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Investigation of sugar cane vigor with aerial photography in Puerto Rico
Johnson, Philip L
Hanover, N.H. : U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory ; 1965
Library Depository SB608.S9 J66 1965

Fresh from the garden : an organic guide to growing vegetables, berries, and herbs in cold climates
Whitman, John, 1944- author
Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, [2017]
Part I. The Basics of Growing Vegetables, Berries, and Herbs -- Where to Plant -- Planting Seed in the Garden -- Starting Vegetables from Seed Indoors (Transplanting) -- Caring for Vegetables, Berries, and Herbs -- Propagation -- Solving Growing Problems -- Harvesting and Culinary Uses -- Tools, Materials, and Gardening Aids -- Part II. Vegetables, Berries, and Herbs.

"Fresh is simply best. To get the tastiest, most nutritious produce, you have to grow your own, and in a cold climate this presents unique challenges. Fresh from the Garden will help you extend the growing season to produce the best vegetables, berries, and herbs, right in your own backyard. The guide includes more than 150 edible plants and helps you decide which varieties to choose; where and how to plant, tend, and harvest them; and what to do with your bounty. Fresh from the Garden is a clear, concise guide, with nutrition information tables and hundreds of helpful color photographs. Drawing on more than fifty years of gardening--and nearly as many years writing on the subject--John Whitman describes various methods of planting to make the most of different sites, whether in containers, raised beds, or on level ground, and takes into consideration the abbreviated growing season and longer summer days. He discusses the merits of starting from seed indoors or outdoors, the making and uses of compost, and measures for keeping a garden healthy, from mulching and fertilizing to crop rotation and winter protection. Included in his wealth of knowledge is a generous listing of more than 1,700 varieties of vegetables, berries, and herbs, from the best known to the highly unusual, including hybrid and heirloom varieties. He covers the specifics of cultivation, nutritional values, storage techniques, and culinary usage. Dedicated to organic practices, for the health of gardener and garden alike, the information and advice in Fresh from the Garden will enrich the experience of cold climate gardeners,"--Amazon.com.
On Reserve at Dana SB453.5 .W52 2017

Where the wild coffee grows : the untold story of coffee from the cloud forests of Ethiopia to your cup
Koehler, Jeff, author
New York, NY : Bloomsbury USA, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
Coffee is our bread -- Part one: In the forest -- Sown by the birds -- Island Ethiopia -- The kingdom of Kafa -- The last king of Kafa -- Origins -- Gift for king and country -- Part two: Out of the forest -- Coffee aethiopica -- City of saints -- Out of Arabia -- Beyond waves -- La roya -- Impoverished -- Part three: Back into the forest -- Collecting -- Ex situ -- Geisha -- A matter of degrees -- In situ -- Sacrifices.

"Coffee is one of the largest and most valuable commodities in the world. This is the story of its origins, its history, and the threat to its future, by the IACP Award-winning author of Darjeeling. Located between the Great Rift Valley and the Nile, the cloud forests in southwestern Ethiopia are the original home of Arabica, the most prevalent and superior of the two main species of coffee being cultivated today. Virtually unknown to European explorers, the Kafa region was essentially off-limits to foreigners well into the twentieth century, which allowed the world's original coffee culture to develop in virtual isolation in the forests where the Kafa people continue to forage for wild coffee berries. Deftly blending in the long, fascinating history of our favorite drink, award-winning author Jeff Koehler takes readers from these forest beginnings along the spectacular journey of its spread around the globe. With cafés on virtually every corner of every town in the world, coffee has never been so popular--nor tasted so good. Yet diseases and climate change are battering production in Latin America, where 85 percent of Arabica grows. As the industry tries to safeguard the species' future, breeders are returning to the original coffee forests, which are under threat and swiftly shrinking. "The forests around Kafa are not important just because they are the origin of a drink that means so much to so many," writes Koehler. "They are important because deep in their shady understory lies a key to saving the faltering coffee industry. They hold not just the past but also the future of coffee."" -- Book jacket
Baker Berry SB269 .K64 2017

The midcentury modern landscape
Clarke, Ethne, author
Layton, Utah : Gibbs Smith, 2017
"The Midcentury Modern Landscape explores the origins of midcentury modern garden design for the home, revealing how designers at the time blurred the divisions between indoors and outdoors, creating gardens that were for living, a style that went on to inspire contemporary gardens around the world. The Midcentury Modern Landscape is a fresh guide for those seeking bold approaches to redefine their outdoor space, or wishing to learn more about the history of mid century modern aesthetics."--Publisher's website.
Sherman SB473 .C625 2017

Somatic embryogenesis : fundamental aspects and applications
Victor M. Loyola-Vargas, Neftalí Ochoa-Alejo, editors
Switzerland : Springer Verlag, 2016
Somatic Embryogenesis. An Overview -- The History of Somatic Embryogenesis -- The Many Ways of Somatic Embryo Initiation -- Transcriptome Profile of Somatic Embryogenesis -- Transcription Factors in the Regulation of Somatic Embryogenesis -- Epigenetic Advances in Somatic Embryogenesis in Sequenced Genome Crops -- The Current Status of Proteomic Studies in Somatic Embryogenesis -- Plant Fidelity in Somatic Embryogenesis-Regenerated Plants -- The Relationship Between Stress and Somatic Embryogenesis -- The role of the auxins during somatic embryogenesis -- Somatic embryogenesis in Arabidopsis -- Maize Somatic Embryogenesis: Agronomic Features for Improving Crop Productivity -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Annatto (Bixa orellana L.) -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Capsicum spp. -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Coffea spp. -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Agave spp. -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Agave: an overview -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Cocos nucifera L. -- Somatic embryogenesis for more effective breeding and deployment of improved varieties in Pinus spp.: bottlenecks and recent advances -- Direct and indirect somatic embryogenesis in mango ginger (Curcuma amada Roxb.) -- Somatic Embryogenesis in Banana, Musa ssp. -- Somatic embryogenesis in Jatropha curcas -- The Uses of Somatic Embryogenesis for Genetic Transformation -- Somatic embryogenesis in Temporary Immersion Bioreactors -- Application of Somatic Embryogenesis to Secondary Metabolite-Producing Plants -- Histology and Histochemistry of Somatic Embryogenesis -- Laser Assisted Microdissection to Study Global Transcriptional Changes During Plant Embryogenesis.
Dana Reserve SB118.46 .S66 2016

The future of conservation in America : a chart for rough water
Machlis, Gary E., author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Totality: a foreword / Terry Tempest Williams -- Watershed -- An enduring responsibility -- A chart for rough water -- Strategies for the future of conservation -- Toward a unified vision -- Resilience.
Baker Berry S930 .M13 2018

Big pig, little pig : a tale of two pigs in France
Yallop, Jacqueline, author
[London] : Fig Tree, 2017
When Jacqueline moves to south-west France with her husband, she embraces rural village life and buys two pigs to rear for slaughter. But as she gets to know the animals better, her English sentimentality threatens to get in the way and she begins to wonder if she can actually bring herself to kill them. This is a memoir about that fateful decision, but it's also about the ethics of meat eating in the modern age, and whether we should know, respect and even love the animals we eat. At its heart, this book is a love story, exploring the increasing attachment of the author for her particular pigs, and celebrating the enduring closeness of humans and pigs over the centuries.
Baker Berry SF395.4 .Y35 2017

Tiny taxonomy
Elkin, Rosetta Sarah, author,
New York : Actar Publishers, [2017]
Sherman SB472 .E45 2017