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BL - Religion (General) acquired during June 2017

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Focus on religion in Central and Eastern Europe : a regional view
edited by András Máté-Tóth and Gergely Rosta
Berlin ; Walter de Gruyter, [2016]
The region of central and eastern Europe : a geography and religious studies approach -- Religion and values in central and eastern Europe -- Religion and nation -- Eastern orthodoxy and its churches in Central and Eastern Europe -- Church-related higher education in Central and Eastern Europe twenty years after political transition -- Mapping new religious movements in Central and Eastern Europe : approaching the problem -- Sociology of religion and social network based approaches in North America and Central and Eastern Europe : a review.
Baker Berry BL980.C39 F63 2016

Religion in the media : a linguistic analysis
Al-Azami, A. Salman author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2016]
1. Introduction -- Language, religion, and media: a new approach -- 2. Media representation of religions: a critical discourse analysis -- 3. Media representation: audience response -- 4. Conclusion -- towards a new interdisciplinary field.

"An interdisciplinary approach to language, religion and media using an audience-response study in this book, the author investigates how the three Abrahamic faiths--Christianity, Judaism and Islam--are represented in mainstream British media and analyses how members of each religious group and those with no religion receive those representations."--Publisher's description.
Baker Berry BL638 .A43 2016

Entre peregrinos, imágenes milagrosas y santuarios en el norte de México
Neyra Patricia Alvarado Solís, León García Lam, Olivia Graciela Fierro Hernández y Efraín Rangel Guzmán (editores)
San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. : El Colegio de San Luis, 2016
Baker Berry BL619.P5 E58 2016

Die Aphrodite der Seefahrer und ihre Heiligtümer am Mittelmeer : Archäologische Untersuchungen zu interkulturellen Kontaktzonen am Mittelmeer in der späten Bronzezeit und frühen Eisenzeit
Eckert, Martin
Berlin : LIT, 2016
Baker Berry BL820.V5 E25 2016

吉冈义丰, 1916-1979, author
Beijing Shi : Beijing lian he chu ban you xian ze ren gong si, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian BL1941.5.B49 Y67125 2016

Humanism and the death of God : searching for the good after Darwin, Marx, and Nietzsche
Osborn, Ronald E., 1975- author
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2017
Naturalism and nihilism -- Dignity after Darwin -- Rights after Marx -- Equality after Nietzsche -- Beyond humanism.

'Humanism and the Death of God' is a critical exploration of secular humanism and its discontents. Through close readings of three exemplary nineteenth-century philosophical naturalists or materialists, who perhaps more than anyone set the stage for our contemporary quandaries when it comes to questions of human nature and moral obligation, Ronald E. Osborn argues that 'the death of God' ultimately tends toward the death of liberal understandings of the human as well. Any fully persuasive defense of humanistic values - including the core humanistic concepts of inviolable dignity, rights, and equality attaching to each individual - requires an essentially religious vision of personhood. Osborn shows such a vision is found in an especially dramatic and historically consequential way in the scandalous particularity of the Christian narrative of God becoming a human. He does not attempt to provide logical proofs for the central claims of Christian humanism along the lines some philosophers might demand. Instead, this study demonstrates how philosophical naturalism or materialism, and secular humanisms and anti-humanisms, might be persuasively read from the perspective of a classically orthodox Christian faith.
Baker Berry BL2747.6 .O83 2017

曼衍与无竟 : 20世纪庄学研究史略 / 刘洪生著
刘洪生, author
Zhengzhou Shi : Zhong yuan nong min chu ban she, 2013
Baker Berry East Asian BL1900.C576 L5896 2013

Conversions : gender and religious change in early modern Europe
edited by Simon Ditchfield and Helen Smith
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2017
Baker Berry BL639 .C6595 2017

The Norse myths : a guide to the gods and heroes
Larrington, Carolyne, author
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2017
Introduction: Sources and survivals -- The gods and goddesses -- Creating and crafting the world -- Opposing powers -- Fit for Valhöll : human heroes -- Heroes of the Viking world -- End times-- and renewal.

The Norse Myths presents the infamous Viking gods, from the mighty Asyr, led by Odin, and the mysterious Vanir, to Thor and the mythological cosmos they inhabit. Passages translated from Old Norse bring this legendary world to life, from the myths of creation to ragnarök, the prophesied end of the world at the hands of Loki's army of monsters and giants, and everything that comes in between: the long and problematic relationship between the gods and the giants, the (mis)adventures of human heroes and heroines, with their family feuds, revenges, marriages, and murders; and the interaction between the gods and mortals.
Baker Berry BL860 .L37 2017

Batuque : seus encantos e rituais
Silva, Paulo Roberto S. da, 1969- author
Porto Alegre, RS : BesouroBox, 2016
Baker Berry BL2592.B3 S55 2016

Os orixás e os ciclos da vida
Peixoto, Norberto, 1963-
Porto Alegre, RS : BesouroBox, 2016
Baker Berry BL2532.S5 P458 2016

The Korean tradition of religion, society, and ethics : a comparative and historical self-understanding and looking beyond
Chŏng, Chae-sik, 1930- author
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Tracing the roots of Korean religious tradition -- The configuration of the religious tradition -- The patterns of cultural interaction -- Economy and society: notes on Max Weber, Korea, and Asia -- The economic ethic of Asian religions -- The challenge of a religious and social ethical breakthrough in Korea.
Baker Berry BL2230 .C4528 2017

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