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Rubens : portraits after existing prototypes
Jonckheere, Koenraad, author
London : Harvey Miller Publishers, [2016]
Rubens was mesmerised by faces. He studied physiognomy, the pseudo-science that began making headway in the sixteenth century, which postulated that a person's character could be read from their facial features. He made geometrical analyses of the faces of ancient emperors and heroes. He invested a great deal of time in detailed anatomical studies, sometimes based on nature, and equally often on antique busts and coins. At times it seems as though the master wanted to know and understand every nook and cranny of the human face. To this end he studied man himself and the way in which the ancients dealt with nature. His best portrait copies, thus, are not strictly copies but rather studies in which art history, craftsmanship, literature and theory merge into an emulation of art and nature. They are works in which the artist was looking for what ultimately captivated him the most: man in all of his myriad facets, and the perspectives art afforded to better understand man.
Sherman ND673.R9 C63 pt.19.4

Justus Sadeler
Isabelle De Ramaix and Miriam West
[Norwalk, Conn.] : Abaris Books, [2016]
Sherman NE90 .B213 v.73 pt.2 suppl

Indigenous archives : the making and unmaking of Aboriginal art
edited by Darren Jorgensen and Ian Mclean
Crawley, Western Australia : UWA Publishing, 2017
The archive is a source of power. It takes control of the past, deciding which voices will be heard and which won't, how they will be heard and for what purposes. Indigenous archivists were at work well before the European Enlightenment arrived and began its own archiving. Sometimes at odds, other times not, these two ways of ordering the world have each learned from, and engaged with, the other. Colonialism has been a struggle over archives and its processes as much as anything else. The eighteen essays by twenty authors investigate different aspects of this struggle in Australia, from traditional Indigenous archives and their developments in recent times to the deconstruction of European archives by contemporary artists as acts of cultural empowerment. It also examines the use of archives developed for other reasons, such as the use of rainfall records to interpret early Papunya paintings. Indigenous Archives is the first overview of archival research in the production and understanding of Indigenous culture. Wide-ranging in its scope, it reveals the lively state of research into Indigenous histories and culture in Australia.
Sherman N7401 .I47 2017

Gluck : art and identity
edited by Amy de la Haye and Martin Pel
New Haven : Yale University Press, 2017
Gluck : A Life in Art / Gill Clarke -- You/We / Diana Souhami -- Souvenirs of Gluck : A Collection of the Mundane? / Martin Pel -- The Individualist Artist : Gluck and Modern British Art / Simon Martin -- Exhibiting Gluck : Gluck and The Fine Art Society / Andrew McIntosh Patrick and Amy de la Haye -- Dressing the Part : The Artist Gluck and Masculine Dress / Elizabeth Wilson -- Absent Dress : A Dress Historical Analysis of Gluck's Adult Dressed Appearances / Amy de la Haye -- Exhibiting a Life : Gluck, Dressed Appearance and the Biographic Object / Jeffrey Horsley.

"Hannah Gluckstein (who called herself Gluck; 1895-1976) was a distinctive, original voice in the early evolution of modern art in Britain. This handsome book presents a major reassessment of Gluck'slife and work, examining, among other things, the artist's numerous personal relationships and contemporary notions of gender and social history. Gluck's paintings comprise a full range of artistic genres--still life, landscape, portraiture--as well as images of popular entertainers. Financially independent and somewhat freed from social convention, Gluck highlighted her sexual identity, cutting her hair short and dressing as a man, and the artistis known for a powerful series of self-portraits that played with conventions of masculinity and femininity. Richly illustrated, this volume is a timely and significant contribution to gender studies and to the understanding of a complex and important modern painte"--
Sherman ND497.G57 G59 2017

Pereira, Priya, book artist
[Mumbai, India] : Pixie Bks, [2008]
"This book serves to highlight the techniue of punishment also kown as writing "lines" in school. It monitors the numbing process of the mind. What starts innocuously as a repetition of a line gradually degenerates into an exhaustion of the words carelessly looping and sloping, and finally exhibiting the physical and mental blurring of the intellect. Which is exactly what an imposition sets out to do"--Colophon.
Sherman Special N7433.4.P46 I66 2008

Raymond Pettibon : a pen of all work
Pettibon, Raymond, 1957- artist,
London : Phaidon Press Limited ; 2017
Director's foreword / Lisa Phillips -- A Raymond Pettibon notebook: word (nec)romancer / Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer -- Speaking in tongues: an interview with Raymond Pettibon / Massimiliano Gioni -- Neither Daumier nor Disney: Raymond Pettibon's early work / Benjamin H.D. Buchloh -- Playing both sides / Lynne Tillman -- Speaks volumes / Gary Carrion-Murayari -- Jealous again B/W small songs do not take care of it! / Frances Stark -- Text fragments -- Scripts -- Zines.

This thorough, multifaceted assessment of Raymond Pettibon's entire career to date includes nearly 700 images, contributions from important figures in the art-historical and cultural fields, and a recent interview with the artist. Beginning with childhood drawings, the book moves through to his mature work, which embraces both high and low culture.
Sherman Oversize NC1429.P49 A4 2017

A new American sculpture, 1914-1945 : Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach
edited by Andrew J. Eschelbacher ; essays by Andrew J. Eschelbacher, Michaela R. Haffner, Ronald Harvey, Shirley Reece-Hughes, Roberta K. Tarbell
Portland, Maine : Portland Museum of Art ; ©2017
This is the first publication to situate the individual contributions of Gaston Lachaise, Robert Laurent, Elie Nadelman, and William Zorach into a compelling constellation of artists with shared aesthetic and social concerns. Although each European-born, American artist cultivated his own distinct style, their creative priorities were all deeply rooted in quiet composition, synthetic approaches to anatomy, and architectural unity of curves and volume. At a time when abstract forms were popular, Lachaise, Laurent, Nadelman, and Zorach were all ultimately in favor of maintaining the integrity of the human body to explore modernist styles. This handsome book underscores their unrelenting search for a novel American visual tradition at the intersection of modernism, historic visual culture, and contemporary popular imagery. Exhibition: Portland Museum of Art, Portland, USA (26.05-03.09.2017); Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, USA (17.02-13.05.2018).
Sherman NB212 .N49 2017

Chromaphilia : the story of color in art
Paul, Stella, author
London ; Phaidon Press, 2017
Introduction -- Earth colors -- Red -- Blue -- Purple -- Gold -- Yellow -- Green -- White -- Gray -- Black -- Coda -- Glossary.

Unlock the secrets of colour - learn how and why it has been used in art over the centuries This vibrant and compelling book uses 240 artworks as case studies to tell the story of ten individual colours or colour groups. It explores the history and meaning of each colour in art, highlighting fascinating tales of discovery and artistic passion, and offering easily accessible explanations of the science and theory behind specific colours. From Isaac Newton's optics to impressionist theory, from the dynamics of Josef Albers to the contemporary metaphysics of Olafur Eliasson, this book shows how colour paints our world.
Sherman N7432.7 .P38 2017

Ebrahim Alkazi : directing art : the making of a modern Indian art world
edited by Parul Dave-Mukherji ; with contributions by Amal Allana and five others
New Delhi, India : Art Heritage in association with Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad, India, 2016
An exploration of the life and work of Ebrahim Alkazi -While most treatises on his work focus on his involvement with theater, this volume takes an in-depth look at Alkazi's extensive engagement with the arts, as well as how his work reflects on his family, and the post-colonial scene in India -Contains 400 color illustrations, including those of art exhibited at Art Heritage gallery, previously unpublished The doyen of India's art and theater scenes, Ebrahim Alkazi has been credited with garnering worldwide visibility for Indian art. Ebrahim Alkazi: Directing Art explores how his unique way of locating Indian art within a broader framework led to several formal engagements with artists such as MF Husain, FN Souza, SH Raza, Gieve Patel, and Anish Kapoor, among others. This volume brings together over 400 paintings, many of them exhibited at Art Heritage, and previously unpublished. They chase Alkazi's landmark exhibitions of European modern art in 1954, a result of his and his wife Roshen's passionate engagement with contemporary artistic production. Featuring several conversations and essays, Directing Art provides a context for the Alkazis' participation in the evolution of a transnational history of modernism, and their long association with the Progressive Artists Group. Also included is an intimate portrayal by Amal Allana, Alkazi's daughter, who talks of her father's passion for art and theater, his revolutionary multi-disciplinary style, and the bohemian world of Mumbai's post-colonial art scene. A chronicle of the remarkable life and work of Ebrahim Alkazi, Directing Art is an invaluable education in Indian art.
Baker Berry Oversize NX576.A1 E27 2016

American furniture : 1650 to the present
Fitzgerald, Oscar P., author
Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
The Jacobean period : joiners and cabinetmakers in the new world -- William and Mary : the years of transition -- Queen Anne : the line of beauty -- The Chippendale style -- Furniture of the federal period -- American empire -- Windsor chairs -- Country furniture : New England -- Southern furniture -- Furniture of rural Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Mid-West -- Shaker furniture : the gift to be simple -- Victorian furniture : gothic and rococo revivals -- Victorian furniture : the Renaissance revival -- Eastlake, the aesthetic movement, and the colonial revival -- American mission furniture and the arts & crafts movement : 1900-1915 -- Traditional revivals for a conservative public -- Modern furniture, 1920-1941 : is it here to stay? -- America takes the lead : mid-century modern, 1950s and 1960s -- Post-modern and avant-garde furniture since 1975 -- Studio furniture and furniture as art -- Connoisseurship of American furniture.
Sherman NK2405 .F58 2018

'The cloud-capped towers' : Shakespeare in Soane's architectural imagination
Frances Sands, Alison Shell, Stephanie Coane, Emmeline Leary
London : Sir John Soane's Museum, [2016]
Architectural responses to Shakespeare in the Georgian period / Frances Sands -- John Soane, Bardolator / Alison Shell -- 'My library was dukedom enough': Shakespeare in Sir John Soane's librayr / Stephanie Coane -- At the play: Soane's experience of Shakespeare in the theatre 1794-1820 / Emmeline Leary.
Sherman NA997.S7 A4 2016

Leonardo da Vinci : the "Virgin of the rocks" in the Cheramy version : its history & critical fortune
Carlo Pedretti ; with the assistance of Sara Taglialagamba
Poggio a Caiano (Prato) : CB edizioni, [2017]
Sherman ND623.L5 L426 2017

Arthur Singer : the wildlife art of an American master
Singer, Paul, 1946- author
Rochester, New York : RIT Press, [2017]
Arthur B. Singer was an American wildlife artist specializing in bird illustration. In a career spanning five decades, he illustrated more than 20 books, including his masterpiece, Birds of the World, as well as classic bird guides: Birds of North America, Birds of Europe, and The Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe. Singer joined the U.S. Army in 1942 and was assigned to Company C of the 603rd Camouflage Engineers. As a member of unit, known as the "Ghost Army," Singer along with other artists, created camouflage and other forms of deception on the battlefields of Europe. Upon his return to the U.S., he worked briefly in an advertising agency and became a full-time illustrator and artist in 1955. During the 1980s, assisted by his son, Alan, Singer's paintings of state birds were seen by millions when the U.S. Postal Service issued the State Birds & Flowers postage stamps. The stamps became one of the largest selling commemoratives in U.S. Postal history. He received the Hal Borland Award in 1985 from the National Audubon Society. His paintings are represented in several public and private collections in the United States and Europe. Since his death in 1990, retrospectives of Singer's artwork have been presented in several museums and art galleries across the U.S.
Sherman N6537.S558 S56 2017

Historia del arte vasco : de la Guerra Civil a nuestros días (1936-2016)
Viar, Javier, author
Bilbao : Bilboko Arte Ederren Museoa-Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, 2017
Sherman N7109.B3 V53 2017

Abraham de Bruijn
Bruyn, Abraham de, approximately 1538-1587?, artist
Ouderkerk aan den IJssel : Sound & Vision Publishers, in co-operation with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, [2017]
Sherman NE674.B77 A4 2017

Espacio gráfico, visibilidad y tránsito cavernario : el uso de las cavidades con arte paleolítico en la Región Cantábrica = Graphic space, visibility and cave transit : the use of caves with Palaeolithic art in the Cantabrian region
Ochoa, Blanca, author
Oxford : BAR Publishing, 2017
Sherman N5310.5.S7 O24 2017

Queer threads : crafting identity and community
Chaich, John, author
[Los Angeles, California] : Ammo, [2017]
Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community showcases twenty-nine artists who are moving through the narrow space that is gay or straight, biological or social, craft and fine art and doing so explicitly through their work in fiber and textile. Loaded with gender connotations and power hierarchies, fiber-based handicrafts such as crochet, embroidery, knitting, macrame, quilting, and sewing provide a fitting platform for examining tastes, roles, and relationships socialized within and around gay and lesbian culture, as well as our reactions to the traditional home and cultures in which we were raised. This book evolves from an exhibition of the same name, that John Chaich curated in 2014 at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art in New York City, the first dedicated LGBTQ art museum in the world with a mission to exhibit and preserve LGBTQ art and foster the artists who create it. While other recent, high-profile fiber and textile exhibitions have featured several of the artists in Queer Threads, the Leslie-Lohman exhibition marked the first time these works were shown together to specifically examine the works queerness. To further examine how queerness informs each featured artist's work in fiber and textiles, or vice versa, this book features interviewers from the worlds of music, fashion, media, dance, museums, and scholarship who are makers and thinkers themselves, many members of the queer community if not powerful allies. The resulting dialogues are as fun, challenging, personal, and universal as the ideas in the works discussed.
Sherman NK8801.N4 L4734 2017

Architecture and the Turkish city : an urban history of Istanbul since the Ottomans
Gül, Murat, author
London ; I.B. Tauris, 2017
Architecture and urban planning have always been used by political regimes to stamp their ideologies upon cities, and this is especially the case in the modern Turkish Republic. By exploring Istanbul's modern architectural and urban history, Murat Gül highlights the dynamics of political and social change in Turkey from the late Ottoman period until today. Looking beyond pure architectural styles or the physical manifestations of Istanbul's cultural landscape, he offers critical insight into how Turkish attempts to modernise have affected both the city and its population. Charting the diverse forces evident in Istanbul's urban fabric, the book examines late Ottoman reforms, the Turkish Republic's turn westward for inspiration, Cold War alliances and the AK Party's reaffirmation of cultural ties with the Middle East and the Balkans. Telltale signs of these moments - revivalist architecture drawing on Ottoman and Seljuk styles, 1930s Art Deco, post-war International Style buildings and the proliferation of shopping malls, luxurious gated residences and high-rise towers, for example - are analysed and illustrated in extensive detail. Connecting this rich history to present-day Istanbul, whose urban development is characterised anew by intense social stratification, the book will appeal to researchers of Turkey, its architecture and urban planning.
Sherman NA1370 .G757 2017

Positive energy homes : creating passive houses for better living
Brimblecombe, Robin, author
Clayton, Vic. CSIRO Publishing, 2017
A guide to how positive energy living can be achieved, through homes that power themselves and empower their occupants. Positive energy homes enable people to live healthy and comfortable lives with energy left over to share. Creating a house you love that produces surplus energy is surprisingly easy with a thorough understanding of how buildings work and careful attention to detail in construction. The Passive House standard, with its well-proven track record, forms the basis for creating positive energy homes. This book explores the Passive House 'fabric first' approach, as well as the science and practicalities of effective ventilation strategies, smart options for heating and cooling, daylight harvesting, and efficient lighting and appliances. Positive Energy Homes provides home owners world-wide, architects and builders with an understanding of the principles and technical details of building these houses.
Sherman NA2542.3 .B756 2017

Re/escrituras da arte contemporânea : história, arquivo e mídia
Arantes, Priscila, author
Porto Alegre : Editora Sulina, [2015]
Sherman N6655 .A74 2015

San Zeno : le porte bronzee = the bronze doors
testi di Fabio Coden e Tiziana Franco ; fotografie di BAMSphoto
Sommacampagna (VR) : Cierre edizioni, [2017]
Sherman NB1287.V4 S26 2017

Mel Bochner : Voices
Bochner, Mel, 1940- artist
New York, NY : Peter Freeman, Inc., [2017]
Mel Bochner (b. 1940) is recognized as one of the leading figures in the development of Conceptual art in New York in the 1960s and 1970s. He pioneered the introduction of the use of language in the visual, probing the way they relate to one another to make us more attentive to the unspoken codes that underpin our visual engagement with the world. Featuring color plates of more than thirty new, previously unpublished paintings, and accompanied by an essay by Jeremy Sigler, this handsome publication offers a new perspective on Mel Bochner's career-long engagement with language and painting. Sigler points to how Bochner's newest images poignantly signal a return to visceral materiality, revealing the unexpected painterly roots of his body of work.
Sherman N6537.B578 A4 2017

Line into color, color into line : Helen Frankenthaler, paintings 1962-1987
Frankenthaler, Helen, 1928-2011
Beverly Hills : Gagosian Gallery, 2016
"Showcasing eighteen of Frankenthaler s paintings, dating from 1962 to 1987, this book highlights the diverse relationship between drawing and painting evident in the artist's work. The book includes colour plates of all 18 works, as well as nine double-page spread details. Never-before-published documentary material appears throughout along with texts by John Elderfield, Francine Prose, and Carol Armstrong." -- Provided by publisher.
Sherman Oversize ND237.F675 A4 2016

Canaletto & the art of Venice
Razzall, Rosie, author
London : Royal Collection Trust, 2017
The Royal Collection has one of the largest and finest collections of Venetian art from the first half of the eighteenth century. It includes paintings, prints and drawings by Canaletto himself, as well as those of his contemporaries, such as Sebastiano and Marco Ricci, Antonio Visentini, Francesco Zuccarelli and Giovanni Battista Piazzetta. These artists were patronised by Consul Smith and their works were later purchased by George III. This lavishly illustrated catalogue marks the first time that the rich holdings of eighteenth-century Venetian art in the Royal Collection will have been brought together, and focuses on presenting these extraordinary works against the background of the social and artistic networks of the period. Whilst displaying and analysing the brilliant works of Canaletto himself, including his cityscapes, capriccios and paintings of architecture, this catalogue also discusses the intimate interior of Venetian life, explores the links between artists and the theatre in Venice at this time and looks at Venice as a centre for printmaking and book production.
Sherman ND623.C2 A4 2017

Ordine e bizzarria : il Rinascimento di Marcello Fogolino
Fogolino, Marcello, 1483?-1558? artist
Provincia autonoma di Trento : Castello del Buonconsiglio, Monumenti e collezioni provinciali, 2017
Sherman ND623.F583 A4 2017

Cinque secoli di pittura in Polesine
Romagnolo, Antonio, author
Milano : Electa, [2016]
Sherman ND619.R686 R66 2016

Leopoldo de' Medici : principe dei collezionisti
a cura di Valentina Conticelli, Riccardo Gennaioli, Maria Sfameli
Livorno : Sillabe ; [2017]
Una pesca miracolosa : il sistema collezionistico di Leopoldo de' Medici / Miriam Fileti Mazza -- Nelle stanze del Principe / Maria Sframeli -- Leopoldo e Giovan Carlo de' Medici : un virtuoso sodalizio e alcune riflessioni sul Seicento fiorentino / Silvia Mascalchi -- Universale e enciclopedico : Leopoldo de' Medici intellettuale del Seicento / Alfonso Mirto -- Leopoldo de' Medici collezionista anche di parole / Raffaella Setti -- Appagare "La mia Giusta Curiosità" : la scienza nella collezione di Leopoldo / Mara Miniati -- Una "muta historia" : la storia dell'arte per immagini nella collezione di disegni di Leopoldo de' Medici / Roberta Aliventi, Laura Da Rin Bettina, Marzia Faietti, Michele Grasso, Raimondo Sassi -- La scultura in avorio nelle collezioni del cardinal Leopoldo / Eike D. Schmidt -- Una passione dinastica : Leopoldo de' Medici collezionista di oggetti in pietre dure e di gemme / Riccardo Gennaioli -- Appendice. Le gemme antiche figurate di Leonardo Agostini senese / a cura di Riccardo Gennaioli -- L'eredità del principe Leopoldo nella Galleria del tardo Seicento / Valentina Conticelli -- Il contributo della collezione di Leopoldo alla nascita della galleria di antichità di Cosimo III / Fabrizio Paolucci -- Catalogo -- Una nuova acquisizione per Leopoldo -- Regesto dei dipinti / a cura di Valentina Conticelli e Maria Sframeli.
Sherman N5273.2.M43 L46 2017

a cura di Sylvia Ferino-Pagden
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman ND623.A7 A4 2017

Vater, Regina, 1943-, author
[São Paulo, Brazil] : Ikrek, 2017
Sherman Folio N6659.V384 A8 2017

Giovanni Boldini : la stagione della Falconiera
Boldini, Giovanni, 1842-1931, artist
[Livorno] : Sillabe, [2017]
Sherman ND623.B566 A4 2017b

Pablo Picasso : capolavori dal Museo Picasso, Parigi
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973, artist
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman N6853.P5 A4 2017

Pietro Testa's Alexander the Great saved from the river Cydnus
Albl, Stefan, author
Roma : Artemide [2017]
Sherman ND623.T3967 A65 2017

Arcimboldo : las Floras y la Primavera
por Miguel Falomir Faus, Lynn Roberts, Paul Mitchell
Palma de Mallorca : Banca March, 2017
Sherman ND623.A7 A4 2017b

Pratesi, Ludovico, author
Firenze : Giunti, [2017]
Sherman N6923.C37 P73 2017

Ghost storeys : Ralph Adams Cram, modern Gothic media, and deconstructive microhistory at a Canadian church
Macdonell, Cameron, author
Montreal ; McGill-Queen's University Press, [2017]
"Do modern Gothic buildings and books have more in common than the "Gothic" adjective? Scholars have limited this question to British author/architects of the eighteenth century. However, Ralph Adams Cram (1863--1942) was America's most prolific and vocal advocate of Gothic Revival architecture, and he published a book of Gothic ghost stories in 1895. Ghost Storeys consequently offers the first comprehensive study of Cram's interdisciplinary Gothic aesthetics, deconstructing the boundaries of architecture and literature. For Cram, ghosts are manifestations of social sickness, and the unusual commission of a Canadian church allowed him to exercise his pessimistic revival of Gothic architecture in an ailing modern world. The lead patron, Edward Walker of eponymous Walkerville, Ontario, commissioned the church for his company town because he was secretly dying of syphilis, and Cram put Walker's regeneration in the hands of a Grail knight who might never come. Walkerville's Anglican architecture is haunted by a future that Cram himself could not provide, and through the intricate intersections of Gothic aesthetics, architectural ethics, and company town construction in Edwardian Canada, Cameron Macdonell opens new perspectives on the modern failure to resurrect the past. What came back from the Gothic grave was a tormented revenant in need of miraculous intervention. Painstakingly researched and illustrated, Ghost Storeys is a microhistory that redefines the allegorical relationship between a marginalized Canadian church and the Gothic Revival as a global interdisciplinary phenomenon."--
Sherman NA5247.W4 M33 2017

Secessioni europee : Monaco, Vienna, Praga, Roma
a cura di Francesco Parisi
Cinisello Balsamo : Silvana Editoriale, [2017]
Sherman N6758 .S425 2017

Pereira, Priya
[Mumbai] : Pixie Bks, ©2004
Sherman Special N7433.4.P4615 S76 2004

Ode to an onion
Pereira, Priya
[Mumbai] : Pixie Bks, ©1999
Sherman Special N7433.4.P4615 O34 1999

Antonio del Castillo en la ciudad de Córdoba
Revenga Domínguez, Paula, author
[Sevilla] : Junta de Andalucía, Consejería ; 2016
Sherman ND813.C395 A4 2016

I macchiaioli : capolavori da collezioni lombarde
a cura di Francesco Luigi Maspes, Enzo Savoia ; testo di Andrea Baboni
Milano : GAM Manzoni, Centro studi per l'arte moderna e contemporanea, [2017]
Sherman ND617.5.M3 M23 2017

[Sotheby's New York catalogues. 2018]
New York : Sotheby's, 2018
Jan 31, 2018. The Otto Naumann Sale -- Feb 1, 2018. Fine Old Master & 19th Century European Art -- Feb 1, 2018. Master Paintings & Sculpture Day Sale -- Feb 2, 2018. Master Paintings Evening Sale -- Mar 2, 2018. Contemporary Curated -- Mar 5, 2018. To Live With Art -- Mar 20, 2018. Inspired: Chinese Art -- Mar 20, 2018. Kangxi: The Jie Rui Tang Collection -- Mar 20, 2018. Jingyatang: Treasures of Chinese Buddhist Sculpture
Sherman N8650 .S6 2018

Dipingere l'Etruria : le riproduzioni delle pitture etrusche di Augusto Guido Gatti
a cura di Lucrezia Cuniglio, Natacha Lubtchansky, Susanna Sarti
Venosa (Pz) : Osanna edizioni, [2017]
Sherman N6923.G373 A4 2017

Legati da una cintola : l'Assunta di Bernardo Daddi e l'identità di una città
a cura di Andrea De Marchi, Cristina Gnoni Mavarelli
Firenze : Mandragora, [2017]
La Sacra Cintola, la cintura della Vergine custodita nel Duomo che per secoli è stata il tesoro più prezioso di Prato, è un simbolo religioso e civile, fulcro delle vicende artistiche della città ed elemento cardine della sua identità. La sottile striscia (di 87 centimetri) di lana di capra broccata in filo d'oro è il fulcro di un'esposizione che comprende altre opere di valore, prima tra tutte la pala di Bernardo Daddi del 1337-1338 che racconta la leggenda di come la reliquia sia stata consegnata a San Tommaso dalla Madonna al momento dell'Assunzione, sia stata portata a Prato verso il 1141 dal mercante pratese Michele Dagomari e da questi donata nel 1172, alla pieve della città.0Il catalogo dell'esposizione illustra, oltre naturalmente alla reliquia solitamente conservata nella cappella di Agnolo Gaddi nel Duomo, la serie di dipinti, sculture e miniature in mostra, che testimoniano le varie elaborazioni del tema dell'Assunta che dona la propria cintola.0In aggiunta, testi e foto propongono lo studio della cappella affrescata da Gaddi, la prepositura di Santo Stefano, le ostensioni che abitualmente avvengono a Prato e la storia del suo culto nei secoli. Exhibition: Museo di Palazzo Pretorio, Prato, Italy (07.09.2017-14.01.2018).
Sherman N8070 .L385 2017

Il cardinale Gianfrancesco Albani e le arti tra Roma e Urbino : il ritratto ritrovato = Cardinal Gianfrancesco Albani and the arts between Rome and Urbino : a rediscovered portrait
a cura di/edited by Lucia Simonato
Cinisello Balsamo (Milano) : SilvanaEditoriale, [2017]
Sherman NB623.G827 A4 2017

Ambrogio Lorenzetti
a cura di Alessandro Bagnoli, Roberto Bartalini, Max Seidel
Cinisello Balsamo (Milano) : Silvana, 2017
"È dedicato ad Ambrogio Lorenzetti questo volume, edito in occasione dell'importante mostra ospitata nell'autunno 2017 a Siena.0Ambrogio Lorenzetti, fratello minore di Pietro, è autore di celeberrimi affreschi tra i quali Le Allegorie del Buono e Cattivo Governo nel Palazzo Pubblico di Siena, considerate il suo capolavoro.0Da decenni la produzione del maestro - la cui attività è documentata dal 1319 al 1348 - non veniva compiutamente analizzata nel suo insieme, e l'occasione dei recenti restauri di diverse sue opere - cicli ad affresco e tavole - ha offerto importante materia di riflessione, confluita nei saggi qui raccolti.0Il volume offre quindi un contributo di grande rilevanza alla conoscenza di questo pittore, che si distingue non solo per la potenza delle sue composizioni, per i brillanti cromatismi e per la complessa simbologia delle sue opere mature, ma anche per l'originalità di certe invenzioni iconografiche, alcune delle quali talmente provocatorie da essere immediatamente modificate - e riemerse sotto le pitture solo a seguito di approfondite analisi." -- publisher's description.
Sherman ND623.L75 A4 2017

A Roman Judith and rediscovered paintings from the Kingdom of Naples
catalogue by Giuseppe Porzio
Naples : Porcini, [2016]
Sherman ND621.N2 R62 2016

Immagini della predicazione tra Quattrocento e Settecento : Crivelli, Lotto, Guercino
a cura di Giuseppe Capriotti e Francesca Coltrinari
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND619.M3 I46 2017

Luca Giordano : his life and work
Scavizzi, Giuseppe, author
[Naples] : Arte'm, [2017]
The first systematic monograph on the work of Luca Giordano was published fifty years ago. Based on a catalogue of over a thousand paintings and three hundred drawings known at the time, it marked the beginning of renewed attention paid to the artist's work. A second edition, greatly enlarged, followed in 1992 and the increasing interest in Giordano culminated in the exhibitions organized by Nicola Spinosa, Alfonso Pérez Sánchez and Wolfgand Prohaska which were originally curated in Naples and travelled, in various formats, to Vienna, Los Angeles and Madrid. A third volume appeared in 2003 in order to assess and incorporate all the information obtained from the large number of new studies. Lastly, in 2012 Giuseppe De Vito and I published, as a special piece of research on seventeenth century neapolitan painting, a volume entitled 'Luca Giordano giovane' which focused on the work done by the painter between 1650 and 1664; several chapters of this volume have become, in a revised version, the first chapters of the text presented here: the book, which is targeted at a wider public, includes the results of the latest research and reinterprets the artist's personality and work.
Sherman ND623.G498 S332 2017

Jean-Michel Basquiat : opere dalla Mugrabi Collection
Basquiat, Jean-Michel, 1960-1988, artist
Milano : 24 ore cultura, [2016]
Sherman N6537 .B233 A4 2016b

I rilievi 'neoattici' della Campania : produzione e circolazione degli ornamenta marmorei a soggetto mitologico
Di Franco, Luca
Roma : "L'Erma" di Bretschneider, [2017]
Nell'ambito delle produzioni di epoca tardo-ellenistica si distingue un'importante scuola di scultori, definita convenzionalmente con il termine "neoattica". Questo termine, coniato da Heinrich Brunn nel 1853, intendeva sintetizzare l'espressione artistica di artigiani ateniesi, i cui prodotti, a partire dal II sec. a.C. fino al II sec. d.C., rievocavano i modelli elaborati dai più grandi artisti dell'epoca classica di V e IV secolo, nel periodo cioè del massimo splendore per la città di Atene. Importanti botteghe erano attive anche in Italia e sicuramente in Campania almeno a partire dalla prima età imperiale, come testimoniano gli importanti rinvenimenti dei calchi di Baia.0Il segno distintivo fondamentale dei prodotti a rilievo, presi qui in esame, è la libera interpretazione e combinazione degli elementi formali dell'epoca arcaica, ellenistica e classica con l'aggiunta di espressioni contemporanee in uno stile nuovo e vivace. Soprattutto nelle produzioni a rilievo è più chiaramente evidente come l'antica funzione cultuale e votiva si fonde con un gusto squisitamente esornativo, come testimonia la giustapposizione di simili modelli su candelabri, lastre, oscilla, crateri e puteali, fino poi ad arrivare alle produzione della toreutica e della ceramica aretina.
Sherman NB91.I8 D547 2017

Carlo Bononi : l'ultimo sognatore dell'Officina ferrarese
a cura di Giovanni Sassu, Francesca Cappelletti
Ferrara : Fondazione Ferrara Arte, [2017]
Sherman ND623.B59 A4 2017

Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros
mostra e catalogo a cura di Carlos E. Palacios
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman ND259.O7 A4 2017

Simonetta Ferrante : la memoria del visibile : segno, colore, ritmo e calligrafie = the memory of the visible : sign, colour, rhythm and calligraphies
Ferrante, Simonetta, 1930- artist
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano : Silvana editoriale, [2017]
Sherman N7153.F467 A4 2017

Aloha spirit : contemporary artists from Hawai'i
editorial coordination, Enrico Bossan
[Crocetta del Montello] : Antiga edizioni, 2017
Sherman N6530.H3 A46 2017

Mulheres do presente, a clareza entre sombras
Herkenhoff, Paulo, author
São Paulo, Brazil : Instituto Tomie Ohtake, 2016
Roteiros e descaminhos -- Lei de Lygia Pape -- Mira Schendel e a lapidação do indizível -- Tomie Ohtake: pinturas cegas ou o osso do olho -- Anna Maria Maiolino: o vídeo e a vespa -- Katie van Scherpenberg: um glossário do paisagem -- Adriana Varejão: pintura e sutura -- Rosângela Rennó: a filosofia da instituição fotográfica -- Niura Bellavinha: zona invisível -- Paula Trope e a casa fraca -- Rosana Palazyan e a política da beleza: O jardim da Daninhas -- Rosana Paulino eo Ângelus Novo -- Rivane Neuenschwander: as coisas e as palavras -- Berna Reale: cavalos e urubus -- [English version]

"A presente pesquisa é desenvolvida por Paulo Herkenhoff, um dos mais criativos críticos e historiadores de arte do país, e que já tem proposito diferentes temas para trabalhos realizados pelo Instituto: em Tomie Ohtake na Trama Espiritual da Are Brasileira; Meio Século de Arte Brasileira (1950-2005), por exemplo, Herkenhoff escreveu sobre a pintura do período de 1950 a 1965; em Laços do Olhar, focalizour a arte desenvolvida pelos japoneses e seus descendentes no Brasil--trabalhos que compõem faixas importantes da história de arte realizada no país."--P. [7]. "The present research is developed by Paulo Herkenhoff, one of the most creative critics and art historians of the country, who already has different themes for works done by the Institute: in Tomie Ohtake in the Spiritual Plot of the Brazilian Are Half Century of Brazilian Art (1950-2005), for example, Herkenhoff wrote about painting from the period of 1950 to 1965; in Loops of the Look, he focused on the art developed by the Japanese and their descendants in Brazil - works that compose important tracks of art history country."
Sherman N6655.6 .H47169 2016

Cruce de caminos : arte de México y España
Lara Elizondo, Lupina, author,
Ciudad de México : Promoción de Arte Mexicano, 2017
Introducción / Lupina Lara Elizondo -- Arte en la prehistoria = Art in prehistoric times -- Referencias históricas de España = Historical references to Spain -- Culturas prehispánicas de Mesoamérica = Reference to Pre-Hispanic cultures -- Descubrimiento y conquista de México = Discovery of America -- Desarrollo del arte novohispano = New Spain historical references and art -- Del siglo XIX al arte contemporáneo = From the 19th century to contemporary art -- Cruce de caminos: arte de México y España -- El Greco, Domenikos Theotokópoulus -- Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez -- Bartolomé Esteban Murillo -- Miguel Cabrera -- Francisco de Goya y Lucientes -- José María Velasco -- Joaquín Sorolla -- Dr. Atl, Gerardo Murillo -- Pablo Picasso -- Diego Rivera -- Carlos Orozco Romero -- Rufino Tamayo -- Salvador Dalí -- Frida Kahlo -- Rodolfo Nieto -- Antonio López -- Manolo Valdés -- Yvonne Domenge -- Mario Martín del Campo -- Jaume Plensa.

The objective of this book is to present a parallel encounter between the artistic expressions of Mexico and Spain "that starts from the primal expression rescued in the caves of Altamira and Baja California to the audacious of contemporary proposals " (HKB Translation)--Page 13.
Sherman N6550 .L37 2017

Metafluxus 2016-2017
concepção e coordenação, Solange O. Farkas ; edição executiva e coordenação, Teté Martinho ; curador, Rodrigo Maltez Novaes
São Paulo : SESC São Paulo : [2017]
Texto editorial / Solange Farkas e Teté Martinho -- Texto editorial / Rodrigo Maltez Novaes.

Constructed based on the thinking of Czech-Brazilian philosopher Vilém Flusser. the Caderno Sesc_Videobrasil 12
Sherman N6494.V53 M98 2017

Speculative taxidermy : natural history, animal surfaces, and art in the anthropocene
Aloi, Giovanni, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2018]
Sherman N7660 .A57 2018

Elogio ao toque : ou como falar de arte feminista à brasileira
Barros, Roberta, 1979- author
Rio de Janeiro : Relacionarte Marketing e Produções Culturais, [2016]
Sherman N6655.5.F46 B37 2016

The Routledge companion to remix studies
edited by Eduardo Navas, Owen Gallagher, and xtine burrough
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
History. Remix and the dialogic engine of culture : a model for generative combinatoriality / Martin Irvine ; A rhetoric of remix / Scott H. Church ; Good artists copy; great artists steal : reflections on cut-copy-paste culture / Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss ; Toward a remix culture : an existential perspective / Vito Campanelli ; An oral history of sampling : from turntables to mashups / Kembrew McLeod ; Can I borrow your proper name? Remixing signatures and the contemporary author / Cicero Inacio da Silva ; The extended remix : rhetoric and history / Margie Borschke ; Culture and remix : a theory on cultural sublation / Eduardo Navas -- Aesthetics. Remix strategies in social media / Lev Manovich ; Remixing movies and trailers before and after the digital age / Nicola Maria Dusi ; Remixing the plague of images : video art from Latin America in a transnational context / Erandy Vergara ; Race & remix : the aesthetics of race in the visual & performing arts / Tashima Thomas ; Digital poetics and remix culture : from the artisanal image to the immaterial image / Monica Tavares ; The end of an aura : nostalgia, memory, and the haunting of hip-hop / Roy Christopher ; Appropriation is activism / Byron Russell -- Ethics. The emerging ethics of networked culture / Aram Sinnreich ; The panopticon of ethical video remix practice / Mette Birk ; Cutting scholarship together/apart : rethinking the political-economy of scholarly book publishing / Janneke Adema ; Copyright and fair use in remix : from alarmism to action / Patricia Aufderheide ; I thought I made a vid, but then you told me that I didn't : aesthetics and boundary work in the fan vidding community / Katharina Freund -- Peeling the layers of the onion : authorship in mashup and remix cultures / John Logie ; Remixthecontext (a theoretical fiction) / Mark Amerika -- Politics. A capital remix / Rachel O'Dwyer ; Remix practices and activism : a semiotic analysis of creative dissent / Paolo Peverini ; Political remix video as a vernacular discourse / Olivia Conti ; Locative media as remix / Conor McGarrigle ; The politics of John Lennon's Imagine : contextualizing the roles of mashups and new media in political protest / J. Meryl Krieger ; Détournement as a premise of the remix from political, aesthetic, and technical perspectives / Nadine Wanono ; The new polymath (remixing knowledge) / Rachel Falconer -- Practice. Crises of meaning in communities of creative appropriation : a case study of the 2010 re/mixed media festival / Tom Tenney ; Of re/appropriations / Gustavo Romano -- Aesthetics of remix : networked interactive objects and interface design / Jonah Brucker-Cohen ; Reflections on the Amen break : a continued history, an unsettled ethics / Nate Harrison ; Going crazy with remix : a classroom study by practice via Lenz v. Universal / xtine burrough and Dr. Emily Erickson ; A remix artist and advocate / Desiree D'Alessandro ; Occupy/Band aid mashup : "do they know it's Christmas?" / Owen Gallagher ; Remixing the remix / Elisa Kreisinger ; A fair(y) use tale / Eric Faden ; An aesthetics of deception in political remix video / Diran Lyons ; Radical remix : manifestoon / Jesse Drew ; In two minds / Kevin Atherton.

"The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies comprises contemporary texts by key authors and artists who are active in the emerging field of remix studies. As an organic international movement, remix culture originated in the popular music culture of the 1970s, and has since grown into a rich cultural activity encompassing numerous forms of media. The act of recombining pre-existing material brings up pressing questions of authenticity, reception, authorship, copyright, and the techno-politics of media activism. This book approaches remix studies from various angles, including sections on history, aesthetics, ethics, politics, and practice, and presents theoretical chapters alongside case studies of remix projects. The Routledge Companion to Remix Studies is a valuable resource for both researchers and remix practitioners, as well as a teaching tool for instructors using remix practices in the classroom." -- Publisher's description
Paddock NX197 .R38 2017

Attorno a Mantegna : Andrea Mantegna : new perspectives
Mantegna, Andrea, 1431-1506, author
Milano : Skira, 2016
Sherman ND623.M3 A4 2016

Attorno a Lotto : naturalismo e psicologia nel ritratto rinascimentale
a cura di Francesco Frangi, Maria Cristina Passoni
Milano : Skira, [2017]
Sherman ND623.L8 A4 2017

¡Murales rebeldes! : L.A. Chicana/Chicano murals under siege
Curtis, Erin M., author
[San Francisco, California] : California Historical Society ; [2017]
¡Murales rebeldes!: remembering the lost work -- History censored: L.A. history: a Mexican perspective by Barbara Carrasco -- Too Chicano?: The path to knowledge and the false university by Roberto Chavez -- A legal legacy: Filling up on ancient energies by East Los Streetscapers -- Diversity cover-up: La historia de adentro/ La historia de afuera by Yreina Cervántez and Alma López -- Tagged for destruction: The wall that cracked open by Willie Herrón III -- Disappeared and disappearing: Resurrection of the green planet and El nuevo mundo: homage to the worker by Ernesto de la Loza -- The cost of controversy: Fountain Valley mural by Sergio O'Cadiz Moctezuma.

"Murals are as Chicano as corn tortillas and guacamole. They are a vivid living part of our culture that expresses our sorrow and our hope, our dreams and our despair. Many of our greatest Chicano and Chicana artists got their start by painting on the walls of gas stations and schools, residential fences, and community centers. Bringing the murals in this book back to life and telling the story of their births and deaths makes an important contribution to the study of Chicana/o art as a serious and uniquely American art form."--Cheech Marin, art advocate and entertainer. "Showcasing the creative spirit and truths that must be told, [this book] features murals that were censored, whitewashed, neglected, and even destroyed. Histories of works by Barbara Carrasco, Roberto Chavez, Ernesto de la Loza, Yreina Cervántez, Alma López, Willie Herrón, Sergio O'Cadiz, and East Los Streetscapers David Botello, Wayne Healy, and George Yepes reveal the power of urban art."--Back cover.
Sherman ND2638.L67 M87 2017

Histórias da sexualidade : catálogo
organização editorial, Adriano Pedrosa, Camila Bechelany ; curadoria, Adriano Pedrosa, Camila Bechelany, Lilia Schwarcz, Pablo León de la Barra
São Paulo, Brazil : MASP, Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, 2017
Histórias da sexualidade no MASP / Hector Martins, Adriano Pedroza -- Introdução / Camila Bechelany, Lilia Schwarcz, Pablo León de la Barra -- Corpos nus -- Totemismos -- Religiosidades -- Voyeurismos -- Linguagens -- Performatividades de gênero -- Mercados sexuais -- Jogos sexuais -- Políticas do corpo e ativismos -- Lista de trabalhos na exposição -- Histórias da sexualidade: oficinas -- Histórias da sexualidade: filmes e vídeos.

Curated by Adriano Pedrosa, Lilia Schwarcz, Camila Bechelany and Pablo León de la Barra, the collective exhibition brings a comprehensive and diverse account of the artistic productions dealing with sexuality, showing works by 60 artists that have permeated the history of art, including Brazilian contemporary artists like Aleta Valente, Ayrson Heráclito, Erika Verzutti, Lyz Parayzo, Rafael RG, and Virgínia de Medeiros. "Stories of sexuality" investigates the sexuality in its most varied expressions, like sex itself, as corporeality, or as pleasure, guilt, and in politics. Participating artists include: Adir Sodré, Adriana Varejão, Alair Gomes, Albino Braz, Aleta Valente, Alexandre da Cunha, Alice Neel, Almandrade, Álvaro Barrios, Ana Mendieta, Anita Malfatti, Anna Bella Geiger, Autorias desconhecidas, AVAF, Ayrson Heráclito, Balthus, Betty Tompkins, Bhupen Khakhar, Carlos Leppe, Carlos Martiel, Carlos Motta, Carlos Zéfiro, Carolee Schneeman, Chico Tabibuia, Cibelle Cavali Bastos, Cícero Dias, Cildo Meireles, Cláudia Andujar, Collier Schorr, Cristina Lucas, Dean Sameshima, Descartes Gadelha, Dias & Riedweg, Dorothy Iannone, Edgar Degas, Édouard Manet, Eduardo Costa, Eduardo Kac, Egon Schiele, Eisen, Eizan, Eliseu Visconti, Ellen Cantor, Erika Verzutti, Ernesto Neto, Flávio de Carvalho, Francis Bacon, Francisco Leopoldo e Silva, François Clouet, GALF-Grupo de Ação Lésbico Feminista, General Idea, Georgete Melhem, Giuseppe Campuzano, Glauco Mattoso, Graciela Iturbide, Hal Fischer, Hudinilson Jr., Hulda Gúzman, Iris Häussler, Jac Leirner, Javier Castro Rivera, J.A.D. Ingres, José Antonio da Silva, José Celestino da Silva, Juan Davila, Juca Martins, Kohei Yoshiyuki, Lasar Segall, Leda Catunda, Léon Ferrari, Leonilson, Leticia Parente, Lionel Wendt, Louise Bourgeois, Lynda Benglis, Lyz Parayzo, Madalena Schwartz, Marcelo Krasilcic, Márcia X, Maria Auxiliadora da Silva, María Galindo, Marta Minujin, Martha Wilson, Mickalene Thomas, Miguel Ángel Cárdenas, Miguel Angel Rojas, Miriam Cahn, Mirian Inês da Silva, Moacir, Movimento de Arte Pornô, Mujeres Creando, Nahum B. Zenil, Nancy Spero, Nicolas Poussin, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Paulo Bruscky, Paulo Pedro Leal, Paz Errázuriz, Pedro Lemebel, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Pietro Perugino, Rafael França, Rafael RG, Regina Vater, Renato de Lima, Rivane Neuenschwander, Robert Mapplethorpe, Fabulosos Nobodies, Rosa Gauditano, Sergio Zevallos, Serigrafistas Queer, Suzanne Valadon, Teresa Margolles, Tracey Emin, Tracey Moffatt, Valie Export, Vania Toledo, Vicente do Rego Monteiro, Victor Meirelles, Virginia de Medeiros, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yeguas del Apocalipsis and Zoe Leonard.
Sherman N8217.E6 H57 2017

Ekrem Yalcindag : about color, nature, ornaments, and other things
Yalcindag, Ekrem, 1964- artist
Rüsselsheim : Kunst- und Kulturstiftung Opelvillen Rüsselsheim : [2016]
Living in Istanbul, Vienna, and Frankfurt am Main, Yalcindag (*1964 in Gölbasi) is one of the most important artists working today. Having spent his childhood in Turkey, he then developed his visual language as a student of Hermann Nitsch and Thomas Bayrle in Frankfurt am Main nearly twenty years ago. His meticulous, impasto technique executed with an extremely fine paint brush demands an enormous amount of time. It results in relief-like paintings constructed from hundreds of layers. That Yalcindag?s application of paint recalls the American Color Field painters should be of no surprise if one keeps in mind his intense engagement with Minimal Art. This publication offers the first analysis of the artist?s original practice and visual language, while also providing an important contribution to the study of the reception of non-European ornamental traditions within contemporary art. Exhibition: Art and Cultural Foundation Opelvillen Rüsselsheim, Germany (7.9.-6.11.2016).
Sherman ND873.Y35 A4 2016

Ana Norogrando : obras 1968-2013 = works 1968-2013
Norogrando, Ana, artist
Porto Alegre : Museu de Arte do Rio Grande do Sul, 2013
Sherman NB359.N67 A4 2013

Architecture and politics in Republican Rome
Davies, Penelope J. E., 1964- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Machine generated contents note: Introduction; 1. A republic takes shape; 2. An age of individualism, c.338-218 BCE; 3. A state of fear and new horizons, c.217-133 BCE; 4. Turmoil and tension, c.133-90 BCE; 5. Civil war and aftermath, c.89-70 BCE; 6. Pompey, Caesar, and rivals: c.69-55 BCE; 7. Caesar, Pompey, and rivals: c.54-44 BCE; Endnotes; Bibliography; Index.

"Architecture and Politics in Republican Rome is the first book to explore the intersection between Roman Republican building practices and politics (c.509-44 BCE). At the start of the period, architectural commissions were carefully controlled by the political system; by the end, buildings were so widely exploited and so rhetorically powerful that Cassius Dio cited abuse of visual culture among the reasons that propelled Julius Caesar's colleagues to murder him in order to safeguard the Republic. In an engaging and wide-ranging text, Penelope J.E. Davies traces the journey between these two points, as politicians developed strategies to manoeuver within the system's constraints. She also explores the urban development and image of Rome, setting out formal aspects of different types of architecture and technological advances such as the mastery of concrete. Elucidating a rich corpus of buildings that have been poorly understand, Davies demonstrates that Republican architecture was much more than a formal precursor to that of imperial Rome"--
Sherman NA2543.S6 D33 2017

Chaos and culture : Renzo Piano Building Workshop and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens
Newhouse, Victoria, author
[New York] : The Monacelli Press, [2017]
"A history of the design and construction of the Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens set against the background of the economic and political crisis in Greece"--
Sherman NA6811.5.G8 N49 2017

中国古代青铜器整理与研究. 张婷, 刘斌著 ; 张懋镕主编. 青铜盘卷 /
张婷, author
Beijing : Ke xue chu ban she, 2015
Baker Berry East Asian NK7983.A1 Z438 2015

Architetture rurali nei paesaggi dell'Alta Murgia
Loredana Ficarelli ; a cura di Mariangela Turchiarulo
Roma : Gangemi editore SpA international publishing, dicembre 2014
Sherman NA7594 .A69 2015

モダニスト再考. 建築の 20世紀はここから始まった / 彰国社編. 日本編 :
Tōkyō : Shōkokusha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NA1555.5.M63 M63 2017

Il Tempio Valdese di piazza Cavour
Mario Cignoni and others ; a cura di Laura Ronchi De Michelis
Roma : Viella, 2014
Sherman NA5620.T55 T45 2014

マンガビジネスの生成と発展 / 岡田美弥子著
岡田美弥子, author
Baker Berry Japan NC1766.J3 O33 2017

Translokation - Transformation = Translocation - transformation = Zhuanxing - Yi wei
Ai, Weiwei, artist
Wien : Belvedere, [2016]
"Central to Translocation - transformation is the metamorphosis provoked by expulsion, migration, and deliberate change of location that is undergone by people and objects alike. The subject of transformation pervades throughout the life and work of Ai Weiwei; from his childhood, his beginnings in New York, his return to China, his time under house arrest, until his release from state custody and his migration to Berlin. Exhibition: 21er Haus, Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna, Austria (14.07-20.11.2016)."
Sherman Oversize N7349.A5 A4 2016b

Rediscovering Wendell Jones
Jones, Wendell, 1899-1956
[Woodstock, NY], 2014
Sherman ND237.J762 A4 2014

Infinito : MU
Azuma, Kenjirō, 1926- artist
Milano : Lorenzelli arte, [2016]
Sherman N7359.A98 A4 2016

Die Paulinische Kapelle
Verlagsleitung Antonio Paolucci, Arnold Nesselrath, Paolo Nicolini ; herausgegeben von Maurizio de Luca ... et al.
Città del Vaticano : Edizioni Musei Vaticani, 2013
Sherman ND623.B9 P38 2013

Espacios críticos habaneros del arte cubano : la década de 1950
Luz Merino Acosta (selección y prólogo)
La Habana, Cuba : UH Editorial : [2015]
Tomo I. Dos filosofías opuestas: Romañach y Wilfredo Lam / Richard Newmann -- La sensibilidad del cubano hacia las artes plásticas es muy pobre / Armando Maribona -- Obras de interesante factura se exhiben en el Salón de Bellas Artes / Adela Jaume -- La pintura colonial en Cuba / Rafael Marquina -- Muy concurrida la exposición de la pintura abierta en el Capitolio / Armando Maribona -- Pintura colonial / Marcelo Pogolotti -- Liminar / Luis de Soto y Sagarra -- Ese museo, Dr. Prío / Jorge Mañach -- Mariano y Lozano en el Lyceum / Joaquín Texidor -- La exposición Carreño en el Lyceum / Martha de Castro -- Los murales de la Esso / Jorge Mañach -- V Salón Nacional de Bellas Artes / Enrique Caravia -- Exposiciones: Cundo Bermúdez / Rafael Marquina -- Exposiciones: Servando Cabrera / Gastón Baquero -- Gattorno en el Lyceum y en el Colegio de Arquitectos / Martha de Castro -- La cultura y la iniciativa privada / Loló de la Torriente -- La crítica de arte / Loló de la Torriente -- La plástica cubana de hoy / Mario Carreño -- Consideraciones sobre el XVIII Salón de Humoristas / Joaquín Texidor -- VI Salón Nacional de Pintura y Escultura del 10 al 25 de enero de 1953 / Luis Dulzaides Noda -- El arte contemporáneo y el VI Salón Nacional / Joaquín Texidor -- Once pintores y escultores / Joaquín Texidor -- Aldeanidad, colonialidad, universalidad / Jorge Mañach -- Bienal de arte / Loló de la Torriente -- No concurrirán a la Bienal Hispanoamericana los artistas cubanos -- Los artistas se definen / Gladys Laudermann -- Dos aspectos de la Bienal de Arte / Loló de la Torriente -- Exposiciones (diciembre) / Ramón Loy -- En torno al Museo Nacional / Jorge Mañach -- Plástica cubana contemporánea I / Rafael Suárez Solís -- Plástica cubana contemporánea II / Rafael Suárez Solís -- Plástica cubana contemporánea III y último / Rafael Suárez Solís -- Plástica cubana en el Lyceum: a guisa de preludio / Jorge Mañach -- Zoilos de pacotilla / Emilio Ballagas -- Aglo más sobre la exposición del Lyceum / Jorge Mañach -- Exposiciones (febrero) / Ramón Loy -- Las exposiciones del Lyceum: cinco lustros al servicio de la cultura / Luis de Soto y Sagarra -- Generalidades sobre la II Biendal de Arte Hispanoamericano / Adela Jaume -- La inauguración de la II Bienal Hispanocamericana de Arte / Gastón Baquero -- Mis recuerdos de Hernández Giró / Max Henríquez Ureña -- Museo Bienal / Francisco Ichaso -- El museo, la Bienal de Arte y el Presidente, general Batista / Adela Jaume -- Primer Festival Universitario de Arte / José Antonio Portuondo -- ¿Bienal franquista o solo arte de España? / César García Pons -- Un museo histórico y un Palacio de Bellas Artes para Cuba / Adela Jaume -- El grupo GADAC inaugura hoy en La Rampa / Adela Jaume -- Exposiciones (julio) / Ramón Loy -- Exposiciones de galería privadas / Gladys Kaudermann -- Grupo de los Once / Mario Carreño --

Anthology of Cuban art criticism from the 1950s.
Sherman N7485.C9 E85 2015

Big & small : a cultural history of extraordinary bodies
Vallone, Lynne, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
Introduction : People big and people small -- Part I. Small bodies. Introduction : The little man ; 1. In the beginning was Tom Thumb ; 2. The dwarf in high and popular culture ; 3. Staging the dwarf ; 4. Lilliputians in blackface -- Part II. Big bodies. Introduction : The monstrous giant ; 5. Gigantic mechanical Boy Scouts ; 6. The obese girl -- Afterword : The human measure.

A groundbreaking work that explores human size as a distinctive cultural marker in Western thought. Author, scholar, and editor Lynne Vallone has an international reputation in the field of child studies. In this analytical tour-de-force, she explores bodily size difference-particularly unusual bodies, big and small-as an overlooked yet crucial marker that informs human identity and culture. Exploring miniaturism, giganticism, obesity, and the lived experiences of actual big and small people, Vallone boldly addresses the uncomfortable implications of using physical measures to judge normalcy, goodness, gender identity, and beauty. This wide-ranging work surveys the lives and contexts of both real and imagined persons with extraordinary bodies from the seventeenth century to the present day through close examinations of art, literature, folklore, and cultural practices, as well as scientific and pseudo-scientific discourses. Generously illustrated and written in a lively and accessible style, Vallone's provocative study encourages readers to look with care at extraordinary bodies and the cultures that created, depicted, loved, and dominated them.
Baker Berry NX650.B634 V35 2017

--Mañana, ¡levántese azul! : José Gurvich, una paideia desvelada
Oroño, Tatiana, author
Montevideo, Uruguay : Fundación José Gurvich : 2012
Sherman N6729.G87 A4 2012

歌川国芳 : 21世紀の絵画力 = Utagawa Kuniyoshi : his pictorial eloquence in the 21st century / 府中市美術館編
Tōkyō : Kōdansha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NE1325.U78 A4 2017b

The ancient Mediterranean Sea in modern visual and performing arts : sailing in troubled waters
edited by Rosario Rovira Guardiola
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic, An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
The Mediterranean as a geographical space -- Living and dying in troubled waters -- A personal Sea. The artist and the Sea -- Sea politics -- Contemporary uses of the classical Mediterranean.

When thinking about the Mediterranean, Fernand Braudel's haunting words resound like an echo of the sea and its millenary history. From Prehistory until today, the Mediterranean has been setting, witness and protagonist of mythical and supernatural adventures, of encounters with the Other, of legendary and historical battles, of the rise and fall of cultures and empires, of fortunate and tragic destinies of humans. Braudel's appeal for a long duree history of the Mediterranean challenged traditional views that often present it as a sea fragmented and divided through epochs and periods. This volume proposes a journey into the bright but also dark sides of the ancient Mediterranean through the kaleidoscopic gaze of artists who from the Renaissance to the 21st century have been inspired and fascinated by the sea, its myths and history. The view of those who imagined and recreated the past of the sea has largely contributed to the shaping of modern cultures which - close to its shores or not - are inexorably rooted and embedded in Mediterranean traditions. The contributions look at modern visual reinterpretations of ancient myths, fiction and history and pay particular attention to the theme of sea travel and travellers, which since Homer's Odyssey has become the epitome of the discovery of new worlds but also of cultural exchanges and a metaphor of personal developments and metamorphoses.
Baker Berry NX653.M43 A53 2018

Los dioses de los pies de barro : Juan Manuel Blanes : el pintor de la Patria y su obra
Laborde, Alvaro, author
Montevideo, Uruguay : Ediciones B, octubre 2015
Sherman ND429.B6 L33 2015

The absent museum : blueprint for a museum of contemporary art for the capital of Europe
edited by Dirk Snauwaert ; essays by Manuel Borja-Villel, Charles Esche, Dirk Snauwaert
Brussels : WEILS ; [2017]
Essays. Absences felt and unfelt / Charles Esche ; Towards a museum of the common / Manuel Borja-Villel ; The absent museum : a blueprint for a contemporary art museum / Dirk Snauwaert.

'The Absent Museum' is a large thematic exhibition that explores the absence of museums in public debates today. What relation can exist between historical awareness and aesthetic commitment? How can artists maintain the tension between globalisation's paradoxes and history's turbulences, and their individual sensibilities and voices? Works and new productions by around 49 artists - both contemporary and those active in the recent past - map what is at stake for museums and the societies that inspire them.
Sherman N72.S6 A284 2017

The Transformation of Athens : Painted Pottery and the Creation of Classical Greece
Osborne, Robin, 1957- author
Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2018]
The art of transformation -- Athenian pottery and Athenian culture -- Changing in the gymnasium -- Changing the guard -- Courting change -- Sacrificing change -- Drinking to and reveling in change -- The changing city of Satyrs -- Morality, politics, and aesthetics -- The road not taken -- The transformation of art.

"Why did soldiers stop fighting, athletes stop competing, and lovers stop having graphic sex in classical Greek art? The scenes depicted on Athenian pottery of the mid-fifth century BC are very different from those of the late sixth century. Did Greek potters have a different world to see - or did they come to see the world differently? In this lavishly illustrated and engagingly written book, Robin Osborne argues that these remarkable changes are the best evidence for the shifting nature of classical Greek culture. Osborne examines the thousands of surviving Athenian red-figure pots painted between 520 and 440 BC and describes the changing depictions of soldiers and athletes, drinking parties and religious occasions, sexual relations, and scenes of daily life. He shows that it was not changes in each activity that determined how the world was shown, but changes in values and aesthetics. By demonstrating that changes in artistic style involve choices about what aspects of the world we decide to represent as well as how to represent them, this book rewrites the history of Greek art. By showing that Greeks came to see the world differently over the span of less than a century, it reassesses the history of classical Greece and of Athenian democracy. And by questioning whether art reflects or produces social and political change, it provokes a fresh examination of the role of images in an ever-evolving world."--Jacket flaps.
Sherman NK4649 .O82 2018

Reassessing Rudolph
edited by Timothy M. Rohan
New Haven, Conn. : Yale School of Architecture, [2017]
"American architect Paul Rudolph (1918-1997) was internationally known in the 1950s and early 1960s for his powerful, large-scale concrete buildings. Hugely influential during his lifetime, Rudolph was one of the most significant American architects of his generation. To a remarkable extent, his reputation rose and fell with the fortunes of postwar modernism in America. This insightful book reconsiders Rudolph's architecture and the discipline's assessment of his projects. It includes nearly a dozen essays by well-known scholars in the fields of architectural and urban history, all of which shed new light on Rudolph's theories and practices. Contributions explore the architect's innovative use of materials, including plywood, Plexiglas, and exposed concrete; the places he lived and worked, from the Anglo-American axis to the Bengal delta; his affiliation with CIAM (Congres Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne); and currents within his philosophy of architecture"--Publisher's description.
Sherman NA737.R8 R438 2017

リアルのゆくえ : 高橋由一、岸田劉生、そして現代につなぐもの / 企画。監修土方明司 (平塚市美術館館長代理), 江尻潔 (足利市立美術館学芸員) ; 監修木本文平 (碧南市藤井達吉現代美術館館長)
Chūō-ku, [Tōkyō] : Seikatsu no Tomosha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan ND1054.6.R43 R53 2017

Animal : a beastly compendium : treasures from the Prints and Photographs Department at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France
edited by Rémi Mathis and Valérie Sueur-Hermel ; preface by Michel Pastoureau ; translated from the French by Augusta Dörr
London ; Bloomsbury Visual Arts, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, [2017]
Ass -- Bear -- "Beast of Gévaudan" -- Beaver -- Bee -- Bird -- "Bird-Woman" -- Bull -- Butterfly -- Camel -- Carp -- Cat -- Chimera -- Cow -- Crocodile -- Deer -- Dinosaur -- Dog -- Dolphin -- Dromedary -- Duck -- Elephant -- Fish -- Fox -- Frog -- Giant Squid -- Giraffe -- Goat -- Goose -- Grasshopper -- Hippopotamus -- Horse -- Jaguar -- Lion -- Mole -- Monkey -- Mouse -- Ostrich -- Owl -- Ox -- Panther -- Parrot -- Peacock -- Pelican -- Pig -- Porcupine -- Rabbit -- Ram -- Rhinoceros -- Salamander -- Shrimp -- Snake -- Snowy Owl -- Sperm Whale -- Spider -- Spiny Lobster -- Stag -- Swan -- Tiger -- Turtle Dove -- Unicorn -- Water Spaniel -- Wild Boar -- Wolf -- Zebra.

"This beautiful book presents a selection of 100 graphic artworks depicting animals, both real and mythical frogs, dogs, lions and unicorns - held in the prints and photography collections of the Bibliotheque nationale de France. Each image is accompanied by a commentary that provides a historical context for the image and on the natural and symbolic history of the beast depicted. The panoply of wonderful beasts includes Durer's rhinoceros, Manet's cats on their Parisian rooftops, a carp by Hiroshige and Matisse's elegant swan, and the artwork includes etchings, lithographs, engravings and woodcuts from the 16th century to the present. In his preface to the volume, the cultural historian Michel Pastoureau considers the symbolic power of animals in the human imagination, providing us with 'a huge repertoire of signs and dreams'." -- provided by publisher.
Sherman N7660 .B49613 2017

By the pen and what they write : writing in Islamic art and culture
edited by Sheila Blair and Jonathan Bloom
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2017]
Considered by Muslims as the only true art, calligraphy has played a prominent role in Islamic culture since the time of the prophet Muhammad. Exploring this central role of the written word in Islam and how writing practices have evolved and adapted in different historical contexts, this book provides an overview of the enormous impact that writing in Arabic script has had on the visual arts of the Islamic world. Approaching the topic from a number of different perspectives, the essays in this volume include discussions on the relationship between orality and the written word; the materiality of the written word, ranging from the type of paper on which books were written to monumental inscriptions in stone and brick; and the development of Arabic typography and the printed book. Generously illustrated, By Pen and What They Write is an engaging look at how writing has remained a foundational component of Islamic art throughout fourteen centuries.
Sherman NK3636.5 .B53 2015

長編マンガの先駆者たち : 田河水泡から手塚治虫まで / 小野耕世
小野耕世, 1939- author
Tōkyō-to Chiyoda-ku : Iwanami Shoten, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NC1706 .O56 2017

日本, 家の列島 = Japon, l'archipel de la maison / ヴェロニック。ウルス, ジェレミ。ステラ, マニュエル。タルディッツ, ファビアン。モデュイ, パナソニック汐留ミュージアム編
Tōkyō : Kajima Shupankai, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NA7451 .N498 2017

東京 : 鹿島出版会, 2017
枝川裕一郎, 1948- author
Tōkyō : Kajima Shuppankai, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NA1550 .E332 2017

Territories of disobedience
Choi, Linna, author
[New York, NY] : Actar, [2017]
Architects today play a marginal role in the production of built environments, often entering a project long after its critical limits have been defined. OUALALOU+CHOI seeks to reestablish the architect’s role as necessary and pertinent, to expand and redefine the architect’s perimeter of action. The architecture presented in this book is a form of disobedience, a challenge to entrenched systems of construction. To question and pervert the established parameters of an architectural project is OUALALOU+CHOI’s modus operandi. This search for singularity is not a search for formal distinction; it’s not a fetishism of the architectural object. It speaks to a desire to define a project’s conditions of existence, to be responsible for more than a project’s formal incarnation. This compendium of essays and projects is divided into four themes: Cultural Resistance, Occupying Earth, Public Prerogatives, and Urban Transgressions . Presenting radically dissimilar projects, it illuminates the core of OUALALOU+CHOI’s work: the exploration of scale and territorial structures. Linna Choi and Tarik Oualalou are partners in OUALALOU+CHOI, an architectural firm based in Paris and Casablanca. Territories of Disobedience traces the first fifteen years of their work.--Publisher's description.
Sherman NA1053.O93 A4 2017

Women walking : freedom, adventure, independence
Sagner, Karin, author
New York : Abbeville Press Publishers, 2017
Introduction: women walking -- From aristocratic promenades to bourgeois walks -- Strolling and idling: on the go in the city -- Liberating steps into nature -- High up: above it all.

"At the close of the eighteenth century, women began to discover a new sense of freedom, adventure, and self-determination, simply by walking in public unaccompanied. Previously, solitary walks by women were considered unseemly. An unaccompanied hike in the country was beyond imagination; to promenade by oneself on city boulevards was unthinkable. This book features evocative paintings of women doing just that, by a range of artists, from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth century, among them British portraitist Thomas Gainsborough, the scandalous Gustave Courbet, Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte, American masters Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent, and Nabi artist Felix Vallotton. With paintings as her guide, Karin Sagner takes us on a visual journey through this vital yet oft-overlooked aspect of women's emancipation, from the promenades of the nobility to everyday walks in the city, on gentle strolls in the country or hikes up mountain summits. Quotes by luminaries like the Marquise de Sevigne, Jane Austen, and Simone de Beauvoir gracefully support her points. A thoughtful gift for graduates, teachers, or Mother's Day, this subtle but profound book is not only an illuminating history but a beautiful art historical survey and an inspirational guide."--Publisher's description.
Sherman ND1460.W65 S2413 2017

A sustainable bodega and hotel : John Spence, Patrick Bellew, and Andy Bow
edited by Nina Rappaport and Henry Chan
New Haven, Conn. : Yale School of Architecture, [2017]
Sherman NA2542.36 .S87 2017

Jasper Johns : catalogue raisonné of monotypes
Susan Dackerman and Jennifer L. Roberts
New York, NY : Matthew Marks Gallery, [2017]
The first comprehensive overview of Jasper Johns's work in an innovative medium that the artist has singlehandedly redefined over the course of four decades Jasper Johns (b. 1930) is arguably the most important living American artist, and his work is central to any history of postwar art. With extensive new scholarship based on original research and interviews with the artist, Jasper Johns: Catalogue Raisonné of the Monotypes provides the definitive account of his groundbreaking work in an intrinsically subversive medium situated between painting, drawing, and printmaking. Susan Dackerman and Jennifer L. Roberts examine Johns's innovative use of the printing press to create alterity, overturning monotype's century-old reputation for expressive subjectivity.
Sherman Oversize NE539.J57 A4 2017

妹島和世論 : マキシマル。アーキテクチャー I / 服部一晃
服部一晃, 1984- author
Tōkyō : NTT Shuppan, 2017
Baker Berry Japan NA1559.S545 H38 2017

Yoshua Okón : colateral = collateral
curador y editor = curator and editor, John C. Welchman ; textos = texts, Helena Chávez Mac Gregor, Cuauhtémoc Medina, John C. Welchman
Ciudad de México : MUAC, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, UNAM : 2017
Yoshua Okón: relaciones internacionales = Yoshua Okón: International Relations / John C. Welchman -- Sodoma & McDonaldʹs. Una conversación = Sodom & McDonaldʹs. A Conversation / Cuauhtémoc Medina, Yoshua Okón -- Todos estamos en peligro. Una lectura política sobre la obra de Yoshua Okón = We Are All in Danger: A PoliticalReading of the Work of Yoshua Okón / Helena Chávez Mac Gregor -- Semblanza = Biographical Sketch -- Catálogo = Catalogue.

Since the mid-1990's Yoshua Okón (b. México, 1970) has produced works that explore the complexities of contemporary societies, addressing issues such as reality and fiction, power in authority, and social stereotypes, among others. "Rather than arranging the exhibition in a chronological or thematic sequence, it unfolds as a spiral that moves from Mexico City where Okón was born and has worked for the majority of his career (Bocanegra, 2007; Chocorrol, 1997), to a pair of engagements with the U.S.-Mexican border (Canned Laughter, 2009, and Oracle, 2015), and thence to Maine, the continental U.S. state furthest from Mexico City, where The Indian Project: Rebuilding History and WalMart Shoppers were made in 2015. From here Okón takes us to Guatemala via suburban Los Angeles (Octopus, 2011); south to Santiago de Chile (Chille, 2009); and finally to Herzliya in Israel where Gaza Stripper was performed and then re-presented as an installation in 2006."--Page 31.
Sherman N6559.O395 A4 2017

Visible / invisibilización : aproximaciones en torno a la violencia
coordinación editorial, Gabriela Martínez y Martínez, Said Emmanuel Dokins Millán ; textos por Gabriela Martínez y Martínez and twenty-two others
México, D.F. : Pneuma : 2015
Sección 01. Violencia invisible -- Introducción / Gabriela Martínez y Martínez -- Más de una manera de hacer(lo) visible / María Teresa García G. Besné -- Horizontes de violencia / Guillermo Pereyra -- Visible Invisibilización: aproximaciones en torno a la violencia / Said Dokins -- Sección 02. Aproximaciones -- Miguel Ángel Rojas -- Taniel Morales -- Pedro Reyes -- Edwin Sánchez -- Artemio -- Enrique Jeik -- Yorchil Medina -- Víctor Pérez-Rul -- Lorena Wolffer -- Sayak Valencia -- Fausto Gracia -- Los Rayos (Daniela Schmidt/Sergio Umansky) -- SDMR -- Rubén Gutiérrez -- Hilo Rojo (Abrham Khalid/elalassblisett/Gabriela Martínez) -- Joaquín Segura -- Teresa Margolles -- Isaac Torres -- Oscar Salamanca -- Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda -- Andrés Orjuela -- Fernando Llanos -- Adela Goldbard -- Enrique Hernández -- Yuri Hernando Forero -- Ximena Labra -- César Martínez -- Belsay Maza -- Carol Borja -- Ricardo Zambrano -- Gabriel de la Mora -- Sección 03. Intersecciones -- En clave voyeurʺ: cuerpo desobediente y contexto político en la obra de Miguel Ángel Rojas / Halim Badawi -- Reseñas de El museo imposibleʺ y Breve biografía del mini uzi en Colombiaʺ / Daniel Ferreira -- Apuntes sobre Narraciones periféricasʺ N° 1 de Hilo Rojo / Carlos A. García Calderón -- Risa revoluciónʺ: las paradojas de la ironía / Margarita Calle -- Preludio o ejercicios de resistencia a la frustración / Irving Domínguez -- Escrito con tinta-sange: arte, violencia popular y violencia en la obra de Andrés Orjuela / Halim Badawi -- Sección 04. Apuntes -- Colaterales / Taniel Morales -- Disarm / Pedro Reyes -- Protect yourself / Yorchil Medina -- Mapa trazado con herramientas de destazar / Enrique Jeik -- Apariciones / Said Dokins -- Dilución, radiación / Víctor Pérez-Rul -- Mírame a los ojos / Lorena Wolffer -- (Des)obediencia / Sayak Valencia -- Una mirada al cielo ¡Suertuda! Vives en Querétaro / Fausto Gracia -- La marcha / Isaac Torres -- El enemigo está en casa / Fernando Llanos -- Helicopterazo / Adela Goldberg -- Hundimiento y transacción -- trans-acción / Yuri Hernando Forero -- Apostillas a un apocalipsis anunciado / César Martínez -- Visible en el MACAZ. El inicio y los fines / Juan Carlos Jiménez -- BiografíasSedes de exposición -- Conciertos, conferencias y conversatorios -- Talleres y seminarios.

Together for the first time in one volume, the creative work of contemporary artists from Mexico and Colombia that reflect on issues of violence and its various forms of concealment, through objects, actions, performances, installations, interventions in public space and audiovisual records. An exhibition project curated by Gabriela Martínez and Said Dokins.
Sherman N8257 .V57 2015

Orozco y Los Teules, 1947
Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil editor
Ciudad de México : Secretaría de Cultura, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes : 2017
Presentación = Foreword / María Cristina García Cepeda -- José Clemente Orozco y la serie "Los Teules", 1947 / Dafne Cruz Porchini -- "Los Teules", pintura de historia y alegoría de la violencia / Itzel A. Rodríguez Mortellano -- José Clemente Orozco and the series "Los Teules", 1947 / Dafne Cruz Porchini -- "Los Teules", painting history and allegory of violence / Itzel A. Rodríguez Mortellano -- Imágenes = Images.

In 1947, artist Jose Clemente Orozco inaugurated the exhibition "Los Teules" at El Colegio Nacional in Mexico City. This was the first time that Orozco presented a set of artistic pieces that through the plastic discourse, recounted one of the most important historical events in Mexico: the Spanish Conquest. Inspired in the chronicle "Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva España" by conquerer Bernal Díaz del Castillo, Orozco stunned with his raw representations of the encounter between Indians and Spanish. Seven decades after, the present catalogue comprises a compilation of 43 of the 66 works that integrated the original exhibition, recovered by the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil and recreates the original museographic script that Orozoco presente at El Colegio Nacional.
Sherman ND259.O7 A4 2016

The book of black
Dowling, Faye, author
London : Laurence King Publishing, 2017
Paint it black -- Gods & monsters -- The kingdom of darkness -- Dark arts/higher power.

From fine art to street style, the aesthetics and motifs of the gothic are entwined with the heart of today's alternative visual culture. Vampires and demons have become screen icons of the modern underworld. Skulls, crosses, and religious iconography represent symbols of rebellion for a new gothic generation, a shorthand for an allegiance with a modern-day underworld where monsters and misfits rule the world. The Book of Black provides an exploratory visual narrative through which to reveal and celebrate the artists, aesthetics, and styles of today's gothic visual arts, presenting seminal gothic artworks alongside emerging artists of today.
Sherman N6498.G68 D69 2017

雒有仓, author
Hefei Shi : Huang Shan shu she, 2017
Baker Berry East Asian NK7983.A3 L868 2017

幽冥色彩 : 中国古代墓葬壁饰 / 董新林著
成都 : 四川人民出版社, 四川出版集团 : 2004
Ben shu jie qu le yi xie you jia zhi de duan mian, zhan xian le zhong guo gu dai mu zang bi shi de shi dai te dian he gao chao de yi shu zao yi. da ti gou le chu mu zang bi shi de fa zhan mai ge, ling lue gu ren jing zhan de hui hua diao ke yi shu.
Baker Berry East Asian ND2848 .D664 2004

Diálogo de las artes en las vanguardias hispánicas
Selena Millares (ed.)
Madrid : Iberoamericana ; 2017
Liminar / Selena Millares -- Diálogos entre América y España a través de la revista Bolívar / Raquel Arias Careada -- El salto a Hollywood que no pudo ser : los guiones cinematográficos vanguardistas de Concha Méndez / María José Bruña Bragado -- La crítica poética de arte como transmutación creadora : Vicente Huidobro y su olvidado "Jacques Lipchitz" de 1928 / Belén Castro Morales -- Batlle Planas en la vanguardia argentina / Teodosio Fernández -- El surrealismo de Roberto Matta y su órbita literaria / Jorge Fornet -- Poesía ilustrada : un recorrido de orilla a orilla (García Maroto, Villarrutia, Molinari, Novo, Lorca, Neruda) / Rosa García Gutiérrez -- El collage como práctica intermedial : vanguardia artística y cinematográfica en Esencia de verbena (Ernesto Giménez Caballero, 1930) / Sonia García López -- El pintor Roberto Montenegro y la literatura : un diálogo en tres tiempos / Alfonso García Morales -- Textos híbridos y variaciones de la mirada : literatura, arquitectura y pintura : relato, poema en prosa y fragmento / Patricio Lizama Améstica -- Las relaciones peligrosas : fotografía y vanguardia en Buenos Aires / Esperanza López Parada -- Arte, poesía y violencia en la vanguardia hispanoantillana : Eugenio Granell y Wifredo Lam / Selena Millares -- Membretes, de Oliverio Firondo : un fecundo diálogo interartístico / Francisca Noguerol -- Torre, minero y espigador del arte de vanguardia / Domingo Ródenas de Moya -- Anita Malfatti expresionista : inauguración y ruptura de la vanguardia en Brasil / Jorge Schwartz -- Poetas y pintores de la vanguardia mexicana : Xavier Villaurrutia y Agustín Lazo / Anthony Stanton -- Remedios Varo : espacios de la creación / Carmen Valcárcel.
Baker Berry NX562.A1 D49 2017

张晓东, 1971- author
Lanzhou Shi : Gansu wen hua chu ban she, 2016
Baker Berry East Asian ND2552 .Z48 2016

Raphael : the drawings
Whistler, Catherine, author
Oxford : Ashmolean Museum, 2017
Introduction: Raphael and drawing's Eloquence / Catherine Whistler and Ben Thomas -- Raphael: a chronology / Angelamaria Aceto -- Raphael's materials and techniques / Angelamaria Aceto -- Raphael's hands / Catherine Whistler -- Raphael and the idea of drawing / Ben Thomas -- Raphael's drawings and the design process / Achim Gnann -- Catalogue -- Appendix: Two sonnets, Raphael as a poet-lover / Angelamaria Aceto.

The selection of drawings demonstrates how Raphael created a specific mode of visual invention and persuasive communication through drawing. He used drawing both as conceptual art (including brainstorming sheets) and as a practice based on attentive observation (such as drawing from the posed model). Yet Raphael's drawings also reveal how the process of drawing in itself, with its gestural rhythms and spontaneity, can be a form of thought, generating new ideas. The Oxford exhibition will present drawings that span Raphael's entire career, encompassing many of his major projects and exploring his visual language from inventive ideas to full compositions. The extraordinary range of drawings by Raphael in the Ashmolean and the Albertina, enhanced by appropriate loans, will enable this exhibition to cast new light on this familiar artist, transforming our understanding of Raphael's art.
Sherman NC257.R3 A4 2017

Picturing war in France, 1792-1856
Hornstein, Katie, author
New Haven ; Yale University Press, [2017]
Sherman N8260 .H67 2017

The artist, the censor, and the nude : a tale of morality and appropriation
Harcourt, Glenn, author
Los Angeles : DoppelHouse Press, [2017]
This hybrid book examines the art and politics of 'The Nude' in various cultural contexts, featuring books of canonical western art pirated and either digitally- or hand-censored in Iran by anonymous government workers. Author Glenn Harcourt uses several case studies brought to the fore by American painter Pamela Joseph in her recent "Censored" series. Harcourt's rigorous, culturally-measured and art historical approach complements Joseph's appropriation of these censored images as feminist critique. Harcourt argues that her work serves as a window toward larger questions in art. These include an examination of the evolution of abstraction; the role of women in western society, as seen through the history of painting the body; the effects of western art on cultures outside the west (sometimes referred to in Iran as 'west-toxication'); and how artists in non-western countries, specifically those in Iran living under rules of censorship that specifically prohibit representation of the body, engage with the history of western art found in the censored books.
Sherman N8740 .H37 2017

Conflict, identity, and protest in American art
edited by Miguel de Baca and Makeda Best
Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015
Conflict, Identity, and Protest in American Art explores the powerful relationship between artistic production and cultures of conflict in the United States. Such a theme continues to provoke practitioners and scholars across a range of media and disciplines, especially as definitions of war and protest evolve and change in the twenty-first century. This anthology presents vital discussions of visual works in relationship to national identity, the politics and contexts of artistic production and reception, and the expressive and political function of art within historical periods defined by wars, rebellions, and revolutions. It sheds new light on the shifting nature of identity, and specifically how conflict armed conflict as well as rhetorical conflict inspires new identities to emerge.
Sherman N72.S6 C66 2015

A Rothschild Renaissance : a new look at the Waddesdon bequest in the British Museum
edited by Pippa Shirley and Dora Thornton
London : The British Museum, [2017]
Foreword / Lord Rothschild -- Acknowledgements ; Introduction / Dora Thornton and Pippa Shirley -- Baron Ferdinand Rothschild at Waddesdon / Pippa Shirley -- Contexts for collecting : inheritance, purchase, sale, tax and bequest / Peter Mandler -- Baron Ferdinand Rothschild's "Renaissance museum" : treasures from the new smoking room at Waddesdon Manor / Rachel Boak -- Securing a new national treasure : Baron Ferdinand Rothschild and the British Museum / Eloise Donnelly -- Additions and omissions : the transfer of bequest objects from Waddesdon Manor to the British Museum / Gina Murphy -- The post-bequest new smoking room collection at Waddesdon Manor / Phillippa Plock -- A question of taste? : Limoges painted enamels collected by French and English Rothschilds in the 19th century / Françoise Barbe -- A fascination for curiosities : a comparison between the nautilus and Bacchus cups in the Waddesdon bequest and the Grünes Gewölbe, Dresden / Ulrike Weinhold -- Sculpture in the Waddesdon bequest / Jeremy Warren -- The boxwood miniature tabernacle as a devotional toy / Dora Thornton with an appendix by Philip Fletcher -- Text and image on Middle Eastern objects : the Palmer cup in context / Anna Contadini -- Exploring a technological context in the British Museum : gilded and enamelled glass vessels of the Waddesdon bequest / William Gudenrath -- Technical examination of the Waddesdon bequest : recent discoveries, future avenues / Andrew Meek, Denise Ling, Fleur Shearman, Joanne Dyer, Maickel van Bellegem and Susan La Niece -- Art for the Rothschilds : the career of the dealer Frédéric Spitzer / Paola Cordera -- "Nothing which made me doubt its authenticity" (Sir Augustus W. Franks, British Museum, 1877) : Salomon Weininger's forgeries and some aspects of their British fortune / Paulus Rainer -- Research, interpretation and display of jewels in the Waddesdon bequest / Dora Thornton -- Bibliography -- Contributors -- Illustration credits -- Index.

The Waddesdon Bequest is a collection of nearly 300 precious art objects from Renaissance Europe. It was bequeathed to the British Museum by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, M.P., when he died in 1898. The Bequest is named after Waddesdon Manor, the mansion he built in Buckinghamshire, England, where the collection was housed during his lifetime. The collection was accumulated by Baron Ferdinand and by his father, Baron Anselm, and was intended to rival those put together by rulers and princes from the Renaissance onwards. It is mainly made up of small-scale, rare and precious pieces of the highest quality which were intended to inspire a sense of curiosity and wonder.
Sherman NK550.G72 R68 2017

Helena Rubinstein : beauty is power
Klein, Mason, author
New York : The Jewish Museum, under the auspices of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, [2014]
This is the first exhibition to explore the ideas, innovations, and influence of the legendary cosmetics entrepreneur Helena Rubinstein. Madame (as she was universally known) helped break down the status quo of taste by blurring boundaries between commerce, art, fashion, beauty, and design. Through 200 objects Beauty Is Power reveals how Rubinstein's unique style and pioneering approaches to business challenged conservative taste and heralded a modern notion of beauty, democratized and accessible to all. The exhibition reunites selections from Rubinstein's famed art collection, dispersed at auction in 1966, featuring works by Pablo Picasso, Elie Nadelman, Frida Kahlo, Max Ernst, Leonor Fini, Joan Miró, and Henri Matisse, among others, as well as more than thirty works from her peerless collection of African and Oceanic art. Other highlights include Rubinstein's beloved miniature period rooms, jewelry, and clothing designed by Cristóbal Balenciaga, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Paul Poiret. Rubinstein's savvy for self-promotion is seen in portraits of her made by the leading artists of her day, from Marie Laurencin to Andy Warhol. Also on display are vintage advertisements, cosmetics products, and promotional films related to her beauty business.
Sherman N6488.5.R84 K54 2014

Between declarations and dreams : art of Southeast Asia since the 19th century
editor, Low Sze Wee
Singapore : National Gallery Singapore, 2015
Sherman N7311 .B48 2015

Ungrateful mammals
Eggers, Dave, artist,
New York : Abrams, 2017
Preface by Dave Eggers -- Introduction by Noah Lang -- Interview with David Tilley -- Ungrateful mammals -- "What if..." by Natasha Boas.

Before he embarked on his writing career, Dave Eggers was classically trained as a draftsman and painter. He then spent many years as a professional illustrator and graphic designer before turning to writing full-time. More recently, in order to raise money for ScholarMatch, his college-access nonprofit, he returned to visual art, and the results have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the country. Usually involving the pairing of an animal with humorous or Biblical text, the results are wry, oddly anthropomorphic tableaus that create a very entertaining and eccentric body of work from one of today's leading culture makers.
Sherman NC139.E38 A4 2017

The first artists : in search of the world's oldest art
Lorblanchet, Michel, 1937- author
London ; Thames & Hudson Ltd, [2017]
Foreword / Pierre Soulages -- Introduction: what is 'art'? -- 1. Theories, chimps and children : early attempts to tackle the problem -- 2. Finding art in nature : the first stirrings of an aesthetic sense -- 3. Can we see art in the first tools? : polyhedrons, spheroids and handaxes -- 4. All work and no play? : looking at marks on bones and stones -- 5. Figuring it out : pierres-figures and the first carvings -- 6. Jingles and bangles : the origin of music and decorated bodies -- 7. The first art in the landscape : dots and lines -- 8. The writing's on the wall : the earliest cave art -- 9. A global phenomenon : the appearance of rock art around the world -- Conclusion.

Where do we find the world's very first art? When, and why, did people begin experimenting with different materials, forms and colors? Were our once-cousins, the Neanderthals, also capable of creating art? Prehistorians have been asking these questions of our ancestors for decades, but only very recently, with the development of cutting-edge scientific and archaeological techniques, have we been able to piece together the first chapter in the story of art.
Sherman N5310 .L698 2017

Fernand Léger : le beau est partout
sous la direction d'Ariane Coulondre
Bruxelles : Fonds Mercator, [2017]
Témoin passionné d'un siècle foisonnant, Fernand Léger (1881-1955) est sans doute l'un des artistes modernes les plus célèbres. Généreux, curieux de tout et grand voyageur, il s'est intéressé tout au long de sa carrière à de nombreux domaines: la poésie, le cinéma, le cirque, la danse, l'architecture et l'urbanisme. Attaché à créer des œuvres à la fois modernes et populaires, il est l'emblème de l'artiste engagé en faveur du progrès social. Pour les 40 ans du Centre Pompidou, cette exposition exceptionnelle et le catalogue qui l'accompagne présentent sous un angle inédit toutes les facettes de ce géant du XXe siècle.
Sherman ND553.L58 A4 2017

Alberto Giacometti
Fritsch, Lena, author
London : Tate Publishing, 2017
"Part of the Tate Introductions series, this richly illustrated and accessible book provides an engaging and concise account of Giacometti's work and life. It explores the story of the artist's evolution, from his first sketchbooks and professional works of art through his extraordinary Surrealist compositions, to the emergence of his mature style." --Publisher's decsription.
Sherman NB553.G4 F75 2017

A Queer Little History of Art
Pilcher, Alex, author
[London] : Tate Publishing, [2017]
This small but lavishly illustrated book showcases a selection of works which illustrate the breadth and depth of queer art from around the world. Exploring identity, eroticism, relationships, hidden desires, love and gender through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and film, it tells the story of queer art from 1900 to the present, revealing how experiences have also been shaped by class and ethnicity, and how art itself has played a key role in changing attitudes and crystalising identities. From the deeply personal to the political or emotive, each work is beautifully reproduced with a short text explaining its wider social and cultural context, and what 'queer' means in different historic and contemporary contexts. Including works from a variety of artists - among them Egon Schiele, Duncan Grant, Romaine Brooks, Edward Burra, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, Diane Arbus, Francis Bacon, Bhupen Khakhar, Zanele Muholi, Allyson Mitchell and Tomoko Kashiki - all of whom found new freedom in radical ideas and new art forms, A Queer Little History of Art is a true celebration of over 100 years of queer art, as well as the LGBT community that has embraced it.
Baker Berry NX180.H6 P55 2017

Ficciones nómadas : procesos de intermedialidad literaria y audiovisual
José Antonio Pérez Bowie y Antonio Jesús Gil González (eds.)
Madrid : Pigmalión, 2017
Pasolini, artista intermedial / Enmanuela Patti -- Pasolini en Spoleto, 1965: una performance intermedial / Fernando González García -- Literatura antes del cine: prefiguraciones de la imagen tarkovskiana en sus Escritos de juventud / José Seoane Riveira -- Japón, de Carlos Reygadas, y el haiku: poesía hecha cine / Julia González de Canales Carcereny -- Transmedialidad y frontera: directores de cine entre bambalinas: Coches abandonados, de Javier Maqua / María Teresa García-Abad García -- Shakespeare en la cárcel: César debe morir (Paolo y Vittorio Tavianai, 2012) / Anne-Violaine Houche -- Equívocos intermediales: el "realismo tímido" del cine español y el problema de la forma / Annalisa Mirizio -- Luna caliente, de Mempo Giardinelli y Vicente Aranda: estudio de una reescritura / Álex Martín Escribà -- Intermedialidad en la obra de Abderrahmane Sissaro / Beatriz Leal Riesco -- Transmedialidad en el "cinema de bordas": los casos de Cabo Verde y Guinea-Bissau / Paulo Cunha -- Los hipotextos del biopic / José A. Pérez Bowie -- Para un enfoque pragmático de la transmedia: ver Breaking bad / François Jost -- Estrategias reescriturales en el cómic de la memoria: a propósito de El arte de volar y el ala rota / Javier Sánchez Zapatero -- De la novela y el cine de ciencia ficción al cómic de la memoria: intermediaciones en los pioneros del cómic gallego / Xulio Carballo Dopico -- Autoría y lectoría: de los lectores que comparten, reutilizan y reescriben a los artistas de la renunciación / Vicente Luis Mora -- El webdocumental según Vertov / Manuela Penafria -- El videojuego y el fin de la tragedia: aspectos narrativos de una revolución estructural / Juan José Vargas-Iglesias -- Superhéroes en el multiverso de la narración: transmedialidad entre cómic y videojuego / Daniel Escandell Montiel -- Abu Ghraib: transmedialidad y reescritura / Roberto Amaba.
Baker Berry NX170 .F533 2017

Expanded painting : ontological aesthetics and the essence of colour
Titmarsh, Mark, 1955- author
London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
The presence of paint -- Expanded painting -- Post aesthetics -- An ontology of color -- The painting of being.

The relevance of painting has been questioned many times over the last century, by the arrival of photography, installation art and digital technologies. But rather than accept the death of painting, Mark Titmarsh traces a paradoxical interface between this art form and its opposing forces to define a new practice known as èxpanded painting' giving the term historical context, theoretical structure and an important place in contemporary practice. As the formal boundaries tumble, the being of painting expands to become a kind of total art incorporating all other media including sculpture, video and performance. Painting is considered from three different perspectives: ethnology, art theory and ontology. From an ethnological point of view, painting is one of any number of activities that takes place within a culture. In art theory terms, painting is understood to produce objects of interest for humanities disciplines. Yet painting as a medium often challenges both its object and image status, èxpanding' and creating hybrid works between painting, objects, screen media and text. Ontologically, painting is understood as an object of aesthetic discourse that in turn reflects historical states of being. Thus, Expanded Painting delivers a new kind of saying, a post-aesthetic discourse that is attuned to an uncanny tension between the presence and absence of painting.
Sherman ND196.2 .T57 2017

[Sotheby's London catalogues. 2018]
London : Sotheby's Olympia, 2018
Feb 20, 2018. La Biblioteca Sergio Rossetti -- Feb 28, 2018. Surrealist Art -- Feb 28, 2018. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Mar 1, 2018. Impressionist and Modern Art, Day Sale -- Mar 7, 2018. Contemporary Art Evening Auction -- Mar 8, 2018. Contemporary Art Day Auction
Sherman N8650.S6 L75 2018

La policromia sui sarcofagi romani : catalogo e risultati scientifici
Siotto, Eliana
Roma : L'Erma di Bretschneider, [2017]
La monografia si occupa della policromia sui sarcofagi romani in marmo prodotti a Roma dall'inizio del II secolo alla fine del IV secolo d.C. Essa affronta in modo sistematico le problematiche del colore e della doratura per temi, in modo discorsivo, ma sempre da un punto di vista tecnico e pragmatico, riportando risultati e dati derivanti da osservazioni sul campo, da analisi scientifiche unite a ricerche archivio-bibliografiche mediante l' uso di tecnologie emergenti in supporto all' iter corrente. Per la prima volta, lo studio della policromia è affrontato in modo nuovo e la ricerca si è concentrata esclusivamente su una classe specifica di manufatti archeologici. Questo approccio, naturalmente, non toglie al testo del manoscritto un' ampia e complementare disamina dei materiali studiati sotto il profilo storico-archeologico. In tal modo, la ricerca si configura per la sua transdisciplinarità costituendo, per la materia in oggetto, un prodotto pionieristico, quindi innovativo per contenuti e metodo.
Sherman NB115 .S568 2017

Le stagioni dell'ingegnere Ferdinando Forlati : un protagonista del restauro nelle Venezie del Novecento
a cura di Stefano Sorteni
Padova : Il poligrafo, [2017]
Sherman NA1123.F628 S73 2017

Delirious : art at the limits of reason, 1950-1980
Baum, Kelly, author
New York : Metropolitan Museum of Art, [2017]
Think crazy: the art and history of delirium / Kelly Baum -- Bite your tongue: Antonin Artaud and the neo-avant-garde / Lucy Bradnock -- Blown circuits: technology and irrationality in postwar art / Tine Rivers Ryan -- Plates. Excess -- Vertigo -- Twisted -- Nonsense.

Addressing the maniacal, eccentric, and disorienting in artworks made between 1950 and 1980, Delirious situates a fascination with the absurd and irrational within the context of the violence and brutality witnessed during World War II as well as the rapid expansion of industrial capitalism in the 1950s. Skepticism of science and technology--along with fear of its capability to promote mass destruction--developed into a distrust of rationalism, which in the arts had the paradoxical result of extracting irrational effects from rational means.
Sherman N6487.N4 M833 2017

Drawings for paintings in the age of Rembrandt
Ger Luijten, Peter Schatborn, Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr. ; with Rhea Sylvia Blok, Wouter Kloek, Henriette Rahusen, William W. Robinson, Cécile Tainturier, Ilona van Tuinen, Gerdien Wuestman
Washington : National Gallery of Art, [2016]
Drawing into Painting: An Overview / William W. Robinson and Peter Schatborn -- Drawings and Underdrawings: The Creative Process in Dutch Painting / Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr. -- Reasons for Drawing in Seventeenth-Century Holland / Ger Luijten -- Catalog.

"The realistic character of seventeenth-century Dutch art seems to suggest that artists painted from life, but they often executed their paintings on the basis of preliminary drawings. Accompanying the international loan exhibition Drawings for Paintings in the Age of Rembrandt, this richly illustrated volume demonstrates the important role of drawings in the creative process. Among the drawings discussed are quick compositional sketches, figure studies, and careful construction drawings. Underdrawings on panel and canvas supports are also studied. Such preparatory studies are juxtaposed with their related paintings in the catalog to provide new insights into this important aspect of Dutch art"--
Sherman NC261 .D73 2016

Cambio de siglo, República y exilio : arte del siglo XX en España
Brihuega, Jaime, author
Madrid : Antonio Machado Libros, [2017]
La mirada herida : violencia y crueldad en el arte español contemporáneo -- Islotes entre las ondas : cartografía del simbolismo en España : preámbulo, entre el prejuicio y la perplejidad -- Imágenes para una generación poética -- La exposición de la Sociedad de Artistas Ibéricos y el arte español en la bisagra de 1925 -- Forma, palabra y materia en la poética de Vallecas -- Fisiología de los sueños, Cajal, Tanguy, Lorca, Dalí "Hypnerotomachia anatómica" -- Tránsitos : artistas españoles antes y después de la Guerra Civil "El equipaje de los años treinta" -- Después de la alambrada : memoria y metamorfosis en el arte español del exilio.
Sherman N7108 .B754 2017

Murales del Palacio de Gobierno del Estado de México
Berta Taracena and seven others ; coordinador, Gustavo Ramírez Faraón
Toluca de Lerdo, Estado de México : FOEM, Fondo Editorial Estado de México, [2015]
Presentación / Eruviel Ávila Villegas -- Introducción. Murales históricos del Palacio e Gobierno -- Mural de Leopoldo Flores. La Independencia de México -- La Independencia de Leopoldo Flores / Leopoldo Flores / Berta Taracena -- La voz del trazo: Leopoldo Flores / Celeste Ramirez -- Mural de Luis Nishizawa. La Revolución Mexicana -- La Revolución Mexicana en el sentimiento de Luis Nishzawa / Úrsula Cotero García Luna -- La revolución mexicana bajo dos soles / Cecilia Juárez -- Mural de Ismael Ramos. Tierra de Dioses, Patrimonio Cultural y Natural del Estado de México -- Travesía por Tierra de dioses / Gustavo Ramirez Faraón -- Mural de Ulises Licea. Los forjadores del Estado de México -- Fraguado a fuego y tierra / Alfonso Sánchez Arteche -- El ciclo del arte / Lorena Romero Moreno -- Mural de Ismael Ramos. La Construcción de un Estado -- Arquitectos del nuevo orden / Alfonso Sánchez Arteche -- Construir a través del pincel / Porfirio Hernández -- Semblanzas.

The seat of the Government of the State of Mexico is a permanent cultural site, in part to the mural work of artists Luis Nishizawa, Leopoldo Flores, Ismael Ramos and Ulises Licea. The five murals that make up this pictorial historical testimony of the Palace of the Government are "The Independence "; "The Mexican Revolution"; "Land of Gods;" "The forgers of the State of Mexico" and "The construction of the State".
Sherman ND2646.T65 M87 2015

Urban potters : makers in the city
Treggiden, Katie, author
New York, NY : Ludion/ABRAMS, [2017]
"Clay is back: the age-old craft of ceramics is being embraced by a new generation of urban makers and collectors--and by interior designers. Here, Katie Treggiden explores the con­temporary revival of pottery, focusing on six inspiring cities and their makers. Twenty-five young and passionate ceramicists in New York, London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Sydney, and Sao Paulo introduce us to their work, their studios, and their inspiration."--Amazon.com.
Sherman NK3930 .T74 2017

Architectural theorisations and phenomena in Asia : the polychronotypic Jetztzeit
Lin, Francis Chia-Hui, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Writing and unwriting Asian architecture -- The past in the present : the immediate historicity of Asia -- Trans-boundary methodologies : cultural appropriation and heteroglossia -- Bracketing before framing : the grounding of colony architecture -- The Tenryuubito and the resistance to it : exemplifying cultural-political enclaves -- Non-native natives and insular urbanism : the matter of communitarian localities in Asia -- Exhibitions without exhibits : musealising history and architecture -- The entanglement or the différend?.
Sherman NA1460 .L56 2017

The book of Emma Reyes
Reyes, Emma, 1919-2003, author
New York, New York : Penguin Books, [2017]
"A literary discovery: an extraordinary account, in the tradition of The House on Mango Street and Angela's Ashes, of a Colombian woman's harrowing childhood. This astonishing memoir of a childhood lived in extreme poverty in Latin America was hailed as an instant classic when first published in Colombia in 2012, nine years after the death of its author, who was encouraged in her writing by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Comprised of letters written over the course of thirty years, and translated and introduced by acclaimed Peruvian-American writer Daniel Alarcon, it describes in vivid, painterly detail the remarkable courage and limitless imagination of a young girl growing up with nothing. Emma was an illegitimate child, raised in a windowless room in Bogota with no water or toilet and only ingenuity to keep her and her sister alive. Abandoned by their mother, she and her sister moved to a Catholic convent housing 150 orphan girls, where they washed pots, ironed and mended laundry, scrubbed floors, cleaned bathrooms, sewed garments and decorative cloths for the nuns--and lived in fear of the Devil. Illiterate and knowing nothing of the outside world, Emma escaped at age nineteen, eventually coming to have a career as an artist and to befriend the likes of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera as well as European artists and intellectuals. Far from self-pitying, the portrait that emerges from this clear-eyed account inspires awe at the stunning early life of a gifted writer whose talent remained hidden for far too long"--Provided by publisher.
Sherman N6679.R49 A3 2017

Art, disobedience, and ethics : the adventure of pedagogy
Atkinson, Dennis, 1947- author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan , [2018]
Sherman N85 .A74 2018

Artaud the Moma : interjections of appeal
Derrida, Jacques, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2017]
Sherman NC248.A72 D4717513 2017

Chaos theory
Mercedes Helnwein
Claremont, California : ZERO+ Publishing, 2017
Sherman NC139.H415 A4 2017

Inside Utopia : visionary interiors and futuristic homes
edited by Adam Štěch, Sally Fuls, and Robert Klanten ; introduction by Adam Štěch
Berlin : Gestalten, 2017
Sherman Oversize NA7110 .I57 2017

Hinca por ahí : escritos sobre las artes y asuntos limítrofes
Rivera, Nelson, author
San Juan [Puerto Rico] : Ediciones Callejón, 2016
Baker Berry NX180.S6 R48 2016

Puerto Rico : puerta al paisaje
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico, Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
San Juan, P.R. : Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico : 2015
Sherman ND312.P83 M874 2015

Gesture drawing : a story-based approach
Connors, April, author
Boca Raton, : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
Sherman NC715 .C66 2018

[Christie's London catalogues. 2018]
London : Christie's International UK, 2018
Feb 27, 2018. The Art of the Surreal, Evening Sale -- Feb 27, 2018. Impressionist and Modern Art, Evening Sale -- Feb 28, 2018. Impressionist and Modern Art, Works on Paper and Day Sale -- Mar 6, 2018. Post-War and Contemporary Art, Evening Sale -- Mar 7, 2018. Post-War and Contemporary Art, Day Sale --
Sherman N8650.C4 L6 2018