Dutch Acquisitions during July 2018

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The past inside the present
Esther Tielemans ; authors, Maria Barnas, Hans den Hartog Jager
Eindhoven, The Netherlands : Onomatopee, [2017]
The river that flowed the wrong way = De rivier die de verkeerde kant opging / Maria Barnas -- 2017 -- 2017, 2016, 2015 -- 2015 -- 2014, 2012 -- 2012, 2011 -- 2011, 2010, 2008 -- 2008, 2007, 2005, 2003 -- 2003 -- The in-between = Tussen ruimte / Hans den Hartog Jager -- Works 2017-2003 -- Exhibitions and collections -- Colophon.

Art is artificial; it is a fake version of reality. The imagery of art represents, illustrates suggests and provides stillness -- it sharpens our perspectives and deepens the experience of reality. Esther Tielemans's work aligns opposites, like the two- and three-dimensional, the abstract and figurative, reality and artificiality. It forms an environment in which the experience of the new precedes the habitual of the familiar. The authors of this book, Maria Barnas and Hans den Hartog Jager, describe their findings in a personal, poetic and investigative manner; while being supported by art history references and other cultural phenomena. Their in-depth approach illustrates how this body of work lets our perpetual sense of reality slip as it invades our senses. Yet this extraordinary environment, that grounds the past in the present, is simultaneously undetermined as it feels close to our sense of particularity. Where we are is suddenly different from where we once were.
Sherman N6953.T54 A4 2017

Escher op reis = Escher's journey
Escher, M. C. 1898-1972, artist
[Zwolle] : WBOOKS, 2018
The Museum of Friesland brings M.C. Escher back to his hometown, Leeuwarden. In Escher's Journey, you can follow his development from a graphic designer to a world-famous artist. With more than eighty original prints, about twenty drawings, as well as various photographs and objects, visitors follow in the footsteps of this travel-mad graphic artist, who found inspiration for his most famous works in Italy, Switzerland, and Spain. The journey starts in the grey, flat Netherlands and takes you to the sun and mountains of the Mediterranean. Escher's love of travelling proved to be a determining factor in his artistic development. The sketches he made along the way were the inspiration for the masterpieces in which he manipulated reality years later. The exhibition ends with these iconic works that made Escher so famous and popular.
Sherman NE670.E75 A4 2018