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Super Mario odyssey
[Place of publication not identified] : Nintendo, [2017]
Play as Mario as he teams up with Cappy to save Princess Peach.
Jones Media Video Game GV1469.35.S87 S877 2017

Mario + Rabbids. Kingdom battle
San Francisco, California : Ubisoft, Incorporated, [2017]
World 1. Ancient Gardens -- World 2. Sherbet Desert -- World 3. Spooky Trails -- World 4. Lava Pits.

"A 3D turn-based tactical RPG ... crossover spin-off between Nintendo's Mario series and Ubisoft's Rabbids series. Kingdom Battle allows players to control a 3 character squad selected from eight possible heroes (Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and four Rabbids dressed as the former) as they restore the Mushroom Kingdom to its original state after an invasion of Rabbids wrecks havoc and chaos across the kingdom ... There are a total of 4 different worlds within the game each consisting of 9 different levels and 2 boss battles per world (1 mid-boss and 1 end boss). Each world also contains a set of secret worlds which are accessible only through revisiting the world upon its completion"--Giant Bomb.
Jones Media Video Game 1070

Dragonball. Xenoverse 2
Santa Clara, CA : BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., [2017]
"It's time to go super Saiyan and save the Dragon Ball timeline! Choose among thousands of customization options to create your own character and build up your power. Explore a massive all-new hub city with many players and activities. Fight through new, classic, and team battles"--Container.
Jones Media Video Game 1065

Kingdom hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMix
El Segundo, CA. : Square Enix, [2017]
Kingdom hearts final mix -- Kingdom hearts Re:Chain of memories -- Kingdom hearts 358/2 days -- Kingdom hearts II final mix -- Kingdom hearts: birth by sleep final mix -- Kingdom hearts re:coded.

"Celebrate 15 years of Kingdom Hearts with this essential collection. Remember and relive 6 adventures from Kingdom Hearts Dark Seeker Saga before the release of highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III ... More than 150 hours of gameplay in one disc. Get immersed in the compelling and action-packed Kingdom Hearts stories with 4 games and 2 HD remastered cinematics! Help Light overcome darkness by teaming up with your beloved Disney and Final Fantasy characters!"
Jones Media Video Game 1071

NieR : Automata
El Segundo, CA : Square Enix, Inc., [2017]
An extra-terrestrial invasion has left mankind exiled on the moon. Androids are sent to the deserted ruins of our home planet in order to remove the menacing Mechanoids. The YoRHa 2B, the latest infantry model android, is tasked with the perilous mission to rid of the invaders from the surface of Earth. Where will the on-going proxy war between Androids and Mechanoids lead to?
Jones Media Video Game 1067

developed by Playtonic Games
Place of publication not identified : Team17 ; [2017]
The game stars a chameleon named Yooka and a bat named Laylee who team up together. From a hub world players enter one of several levels with the goal of collecting Paigies, which in turn unlock other worlds. Although some Paigies are given out freely or simply found in the environment others are locked in cages, which signify a puzzle must be solved to free it. In addition to unlocking worlds Paigies can also be used to expand unlocked worlds, these typically take the form of new land masses or items apparing that allow further expansion of the level.
Jones Media Video Game 1069

Dragon quest heroes. II
Square Enix ; Armor Project ; Bird Studio ; Koei Temco Games ; Sugiyama Kobo Ltd
El Segundo, CA : Square Enix, [2017]
A hack-and-slash, field-roaming Action RPG that sends players on a new adventure to restore order in a once peaceful world filled with hordes of monsters and battles of epic proportions.
Jones Media Video Game 1068