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BJ - Ethics / Social Usage acquired during July 2016

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Liquid evil : living with TINA
Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-
Malden, MA : Polity, 2016
On liquid evil and TINA -- From a person to a nonperson? mapping guilt, adiaphoa, precariousness, and austerity -- From the Kafkaesque to the Orwellesque war is peace, and peace is war -- Where are the great promises of modernity to be found? fear and loathing in the brave new world -- Shadows of forgotten ancestors? Manichaeism revisited.
Baker Berry BJ1401 .B38 2016

La vérité : Vérité et crédibilité : construire la vérité dans le système de communication de l'Occident (XIIIe-XVIIe siècle) : Actes de la conférence organisée à Rome en 2012 par SAS en collaboration avec l'École française de Rome
sous la direction de Jean-Philippe Genet
Roma : École française de Rome, 2015
Baker Berry BJ1422 .V43 2012

Cicero's De finibus : philosophical approaches
edited by Julia Annas and Gábor Betegh
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
"Cicero is increasingly recognised as a highly intelligent contributor to the ongoing ethical debates between Epicureans, Stoics and other schools. In this work on the fundamentals of ethics his learning as a scholar, his skill as a lawyer and his own passion for the truth result in a work which dazzles us in its presentation of the debates and at the same time exhibits the detachment of the ancient sceptic. Many kinds of reader will find themselves engaged with Cicero as well as with the ethical theories he presents. This collection takes the reader further into the debates, opening up new avenues for exploring this fascinating work"--
Baker Berry BJ214.C6 D4333 2016

Cobden-Sanderson, T. J. 1840-1922
Berkeley : Arif Press, 1978
Baker Berry Harvard BJ1581 .C557 1978

Celebrating silence
Shankar, Ravi, 1956-
London : Arktos Media Ltd., 2014
Baker Berry BJ1595 .S444 2014

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