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BL - Religion (General) acquired during September 2016

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Vodou in the Haitian experience : a Black Atlantic perspective
edited by Celucien L. Joseph and Nixon S. Cleophat
Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, 2016
Baker Berry BL2490 .V6325 2016

Becoming religious in a secular age
Elmore, Mark, 1973-
Oakland, California : University of California Press, [2016]
Becoming sufficiently developed in Himachal Pradesh, or How religion became problem -- God is a beggar : land reforms create religion as a separate sphere -- The ordinary miraculous : farmers and pharmacists practice the science of religion -- Managing religion : government, gurs, and gods -- Negotiating religion : normalization, abjection, and enrichment -- Cultivating religion amidst the conflicting desires of goats, gods, and government -- Afterword : religion is a verb.

"Religion is commonly imagined as a timeless component of human inheritance, but in the Western Himalayas the community of Himachal Pradesh discovered their religion only after India became an independent secular state. Based on extensive ethnographic and archival work, Becoming Religious in a Secular Age narrates their discovery and the ways it transformed their relations to their pasts, to themselves, and to others. And as Mark Elmore demonstrates, Himachali religion offers a unique opportunity to reimagine relations between religion and secularity more generally. Tracing the emergence of religion as a widely accepted category, Elmore shows that modern secularity is not so much the eradication of religion as the very condition for its emergence. To become modern ethical subjects is to become religious, and this book creatively augments our understanding of both religion and modernity"--Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry BL2016.H56 E46 2016

Religion and non-religion among Australian Aboriginal peoples
edited by James L. Cox (University of Edinburgh, UK), Adam Possamai (Western Sydney University, Australia)
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Baker Berry BL2610 .R445 2016

Religion on the battlefield
Hassner, Ron E
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2016
Why? : religion as a cause of war -- When? : sacred time and war -- Where? : sacred space and war -- Who? : sacred leaders and war -- How? : sacred rituals and war -- Religion on the battlefield in Iraq, 2003-2009.

"How does religion shape the modern battlefield? Ron E. Hassner proposes that religion acts as a force multiplier, both enabling and constraining military operations. This is true not only for religiously radicalized fighters but also for professional soldiers. In the last century, religion has influenced modern militaries in the timing of attacks, the selection of targets for assault, the zeal with which units execute their mission, and the ability of individual soldiers to face the challenge of war. Religious ideas have not provided the reasons why conventional militaries fight, but religious practices have influenced their ability to do so effectively. In Religion on the Battlefield, Hassner focuses on the everyday practice of religion in a military context: the prayers, rituals, fasts, and feasts of the religious practitioners who make up the bulk of the adversaries in, bystanders to, and observers of armed conflicts. To show that religious practices have influenced battlefield decision making, Hassner draws most of his examples from major wars involving Western militaries. They include British soldiers in the trenches of World War I, U.S. pilots in World War II, and U.S. Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hassner shows that even modern, rational, and bureaucratized military organizations have taken--and must take--religious practice into account in the conduct of war"--
Baker Berry BL65.W2 H38 2016

How I changed my mind about evolution : evangelicals reflect on faith and science
edited by Kathryn Applegate & J.B. Stump
Downers Grove, Illinois : IVP Academic, an imprint of InterVarsity Press, [2016]
1. From Culture ars to Common Witness : A Pilgrimage on Faith and Science / James K.A. Smith -- 2. Whos Afraid of Science? / Scot McKnight -- 3. The Inevitable Conclusion / Ken Fong -- 4. Learning to Praise God for His Work in Evolution / Deborah Haarsma -- 5. An Old Testament Professor Celebrates Creation / Tremper Longman III -- 6. Embracing the Lord of Life / Jeff Hardin -- 7. Peace / Stephen Ashley Blake -- 8. Learning the Language of God / Francis S. Collins -- 9. Faith, Truth and Mystery / Oliver D. Crisp -- 10. Inspired by an Amazing Universe / Jennifer Wiseman -- 11. Boiling Kettles and Remodeled Apes / John Ortberg -- 12. From Intelligent Design to Evolutionary Creation / Dennis R. Venema -- 13. A Scientists Journey to Reflective Christian Faith / Praveen Sethupathy -- 14. A Fumbling Journey / Dorothy Boorse -- 15. A Biblically Fulfilled Evolutionary Creationist / J.B. (Jim) Stump -- 16. A True Read on Reality / Daniel M. Harrell -- 17. A British Reflection on the Evolution Controversy in America / N.T. Wright -- 18. Personal Evolution : Reconciling Evolutionary Science and Christianity / Justin L. Barrett -- 19. The Evolution of an Evolutionary Creationist / Denis O. Lamoureux -- 20. Learning from the Stars / Laura Truax -- 21. So, Do You Believe in Evolution? / Rodney J. Scott -- 22. The Spirit of an Evolving Creation : Surmisings of a Pentecostal Theologian / Amos Yong -- 23. Two Books + Two Eyes = Four Necessities for Christian Witness / Richard Dahlstrom -- 24. Finding Rest in Christ, Not in Easy Answers / Kathryn Applegate -- 25. Safe Spaces / Richard J. Mouw.
Baker Berry BL263 .H69 2016

Exu : o poder organizador do caos
Peixoto, Norberto, 1963-
Porto Alegre, RS : Legião Publicações, BesouroBox, 2016
Baker Berry BL2592.U514 E96 2016

Celestial masters : history and ritual in early daoist communities
Kleeman, Terry F., 1955-
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Asia Center, 2016
Baker Berry BL1910 .K54 2016

Disability and world religions : an introduction
Darla Y. Schumm and Michael Stoltzfus, editors
Waco, Texas : Baylor University Press, [2016]
Hinduism and Disability / Amy Donahue -- Buddhism and Disability / Stephen Harris -- Confucianism and Disability / Benjamin Lukey -- Daoism and Disability / Andrew Lambert -- Judaism and Disability / Julia Watts Belser -- Catholicism and Disability / Mary Jo Iozzio -- Protestant Christianity and Disability / Thomas Reynolds -- Islam and Disability / Vardit Rispler-Chaim -- Indigenous Traditions in the Western Hemisphere and Disability / Lavonna Lovern.
Baker Berry BL65.B63 D573 2016

Eid und Aussenpolitik : Studien zur religiösen Fundierung der Akzeptanz zwischenstaatlicher Vereinbarungen im Vorrömischen Griechenland
Scharff, Sebastian
Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag, [2016]
Baker Berry BL788 .S33 2016

Asian folk religion and cultural interaction
Nikaidō, Yoshihiro, 1962-
Göttingen : V&R unipress ; [2015]
"This book uses a cultural interaction approach to discuss numerous temples and shrines of Sinitic origin that house Daoist, Buddhist, and folk gods. Such deities were transmitted outside the Chinese continent, or were introduced from other regions and syncretized. Examples include temple guardian gods that arrived in Japan from China and later became deified as part of the Five Mountain system, and a Daoist deity that transformed into a god in Japan after syncretizing with Myōken Bosatsu. The profoundly different images of Ksitigarbha in China and Japan are discussed, as well as Mt. Jiuhua, the center of Ksitigarbha in modern China, Lastly, the process by which Sinitic gods were transmitted to regions outside of the Chinese continent, such as Taiwan, Singapore, and Okinawa, is explored."--Back cover.
Baker Berry BL65.C8 N55 2015

Science, evolution, and religion : a debate about atheism and theism
Peterson, Michael L., 1950- author
New York : Oxford University Press, 2016
Baker Berry BL240.3 .P485 2016

Beyond the battleground : classic strategies from the Yijing and Baguazhang for managing crisis situations
Bisio, Tom, author
Berkeley, California : Blue Snake Books, [2016]
Feldberg BL1923 .B56 2016

Shape-shifting capital : spiritual management, critical theory, and the ethnographic project
González, George J., author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2015]
Seeing things whole -- Living cosmologies: dancing on a wheel -- Practices of materiality and spirituality among Landry's workers -- The shape-shifting metaphorical body of capital -- Towards a critical ethnography of shape-shifting capital.
Baker Berry BL65.W67 G65 2015

The Mahānubhāvs
Rigopoulos, Antonio, 1962-
London ; Anthem Press, 2011
The early historical background and the Mahānubhāvs' Foundational texts -- The five manifestations of the supreme god Parameśvar -- Elements of Mahānubhāv doctrine -- Mahānubhāvs' practice : devotiona and asceticism -- Mahānubhāvs and other religions.

"The ascetic devotional sect known as the Mahānubhāvs--'Those of the Great Experience'--arose in thirteenth-century Maharashtra and initially experienced a fairly rapid expansion across the northern and eastern areas of the region. However, by the end of the fourteenth century the sect had moved underground, having withdrawn to remote areas and villages in order to achieve defensive isolation from the larger Hindu context. Although the prominent leaders of the early Mahānubhāvs were Brahmans (often converts from the prevailing advaita vaisnavism), their followers were (and are) mostly non-Brahmans--those of the lower castes, and even untouchables. Thus the Mahānubhāvs were met with prejudice and distrust outside of their own closed circles, and this isolation continued until the beginning of the twentieth century. This volume offers an overview of the origins and main religious and doctrinal characteristics of the Mahānubhāv movement, with a particular focus on the aspects that reveal their difference and nonconformity."--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry BL1277.84 .R54 2011

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