book as 'the frustrater' -- The scope of the book -- The authority of the book -- pt. III : a Quranic Lebenswelt in a secular age -- A sign is enough -- for the wise -- Faith and the varieties of rejection -- Human nature and the Quran -- 'Greater is God!' -- pt. IV : conclusions -- Preface to a philosophy of Islam.

This book is concerned with the rationality and plausibility of the Muslim faith and the Quran, and in particular how they can be interrogated and understood through western analytical philosophy. It also explores how Islam can successfully engage with the challenges posed by secular thinking. The Quran and the Secular Mind will be of interest to students and scholars of Islamic philosophy, philosophy of religion, Middle East studies, and political Islam.--
Baker Berry BP130.74 .A34 2008

The sociology of Islam : knowledge, power and civility
Salvatore, Armando, author
Chichester, West Sussex, UK : Wiley Blackwell, 2016
Part I. Patterns of civility -- Part II. Islamic civility in historical and comparative perspective -- Part III. Modern Islamic articulations of civility.

"The Sociology of Islam is an interpretive account of Islam as a religion and civilization in world history and global society, which focuses on the notions of knowledge-culture, power and civility to provide key interpretive and analytic tools to practitioners. The first substantial introduction to the field of the Sociology of Islam that combines theoretical reflections with historical analysis Explores the original civilizational trajectory of Islam and its specific entry point into modernity Develops a narrative and analytic thread that makes the 'dual' role of Islam - as a religion and civilization - comprehensible to non-specialists€ Allows Islamic Studies specialists and students to locate the study of Islam in a comparative perspective with the help of simple, yet rigorous conceptual tools drawn from sociology and social theory The author is a scholar of both the Sociology of Islam and Comparative Civilizational Analysis and ideally placed to write this text"--
Baker Berry BP173.25 .S34 2016

The Oxford handbook of new religious movements. Volume II
edited by James R. Lewis and Inga B. Tøllefsen
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2016
Baker Berry BP603 .H36 2016

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