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Pathways to pacifism and antiwar activism among U.S. veterans : the role of moral identity in personal transformation
Hart, Julie Putnam, author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2017]
Identity theory -- Research methods -- The combat catalyst of identity change -- The betrayal catalyst of identity change -- The religious conviction catalyst of identity change -- The education catalyst of identity change -- Comparing activist veterans to non-activist veterans -- Renegotiating masculinity for antiwar veterans -- Findings.
Baker Berry UB357 .H37 2017

日米地位協定 : その歴史と現在 / 明田川融
明田川融, 1963- author
Tōkyō-to Bunkyō-ku : Misuzu Shobō, 2017
Baker Berry Japan UA26.J3 A438 2017

Military anthropology : soldiers, scholars and subjects at the margins of empire
McFate, Montgomery, author
Oxford, UK : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry U21.5 .M34 2018

Sleepwalking to Armageddon : the threat of nuclear annihilation
edited by Helen Caldicott
New York : The New Press, 2017
Twenty-first-century nuclear weaponry -- Assessing global catastrophic risk / Seth D. Baum -- Modernization of nuclear weaponry / Hans Kristensen -- Nuclear smoke and the climatic effects of nuclear war / Alan Robock -- Addicted to weapons / Bruce Gagnon -- The plutonium problem / Bob Alvarez -- Nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence / Max Tegmark -- Weapons scientists up close / Hugh Gusterson -- Twenty-first-century nuclear politics -- National politics versus national security / Noam Chomsky -- Escalation watch : four looming flashpoints facing President Trump / Michael Klare -- Nuclear politics / William Hartung -- Ignition points for global catastrophe / Richard Broinowski -- Nuclear weapons : how foreign hotspots could test Trump's finger on the trigger / Julian Borger -- The existential madness of Putin-bashing / Robert Parry -- The sudden German nuke flirtation / Ulrich Kühn -- Solutions -- Law and morality at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons / Ray Acheson -- A new movement to ban nuclear weapons / Tim Wright -- Don't bank on the bomb / Susi Snyder -- Nuclear weapons and possible human extinction : the heroic Marshall Islanders / David Krieger -- Persistent violence and silent suffering: Marshallese migrants in Washington State / Holly Barker -- Adding democracy to nuclear policy / Kennette Benedict.

With the worlds attention focused on climate change and terrorism, we are in danger of taking our eyes off the nuclear threat. But rising tensions between Russia and NATO, proxy wars erupting in Syria and Ukraine, a nuclear-armed Pakistan, and stockpiles of aging weapons unsecured around the globe make a nuclear attack or a terrorist attack on a nuclear facility arguably the biggest threat facing humanity. Sleepwalking to Armageddon, pioneering antinuclear activist Helen Caldicott assembles the worlds leading nuclear scientists and thought leaders to assess the political and scientific dimensions of the threat of nuclear war today. Chapters address the size and distribution of the current global nuclear arsenal, the history and politics of nuclear weapons, the culture of modern-day weapons labs, the militarization of space, and the dangers of combining artificial intelligence with nuclear weaponry, as well as a status report on enriched uranium and a shocking analysis of spending on nuclear weapons over the years.
Baker Berry U263 .S595 2017

Essence of desperation : counterinsurgency doctrine as the solution to war fighting failures
Riddle, Bryan, author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2018]
Analytical framework -- The opening act of U.S. counterinsurgency: the strategic hamlet program -- Iraq: the rebirth of counterinsurgency -- Afghanistan: COIN challenged and continued.

"This book examines how strategic narratives are produced, deployed, and legitimized to enable the capture of the geostrategic discursive space during times of war fighting failure. Using case studies, it examines the key actors and the deployment of key analogies that produce a narrative to overcome fragmentation during times of crisis"--
Baker Berry U162 .R53 2018

Indian national security
Ogden, Chris author
New Delhi, India : Oxford University Press, 2017
Baker Berry UA840 .O33 2017

La seguridad humana y la seguridad multidimensional a debate : vulnerabilidades, riesgos y amenazas en el mundo del siglo XXI
María Cristina Rosas (coordinadora)
Coyoacán, CDMX : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2017
Baker Berry UA10.5 .S44 2017