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On photography : a philosophical inquiry
Costello, Diarmuid, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
What is photography? Is it a source of knowledge or an art? Many have said the former because it records the world automatically, others the later because it expresses human subjectivity. Can photography be both or must we choose? Written in a clear and engaging style, On Photography is essential reading for anyone interested in the philosophy of photography, aesthetics, art, and visual studies. -- Provided by publisher.
Sherman TR183 .C675 2018

One, two, three, more
Levitt, Helen, author
Brooklyn, NY : PowerHouse Books, 2017
"Helen Levitt's earliest pictures are a unique and irreplaceable look at street life in New York City from the mid-1930s to the end of the 1940s. There are children at play, lovers flirting, husbands and wives, young mothers with their babies, women gossiping, and lonely old men. A majority of these photographs have never been published. Other pictures included in this book are now world-famous, now part of the standard history of photography. Together they provide a record of New York not seen since Levitt's pioneering solo show at The Museum of Modern Art in 1943. Levitt's photographs are in some of the best photography collections in America, including: The Met, MoMA, The Smithsonian, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and the Art Institute of Chicago."--
Sherman TR659.8 .L495 2017

Cartoons in hard times : the animated shorts of Disney and Warner Brothers in depression and war 1932-1945
Mollet, Tracey Louise, author
New York : Bloomsbury Academic, [2017]
The storyboard so far -- The Roosevelt honeymoon 1932-1934 -- Animating depression America 1934-1937 -- International relations in animation 1936-1941 -- Animated nationalism 1937-1941 -- Animation at war: Disney, Warner Brothers and the United States government 1941-1943 -- Animation at war: Disney, Warner Brothers and war-time entertainment 1941-1945 -- That's all folks.

Cartoons in Hard Times provides a comprehensive analysis of the short subject animation released by the Walt Disney and Warner Brothers from 1932 and 1945, one of the most turbulent periods in Unites States history. Through a combination of content analysis, historical understanding and archival research, this book sheds new light on a hitherto unexplored area of animation, suggesting the ways in which Disney and Warner Brothers animation engaged with historical, social, economic and political changes in this era. The book also traces the development of animation into a medium fit for propaganda in 1941 and the changes in characters, tone, music and narrative that took place to facilitate this transition. Animation transformed in this era from a medium of entertainment, to a socio-political commentator before finally undertaking government sponsored propaganda during the Second World War.
Sherman NC1766.U52 W3735 2017

The pioneering photographic work of Hercule Florence
Kossoy, Boris, author
New York : Routledge, [2018]
This book delivers an in-depth analysis of Hercule Florence, who is virtually unknown despite being among the world's photographic pioneers. Based on the texts of various manuscripts, letters, diaries, notes, and advertisements, this book answers numerous questions surrounding Florence's work, including the materials, methods, and techniques he employed and why it took more than a century for his discovery to come to light. Kossoy's groundbreaking research establishes Florence's use of "photographie" to describe the product of his experiments, half a decade before Sir John Herschel recommended "photography" to Henry Fox Talbot. This book aims to change the fact that despite its cultural and historical importance, Florence's photographic breakthrough remains largely unknown in the English-speaking world.
Sherman TR140.F58 K67 2018

The break with the past : avant-garde architecture in Germany, 1910-1925
Barnstone, Deborah Ascher, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Between 1918 and 1933 the German interwar avant-garde was a primary force driving European cultural innovation and modernism. These innovations continue to influence artistic practice, theory, and arts education today, thus making a comprehensive study of the relationship between individual war experience and the immediate response of avant-garde architects after the war all the more important. The Break with the Past pursues several important, interrelated questions. What were the disparate war experiences of German architects and did they have different effects on Weimar cultural production? Did political orientation play a part in support for the war? In aesthetic choices? What changes occurred in avant-garde architectural practice after 1918? How do they compare with pre-war positions and practices and expectations for post-war outcomes? In order to address these questions, the book uses individual case studies of four leading architects, Bruno Taut, Walter Gropius, Erich Mendelsohn, and Hans Scharoun.
Sherman NA1068 .B25 2018

Disturbing pasts : memories, controversies and creativity
edited by Leon Wainwright
Manchester : Manchester University Press, [2018]
This collection explores the creative responses of artists to the legacies of war, colonialism, genocide and oppression. Based on a major project of international collaboration supported by the European Science Foundation, it brings together professional art practices, art history and visual culture studies, social anthropology, literary studies, history, museology and cultural policy studies. Case studies are drawn from diverse contexts, including South Africa, Germany, Namibia, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Australia. The results reveal a courageous and carefully examined global picture, with a variety of new approaches to confronting dominant historical narratives and shaping alternative interpretations.--Google Books.
Sherman N8260 .D57 2018

Pop art and design
edited by Anne Massey and Alex Seago
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
"This book offers the first in-depth analysis of the relationship between art and design, which led to the creation of 'pop'. Challenging accepted boundaries and definitions, the authors seek out various commonalities and points of connection between these two exciting areas. Confronting the all-pervasive 'high art / low culture' divide, Pop Art and Design brings a fresh understanding of visual culture during the vibrant 1950s and 60s. This was an era when commercial art became graphic design, illustration was superseded by photography and high fashion became street fashion, all against the backdrop of a rapidly-evolving economic and political landscape, a glamorous youth scene and an effervescent popular culture. The book's central argument is that pop art relied on and drew inspiration from pop design, and vice versa. Massey and Seago assert that this relationship was articulated through the artwork, design, publications and exhibitions of a network of key practitioners. Pop Art and Design provides a case study in the broader inter-relationship between art and design, and constitutes the first interdisciplinary publication on the subject"--
Sherman N6494.P6 P6545 2018

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art : uncommon legacy
edited by Mariah Keller ; designed by Jo Ackerman
New York : Scala Arts Publishing Inc., 2017
Sherman N576.H3 A89 2017

Louis Faurer
Faurer, Louis, 1916-2001, photographer
Göttingen, Germany : Steidl, 2016
"This book is the first in fifteen years to present the largely overlooked work of Louis Faurer, who depicted the melancholy streets of New York in the 1940s and '50s, and whom Walter Hopps has described as a 'master of his medium.' Faurer initially worked for fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar in New York, but soon focused his eye on the enchanting city itself: 'Everywhere a new discovery awaited me.' Here Faurer made poetic, darkly romantic images of the characters of the street, often the poor and lonely amidst the bustle of Times Square during what he called its 'hypnotic dusk light.' Inspired by Walker Evans, Faurer developed a personal, highly empathetic vision, comparable to that of Robert Frank, with whom he shared a loft and darkroom in his early New York days. Faurer solidified his ironic, brooding aesthetic in the '50s, often employing graphic contrasts, reflections and distortions which show the influence of film noir and deepen his exploration of the psychology of the individual: 'My eyes search for people who are grateful for life, people who forgive and whose doubts have been removed, who understand the truth, whose enduring spirit is bathed by such piercing light as to provide their present and future with hope' "--
Sherman TR647 .F3813 2016

The earth, the city, and the hidden narrative of race
Anthony, Carl, author
New York City : New Village Press, 2017
"Carl Anthony's memoir interweaves urban history, racial justice, and cosmology with personal experiences as an architect/planner, environmentalist, and Black American. By connecting struggles for social and racial justice to the Universe Story, it creates new story for our time"--
Sherman NA737.A58 A2 2017

William Wegman : being human
Wegman, William, photographer
San Francisco : Chronicle Books, [2017]
Poeple like us/People we like / William A. Ewing -- Physique -- Masquerade -- Hallucinations -- Vogue -- Cubists -- Zoo -- People like us -- Sit! -- Tales -- Color fields -- Disguise -- Terrain -- Style -- Stay -- People we like -- Nudes -- A conversation / William A. Ewing and William Wegman -- Picture dogs / William Wegman.

"William Wegman's whimsical photographs of his Weimaraner dogs have been celebrated in the art world and enjoyed by pet lovers for nearly four decades. In this entirely new volume, renowned photography curator William A. Ewing presents more than 300 images from the artist's personal archive, unearthing previously unseen gems alongside the iconic images that have made Wegman--along with dressed-up dogs Man Ray, Fay Ray, and others--beloved worldwide. Presented in sixteen thematic chapters, William Wegman: Being Human foregrounds the photographer's penchant for play and his evergreen ability to create images that are at once funny, striking, and surreal. Audiences of all ages will fall in love--for the first time, or all over again--with Wegman and his friends"--
Sherman TR729.D6 W445 2017

Architectures of festival in early modern Europe : fashioning and re-fashioning urban and courtly space
edited by J.R. Mulryne, Krista De Jonge, Pieter Martens, and R.L.M. Morris
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Introduction : making space for festival / J.R. Mulryne -- A productive conflict : the colosseum and early modern religious performance / Mårten Snickare -- A new sack of Rome? : making space for Charles V in 1536 / Richard Cooper -- Vienna, a Habsburg capital redecorated in classical style : the entry of Maximilian II as king of the Romans in 1563 / Mikael Børg Rasmussen -- Fountains of wine and water and the refashioning of urban space in the 1565 entrata to Florence / Felicia M. Else -- Making the best of what they had : adaptations of indoor and outdoor space for royal ceremony in Scotland c. 1214 to 1603 / Lucinda H.S. Dean -- From ephemeral to permanent architecture : the Venetian palazzo in the second half of the seventeenth century / Martina Frank -- Contested ideals : designing and making temporary structures for the entrée of Louis XIV into Paris in August 1660 / Elaine Tierney -- Overcrowding at court : a Renaissance problem and its solution : temporary theatres and banquet halls / Sydney Anglo -- Transformed gardens : the trompe-l'oeil scenery of the Versailles festivals (1664-1674) / Marie-Claude Canova-Green -- Ephemeral and permanent architecture during the age of Ercole I d'Este in Ferrara (1471-1505) / Francesca Mattei -- "Ascendendo et descendendo aequaliter" : stairs and ceremonies in early modern Venice / Katharina Bedenbender -- Permanent places for festivals at the Habsburg court in Innsbruck : the "comedy houses" of 1628 and 1654 / Veronika Sandbichler -- La favorita festeggiante : the imperial summer residence of the Habsburgs as festive venue / Andrea Sommer-Mathis -- Between props and sets : the menus plaisirs administration and space conversions in the French court, 1660-1700 / Pauline Lemaigre-Gaffier.
Sherman NA8452 .A73 2018

Joan Miró : I work like a gardener
Miró, Joan, 1893-1983, author
New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2017]
"In 1958, artist Joan Miro and critic Yvon Taillandier sat down for an in-depth discussion on Miro's life and work. Their conversation, one of the most illuminating and insightful looks into Miro's philosophy and creative process, was first published in a limited edition of seventy five copies in 1964. Though long out of print, this bilingual 'treasure,' in the words of Maria Popova, "remains the most direct and comprehensive record of Miro's ideas on art'. This beautiful new edition presents an updated English translation of Miro's invaluable text in an elegant and striking package. In addition to Taillandier's original foreword, a new preface by preeminent Miro scholar Robert Lubar provides wider context and insight. An appendix includes the original French text in its entirety. Joan Miro I Work Like a Gardener brings to life the words and work of one of the most beloved and influential artists of the twentieth century."--Back cover.
Sherman ND813.M5 A35 2017

The global contemporary art world
Harris, Jonathan author
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2017
Doing the business : producing consumption in the Hong Kong art world -- New media art and cultural globalism in South Korea -- Globalizing Indian contemporary art : the biennial as rhetorical form -- Social production of contemporary art in the PRC : higher education and the branding of 'contemporary Chinese art' -- Contemporary art and post-national identities in the State of Palestine.

This book takes readers on a fascinating journey around five Asian centers of contemporary art and its myriad institutions, agents, forms, materials, and languages, while posing vital questions about the political economy of culture and the power of visual art in a multi-polar world. He analyzes the financial powerhouse of Art Basel Hong Kong, new media art in South Korea, the place of the Kochi Biennale within contemporary art in India, transnational art and art education in China, and the geo-politics of art patronage in Palestine, and he develops a highly original synthesis of theoretical perspectives and empirical research. Drawing on detailed case studies and personal insights gained from his extensive experience of the contemporary art scene in Asia, Professor Harris examines the evolving relationship between the western centers of art practice, collection, and validation and the emerging peripheries of Asian Tiger societies with burgeoning art centers. And he arrives at the somewhat controversial conclusion that dominance of the art world is rapidly slipping away from Europe and North America. The Global Contemporary Art World is essential reading for undergraduates and postgraduate students in modern and contemporary art, art history, art theory and criticism, cultural studies, the sociology of culture, and globalization studies. It is also a vital resource for research students, academics, and professionals in the art world.
Sherman N8600 .H376 2017

Bauhaus travel book : Weimar, Dessau, Berlin
editor: Bauhaus Kooperation ; translations: Eileen Laurie, Ian Pepper, Michael Wetzel
Munich : Prestel, c2017
Established in 1919 in Weimar, the Bauhaus college for design influenced one of the world's most important Modernist movements. Divided into three geographic sections that follow the locations of the school, Weimar (1919-25), Dessau (1925-33), and Berlin (1933), this unique travel guide leads readers through the most important Bauhaus structures in Germany. Each section features important sites that are given historical background. These entries are illustrated with historic and contemporary photography, and are accompanied by up-to-date tourist information. Throughout the book short essays highlight significant events and figures of the Bauhaus movement. This guidebook is an indispensible reference for anyone traveling to Germany's greatest extant Bauhaus structures.
Sherman NA1068.5.M63 B38 2017

Giovanni da Rimini : Scenes from the lives of the Virgin and other Saints
Koopstra, Anna, author
London : National Gallery, 2017
This monograph celebrates the National Gallery's 2015 acquisition of Giovanni da Rimini's 'Scenes from the Lives of the Virgin and Other Saints' (c. 1300--1305). The painting is a rare survival from the late Middle Ages, uniting the exquisite detail of late Byzantine icons with the new, more naturalistic and expressive style exemplified by the Florentine painter Giotto. Probably created for private contemplation and worship, the painting may be the left wing of a diptych, a theory that is examined here in relation to its assumed companion panel Scenes from the Life of Christ (from the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Palazzo Barberini, Rome). Significant new research explains its iconography, its devotional function, and the historical context in which it was created, while fresh technical analysis brings a greater understanding of the making and purpose of the panels and how they were originally displayed.
Sherman ND623.G619 A4 2017

Yoshijiro Urushibara : a Japanese printmaker in London : a catalogue raisonné
Chapman, Hilary, author
Leiden, The Netherlands : Hotei Publishing, [2017]
This publication is a catalogue raisonné of the work of Urushibara Yoshijiro (1889-1953), who came to London at the age of twenty-one. During his thirty years in Europe he produced a remarkable number of prints and played a major role in encouraging the production and appreciation of the colour woodcut in the Japanese manner. His most famous and successful collaboration was with Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956) and throughout his career Urushibara contributed to the cross-cultural flowing between European and Japanese art at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Sherman NE773.U78 A4 2017

Matthew Monahan : bronzo
curated by Ludovico Pratesi
Milan : Mousse Publishing, [2017]
Sherman N6537.M633 A4 2017

Ann Hamilton : habitus
poems, Natalie Shapero, Susan Stewart ; contributors, Patricia C. Phillips, Susan Lubowsky Talbott
Philadelphia, PA : The Fabric Workshop and Museum ; 2017
Habitus / Ann Hamilton -- The nature of the rows: dyeings on wool / Natalie Shapero -- Channel / Susan Stewart -- The nature of the rows: blanket / Natalie Shapero -- The nature of the rows: commonplace / Natalie Shapero -- The nature of the rows: lace / Natalie Shapero -- The nature of the rows: doll / Natalie Shapero -- Creating habitus / Susan Lubowsky Talbott -- Of all things: an openness of completion / Patricia C. Phillips.

Cloth making -- among the oldest forms of human cultural production -- provides inspiration for Ann Hamilton's multi-venue project, 'habitus', located at three sites: The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Municipal Pier 9, and on social media. 'habitus' weaves text, textile, and image together as mediums for an imaginative and tactile exchange between artist and audience. The museum's galleries display Hamilton's selection of historical objects -- including literacy commonlace books, textile sample books, dolls, and needwork portfolios -- borrowed from Philadelphia museums and public collections. Printed passages from published writings referencing the social and material life of textiles, and collected through an open call to the public at, will be available free to museum visitors. In the vast space of Municipal Pier 9 on the Delaware River, visitors propel a field of gigantic cylindrical curtains to billow to atmospheric proportion. As cloth swaddles us at birth and covers us in sleep; as a folded blanket can tell a story of trade; as a flag carries the symbol of a nation, Hamilton's multi-venue exhibition 'habitus' invites us to touch and be touched by the fabric of human experience -- Publisher's statement.
Sherman Oversize N6537.H337 A4 2017

Un sogno fatto a Mantova
a cura di Saretto Cincinelli
Milano : Skira, 2016
Sherman N6921.M36 U68 2016

Peter Vogel : ritmi cibernetici
Vogel, Peter, 1937- artist
Milano : Maab Gallery, Michael Biasi, [2015]
Sherman N6888.V568 A4 2015

Salvo : un'arte senza compromessi
Salvo, 1947- artist
Milano : Dep Art, arte moderna e contemporanea, [2017]
Sherman N6923.S26 A4 2017

More than meets the eye : what blindness brings to art
Kleege, Georgina, 1956- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
The tenacious life of the hypothetical blind man -- Touching on science -- Visible braille, invisible blindness -- Touch tourism -- Hearsay -- Dialogues with the blind -- Audio description described -- What they talk about when they talk about art -- Blind self portrait s: studies in blue and bronze.
Sherman N71.8 .K59 2018

Goya y la corte ilustrada
Goya, Francisco, 1746-1828, artist
[Barcelona] : Fundación Bancaria "la Caixa," ; [2017]
Sherman ND813.G7 A4 2017

Palimpsests : buildings, sites, time
edited by Nadja Aksamija, Clark Maines, Phillip Wagoner
Turnhout : Brepols, [2017]
"The original notion of the palimpsest--one that embodies writing, erasure, and rewriting--lends itself especially well to the interpretation of architectural monuments and landscape sites. These are by their very nature often modified significantly over time, leaving them to display a complex layering of forms and a sedimentation of meanings related to the different episodes in their ongoing lives. This volume explores and develops the idea of the architectural and site palimpsest through eleven case studies drawn from different parts of the globe, from Europe and America to Africa and South Asia, and ranging in time from Roman Pompeii and medieval Cairo to modern-day Rwanda and contemporary New York. The purpose behind such chronological and cultural breadth is to provide a multiplicity of examples from which a theoretical model of the three-dimensional palimpsest can be developed, and which would be applicable to monuments and sites from different historical periods and vastly diverse geographical contexts. While there have been many studies of buildings and sites investigating specific, synchronic episodes in their biographies, very few have approached them from the diachronic perspective of the palimpsest, that is, recognizing that the fourth dimension--that of duration--is essential to understanding them as both historic and contemporary entities. As a hermeneutic tool, the concept of the palimpsest embraces the totality of time "compressed" in a given monument or site, while permitting the extraction of a series of legible and meaningful episodes that allow us to read those palimpsests as a narrative of historical processes, whether that narrative is one of deliberate revision, or one of unintended effect. This volume presents a range of methodological possibilities comfortably nestled under a single conceptual umbrella, demonstrating how the notion of the palimpsest can become a paradigm-shifting framework for future, collaborative research in architectural and landscape history." --Publisher's web site, viewed 3/1/2018
Sherman NA2500 .P347 2017

Pietro Cavallini in Santa Cecilia in Trastevere : ein Beitrag zur römischen Malerei des Due- und Trecento
Schmitz, Michael, 1973- author
München : Hirmer, 2013
Sherman ND623.C495 S345 2013

Creating distinctions in Dutch genre painting : repetition and invention
Ho, Angela K., author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2017]
In the mid-to late seventeenth century, a number of Dutch painters created a new type of refined genre painting that was much admired by elite collectors. In this book, Angela Ho uses the examples of Gerrit Dou, Gerard ter Borch, and Frans van Mieris to show how this group of artists made creative use of repetition-such as crafting virtuosic, self-referential compositions around signature motifs, or engaging esteemed predecessors in a competitive dialogue through emulation-to project a distinctive artistic personality. The resulting paintings enabled purchasers and viewers to exercise their connoisseurial eye and claim membership in an exclusive circle of sophisticated enthusiasts-making creative repetition a successful strategy for both artists and viewers.
Sherman ND646 .H63 2017

Manet : a symbolic revolution, Lectures at the Coll̀ège de France (1998-2000) followed by an unfinished manuscript by Pierre and Marie-Claire Bourdieu
Bourdieu, Pierre, 1930-2002, author
Cambridge, UK ; Polity Press, [2017]
Sherman ND553.M3 B6813 2017

Eternal friendship
Durand, Anouck, 1975- author
New York : Siglio, 2017
Recounts the friendship between propaganda photographers Refik Veseli and Mosha Mandil and how their lives intersected with the foreign relations efforts between Albania and China. Consists primarily of archival photographs from the 1970s with captions in which the author assumes the voice Veseli.
Sherman TR140.V473 D8713 2017

Samuel Beckett and contemporary art
Robert Reginio, David Houston Jones, and Katherine Weiss (eds.)
Stuttgart, Germany : ibidem-Verlag/ibidem Press, [2017]
This groundbreaking collection from scholars and artists on the legacy of Beckett in contemporary art provides readers with a unique view of this important writer for page, stage, and screen. The volume argues that Beckett is more than an influence on contemporary art--he is, in fact, a contemporary artist, working alongside artists across disciplines in the 1960s, 1970s, and beyond. The volume explores Beckett's formal experiments in drama, prose, and other media as contemporary, parallel revisions of modernism's theoretical presuppositions congruent with trends like Minimalism and Conceptual Art. 0Containing interviews with and pieces by working artists, alongside contributions of scholars of literature and the visual arts, this collection offers an essential reassessment of Beckett's work. Perceiving Beckett's ongoing importance from the perspective of contemporary art practices, dominated by installation and conceptual strategies, it offers a completely new frame through which to read perennial Beckettian themes of impotence, failure, and penury. From Beckett's remains, as it were, contemporary artists find endless inspiration.
Sherman N6490 .S36 2017

Sustainable art communities : contemporary creativity and policy in the transnational Caribbean
edited by Leon Wainwright and Kitty Zijlmans
[Manchester] : Manchester University Press, [2018]
This collection sets out a range of perspectives on the challenges that the Caribbean is facing today, showing how the arts hold a crucial role in forging a more sustainable Caribbean community. It forcefully attests to the view that visual art in particular has a specific contribution to make and that this in turn means striving to foster a sustainable arts community that can contend with an environment of uneven infrastructure, opportunity and public awareness. Spanning the scholarly, artistic and professional fields of arts and heritage, this book compares two of the Caribbean's key linguistic regions - the Anglophone and the Dutch - to address the themes of global-local relations, capital, patronage, morality, contestation, sustainability and knowledge exchange. The result is a milestone of collaboration from diverse global settings of the Caribbean and its diaspora, including Jamaica, the Bahamas, Barbados, Suriname, Curacao, the Netherlands, UK, Germany and the US.
Sherman N72.S6 S87 2018

Colouring the Caribbean : race and the art of Agostino Brunias
Bagneris, Mia L., author
Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2018
"'Colouring the Caribbean' offers the first comprehensive study of Agostino Brunias's intriguing pictures of colonial West Indians of colour - so called 'Red' and 'Black' Caribs, dark-skinned Africans and Afro-Creoles, and people of mixed race - made for colonial officials and plantocratic elites during the late-eighteenth century. Although Brunias's paintings have often been understood as straightforward documents of visual ethnography that functioned as field guides for reading race, this book investigates how the images both reflected and refracted ideas about race commonly held by eighteenth-century Britons, helping to construct racial categories while simultaneously exposing their constructedness and underscoring their contradictions. The book offers provocative new insights about Brunias's work gleaned from a broad survey of his paintings, many of which are reproduced here for the first time."--Cover page 4.
Sherman ND623.B825 B34 2018

Gender, otherness, and culture in medieval and early modern art
Carlee A. Bradbury, Michelle Moseley-Christian, editors
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Sherman N8217.G397 G46 2017

Between matter and method : encounters in anthropology and art
edited by Gretchen Bakke and Marina Peterson
[London] : Bloomsbury, 2018
Sherman N72.A56 B486 2018

Aztlán to Magulandia : the journey of Chicano artist Gilbert "Magu" Luján
Luján, Gilbert, 1940-2011, artist
Irvine, CA : University Art Galleries, University of California, Irvine : 2017
Foreword / Rhea Anastas and Kevin Appel -- Introduction: Aztlán to Magulandia: the journey of Chicano artist Gilbert "Magu" Luján / Hal Glicksman -- The landscapes of Gilbert "Magu" Luján: imagining emplacement in the hemisphere / Karen Mary Davalos -- Gilbert "Magu" Luján---the social artist / Maxine Borowsky Junge -- Making menudo: finding the feminine in the work of Gilbert "Magu" Luján / Constance Cortez -- Plates -- A statement about Chicano art -- Con safos -- A story of change: un vato en transition -- Letter to LACMA / Max Factor III and Monroe Price -- Los Four at LACMA -- Los Four -- Una sola union -- Pedagogy -- Mental menudo -- Studio sign -- Mafulandia / Amalia Mesa-Bains -- Hooray for Hollywood -- Chronology / Virginia Arce, Constance Cortez, Mardi Luján, and Naiche Luján.

The work of this important sculptor, spokesperson, and teacher is seen from a variety of cultural perspectives in this book, which draws upon the artist's entire oeuvre and places well-known works alongside unpublished drawings, paintings, sculptures, notebooks, and statements. Designed in a large format to complement Magu's bold use of color, the book includes essays addressing such topics as the concept of emplacement, gender and the imagery of lowriders, and Magu as a social artist. Exhibition: University Art Galleries, University of California, Irvine, USA (12.09.-16.12.2017).
Sherman N6537.L838 A4 2017

European art and the wider world 1350-1550
edited by Kathleen Christian and Leah R. Clark
[Manchester] : Manchester University Press in association with The Open University, [2017]
Introduction / Kathleen Christian and Leah R. Clark -- Renaissance altarpieces : the far in the near / Kathleen Christian -- Cultural crossings in Spain and the New World, 1350-1550 / Kim Woods -- Collecting the world : art, nature, and representation / Leah R. Clark -- Aspects of art in Venice : encounters with the East / Paul Wood, with Kathleen Christian and Leah R. Clark -- Conclusion / Leah R. Clark and Kathleen Christian.

Inspired by recent approaches to the field, the book reexamines the field of Renaissance art history by exploring the art of this era in the light of global connections. It considers the movement of objects, ideas and technologies and its significance for European art and material culture, analysing images through the lens of cultural encounter and conflict.
Sherman N6370 .E87 2017

Mix and match : exploring contemporary collage
Berkeley, CA : Gingko Press, 2017
Sherman N6494.C6 M59 2017

Mario Botta architetti : leading architects series
Botta, Mario, 1943- author
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd, 2017
Sherman NA1353.B67 A4 2017

Helen Levitt : Manhattan transit
introduction by David Campany ; editors, Marvin Hoshino, Thomas Zander
Köln : Buchhandlung Walther König, 2017
Helen Levitt's pictures haunt like an intimate ghost - ever present, never forceful, curious, receptive. In 1938 Levitt accompanied Walker Evans on a number of trips when he photographed passengers on the New York subway and soon she was taking her own shots. More empathetic and informal with a camera, Levitt's finest photographs came from being present to the world, allowing herself to be seen as a fellow citizen, not as a photographer setting herself apart. The disarming ease of Levitt's pictures builds up, page after page, into an undeniably singular attitude to the medium and the world. It was around 1978 that Levitt made her return to the subway, a full four decades after that first foray. She seems to have picked up exactly where she had left off in 1938, but in general her photography was less restricted, more in keeping with her looser street photographs. By the 1970s, public behaviour on the subway was much less formal, there was "elbow room". This is the most comprehensive publication of Helen Levitt's photographs from the New York subway, many of which are published here for the first time.
Sherman TR654 .L45932 2017

The house of worth 1858-1954 : the birth of haute couture
Trubert-Tollu, Chantal, author
London : Thames & Hudson 2017
Charles Frederick Worth would go on to build the most prominent, innovative, and successful fashion house of the century. He was inspired by a love of fine art, luxurious fabrics, and his vision of the female ideal, and was the first to set out to dictate new styles and silhouettes to his elite clientele? Not the other way around. He hosted them in his rue de la Paix salons, which included groundbreaking sportswear and maternity departments as well as silk, velvet, and brocade rooms, and a special salon with closed shutters and gas lighting designed to allow clients to try on ball gowns in lighting conditions precisely matched to those of the event at which they would be worn.
Sherman TT505.W6 T7813 2017

Ray Stanford Strong, West Coast landscape artist
Humpal, Mark, 1952-
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2017]
Throughout his long and prolific career, Ray Stanford Strong (1905?-2006) strove to capture the essence of the western American landscape. An accomplished painter who achieved national fame during the New Deal era, Strong is best known for his depiction of landscapes in California and Oregon, rendered in his signature plein air style. This beautiful volume, featuring more than 100 color and black-and-white illustrations, is the first comprehensive exploration of Strong's life and artistry. Through family papers, archives, photographs, and a two-year series of interviews conducted with the artist personally, Mark Humpal traces Strong's journey from his childhood on an Oregon berry farm to his artistically formative years in New York and San Francisco. After moving back to the West Coast, Strong produced important works for the WPA, executed major diorama projects for two world expositions, helped organize the Santa Barbara Art Institute, and served as teacher and mentor for a new generation of plein air artists.
Sherman ND237.S797 H86 2017

Neverlasting miracles
Schorr, Todd, artist
San Francisco, CA : Last Gasp, [2017]
Sherman Oversize N6537.S3593 A4 2017

I see a city : Todd Webb's New York
Webb, Todd, photographer
New York, New York ; Thames & Hudson, 2017
A city seen : Todd Webb's postwar New York / Sean Corcoran -- My city, lost and found / Daniel Okrent -- Plates -- Afterword -- Acknowledgments.

"I See a City: Todd Webb's New York focuses on the work of photographer Todd Webb produced in New York City in the 1940s and 1950s. Webb photographed the city day and night, in all seasons and in all weather. Buildings, signage, vehicles, the passing throngs, isolated figures, curious eccentrics, odd corners, windows, doorways, alleyways, squares, avenues, storefronts, uptown, and downtown, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Harlem. The book is a rich portrait of the everyday life and architecture of New York. Webb's work is clear, direct, focused, layered with light and shadow, and captures the soul of these places shaped by the friction and frisson of humanity. A native of Detroit, Webb studied photography in the 1930s under the guidance of Ansel Adams at the Detroit Camera Club, served as a navy photographer during World War II, and then went on to become a successful postwar photographer. His work is in many museum collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Todd Webb's New York at the Museum of the City of New York, where Webb had his first solo exhibition in 1946, this book helps restore the reputation and legacy of a forgotten American artist."--Publisher's website.
Sherman TR655 .W392 2017

Seven illustrated books, 1952-1959
Warhol, Andy, 1928-1987, artist,
Hohenzollernring, Germany : Taschen, [2017]
Love is a pink cake : 1952 -- A is an alphabet : 1953 -- 25 cats name[d] Sam and one blue pussy : 1954 -- À la recherche du shoe perdu : 1955 -- In the bottom of my garden : ca. 1956 -- A gold book : 1957 -- Wild raspberries : 1959.
Sherman Special NC139.W37 A4 2017

Minoru Yamasaki : humanist architecture for a modernist world
Gyure, Dale Allen, author
New Haven ; Yale University Press [2017]
Foundations -- Early work -- A new direction -- Staying the course -- Modern humanism -- Tall buildings -- The late works.

Born to Japanese immigrant parents in Seattle, Minoru Yamasaki (1912-1986) became one of the towering figures of midcentury architecture, even appearing on the cover of Time magazine in 1963. His self-proclaimed humanist designs merged the modern materials and functional considerations of postwar American architecture with traditional elements such as arches and colonnades. Yamasaki's celebrated and iconic projects of the 1950s and '60s, including the Lambert-St. Louis Airport and the U.S. Science Pavilion in Seattle, garnered popular acclaim. Despite this initial success, Yamasaki's reputation began to decline in the 1970s with the mixed critical reception of the World Trade Center in New York, one of the most publicized projects in the world at the time, and the spectacular failure of St. Louis's Pruitt-Igoe Apartments, which came to symbolize the flaws of midcentury urban renewal policy. And as architecture moved in a more critical direction influenced by postmodern theory, Yamasaki seemed increasingly old-fashioned. In the first book to examine Yamasaki's life and career, Dale Allen Gyure draws on a wealth of previously unpublished archival material, and nearly 200 images, to contextualize his work against the framework of midcentury modernism and explore his initial successes, his personal struggles--including with racism--and the tension his work ultimately found in the divide between popular and critical taste.
Sherman NA737.Y3 G98 2017

Coming away : Winslow Homer & England
Athens, Elizabeth, author
Worcester, MA : Worcester Art Museum ; [2017]
A fascinating exploration of the time Winslow Homer spent in England and how it influenced his art. Winslow Homer (1836-1910) is widely regarded as the greatest American painter of the 19th century, but it is not well known that he spent a pivotal period of time on the other side of the Atlantic. The eighteen months Homer spent in England in 1881 and 1882-studying the work of masters such as J. M. W. Turner and Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and exploring the landscape of coastal villages-irrevocably shaped his creative identity. This beautifully designed and produced publication explores Homer's time in England and how it influenced his art, as he attempted to reconcile his affinity for traditional subject matter with his increasingly modern aesthetic vision. Coming Away complicates our understanding of his work and convincingly argues that it has more cosmopolitan underpinnings than previously thought.
Sherman N6537.H58 A4 2017

Being modern : building the collection of The Museum of Modern Art
edited by Quentin Bajac ; preamble by Glenn D. Lowry ; preface by Suzanne Pagé ; with contributions by Quentin Bajac, Michelle Elligott, Glenn D. Lowry, and Olivier Michelon
Paris, France : Fondation Louis Vuitton ; 2017
Published to accompany an exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris -the first major presentation in France of works from The Museum of Modern Art- 'Being Modern: Building the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art' presents more than one hundred paintings, sculptures, architecture drawings, design objects, photographs, films, video games, and more, telling the story of how these items came to be part of one of the world's greatest collections of modern and contemporary art. A short essay by a MoMA curator introduces each entry, providing fascinating insights into the artworks themselves as well as the circumstances of their acquisition by the Museum. Organized chronologically according to the year each item entered MoMA's collection, the book offers a rare glimpse of the Museum's inner workings.
Sherman N620.M9 B456 2017

William Kentridge : smoke, ashes, fable
Kentridge, William, 1955- artist
[Brussels, Belgium] : Mercatorfonds, [2017]
Introduction -- Being Kentridge / Margaret K. Koerner -- Tummelplatz / Joseph Leo Koerner -- Feats of prestidigitation / Harmon Siegel -- Seven types of obsolescence / Bejamin H.D. Buchloh.

The well-known South African artist William Kentridge (b. 1955) has become famous for his time-lapse animation movies and installations, as well as his activities as an opera and theater director. This book offers a unique selection of Kentridge's work curated for Sint-Janshospitaal in Bruges--at 800 years one of Europe's oldest surviving hospital buildings--organized around the themes of trauma and healing. The book features an introduction by Margaret K. Koerner, and also includes essays by diverse distinguished contributors: Benjamin Buchloh considers Kentridge's alternate reception of the historical avant-garde from a perspective of exile; Joseph Leo Koerner explores the artist's work as a self-styled process of working in which the past simultaneously disfigures and redeems; and Harmon Siegel examines Kentridge's approach to film history.
Sherman N7396.K45 A4 2017

Masterpieces : based on a manuscript by Mario Modestini
Dwyer Modestini, Dianne, author
Fiesole (Firenze) : Cadmo, 2018
Cosa c'è dietro le opere d'arte che ammiriamo nei più grandi musei del mondo? Quali segreti vi sono celati? E qual è il modo per poterli riportare all'antico splendore rimanendo più fedeli possibile alla volontà originale dell'artista? Dianne Dwyer Modestini, restauratrice del capolavoro Salvator Mundi attribuito a Leonardo da Vinci, apre per noi una finestra sull'affascinante mondo dell'arte e del restauro offrendoci un libro scritto con passione, impreziosito dalle memorie del marito, l'altrettanto importante restauratore Mario Modestini. Ricco di aneddoti straordinari e di vicende ricostruite con paziente ricerca, 'Capolavori' si rivela interessante per qualunque lettore, dal professionista del restauro allo storico dell'arte, dall'appassionato al semplice curioso.
Sherman N8563.M63 D89 2018

What is painting?
Bell, Julian, 1952- author
[London] : Thames & Hudson, [2017]
Images and marks -- Sight and knowledge -- Form and time -- Expression -- The arts and art -- Representation.

"Yes, but is it art? This lucid book by Julian Bell, himself a painter, confronts the uncertainty many people feel about art today and challenges generally accepted ideas.Now in a completely revised second edition, What is Painting? is a fresh, focused look at painting. Bell addresses questions such as does anything unite those objects we call paintings? and what factors have changed the nature of painting over the last two centuries? by looking at historical evidence and reasoning from common experience. The current shape of painting pushes the book's arguments in new directions and a substantial new chapter, The Arts and Art, speaks to the interplay between 2D work, 3D work, and the immateriality of digital imagery. The text has been revised paragraph by paragraph considering both force of presentation and historical perspective. The intention is to provide a general reader's introduction to theories of painting that is not only reliably informative but stimulating and amusing to read. The book is an introductory guide to art theory for everyone interested in understanding modern art or in making art themselves."--
Sherman ND1140 .B45 2017

The Museum of Broken Relationships
Vištica, Olinka, author
New York, NY : Grand Central Publishing, 2017
The tiny museum that has become an international phenomenon offers a crowdsourced book that celebrates the objects that outlast love.
Sherman N6494.C63 V57 2017

Thomas Hirschhorn : a new political understanding of art?
Braun, Christina, 1979- author
Hanover, New Hampshire : Dartmouth College Press, 2018
Sherman N7153.H57 B7313 2018

Pablo Picasso i els editors Gustavo Gili : escrits des de Barcelona
Rafart i Planas, Claustre, author
Barcelona : Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat, 2016
Sherman N6853.P5 R33 2016

Italian Renaissance art
Campbell, Stephen J. 1963- author
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson Inc., 2017
Volume 1. 1300-1510 -- Volume 2. 1490-1600.
Sherman N6915 .C282 2017

Italian Renaissance art
Campbell, Stephen J. 1963- author
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson Inc., 2017
Volume 1. 1300-1510 -- Volume 2. 1490-1600.
Sherman N6915 .C282 2017

The complete Zaha Hadid : expanded and updated
Hadid, Zaha, architect
[London] : Thames & Hudson, 2017
Sherman NA1469.H33 A4 2017

Picturing Marie Leszczinska (1703-1768) : representing queenship in eighteenth-century France
Germann, Jennifer Grant, author
London : Routledge, 2016
Framing queenship in France -- Incorporating Marie Leszczinska -- Sons and mothers -- Gendering the French monarchy -- The Queen's new image -- Epilogue: memorializing Marie Leszczinska.

Portraits of Queen Marie Leszczinska (1703-1768) were highly visible in eighteenth-century France. Appearing in royal châteaux and, after 1737, in the Parisian Salons, the queen's image was central to the visual construction of the monarchy. Her earliest portraits negotiated aspects of her ethnic difference, French gender norms, and royal rank to craft an image of an appropriate consort to the king. Later portraits by Maurice-Quentin de La Tour, Carle Van Loo, and Jean-Marc Nattier contributed to changing notions of queenship over the course of her 43 year tenure. Whether as royal wife, devout consort, or devoted mother, Marie Leszczinska's image mattered. While she has often been seen as a weak consort, this study argues that queenly images were powerful and even necessary for Louis XV's projection of authority. This is the first study dedicated to analyzing the queen's portraits. It engages feminist theory while setting the queen's image in the context of portraiture in France, courtly factional conflict, and the history of the French monarchy. While this investigation is historically specific, it raises the larger problem of the power of women's images versus the empowerment of women, a challenge that continues to plague the representation of political women today.
Sherman N7639.M24 G47 2016

Architectural and urban reflections after Deleuze and Guattari
edited by Constantin V. Boundas and Vana Tentokali
London ; Rowman & Littlefield International, [2018]
Architecture and urbanism: arts of the built space -- Architectural and urbanist tool boxes -- Vital materiality -- The clinical.
Sherman NA2500 .A71125 2018

Resource salvation : the architecture of reuse
Gorgolewski, Mark, author
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2018
Sherman NA2542.36 .G67 2018

Mystical landscapes : from Vincent van Gogh to Emily Carr
edited by Katharine Lochnan with Roald Nasgaard, Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov
Toronto, Ontario : Art Gallery of Ontario ; 2016
Introduction: "Where the universe sings" : the mystical landscape from the 1880s to the 1930s / Katharine Lochnan -- Mystical concepts, artistic contexts / Michael Stoeber -- Renewing the roots : mysticism in France / Gilles Mongeau -- "The second book of god" : Protestant mysticism / Rebekah Smick -- "Let us become mystics of art" : Van Gogh, Gauguin and the Nabis / Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov -- The wall and the sacred space / Gordon Rixon -- "A land of magic" : mysticism in Brittany / André Cariou -- "Landscapes of the soul and painted landscapes" / Jean-David Jumeau-Lafond -- The canticle of creatures : devotional lithographs by Charles-Marie Dulac / Ignatius Feaver -- "Solitude and silence" : contemplative landscapes from Turner to Monet / Katharine Lochnan -- Willows and water lilies : contemplating eternity with Monet / Maureen McDonnell -- Divine darkness and the mystical journey / John Franklin -- Temples and castles : architectural landscapes / Isabelle Morin Loutrel -- Against nature : European society and the great war / Margaret MacMillan -- "A new world"? Artists at war / Michael R. Marrus -- Recovering the feminine, animating the soul / Rosemary Gosselin -- "Alone in the wilderness" : northern European perspectives / Roald Nasgaard -- Facing infinity : Hodler's lakes and mountains / William S. Kervin -- "Rendering the god-spirit" : wilderness landscapes in North America / Roald Nasgaard -- Immersed in the cosmos : the astronomical sublime / Peter G. Martin -- Cosmic visions : in search of the axis mundi / Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov -- Out-of-body sensations : neuroscience and mysticism / Andrew D. Baines.

Artists: Mogens Ballin, Emile Bernard, Richard Burgsthal, Emily Carr, Maurice Chabas, Marc Chagall, Henri-Edmond Cross, William Degouve de Nuncques, Maurice Denis, Arhtur Garfield Dove, Charles Marie Dulac, Gustaf Fjaestad, Paul Gauguin, Augusto Giacometti, Giovanni Giacometti, Wenzel Hablik, Lawren Harris, Marsden Hartley, Louis Welden Hawkins, Grace Henry, Ferdinand Hodler, James Dickson Innes, A.Y. Jackson, Eugene Jansson, Wassily Kandinsky, Fernand Khnopff, Gustav Klimt, Hilma af Klint, Georges Lacombe, Jock Macdonald, Piet Mondrian, Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, Paul Nash, Ejnar Nielsen, Georgia O'Keeffe, Egon Schiele, Paul Serusier, Henri Le Sidaner, August Strindberg, Tom Thomson, Felix Vallotton, Vincent van Gogh, Frederick Varley, Jan Verkade, George Frederick Watts, James McNeill Whistler, Jens Ferdinand Willumsen.
Sherman ND1340 .M97 2016

Da Raffaello a Balla : capolavori dell'Accademia nazionale di San Luca
a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi
Bard, Aosta (Italia) : Forte di Bard editore, [2017]
Sherman N2812 .A54 2017

Paesaggio e veduta : dipinti da Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia e altre raccolte
a cura di Francesco Petrucci
Roma : De Luca Editori d'Arte, [2017]
Sherman ND1453 .P347 2017

Da De Nittis a Gemito : i napoletani a Parigi negli anni dell'impressionismo
a cura di Luisa Martorelli, Fernando Mazzocca
Genova : Sagep, [2017]
Sherman N6921.N2 D3 2017

Da Brooklyn al Bargello : Giovanni della Robbia, la lunetta Antinori e Stefano Arienti = From Brooklyn to the Bargello : Giovanni della Robbia, the Antinori Lunette and Stefano Arienti
a cura di Ilaria Ciseri
[Genoa] : Sagep editori, [2017]
Il Museo Nazionale del Bargello ospita la più importante raccolta di sculture robbiane al mondo. In esposizione temporanea la lunetta Resurrezione di Giovanni della Robbia che torna in Italia per la prima volta, dopo oltre un secolo, concessa in prestito dal Brooklyn Museum di New York. La mostra è realizzata in collaborazione con Marchese Antinori Spa, che ha finanziato il restauro della lunetta nel 2016. Insieme alla lunetta saranno presentate una tela di John Singer Sargent e un'installazione di Stefano Arienti. Exhibition: Museo nazionale del Bargello, Florence, Italy (09.11.2017- 08.04.2018).
Sherman NB623.R6 A4 2017

Juana Romani : la petite italienne : da modella a pittrice nella Parigi fin-de-siècle
a cura di Marco Nocca e Gabriele Romani ; con Alessandra De Angelis ; schede di Francesca Sacchini
Roma : "L'Erma" di Bretschneider, [2017]
Sherman ND553.R6353 A4 2017

Sublime art : towards an aesthetics of the future
Zepke, Stephen, author
Edinburgh : Edinburgh Univeresity Press, [2017]
Sherman N70 .Z47 2017

Gioconda : "allegoria della pittura" : assassinio e trafugamento
Giontella, Massimo, author
Firenze : Lorenzo de' Medici Press, [2017]
Sherman ND623.L5 G56 2017

Artists working from life
contributors Caroline Bugler and nine others
London : Royal Academy of Arts , [2017]
From Michelangelo's marbles to photographic self-portraits, artists have always been fascinated by their creative encounters with the human body. Often a key part of their early training, drawing and sculpting from life goes on to inform their later work in unexpected and inspiring ways. This illuminating publication brings together interviews with over 15 artists from all disciplines, including painters, sculptors and conceptual artists, working in a variety of different media. Through their in-depth conversations with the artists, writers explore the many ways artists work 'from life': from Jeremy Deller's open life class with Iggy Pop as model to Jonathan Yeo's innovative use of 3D scanners and virtual reality. An introductory essay provides the historical context for a practice deeply rooted in artistic tradition. Generously illustrated with reproductions of the artists' work and photography of their working methods, this book upends all our prior assumptions about 'working from life'.00Exhibition: Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK (09.12.2017-11.03.2018).
Sherman N7625.5 .A78 2017

Gordon Matta-Clark : anarchitect
Matta-Clark, Gordon, 1943-1978, artist
[Bronx] ; The Bronx Museum of the Arts in association with Yale University Press, [2017]
"This revealing book looks at the groundbreaking work of Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978), whose socially conscious practice blurred the boundaries between contemporary art and architecture. After completing a degree in architecture at Cornell University, Matta-Clark returned to his home city of New York, where he initiated a series of site-specific works in derelict areas of the South Bronx. The borough's many abandoned buildings, the result of economic decline and middle-class flight, served as Matta-Clark's raw material. His series 'Bronx Floors' dissected these structures, performing an anatomical study of ther ravaged urban landscape. Moving from New York to Paris with 'Conical Interserct', a piece that became emblematic of artistic protest, Matta-Clark applied this same method to a pair of seventeenth-century row houses slatted for demolition as a result of the Centre Pompidou's construction. This compelling volume grounds Matta-Clark's practice against the framework of architectural and urban history, stressing his pioneering activist-inspired approach, as well as his contribution to the nascent fields of social practice and relational aesthetics."
Sherman N6537.M3947 A4 2017

A life among the fishes : the art of Gyotaku
Dewees, Christopher M., artist
[Novato, California] : Goff Books, an imprint of ORO Editions, [2018]
The book presents half a century's worth of Japanese-style fish and shellfish prints in full colour, by artist, scientist, and all-around fish-enthusiast Chris Dewees. We follow his evolution, from being exposed to the fascinating gyotaku style as a graduate student, to his current status as an internationally recognised master in the field. He documents his journey and growth by sharing fifty years of experiences and adventures. In recent years Dewees has done more writing, and these stories and poems are linked to his art.
Sherman NE1340 .D494 2018

Barlow, Phyllida, artist
London, UK : Black Dog Publishing, [2017]
Foreword / Graham Sheffield -- Facade / Emma Dexter -- Diary / Phyllida Barlow -- Folly -- List of works -- Biography.

Phyllida Barlow: folly' presents the British Council's new commission created by Phyllida Barlow for the British Pavillion at the 57th Venice Biennale. Best known for her colossal sculptural projects, for over 5 decades Barlow has employed a distinctive vocabulary of inexpensive materials such as plywood, cardboard, plaster, rubber, cement, fabric and paint. Barlow creates striking sculptures and bold and expansive installations that confront the relationship between objects and the space that surrounds them. Drawing on memories of familiar objects from her surroundings, Barlow's practice is grounded in an anti-monumental tradition characterised by her physical experience of handling materials in an expedient and direct way.00Exhibition: British Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Italy (13.05.-26.11.2017).
Sherman NB497.B37 A4 2017

Edward Weston : portrait of the young man as an artist
Graham Howe, Beth Gates Warren
London, England ; Merrell, 2017
Finding true North in the West / Graham Howe -- A lifetime of seeing / Beth Gates Warren -- Plates.

This book presents Weston's earliest work from a recently discovered family album and compares the artist's naive first artistic efforts with his latest masterworks to show the persistence and evolution of his singular vision to find essential form in the vernacular with an ever-increasing intensity.
Sherman TR647 .W44 2017

Pompeo Mariani, 1857-1927 : la storia inedita di un grande pittore dell'Ottocento
Lunardi Versienti, Paolo, author
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND623.M3784 L86 2017

Thesentür : conscientious objector to formalism
Harris, Theodore A., author,
[place of publication not identified] : [publisher not identified] ; [date of publication not identified]
Sherman N8232 .H377

Maria Lai : arte e relazione
Pontiggia, Elena, author
Nuoro : Ilisso, [2017]
Sherman Oversize N6923.L235 P66 2017

Una vertigine soggettiva : aspetti dell'arte a Napoli tra pittura e oggetto (1960-1967)
a cura di Massimo Bignardi ; con i contributi di Maria Apicella and five others
Baronissi (SA) : Gutenberg edizioni, [2017]
Sherman N6921.N2 V47 2017

Ed Atkins
Atkins, Ed, artist
Milano : Skira, [2016]
Sherman N6797.A788 A4 2016

Bartolomeo Cavarozzi e Genova
a cura di Gianluca Zanelli ; testi di Gabriella Aramini and six others
Genova : Sagep editori, [2017]
Sherman ND623.C5125 A4 2017

Fausto Melotti e Roma : 1937-1985
Melotti, Fausto, artist
Longiano, Fc : Fondazione Tito Balestra onlus, luglio 2017
Sherman N6923.M4224 A4 2017

Natter's Museum Britannicum : British gem collections and collectors of the mid-eighteenth century
Boardman, John, 1927- author
Oxford : Archaeopress Publishing Ltd., [2017]
The German gem-engraver, medallist, and amateur scholar Lorenz Natter (1705- 1763), was so impressed by the size and quality of the collections of ancient and later engraved gems which he found in Britain that he proposed the publication of an extraordinarily ambitious catalogue - Museum Britannicum - which would present engravings and descriptions of the most important pieces. He made considerable progress to this end, producing several hundred drawings, but in time he decided to abandon the near completed project in the light of the apparent lack of interest shown in Britain. Only one of the intended plates in its final form ever appeared, in a catalogue which he published separately for Lord Bessborough's collection. On Natter's death the single copy of his magnum opus vanished mysteriously, presumed lost forever. All hope of recovering Natter's unpublished papers seemed vain, and their very existence had come to be doubted. Yet they were to be found more than two hundred years after his death, in Spring 1975, when the classical scholar and renowned expert in gems, Oleg Neverov, chanced upon them at the bottom of a pile of papers in the archives of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. Neverov and his colleague Julia Kagan carried out the initial research on the Hermitage manuscripts and produced the first published account of this archival treasure.
Sherman NK5643 .B63 2017

War and art : a visual history of modern conflict
edited by Joanna Bourke
London, UK : Reaktion Books, 2017
Introduction / Joanna Bourke -- Histories. -- War imagery between the Crimean Campaign and 1914 / Sergiusz Michalski -- The two world wars / Monica Bohm-Duchen -- In the heat of the Cold War, 1945-77 / Sarah Wilson -- Contemporary war; contemporary art / Sue Malvern -- Genres. -- Propaganda, art and war / Jo Fox -- War and film / James Chapman -- Trench art: objects and people in conflict / Nicholas J. Saunders -- Visions of the apocalypse: documenting the hidden artwork of abandoned Cold War bases / John Schofield -- Artists. -- Kiyochika's last laughs: satirical war prints from the first Sino-Japanese (1894-5) and Russo-Japanese (1904-5) Wars / John D. Szostak -- 'In front of me is the war, and I battle with it with all my strength': the wars of Vasili Vereschagin and Natalia Goncharova / Anna Pilkington -- 'The most gruesome picture ever wanted': Otto Dix and the Truth of War / Gary Haines -- Käthe Kollwitz and the art of war / Jay Winter -- 'A concentrated utterance of total war': Paul Nash, C.R.W. Nevinson and the Great War / Paul Gough -- I do (not) challenge: Nancy Spero's War series / Jon Bird -- 'My name is David and I will be your war artist for the day': David Cotterrell shoots a video / Michael Corris -- Contexts. -- Drawn in blood and bone: the art of captives of war / Clare Makepeace -- The crayon war: how children drew the Great War / Manon Pignot -- Rape in the art of war / Joanna Bourke -- Video games, war and operational aesthetics / Patrick Crogan -- Art against war / Grace Brockington.

In times of crisis, we often turn to artists for truth-telling and memory-keeping. There is no greater crisis than war, and in this sumptuously illustrated volume, we find a comprehensive visual, cultural, and historical account of the ways in which armed conflict has been represented by artists. Covering the last two centuries, from the Crimean War to the present day, the book shows how the artistic portrayal of war has changed, from a celebration of heroic exploits to a more modern, troubled, and perhaps truthful depiction of warfare and its consequences. The book investigates broad patterns as well as specific genres and themes of war art, and features more than 400 color illustrations by artists including Paul Nash, Judy Chicago, Pablo Picasso, Melanie Friend, Marc Chagall, Francis Bacon, Käthe Kollwitz, Joseph Beuys, Yves Klein, Robert Rauschenberg, Dora Meeson, Otto Dix, and many others. The volume also highlights the work of often overlooked artists, including children, non-Europeans, and prisoners of war. A wide range of subjects, from front-line combat to behind-the-lines wartime experiences are represented in paintings, etchings, photography, film, digital art, comics, and graffiti.
Sherman N8260 .W34 2017

The teabowl : East & West
Kemske, Bonnie, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
Introduction : the iconic teabowl -- Tea and the tea ceremony -- Ceramics history -- The teabowl travels -- From tearoom to gallery -- Conclusion : the iconic teabowl-past and present.

"The teabowl has become an iconic ceramic form in recent years. Having travelled from the East, where it was an inherent part of the Japanese tea ceremony, it has evolved and adapted to become something very different in the West. Revered for its oriental associations and its connotations of sophistication and simplicity, the teabowl enjoys an elevated status. Here Bonnie Kemske looks at the form as a whole, considering the history and ideas behind the original tea ceremonies, to how it travelled to the West and the way it is used today. She also explores the wide range of teabowls being made today and the contemporary, international potters making them. The book also tackles some difficult questions, notably, how has the concept of the teabowl changed as it has been reinvented in contemporary ceramics? How does it sit in relation to its history? This book is wide in scope, thorough in detail, and essential reading for anyone involved in making or using these tactile objects. "--
Sherman NK4695.B68 K46 2017

Still facing infinity : sculpture by Erwin Hauer
Hauer, Erwin, 1926- author,
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : Images Publishing, 2017
Sherman NK1412.H38 A4 2017

What is art? : the question of definition reloaded
Andina, Tiziana, author
Leiden : Brill, [2017]
"'What is art?' is one of the classic questions that philosophy has addressed over the ages, from the ancients to today. Taking as its starting point debates over the various definitions of art found in history, this article presents and discusses some of the major theories offered by both the analytic and continental traditions. It then looks at the theoretical reasons that led twentieth-century philosophy to reopen the question of definition, and in many cases inquire into the ontology of art itself. Finally, a series of considerations are addressed to help shift the problem of definition onto a new plane, one that is able to respond to the challenges of the performing and participatory arts, which more than any other form of art present particularly unconventional ontologies."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman BH39 .A537 2017

Divina creatura : la donna e la moda nelle arti del secondo Ottocento
a cura di Mariangela Agliati Ruggia, Sergio Rebora, Marialuisa Rizzini
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman N8217.F33 D58 2017

Individuals against individualism : art collectives in Western Europe (1956-1969)
Galimberti, Jacopo, author
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2017
"This volume is the first publication to examine in detail the phenomenon of collective art practice in the continental Western Europe of the late 1950s and of the 1960s. The book elaborates a comparative perspective, engaging with a cultural history of art deeply concerned with political ideas and geopolitical conflicts. Groups of artists and activists including Equipo 57, Equipo Cronica, Equipo Realidad, N, GRAV, Spur, Geflecht and Kommune I, have often been neglected in the English-speaking world. This happened partly because they were active in allegedly minor art centres such as Valencia, Padua, Cordoba, West-Berlin and Munich. However, their works, debates and intellectual networks cast new light on both the art produced during the Cold War and the heightened interest in participatory and collaborative art practices that has characterised the art world of the 2000s and 2010s. Individuals against Individualism tells the stories of these artists and activists, and focuses on their attempts to depict and embody forms of egalitarianism opposing the Eastern bloc authoritarianism as much as the Free world's ethos. By setting their political use of collective authorship, resistance to institutional co-optation and attack on the ideology of freedom, against the backdrop of the Cold War, the book largely speaks to the present."--Cover page 4.
Sherman N6758.5.P65 G36 2017

Art and belief
edited by Ema Sullivan-Bissett, Helen Bradley, and Paul Noordhof
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Art and Belief Presents twelve new essays, addressing questions at the intersection of philosophy of mind and philosophy of art, while also advancing these debates. It brings together recent work on belief and truth with issues concerning belief that arise in the philosophy of art. Several contributors discuss the cognitive contributions artworks can make and the questions surrounding these. Can authors of fiction testify to their readers? If they can, are they culpable for the false beliefs of their readers formed in response to their work? If they cannot, that is, if the testimonial powers of authors of fiction are limited, is there some non-testimonial epistemic role that fiction can play? And in any case, is such a role relevant when determining the value of the work? Also explored are issues concerned with the phenomenon of fictional persuasion, specifically, what is the nature of the attitude involved in such cases, when we seemingly form beliefs about the real world in response to reading fiction? If these attitudes are typically unstable, unjustified, and unreliable, does this put pressure on the view that they are beliefs? If these attitudes are beliefs, does this put pressure on the view that all beliefs are aimed at truth? Finally, this book explores the nature of aesthetic testimony, and whether testimony of this kind is a legitimate source of beliefs about aesthetic properties and value.
Sherman N70 .A773 2017

Gustav Klimt : a critical reappraisal
Cavallaro, Dani, 1962- author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2018]
The artist and how he changed his times -- Design -- Bodies -- Sceneries -- Eastern influences -- Appendix I: Klimt's works -- Appendix II: Where to see some of Klimt's major works in public collections.

"Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) expressed in his work a fascination with a liminal world underpinning his figures and landscapes. His art echoes different styles and traditions. The author explores the threshold universe depicted in a wide range of works from all phases of his prolific career, complemented with references to his correspondence"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman ND511.5.K55 C38 2018

Cyprus and its conflicts : representations, materialities and cultures
edited by Vaia Doudaki and Nico Carpentier
New York : Berghahn Books, 2018
"The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is the site of enduring political, military, and economic conflict. This interdisciplinary collection takes Cyprus as a geographical, cultural and political point of reference for understanding how conflict is mediated, represented, reconstructed, experienced, and transformed. Through methodologically diverse case studies of a wide range of topics--including public art, urban spaces, and print, broadcast and digital media--it assembles an impressively multifaceted perspective, one that provides broad insights into the complex interplay of culture, conflict, and identity."--Back cover.
Sherman DS54.9 .C97 2018

Il Rinascimento nei musei italiani = The Renaissance in Italian museums
Strinati, Claudio, author
Bologna, Italy : SM, Scripta maneant, [2017]
Sherman N6915 .R566 2017

Committenza e iconografia religiosa nel Cinquecento a Verona : indagini su Nicola Giolfino e Domenico Brusasorci
a cura di Alessandra Zamperini ; testi di Daniela Hartmann, Natascia Molina, Silvia Piccoli, Alessandra Zamperini
Treviso : ZeL edizioni, [2017]
Sherman ND623.G4966 C66 2017

No man's land : the life and art of Mary Riter Hamilton, 1868-1954
Young, Kathryn A. 1941- author
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada : University of Manitoba Press, [2017]
Early Years -- artistic beginnings, 1868-1901 -- Study in Europe, 1901-1911 -- An artist's career, 1911-1919 -- Painting with purpose, 1919-1925 -- Missed opportunities, shattered dreams, 1925-1954.

"What force of will and circumstance drove a woman with a burgeoning art career following years of study in European art schools from a comfortable life to one of hardship and loneliness in the battle zones of France and Belgium following the Great War? For western Canadian artist Mary Riter Hamilton (1868 1954), art was her life's passion. Her tale is one of tragedy and adventure, from homestead beginnings, to genteel drawing rooms in Winnipeg, Victoria, and Vancouver, to Berlin and Parisian art schools, to Vimy and Ypres, and finally to illness and poverty in old age. No Man's Land is the first biographical study of Hamilton, whose work can be found in galleries and art museums throughout Canada. Young and McKinnon's meticulous research in unpublished private collections brings to light new correspondence between Hamilton and her friends, revealing the importance of female networks to an artist's well-being. Her letters from abroad, in particular, bring a woman's perspective into the immediate post-war period and give voice to trying conditions. Hamilton's career is situated within the context of her peers Florence Carlyle, Emily Carr, and Sophie Pemberton, with whom she shared a Canadian and European experience."--
Sherman N8354.H36 Y68 2017

Claudia Comte
Comte, Claudia, 1983-
Luzern : Jrp Ringier Kunstverlag Ag, c2017
Claudia Comte (b. 1983, Switzerland) is best known for her site-specific installations, featuring wooden sculptural forms set against graphic, abstract wall paintings. She creates a unique, rule-based measurement system for each new body of work so that every piece relates to a particular scale. For her first retrospective survey exhibition 10 Rooms, 40 Walls, 1059 m2 at the Kunstmuseum Luzern, this principle has become the agenda: the artist has used 10 rooms, created 40 wall paintings, and filled 1,059 square meters of space by combining the painted museum walls with a new series of paintings in the forms of circles, semicircles, quadrants, and triangles; she has also created sculptures. Despite such regimented structures, Comte?s pieces are imbued with a sense of playfulness, humor and irreverence, puncturing the seriousness connected with minimalism.0Hovering between painting, sculpture, and installation, Comte?s works are based on references to popular culture?including cartoons as well as vernacular handicrafts?nature, heraldic symbols, and art historical movements (Op art, Pop art, Concrete art). Her sculptures can be read as persiflage on classical sculpture, while at the same time negotiating questions of display, the role of the plinth, and simple ground/figure issues.00Exhibition: Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland (04.03. - 18.06.2017).
Sherman N7153.C658 A4 2017

Master race and other stories
Krigstein, B. 1919-1990, illustrator
Seattle : Fantagraphics Books, [2018]
In addition to "Master Race," this volume includes "The Flying Machine" (based on a story by Ray Bradbury). Other stories include: "Slave Ship," an unpublished science fiction tale that was only discovered in the decades following EC's demise, "The Monster From The Fourth Dimension," a horror/science fiction shocker that has never been reprinted since its original appearance in 1954, and other Krigstein crime, horror, war, and science fiction stories covering the full gamut of EC titles, including Tales From the Crypt, Crime SuspenStories, Shock SuspenStories, Aces High, and Incredible Science Fiction.
Sherman NC1429.K78 M37 2018

Ed Pien : luminous shadows
Pien, Ed, artist
London : Black Dog, [2016]
Ed Pien: Luminous Shadows presents the work of Toronto-based artist Ed Pien, known for his drawing-based installations that immerse the viewer in a surreal, unique experience. The book focuses on the eponymous exhibition curated by Catherine Elliot Shaw and presented at McIntosh Gallery in late 2015 that featured his two latest large-scale installations: "Imaginary Dwelling," consisting of a makeshift townscape inside a tent with projected videos, mirrors and shadows; and "Spectral Drawings," depicting ghostly figures rendered in white ink that float on walls with differing black gradations. The drawing-based installations explore ideas of fantasy and vision as shadows are illuminated on dark walls covered with his drawings. These shadows and projections create the illusion of ghostly silhouettes and figures presented within the installation space.
Sherman N6549.P54 A4 2016

Kantha : recycled and embroidered textiles of Bengal
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books ; [2017]
The part of Bengal where the Ganges River flows into the Bay of Bengal has historically been the source of the finest cotton ever produced. The kind of embroidery known as 'kantha' is created from this material, for daily use in many different contexts and in many different sizes. It deploys a simple running stitch in quilting layers of used cloth; details are embroidered using satin and stem stitches with thread taken from the colored borders of cast-off saris and dhotis. The workmanship varies from the crude to the complex and refined, but they are all made for daily use for various household purposes. The tribal culture of this region and its sense of continuity were evident until the early part of the 20th century, but the true unraveling of the 'kantha' tradition came with partition, followed by the devastation brought on by the mass exodus of Hindu and Muslim populations in Pakistan, East Pakistan and India. Now, with global warming, the rising waters are resulting in the disappearance of villages, along with the livelihoods of the inhabitants. Exhibition: Mingei International Museum, San Diego, United States (27.05.-31.12.2017).
Sherman Oversize NK9276.8.B3 K358 2017

Il disegno veneziano, 1580-1650 : ricostruzioni storico-artistiche
Meijer, Bert W., author
[Florence] : Leo S. Olschki, 2017
Sherman Oversize NC982 .M45 2017

Pittrici della rivoluzione : le allieve di Jacques-Louis David
Boni, Daniela, author
Bologna : Pendragon, [2017]
Sherman ND38 .B66 2017

Framing America : a social history of American art
Pohl, Frances K. 1952- author
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2017
"Framing America takes an inclusive approach to American art. Along with comprehensive coverage of the canon, it expands and integrates treatment of frequently marginalized groups, while also addressing domestic arts and a range of political and social contexts. This fully revised fourth edition, reorganized in response to readers' suggestions, includes thirty-two chapters now arranged into nine parts, and available in two separate volumes; part openers featuring timelines and introductions that highlight how major events and artistic movements relate chronologically; increased coverage of the lives and work of women, African Americans, and Native Americans; new images--from a sixteenth-century print of the Spanish conquest of the Americas and a seventeenth-century embroidered altar frontal from New France, to nineteenth century American Impressionist landscape paintings and photographic portraits of San Francisco's Chinatown and Civil War battlefields; new review questions at the end of each chapter; instructor resources, including a fully revised test bank, the author's notes on using the book, links to further relevant material, and images for instructors"--
Sherman N6501 .P59 2017

Framing America : a social history of American art
Pohl, Frances K. 1952- author
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2017
"Framing America takes an inclusive approach to American art. Along with comprehensive coverage of the canon, it expands and integrates treatment of frequently marginalized groups, while also addressing domestic arts and a range of political and social contexts. This fully revised fourth edition, reorganized in response to readers' suggestions, includes thirty-two chapters now arranged into nine parts, and available in two separate volumes; part openers featuring timelines and introductions that highlight how major events and artistic movements relate chronologically; increased coverage of the lives and work of women, African Americans, and Native Americans; new images--from a sixteenth-century print of the Spanish conquest of the Americas and a seventeenth-century embroidered altar frontal from New France, to nineteenth century American Impressionist landscape paintings and photographic portraits of San Francisco's Chinatown and Civil War battlefields; new review questions at the end of each chapter; instructor resources, including a fully revised test bank, the author's notes on using the book, links to further relevant material, and images for instructors"--
Sherman N6501 .P59 2017

Gert & Uwe Tobias : Collagen
Tobias, Gert, 1973- artist
Dortmund : Verlag Kettler ; [2016]
Bekannt geworden sind die Zwillingsbrüder Gert und Uwe Tobias vor allem durch ihre grossformatigen Holzschnitte. Inzwischen zählen die Künstler international zu den bekanntesten Druckgrafikern. In ihrem gemeinsamen Atelier in Köln arbeiten die beiden Brüder jeweils einzeln an einem Werk. Während des Arbeitsprozesses tauschen sie sich aus, borgen Motive, Stile oder Anregungen vom anderen und signieren zum Schluss alle Werke gemeinsam. Gleichrangig zu ihren monumentalen Druckgrafiken entstehen seit Beginn ihrer Karriere auch kleinformatige Collagen, in denen die Künstler Versatzstücke aus der Kunstgeschichte mit Motiven der Volkskunst, mit Ornamenten, Fundstücken aus Magazinen und Büchern, abstrakten Mustern und konstruktiven Elementen kombinieren. In den so entstehenden, teils skurrilen Bilderwelten trifft Hintergründiges auf Spielerisches, Schreckliches auf Spassiges.00Exhibition: Sprengel Museum Hannover, Germany (28.09.2016-15.01.2017).
Sherman Oversize N6888.T59 A4 2016

L'animo gentile : arte e vita da Giovanni Agostino da Lodi a Vincenzo Irolli
a cura di Elena Lissoni e Lucia Molino ; con la collaborazione di Marina Arensi
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND619.L6 A55 2017

Il dialogo infinito con la natura : capolavori d'arte da Induno a De Pisis, da Morandi a Morlotti
a cura di Giovanna Palamidese e Lucia Molino
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND1358.5 .D53 2017

Rubaldo Merello : tra divisionismo e simbolismo : Segantini, Previati, Nomellini, Pellizza
a cura di Matteo Fochessati e Gianni Franzone ; saggi di Matteo Fochessati e Gianni Franzone and 10 others
Genova : Sagep editori, [2017]
Il catalogo della mostra rappresenta, a oltre quarant'anni dalle prime indagini critiche di Gianfranco Bruno sull'artista ligure, il tentativo di contestualizzare la sua intensa produzione pittorica e plastica all'interno del variegato contesto artistico del suo tempo. La sua ricerca, strettamente legata alla singolare esperienza umana vissuta nel prolungato e volontario romitaggio nel borgo di San Fruttuoso, è posta infatti criticamente a confronto con le opere dei principali artisti italiani, attivi tra divisionismo e simbolismo a cavallo tra Otto e Novecento: non solo quelli che influenzarono il suo peculiare stile pittorico e la sua significativa, ma meno nota, attività scultorea, come Segantini, Previati, Pellizza e Nomellini, che risiedette a Genova dal 1890 al 1902, ma anche quelli che con lui condivisero la temperie estetica dell'epoca o quelli sui quali Merello esercitò, negli anni a venire, una più diretta influenza formale e iconografica. Exhibition: Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy (06.10.2017 -04.02.2018).
Sherman ND623.M652 A4 2017

Le Corbusier
edited by Graham Livesey and Antony Moulis
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Volume I. Formative years, 1887-1933 -- Volume II. World architect, 1927-1946 -- Volume III. Post-war reconstruction, 1946-1965 -- Volume IV. Legacy and impact 1960-2015.
Sherman NA1053.J4 L45 2018

Le Corbusier
edited by Graham Livesey and Antony Moulis
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Volume I. Formative years, 1887-1933 -- Volume II. World architect, 1927-1946 -- Volume III. Post-war reconstruction, 1946-1965 -- Volume IV. Legacy and impact 1960-2015.
Sherman NA1053.J4 L45 2018

Le Corbusier
edited by Graham Livesey and Antony Moulis
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Volume I. Formative years, 1887-1933 -- Volume II. World architect, 1927-1946 -- Volume III. Post-war reconstruction, 1946-1965 -- Volume IV. Legacy and impact 1960-2015.
Sherman NA1053.J4 L45 2018

Le Corbusier
edited by Graham Livesey and Antony Moulis
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Volume I. Formative years, 1887-1933 -- Volume II. World architect, 1927-1946 -- Volume III. Post-war reconstruction, 1946-1965 -- Volume IV. Legacy and impact 1960-2015.
Sherman NA1053.J4 L45 2018

Murillo y su estela en Sevilla
Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban, 1617-1682, artist
Sevilla : ICAS, Instituto de la Cultura y las Artes de Sevilla, Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, 2017
Sherman ND813.M9 A4 2017b

René Paresce : Campigli, de Chirico, de Pisis, Savinio, Severini, Tozzi : italiani a Parigi
a cura di Rachele Ferrario
Bologna : Bononia University Press, dicembre 2017
Sherman ND623.P27 A4 2017

El taller compartit : Picasso, Fín, Vilató, Xavier
Marta-Volga de Minteguiaga-Guezala ; amb textos d'Eduard Vallès i Cécile Poncheau Lesteven
Barcelona : Fundació Museu Picasso de Barcelona : [2017]
Sherman NE2049.5.P5 A4 2017

Capriccio e natura : arte nelle Marche del secondo Cinquecento : percorsi di rinascita
a cura di Anna Maria Ambrosini Massari, Alessandro Delpriori
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman N6919.M17 C37 2017

Automation in garment manufacturing
edited by Rajkishore Nayak, Rajiv Padhye
Duxford : Woodhead Publishing, an imprint of Elsevier, [2018]
Introduction to automation in garment manufacturing -- Automation versus modeling and simulation -- Automation in production of yarns, woven, and knitted fabrics -- Automation in fabric inspection -- Artificial intelligence and its application in the apparel industry -- Automation in spreading and cutting -- Automation in material handling -- Application of robotics in garment manufacturing -- Automation in sewing technology -- 3D body scanning -- Computer-aided design: garment designing and patternmaking -- Advancements in production planning and control -- Use of advanced tools and equipment in industrial engineering -- automation in quality monitoring of fabrics and garment seams -- Recent developments in the garment supply chain.

Automation in Garment Manufacturing provides a systematic and comprehensive insight into the multifaceted process of how technological improvements are transforming all aspects of garment manufacturing, allowing manufacturers to meet the growing demand for greater productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. The first chapter covers the role of automation in design and product development, including color matching, fabric inspection, 3D body scanning, computer-aided design and prototyping. Part II covers automation in garment production, from handling, spreading and cutting, through to finishing and pressing techniques. The final chapters discuss advanced tools for assessing productivity in manufacturing and for logistics and supply-chain management. This book is a key resource for all those engaged in textile and apparel development and production, and is also ideal for academics engaged in research on textile science and technology.
Sherman TS1449 .A87 2018

조선 미술 박물관 = Korean Art Gallery = 朝鮮美术博物馆
[P'yŏngyang] : Oegungmun Ch'ulp'ansa, 2008
Sherman Oversize ND1070 .C56 2008

Thermal comfort in hot dry climates : traditional dwellings in Iran
Foruzanmehr, Ahmadreza, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Vernacular dwellings in hot dry climates : the city of Yazd -- Vernacular passive cooling systems in Iran -- Thermal comfort in buildings -- Summer-time thermal comfort in vernacular earth dwellings in Yazd, Iran -- Perception and use of passive cooling strategies.
Sherman NA7117.A74 F67 2018

Gender, continuity, and the shaping of modernity in the arts of East Asia, 16th-20th centuries
edited by Kristen L. Chiem, Lara C.W. Blanchard
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Representations of femininity -- Women as makers -- Constructions of gender and interactions with the West.

This book explores women?s and men?s contributions to the arts and gendered visual representations in China, Korea, and Japan from the premodern through modern eras. A critical introduction and nine essays consider how threads of continuity and exchanges between the cultures of East Asia, Europe, and the United States helped to shape modernity in this region, in the process revealing East Asia as a vital component of the trans-Pacific world. The essays consider examples of architecture, painting, woodblock prints and illustrated books, photography, and textiles.
Sherman N7630 .G46 2018

Violence and power in ancient Egypt : image and ideology before the New Kingdom
Bestock, Laurel, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
Picturing violence -- The origins of violent imagery -- The violence inherent in the system: imagery and royal ideology in the period of state formation -- To live forever: the decoration of royal mortuary complexes -- Uniter of the Two Lands: images of violence in divine temples -- The preservation of order: images in the landscape -- Out and about: images of violence on portable objects -- Who is who? private monumental images of war -- Violence, power, ideology.
Sherman N5350 .B39 2018

Architecture and feminisms : ecologies, economies, technologies
edited by Hélène Frichot, Catharina Gabrielsson and Helen Runting
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Sherman NA2543.F45 A735 2018

The architecture of medieval churches : theology of love in practice
Lewis, John, Ph.D., author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
The mind in love -- The mirror of comprehension: the trivium -- The mirror of instruction: the quadrivium -- The mirror of contemplation: life in nature -- Building in love.
Sherman NA5453 .L49 2018

Whose tradition? : discourses on the built environment
edited by Alsayyad, Mark Gillem, David Moffat
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Prologue : Whose Tradition? / Nezar AlSayyad -- Part I: Place: Whose Nation, Whose City? Tradition and Its Aftermath: Jakarta's Urban Politics / Abidin Kusno -- Tradition as an Imposed and Elite Inheritance: Yangon's Modern Past / Jayde Lin Roberts -- Mega-Events, Socio-Spatial Fragmentation, and Extraterritoriality in the City of Exception: The Case of Pre-Olympic Rio de Janeiro / Anne-Marie Broudehoux -- Part II: People: Whose Indigeneity? -- Revamping Tradition: Contested Politics of 'the Indigenous' in Postcolonial Hong Kong / Shu-Mei Huang -- Their Voice or Mine? Debating People's Agency in the Construction of Adivasi Architectural Histories / Gauri Bharat -- Malaysianization, Malayization, Islamization: The Politics of Tradition in Greater Kuala Lumpur / Tim Bunnell -- Part III: Colonialism: Whose Architecture? How the Past and the Future Have Influenced the Design of Guam's Government House / Marvin Brown -- The Missing 'Brazilianness' of Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Art and Architecture / Pedro Paulo Palazzo and Ana Amélia de Paula Moura -- Empire in the City: Politicizing Urban Memorials of Colonialism in Portugal and Mozambique / Tiago Castela -- Part IV: Time: Whose Identity? Whose Neighbourhood? Identity Politics, Community Organizing, and Historic Preservation in St. Louis / Susanne Cowan -- Cosmopolitan Architects and Discourses of Tradition and Modernity in Post-Independence Africa / Jennifer Gaugler -- New Traditions of Placemaking in West-Central Africa / Mark Gillem and Lyndsey Deaton -- Reflections. The Agency of Belonging: Identifying and Inhabiting Tradition / Mike Robinson -- Process and Polemic / Dell Upton.

"In seeking to answer the question Whose Tradition? this book pursues four themes: Place: Whose Nation, Whose City?; People: Whose Indigeneity?; Colonialism: Whose Architecture?; and Time: Whose Identity? Following Nezar AlSayyad's Prologue, contributors addressing the first theme take examples from Indonesia, Myanmar and Brazil to explore how traditions rooted in a particular place can be claimed by various groups whose purposes may be at odds with one another. With examples from Hong Kong, a Santal village in eastern India and the city of Kuala Lumpur, contributors investigate the concept of indigeneity, the second theme, and its changing meaning in an increasingly globalized milieu from colonial to post-colonial times. Contributors to the third theme examine the lingering effects of colonial rule in altering present-day narratives of architectural identity, taking examples from Guam, Brazil, and Portugal and its former colony, Mozambique. Addressing the final theme, contributors take examples from Africa and the United States to demonstrate how traditions construct identities, and in turn how identities inform the interpretation and manipulation of tradition within contexts of socio-cultural transformation in which such identities are in flux and even threatened. The book ends with two reflective pieces: the first drawing a comparison between a sense of 'home' and a sense of tradition; the second emphasizing how the very concept of a tradition is an attempt to pin down something that is inherently in flux."--Publisher's description.
Sherman NA2543.S6 W498 2017

If architecture is a language, then a building is a story
Armon, Eliezer, author
Mulgrave, Vic. : Images Publishing Group, 2017
Sherman NA1479.A76 A76 2017

Going green with vertical landscapes
edited by Vo Trong Nghia and Takashi Niwa
Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia : Images Publishing, 2017
Sherman Oversize NA2542.36 .G65 2017

Murillo : the self-portraits
Salomon, Xavier F., 1979- author
New York, NY : The Frick Collection ; [2017]
Murillo's self-portraits: a sketch / Xavier F. Salomon -- "An arsenal of passions": the Frick self-portrait from Seville to Manhattan / Xavier F. Salomon -- Murillo and Britain: the National Gallery self-portrait / Letizia Treves -- Checklist of the exhibition -- Technical studies -- Murillo's self-portrait of ca. 1650-55 / Dorothy Mahon and Silvia A. Centeno -- Murillo's self-portrait of ca. 1670 / Larry Keith -- Murillo's Juan Arias de Saavedra / María Álvarez-Garcillán and Jaime García-Máiquez -- Murillo's Young man / Nicole Ryder.

This beautiful publication accompanies an exhibition that brings together the only two known self-portraits by Bartolome Esteban Murillo (1617-1682), one of the finest painters of the Spanish Golden Age. Painted almost twenty years apart, these two remarkable paintings are often overshadowed by Murillo's more famous religious paintings and genre scenes. This book investigates the two self-portraits side by side, highlighting similarities and differences. While the earlier portrait reflects Murillo's admiration of antiquity and imitation of classical models, the later one shows a confident, mature artist who was at that time the leading painter in Seville. In addition, the book discusses recent technical analysis, offering a better understanding of how these self-portraits were painted, and provides a rare opportunity to compare how one of the most celebrated and influential European painters chose to represent himself at different stages of his exceptional career. Exhibition: The Frick Collection, New York, USA (30.10.2017-04.02.2018); The National Gallery, London, UK (28.02-21.05.2018).
Sherman ND813.M9 A4 2017

Emilio Ambasz : emerging nature : precursor of architecture and design
essays by Barry Bergdoll, Peter Buchanan, Kenneth Frampton, Peter Hall, Fulvio Irace, Dean MacCannell, Lauren Sedofsky ; interviews with Hans Ulrich Obrist, Michael Sorkin, James Wines
Zürich, Switzerland : Lars Müller Publishers, [2017]
"This comprehensive volume documents the work of the exceptional architect and designer Emilio Ambasz, whose main concern is to integrate nature and construction into architectural design. Ambasz is regarded as one of the most important pioneers of Green Architecture. In his work a combination of landscape and architecture emerges, in which his respect for the environment and ecological sustainability becomes clear. Ambasz, a native of Argentina as well as a Spanish citizen by special grant of 2004, is also well known for his industrial and graphic design accomplishments, which are of immense scope and astounding variety. They range from diesel engines and streetlights, flashlights, and spotlights to portable TV players, flexible pens, fold-out watches, and innovative office chairs. In his time as curator of design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (1969-1976) he directed and installed numerous influental exhibitions on architecture and industrial design, amongst them Italy : The New Domestic Landscape and The Taxi Project"--Publisher's website.
Sherman NA839.A66 E45 2017

Théâtre du pouvoir
sous la direction de Jean-Luc Martinez ; assisté de Florence Dinet ; avec la participation de Patrick Boucheron and four others
Paris : Éditions du Seuil, [2017]
"Gouverner, c'est faire croire", disait Machiavel. Art et pouvoir sont intimement liés, et leur complicité marque de son empreinte toutes les époques. Gouverner, c'est se mettre en scène pour asseoir son autorité, sa légitimité et son prestige. C'est aussi fabriquer des images pour nourrir sa propre légende. L'art, au service des commanditaires mécènes, se fait alors instrument de propagande. Mais il peut également se faire contestataire et bousculer l'ordre établi. Fidèle à sa vocation, la troisième saison de la Petite Galerie, espace dédié à l'éducation artistique et culturelle, invite le "visiteur-spectateur" à découvrir le répertoire très codifié du Théâtre du pouvoir de l'Antiquité à nos jours. Les oeuvres des collections du musée du Louvre et du Musée national des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon, du Musée national du château de Pau et du Petit Palais, musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, illustrent ici l'évolution des codes de représentation du pouvoir politique."--Page 4 of cover.
Sherman N8236.P695 T44 2017

How they decorated : inspiration from great women of the twentieth century
Tapp, P. Gaye, author
New York ; Rizzoli New York, 2017
Legacy style. Lady Diana Cooper ; Evangeline Bruce ; Louise de Vilmorin ; Sybil Connolly -- In the grand manner. Hélène Rochas ; Gabrielle van Zuylen ; Mona von Bismarck ; Pauline de Rothschild -- Fashionably chic. Babe Paley ; Elsa Schiaparelli ; Fleur Cowles ; Pauline Trigère -- Unconventional eye. Bunny Mellon ; Dominique de Menil ; Georgia O'Keefe ; Lesley Blanch.

"A glimpse inside some of the most significant residential rooms of the twentieth century, whose stylish inhabitants influence our tastes today."--Jacket flap.
Sherman NK2004 .T37 2017

Exiled in modernity : Delacroix, civilization, and barbarism
O'Brien, David, 1962- author
University Park, Pennsylvania : The Pennsylvania State University Press, [2018]
Delacroix's civilization -- Civilization and mural painting -- The primitive and the civilized in North Africa -- Delacroix's wild kingdom.

"Focuses on Eugène Delacroix's fascination with the idea of civilization and the ways this idea informed the artist's writing, murals, and paintings of North Africa and animals"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman ND553.D33 O23 2018

Androgyne : fashion + gender
Mauriès, Patrick, 1952- author
New York, New York : Thames & Hudson, 2017
Beneath the veil -- 'A length of horsehair twine' -- A body of ivory -- The inverted body -- Opposing anatomies -- Life as a novel -- Civilization and its discontented -- An amphibious creature -- Puer senilis -- The 'Androgynosphinx' -- Amazons -- Flaming creatures -- A certain Mr Fish -- 'Ladies and Gentlemen...and others' -- The latest mode.

In January 2011, Jean Paul Gaultier's haute couture runway show ended with the image of a willowy blonde bride in a diaphanous gown. The bride was a man, and one of the first models to walk for both men's and women's collections. The event marked the start of a trend. "This ad is gender neutral," proclaimed a 2016 poster for the fashion brand Diesel; "I resist definitions," announced a Calvin Klein ad in the same year, while a Louis Vuitton shoot featured Jaden Smith wearing a skirt.The art of Edward Burne-Jones and Gustave Moreau, the writings of Oscar Wilde, and the mystic Josephin Peladan prove that the turn of the previous century was as compelled by androgyny as this one. Patrick Mauries presents a cultural history of androgyny--accompanied by a striking selection of more than 120 images, from nineteenth-century painting to contemporary fashion photography--drawing on the worlds of art and literature to give us a deeper understanding of the strange but timeless human drive to escape from defined categories.
Sherman Oversize TT506 .M38 2017

Radical utopias
Archizoom and six others ; edited by Pino Brugellis, Gianni Pettena, Alberto Salvadori
[Macerata] : Quodlibet, [2017]
Sherman NA1121.F7 U8613 2017

The new carbon architecture : building to cool the climate
King, Bruce (Structural engineer), author
Gabriola Island, BC, Canada : New Society Publishers, 2017
Like never before in history, buildings can become part of the climate solution. With biomimicry and innovation, we can pull huge amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere and lock it up as walls, roofs, foundations, and insulation. We can literally make buildings out of sky with a massive positive impact. This book presents a paradigm-shifting tour of the innovations in architecture and construction that are making this happen. Office towers built from advanced wood products; affordable low-carbon concrete alternatives; plastic cleaned from the oceans and turned into building blocks. We can even grow insulation and bricks! This book will fire the imagination of architects, engineers, builders, policy makers, and everyone else captivated by the possibility of architecture that heals the climate and produces safer, healthier, and more beautiful buildings.
Sherman NA2542.36 .K563 2017

Altro rinascimento : il giovane Filippo Lippi e la Madonna di Tarquinia
a cura di Enrico Parlato ; con la collaborazione di Michela Ulivi
Milano : Officina Libraria srl, [2017]
Sherman ND623.L67 A695 2017

Authentic reconstruction : authenticity, architecture and the built heritage
edited by John Bold, Peter Larkham and Robert Pickard
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
Reconstruction in traditional style after conflict -- Reconstruction in contemporary style after conflict -- Reconstruction after natural or accidental disaster -- Political dimensions and image building.

Notions of authenticity lie at the heart of many questions about heritage and identity in the built environment. These questions are most pertinent when buildings have been destroyed in disaster or war, and the built fabric is being reconstructed to reinstate traditional or historic appearances in place of what was lost. Authentic Reconstruction examines this idea of reconstruction, using it as a prompt to examine a range of deeper issues on heritage and the built environment. From post-WWII reconstruction programmes through to the rebuilding of historic cultural landscapes lost in natural disasters, this collection of essays by heritage specialists provides a wide range of case-studies and discussions. Each presents responses to crises and lessons learned, in order to extrapolate general guidelines for future actions by politicians, architects and planners in reconstructing buildings. The book also looks beyond disaster and war, noting how authenticity bears on political intentions and image building, exploring how reconstruction is used to tell a political or historical story, so conditioning the ways in which the built environment is perceived and appreciated by its users. This is not just about the buildings as bricks and mortar, but about perceptions of identity and the social and historical values which buildings and spaces embody for a richly diverse population. re.
Sherman NA105 .A93 2018

Matisse Godon, New York, Tahiti : l'architecture du rêve = architecture of dreams
sous la direction de = edited by Patrice Deparpe
Cinisello Balsamo (Milano) : Silvana Editoriale, 2017
Sherman N6853.M33 M36 2017

Perugino : l'Adorazione dei pastori
a cura di Marco Pierini e Nadia Righi
Cinisello Balsamo (Milano) : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
L'Adorazione dei pastori, uno dei capolavori della maturità di Perugino, costituiva la tavola centrale del lato posteriore del Polittico di Sant'Agostino, una delle macchine pittoriche più imponenti del primo Cinquecento italiano. Paesaggio, architetture e figure si fondono in una scena di straordinario equilibrio compositivo, frutto di un'attenta riflessione. La sacra famiglia e i pastori accorsi ad adorare il Bambino si appropriano dello spazio e, a dispetto "dell'assai poca religione" che Perugino avrebbe professato secondo il giudizio di Vasari, nel più profondo silenzio suscitano un senso di intensa sacralità e di commossa devozione davanti al mistero dell'incarnazione. Exhibition: Museo Diocesano, Milan, Italy (20.10.2017- 28.01.2018).
Sherman ND623.P4 A4 2017

Design + anthropology : converging pathways in anthropology and design
Miller, Christine author
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Sherman NK1520 .M55 2018

Masumi Hayashi : panoramic photo collages 1976-2006
Hayashi, Masumi, 1945-2006, photographer
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
Best known for her technique of creating photo collages by suturing together images into a grid format, American photographer Masumi Hayashi (1945?2006) trained her lens on Rust Belt landscapes, EPA Superfund sites, Japanese American internment camps from World War Two and decaying prisons.
Sherman Folio TR685 .H39 2017

Time, history and architecture : essays on critical historiography
Hartoonian, Gevork, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Sherman NA190 .H38 2018

Women architects in the modern movement
Espegel Alonso, Carmen, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Women Architects in the Modern Movement rewrites the history of modern architecture to elevate the often-overlooked female architects who helped build the movement. Starting with a theoretical analysis that situates women's roles both in society and architecture specifically, Carmen Espegel examines the transition from women as objects to subjects at the advent of modernity. This theoretical basis is grounded through four case studies on pioneering women architects: Eileen Gray, Lilly Reich, Margarete Schutte-Lihotzky and Charlotte Perriand. Along with illuminating their lives and work, Espegel aims to help us examine and observe the world from a perspective where the feminine and masculine are not exclusive, so that we might learn from the past in order to build with dignity in the future. Translated from the original Spanish by Angela Giral.
Sherman NA958.5.M63 E8713 2018

The ideal of total environmental control : Knud Lönberg-Holm, Buckminster Fuller, and the SSA
Strum, Suzanne, 1958- author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Knud Lönberg-Holm: a productivist architect in America -- Monuments and instruments: the SSA and the international style -- Industrial emancipation and technocracy in the 1930s -- Sweet's catalog and repro-shelter -- Information architecture -- The archetype of the invisible architects of invisible architecture.
Sherman NA1223.L66 S77 2018

Marcel Duchamp's Fountain : one hundred years later
Kilroy, Robert, author
Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
This book marks the centenary of Marcel Duchamp's Fountain by critically re-examining the established interpretation of the work. It introduces a new methodological approach to art-historical practice rooted in a revised understanding of Lacan, Freud and Slavoj Zizek. In weaving an alternative narrative, Kilroy shows us that not only has Fountain been fundamentally misunderstood but that this very misunderstanding is central to the work's significance. The author brings together Duchamp's own statements to argue Fountain's verdict was strategically stage-managed by the artist in order to expose the underlying logic of its reception, what he terms "The Creative Act." This book will be of interest to a broad range of readers, including art historians, psychoanalysts, scholars and art enthusiasts interested in visual culture and ideological critique.
Sherman NB553.D76 K55 2018

Space Invaders : intervenciones artístico-políticas en un territorio en disputa : Lavapiés (1997-2004)
Carrillo, Jesús, author
Madrid : Brumaria, 2018
Sherman N7108 .C37 2018

Heinz Mack : ZERO Malerei = ZERO painting : catalogue raisonné 1956-1968
Mack, Heinz, 1931- artist
München : Hirmer ; [2017]
"In 1956, unlike art informel, Mack developed his first Dynamic Structures - paintings in which in a singular manner a painting of light is contrasted with traditional colourism and structure replaces composition. He created new surfaces which appear to vibrate and which give the impression of three-dimensional reliefs by means of a use of colour which was increasingly reduced to black and white and grid-like structures. Despite the radical restriction of means no two paintings are alike. In its focus on the early works of the ZERO period, this volume provides an indispensable key to an understanding of Mack's work as a whole"--Publisher's website.
Sherman ND588.M129 A4 2017

Heinz Mack : ZERO Malerei = ZERO painting : catalogue raisonné 1956-1968
Mack, Heinz, 1931- artist
München : Hirmer ; [2017]
"In 1956, unlike art informel, Mack developed his first Dynamic Structures - paintings in which in a singular manner a painting of light is contrasted with traditional colourism and structure replaces composition. He created new surfaces which appear to vibrate and which give the impression of three-dimensional reliefs by means of a use of colour which was increasingly reduced to black and white and grid-like structures. Despite the radical restriction of means no two paintings are alike. In its focus on the early works of the ZERO period, this volume provides an indispensable key to an understanding of Mack's work as a whole"--Publisher's website.
Sherman ND588.M129 A4 2017

Art nouveau and the classical tradition
Warren, Richard (Classicist), author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
Re-birth -- Muse -- Hero -- Bloom -- Desire -- Nation -- Death.

"Art Nouveau was a style for a new age, but it was also one that continued to look back to the past. This new study shows how in expressing many of their most essential concerns - sexuality, death and the nature of art - its artists drew heavily upon classical literature and the iconography of classical art. It challenges the conventional view that Art Nouveau's adherents turned their backs on Classicism in their quest for new forms. Across Europe and North America, artists continued to turn back to the ancient world, and in particular to Greece, for the vitality with which they sought to infuse their creations. The works of many well-known artists are considered through this prism, including those of Gustav Klimt, Aubrey Beardsley and Louis Comfort Tiffany. But, breaking new ground in its comparative approach, this study also considers some of the movement's less well-known painters, sculptors, jewellers and architects, including in central and eastern Europe, and their use of classical iconography to express new ideas of nationhood. Across the world, while Art Nouveau was a plural style drawing on multiple influences, the Classics remained a key artistic vocabulary for its artists, whether blended with Orientalist and other iconographies, or preserving the purity of classical form." -- Publisher's description
Sherman N6465.A7 W38 2018

Salve Mater : l'Annunciazione di Beato Angelico a San Marco / a cura di Marilena Tamassia = Salve Mater : the Annunciation by Fra Angelico at San Marco / edited by Marilena Tamassia
Livorno : Sillabe, [2017]
La figura dell'Angelo è di maravigliosa bellezza : l'Annunciazione del corridoio nord = Fra Angelico's Angel is breathtakingly beautiful : the Annunciation in the north corridor / Marilena Tamassia. -- Digital Imaging Systems / Toru Kanai, Hirokazu Hirayama, Kaori Fukunaga. -- Studio diagnostico e analitico dell'affresco Annunciazione mediante tecniche non-invasive = Study of the Annunciation fresco by using non-invasive diagnostic and analytical techniques / Giovanni Bartolozzi, Ilaria Catapano, Marco Croci, Costanza Cucci, Kaori Fukunaga, Giovanni Ludeno, Marcello Picollo, Marco Poggesi, Lorenzo Stefani.
Sherman ND623.F5 A622 2017

Ut pictura amor : the reflexive imagery of love in artistic theory and practice, 1500-1700
edited by Walter S. Melion, Joanna Woodall, Michael Zell
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
Sherman N8220 .U9 2017

Eleonora Levi e Giorgio Tedeschi : percorsi interrotti
a cura di Giovanna Galante Garrone
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND623.L478 A4 2017

Public art encounters : art, space and identity
edited by Martin Zebracki and Joni M. Palmer
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
1. On encountering public art / Martin Zebracki and Joni M. Palmer -- 2. Subverting surveillance: power and incivility in public transit art / Martha Radice and Brenden Harvey -- 3. 'Awaken the dragon': participatory art-making and the grassroots in authoritarian Singapore -- 4. The construction of post-communist ideologies and re-branding of Budapest: the case study of Statue Park Museum / Paul Clements -- 5. Sustainable influences of public art: a view on cultural capital and environmental impact / Cameron Cartiere and Ashley Guindon -- 6. Shaping subjects, connecting communities, imagining futures? Critically investigating Play Your Place / Harriet Hawkins and Ruth Catlow -- 7. The production of temporary public space: site-specific installation and 'vital materialities' / Gwen MacGregor -- 8. 'All your drains belong to us': young people and the non-representational geographies of public art in drain tunnels / Candice Boyd -- 9. Mobilising the 'Right to Remain' in Vancouver's Paueru-gai: an art based participatory research intervention / Aaron Franks, Jeff Masuda, Audrey Kobayashi and The Right to Remain community fair team -- 10. The art of (re)crossing the border: the Border Farm project in Maroi, South Africa / Pauline Guinard -- 11. The Birmingham Surrealist Laboratory: unlocking community and the avant-garde in a super diverse city / Saskia Warren and Stephen Forcer -- 12. A cybergeography of public art encounter: the case of Rubber Duck / Martin Zebracki -- 13. An artist-geographer's lens / Andrew Gorman-Murray.

Public art is produced and 'lived' within multiple, interlaced and contested political, economic, social and cultural-symbolic spheres. This lively collection is a mix of academic and practice-based writings that scrutinise conventional claims on the inclusiveness of public art practice. Contributions examine how various social differences, across class, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, ability and literacy, shape encounters with public art within the ambits of the design, regeneration and everyday experiences of public spaces. The chapters richly draw on case studies from the Global North and South, providing comprehensive insights into the experiences of encountering public art via a variety of scales and realms. This book advances critical insights of how socially practised public arts articulate and cultivate geographies of social difference through the themes of power (the politics of encountering), affect (the embodied ways of encountering), and diversity (the inclusiveness of encountering). It will appeal to scholars, students and practitioners of cultural geography, the visual arts, urban studies, political studies and anthropology.
Sherman N8725 .P83 2018

Grégoire Guérard
Elsig, Frédéric, author
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND553.G874 A4 2017

Designing disability : symbols, space, and society
Guffey, Elizabeth E., author
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
History of an Idea: Access ( -1961) -- Redesigning Signs and Space (1961-1974) -- A Mark of Identity? (1974-Today).
Sherman NA2545.P5 G79 2018

Palaeoart of the Ice Age
Bednarik, Robert G., author
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, [2017]
Sherman N5310 .B43 2017

Alte and Neue Pinakothek Munich : director's choice
Maaz, Bernhard, author
London : Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd, 2017
Sherman N2210.5.B3 M33 2017

Montreal's geodesic dreams : Jeffrey Lindsay and the Fuller Research Foundation Canadian Division = Montréal et le rêve géodésique : Jeffrey Lindsay et la Fuller Research Foundation Canadian Division
edited by Cammie McAtee ; with contributions by Carlo Carbone and Réjean Legault = sous la direction de Cammie McAtee ; avec des contributions de Carlo Carbone et Réjean Legault
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada : Dalhousie Architectural Press, 2017
R. Buckminster Fuller's American Pavilion at Expo 67 has long been recognized as an icon of Montreal's urban landscape. Yet this high point was only a part of the story of Canada's contributions to developing the geodesic dome. Based on previously unpublished archival material, 'Montreal's geodesic dreams' sheds light on the pioneering explorations of designer Jeffrey Lindsay (1924-84) and the Fuller Research Foundation Canadian Division (1949-56). This ebullient period of collaborative creativity and technological optimism placed Montreal at the forefront of dome experimentation in the 1950s - a moment when geodesic domes seized the architectural and popular imagination and sprouted up across the country in virtually every conceivable program and context. Illustrated with photographs, drawings, documents, drawing instruments and design tools from the Jeffrey Lindsay Foundation of the University of Calgary's Canadian Architectural Archives and various other archives and collections.
Sherman NA749.L46 M66 2017

Antony Gormley
Caiger-Smith, Martin, author
New York : Rizzoli, [2017]
For more than thirty-five years, since his first solo exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, Antony Gormley has sought to explore the relationship of the human body to space and to reinvigorate and test the potential of sculpture. This beautiful and definitive monograph examines the entirety of Gormley's career, from his earliest sketches to his best-known public installations. With unprecedented access not only to the archives but to the working studio and to the artist himself, Martin Caiger-Smith examines the relationship between Gormley's life and art, and identifies the singular and obsessional vision that ties together a vast canon of work in an extraordinary range of media and materials. Best known for the major public works that most visibly represent his rigorous and innovative approach to sculpture, Gormley is a prolific and intellectual artist who has renegotiated the tension between the individual and the universal. Drawing on images that range from childhood snapshots to photographs of his most recent gallery installations, this book traces the evolution of Gormley's work, from the drawings he makes every day in the studio, through the constantly evolving process of casting his own body in various forms, to the ultimate expression of his ideas in such masterpieces as the colossal Angel of the North or the scattered figures of Another Place.
Sherman Oversize NB497.G65 C36 2017

A los artistas del mundo ... = To the artists of the world ... : Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende México / Chile 1971-1977
textos, Jessica Berlanga, Amanda de la Garza, Carla Macchiavello, Luis Vargas Santiago, Graciela de la Torre, Claudia Zaldívar
Ciudad de México : MUAC, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, UNAM : 2016
Presentación / Graciela de la Torre & Claudia Saldivar -- Alumnos47: curaduria y practicas colaborativas / Jessica Berlanga Taylor -- Caso de resistencia colectiva: El museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende -- Redes artisticas y politicas entre México y Chile en los años stenta , Amanda de la Garza & Luis Vargas Santiago -- Catálogo.

The title of the exhibition refers to the Inaugural speech for the Museo de la Solidaridad Chile, in 17 June 1972 given by President Salvador Allende and titled "A los artistas del mundo.". The exhibiiton proposed the recollection of history of art and politics between Mexico and Chile in the 1970's through an extensive review of documents, photographs, letters, official documents, sound recordings, videos, graphics and recent testimony work.
Sherman N6555 .A56 2016

Skulptur und Zeit im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert
Guido Reuter, Ursula Ströbele (Hg.)
Köln : Böhlau Verlag, 2017
Sherman N8253.T5 S585 2017

Africans in English caricature 1769-1819 : black jokes, white humour
Odumosu, Temi, author
London : Harvey Miller Publishers, [2017]
Language and abbreviations. A note concerning the author's use of terminology linked to African subjects ; Caricature versus satire ; Abbreviations -- Introduction: Laughing stock : the image of the African in eighteentth-century prints. In the laughing crowd ; Up from Hogarth : a note on emblematic inheritance ; Georgian satirical prints (1769-1819) ; 'Vulgar prejudice and popular insult' : Negro caricatures ; The state of the academic field ; Chapter by chapter ; Notes to introduction -- Chapter 1: The overdressed slave : servants, pets and 'Mungo' macaronis. An African in the parlour, the kitchen and the street! ; The padlock : a brief synopsis ; Mungo, the comic muse and wily servant ; Mungo and The padlock are unleashed ; Jeremiah Dyson as Mungo : the political servant ; Mungo embodied : 1770-73 ; Mungo integrated and put to work : 1770-87 ; Political charge : 1787 onwards ; Indecent exposures : back below stairs ; Notes to chapter one -- Chapter 2: 'What a nice bit!' : the comic 'sable mistress' and her suitors. Colonial encounters and affects ; Black beauty : comic and literary caricatures ; 'Black, brown and fair' : metropolitan choices and matches ; Close to power : taboo political intrigues ; Notes to chapter two -- Chapter 3: James Gillray's Wouski (1788) : a new case study. Wowski in Colman's Inkle and Yarico ; Wowski and the 'royal sailor' ; The royal love triangle ; Returning to Gillray's Wouski (1788) as an ironic vision of colonial bondage ; Notes to chapter three -- Chapter 4: A beggar's brawl : The New Union Club (1819) and post-abolition politics in London. Partners in comedy : Cruikshank and Marryat ; A dinner for new allies and friends ; Illustrating the text : reading The New Union Club ; Antislavery mockery in the details ; Under the influence : stereotypes and metaphors ; African diplomats : the two 'guests of colour' ; Black London ; Towards conclusions ; Notes to chapter four -- Epilogue: Escaping the 'keen shafts of ridicule'?

Between 1769 and 1819 London experienced an unprecedented growth in the proliferation of texts and images in the popular sphere, engaging learned citizens in discussion and commentary on the most pressing social and political issues of the day. From the repeal of the Stamp Act to the French revolution, the local Westminster election or the abolition of the slave trade, these prints, political pamphlets, plays, novels and periodicals collaborated (sometimes intentionally) in critique, praise and assessment of the country's changing socio-economic climate. African people were a critical aspect of this world of images, and their presence conveyed much about the implications of travel, colonialism and slavery on the collective psyche. Whether encountered on the streets of the city, in opulent stately homes, or in tracts describing the horrors of the slave trade, the British paid attention to Africans (consciously or not), and developed a means of expressing the impact of these encounters through images. Scholarship has begun to interrogate the presence of Africans in British art of this period, but very little has been written about their place in visual and literary humour created in a metropolitan context. This book fills this scholarly lacuna, exploring how and why satirical artists both mocked and utilized these characters as subversive comic weaponry.
Sherman NC1473 .O38 2017

Domus : 1928-1939
eds. Charlotte & Peter Fiell ; introduction by Luigi Spinelli ; essay by Fulvio Irace
Köln : Taschen, [2017]
Sherman NA1118 .D658 2017

Choir stalls and their workshops : proceedings of the Misericordia International Colloquium 2016
edited by Anja Seliger, Willy Piron
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
Introduction / Anja Seliger, Willy Piron -- Getting the idea : the role of drawings in the manufacturing process of choir stalls / Anja Seliger -- Module as model for early modem choir stalls / Angela Glover -- Big seats for fat Benedictines, small ones for slender Cistercians? some statistics on choir stall sizes / Kristiane Lemé-Hébuterne -- The choir stalls of 1537 from Tobsdorf/Dupuş in Transylvania, Romania : aspects of the workshop technique and connections to Master Johannes Reychmut of Schäůrg/Sighişoara / Ralf Buchholz, Susanne Karius, Gerdi Maierbacher-Legl -- The choir stalls of the Cistercian abbey at Salem from 1588-1593 : aspects of their creation in the context of liturgical and economic reform / Ulrich Knapp -- Set in stone : the stone bench of burs in its social, functional and historic context / Jörg Widmaier -- Liturgical activation of the stone choir in Santiago de Compostela : looking at material through the immaterial / Erika Loïc -- Materiality and reflexivity between Sedilia and choir stalls in medieval England / James Alexander Cameron -- The role of choir stalls made by foreign craftsmen in Spanish renaissance sculpture / María Teresa Rodríguez Bote -- An international entrepreneur in Spain around 1500 : the carver Rodrigo Alemán and his choir stalls / Dorothee Heim -- Jan Borchman and his fellow craftsmen : the creation of choir stalls in the low countries / Christel Theunissen -- The choir stalls of the monasteries of Pöhlde and St Alexander's in Einbeck : observations on their time of origin from an epigraphical and historical point of view / JÖRG H. Lampe -- Choir stalls and other thirteenth century furnishings in the Cistercian monastery of Doberan / Kaja Von Cossart -- choir stalls and their workshops the Anklam stall-ends : an example of stalls in parish churches in Pomerania / Detlef Witt -- The Bilobate Misericords of the Lower Rhine area : a local phenomenon? / Willy Piron.
Sherman NA5075 .M574 2016

The globalization of Renaissance art : a critical review
edited by Daniel Savoy
Leiden ; Brill, [2017]
Global genealogies -- Beyond Eurocentrism -- A borderless Renaissance -- Instituting the global.

In 'The Globalization of Renaissance Art: A Critical Review', Daniel Savoy assembles an interdisciplinary group of scholars to evaluate the global discourse on early modern European art. Over the course of eleven chapters and a roundtable, the contributors assess the discourse's goal of transcending Eurocentric boundaries, reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of current terms, methods, theories, and concepts. Although it is clear that the global perspective has exposed the artistic and cultural pluralism of early modern Europe, it is found that more work needs to be done at the epistemological level of Art History as a whole.
Sherman N6370 .G49 2017

Maria Lassnig : the future Is invented with fragments from the past
Lassnig, Maria, artist
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, [2017]
The show is the last exhibition project that Maria Lassnig was able to plan personally with the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. Around fifty works are on show, paintings and works on paper, especially watercolours. which seize upon motifs from Greek mythology and their expansive and permanent exchange with all Mediterranean civilisations. Although these works by Maria Lassnig are not so well known, they manifest characteristics typical of her work: the awareness of the body, the painterly rendering of the inner and outer world, as well as animal portrayals and landscapes. In an unusual selection from Maria Lassnig's oeuvre the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue with contributions from leading scholars and artists spotlight her unique visual idiom, in which she combines science with a subjective emotional life, and Mediterranean landscapes with figures from ancient mythology. Exhibition: Municipal Gallery of Athens, Greece (07.04.-16.07.2017).
Sherman N6811.5.L3 A4 2017

The Kabakovs and the avant-gardes : Ilya & Emilia Kabakov
a cura di Bettina Della Casa ; testi: Bettina Della Casa, Ada Masoero, Robert Storr
Bellinzona : Edizioni Casagrande, [2016]
Many mornings after / Robert Storr -- Our relations with the Kabakovs / Giacarlo and Danna Olgiati ; interview by Bettina Della Casa -- "Odi et amo" : Futurism and the Russian avant-gardes : affinities, conflicts, differences of opinion / Ada Masoero.
Sherman N6488.5.O44 K23 2016

Il primo giorno del mondo
Gabriele, Mino, author
Milano : Adelphi, [2016]
"Da un bassorilievo del II secolo che rappresenta il primo giorno del mondo, con il dio orfico Phanes al centro contornato dallo zodiaco - bassorilievo al quale si ispirarono, senza mai menzionarlo, diversi artisti cinquecenteschi - alla raffigurazione di un drago immortale le cui radici risalgono fino a un antico dramma indiano; da un raro amuleto giudaico-cristiano del XVI secolo, subito condannato dalla Chiesa, alla singolare incongruenza astrale, coniugata con la teoria dei quattro elementi, del ciclo decorativo del celebre Studiolo di Francesco I de' Medici: quattro storie raccontano la sorprendente migrazione delle immagini simboliche attraverso tempi e luoghi distanti - un cammino che non ha diluito i pensieri e le idee che a quelle immagini hanno dato forma, ma ne ha anzi arricchito la trama concettuale."--Front inside flap of cover.
Sherman N7745.O55 G33 2016

How to slay : inspiration from the queens & kings of Black style
White, Constance C. R., author
New York : Rizzoli New York, 2018
Original divas -- Laid -- Ebonics -- Afro-chic -- Bare beauties -- Natural hair & other crowns -- Couples -- Sashay, shanté -- Manology -- American classics.

"One of the few surveys of Black style and fashion ever published, How to Slay offers a lavishly illustrated overview of African American style through the twentieth century, focusing on the last thirty-five years. Through striking images of some of the most celebrated icons of Black style and taste, from Josephine Baker, Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, and Miles Davis to Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams, this book explores the cultural underpinnings of Black trends that have become so influential in mainstream popular culture and a bedrock of fashion vernacular today. A preponderance of Black musicians, who for decades have inspired trends and transformed global fashion, are featured and discussed, while a diverse array of topics are touched upon and examined--hats, hair, divas, the importance of attitude, the use of color, '60s style, the influence of Africa and the Caribbean, and the beauty of black skin"--Publisher's description.
Sherman TT504.4 .W495 2018

Contemporary British artists of African descent and the unburdening of a generation
Kerman, Monique, author
[Cham, Switzerland] : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Introduction -- Magdalene Odundo -- Veronica Ryan -- Mary Evans -- Maria Amidu -- Reckoning with identity, race, and gender -- Achieving parity.

This book explores the notable roles that contemporary British artists of African descent have played in the multicultural context of postwar Britain. In four key case studies -Magdalene Odundo, Veronica Ryan, Mary Evans, and Maria Amidu-Monique Kerman charts their impact through analysis of works, activities, and exhibitions. The author elucidates each of the artists' creative response to their unique experience and examines how their work engages with issues of history, identity, diaspora, and the distillation of diverse cultural sources. The study also includes a comparative discussion of art broadly defined as "black British," in order to question assumptions concerning racial and ethnic identities that the artists often negotiate through their works-particularly the expectation or "burden" of representing minority or marginalized communities. Readers are thus challenged to unburden the artists herein and celebrate their work on its own terms.
Sherman N6768 .K47 2017

Phenomenal difference : a philosophy of black British art
Wainwright, Leon, author
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2017
Phenomenal Difference' grants new attention to contemporary black British art, exploring its critical and social significance through attention to embodied experience, affectivity, the senses and perception. Much before scholars in the arts and humanities took their recent 'ontological turn' toward the new materialism, black British art had begun to expose cultural criticism's overreliance on the concepts of textuality, representation, identity and difference. Illuminating that original field of aesthetics and creativity, this book shows how black British artworks themselves can become the basis for an engaged and widely-reaching philosophy.
Sherman N6768.65.B53 W34 2017

Gerhard Richter : Unikate in Serie = Unique pieces in series
Butin, Hubertus, author
Köln : Snoeck, [2017]
Vorwort = Foreword / Thomas Olbricht -- Einführung = Introduction -- Druckgrafiken und Multiples = Prints and multiples -- Zeichnungen = Drawings -- Zeichnungen auf Druckgrafiken = Drawings on prints -- Malereien auf Druckgrafiken = Paintings on prints -- Malereien auf Fotografien = Paintings on photographs -- Malereieditions = Painting editions.

The phrase "unique pieces in series" seems to be contradictory at first sight. For how can something that only exists once be present several times? But some of Gerhard Richter's editions embody this particular principle of uniqueness in series. In paintings, photographic works, prints, and drawings, Richter has developed the possibility to vary individual copies in their appearance. The entire set of an edition thus consists of unicultural variants whose difference is intended. Probably no other artist has made this design concept into a fundamental method of their art in such a fascinatingly diverse way.
Sherman N6888.R49 A4 2017

Charlotte Verity
Verity, Charlotte, 1954- artist
London : Ridinghouse, 2016
Charlotte Verity?s paintings come about slowly during many hours of intense looking and close observation. She is preoccupied by the changing nature of the visual world, natural light and the passing seasons. 0This volume offers great insight into a body of work from the last five years. "In these paintings", writes Edmund de Waal, "the seasons? ebb is marked. They are a calendar, a series of poems tracing one full moment and then another."0Accompanied by 37 images, this volume includes an in-depth conversation between Garry Fabian Miller and the artist; 'Verity?s Sky', an essay by Paul Hills about the importance of light in her work; and Edmund de Waal's incisive and poetic response to her paintings.
Sherman ND497.V47 A4 2016

Architectural guide Iran : from the Safavids to the Iranian revolution
Meyer-Wieser, Thomas, 1951- author
Berlin : DOM publishers, [2017]
Sherman NA1480 .M49 2017

Gimme shelter
Florian Geiss ; Herausgeber = editor: Nadine Barth ; texte von = words by: F.C. Gundlach, Sebastian Lux, Johannes Finke
Berlin, Deutschland : Hatje Cantz, [2017]
Longing, vulnerability, self-production and desire - all of this resonates with the atmospheric densities of Florian Geiss (* 1969 in Koblenz), a fascinating and at the same time irritating aura. In the photo book Gimme Shelter he staged the search for identity of the protagonists in the tension of the iconic American Way of Life and his own individuality. With their play of light and shadow and reduced, but concise colors, the work combines formal elements of a cineastic advertising aesthetic and the tradition of American color photography. Intimate portraits and expansive landscapes open up space for associations on issues of belonging and unconventionality, life dreams and reality.
Sherman TR655 .G425 2017

O'Keeffe, Preston, Cossington Smith : making Modernism
edited by Lesley Harding, Denise Mimmocchi
Bulleen, Victoria : Heide Museum of Modern Art ; [2016]
This book brings fresh perspectives on the works of celebrated modernists Georgia O'Keeffe, Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith, illuminating some of the artistic and cultural parallels and common themes between American and Australian modernism while exploring each artist's unique contribution to international developments of modernism.
Sherman N7400.5.M64 O34 2016

Maria Lassnig : woman power, Maria Lassnig in New York 1968-1980
Lassnig, Maria, artist
New York, NY : Petzel, [2016]
Sherman N6811.5.L3 A4 2016

100 years, 100 landscape designs
Hill, John, 1973- author
Munich ; Prestel, [2017]
"Following up on 100 Years, 100 Buildings, author John Hill steps outside to present a century's worth of the most breathtaking and significant landscape designs around the globe. Beginning with Filoli, the century-old, forward-looking estate situated just south of San Francisco, and closing with The Park, the first public garden ever created in Las Vegas, John Hill takes readers on a worldwide tour, one per year, of beautiful, inspiring, creatively designed, and historically significant landscapes. From the leafy promenades along the Ljubljanica River in Slovenia and the lush, tropical gardens at Lunuganga in Sri Lanka, to the Peace Memorial Park in Japan and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., each of these public sites is currently accessible -- a fact that makes this grouping a superb "must-see list" for landscape enthusiasts. Double-page spreads feature color images paired with Hill's insightful texts. An introductory essay lays out Hill's selection criteria and an overview of major landscape design innovations and trends from 1917 to 2016. Fans of landscape design will treasure this compendium and students in the field will come away with a greater understanding of how and why the creation of outdoor public spaces has evolved over time."--
Sherman SB470.5 .H55 2017

Le Gendarme sur la colline
Sanguinetti, Alessandra, photographer,
New York, N.Y. : Aperture, 2017
"In this album, the compelling photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti explores her vision of France, in which old traditions persist even while they fray and shift in relation to contemporary stresses, including multiculturalism. The work presents an intuitive, often lyrical journey that is undercut with a sense of tension about what it means to be French--and to photograph the French--today. Le Gendarme Sur La Colline is the result of a major new commission by Fondation d'entreprise Hermès and Aperture Foundation. Called "Immersion," the program seeks to expand artistic dialogue between France and the US, while investing in creativity, and providing a platform for an important emerging artist to create a major new body of work."--Aperture website viewed on August 17, 2017.
Sherman TR655 .S267 2017

Modern living : Giò Ponti and the twentieth-century aesthetics of design
Roberts, Perri Lee, author
[Athens, GA] : Georgia Museum of Art, University of Georgia, [2017]
Sherman NK1452.Z9 P662 2017

Marjan Teeuwen : destroyed house
Teeuwen, Marjan, 1953-
Amsterdam : Valiz, ©2017
Marjan Teeuwen creates large-scale architectural installations in buildings that are subsequently demolished following her interventions. She disrupts the materials of construction and structure and builds new artistic images in which floors are tilted, walls are removed, and stacks of debris either run rampant or are painstakingly ordered into architectural sculptures. Constructive forces go hand in hand with destruction and decay in Teeuwen's work. This book presents several installations from her 'Destroyed House' series, including the recent project 'Destroyed House Gaza'. By choosing to work in occupied territory, Teeuwen allows the socio-political context to penetrate her method.
Sherman Oversize N6953.T44 A4 2017

Art royal : Meisterzeichnungen aus dem Louvre
Lektorat, Regina Kaltenbrunner ; Redaktion, Regina Kaltenbrunner, Peter Laub, Eva Léchelle
Salzburg : Salzburg Museum, [2017]
König Ludwig XIV. erwarb in mehreren Etappen die Kunstsammlung des in Paris lebenden Kölner Kaufmanns und Bankiers Everhard Jabach (1618-1695). Dieser war von Jugend an mit qualitätsvollster Kunst umgeben. Er ging in seiner Sammelleidenschaft neue Wege: Es war ein Novum, Zeichnungen zu erwerben, und er schätzte die Künstler seiner deutschen Heimat. Dies alles führte zu einer der bedeutendsten Grafiksammlungen des 17. Jahrhunderts. Jabachs Sammlung von 5.542 Zeichnungen wurde zum Grundstock des Département des Arts graphiques du Louvre. Davon sind ca. 80 in Salzburg zu sehen.0Die ausgewählten 80 Zeichnungen sind aus dem 16. und 17. Jahrhundert und zeigen Arbeiten aus den drei Hauptgruppen der Sammlung, aus der italienischen, nordischen und französischen Schule. Die Namen lesen sich wie ein Who is Who der Kunstgeschichte- Dürer, Holbein, Rubens, Dubreuil, Vouet, Poussin, Buonarotti, Carracci, Raffael. Ergänzt wird die Auswahl durch Arbeiten der so genannten Premiers Peintres du Roi der herausragendsten Maler zur Zeit des Sonnenkönigs, Charles Le Brun und Pierre Mignard. Denn ihre Nachlässe kamen ebenfalls in die königliche Sammlung. Damit kann der Kunstgeschmack des Grand Siècle Frankreichs besonders gut dokumentiert werden. Insgesamt werden Arbeiten von 69 Künstlern ausgestellt. Exhibition: Salzburg Museum, Austria (09.06.-03.09.2047).
Sherman NC225 .A82 2017

Craft becomes modern : the Bauhaus in the making
edited for the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation by Regina Bittner and Renée Padt ; translation, Amy Klement
Bielefeld : Kerber, c2017
Craft (in) the Modern Era: Paradox or Utopia? -- Craft as an Agent of Things -- Craft: A Hybrid Practice.

"Craft Becomes Modern: The Bauhaus in the Making looks at the Bauhaus from the perspective of this noisy activity--handcraft. No term was more fiercely disputed there. Although conceived as "laboratories for industry," a great deal was still done by hand in the Dessau workshops. Workshops at the Bauhaus straddled the different priorities and practical realities at play, falling somewhere between factory and craft business, between free experimentation and industrial contract work. From this field of tension, the Bauhaus tried to define handcraft anew as a utopian pursuit that could coexist with industrial culture. The Bauhaus' interest in industrialization has been thoroughly studied; the persistence of craft among its teachers and students much less so. Craft Becomes Modern surveys this aspect of the Bauhaus' teaching and work, and puts it in historical context. And these debates are far from over--this volume includes contributions from a range of contemporary design theorists and practitioners, including Julia Bryan-Wilson, Martino Gamper, John Maciuika, Rafael Cardoso, Joseph Grima, Gerda Breuer, T'ai Smith, Eva Forgacs and Sara Ouhadou, offering new insights for understanding handcraft in the 21st century"--Publisher's description.
Sherman N332.G33 B47413 2017

Lois Dodd
Hirsch, Faye, author
London : Lund Humphries, 2017
Beginnings -- Dodd's nature -- Dodd's windows -- Dodd's vision.

This book is the first monograph on the paintings of Lois Dodd. It provides invaluable analysis and contextualisation of her work alongside such New York City contemporaries as Alex Katz, Philip Pearlstein and other denizens of the Tenth Street milieu of the 1950s. Emerging from the shadow of Abstract Expressionism, Dodd and this circle cleaved to an observational painting based in the early modernist tradition. Beginning in the 1950s, Lois Dodd has steadfastly pursued her observational painting, remaining aloof from passing trends. She is widely admired as a 'painter's painter' whose landscapes and city scenes display subtle effects of place, light and weather within graphically distilled compositions. Dodd's works capture the intangible character of changing seasons or particular hours of day in locations throughout New York City, rural New Jersey and Maine, but the paintings betray no mark of era. They are curiously timeless.--
Sherman ND237.D573 H57 2017

Terra Magna : Labrador
Roy, Jean-Claude, 1948- artist,
St. John's, NL, Canada : Breakwater Books Ltd., [2017]
Sherman ND249.R69 A4 2017

Maternity : mothers and children in the arts of Africa
Cole, Herbert M., author
[Antwerpen] : Mercatorfonds, [2017]
1. The milk of eternity, the milk of knowledge -- 2. A 7,000-year overview of maternity imagery -- 3. Djenné-Jeno terra cottas, twins and other multiple births in the Inland Niger Delta region (Mali) -- 4. The sculptured children of aspiring mothers -- 5. Prominent mothers : the merging of nature and culture -- 6. The many lives of an archetype : diverse objects, uses, materials, and forms -- 7. Visual proverbs and metaphors among the Akan of Ghana and Ivory Coast -- 8. Kongo mothers : founding aristocrats -- 9. Yoruba mothers : containers of the world's secrets and mysteries -- 10. The mothers of masquerades -- 11. Shifting paradigms : the late 20th-century politics of maternity.

"On the African continent, images of mothers and children are found wherever the visual arts are, from early rock-art sites in Egypt and the Sahara to the contemporary arts of South Africa. Discovered in a variety of materials, from stone, ivory, and metals to beadwork, wood, and even paintings, images of maternity enliven virtually every type of object made in the region. Defining maternity as a biological and cultural phenomenon, the author goes beyond obvious notions of fertility to consider the importance of maternity in thought, ritual action, and worldview. Maternity images of all eras evoke deep and significant messages - well beyond what meets the eye"--Publisher's website.
Sherman N7630 .C654 2017

Borderless : the art of Luis Tapia
Tapia, Luis 1950-
Long Beach, California : Museum of Latin American Art, 2017
Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1950, sculptor Luis Tapia is a pioneering Chicano artist who for forty-five years has pushed the art of polychrome wood sculpture to new levels of craftsmanship and social and political commentary. Tapia's works speak to the complexity of Latino/Hispano/Chicano identity, history, and contemporary culture, offering compelling insights and challenging perspectives on life in the barrio, on the border, and beyond. Rooted in a folk art tradition established in seventeenth-century New Mexico, Tapia's work at once honors its origins, reinterprets traditional subject matter, and revitalizes age-old techniques. As an artist and activist whose works have been internationally exhibited and collected, Tapia informs and educates non-Hispanic viewers about the Chicano and Nuevomexicano experience. At the same time, he transcends cultural and ethnic borders through the elegance of his craft and commentary. In this first publication devoted to Tapia's artistic legacy, leading art historians, curators, and literary figures consider Tapia's art both inside and outside the local and regional contexts in which it is made. With more than 100 photographic reproductions, Borderless illuminates Tapia's relevance and vitality within the broader national and international artistic conversation.
Sherman N6537.T375 A4 2017

Arnoldi, Charles, 1946- artist
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
"This survey presents the work on paper of Charles Arnoldi (born 1946), a nationally renowned artist based in Los Angeles. Arnoldi has been described as an artist who 'draws in space' to create his unique assemblage works of art. Throughout his long career he has been fascinated with shape and pattern as they apply to advanced formal concerns, from his 1970s paintings made entirely of natural forms, to his current geometric work. Internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry has said that 'the maturing Arnoldi has a secure color sense and the ability to work at large scale as well as to produce tiny, exquisite watercolors.' Gehry cites Arnoldi as an influence in his own work, stating that 'this is an artist whose best is yet to come, who is still experimental and still willing to risk.'"--Amazon.
Sherman Oversize N6537.A713 A4 2017

A companion to Islamic art and architecture
edited by Finbarr Barry Flood and Gülru Necipoğlu
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Blackwell, 2017
Volume 1. From the Prophet to the Mongols. Introduction to the Two Volumes of A Companion to Islamic Art and Architecture. 1. Part 1. The Early Caliphates, Umayyads, and end of Late Antiquity (650-750). Part 2. Abbasids and the Universal Caliphate (750-900). Part 3. Fragmentation and the Rival Caliphates of Cordoba, Cairo, and Baghdad (900- 1050). Part 4. "City States" and the Later Baghdad Caliphate (1050-1250) -- Volume 2. Part 5. "Global" Empires and the World-System (1250-1450). Part 6. Early Modern Empires and their Neighbors (1450-1700). Part 7. Modernity, Empire, Colony and Nation (1700-1950). Part 8. Islam, Art, and the Contemporary (1950-Present).

"This two-volume Companion showcases more than 50 newly commissioned essays that survey Islamic art and architecture in all its traditional grandeur"--
Sherman N6260 .C66 2017

A companion to Islamic art and architecture
edited by Finbarr Barry Flood and Gülru Necipoğlu
Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Blackwell, 2017
Volume 1. From the Prophet to the Mongols. Introduction to the Two Volumes of A Companion to Islamic Art and Architecture. 1. Part 1. The Early Caliphates, Umayyads, and end of Late Antiquity (650-750). Part 2. Abbasids and the Universal Caliphate (750-900). Part 3. Fragmentation and the Rival Caliphates of Cordoba, Cairo, and Baghdad (900- 1050). Part 4. "City States" and the Later Baghdad Caliphate (1050-1250) -- Volume 2. Part 5. "Global" Empires and the World-System (1250-1450). Part 6. Early Modern Empires and their Neighbors (1450-1700). Part 7. Modernity, Empire, Colony and Nation (1700-1950). Part 8. Islam, Art, and the Contemporary (1950-Present).

"This two-volume Companion showcases more than 50 newly commissioned essays that survey Islamic art and architecture in all its traditional grandeur"--
Sherman N6260 .C66 2017

Mona Hatoum : terra infirma
Michelle White ; with contributions by Anna C. Chave, Adania Shibli, Rebecca Solnit
Houston, Texas : Menil Collection, [2017]
The work of London-based artist Mona Hatoum (b. 1952) addresses the growing unease of an ever-expanding world that is as technologically networked as it is fractured by war and exile. Best known for sculptures that transform domestic objects such as kitchen utensils or cribs into things strange and threatening, Hatoum conducts multilayered investigations of the body, politics, and gender that express a powerful and pervasive sense of precariousness. Her works are never simple and often elicit conflicting emotions, such as fascination and fear, desire and revulsion. This copiously illustrated presentation of Hatoum's oeuvre offers critical and art historical essays by Michelle White and Anna C. Chave and imaginative texts by Rebecca Solnit and Adania Shibli, which contextualize the artist's work and its relationship to surrealism, minimalism, feminism, and politics.
Sherman N6797.H338 A4 2017

A new history of modern architecture : art nouveau, the beaux-arts, expressionism, modernism, constructivism, art deco, classicism, brutalism, postmodernism, neo-rationalism, high tech, deconstructivism, digital futures
Davies, Colin, 1929- author
London : Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2017
In this book, Colin Davies subjects the canonical architecture of the twentieth century to a thorough reassessment. Rather than repeating the standard wisdom, Davies questions the values and judgements that are so often the mainstay of architectural surveys, and in doing so asks: what is the importance of the style we know as Modernism.
Sherman NA680 .D37 2017

Earth from above
Arthus-Bertrand, Yann, author
New York : Abrams, [2017]
Both low- and high-level aerial photographs document places around the world and form the starting point for discussions of ecology, sustainable development, and the current state of the world.
Sherman Oversize TR810 .A7713 2017

Greek art : from Oxford to Portugal and back again
Morais, Rui, author
Oxford : Archaeopress Publishing Ltd, [2017]
"One of the most fascinating topics in the study of ancient art concerns artistic practices and models and the means of transmission of iconographic designs and decorative compositions. This phenomenon, although well known, has not drawn much attention of scholars of the ancient art. Apart from copies of originals, the practice dates back to the first civilizations and may be even older. The media used could be painted vignettes on papyri, paint on leather, or sketches painted on ostraca, used as pattern books. This issue is practically unheard of regarding ancient Greece, although a few media have been found which may have facilitated the transmission of iconographic designs and decorative compositions. In this study we present some examples that suggest the existence of pattern books in the Greek world. If the media used in the Greek world are insofar unknown, the same cannot be said of the Roman world. Written sources mention the existence of manuals in the form of papyrus scrolls (stemmata, imagines) which served as models as well as inspiration for the artists."--Back cover.
Sherman N5630 .M67 2017

Fahrelnissa Zeid : painter of inner worlds
Laïdi, Adila R., author
London : Art/Books Publishing, 2017
Coinciding with a touring Tate exhibition of her work, this book is the first biography of influential abstract painter Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid (1901-91), a pioneer of Turkish art whose rich life spanned the first 90 years of the 20th century. Zeid is best known for her large-scale paintings that combine Islamic, Byzantine, Arab and Persian influences with stylistic elements developed in Europe during the postwar period. Born into a prominent family in Istanbul, she emerged as a leading figure of Turkish modernism and went on to become a prominent member of the 1950s École de Paris abstract art movement, praised by André Breton. In the same decade, she was also one of the first women to exhibit at London's ICA. This book covers her peripatetic life, the evolution of her practice and her reinvention in her eighties as a teacher, redefining her for the contemporary reader as one of the most important female modernists.
Sherman ND979.8.Z45 L35 2017

Письма к Розе, невесте и жене / Леонид Пастернак ; составление, Е. Вл. Пастернак
Пастернак, Леонид Осипович, 1862-1945, artist. correspondent,
Moskva : "Azbukovnik", 2017
Sherman ND699.P37 A3 2017

Correo de Venecia y otros ensayos
Sánchez Rivero, Angel, author
Valencia : Pre-Textos, [2017]
Sherman N7445.6 .S2534 2017

Architectural invention in Renaissance Rome : artists, humanists, and the planning of Raphael's Villa Madama
Elet, Yvonne, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Introduction. The nature of invention, in word and image; 1. Reviving the corpse; 2. Writing architecture; 3. Sperulo's vision; 4. Encomia of the unbuilt; 5. Metastructures of word and image; 6. Dynamic design; Conclusion. Building with mortar and verse.

"Humanist collaborators also contributed to the development of visual projects in many ways. That they served as advisors and propagandists is well known, but we have scant knowledge of exactly how they worked with artists, and especially with architects. How did their ideas make their way into form? The role of the humanist advisor has been studied primarily in respect to the representational media of painting and sculpture, focusing on so-called iconographic programs or inventions; but their role in architectural projects is much less understood"--
Sherman NA1120 .E45 2017

The matter of photography in the Americas
Brizuela, Natalia, author
Stanford, CA : Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts at Stanford University and Stanford University Press, 2018
Latin American and Latino artists have used photography to engage with modern media landscapes and critique globalized economies since the 1960s. But rarely are these artists considered leaders in discussions about the theory and scholarship of photography or included in conversations about the radical transformations of photography in the digital era. 'The Matter of Photography in the Americas' presents the work of more than eighty artists working in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, and Latino communities in the United States who all have played key roles in transforming the medium and critiquing its uses. Artists like Alfredo Jaar, Oscar Munoz, Ana Mendieta, and Teresa Margolles highlight photography's ability to move beyond the impulse simply to document the world at large. Instead, their work questions the relationship between representation and visibility. With nearly 200 full-color images, this book brings together drawings, prints, installations, photocopies, and three-dimensional objects in an investigation and critique of the development and artistic function of photography. Essays on key works and artists shed new light on the ways photographs are made and consumed. Pressing at the boundaries of what defines culturally specific, photography-centric artwork, this book looks at how artists from across the Americas work with and through photography as a critical tool.00Exhibition: Cantor Arts Center, Stanford, USA (07.02. - 30.04.2018).
Sherman TR184 .B75 2018

Warman's antiques & collectibles
Iola, WI : Krause Publications
Sherman NK1133 .W33

Warman's antiques & collectibles
Iola, WI : Krause Publications
Sherman NK1133 .W33

Warman's antiques & collectibles
Iola, WI : Krause Publications
Sherman NK1133 .W33

Warman's antiques & collectibles
Iola, WI : Krause Publications
Sherman NK1133 .W33

Warman's antiques & collectibles
Iola, WI : Krause Publications
Sherman NK1133 .W33

Warman's antiques & collectibles
Iola, WI : Krause Publications
Sherman NK1133 .W33

Inadvertent images : a history of photographic apparitions
Geimer, Peter, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
History and "prehistory" -- Visibility by destruction/disturbance: incidents of photography -- Case study I: signs of life or "false flames" : Jules Luys and the controversy over "effluviography" -- Case study II: a self-portrait of Christ or the white noise of photography : Paul Vignon and the earliest photograph of the Shroud of Turin -- Visible/invisible : critique of a dichotomy -- The "optical unconscious" of photography.

As an artistic medium, photography is uniquely subject to accidents, or disruptions, that can occur in the making of an artwork. Though rarely considered seriously, those accidents can offer fascinating insights about the nature of the medium and how it works. Peter Geimer explores all kinds of photographic irritation from throughout the history of the medium, as well as accidental images that occur through photo-like means, such as the image of Christ on the Shroud of Turin, brought into high resolution through photography. Geimer's investigations complement the history of photographic images by cataloging a corresponding history of their symptoms, their precarious visibility, and the disruptions threatened by image noise. Interwoven with the familiar history of photography is a secret history of photographic artifacts, spots, and hazes that historians have typically dismissed as 'spurious phenomena', 'parasites', or 'enemies of the photographer'. With such photographs, it is virtually impossible to tell where a 'picture' has been disrupted--where the representation ends and the image noise begins.
Sherman TR183 .G4513 2018

Pictographs : the graphic art of James Simon Mishibinijima
Mishibinijima, James, 1954- artist
Erin, Ontario : The Porcupine's Quill, [2017]
"Transcending the familiar iconography of the Near North--the crows, the wolves, the loons and the ravens--the drawings of James Simon Mishibinijima propel readers into a fantastical spirit world, one that is as powerful and mysterious as it is beautiful. Mishibinijima's drawings are a reflection of the surface landscape of his native Wikwemikong First Nation on a peninsula at the eastern end of Manitoulin Island--the immediate geography of forest and rock, but also the ancestral wisdom of the Elders who have left telling images graven on stone on the north shore of Lake Superior and at the burial sites on LaCloche Island."--
Sherman NC143.M54 A4 2017

Mark Bradford : Pickett's Charge
Hankins, Evelyn Carol, author
Washington, D.C. : Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden ; [2018]
"This book celebrates Pickett's Charge, Mark Bradford's monumental commission for the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, an epic site-specific work inspired by Paul Dominique Philippoteaux' nineteenth century cyclorama at Gettysburg National Military Park. ... Spanning the entire circumference of the inner-circle galleries on the Museum's third floor, the artist creates an immersive installation that fills the massive space. ... Working with a combination of colored paper and reproductions of the original cyclorama, Bradford collaged and transformed the historic Gettysburg imagery into a series of eight powerful works."--Page vi.
Sherman N6537.B6813 A4 2018

Native art now! : developments in contemporary Native American art since 1992
edited by Veronica Passalacqua and Kate Morris ; compiled by James H. Nottage
Indianapolis : Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, [2017]
"The Eiteljorg Museum is excited to present Native Art Now!, which includes a traveling retrospective exhibition reviewing two decades of the Eiteljorg Contemporary Art Fellowship program. Every other year since 1999, the Fellowship program has selected a new group of five Native artists and provided them grant support to further their careers. The Eiteljorg has purchased more than 200 contemporary works and received gifts of another 200 to add to its permanent collection. Thirty-nine of the most compelling pieces of contemporary art acquired by the museum are on display in Native Art Now! This fascinating exhibition will be open through Jan. 28, 2018. The Eiteljorg and WFYI also collaborated on a one-hour documentary that examines the evolution of Native contemporary art over the last 25 years, presenting personal perspectives from internationally acclaimed Native contemporary artists [preview at source URL: (viewed December 28, 2017) ... museum has also produced a scholarly companion book for Native Art Now! that examines Native expression in contemporary art since 1992"--Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art website at source URL: (viewed December 28, 2017).
Sherman N6538.A4 E39 2017

Modern futures
edited by Hannah Neate and Ruth Craggs
Axminster, England : Uniformbooks, 2016
"There has been a groundswell of interest in modernist architecture in recent years, particularly buildings from the second half of the twentieth century. Individuals and groups are engaging with modernist environments in the form of popular histories, documentaries and community projects, and digital and social media. Alongside this growing popularity however, many of these buildings are under threat from demolition and regeneration. "Modern Futures" explores these trends, their connections, and how more popular and creative engagements might be used to inform the uncertain future of modernist architecture."
Sherman NA682.M63 M63 2016

Louisiana : architecture and landscape
Sheridan, Michael, 1967- author
[Humlebæk] : Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, [2017]
As you walk around 'Louisiana' today, the location of buildings and landscape seems to be firm and unchanging, as if it had always been such. But under the apparently self-evident environment lies an epic story of creation and innovation that goes back to the Napoleonic Wars. The museum now publishes a comprehensive and groundbreaking book, 'Louisiana: Architecture and Landscape', where the American architect, author and expert on modern Nordic architecture Michael Sheridan tells the story of the museum's long creation. It is the story of a museum that has grown organically in keeping with the evolution of contemporary art and the vision of the museum?s founder, Knud W. Jensen. Today, everyone wants to be like the museum in Humlebæk but how did Louisiana become Louisiana?
Sherman NA6700.H85 L649 2017

Tokyo roji : the diversity and versatility of alleys in a city in transition
Imai, Heide, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Tokyo and its alleys -- The roji -- The yin and yang of Tokyo -- Nezu, Yanaka and the mixed used roji -- Between Geisha Town and Petit Paris -- Kagurazaka and the commercial(ized) roji -- Between old row houses and skyscrapers -- Tsukudajima and the residential roji.
Sherman NA9053.S7 I445 2018

Henry Ossawa Tanner : art, faith, race, and legacy
Woods, Naurice Frank, Jr., author
New York : Routledge, [2018]
Prologue: Henry Ossawa Tanner, "Negro painter" -- Introduction: Creativity and racism in the nineteenth century -- Of the father and of the son: the rise of Benjamin and Henry Tanner -- Into the south and across the sea: Atlanta and Paris beckon -- The American interlude: race and religion on canvas -- Crossing over Jordan: salon triumph and spiritual crisis -- A salon master in a modern century -- The Great War, the new Negro, and the celestial city -- Epilogue: The redemption of memory.

Over the last forty years, renewed interest in the career of Henry Ossawa Tanner (1859-1937) has vaulted him into expanding scholarly discourse on American art. Consequently, he has emerged as the most studied and recognized representative of African American art during the nineteenth century. In fact, Tanner, in the spirit of political correctness and racial inclusiveness, has gained a prominent place in recent textbooks on mainstream American art and his painting, The Banjo Lesson (1893), has become an iconic symbol of black creativity. In addition, Tanner achieved national recognition when the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1991 and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2012 celebrated him with major retrospectives. The latter exhibition brought in a record number of viewers. While Tanner lived a relatively simple life where his faith and family dictated many of the choices he made daily, his emergence as a prominent black artist in the late nineteenth century often thrust him openly into coping with the social complexities inherent with America's great racial divide. In order to fully appreciate how he negotiated prevailing prejudices to find success, this book places him in the context of a uniquely talented black man experiencing the demands and rewards of nineteenth-century high art and culture. By careful examination on multiple levels previously not detailed, this book adds greatly to existing Tanner scholarship and provides readers with a more complete, richly deserved portrait of this preeminent American master.
Sherman N6537.T35 W66 2018

Annie Pootoogook : cutting ice / Nancy Campbell = ℗ 3P⁻ : UoNfN>*N⁾-₅⁾f/ €̐₂ s¬3
Campbell, Nancy, 1965- author
Fredericton, NB : Goose Lane Editions ; [2017]
Director's foreword / Ian A.C. Dejardin -- West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative President's foreword / Pingwartok Ottokie -- West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative: a short history / Nancy Campbell, in consultation with West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative -- Dear Annie... / Nancy Campbell.

"When Annie Pootoogook won the Sobey Art Award in 2006, she cracked the glass ceiling for Inuit art, securing its place in contemporary Canadian art discourse and establishing herself as an artist of international importance. Her achievement sparked critical discussion around contemporary art as well as the absence, and growing presence, of Inuit art: an important conversation that continues to this day. The life and death of Annie Pootoogook is a story of national significance. The complex narratives weaving through her short life speak to possibility and heartbreak, truth and reconciliation, the richness of community, and the depths of tragedy. These complexities are recorded in her arresting pencil crayon compositions. Her frank, sometimes challenging, sometimes amusing images of everyday life, acutely observed and marked by a linear control as taut as a wire, declare her as a major contributor to the landscape of contemporary Inuit art. Annie Pootoogook: Cutting Ice accompanies an exhibition organized by the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, the gallery of record for works on paper from Annie Pootoogook's Inuit community of Kinngait (Cape Dorset). Under the direction of Nancy Campbell, this publication and the exhibition serve to commemorate the life and work of a remarkable artist a year after her tragically early death" -- Provided by publisher's website.
Sherman NC143.P65 A4 2017

Carrington's letters
Carrington, Dora de Houghton, 1893-1932, author
London : Chatto & Windus, 2017
Dora Carrington was considered an outsider to Bloomsbury, but she lived right at its heart. For over a decade she was the companion of gay writer Lytton Strachey, and killed herself, stricken without him, when he died in 1932. She was also a prolific and exuberant correspondent. Carrington was not consciously a pioneer or a feminist, but in her determination to live life according to her own nature, she fought battles that remain familiar and urgent today. She was friends with the greatest minds of the day and her correspondence stars a roster of fascinating characters - Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Rosamund Lehmann, Maynard Keynes to name but a few. 'Carrington's Letters' introduces the maverick artist and electric personality to a new generation with exclusive correspondence never before published.
Sherman ND497.C375 A3 2017

La vida sin dueño : memorias
Szyszlo, Fernando de, author
Lima, Perú : Alfaguara, 2016
En los orígenes -- El barrio de Santa Beatriz -- La peña Pancho Fierro -- Personajes y pasajeros -- Éramos la vanguardia, nos sentíamos la vanguardia -- El viaje a París, por fin -- Octavio Paz y su círculo -- Los pobres más ricos -- Viajes y retornos -- Florencia, otra vez Blanca -- Washington, estabilidad y despegue -- Vida de pintor -- Día a día en el taller -- Luces y sombras del mundo del arte -- Entrelíneas. La literatura, mis amigos -- El deber del intelectual y la política -- El Movimiento Libertad, mi gran decepción -- El amor, la muerte, la vida -- Hoy, el viaje.
Sherman N6719.S99 A2 2016

Teenage lust
Clark, Larry, 1943- photographer
New York : [Larry Clark], [1983]
Sherman Special TR467 .C62 1983

The economy is spinning
edited by Kris Dittel
[Eindhoven] : Onomatopee, [2017]
Exit strategies / Jan Hoeft -- Introduction / Kris Dittel -- Geometric dancer doesn't believe in love, finds aspiration and ecstasy in spirals / Mercedes Azpilicueta -- You have my word : notes on words, money and God / Sara Giannini -- Delusional cause / Monique Hendriksen -- On nature -- Undead labour : un/spinning the time of real abstraction / Sami Khatib -- Kritik der politik und nationalökonomie / Zachary Formwalt -- On colour theory / Antonis Pittas -- The sublime language of my century / McKenzie Wark -- Status_anxieties / Nick Thurston -- Contract / Robertas Narkus -- I am Mrs. Helen Wong, we need to discuss as promised / Hanne Lippard -- Exhibition documentation -- Epilogue.

"This book brings together contributions from visual artists, writers and theorists to rethink the way that the language of economics and finance influences our thought and modes of expression. Through artistic contributions, image essays and texts this book aims to manifest, across both art and theory, a poetic counter-language"--Back cover.
Sherman N6498.C66 E26 2017

Москва деревянная : что осталось / Владимир Ревзин
Ревзин, Владимир, author
Moskva : Izdatelʹstvo Ė, 2017
Sherman NA7369.M6 R48 2017

The syntax of city space : American urban grids
Major, Mark, author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Sherman NA9105 .M345 2018

New design for old buildings
Hunt, Roger, author
Newcastle upon Tyne : RIBA Publishing, [2017]
This book is a celebration of good new design for old buildings and the SPAB philosophy that good new architecture can sit happily alongside old and is preferable to pastiche. Endorsing the value of architects who are engaged to work in the historic environment, this book explores design, materials and technical considerations in creating the best low energy, ecological and sustainable retrofits. It has never been more important to understand how old buildings can be adapted to make them useful and sustainable in the future. Showcasing the best examples of imaginative design and best practice, this book illustrates how old buildings can be made sustainable through the best new design and puts these design exemplars into a historical and philosophical context. With illustrative case studies and interviews throughout, including formal buildings, churches, domestic buildings, commercial, industrial and agricultural from all periods in the UK, 'New Design for Old Buildings' provides essential guidance on good, imaginative new design for old buildings.
Sherman NA109.G7 H86 2017

Revisiting Postmodernism
Farrell, Terry, author
Newcastle upon Tyne : RIBA Publishing, [2017]
Revisiting Postmodernism' offers an engaging, wide-ranging and highly illustrated account of postmodernism in architecture from its roots in the 1940s to its ongoing relevance today. This book invites readers to see Postmodernism in a new light: not just a style but a cultural phenomenon that embraces all areas of life and thrives on complexity and pluralism, in contrast to the strait-laced, single-style, top-down inclination of its predecessor, Modernism. While focusing on architecture, this book also explores aspects such as urban masterplanning, furniture design, art and literature. Looking at Postmodernism through the lens of examples from around the world, each chapter explores the movement in the UK on the one hand, and its international counterparts on the other, reflecting on the historical movement but also how postmodernism influences practices today. This book offers the insider's view on postmodernism by Sir Terry Farrell, a recognised pioneer in the field of postmodern architecture and a prestigious and authoritative participant in the postmodern movement. Written by one of postmodernism's greatest pioneers Traces the origins of Postmodernism back to earlier than is generally suggested, and posits that figures usually considered as pure Modernists in fact sowed the seeds of Postmodernism - redefining our notion of what the term means. Covers postmodernism as it exists today and looks at examples from current postmodern practices. Focuses on architecture but also embraces other areas of design, culture and life, including urban planning and place making. Engaging, accessible tone, suitable for a broad range of readers - architects, students, designers and the public.
Sherman NA682.P67 F3 2017

Menschenbilder - Götterwelten = The worlds of gods and men : Liechtenstein Collections
herausgegeben von Johann Kräftner ; wissenschaftliche Bearbeitung und Katalogredaktion Alexandra Hanzl ; mit Beiträgen von Oriane Beaufils and sixteen others ; Fotografie Peter Kubelka
Wien : Christian Brandstatter Verlag, 2016
Die Sammlung LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, die Residenzgalerie Salzburg und die Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien präsentieren in dieser einzigartigen Sonderschau Meisterwerke aus über 300 Jahren klassischer europäischer Malerei und Skulptur, die sich dem schönsten Thema der Bildenden Kunst widmen: der Darstellung des Menschen- und Götterbildes.0Ganz vom christlichen Glauben und seiner Auslegung getragen und zu dessen Verbreitung wie auch zur Andacht entstanden jene Gemälde, mit denen die Ausstellung in der Residenzgalerie Salzburg beginnt: Vom majestätischen Bild des auferstandenen Christus auf seinem Sarkophag sitzend von Marco Palmezzano bis zur Expressivität und Dynamik von Peter Paul Rubens? Beweinung Christi.0Der Mittelteil der Ausstellung bringt eine Explosion des Themas des antiken Mythos in den großformatigen Gemälden von Rubens, wie Boreas entführt Oreithya aus der Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien, die Auffindung des Erichthoniusknaben der Fürstlichen Sammlungen oder der Ganymed der Fürstlich Schwarzenberg?schen Kunststiftung in Vaduz.0Den dritten Abschnitt der Ausstellung umfasst eine Reihe von Gemälden, die sich mit der Porträtmalerei vom 16. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert auseinandersetzt. 0Den Abschluss der Schau bildet ein Feuerwerk der Biedermeiermalerei, zu gleichen Teilen in den Fürstlichen Sammlungen, der Residenzgalerie Salzburg und der Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien beheimatet.00Exhibition: Residenzgalerie Salzburg, Austria (30.07.-16.10.2016).
Sherman N6754 .M457 2016

Becoming a woman in the Age of Enlightenment : French art from the Horvitz Collection
Hyde, Melissa Lee, author
[Boston] : The Horvitz Collection, 2017
Becoming a Woman in the Age of Enlightenment: French Art from the Horvitz Collection' is primarily an exhibition of drawings but will include pastels, paintings, and sculptures selected from one of the world's best private collections of French drawings. The exhibition will feature nearly 120 works by many of the most prominent artists of the eighteenth century, including Antoine Watteau, Nicolas Lancret, François Boucher, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, as well as lesser-known artists both male and female, such as Anne Vallayer-Coster, Gabrielle Capet, François-André Vincent, Philibert-Louis Debucourt. Ranging from spirited, improvisational sketches and figural studies, to highly finished drawings of exquisite beauty, the works included in the exhibition vary in terms of style, genre, and period. Becoming a Woman will be organized into thematic sections that address some of the most important and defining questions of women's lives in the eighteenth century. These include: how the stages of a woman's life were measured; what cultural attitudes and conditions in France shaped how women were defined; what significant relations women formed with men; what social and familial rituals gave order to their lives; what pleasures they pursued; and what work they accomplished. The aim is to bring new insights to the questions of what it meant to be a woman in this period, by offering the first exhibition to focus specifically on representations of women of a broad range of ages and conditions. Exhibition: Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA (06.10.-31.12.2017).
Sherman N7630 .H93 2017

The post-photographic condition : Le Mois de la Photo a Montreal, international biennial of the contemporary image
edited by Joan Fontcuberta ; translators, Don Pistolesi and three others
Bielefeld, Germany : Kerber, [2015]
Sherman TR646.C22 M66 2015

Baroque between the wars : alternative style in the arts, 1918-1939
Stevenson, Jane, 1959- author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
Society -- The city -- Rooms -- Uncanonical arts.
Sherman N6490 .S766 2018

Romanticism in the North : from Friedrich to Turner
with essays by David Jackson, Werner Busch, Jenny Reynaerts ; exhibition curators and catalogue editors, David Jackson, Andreas Blühm, Ruud Schenk ; translations, Lynne Richards, Michael Scuffil, Wendy Thompson-van Os
Groningen : Groninger Museum ; [2017]
The Groninger Museum presents Romanticism in the North: From Friedrich to Turner, the first international survey exhibition of northern European Romantic landscape painting. Dramatic scenes of raging seas, imposing mountains and erupting volcanoes alternate with quiet moonlit nights and peaceful fields where lonely figures pause to rest. Come and discover more than 95 magnificent works from the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Great Britain.0Landscape painting flowered in the Romantic era (ca. 1800?1850) thanks to artists like J.M.W. Turner in England, Caspar David Friedrich in Germany and Johan Christian Dahl in Norway. Not only does their work still speak to the imagination today, a new sensibility that developed during the period went on to shape modern art. Along with looking carefully at the world around them, painters began turning their gaze inward as well. The landscapes they painted are as varied and changeable as human emotion. Their depictions of nature provide a spiritual as well as a historical experience.00Exhibition: Groninger Museum, Groningen, The Netherlands (09.12.2017 - 06.05.2018).
Sherman ND1353.5 .R66 2017

Figuring history : Robert Colescott, Kerry James Marshall, Mickalene Thomas
edited by Catharina Manchanda ; with essays by Jacqueline Francis and Lowery Stokes Sims
New Haven : Published by the Seattle Art Museum, in association with Yale University Press, [2018]
Contemporary artists Robert Colescott (1925-2009), Kerry James Marshall (b. 1955), and Mickalene Thomas (b. 1971) are distinguished by their attention to a history of representation, which they re-visit and revise to reflect on individual and collective Black experience. Equally engaged with social and political histories, and the history of art, Colescott, Marshall, and Thomas have created works that at times poignantly and satirically critique dominant narratives and posit alternatives. By considering these artists together, this thought-provoking book expands our understanding of contemporary history painting, a genre first defined during the 17th century and known for didactic paintings that often depicted Biblical or mythological subjects, and expressed the tastes and narratives of a ruling class. Colescott, Marshall, and Thomas marry appreciation of these traditional forms of representation to a deep understanding of contemporary American culture to create insightful works that disrupt historic narratives and read canonic art history against the grain.
Sherman ND238.N5 F54 2018

Winslow Homer from poetry to fiction : the engraved works : illuminated with period photographs : fully illustrated checklist including interpretive notes
Rhodes, Reilly, author
Laguna Niguel, California : Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions, [2017]
Winslow Homer was born gifted with an acute sense of observation that he could communicate in drawing with an almost Masaccio feeling of creating lifelike figures and movement. His continuous output of drawings and use of monochromatic tones served him well as it led up to the central decade of Homer's life when he began to incorporate color with watercolor and oil paint. Homer developed both personally and artistically with an innate sense of where he was in time-he always seemed keenly aware of the changes taking place around him. Illustrating for the pictorial press gave the young artist an opportunity to express his ideas. In the arts and literature, Homer found his calling. Poetry greatly appealed to him. The idea of "divining the heart" with an emotional feeling of a poem was a highly satisfying way of creating images that complemented the poet's words. Over a period of fourteen years, he produced drawings and engravings to accompany lines by the English poets alfred Lord Tennyson and William Barnes, and by American poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, William Cullen Bryant, James Russell Lowell, and John Greenleaf Whittier. The engravings of Winslow Homer capture the essence of nineteenth century America with great sensitivitiy and eloquence. In his art, everday moments are transformed into lasting, memorable images. Above all, he provided insight into what life was like during the transformation of American society struggling with political reform, slavery, immigration, suffrage and the rise of industrial and economic diversity."
Sherman NE1112.H6 A4 2017

Warman's antiques & collectibles
Iola, WI : Krause Publications
Sherman NK1133 .W33

What heaven looks like : comments on a strange wordless book
Elkins, James, 1955- author
Astoria, NY : Laboratory Books LLC, [2017]
Contents : Preface -- The book -- The title page -- Plates -- Postscript: Falls from faith in the seventeenth century -- Discussions on the internet -- For further reading -- Index.

"Somewhere in Europe - we don't know where - around 1700. An artist is staring at something on the floor next to her worktable. It's just a log from the woodpile, stood on end. The soft, damp bark; the gently raised growth rings; the dark radial cracks - nothing could be more ordinary . But as the artist looks, and looks, colors begin to appear - shapes - even figures. She turns to a sheet of paper and begins to paint. Today this anonymous artist's masterpiece is preserved in the University of Glasgow Library. It is a manuscript in a plain brown binding, whose entire contents, beyond a cryptic title page, are fifty-two small, round watercolor paintings based on the vision she saw in the ends of firewood logs. This book reproduces the entire sequence of paintings in full color, together with a meditative commentary by the art historian James Elkins. Sometimes, Elkins writes, we can glimpse the artist's sources - Baroque religious art, genre painting, mythology, alchemical manuscripts, emblem books, optical effects. But always she distorts her images, mixes them together, leaves them incomplete - always she rejects familiar stories and clear-cut meanings. In this daring refusal to make sense, Elkins sees an uncannily modern attitude of doubt and skepticism; he draws a portrait of the artist as an irremediably lonely, amazingly independent soul, inhabiting a distinct historical moment between the faded Renaissance and the overconfident Enlightenment. What Heaven Looks Like is a rare event: an encounter between a truly perceptive historian of images, and master conjurer of them." -- front cover inside flap.
Sherman N6756 .E45 2017

Writing the modern : selected texts on art & art history in Singapore, Malaysia & Southeast Asia, 1973-2015
Sabapathy, T. K., 1938- author
Singapore : Singapore Art Museum, [2018]
Sherman N7330.S55 S23 2018

Dialectos de la imagen
Gubern, Román, author
Madrid : Cátedra, 2017
La luz y su constelación mítica -- Mirar, ver, observar y desear -- La matriz cultural de la imagen -- La imagen de la figura humana -- De la pintura al cine -- De la "caja tonta" al manantial multicolor -- La revolución digital -- Entrar en la imagen -- Epílogo.
Sherman N7740 .G83 2017

Abuso mutuo : ensayos e intervenciones sobre arte postmexicano (1992-2013)
Medina, Cuauhtémoc, author
Ciudad de México, México : Promotora Cultural Cubo Blanco : [2017]
Introducción -- Instalaciones y museos en México -- Exilio en la calle República de Cuba -- Generosa juventud, la del arte -- Estado y cultura: una propuesta de política cultural -- El regreso de los mutantes -- Ironía, barbarie, sacrilegio -- Retrasos y llegadas --Porque lo social no nos está dado: comentarios a la Constitución del arte contemporáneo en México -- Postnacional y postpictórico -- Del aprovechamiento estético del subdesarrollo -- Intercambio de cartas entre Teresa del Conde y Cuahutémoc Medina -- Refinamiento por corrupción: hacia el Speedy disfrute de la cultura global González -- Formas políticas recientes: búsquedas radicales en México (Santiago Sierra/Francis Alÿs/Minerva Cuevas) -- Estrategias mexicanas: la pintura enrarecida -- Juegos intersubjetivos en el campo político -- La más indirecta de las acciones: bastardía de orígenes, traición a la patria y oportunismo militante del juego curatorial postmexicano -- Negociación y apertura -- Abuso mutuo I -- Transacciones: de la trampa a la pandemia -- 20 millones de mexicanos no pueden estar equivocados -- Crisis y autonomía - El can CANAIA -- Una ética obtenida por su suspensión -- Notas para una estética del modernizado (Abuso mutuo II) -- Lecciones desde los escombros -- La retrospectiva como autoproducción -- Vampirismo retroactivo: en torno a La era de la discrepancia -- La a-Ventura -- Viendo rojo -- Llevando la peste a Venecia: la bienal como intervención.
Sherman N6555 .M376 2017

Phantom Dada : Flucht durch die Zeit, 1916/2016
Hrsg. Juri Steiner, Stefan Zweifel für dada 100 zürich 2016
Zürich : Scheidegger & Spiess, 2016
Das Zürcher Dada-Jubiläum im Jahr 2016 ging in einem Netzwerk zahlreicher Partner und Institutionen über verschiedenste Bühnen und hat ein weltweites Medienecho ausgelöst. Dutzende internationale Redaktionen berichteten teilweise mehrfach und ausführlich über die Anlässe des spartenübergreifenden Programms rund um die Dada-Geburtsstätte Cabaret Voltaire. Das Dada-Erbe wurde dabei als etwas Schillerndes erkennbar, das man immer weiter erforschen und hinterfragen kann. Aber Dada ist ein Geist, kein Stil, und als solcher nur schwer fassbar. 'Phantom Dada' resümiert nun das Jubiläum mit Essays von zentralen Dada-Experten, vielen internationalen Pressestimmen, einer originellen Stichwortsammlung sowie der Text-Bild-Präsentation der wichtigsten Jubiläumsausstellungen in Zürich und Umgebung. Aus vielen Facetten zusammengesetzt entsteht so ein Phantombild der Avantgardebewegung auf ihrer 100-jährigen Flucht durch die Zeit.
Sherman N6494.D3 P43 2017

БИЧ 1917 : события года в сатире современников / Автор статей Владимир Булдаков
Булдаков, В. П. author. (Владимир Прохорович),
Moskva : Boslen, 2017
Sherman NC1577 .B85 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright's Bachman-Wilson House at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
DeBerry, Linda, author,
New York, NY : Scala Arts Publishers, Inc., [2017]
"Originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1954, the Bachman-Wilson House now resides, fully restored, in the grounds of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas. It is an example of what Wright called Usonian architecture, a distinctly American and democratic style of residential architecture he developed during the Great Depression to be within the reach of the average middle-class family, without sacrificing quality. The house was originally situated in New Jersey but, after being threatened by repeated flooding, the entire structure was dismantled and transported to Crystal Bridges. Meticulously reconstructed from the original plans, the house opened to the public in the autumn of 2015. This fully illustrated publication highlights this classic structure, and further cements the architectural legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright."--
Sherman NA7238.B36 F73 2017