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BL - Religion (General) acquired during July 2016

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White paper on religious freedom in North Korea ..
Seoul : Database Center for North Korean Human rights
Baker Berry BL2238.K7 W35

글로벌 사회 와 종교 = Religions in a global society / 김 성건 지음
김 성건, 1954- author
Sŏul : Sŏul Taehakkyo Ch'ulp'an Munhwawŏn, 2015
Baker Berry Korea BL65.G55 K56 2015

Learning love from a tiger : religious experiences with nature
Capper, Daniel, 1962-
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2016]
Introduction: into Muir's forest -- All the Christian birds chanted -- The donkey who communed with Allah -- Hindu trees tremble with ecstasy -- Sharing Mayan natural souls -- Friendly yetis -- Enlightened Buddhist stones -- Epilogue: the mountain peaks leaped and danced.

"Learning Love from a Tiger explores the vibrancy and variety of humans' sacred encounters with the natural world, gathering a range of stories culled from Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Mayan, Himalayan, Buddhist, and Chinese shamanic traditions. Readers will delight in tales of house cats who teach monks how to meditate, rivers that grant salvation, shamans who shape-shift into jaguars, crickets who perform Catholic mass, and many others. More than a collection of wonderful stories, this book introduces important concepts and approaches that underlie much recent work in environmental ethics, religion, and ecology. Capper's light touch prompts readers to engage their own views of humanity's place in the natural world and in particular question longstanding assumptions of human superiority"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry BL439 .C36 2016

Icon, cult, and context : sacred spaces and objects in the classical world : essays in honor of Susan B. Downey
editors, by Maura K. Heyn and Ann Irvine Steinsapir
Los Angeles : UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, [2016]
From Heracles to Zeus Megistos : Susan Downey's academic contributions / Maura K. Heyn and Ann Irvine Steinsapir -- Menerva on the couch : a votive figurine from Cerveteri of unusual iconography / Helen (Ili) Nagy -- A new interpretation of the Mounted Hunters in the Mithraeum of Dura-Europos / Lucinda Dirven -- Revisiting the "Temple of Bel" at Dura-Europos : a note on the fragmentary fresco from the Naos / Ted Kaizer -- Ariadne transformed in Pompeii's House of Fabius Rufus / Lillian B. Joyce -- The importance of being Venus / Eve D'Ambra -- A portrait of a bearded man flanked by Isis and Serapis / Mary Louise Hart -- A Deuteronomic theme and second sophistic rhetoric in the Dura-Europos Synagogue paintings / May Oppenheim Talbot -- The religious iconography of Roman cameo glass / Karol B. Wight -- Pharaohs putting some skene in the game : the Hellenistic sculptural program of the Sarapieion at Saqqara and the Ptolemaic Crown / Shanna Kennedy-Quigley -- The Sanctuary of Artemis Leukophryene as an expression of conflicted civic Identity / Amanda Herring -- Recent discoveries concerning religious life in Europos-Dura / Pierre Leriche.

"This festschrift honors UCLA Professor Emerita Susan Downey's meticulous scholarship on the Classical World architecture of sacred spaces, and the objects and imagery contained in those spaces. The contributors, former students and current colleagues of Susan Downey, demonstrate a shared concern for very careful consideration of the evidence in their analyses of religious iconography, cult practices and sacred edifices. The book is divided into sections that echo the title of the volume: icon, cult, and context. The iconography of gods and goddesses, analysis of sacred imagery in the context of ancient cult practices, and the design and decoration of sacred spaces are the main themes of the book. Professor Downey's influence shines through in these discussions of cult objects, iconography, and religious architecture, which echo her mentorship of several generations of art history and archaeology students, and recognize her scholarly achievements"--
Baker Berry BL805 .I26 2016

Canadian women shaping diasporic religious identities
Becky R. Lee and Terry Tak-ling Woo, editors
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada : Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2016
"This collection of essays explores how women from a variety of religious and cultural communities have contributed to the richly textured, pluralistic society of Canada. Focusing on women's religiosity, it examines the ways in which they have carried and conserved, and brought forward and transformed their cultures--old and new--in modern Canada."--
Baker Berry BL625.7 .C36 2016

Down in the valley : an introduction to African American religious history
Bailey, Julius
Introduction: the study of African American religions -- West African religious traditions -- The religious life of enslaved Americans -- African American religious institutions -- Enduring themes in nineteenth-century African American religious life -- African American new religious movements -- The contemporary scene.

"This book provides a comprehensive overview of African American religious history from the African Traditional Religions, slavery, the development of black churches, the rise of black new religious movements, and the Civil Rights movement to the emergence of black megachurches, and examines contemporary issues and challenges facing the study of African American religion today." --cover description
Baker Berry BL625.2 .B35 2016

明清广东民间信仰研究 : 以地方志为中心 / 顾书娟著
顾书娟, author
Guangzhou : Nan fang ri bao chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian BL1945.G83 G874 2015

A companion to the premodern Apocalypse
edited by Michael A. Ryan
Boston : Brill, [2016]
Introduction: a companion to the premodern apocalypse -- Part 1: The apocalypse in premodern society and imagery. Medieval illustrated apocalypse manuscripts ; Jewish apocalypticism: an historiography ; The Western apocalypse commentary tradition of the early Middle Ages ; Apocalyptic as a new mental paradigm of the Middle Ages ; Prolepsis and anticipation: the apocalyptic futurity of the now, East and West -- Part 2. The apocalypse within premodern Europe. Muspilli: old High German Judgment Day ; Apocalyptic thought in medieval German historiography: Otto of Freising and beyond ; Apocalyptic violence and revolutionary action: Thomas Müntzer's Sermon to the princes ; The apocalypse in medieval England ; "Earth and sky will be ablaze": the apocalypse, Hell, and judgment in pre-modern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany ; Revising the Revelation: early modern appropriations of medieval apocalypticism.
Baker Berry BL501 .C65 2016

Kailas histories : renunciate traditions and the construction of Himalayan sacred geography
McKay, Alex
Boston : Brill, [2015]
Tibet's Mount Kailas is one of the world's great pilgrimage centres, renowned as an ancient sacred site that embodies a universal sacrality. But 'Kailas histories: Renunciate traditions and the construction of Himalayan sacred geography' demonstrates that this understanding is a recent construction by British colonial, Hindu modernist, and New Age interests. Using multiple sources, including fieldwork, Alex McKay describes how the early Indic vision of a heavenly mountain named Kailas became identified with actual mountains. He emphasises renunciate agency in demonstrating how local beliefs were subsumed as Kailas developed within Hindu, Buddhist, and Bön traditions, how five mountains in the Indian Himalayan are also named Kailas, and how Kailas sacred geography constructions and a sacred Ganges source region were related.
Baker Berry BL1239.38.C62 K3545 2015

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