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BF - Psychology acquired during November 2016

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Play anything : the pleasure of limits, the uses of boredom, and the secret of games
Bogost, Ian, author
New York : Basic Books, [2016]
Life is not a game -- Everywhere, playgrounds -- Ironoia, the mistrust of things -- Fun isn't pleasure, it's novelty -- Play is in things, not in you -- From restraint to constraint -- The pleasure of limits -- The opposite of happiness -- Living with things.

"The gold standard of our culture is 'fun.' Companies want their offices to feel more playful, schools want learning to be entertaining, programmers want their products to feel as intuitive and addictive as playing Tetris or AngryBirds. Trying to make life like playing a game sounds like a good idea--who doesn't want to have fun while working or commuting, parenting or cleaning?--but what's often overlooked in the rush to make everything 'fun' is that games are hard. Playing a sport requires concentration, repetition, and physical pain; playing a musical instrument demands shockingly boring practice and patience; even playing video games requires hours and hours of study, determination, and drive. Making our ideas about 'play' sound a whole lot like 'work.' Where's the fun in that? In Play Anything, Ian Bogost--the Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies and Professor of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology--shows that our common understanding of games--that they are always fun, and always juvenile--is dead wrong. And that that's a good thing, both for how we play and how we conduct our days"--
Baker Berry BF408 .B566 2016

Forbidden oracles? : The Gospel of the Lots of Mary
Luijendijk, AnneMarie, author
Tübingen : Mohr Siebeck, [2014]
The Gospel of the Lots of Mary -- Encountering a miniature divination codex -- A three-way conversation: book, diviner, and client -- A new voice in the discourse on divination.
Baker Berry BF1761 .L85 2014

Rethinking body language : how hand movements reveal hidden thoughts
Beattie, Geoffrey, author
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016
Introduction: a new perspective on an old problem -- Two separate languages? -- Where the action is a remarkable biological miracle? -- Images in the hands, images in the mind -- Different vehicles of meaning -- Gestures and the frustrations of everyday life -- Speech is only half the story -- Who or what the hands portray -- How our eyes are drawn to the gestures of others : the gesture limits itself intelligently to what matters? -- Manipulating the salience of individual elements to see how gestures respond -- How metaphoric gestures affect us -- Putting iconic gestures into TV advertisements -- How iconic gestures can leak the truth -- Unconscious gesture can leak unconscious attitude -- Concluding remarks -- References.
Baker Berry BF637.N66 B4297 2016

The Trial(s) of psychoanalysis
edited by Françoise Meltzer
Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 1988
History and psychoanalysis / Dominick LaCapra -- How to do the history of psychoanalysis : a reading of Freud's Three essays on the theory of sexuality / Arnold I. Davidson -- The secret of psychoanalysis : history reads theory / Nicholas Rand and Maria Torok -- Notes on the phantom : a complement to Freud's metapsychology / Nicolas Abraham -- Descartes' dreams and Freud's failure, or the politics of originality / Françoise Meltzer -- The struggle of psychiatry with psychoanalysis : who won? / Sander L. Gilman -- Reading the mother tongue : psychoanalytic feminist criticism / Jane Gallop -- Psychoanalysis and Marxism / Ernesto Laclau -- The idea of a psychoanalytic literary criticism / Peter Brooks.
Baker Berry BF175 .T737 1988

The science of stress : living under pressure
Fricchione, Gregory, author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, [2016]
Stress and the brain -- Stress and the cardiovascular system -- Stress and the immune system -- Stress and the sleep factor -- Stress and women's health -- Stress and nutrition -- Stress, health, and the social experience -- Facing fear: resilience and post-traumatic stress -- The mind-body medical equation and public health.
Baker Berry BF575.S75 F753 2016

Le corps de l'œuvre : essais psychanalytiques sur le travail créateur
Anzieu, Didier
[Paris] : Gallimard, ©1981
Baker Berry BF408 .A59 1981

Sexual difference between psychoanalysis and vitalism
edited by Arun Saldanha and Hoon Song
London : Routledge, 2014
Baker Berry BF692 .S4335 2014

The three Christs of Ypsilanti
Rokeach, Milton
New York : New York Review Books, 2011
At Ypsilanti State Hospital in 1959, the social psychologist Milton Rokeach brought together three paranoid schizophrenics. The men had one thing in common: each believed himself to be Jesus Christ. Their meeting and the two years they spent in one another's company serves as the basis for an investigation into the nature of human identity, belief, and delusion.
Baker Berry BF773 .R63 2011

Beliefs, attitudes, and values; a theory of organization and change
Rokeach, Milton
San Francisco, Jossey-Bass, 1972
The organization and modification of beliefs -- An experimental analysis of the organization of belief systes / in collaboration with Joseph Reyher and Richard Wiseman -- Race and shared belief as factors in social choice -- The principle of belief congruence and the congruity principle -- The nature of attitudes -- Attitude change and behavioral change -- Organization and change within value-attitude systems -- Appendix A: Applications to the field of advertising -- Appendix B: Paradoxes of religious belief.
Baker Berry BF773 .R6 1972

Regression analysis and linear models : concepts, applications, and implementation
Darlington, Richard B., author
New York : The Guilford Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BF39.2.R44 D368 2017

Career paths in psychology : where your degree can take you
edited by Robert J. Sternberg
Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, [2017]
Baker Berry BF76 .C38 2017

Magical hymns from Roman Egypt : a study of Greek and Egyptian traditions of divinity
Bortolani, Ljuba Merlina, 1980- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016
"This interdisciplinary study investigates the divine personas in the so-called magical hymns of the Greek magical papyri which, in a corpus usually seen as a significant expression of religious syncretism with strong Egyptian influence, were long considered to be the 'most authentically Greek' contribution. Fifteen hymns receive a line-by-line commentary focusing on religious concepts, ritual practice, language and style. The overarching aim is to categorise the nature of divinity according to its Greek or Egyptian elements, examining earlier Greek and Egyptian sources and religious-magical traditions in order to find textual or conceptual parallels. Are the gods of the magical hymns Greek or Egyptian in nature? Did the magical hymns originate in a Greek or Egyptian cultural background? The book tries to answer these questions and to shed light on the religious plurality and/or fusion of the two cultures in the treatment of divinity in the Greek magical papyri"--
Baker Berry BF1591 .B67 2016

Zeit : eine Kulturgeschichte
Demandt, Alexander, 1937- author
Berlin : Propyläen, 2015
Baker Berry BF468 .D43 2015

Life breaks in : a mood almanack
Cappello, Mary, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2016
On the street where you live -- Elements -- Mood of perfect kinship -- Mood modulations -- Of clouds and moods -- Gong bath -- Sonophoto: boy screaming -- Charts -- Is it possible to die of a feeling? -- The flower inclines toward blue -- They're playing our song -- Mood questionnaire -- In a studious mood -- Rooms -- Life breaks in -- Mood rooms -- Miniature verandas and voluminous velvet forms -- Synesthesia for orphaned boys -- Picture books -- Vibes -- Mood telephony -- The tic-tic-tic of a dime hitting the floor -- Sounding repetitions -- The sounds that seals make -- The exciting or opiatic effect of certain words -- Arrangement for voice and interiors -- Sonorous envelopes.
Baker Berry BF521 .C36 2016

The Oxford handbook of hypo-egoic phenomena
edited by Kirk Warren Brown, Mark R. Leary
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Baker Berry BF175.5.E35 O94 2017

Mind : a journey to the heart of being human
Siegel, Daniel J., 1957- author
New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2017]
"What is the mind? What is the experience of the self truly made of? How does the mind differ from the brain? Though the mind's contents--its emotions, thoughts, and memories--are often described, the essence of mind is rarely, if ever, defined. In this book, noted neuropsychiatrist and New York Times best-selling author Daniel J. Siegel, MD, uses his characteristic sensitivity and interdisciplinary background to offer a definition of the mind that illuminates the how, what, when, where, and even why of who we are, of what the mind is, and what the mind's self has the potential to become. MIND takes the reader on a deep personal and scientific journey into consciousness, subjective experience, and information processing, uncovering the mind's self-organizational properties that emerge from both the body and the relationships we have with one another, and with the world around us. While making a wide range of sciences accessible and exciting--from neurobiology to quantum physics, anthropology to psychology--this book offers an experience that addresses some of our most pressing personal and global questions about identity, connection, and the cultivation of well-being in our lives,"
Baker Berry BF131 .S46 2017

A mente e suas adaptações : uma perspectiva evolucionista sobre a personalidade, a emoção e a psicopatologia
organizadores, Silvio José Lemos Vasconcellos, Nelson Hauck Filho
Santa Maria : Editora UFSM, 2014
Baker Berry BF698.95 .M46 2014

Introduction aux méthodologies de l'imaginaire
sous la direction de Joël Thomas ; avec la collaboration de Alberto Filipe Araújo and others
Paris : Ellipses, ©1998
Baker Berry BF408 .I57 1998

Histoire des émotions
sous la direction de Alain Corbin, Jean-Jacques Courtine, Georges Vigarello
Paris : Seuil, [2016]-[2017?]
1. De l'Antiquité aux Lumières / volume dirigé par Georges Viagarello avec Christian Biet [and 19 others] -- 2. Des Lumières à la fin du XIXe siècle / sous la direction d'Alain Corbin -- 3. Des années 1880 à nos jours / sous la direction de Jean-Jacques Courtine.
Baker Berry BF532 .H578 2016

The believing brain : from ghosts and gods to politics and conspiracies--how we construct beliefs and reinforce them as truths
Shermer, Michael
New York : Times Books, 2011
Mr. D'Arpino's dilemma -- Dr. Collins's conversion -- A skeptic's journey -- Patternicity -- Agenticity -- The believing neuron -- Belief in the afterlife -- Belief in god -- Belief in aliens -- Belief in conspiracies -- Politics of belief -- Confirmations of belief -- Geographies of belief -- Cosmologies of belief -- Epilogue: the truth is out there.

Shermer demonstrates how our brains selectively assess data in an attempt to confirm the conclusions (beliefs) we've already reached. Drawing on evolution, cognitive science, and neuroscience, he considers not only supernatural beliefs but political and economic ones as well.
Baker Berry BF773 .S54 2011

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