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Historia de la edición en Colombia 1738-1851
Rubio Hernández, Alfonso
Bogotá : Instituto Caro y Cuervo, 2017
Baker Berry Z213.C6 R935 2017

Manuscripts and methods : essays on editing and trasmission
Reeve, Michael D
Roma : Edizioni di storia e letteratura, 2011
Errori in autografi -- Stemmatic method : qualcosa che non funziona -- Da Madvig a Maas, con deviazioni -- Shared innovations, dichotomies, and evolution -- Archetypes -- Reconstructing archetypes : a new proposal and an old fallacy -- Misunderstanding marginalia -- Eliminatio codicum descriptorum : a methodological problem -- Manuscripts copied from printed books -- A proposal about Modestus, scriptor rei militaris -- A man on a horse -- Some applications of Pasquali's "criterio geografico" to 15th century latin manuscripts -- The rediscovery of classical texts in the Renaissance -- Classical scholarship in the Renaissance -- Inspecting the foundations : reflections on Lupus's edition of Livy I-X -- John Wallis, editor of Greek mathematical texts -- Gruppenarbeit an Handschriften -- Dust and fudge : manuscripts in Houseman's generation -- Cuius in usum? : Recent and future editing -- Editing classical texts with a computer : Hyginus's Astronomica.
Baker Berry Z113.3 .R44 2011