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סרט ערביה = فيلم عربي = Arabic movie / תסריט ובימוי איל שגיא ביזאוי, שרה צפרוןי ; הפקה אסנת טרבלסי
[Jerusalem] : Go2Films, [2015]
"So many Israelis still wax nostalgic about that old Friday afternoon ritual, back in the times when television had just one channel. Everyone would watch the Arab movie of the week, but did anybody ever wonder how Israel's official TV station was able to transcend hostile boundaries to obtain these films, and why it insisted on showing movies made by 'the enemy'? The Arabic-language movie from Egypt let some of us escape back to our original homeland, and let others peek out from our 'villa in the jungle' and catch a glimpse of our neighbors across the border. But most of us didn't really want to see the people whose culture, anguish, and aspirations were reflected on our screens. Arabic Movie brings us the stars and the songs, the convoluted plots, and that fleeting moment when we shared the same cultural heroes as everyone else in the Middle East. But this film about the richness and intensity of Egyptian cinema also raises some disturbing questions."--Container.
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עבודה ערבית / יוצר ותסריטאי, סייד קשוע ; יוצרי הסדרה, דניאל פארן, סייד קשוע, רוני ניניו, שי קפון ; מוסיקה, DAM ; צילום, עמוס כרמלי ; עריכה, רוני אייזמן
Israel : Dori Medyah Paran Hafaḳot : [2018?]
Disc 1: Episode 1: Shower -- Episode 2: Moving -- Episode 3: Dog -- Episode 4: Nightgown -- Episode 5: Building committee -- Disc 2: Episode 6: Purim -- Episode 7: Music -- Episode 8: Remembrance -- Episode 9: Civil guard -- Episode 10: Amjad suspects -- Disc 3: Episode 11: Tension in the south -- Episode 12: Swimming -- Episode 13: Amjad superstar.

"Amjad Alian, an Arab-Israeli journalist, and his family and friends return for a second season of this funny, provocative, and popular Israeli sitcom. Created by Sayed Kashua, a 32-year-old Israeli-born Palestinian journalist, Arab Labor offers a fresh perspective on Israeli-Palestinian cultural friction while presenting an unbelievably entertaining show that has made an international splash. About Season 2: One decent shower in a Jewish neighborhood is enough to make Amjad decide to upgrade his and his family's life and move from the Arab village to the wealthy Jewish neighborhood in western Jerusalem. In the new neighborhood, there's a great water flow, the garbage is cleaned 3 times a week, there are marked streets, a machine that cleans them, trees, gardens and best of all- no Arabs. Amjad, an Arab very well aware of his inferior status in the eye of his new neighbors, will do absolutely anything in order to win their affection and possibly get accepted by the average Israeli bourgeoisie. In every episode, he tries and retries to prove he is an inseparable part of his neighbors' life. He goes out of his way to please the neighbors, and, in his attempts, completely neutralizes his identity, culture, and nationality, sometimes at the expense of old ties from the village but at most times at the expense of his family members' mental health as they put up with his suspicious behavior. Poking fun at the cultural divide, Kashua and his characters play on religious, cultural and political differences to daringly depict the mixed society that is Israel. This show marked a milestone on Israeli television as the first program to present Palestinian characters speaking Arabic on primetime"--Distributor's website (http://www.go2films.com/Family-Social-issues/Arab-Labor-Second-Season?keyword=Arab+Labor (as viewed on 6/28/2012)).
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