Arabic Acquisitions during February 2018

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An Andalusian Arabic version of the four Gospels (Bayer. Staatsbibl., München, cod. Arab. 238)
edited by Hanna E. Kassis
Lovanii [Louvain, Belgium] : In aedibus Peeters, 2016
"Within one year of the conquest of Spania (AD 711), the Muslim conquerors struck coins, with legends in Latin, demonstrating the tenets of their faith: "In the Name of God; there is no deity other than God, Alone, without compeer." This proclamation was followed by a bilingual mint, drawn from the Qur'an: "He is God, Unique, God Everlasting, He who has not begotten, and who has not been begotten, and equal to Him is not any one" (Qur'an 112). Then solely in Arabic, the coins replaced the legend "Spania" with "al-Andalus." As the Christian population of Al-Andalus became increasingly arabicised, the need for translating their sacred scriptures into Arabic undoubtedly ensued. It is interesting to note that article 26 of the Fourth Council of Toledo (AD 633) had decreed that when priests were assigned to their districts (parishes), the bishops were to provide them each with a copy of the Gospels so that, having mastered the teachings of the Gospels, the priests would not err in the application of God's law and intent. An Arabic translation of the Scriptures--particularly the Gospels--would meet that requirement and satisfy a growing need of the priesthood and the faithful laity--non-conversant in Latin--to read and hear the sacred text in the language that they comprehended best."--
Baker Berry BR60.C5 A7 t.54

Mawt ṣaghīr
ʻAlwān, Muḥammad Ḥasan, 1979- author
Bayrūt, Lubnān : Dār al-Sāqī, 2017
Baker Berry PJ7914.L93 M39 2017

Sfāstīkā = Swastika : riwāyah
Ghadīr, ʻAlī, author
Baghdād : Suṭūr lil-Nashr wa-al-Tawzīʻ, 2017
Baker Berry PJ7926.H23 S43 2017