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Introduction to microwave imaging
Nikolova, Natalia K., author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Feldberg TK7876 .N55 2017

Cohetes de regocijo : una interpretación de la fiesta mexicana
Vázquez Mantecón, María del Carmen, author
México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2017
Baker Berry TP300 .V39 2017

Economics of offshore wind power : challenges and policy considerations
Poudineh, Rahmatallah, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Feldberg TK1541 .P68 2017

Anthropometric methods : designing to fit the human body
Roebuck, John A. 1929-
Santa Monica, CA, USA : Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, ©1995
Planning for measurements -- Devices and procedures for measurements -- Reporting data : statistical summary methods and presentations -- Forecasting and estimating -- Tools for applications -- Work space design and evaluation -- Design and evaluation of tools, controls, components, and equipment -- Clothing design and fit testing.
On Reserve at Feldberg TA166 .R62 1995

The flying carpet
Fabbri, Cesare, photographer
[London] : MACK, [2017]
The Flying Carpet is a collection of images taken by Cesare Fabbri in and around Emilia-Romagna and Sardegna, Italy, between 2005-15. The photographs affirm the simple magic of photography-as if it's thorough the image itself that we might discover something for the first time, something right before our eyes. "The camera," wrote Luigi Ghirri in the 1970s, "is a magical toy capable of bringing together the great and the small, illusion and reality, time and space." And indeed, in these photographs, we encounter a world of things re-animated as images, a silent world roused from its slumber? huts with painted, questioning eyes, an inquisitive mailbox peering over a fence, or an embroidered carpet lifting off in the breeze. 00Italian photographer Cesare Fabbri was born in Ravenna in 1971. He studied photography and urban planning at the IUAV in Venice. In 2007 he took part in the Stuttgart Biennale of Photography and Architecture and was shortlisted for the prize Atlante Italiano 007 organised by Museo MAXXI, Roma. With Silvia Loddo he founded in 2009 osservatorio fotografico, an experimental platform for research on photography. This is his first book.
Sherman TR655 .F326 2017

Object image
Tulloch, Sarah, artist,
[Hillsborough, NC] : Daylight Community Arts Foundation, [2016]
Sarah Tulloch: ObjectImage roots itself in album collections of the artist and others that are linked to the social tradition and history of documenting family. Through collage, Tulloch maintains a thread between past and future with her ability to form new connections within the image composition. The work continues to evolve including the use of contemporary newspaper images. Tulloch's use of photomontage allows her to re-focus the media, re-compose the image and ultimately re-find and re-purpose the photographic subject.
Sherman TR685 .T85 2016

Overspilling world : the photographs of Janet Sternburg
Sternburg, Janet, photographer,
Berlin : DISTANZ, [2016]
Can a still photograph embody living perception? Can it contain its abundance? Can photography, which is not a time-based medium, render ongoing flow? Can it do justice to this notion of an over-spilling world? To these questions, photographer Janet Sternburg (b. Boston, 1943; lives and works in Los Angeles and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico), a writer and philosopher as well as a photographer, says yes. Her work proves that photography can register the living perception that is our experience. Working without any optical or digital manipulation, and using the simplest of technical means-disposable and early iPhone cameras-she draws together the manifold aspects of the world on a single plane, portraying a vision of interpenetrating and layered time and space. 'Overspilling World' is Janet Sternburg's first monograph. With texts by Sternburg, art historian Pepe Karmel, photographer Catherine Opie, curator Alexandra von Stosch, and filmmaker-photographer Wim Wenders.
Sherman TR655 .S747 2016

Sustainable design through process integration : fundamentals and applications to industrial pollution prevention, resource conservation, and profitability enhancement
El-Halwagi, Mahmoud M., 1962- author
Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, [2017]
Feldberg TP155.7 .E44 2017

Fast food globalization in the provincial Philippines
Matejowsky, Ty, author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2018]
Fast food as global metaphor : sociocultural perspectives on fast food globalization 1970s-2010s -- Of burgers and bees : corporate fast food in the Philippines, 1980s-2010s -- A tale of two local fast food scenes : corporate fast food in Dagupan City, Pangasinan and San Fernando City, La Union 1980s-2010s -- The young and the hungry : fast food and children 2000s-2010s -- Jollibesity! : intersections of fast food, health, nutrition, and obesity 2000s-2010s.
Baker Berry TX910.P55 M38 2018

Smart grids : advanced technologies and solutions
Borlase, Stuart, editor
Boca Raton : Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, 2017
Feldberg TK3105 .S533 2017

Technology and isolation
Lawson, Clive, author
[Cambridge, United Kingdom] ; University of Cambridge, [2017]
Technology questions -- Technology : from obscurity to keyword -- Ontology and isolation -- Science and technology -- The sociality of artefacts -- Technological artefacts -- Technology and the extension of human capabilities -- Technology and instrumentalisation -- Technology and autism -- Technology, recombination and speed -- Marx, Heidegger and technological neutrality.

By reconsidering the theme of isolation in the philosophy of technology, and by drawing upon recent developments in social ontology, Lawson provides an account of technology that will be of interest and value to those working in a variety of different fields. Technology and Isolation includes chapters on the philosophy, history, sociology and economics of technology and contributes to such diverse topics as the historical emergence of the term 'technology', the sociality of technology, the role of technology in social acceleration, the relationship between Marx and Heidegger, and the relationship between technology and those with autism. The central contribution of the book is to provide a new ontology of technology. In so doing, Lawson argues that much of the distinct character of technology can be explained or understood in terms of the dynamic that emerges from technology's peculiar constitutional mix of isolatable and non-isolatable components.
Baker Berry T14 .L39 2017

Montreal, city of water : an environmental history
Dagenais, Michèle, 1957- author
Vancouver, British Columbia : UBC Press, [2017]
"Built within an exceptional watershed, Montreal is intertwined with the waterways that ring its island and flow beneath it in underground networks. Montreal, City of Water focuses on water not only as a physical element - both shaping and shaped by urban development - but also as a sociocultural component of the life of the city. This unique study considers how water has produced and transformed urban space over two centuries. It traces the history of Montreal's urbanization, shining a light on current concerns about water pollution, rehabilitation, and public access to the riverfront - and on the power relations involved in addressing them."--
Baker Berry TD227.Q42 D3413 2017

Complex networks : principles, methods and applications
Latora, Vito, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Feldberg T57.85 .L36 2017

Leo Matiz, el muralista de la lente : Siqueiros en perspectiva : a cien años de su nacimiento
Miguel Fernández Félix, coordinación general
Ciudad de México : Secretaría de Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes : 2017
¡Leo Matiz va, no espera...! / Miguel Ángel Flores Góngora -- Lenguajes y presencias, Leo Matiz y David Alfaro Siqueiros / Marcela González C.M., Miguel Ángel Esquivel B. -- Serie David Alfaro Siqueiros -- Serie Perro Rabioso -- Serie América Latina -- Serie Nuestra Imagen Actual -- Serie Víctor Arrevillaga -- Cronología Leo Matiz (1917-1998) -- Lista catalográfica.

Exhibition within the framework of the Mexico-Colombia Dual Year, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Leo Matiz (Leonet Matiz Espinoza, 1917-2017), the renowned Colombian photographer whose stay in Mexico, from 1941 to 1947, had a significant and far-reaching impact on the development of the Latin American photography. The exhibition consists of six photographic series by Matiz comprsing 81 photographs that make up the exhibition speak as presences of the conversations, the relationships and the exchange held not only with the artists of their time, but with the taste, the challenges, the adversity of involuntary circumstances and the canons of current aesthetics. the one that adhered; There was even a license to evoke resonances of religious painting or identifiable compositions in Renaissance Italian painting, or to refer to the formal transgressions that emanated from abstraction and constructivism found in the unrepeatable moments. The selection of works present in this exhibition forms the first part of a large corpus that, together with the one exhibited by the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts, show the technical expertise of the Colombian photographer, Leo Matiz; maker of images that reveal fundamental contributions to the aesthetic discourse of his time.
Sherman TR647 .M3783 2017

Flying cars, zombie dogs, and robot overlords : how world's fairs and trade expos changed the world
Pappas, Charles, 1956- author
Guilford, Connecticut : Lyons Press, [2017]
Introduction -- 1. Crystal ball -- 2. The lonely bones -- 3. What goes up ... -- 4. The piano lesson -- 5. Banana republic -- 6. The iron giant -- 7. From samurai to Sony -- 8. The Eiffel truth -- 9. Spin city -- 10. Where have all the cowboys gone? -- 11. Battered woman -- 12. The boom boom room -- 13. Invisible cities -- 14. Rubber soul -- 15. Guns 'n' hose -- 16. Wonder woman -- 17. The mild, mild West -- 18. Xmen: first class -- 19. Driving lessons -- 20. Good vibrations.

"Every time you chew a stick of Juicy Fruit, eat a hamburger, slip on a pair of nylons, plug your phone into a wall socket, flick on a TV, withdraw money from an ATM, lick an ice-cream cone, switch on a computer, ride an escalator, play a DVR, watch a movie about dinosaurs, or pop a tranquilizer, you're doing something that orginated at a World's Fair or trade expo. In fact, each new technology and every novel product that rocked America and ruled the world, from the Colt reolver and the Corvette to fax machines and flush toilets: a $100 billion industry that includes world expos, trade shows, and State Fairs. More than just promoting material things, however, trade fairs popularized and evangelized evey social movement and cultural concept, too, including manifest destiny, the closing of the frontier, nudism, Nazism, Fascism, eugenics, female suffrage, temperance, and technocracy."--Back cover.
Kresge Popular Science T395 .P275 2017

50 inventions that shaped the modern economy
Harford, Tim, 1973- author
New York : Riverhead Books, 2017
"In [this book], author and economist Tim Harford paints an epic yet intimate picture of economic change by telling the stories of the ideas, people, and tools that have had far-reaching and unexpected consequences for all of us. Drawing on his hugely popular BBC radio program and podcast ..., Harford expands on them with fascinating glimpses into the inventions that have transformed the ways, we work, play, and live. From the plow to artificial intelligence, from Gillette's disposable razor to IKEA's Billy bookcase, Harford recounts the memorable story of each invention and introduces us to the characters who developed them, profited from them, and were in some cases ruined by them."--Jacket.
Kresge Popular Science T15 .H343 2017

The grid : biography of an American technology
Cohn, Julie A., author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : The MIT Press, [2017]
The birth of the grid, 1899 to 1918 -- Contests for control, 1918-1934 -- Balancing reliability and economy, 1930-1940 -- Power transformations on the home front, 1935-1950 -- Nuances of control in an increasingly interconnected world, 1945-1965 -- Drifting "lazily" into synchrony, from blackout to grid, 1965-1967 -- Reaching maturity : integration, security, advanced technologies, 1965-1990 -- Deregulation and disaggregation, a brief overview, 1980-2015.
Feldberg TK3001 .C58 2017

Eulogio Nishiyama : fotografía Cusqueña : Siglo XX (1940-1980)
Carlos Nishiyama Andrade
Cusco, Perú : Gobierno Regional Cusco, 2015
Sherman TR650 .E95 2015

Feierabend = après le boulot = after work
Odermatt, Arnold, 1925- photographer
Göttingen, Germany : Steidl, 2016
Sherman Oversize TR654 .O3183 2016

Splinternet : how geopolitics and commerce are fragmenting the World Wide Web
Malcomson, Scott L., author
New York : OR Books, [2016]
The virtual reality of modern war. The people counters ; "Signaling is important as a weapon" ; Fire control ; "The engineer and his relation to government" ; The missile is the message ; Trails through the wilderness ; SAGE, MANIAC, and MAD -- Liberation technology. Geeks and bohemians ; Why California? ; "Machines of loving grace" ; The people's computer center ; The blind boys of Berkeley ; The return of the state -- Splinternet. Walled gardens full of money ; The back door ; Mr. Slippery -- Conclusion.
Baker Berry TK5105.888 .M35 2016

Tillmans, Wolfgang, 1968- photographer
Köln : Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2017
Sherman TR680 .T4938 2017

Electric powertrain : energy systems, power electronics and drives for hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles
Hayes, John G., 1964- author
Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, 2018
On Reserve at Feldberg TL220 .H39 2018

On the frontline
Meiselas, Susan, author,
New York, N.Y. : Aperture, 2017
The exchange -- El Pueblo -- History -- The interior.

Susan Meiselas, one of the most influential photographers of our time and an important contributor to the evolution of documentary storytelling, provides an insightful personal commentary on the trajectory of her career. Including photographs from her earliest work and most iconic, she guides us through her ideas, practices, and decision-making along her journey.
Sherman TR820.5 .M425 2017

Time's assignation
Letinsky, Laura, photographer
Santa Fe, NM : Radius Books, [2017]
"Chicago-based photographer Laura Letinsky (born 1962) used Polaroid Type 55 film as part of her working process until the film was discontinued in 2008, exploring focus, composition, exposure and light in black-and-white instant photographs as she worked up to the larger-scale color works for which she is best known. Like sketches, the photographs in this volume--small, slow and raw--reveal a process of asking. This way or that? More or less? Now or then? A Polaroid is a fugitive thing, beautiful in its decomposition, subject to change as much as the still life compositions of ripe fruits and nibbled foods that Letinsky arranges. Time's Assignation collects Polaroids taken by the photographer in her studio between 1997 and 2008, now stabilized, their high-key tones slipping into white veils and darker tones metallized in hues of taupe, gold and gunmetal gray. These photographs offer a record of Letinsky's working process, but are a compelling body of photographic work in their own right, exploring time's unrelenting progression in their subject matter and materiality."--Amazon.
Sherman TR655 .L469 2017

Domon ken : the master of Japanese realism = 土門拳 : the master of Japanese realism / catalogue edited by Rossella Menegazzo, Takeshi Fujimori, with assistance from Yuki Seli
Milano : Skira editore, 2017
The breadth and diversity of this Renaissance man?s oeuvre reveals untiring attention to and interest in the culture, art, faces, society, and politics of this country. With over 70,000 pictures taken between the 1920s and 1980s, Domon Ken is considered the supreme master of Japanese photography as well as the main exponent of realism as the only approach possible. Over the years he honed is craft, shifting from propaganda photography during the war to photography as a life?s mission, in search of his own Japan: a fascinating and silent Japan of ancient temples, Buddhist sculptures, puppet theaters (where he took refuge during the war); the seductive and expressive faces of celebrities alongside the modest ones of street urchins; the poorest Japan of mining villages; and finally his most disturbing and modern work, portraying Hiroshima and its unhealed wounds. 0 0Rosella Menegazzo is a professor of East Asian Art History at the University of Milan. Takeshi Fujimori is the artistic director of Ken Domon Museum of Photography, Sakata, Japan. 00Exhibition: Museo dell'Ara Pacis, Rome, Italy (27.05-18.09.2016).
Sherman TR140.D65 D65 2017

Tillmans, Wolfgang, 1968- artist,
London : Published by order of the Tate Trustees by Tate Publishing, a division of Tate Enterprises Ltd, 2017
Sherman TR647 .T465 2017

El daguerrotipo de Toledo
García Felguera, María de los Santos, author
Cuenca : Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, 2017
Sherman TR365 .G37 2017

Aristides Bertuol : o piloto da carretera n° 4
Mazzotti, Fabiano
Bento Gonçalves, RS : Fabiano Laércio Mazzotti, 2016
Baker Berry TL145 .M39 2016

São Borja e a arte de bem servir : banqueteiros, quituteiros e confeiteiros da cidade
Cabelleira, Mikita, author
Porto Alegre : Companhia Rio-grandense de Artes Gráficas (CORAG), 2014
Baker Berry TX716.B6 C213 2014

Firecrackers : female photographers now
Rogers, Fiona, author
London : Thames & Hudson, 2017
Introduction / Fiona Rogers -- Foreword: Travelling light / Max Houghton -- Ying Ang -- Evgenia Arbugaeva -- Behnaz Babazadeh -- Poulomi Basu -- Endia Beal -- Haley Morris-Cafiero -- Juno Calypso -- Natasha Caruana -- Scarlett Coten -- Bieke Depoorter -- Maria Gruzdeva -- Alma Haser -- Mayumi Hosokura -- Corinna Kern -- Katrin Koenning -- Anastasia Taylor-Lind -- Diana Markosian -- Diana Matar -- Chloe Dewe Mathews -- Zanele Muholi -- Aida Muluneh -- Anja Niemi -- Regine Petersen -- Jill Quigley -- Magda Rakita -- Lua Ribeira -- Mariela Sancari -- Laura El-Tantawy -- Newsha Tavakolian -- Sanne de Wilde -- Cemre Yesil -- Yunya Yin -- Chen Zhe.

"There are many outstanding female photographers working today, yet the photographic industry continues to be a male-dominated world. Established in 2011, Firecracker (fire-cracker.org) is an online platform dedicated to supporting female photographers worldwide by showcasing their work in a series of monthly, online gallery features; by organizing events; and by awarding an annual grant to enable a female photographer to fund a project. Building on Firecracker's foundations, this book brings together the work of more than thirty of the most talented contemporary female photographers from around the world. Each profile explores the photographer's creative practice, illustrated by photographs that showcase a key project in her career, and a selection that offers a wider view of her work. The images encompass an eclectic variety of styles, techniques, and locations--from German Alma Haser's futuristic series of portraits that use origami to create 3D sculptures within the frame, to Egyptian Laura El-Tantawy's filmic and intensely personal series on political protest in Cairo. With more than 300 photographs, Firecrackers is a celebration of some of the most inquisitive, stylish, and daring photography being made today." -- Publisher's website
Sherman TR655 .R643 2017

Kashef Chowdhury : Dhaka: memories or lost
Chowdhury, Kashef, photographer
Zurich : Scheidegger & Spiess, [2017]
Upon setting foot in Dhaka, it becomes clear that this is a city steeped in history. One of the oldest settlements in Bangladesh, it is today among the largest cities in the world, and rapid, often unplanned, urbanization has vastly outpaced sustainability, threatening the historic buildings and communities that make up the city?s cultural soul. But, despite bursting at the seams, Dhaka?s six centuries of history are still visible if we are to look carefully in the shadows of the tall buildings, in the spaces between the speeding cars.00Dhaka-based Kashef Chowdhury?s camera captures a record of the capital city?of the local character that may soon be lost due to urban development. In Chowdhury?s photographs, a woman hangs sheets of polythene to dry and resell, a blind man sings mystic love songs. Other photographs reflect Dhaka?s state of social and cultural flux, like an image of weary night-shift workers returning from work in a wholesale market in the late morning or of the barely visible side lights of a truck concealed to prevent theft. Chowdhury is one of South Asia?s most renowned architects, and 'Dhaka: Memories or Lost' constitutes his deeply personal tribute to the city.
Sherman Oversize TR655 .C553 2017

Species and machines : the human subjugation of nature
Hudson, Martyn, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Baker Berry T14.5 .H8335 2018