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Liptons Äventyr (2002)
Bodin, Lars-Gunnar, 1935- composer
[Sweden?] : [Sveriges Radios beställningsverk?], [2002]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.B664 L57 2002x

We shall overcome! : documentary on the march on Washington
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, [2007]
Speeches and songs from the civil rights march on Washington, D.C. on August 28, 1963.
Paddock Compact Disc M1629 .W42 2007x

Richmond Hill, Ontario : Sound Ideas, [2001]
Paddock Compact Disc QC225.15 .S87 2001x

The living wisdom of Howard Thurman : a visionary for our time
Thurman, Howard, 1900-1981, speaker
Boulder, CO : Sounds True, [2010]
The inward journey (78:12) -- Encountering God (74:34) -- The power of love (74:36) -- Healing community (77:15) -- Coping with difficulty (77:02) -- The fullness of living (76:12).

Dr. Howard Thurman, a visionary whose thunderous voice reaches across the years to uplift us today, just as he did for Martin Luther King, Jr., and the leaders of the American civil rights movement. Featuring some of Dr. Thurman's most powerful archival recordings that bring listeners an unparalleled collection of wisdom, meditations, and reachings from a true pioneer of the spirit.
Jones Media Compact Disc BX6452 .T48 2010

Hiller, Lejaren, 1924-1994, composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2018]
Sonata no. 3 for violin and piano (1971) (14:58) -- Sonata no. 5 for piano (1961) (21:15) -- Sonata no. 2 for violin and piano (1955) (15:44).
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.H555 S66 2018

Tenney, James, composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, 2018
Harmonium #1 (1976) (10:33) ; For 12 Strings (rising) (1971) (8:30) ; Two Koans and a Canon (1982) (17:27) ; Voice(s) (1984) (24:11) ; Blues for Annie (1975) (3:25).
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.T396 H37 2018

Romig, James, 1971- composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2018]
Paddock Compact Disc M25.R66 S75 2018

Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2017]
Paddock Compact Disc M178.V474 M55 2017

Classic English and Scottish ballads from Smithsonian Folkways
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways, [2017]
The 19th-century scholar Francis James Child meticulously and authoritatively compiled 305 Scottish and English ballads into the highly influential collection known as "Child Ballads." Although Child feared these ballads would vanish from human memory, they continue to be adored, studied, and actively performed across disciplines and genres. Classic English and Scottish Ballads from Smithsonian Folkways (from The Francis James Child Collection) introduces listeners to 21 of these traditional songs from the labels rich collections at the Smithsonian Institution, and demonstrates the timelessness of their themesfrom murder and ghosts to jealousy and unrequited love. 72 minutes, 40-page booklet with extensive notes.
Paddock Compact Disc M1738 .C553 2017

Spirituals & shout songs from the Georgia Coast
the McIntosh County Shouters
[Washington, D.C.] : Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, [2017]
Acclaimed upholders of the African American ring shout, the McIntosh County Shouters keep the faith, form, and fervor of the generations-old tradition rooted in their small community of coastal Georgia. Companion songs to the shuffle-step devotional movement called 'shouting' have resisted slavery, strengthened spirit, and left a cultural keystone for the future.
Paddock Compact Disc M1670.M568 S65 2017

Peter Erskine is Dr. Um
[Santa Monica, CA.] : Fuzzy Music, [2015]
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.E77 D7 2016

Presidential suite : eight variations on freedom
Nash, Ted, 1959- composer,
NYC : Motéma Music, [2016]
On an unprecedented historic release, two-time Grammy-nominated composer/saxophonist/conceptualist Ted Nash transforms key moments from twentieth century speeches on freedom into a lushly orchestrated suite of modern jazz. Disc two includes music only from the speech selections from disc one.
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.T426 P74 2016

Tribute to Irakere : live in Marciac
Valdés, Chucho, instrumentalist,
[France] : Jazz Village/Harmonia Mundi, [2015]
Valdes performs reinvented versions of music he originally performed with his band Irakere.
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.V343 T75 2015

The San Francisco Boys Chorus sings Vivaldi : Gloria and Magnificat
Vivaldi, Antonio, 1678-1741, composer
[San Francisco, CA?] : [San Francisco Boys Chorus and Orchestra?], [2010]
Paddock Compact Disc M2020.V58 S26 2010x

Forerunners : Swedish electronic and concrete music : 1955-65
Stockholm : Fylkingen Records, [2008]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473 .F67 2008x

Nausicaā : bande originale de l'exposition
Redolfi, Michel, 1951- composer
Boulogne-sur-Mer, France : Studios CIRM, [1991?]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473 .R43 1991x

Vaughan Williams
Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958
London : ASV Platinum, [2002]
Paddock Compact Disc M3.V38 F36 2002x

Songs of French Canada
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, [2007]
Paddock Compact Disc M1678.P45 S66 2007x

Transfigured Bach : the Bach transcriptions of Bartók, Lipatti and Friedman
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750, composer
Holzgerlingen, Germany : Hänssler Classic, [2003]
Paddock Compact Disc M32.8.B2 T73

Symphony no. 6 : Vincentiana ; Cello concerto
Rautavaara, Einojuhani, 1928-2016, composer
Helsinki : Ondine, [1994]
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.R378 S96 1994x

Christmas with the Old Stone Singers
[Cleveland, OH?] : Old Stone Singers, [1994]
Paddock Compact Disc M2065.O43 C57 1994x

Compendium international Bourges 2003
Bourges, France : Mnémosyne, [2003?]
Paddock Compact Disc M5 .C652 2003x

Down in Washington Square : the Smithsonian Folkways collection
Van Ronk, Dave, performer,
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways, [2013]
Dave Van Ronk was a leading figure in the Greenwich Village music scene for more than four decades. Featured here is nearly three hours of music, including sixteen previously unreleased tracks as well as early live recordings.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.V367 D69 2013x

[Belguim?] : [Beglo?], [1998]
Paddock Compact Disc M456.C37 F57 1998x

L-G Bodin
Bodin, Lars-Gunnar, 1935- composer,
[place of publication not identified] : [Lars-Gunnar Bodin?], [2002]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.B646 F58 2002x

Voyage in a white building 1
Van Nostrand, Burr, 1945- composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2013]
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.V36 V69 2013x

Carmina burana : the Benediktbeuren manuscript c. 1300
[Germany] : Teldec, [2007]
Paddock Compact Disc M1530.O75 C45 2007x

Cantata no. 30 for the Festival of St. John 1738
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750, composer
Brattleboro : Brattleboro Music Center, 1998
Paddock Compact Disc M2020.B16 BWV30 1998x

Classic harmonica blues
compiled and annotated by Barry Lee Pearson and Jeff Place
Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Folkways, [2012]
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18 .C538 2012x

Berlin : [publisher not identified], [2001]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.S68 D68 2001x

The soul
Dreams Come True
Japan : Sony Music Entertainment, [2000]
Paddock Compact Disc M1813.18.D74 S68 2000x

Sing for freedom. Vol. 3, Lest we Forget
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways Recording, [2007]
Paddock Compact Disc M1629 .S56 2007x

Qui de nous deux
M, 1971- composer,
[France?] : Delabel, 2003
Matthieu Chedid (also known as -M- ) is a French rock singer-songwriter and guitar player.
Paddock Compact Disc ML3534.6.F8 M 2003x

Compendium International Bourges 2004
Bourges, France : Mnémosyne, [2004]
Paddock Compact Disc M5 .C652 2004x

Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet
[Silver Spring, Md.] : Cuneiform Records, [2008]
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.S645 T33 2008x

L'île re-sonante
Radigue, Eliane, composer,
[France] : Shiiin, [2005]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.R33 R47 2005x

A life without fear
Ehlers, Ekkehard, producer,
[Germany] : Staubgold, [2006]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.E35 L54 2006x

Zap meemees
Jaapan : Sonore, 2005
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.S268 Z37 2005x

100 anos : Fado de Coimbra
[Portugal?] : SPA, [2008]
Paddock Compact Disc M1781 .O54 2008x

Composition 3
[Japan?] : Flying Swimming, [2007?]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473 .C6553 2005x

Psychic stress soundtracks
Colley, Joe, creator
[Barcelona] : Antifrost, 2005
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.C65 P79 2005x

Kaada, 1975- composer
Orinda, CA : Ipecac Recordings, [2004]
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.K15 R66 2004x

Pele Pele
[South Africa?] : Tusk Music Publishing, [1976]
Paddock Compact Disc M1834.18.M35 P45 1976x

Layering Buddha
Henke, Robert, 1969- composer
[Berlin?] : Imbalance Computer Music, [2006]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.H455 L39 2006x

[Petrozavodsk, Russia?] : [Sattuma?], [2005]
Paddock Compact Disc M1756.S28 K83 2005x

Livre du saint sacrement : the Rieger organ of St. Giles' Cathedral Edinburgh
Messiaen, Olivier, 1908-1992, composer
Edinburgh, UK : Delphian, [2008]
Paddock Compact Disc M11.M48 L58 2008x

Kyriakides, Yannis, composer
[Amsterdam] : Unsounds (13U), [2004]
"A suite of 12 electronic sound portraits based on interviews from the BNA-BBOT archives in Brussels. Words from the interviews are edited out to leave only the hesitations, breathing, emotional reactions and environmental sounds ... The edited interviews are then re-sampled and set in musical structures with wave-based electronic sounds, resonances, pulses and noise"--Sleeve notes.
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.K97 W67 2004x

Whisky & soda & rock 'n' roll
[Milan, Italy] : EMI Music Italy, [2001]
Paddock Compact Disc M1749.18.C37 W45 2001x

Cantar quiero : music of the California missions
[Franklin Park, IL] : World Library Publications, [2006]
Paddock Compact Disc M2148 .F53 2006x

Putumayo presents music for film
New York, NY : Putumayo Music Publishing, [1998]
Paddock Compact Disc M1527.2 .M87 1998x

Stations : to Morton Feldman ; Three motets : arabesques ; Speaking likenesses ; ... Like spring ; Planxty Cage
Paccione, Paul, composer
[New York, NY] : BMI, [2000?]
Paddock Compact Disc M1473.P33 C66 2007x

[Gent?] : [Beglo?], [1998]
Paddock Compact Disc M456.C37 S43 1998x

Kemdi's demo
[New York?] : [publisher not identified], 2003
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.A43 K46 2003x

In honor of John Cage
[Hanover, New Hampshire?] : [Dartmouth College, Department of Music?], 2007
Paddock Compact Disc M5 .I54 2007x

Makin' believe : 20 greatest hits
[United Kingdom] : IMC Music ; [2006]
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.W453 M35 2006x

Duets op. 60
Robert Fuchs. Divertimento / Claus Kühnl. Three madrigals / Bohuslav Martinu
[Altenstadt, Germany] : [Tanit Verlag], [1995]
Paddock Compact Disc M286 .D86 1996x

The Dave Clark Five hit collection 2003
[United Kingdom?] : Okkerville Hall, [2003]
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.D283 H58 2003x

The great initial (2005) : (humanvoicetimesculpture)
Csapó, Gyula, composer
[Hungary?] : [publisher not identified], 2005
Paddock Compact Disc M5000 .C73 2005x

Classic electric
Den Haag, the Netherlands : X-OR, [2004]
Paddock Compact Disc M125.H55 C53 2004x

Amansador de palavras : 120 versos escolhidos e 2 CDs
Teixeira, Gujo, author
Porto Alegre, RS : Martins Livreiro Editora, [2015]
Paddock ML54.6.T49 A63 2015

Losing my religion
Franklin, Kirk, 1970- composer,
New York, New York : Fo Yo Soul Recordings : [2015]
On his eleventh album, Kirk Franklin once again establishes himself as the frontrunner in Gospel music. The thirteen song project explores timely themes and classic sentiments, while offering renewed testimony to Franklin's status as a Grammy-winning songwriter and producer.
Paddock Compact Disc M2198.F734 L67 2015

Real enemies
Argue, Darcy James, composer,
[Brooklyn, NY] : New Amsterdam Records, [2016]
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.D27 R43 2016

Les exquises allégories = (The exquisite allegories)
New York, NY : Titanic, [2017]
Fantasie opus 55 for flute & piano / Carl Frühling -- Fantasia for flute & piano / Grigory Smirnov -- Variations on a theme by Grieg / Walter Gieseking -- Litany for All Souls' Day / Franz Schubert -- Sonatine for flute & piano / Walter Gieseking.
Paddock Compact Disc M243 .E97 2017

Sound of red
Marie, René, 1955- composer,
New York, NY : Motéma Music, [2016]
René Marie breaks new ground with her first album of entirely self-penned originals. These richly personal songs explore the sweetest, saddest, brightest and darkest corners of human existence and seem destined for cross-over success.
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.M3684 S68 2016

Flume (Musician), composer,
[Australia?] : Future Classic ; [2016]
Flume follows up his self-titled debut album with a brand new release that includes appearances from Vic Mensa, Beck, Vince Staples, and Tove Lo. It also features the single Never Be Like You.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.F586 S55 2016

White Sun II
[Place of publication not identified] : Be Why, [2016]
White Sun is a Los Angeles-based band known for its pioneering musical interpretations of yogic mantras. These are the songs of yogis sung with a penetrating vibratory musicality that enhance consciousness and awareness while delighting the senses.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18 .W5288 2016

The Sting variations
Sting (Musician), composer
Santa Monica, CA : BFM Jazz, [2016]
The Tierney Sutton Band continue their history of remarkably creative exploration of well-known songs with unique interpretations of songs from Sting's diverse repertoire.
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.T576 S85 2016

Harlem on my mind
Catherine Russell
[Paris] : Jazz Village, [2016]
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.R867 H37 2016

Country for old men
John Scofield
[France] : Impulse! A division of Universal Music France, [2016]
With the help of drummer Bill Stewart, organist and pianist Larry Goldings, and bassist Steve Swallow, John Scofield renders twelve classic country tunes through the prism of vigorous modern jazz. Country icons including Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, and George Jones are reinterpreted by Scofield by focusing strongly on the melody of each song, accentuating his playing with a noticeable twang, which lends the music the requisite bucolic sensibility.
Paddock Compact Disc M1366.S36 C68 2016