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Honey : a global history
Long, Lucy M., 1956- author
London, UK : Reaktion Books Ltd, 2017
Introduction -- Honey's sweet history -- Busy as a bee : honey production and harvesting -- Main course and dessert : honey as food -- The nectar of the gods : honey as drink -- Honey for health and healing -- Honey as art and symbol in folk and popular culture -- The future of honey.

"Honey is now thought of mostly as a sweetener, but in its long history around the world, it has been treated as a food, tonic, medicine and preservative. It was also used in religious rituals as a sacred food from the gods. And its creators - bees - are vital to the pollination of wild plants as well as many domesticated crops. Lucy M. Long explores the fascinating history of honey, tracing its use and meanings through numerous cultures and demonstrating how this seemingly simple substance is connected to politics, religion, economics, popular culture and beliefs about the natural and supernatural world"--Publisher's website.
Baker Berry SF539 .L66 2017

Rivers, fish, and the people : tradition, science, and historical ecology of fisheries in the American West
edited by Pei-Lin Yu
Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2015]
Structure of a resource : biology and ecology of Pacific salmon in the Columbia River Basin / Stephen J. Grabowski -- Assessing the potential impacts of natural events on the Holocene productivity of anadromous fish populations in Western Idaho / Mark G. Plew and Stacey Guinn -- Scale and organization in traditional salmon fishing : insights from ancient technology of the Upper Columbia River / Pei-Lin Yu and Jackie M. Cook -- Recognizing the archaeological signatures of resident fisheries : considerations from the Pend Oreille Basin / Kevin J. Lyons -- Intensification of secondary resources along the Lower Spokane River and the role of Margaritifera falcata, the western pearlshell / Jason M. Jones -- Fire, floodplains, and fish : the historic ecology of the Lower Cosumnes River Watershed / Michelle L. Stevens and Emilie M. Zelazo -- At the intersection of ecology, history, and evolution : archaeological and ethnographic perspectives on fishing in North America's interior Northwest / Anna Marie Prentiss.
Baker Berry SH221.5.N65 R58 2015

Sports betting and bookmaking : an American history
Lang, Arne K., author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2016]
Leonard Jerome : the towering pillar of the horsey set -- Saratoga and Jerome Park : the fountainheads -- Pool sellers, bookmakers, and pari-mutuels -- Off-track betting : the poolroom scene -- New York's racetrack-building boom -- Bookmakers and their modus operandi -- Tipsters and touts -- Big plungers and outlaws -- The reformers crank up the heat -- Racetracks in the crosshairs -- New York racing : feast and famine -- The good-bye years -- Reanimation -- A verdant depression -- A side trip to the Windy City -- Mid-century reformers : La Guardia, Kefauver, and Kennedy -- The tax man cometh -- Multiple-horse wagering takes flight -- Pro football corrodes the racing game -- New York welcomes OTB -- A side trip to old Nevada -- Simulcasting -- Lotteries, casinos, and racinos -- Offshore and online -- Whales -- Pushing the envelope.

Lang provides a sweeping overview of legal and illegal sports and race betting in the United States, from the first thoroughbred meet at Saratoga in 1863 through the modern day. The cultural war between bookmakers and their adversaries is a recurring theme, as bookmakers were often forced into the shadows during times of social reform, only to bloom anew when the time was ripe. While much of bookmaking's history takes place in New York, other locales such as Chicago, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City--not to mention Cyberspace--are also discussed in this volume.
Baker Berry SF332 .L36 2016

The Kruger National Park : a social and political history
Carruthers, Jane
Pietermaritzburg : University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 1995
Baker Berry SB484.S5 C37 1995

Pequeños paraísos : el espíritu de los jardines
Satz, Mario, author
Barcelona : Acantilado, 2017
Baker Berry SB470.7 .S289 2017

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