Japanese Acquisitions during October 2017

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東南角部屋二階の女 / 監督 池田千尋 ; 脚本 大石三知子
"Takashi Nogami is a salaryman who has fallen in debt due to his father. To get out of the debt, Takashi decides to sell land that belongs to his grandfather Tomojiro Nogami. On his grandfather's property is a house that his grandfather lives in and an apartment complex registered under the name of Fujiko Natsumi. The apartment seems like just an old building to Takashi and his grandfather says very little about Takashi's plan. Takashi then happens to move into the apartment complex with fired co-worker Tetsu Misaki and Ryoko Toyoshima who Takashi met on an arranged date. Takeshi and his neighbors soon learn about more about the land and the people there" -- Asianwiki.
Jones Media DVD 20928

愛我請說謊 = The Liar and his lover / 監督, 小泉德宏 ; 脚本, 吉田智子, 小泉德宏 ; 原作, 青木琴美
[Hong Kong] : Lei she qi ye you xian gong si, [2014]
"A love story between a famous 25-year-old songwriter, who keeps his identity hidden from the public, and a 16-year-old high school student who possesses a gifted voice."--IMDb.
Jones Media DVD 20775

所羅門的偽證. Solomon's perjury, part 1 / 監督, 成島出 ; 脚本, 真辺克彦. 前篇 =
On Christmas morning at Joto Daisan Junior High School, a student body was found on the ground below a high rooftop. Police concluded it was a suicide, but an accusatory letter sent the media into a frenzy. A group of the students must find out the truth of their classmate's death; if he was killed by someone or committed suicide. Group A class council member Fujino Ryoko suggested that a trial be held within the school to uncover the truth.
Jones Media DVD 20797

所羅門的偽證. Solomon's perjury, part 2 / 監督, 成島出 ; 脚本, 真辺克彦. 後篇 =
This is the part 2 of the movie Solomon's perjury. A boy is mysteriously found dead on Christmas Eve at a high school. Two suspects are found. One was a gang leader who is widely known for bullying many students and the other one was a bullying victim but has an ulterior motive that could be used against her. With the teachers, parents and authorities bringing very little to no help to the proceedings, the students led by Ryoko and Kambara unleash their own brand of justice by starting their own trial to uncover the truth and uphold justice for the victim(s).
Jones Media DVD 20798

知らないふたり / Nikkatsu ; So-net Entertainment ; 製作, 日活, ソネットエンタテインメント, アリオラジャパン ; エグゼクティブプロデューサー, 杉原晃史, 中野秀紀, 藤原俊輔 ; プロデューサー, 紀嘉久, Yan Sonju ; 脚本, 今泉力哉 ; 編集今泉力哉 ; 監督, 今泉力哉
[Tokyo] : hatsubaimoto, Nikkatsu Kabushiki Kaisha, 2016
Disc. 1: main movie (166 min.) -- disc. 2: bonus disc (49 min.).

"Reon (Ren) is a young Korean man. He avoids contact with other people and works as an apprentice shoemaker. One after, he sees a woman Sona (Hanae Kan) passed out and sleeping on a bench in the park. Reon doesn't know why, but he can't get her out of his mind. Meanwhile, Kokaze (Fumiko Aoyagi) works in the same shoe shop with Reon and has feelings for him"--AsianWiki.
Jones Media DVD 20922

参議院選挙の手引 : 平成28年 / 選挙制度研究会編
Baker Berry Japan KNX2506 .S265 2016

ある兵士の賭け / 制作著作: 株式会社石原プロモーション
[Tōkyō] : Pony Canyon Inc., [201-]
"U.S. Army Captain Clark Allen gains attention by walking back and forth, the length of Japan, gambling with U.S. servicemen in order to raise funds to rebuild an orphanage. Suspicious of Allen's motives, a Japanese newsman, Hiroshi Kitabayashi, traces the American's background until he discovers the motive behind Allen's long walk."--IMDb.
Jones Media DVD 20937

源平伝NEO / あかほりさとる原作 ; 漫画别天荒人
别天荒人, artist
Tōkyō : Kadokawa Shoten, 1999-2001
1. Ani to otōto -- 2. Shizuka to shino -- 3. Yoshitsune to shinjitsu -- 4. Tsukanoma no kyūsoku.
Baker Berry Japan PN6790.J34 G457 1999

女の子のための男装カルチャー誌 男の子より「カッコイイ!」を手に入れる
Tōkyō : Yūmeido, 2013
Baker Berry Japan TT504.6.J3 G38 2013