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A mirror is for reflection : understanding Buddhist ethics
edited by Jake H. Davis
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BJ1289 .M567 2017

Dignity : a history
edited by Remy Debes
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BJ1533.D45 D54 2017

"Mi lasci dire" : la conversazione nei galatei
Alfonzetti, Giovanna, 1956- author
Roma : Bulzoni editore, [2016]
Baker Berry BJ2124 .A44 2016

Responsibility : the epistemic condition
edited by Philip Robichaud and Jan Willem Wieland
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Philosophers have long agreed that moral responsibility might not only have a freedom condition, but also an epistemic condition. Moral responsibility and knowledge interact, but the question is exactly how. Ignorance might constitute an excuse, but the question is exactly when. Surprisingly enough, the epistemic condition has only recently attracted the attention of scholars. This volume sets the agenda. Sixteen new essays address the following central questions: Does the epistemic condition require akrasia? Why does blameless ignorance excuse? Does moral ignorance sustained by one's culture excuse? Does the epistemic condition involve knowledge of the wrongness or wrongmaking features of one's action? Is the epistemic condition an independent condition, or is it derivative from one's quality of will or intentions? Is the epistemic condition sensitive to degrees of difficulty? Are there different kinds of moral responsibility and thus multiple epistemic conditions? Is the epistemic condition revisionary? What is the basic structure of the epistemic condition?
Baker Berry BJ1451 .R466 2017

The Cambridge handbook of evolutionary ethics
edited by Michael Ruse, Florida State University, Robert J. Richards, University of Chicago
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction / Michael Ruse and Robert J. Richards -- Part I. Historical. 1. Ethics, evolution and the a priori : Ross on Spencer and the French sociologists / Hallvard Lillehammer ; 2. Nietzsche's rejection of nineteenth-century evolutionary ethics / Jeffrey O'Connell ; 3. American pragmatism, evolution, and ethics / Trevor Pearce ; 4. Social Darwinism and market morality : a modern-day view / Naomi Beck ; 5. The path to the present / Abraham H. Gibson -- Part II. For Evolutionary Ethics. 6. Darwinian evolutionary ethics / Michael Ruse ; 7. Human morality : from an empirical puzzle to a metaethical puzzle / Richard Joyce ; 8. Evolution and the epistemological challenge to moral realism / Justin Horn ; 9. Evolutionary naturalism and valuation / Richard A. Richards ; 10. Evolutionary ethics : a theory of moral realism / Robert J. Richards ; 11. Moral mismatch and abolition / Ben Fraser -- Part III. Against Debunking Arguments. 12. Moral realism and evolutionary debunking arguments / Russ Shafer-Landau ; 13. Why Darwinism does not debunk objective morality / William J. FitzPatrick ; 14. Debunking arguments : mathematics, logic, and modal security / Justin Clarke-Doane ; 15. Evolution and the missing link (in debunking arguments) / Uri D. Leibowitz and Neil Sinclair ; 16. Better than our nature? : Evolution and moral realism, justification and progress / Michael Vlerick -- Part IV. Elaborations. 17. Darwinian ethics : biological individuality and moral relativism / Frédéric Bouchard ; 18. Evolutionary psychology, feminist critiques thereof, and the naturalistic fallacy / Lynn Hankinson Nelson ; 19. A theological evaluation of evolutionary ethics / Michael L. Peterson.

"Evolutionary ethics - the application of evolutionary ideas to moral thinking and justification - began in the nineteenth century with the work of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer, but was subsequently criticized as an example of the naturalistic fallacy. In recent decades, however, evolutionary ethics has found new support among both the Darwinian and the Spencerian traditions. This accessible volume looks at the history of thought about evolutionary ethics as well as current debates in the subject, examining first the claims of supporters and then the responses of their critics. Topics covered include social Darwinism, moral realism, and debunking arguments. Clearly written and structured, the book guides readers through the arguments on both sides, and emphasises the continuing relevance of evolutionary theory to our understanding of ethics today"--
Baker Berry BJ1311 .C36 2017

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