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BM - Judaism acquired during July 2016

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Piyuṭ u-metsiʼut be-shilhe ha-zeman he-ʻatiḳ
Yahalom, Joseph
[Jerusalem] : Yad Yitsḥaḳ Ben-Tsevi, [1999]
Baker Berry BM678 .Y34 1999

Sefer ha-zikhronot : hu Divre ha-yamim li-Yeraḥmiʼel : mahadurah biḳortit
Elʻazar ben Asher, ha-Leṿi, active 14th century
[Ramat Aviv] : Bet ha-sefer le-madaʻe ha-Yahadut ʻa. sh. Ḥayim Rozenberg, Universiṭat Tel-Aviv, 2001
Baker Berry BM530 .E53 2001

The alphabet of creation : an ancient legend from the Zohar
with drawings of Ben Shahn
New York : Schocken Books, 1965, ©1954
Baker Berry Harvard BM525.A52 S5

The Samaritans : a profile
Pummer, Reinhard
Grand Rapids, Michigan : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2016
The identity of the Samaritans -- Samaritans in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament? -- The Samaritans and the New Testament -- Samaritans in Jewish writings of antiquity -- Archaeological excavations -- Samaritan sects -- The Samaritans in history -- Geographical distribution and demography -- The Samaritan Pentateuch -- Samaritan literature -- Samaritan rituals and customs -- The Samaritans today.
Baker Berry BM910 .P855 2016

Beyond sectarianism : the realignment of American Orthodox Judaism
Ferziger, Adam S
Detroit : Wayne State University Press, [2015]
Division. Between Hungarian Orthodoxy and American modern Orthodoxy -- A modern Orthodox Rabbinical dynasty -- The rise and fall of solidarity Orthodoxy -- Realignment. Pilgrimages to Eastern Europe and Haredization -- Counter-feminism and modern Orthodoxy -- Reform in the eyes of Orthodoxy -- Rabbinical training and role reversal -- The Chabadization of Haredi Orthodoxy -- Women and Haredi outreach : a silent revolution.
Baker Berry BM197.6 .F47 2015

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