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BM - Judaism acquired during September 2016

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Jewish feminism and intersectionality
Brettschneider, Marla
Albany : State University of New York Press, [2016]
To race, to class, to queer: Jewish feminist contributions to intersectionality studies -- Jewish feminists and new diaspora theorizing: the life and work of Jamaica Kincaid -- Race, gender, class, sexuality and the Jewish Goldbergs in the suburbs -- Ritual encounters of the queer kind: a political analysis of Jewish queer ritual innovation -- Jewish feminism, race, and a sexual justice agenda -- Reproductive justice: costs of increased adoption access -- Jewish race segregation and Jewish feminism.
Baker Berry BM729.W6 B7466 2016

Jewish books in Christian hands : theology, exegesis and conversion under Gregory XIII (1572-1585)
Boxel, Piet van, 1940-
Città del Vaticano : Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, 2016
Baker Berry BM535 .B69 2016

Judaism and world religions : encountering Christianity, Islam, and Eastern traditions
Brill, Alan
New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012
"This companion volume to Judaism and Other Religions provides the first extensive collection of traditional and academic Jewish approaches to the religions of the world, focusing on those Jewish thinkers that actually encounter the other world religions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism--that is, it moves beyond the theory of inclusive/exclusive/pluralistic categories and looks at Judaism's interactions with other faiths in practice."--
Baker Berry BM534 .B745 2012

מדרש רבה = The Midrash = Midrash rabbah : with annotated interpretive elucidation and additional insights
Brooklyn, N.Y. : Mesorah Publications, 2010-
[1] Be-reshit (pts. 1-4) -- [2] Shemot (pts. 1-2) -- [3] Ṿa-yiḳra (pt. 1) -- [4] Ba-midbar (pts. 1-3) -- [5] Devarim -- [6] Five Megillos (pts. 1-4)
Baker Berry Oversize BM517.M6 E5 2010

Vision & valor : an illustrated history of the Talmud
Wein, Berel
New Milford, CT : Maggid Books, ©2010
In the Beginning -- Introduction -- The First Generation of Amoraim in Babylonia -- The First and Second Generations of Amoraim in the Land of Israel -- The Second Generations of Amoraim in Babylonia -- The Third Generation of Amoraim in Babylonia -- The Third Generation of Amoraim in the Land of Israel -- The Fourth Generation of Amoraim in Babylonia -- The Fifth Generation of Amoraim in Babylonia -- The Sixth Generation of Amoraim in Babylonia -- The Seventh and Final Generation of Amoraim in Babylonia -- Epilogue -- Amoraim Timeline -- Notes -- Glossary.

An Illustrated History of the Talmud.
Baker Berry BM501 .W38 2010

The Zohar reception and impact
Huss, Boaz, author
Oxford ; The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2016
1. The depiction of R. Shimon bar Yohai and Moses in Zoharic literature -- 2. The Zohar as an imagined book -- 3. The formation of the Zoharic canon -- 4. The authority of the Zohar -- 5. On the history of Zohar interpretation -- 6. Revelation versus concealment in the reception history of the Zohar -- 7. The history of Zohar criticism -- 8. The recanonization of the Zohar in the modern era.
Baker Berry BM525.A59 H8713 2016

The prophets speak on forced migration
edited by Mark J. Boda, Frank Ritchel Ames, John Ahn, and Mark Leuchter
Atlanta : SBL Press, [2015]
Prophetic rhetoric and exile / David L. Petersen -- Provenance as a factor in interpretation / Christopher R. Seitz -- "You are my witness and my servant" (Isa 43:10): exile and the identity of the servant / Ulrich Berges -- Second Isaiah and the Aaronide response to Judah's forced migrations / Stephen L. Cook -- Nebuchadnezzar, the end of Davidic rule, and the exile in the book of Jeremiah / Konrad Schmid -- Sacred space and communal legitimacy in exile: the contribution of Seraiah's colophon (Jer 51:59-64a) / Mark Leuchter -- Ezekiel 15 / John Ahn -- The cultic dimensions of prophecy in the book of Ezekiel / Corinna Körting -- Ezekiel as disaster/survival literature: speaking on behalf of the losers / Louis Stulman -- Forced migrations and the visions of Zechariah 1-8 / Frank Ritchel Ames -- Scat!: exilic motifs in the book of Zechariah / Mark J. Boda.

"In this collection of essays dealing with the prophetic material in the Hebrew Bible, scholars explore the motifs, effects, and role of forced migration on prophetic literature. Students and scholars interested in current, thorough approaches to the issues and problems associated with the study of geographical displacement, social identity ethics, trauma studies, theological diversification, hermeneutical strategies in relation to the memory, and the effects of various exilic conditions will find a valuable resource with productive avenues for inquiry"--
Baker Berry BM496.9.F67 P76 2015

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