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Landscapes of collectivity in the life sciences
edited by Snait B. Gissis, Ehud Lamm, and Ayelet Shavit
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2017]
[Part] I. Motivating collectivity. 1. "Collectivity" from a historical perspective / Snait B. Gissis ; 2. Landscapes of developmental collectivity / James Griesemer ; 3. A theoretician's perspective on collectivity / Joan Roughgarden -- [Part] II. Collective phenomena. 4. Leadership during cooperative transport by the longhorn crazy ant / Ofer Feinerman ; 5. Choosing a new queen : consensus without conflict in a social wasp colony / Raghavendra Gadagkar ; 6. Evolving views of cooperation in spiders / Yael Lubin ; 7. Perspective: An ecological perspective on collective behavior / Deborah M. Gordon ; 8. Immunity, a collective phenomenon / Alfred I. Tauber ; 9. Collective effects in cancer progression / Mohit Kumar Jolly, Xue-Fei Li, and Herbert Levine ; 10. Perspective: Rethinking parts and wholes / Scott F. Gilbert ; 11. The evolution of cooperative communication: analogies and homologies / Eva Maria Luef and Simone Pika ; 12. Between experience and imagination : language and the two levels of human collectivity / Daniel Dor ; 13. "Being in a group" : the emotional scaffolding of the evolution of collective intentionality / Oren Bader ; 14. Remembering as a group : the evolutionary origins of autobiographical memory / Eva Jablonka ; 15. Consensus : sometimes it doesn't add up / John Beatty ; 16. Epistemic collectives, heterogeneity, and injustice : the case for town square academia / Ayelet Shavit, Anat Kolumbus, and Yael Silver -- [Part] III. Collective explanations. 17. Modeling collective dynamics : dryland vegetation as a case study / Ehud Meron ; 18. Incentivizing biological cooperation : direct benefits and the economic theory of the firm / Joan Roughgarden ; 19. Methodological individualism in evolutionary biology and in social science : a comparison / Samir Okasha ; 20. Individuality and the major evolutionary transitions / Erik R. Hanschen, Dinah R. Davison, Zachariah I. Grochau-Wright, and Richard E. Michod ; 21. Causal order and kinds of robustness / Arnon Levy ; 22. Perspective: Reconceiving immunology as an ecological science / Alfred I. Tauber ; 23. Perspective: A glimpse of philosophy of biology and collectivities today / Elisabeth A. Lloyd -- [Part] IV. Holobionts and the hologenome theory. 24. The holobiont with its hologenome is a level of selection in evolution / Scott F. Gilbert, Eugene Rosenberg, and Ilana Zilber-Rosenberg ; 25. Model of holobiont population dynamics and evolution : a preliminary sketch / Joan Roughgarden ; 26. Holobionts as units of selection : holobionts as interactors, reproducers, and manifestors of adaptation / Elisabeth A. Lloyd ; 27. Cultural group selection and holobiont evolution : a comparison of structures of evolution / Ehud Lamm -- [Part] V. In memoriam: Eshel Ben-Jacob. 28. Eshel Ben-Jacob : a unique individual in the science of collective phenomena / Herbert Levine.
Dana QH331 .L277 2017

The innate immune system : a compositional and functional perspective
Monie, Tom P., author
London : Elsevier/Academic Press, [2017]
A snapshot of the innate immune system -- Immune cells and the process of pattern recognition -- Effector mechanisms and cellular outputs -- Integrated innate immunity : combining activation and effector functions -- Connecting the innate and adaptive immune responses -- The innate immune system in health and disease.
Dana QR185.2 .M66 2017

Vander's renal physiology
Eaton, Douglas C., author
New York : McGraw-Hill Education, [2018]
Dana Reserve QP249 .V36 2018

Visual explanations : images and quantities, evidence and narrative
Tufte, Edward R., 1942-
Cheshire, Conn. : Graphics Press, 2002
Images and quantities -- Visual and statistical thinking : displays of evidence for making decisions -- Explaining magic : pictorial instructions and disinformation design -- The smallest effective difference -- Parallelism : repetition and change, comparison and surprise -- Multiples in space and time -- Visual confections : juxtapositions from the Ocean of the Streams of Story.
Dana BF241 .T83 2002

The visual display of quantitative information
Tufte, Edward R., 1942-
Cheshire, Conn. : Graphics Press, ©2001
Part I: Graphical practice. Graphical excellence ; Graphical integrity ; Sources of graphical integrity and sophistication -- Part II: Theory of data graphics. Data-ink and graphical redesign ; Chartjunk : vibrations, grids, and ducks ; Data-ink maximization and graphical design ; Multifunctioning graphical elements ; High-resolution data graphics ; Aesthetics and technique in data graphical design -- Epilogue: Designs for the display of information.

This book deals with the theory and practice in the design of data graphics and makes the point that the most effective way to describe, explore, and summarize a set of numbers is to look at pictures of those numbers, through the use of statistical graphics, charts, and tables. It includes 250 illustrations of the best (and a few of the worst) statistical graphics, with detailed analysis of how to display data for precise, effective, quick analysis. Also offered is information on the design of the high-resolution displays, small multiples, editing and improving graphics, and the data-ink ratio. Time-series, relational graphics, data maps, multivariate designs, as well as detection of graphical deception: design variation vs. data variation, and sources of deception are discussed. Information on aesthetics and data graphical displays is included. The 2nd edition provides high-resolution color reproductions of the many graphics of William Playfair (1750-1800), adds color to other images where appropriate, and includes all the changes and corrections during the 17 printings of the 1st edition.
Dana QA276.3 .T83 2001

Marine pollution and climate change
editors, Andrés Hugo Arias and Jorge Eduardo Marcovecchio
Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
Ancient vs. modern oceans : perspectives in a climate change scenario / Jorge E. Marcovecchio, Silvia G. De Marco and Walter D. Melo -- South Atlantic circulation and variability from a data assimilating model / Elbio D. Palma and Ricardo P. Matano -- The issue of fossil fuels at the ocean : emissions to the sea and contribution to global CO2 / A.V. Botello, G. Ponce-Velez, L.A. Soto and S.F. Villanueva -- Continent derived metal pollution through time : challenges of the global ocean / Luiz Drude de Lacerda and Jorge Eduardo Marcovecchio -- Emerging pollutants in the global change scenario / Bernd Markert, Stefan Fränzle, Simone Wünschmann and Peter Menke-Glückert -- Marine debris : problems and solutions of the changing ocean / H.B. Jayasiri -- Global shipping, ballast water and invasive species / Sami Souissi, Olivier Glippa and Hans-Uwe Dahms -- High seas deep-sea fisheries under the global changing trends / Gui Manuel Machado Menezes and Eva Giacomello -- Globalization of the Antarctic seas : pollution and climate change perspectives / Rosalinda Carmela Montone, Cësar de Castro Martins, Marcos Henrique Maruch Tonelli, Tailisi Hoppe Trevizani, Marcia Caruso Bïcego, Rubens Cesar Lopes Figueira, Ilana Elazari Klein Coaracy Wainer and Jorge E. Marcovecchio -- International regulatory responses to global challenges in marine pollution and climate change / Yubing Shi and Dazhen Zhang.
Dana GC1085 .M298 2018

Rapid review pathology
Goljan, Edward F., author
Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier, [2019]
Diagnostic testing -- Cell injury -- Inflammation and repair -- Immunopathology -- Water, electrolyte, acide, base and hemodynamic disorders -- Genetic and developmental disorders -- Environmental pathology -- Nutritional disorders -- Neoplasia -- Vascular disorders -- Heart disorders -- Red blood cell disorders -- White blood cell disorders -- Lymphoid tissue disorders -- Hemostasis disorders -- Immunohematology disorders -- Upper and lower respiratory disorders -- Gastrointestinal disorders -- Hepatobiliary and pancreatic disorders -- Kidney disorders -- Ureter, lower urinary tract and male reproductive disorders -- Female reproductive disorders and breast disorders -- Endocrine disorders -- Musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders -- Skin disorders -- Nervous system and special sensory disorders.
Dana Reserve RB120 .G654 2019

Freshwater fishes : 250 million years of evolutionary history
Cavin, L. author
London, UK : ISTE Press ; 2017
Freshwater environments and fishes -- Assemblages of freshwater fishes in the Mesozoic -- Assemblages of freshwater fishes in the Cenozoic -- Evolutionary histories of freshwater fishes -- Evolutionary patterns in freshwater fishes.

With more than 15,000 species, nearly a quarter of the total number of vertebrate species on Earth, freshwater fishes are extremely varied. They include the largest fish species, the beluga at over 7 meters long, and the smallest, the Paedocypris at just 8 millimeters, as well as the carnivorous, such as the piranha, and the calm, such as the Chinese algae eater. Certain species evolve rapidly, cichlids for example, while others transform very slowly, like lungfish. The fossils of these animals are very diverse in nature, sometimes just small scattered bones where sites correspond to ancient river beds or magnificent fossils of entire fish where there was once a lake. This book covers the history of these fishes over the last 250 million years by exploring the links between their biological evolution and the paleogeographic and environmental transformations of our planet, whether these be gradual or sudden.
Dana QE851 .C38 2017