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A mist is a collection of points
Pisaro, Michael, composer,
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
A mist is a collection of points. Part I (18:08) ; Part II (21:46) ; Part III (18:09).
Paddock Compact Disc M342.P57 M57 2015

music for violin and resonator guitar by Robert Ashley, Lainie Fefferman, Paula Matthusen, James Moore, Larry Polansky, Ken Thomson
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
10 strings (9 events) : (2011) / Larry Polansky (8:41) -- in absentia : (2008) / Paula Matthusen (4:19) -- Suspicions : (2015) (1:46) ; Look like : (2014) (3:02) ; A wish : (2014) (4:13) / James Moore -- Deafening irrelevance : (2011) / Ken Thomson (9:28) -- Fiddly tune : (2012) / Lainie Fefferman (4:59) -- For Andie Springer showing the form of a melody, "Standing in the shadows," by Robert Ashley : (2010) / Robert Ashley (14:47) -- For Andie Springer... (encore) (1:43).
Paddock Compact Disc M295 .G47 2015

Classic American ballads
from Smithsonian Folkways ; compiled and annotated by Jeff Place, Katie Ortiz, and Max Smith
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways, ℗2015
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18 .C5925 2015

La femme 100 têtes : for piano
Antheil, George, 1900-1959, composer
New York : G. Schirmer, [2017]
Paddock M25.A57 F455 2017

Konzert für Flöte und Orchester : Dances with the winds = Concerto for flute and orchestra : Dances with the winds
Rautavaara, Einojuhani, 1928-2016, composer,
Wiesbaden : Breitkopf & Härtel, [2017]
Paddock M1021.R38 C66 2017

Gamelan concert!o : for solo instrument or group with accompanying ensembles
Corner, Philip, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017]
Paddock M985.C67 G363 2017

Concertino : trompette et piano = trumpet and piano = Trompete und Klavier = tromba e pianoforte
Jolivet, André, 1905-1974, composer
Paris : Editions Musicales Durand, [2017]
Paddock M1131.J65 C66 2017

No obstacle to sleep II : for any number or combination of melody instruments
Wilkinson, Clive
Lebanon, NH : Distributed by Frog Peak Music, [2001]
Paddock M1470.W54 N6 2001

iBroadway : musical theatre in the digital age
Jessica Hillman-McCord, editor
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Paddock ML2054 .I27 2017

The musical artistry of rap
Connor, Martin E., 1990- author
Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2018]
"Rap synthesizes rhythmic vocals with complex beats, intonational systems, song structures, orchestration and instrumentalism. The author advances a rethinking of musical notation and challenges the conventional understanding of Rap through analysis of such artists as Eminem, Kanye West and Jean Grae"--
Paddock ML3531 .C663 2018

Olivier Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux : from conception to performance
Chadwick, Roderick, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Paddock ML410.M595 C53 2018

The guitar in Stuart England : a social and musical history
Page, Christopher, 1952- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
"This is the first history of the guitar during the reign of the Stuarts, a time of great political and social upheaval in England. In this engaging and original volume, Christopher Page gathers a rich array of portraits, literary works and other, previously unpublished, archival materials in order to create a comprehensive picture of the guitar from its early appearances in Jacobean records, through its heyday at the Restoration court in Whitehall, to its decline in the first decades of the eighteenth century. The book explores the passion of Charles II himself for the guitar, and that of Samuel Pepys, who commissioned the largest repertoire of guitar-accompanied song to survive from baroque Europe. Written in Page's characteristically approachable style, this volume will appeal to general readers as well as to music historians and guitar specialists."--
Paddock ML1015.G9 P34 2017

The lizard's tail : E♭ clarinet
Abbinanti, Frank, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017]
Paddock M72.A23 L59 2017

Ungeheure Verbindung = (monstrous connection) : contrabassoon
Abbinanti, Frank, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017?]
Paddock M77.A23 U96 2017

Two vocal duets for soprano, baritone and piano with violin obbligato and optional string quartet (no.1 only)
Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958, composer
London : Stainer & Bell, 2017
The last invocation -- The love-song of the birds.
Paddock M1528.V38 D84 2017

Missa brevis : in D : a 4 voci con organo
Caldara, Antonio, 1670-1736, composer
[Italy] : Edizioni Pian & Forte, [2017]
Paddock M2013 .C35 D maj. 2017

Musicians in the making : pathways to creative performance
edited by John Rink, Helena Gaunt, Aaron Williamon
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Learning to perform: from "gifts" and "talents" to skills and creative engagement / Jane W. Davidson and Gary E. McPherson -- Apprenticeship and empowerment: the role of one-to-one lessons / Helena Gaunt -- Facilitating learning in small groups: interpersonal dynamics and task dimensions / Andrea Creech and Susan Hallam -- The role and significance of masterclasses in creative learning / Ingrid Maria Hanken -- Evaluating progress and setting directions: examination and assessment / Don Lebler and Scott Harrison -- Informal learning and musical performance / Tim Smart and Lucy Green -- Performers in the practice room / Karen Wise, Mirjam James and John Rink -- Small ensembles in rehearsal / Jane Ginsborg -- The creative work of large ensembles / Stephen Cottrell -- Learning in the spotlight: approaches to self-regulating and profiling performance / Aaron Williamon, Terry Clark and Mats Küssner -- Incorporating improvisation into classical music performance / Juniper Hill -- Reflection and the classical musician: practice in cultural context / Mary Hunter and Stephen Broad -- Towards convergence: academic studies and the student performer / Celia Duffy and Joe Harrop -- Musical expression from conception to reception / Darla Crispin and Stefan Östersjö -- Dialogue and beyond: communication and interaction in ensemble performance / Elaine King and Anthony Gritten -- Responding to performers: listeners and audiences / Sinéad O'Neill and John Sloboda.
Paddock ML3838 .M98 2017

Eternal pine
Chou, Wen-Chung, 1923- composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
Eternal pine I (20:11) -- Ode to eternal pine (14:32) -- Eternal pine II (15:47) -- Eternal pine III : "Sizhu eternal pine" (15:10).
Paddock Compact Disc M5.C46 I57 2015

A distant music
Nauert, Paul, instrumentalist
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
Episodes & elegies : (2010) (Marilyn Nonken, piano) (20:02) -- Darwin Street : (2010) (6:08) ; Pathfinding : (2011) (6:06) (Paul Miller, clarinets) -- A distant music : nine pieces for string quartet (2010) (Roy Malan, Kevin Rogers, violins ; Ivo Bokulic, viola ; Vanessa Ruotolo, cello) (13:38) -- Subtext : (1998) (David Tanenbaum, guitar) (7:01) -- Two miniatures : (2012) (Paul Miller, clarinet ; Carl Pantle, piano) (3:14) -- Flight path : (1999) (6:54) ; Soaring : (1999) (5:35) (Leta Miller, flute ; Paul Nauert, piano).
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.N38 I57 2015

No. 21 : soprano/tenor saxophone, electric guitar, amplified contrabass
Ayres, Richard, 1965-
Lebanon, NH : Distributed by Frog Peak Music, ©1995
Paddock M382.A97 N66 1995

Zwei Lobmotetten : für SATB, Streicher und Orgel
Aiblinger, Johann Kaspar, 1779-1867, composer
Bonn : Dr. J. Butz Musikverlag, 2017
Laudate Dominum : Psalm 116 -- Laudate pueri Dominum : Psalm 112.
Paddock M2021.A43 M68 2017

Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901, composer
Chicago : University of Chicago ; 2017
Paddock M1500.V48 R55 2017

Verdi : the man revealed
Suchet, John, 1944- author
London : Elliott and Thompson Limited, 2017
Giuseppe Verdi remains the greatest operatic composer that Italy, the home of opera, has ever produced. Yet throughout his lifetime he claimed to detest composing and repeatedly rejected it. He was a landowner, a farmer, a politician and symbol of Italian independence; but his music tells a different story.; An obsessive perfectionist, Verdi drove collaborators to despair but his works were rightly lauded from the start as dazzling feats of composition and characterisation. From Rigoletto to Otello, La Traviatato to Aida, Verdi's canon encompassed the full range of human emotion. His private life was no less complex: he suffered great loss, and went out of his way to antagonise many erstwhile supporters, including his own family. An outspoken advocate of Italian independence and a sharp critic of the church, he was o en at odds with nineteenth-century society and paid the price.; In Verdi: The Man Revealed, John Suchet attempts to get under the skin of perhaps the most private composer who ever lived. Unpicking his protestations, his deliberate embellishments and disingenuous disavowals, Suchet reveals the contradictory and sometimes curmudgeonly character of this great artist, convicted throughout much of his life but ultimately unable to walk away from the art for which he will be forever known.
Paddock ML410.V4 S87 2017

Collected works
Luython, Carolus, -1620, composer
Münster ; American Institute of Musicology, 2017-
v.1. Liber primus missarum. Masses from the Primus liber missarum and their models. Missa septem vocum, super basim: Caesar vive ; Missa sex vocum, super Filiae Hierusalem ; Filiae Jerusalem, nolite flere / Philippe de Monte ; Missa sex vocum, super Amorosi pensieri ; Amorosi pensieri / Philippe de Monte ; Missa quodlibetica sex vocum ; Missa quinque vocum, super Ne timeas, Maria ; Ne timeas, Maria / Philippe de Monte ; Missa quinque vocum, super tirsi morir volea ; Tirsi morir volea / Philippe de Monte ; Missa quodlibetica quotuor vocum ; Missa quodlibetica quatour vocum, ad aequales ; Missa quodlibetica trium vocum.
Paddock M3 .L99 2017

Piano concerto no. 2 in E, op. 12
Albert, Eugen d', 1864-1932, composer
München : mph, 2017
Paddock M1011 .A43 op.12 2017

Quartett G-Dur für vier Violinen = Quartet in G major for four violins = Quatuor en sol majeur pour quatre violons, Opus 107
Lachner, Ignaz, 1807-1895, composer
Warngau : Accolade Musikverlag, [2017]
Paddock M452.2 .L33 op.107 2017

Sonata à violino solo da camera = for violin and continuo
Locatelli, Pietro Antonio, 1695-1764, composer
Bologna : Ut Orpheus, [2017]
Largo -- Allegro -- Largo -- Allegro.
Paddock M223.L63 S66 2017

Songs my mother taught me
Washington : Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, [2015]
"The 20th child of a Mississippi sharecropper family and a commanding voice of the Civil Rights Movement, Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977) stood tall against the brutality, indigities and intimidation of implacable racism." --Container.
Paddock Compact Disc M2198.H35 S66 2015

Sonate pour violoncelle et piano en ré majeur, incomplète = for violoncello and piano in D major, incomplete = für Violoncello und Klavier D-Dur, unvollständig
Saint-Saëns, Camille, 1835-1921, composer
Kassel : Bärenreiter, [2017]
Paddock M231 .S15 D maj. 2017

Ouvertüre zu "Tannhäuser" : Konzertparaphrase für Klavier = Overture to "Tannhäuser" : concert paraphrase for piano
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883, composer
München : G. Henle Verlag, [2017]
Paddock M35.5.W34 T65 2017

Tara's love will melt the sword : piano
Giteck, Janice, 1946- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2017]
Light suspended -- Tear "drops" -- Rocking, blue interior -- Affectionately outward.
Paddock M25.G5635 T3 2017

Mysticism, ritual and religion in drone metal
Coggins, Owen, author
London ; Bloomsbury Academic, 2018
Mysticism and metal music -- To be experienced not understood: empirical mysticisms in dub, trance, and drone -- Beyond heaviness: listener experience in a translocal and marginal genre -- Pilgrimages to elsewhere: languages of ineffability, otherness, and ambiguity -- Amplifier worship: materiality, and mysticism in heavy sound -- Methods to cross the abyss: ritual, violence, and noise -- Drone metal mysticism.
Paddock ML3921.8.R63 C64 2018

Managing stage fright : a guide for musicians and music teachers
Nagel, Julie Jaffee, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Stage fright: what is it? -- Delving deeper into stage fright -- The A B Cs pf stage fright -- Symptoms: elimination vs. management -- Conflict: a paradox -- The emotional fuel behind stage fright -- Defending against anxiety -- Learning theory and behavior modification -- Cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotive therapy and letter B -- Performance anxiety begins in the nursery -- A "virtual" recital: a synthesis -- Recapitulation and finale -- Da Capo: back to the beginning.
Paddock ML3830 .N333 2017

Julia Ward Howe's "Battle hymn of the Republic" : background, analysis, and appraisal
Rogal, Samuel J
Lewiston, New York : Edwin Mellen Press, [2017]
Paddock ML3561.B25 R64 2017

Unfinished history : a new account of Franz Schubert's B minor symphony
Montgomery, David, 1944 July 28-
Boca Raton, FL : Brown Walker Press, 2017
Scripts and handwriting -- The orchestration manuscript -- Schubert's working methods for D759 -- Structural criteria for redating the symphony -- Chronology -- An essay on performance.
Paddock ML410.S3 M663 2017

Incidental music and Keyboard miscellany
Wolff, Christian, 1934- instrumentalist
New York : Mode Records, [2015]
CD 1. Incidental music. 1-13 ; 14 : For Ray Charles ; 15-35 ; 37 ; 40-45 ; 47-78 ; 80-81 ; 85-95 ; 97 : For J.A. (John Ashbery) ; 99-100 ; 5 ; 83 ; 89 (alternate version) ; 97 : For J.A. (John Ashbery) (alternate version) (1:10:53) -- CD 2. Keyboard miscellany. 70 (and more) for Alvin ; Keyboard miscellany no. 11 ; No. 6 ; No. 5 ; No. 12 ; No. 9 ; No. 2, for David Tudor ; No. 3, for Alvin Lucier ; No. 11 (alternate version) ; No. 13, for Björn Nilsson ; Melody 2 ; Variation on Morton Feldman's Piano piece ; Melody for Gisela Gronemeyet and Reinhard Oehlschlägel ; 60 for John T. ; 40 for Jan Steckel ; A Valentine ; 70 for Earle ; 50 for Holly ; Sixty for Charles Dodge ; Name piece (for Charles Hamm) ; 40 for Jan Steckel (alternate version) ; For Kurtág ; Travelling melody, for Walter Zimmermann ; 70 (and more) for Alvin (Alternate version) (56:58).
Paddock Compact Disc M22.W64 P53 2015

Seven pieces for prepared piano
Asplund, Christian, 1964-
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, ©2001
Paddock M25.A785 P54 2001

Tradición, arte y pasión
Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano
Washington, DC : Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, [2015]
Paddock Compact Disc M1682.M37 T73 2015

Fanfare! : for two French horns in F
Asplund, Christian, 1964-
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2003?]
Paddock M289.A845 F36 2003

Walk in beauty : piano
Garland, Peter, 1952- composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2016?]
Paddock M25.G365 W35 2016

Due sonate à violino solo senza basso : Neuedition und Faksimile
Rust, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1739-1796
Offenburg : Edition Offenburg, 2016
Sonata I in d-Moll -- Sonata II in B-Dur.
Paddock M41 R87 S66 2016

Messe à quatre voix, op. 4 : soli (SATB), coro (SATB), 2 flauti, 2 corni inglesi, 2 trombe, 3 tromboni, 2 violini, viola, violoncello, contrabbasso, organo e organo ripieno
Saint-Saëns, Camille, 1835-1921, composer
Stuttgart : Carus Verlag, [2017]
Kyrie -- Gloria -- Credo -- Sanctus -- O salutaris hostia -- Agnus Dei.
Paddock M2010 .S25 op.4 2017

For violin alone
Harbison, John, composer
New York, NY : Associated Music Publishers, Inc., [2017]
Ground -- Dance 1 -- Air -- March -- Dance 2 -- Duet -- Epilogue.
Paddock M42.H367 F67 2017

Global perspectives on orchestras : collective creativity and social agency
edited by Tina K. Ramnarine
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Paddock ML3916 .G55 2017

Music for small orchestra (1926) ; Suite no. 2 for four strings and piano (1929)
Seeger, Ruth Crawford, 1901-1953
Madison [Wis.] : Published for the American Musicological Society by A-R Editions, ©1996
Paddock M2.3.U6 R4 v.19 1996

Friede auf Erden : op. 13 = Peace on earth : op. 13 : Facsimile
Schoenberg, Arnold, 1874-1951, composer
Wien : Arnold Schönberg Center, 2017
Paddock ML96.5 .S36 op.13 2017

Arguments : for flute, clarinet, vibraphone, violin and piano
Benguerel, Xavier, 1931-2017, composer
Verona, NJ : Seesaw Music Corporation, [2017]
Paddock M547.B46 A74 2017

The music of dawn : symphonic poem for orchestra op. 50 (1990)
Matthews, David, 1943-
London : Faber Music, 1991
Paddock M1002 .M46 op. 50 1991

Capriolen : fünf schlichte Klavierstücke, Opus 32, 1924
Albert, Eugen d', 1864-1932, composer
Niedernhausen : Edition Kemel, 2017
1. Papillon brûla les ailes = Falters Flammentod = Butterfly singed its wings -- 2. Cosy waltz = Valse tendre = Kose-Walzer -- 3. Rose im Schnee = Rose sous la neige = Rose-bud neath the snow -- 4. Missie-Massa -- 5. Der Zirkus kommt! = Le cirque arrive = The circus is coming.
Paddock M25.A415 C37 2017

Summer 1955 : a collection of small compositions written or rewritten in summer 1955 : (1955)
Partch, Harry, 1901-1974, composer,
Mainz ; Schott, [2017]
By the rivers of Babylon : for voice, cello, kithara II and chromelodeon -- The Potion scene : from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet : for low female voice, two high sopranos, cello, kithara II, chromelodeon, bass marimba and marimba eroica -- Two settings from Lewis Carroll : for voice, surrogate kithara, spoils of war, harmonic canon and bass marimba. The mock turtle song ; O frabjous day! -- Ulysses departs from the edge of the world. 1st version : for maramboo (bamboo marimba), diatonic model skin drums, concert model skin drums, trumpet, and double bass ; 2nd version : for clarinet, cello, diamond marimba, and bamboo marimba.
Paddock M3.1.P37 S86 2017

No obstacle to sleep : percussion ensemble (4-12 performers)
Wilkinson, Clive
Lebanon, N.H. : Distributed by Frog Peak Music, [200-]
Paddock M485.W55 N6 2000z

Epitaph : for mixed ensemble
Reid, Wendy, 1952-
Berkeley, CA : Sound/Image Unlimited ; 1986
Paddock M1625.R45 E65 1986

Phil Spector : sound of the Sixties
MacLeod, Sean, 1971- author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
Introduction: Between Elvis and the Beatles -- Timeline -- To know him is to love him: the formative years -- There's no other: entrepreneur and businessman -- Tomorrow's sound today: technical wizard and musical visionary -- Pocket symphonies for the kids: teenagers -- He's a rebel: feminism and civil rights -- He hit me: control and power -- You've lost that lovin' feelin': collective consciousness versus ego consciousness -- He's sure the boy I love: mentor and protégés -- Get back: master and servant -- End of the century: decline and fall -- Conclusion: Spector: the genius that the geniuses go to.

Musician, songwriter, and producer-- Spector's musical ability and visionary foresight charted the future of popular music and culture of the late twentieth century. He reshaped the business and marketing sides of the music industry, while revolutionizing the recording processes. Yet Spector's need for control brought much damage and confusion into the life of those around him-- and into his own career and life. MacLeod follows the ups and downs of Spector's career.
Paddock ML429.S64 M3 2018

Lennon : the New York years
Corbeyran, 1964- author
San Diego, California : IDW Publishing, [2017]
"In 1975 John Lennon moved to New York City, stopped being a Beatle, and started being a father. Now, experience life from Lennon's perspective as David Foenkinos' mesmerizing story is adapted to graphic form by Corbeyran and Horne. Though his life was cut tragically short in front of his home by a fan, John Lennon's forty years on earth changed millions of lives and shaped the course of pop culture. Many know the Beatle, the activist, the man gone balmy over Yoko--but more lies beneath the surface. From the imagined couch of a fictional therapist in NYC's posh Dakota building, Lennon recounts the many joys, shortcomings, failures, and triumphs that marked this pop culture juggernaut's rise to superstardom. Journey through an icon's isolated homelife, prying classmates, violent behaviour and self-destructive tendencies as the building blocks of explosive creativty fall into place."--Amazon.com.
Paddock ML420.L38 C67 2017

Danger music
Ayres, Eddie, 1967- author
Crows Nest, NSW : Allen & Unwin, 2017
Eddie Ayres has a lifetime of musical experience - from learning the viola as a child in England and playing with the Hong Kong Philharmonic for many years, to learning the cello in his thirties and landing in Australia to present an extremely successful ABC Classic FM morning radio show. But all of this time Eddie was Emma Ayres. In 2014 Emma was spiralling into a deep depression, driven by anguish about her gender. She quit the radio, travelled, and decided on a surprising path to salvation - teaching music in a war zone. Emma applied for a position at Dr Sarmast's renowned Afghanistan National Institute of Music in Kabul, teaching cello to orphans and street kids. In Danger Music, Eddie takes us through the bombs and chaos of Kabul, into the lives of the Afghan children who are transported by Bach, Abba, Beethoven and their own exhilarating Afghan music. Alongside these epic experiences, Emma determines to take the final steps to secure her own peace; she becomes the man always there inside - Eddie.
Paddock MT3.A27 A97 2017

High voltage : the life of Angus Young, AC/DC's last man standing
Apter, Jeff, author
Carlton, VIC : Nero, [2017]
Angus Young, the founder and the last surviving original member of AC/DC, has for more than 40 years been the face, sound and sometimes the exposed backside of the trailblazing rock band. In his trademark schoolboy outfit, guitar in hand, Angus has given his signature sound to songs such as 'A Long Way to the Top', 'Highway to Hell' and 'Back in Black', helping AC/DC become the biggest rock band on the planet. High Voltage is the first biography to focus exclusively on Angus. It tells of his remarkable rise from working-class Glasgow and Sydney to the biggest stages in the world. The youngest of eight kids, Angus always seemed destined for a life in music, and it was his passion and determination that saw AC/DC become hard rock's greatest act. Over the years, Angus has endured the devastating death of iconic vocalist Bon Scott, the forced retirement of his brother in arms, Malcolm Young, and more recently the loss from the band of singer Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd. Yet somehow the little guitar maestro has kept AC/DC not just on the rails, but at the top of the rock pile.
Paddock ML421.A28 A68 2017

The Oxford handbook of popular music in the Nordic countries
edited by Fabian Holt and Antti-Ville Kärjä
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2017]
Introduction : music in a globalizing region / Fabian Holt -- Geography. Musical borealism : Nordic music and European history / Philip V. Bohlman ; Nordic modernity and the structure of the musical landscape / Fabian Holt ; Inclusive popular music education? / Alexis A. Kallio and Lauri Väkevä ; Roots, routes, and cosmpolitanism : David Lindley meets Harding Hank / Hans Weisethaunet ; From the Faroes to the world stage / Joshua Green ; Christian metal and the translocal north / Henna Jousmäki ; Music and landscape in Iceland / Tony Mitchell ; Music and environmentalism in Iceland / Nicola Dibben -- History. A metahistorical inquiry into historiography of Nordic popular music / Antti-Ville Kärjä ; Echoes of the colonial past in discourse on North Atlantic popular music / Kimberley Cannady ; Swedish prog rock and the search for a timeless utopia / Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius and Lars Kaijser ; Trahectories of Karelian music after the Cold War / Pekka Suutari ; Music in the aftermath of the 2011 Utøya massacre / Jan Sverre Knudsen ; Aspirations, global futures, and lessons from Sámi popular music for the twenty-first century / Tina K. Ramnarine -- Identity. Masculinity, race, and transculutralism in a Norwegian context / Stan Hawkins ; Hip hop as public pedagogy / Alexandra d'Urso ; Urban music and the complex identities of "new nationals" in Scandinavia / Henrik Marstal ; Rap, reggae, and white minoritization / Benjamin R. Teitelbaum ; Sámi festivals and indigenous sovereignty / Thomas R. Hilder ; Digitally mediated identity in the cases of two Sámi artists / Ann Werner.
Paddock ML3488 .O94 2017

Critical approaches to the production of music and sound
edited by Samantha Bennett and Eliot Bates
New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., 2018
The production of music and sound : a multidisciplinary critique / Eliot Bates and Samantha Bennet -- I. Situating production : place, space and gender. Field recording and the production of place / Tom Western -- The poietics of space : the role and co-performance of the spatial environment in popular music production / Damon Minchella -- "An indestructible sound" : locating gender in genres using different music production approaches / Paula Wolfe -- II. Beyond representation. Producing tv sries music in Istanbul / Eliot Bates -- Reclamation and celebration : Kodangu, a Torres Strait islander album of ancestral and contemporary Australian indigenous music / Karl Neuenfeldt -- III. Electronic music. "All sounds are created equal" : mediating democracy in acousmatic education / Patrick Valiquet -- Technologies of play in hip-hop and electronic dance music production and performance / Mike D'Errico -- IV. Technology and technique. Weapons of mass deception : the invention and reinvention of recording studio mythology / Alan Williams -- Auto-tune in situ : digital vocal correction and conversational repair / Owen Marshall -- V. Mediating sound and silence. Listening to or through technology : opaque and transparent mediation / Ragnhild Brovog-Hanssen -- Six types of silence / Richard Osborne -- VI. Virtuality and onlie production. Intermixtuality : case studies in online music (re)production / Samantha Bennett -- Crowdfunding and alternative modes of production / Mark Thorley.
Paddock ML3790 .C77 2018

The complete rags, waltzes & marches
Joplin, Scott, 1868-1917, composer
New York, NY : William Appling Singers & Orchestra, [2017]
disc 1. Sugar cane (4:14) -- Pleasant moments (4:12) -- Country club (5:21) -- The ragtime dance (4:24) -- Gladiolus rag (5:19) -- Combination march (4:09) -- The cascades (4:05) -- Bethena (7:44) -- Great crush collision (6:04) -- Leola (4:32) -- Scott Joplin's new rag (3:51).
Paddock Compact Disc M22.J66 P53 2017

Sieben Klaviersonaten, Hob. XVI:2a-e, g-h
Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809, composer
Köln : Verlag Dohr, [2017]
Sonate d-Moll Hob. XVI:2a -- Sonate A-Dur Hob. XVI:2h -- Sonate B-Dur Hob. XVI:2d -- Sonate e-Moll Hob. XVI:2e -- Sonate C-Dur Hob. XVI:2g -- Sonate A-Dur Hob. XVI:2b -- Sonate H-Dur Hob. XVI:2c.
Paddock M38.H38 S66 2017

String quintet in F minor op. 34a : reconstruction from the original fragment of the manuscripts, 1861-62, 1864-1865
Brahms, Johannes, 1833-1897, composer
[Italy] : Da Vinci / Osaka Mozart Association, [2017]
Paddock M552 .B8 op.34a 2017

Any other way
Shane, Jackie, performer
[Chicago, Illinois] : Numero Group, [2017]
A two disc album with twenty five tracks from Jackie Shane includes songs such as Stick and Stones; Walking the Dog; Knock On Wood: and many more.
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.S524 A59 2017

Strygekvartetter nr. 1-6 = String quartets nos 1-6
Heise, Peter, 1830-1879, composer
København : Dansk Center for Musikudgivelse : 2017
Paddock M451.H45 F54 2017

"This Is the life!" : the breakthrough years : 1909-1921
Berlin, Irving, 1888-1989, lyricist
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
Everybody's doin' it now : (turkey trot, 1911) (2:43) -- I love a piano : (song from Stop!Look!Listen!, 1915) (3:05) -- Oh! How I hate to get up in the morning! : (song from Yip, yip, Yaphank!, 1918) (2:09) -- Tell me, little gypsy : (from Ziegfeld's Follies of 1920) (3:00) -- Play a simple melody : (duet from Watch your step, 1914) (2:20) -- Nobody knows : (and nobody seems to care) (fox trot, 1919) (2:24) -- Overture to Watch your step : (1914) (7:55) -- Say it with music : (theme of the Music box revue, 1921) (3:10) -- Smile and show your dimple : (one-step, 1918) (1:27) -- My melody dream : (a song poem, 1911) (2:36) -- When I lost you : (waltz, 1912) (3:22) -- This is the life! : (song, 1914) (2:32) -- A pretty girl is like a melody : (theme of Ziegfeld's Follies of 1919) (2:16) -- Alexander's ragtime band : (song, 1911) (2:24) -- Home again blues : (1920) (1:44) -- You'd be surprised : (song from Ziegfeld's Follies of 1919) (3:44) -- That mesmerizing Mendelssohn tune : (song, 1909) (2:46) -- The girls of my dreams : (from Ziegfeld's Follies of 1920) (2:56) -- The international rag : (duet, 1913) (3:15) -- When I leave the world behind : (ballad, 1915) (4:39) -- Finale to Act II : ("Opera medley") from Watch your step (1914) (7:10).
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18.B47 W67 2015

American folk music as tactical media
Svec, Henry Adam, author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
American folk music has long presented a problematic conception of authenticity, but the reality of the folk scene, and its relationship to media, is far more complicated. This book draws on the fields of media archaeology, performance studies, and sound studies to explore the various modes of communication that can be uncovered from the long American folk revival. From Alan Lomax's cybernetic visions to Bob Dylan's noisy writing machines, this book retrieves a subterranean discourse on the concept of media that might help us to reimagine the potential of the networks in which we work, play, and sing.
Paddock ML3551 .S84 2018

Symphony no. 2 : ("Jullien") ; Overture to Rip van Winkle ; Winter's tale overture
Bristow, George Frederick, 1825-1898, composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
Symphony no. 2 : ("Jullien") (1853) (43:21) -- Overture to Rip van Winkle : (1855) (8:19) -- Winter's tale overture : (1856) (9:52).
Paddock Compact Disc M1000.B747 O73 2015

Orchestrating public opinion : how music persuades in Television political ads for US Presidential Campaigns 1952-2016
Christiansen, Paul, author
Amsterdam : Amsterdam University Press, [2018]
Paddock ML3917.U6 C47 2018

Praeludium for vibraphone and organ : (1969)
Bolcom, William, composer
[New York, N.Y.] : Edward B. Marks Music Company : [2017?]
Paddock M184.B65 P74 2017

Grand Central Station : for band
Torke, Michael, composer
[New York] : Adjustable Music, [2017?]
Paddock M1245.T67 G73 2017

Aḥedut = Akhdut = Union : for solo B♭ trumpet and string orchestra
Krinsky, Joy E
Hanover, NH : Frog Peak Music, ©1993
Paddock M1130.K75 A47 1993

--an overwhelmingly intricate balance-- : for percussive sound, movement (pairs of performers)
Kettle, Rupert
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, ©1985
Paddock M986.K4 O8 1985

...vague sensations of something vanishing : for string quartet (two violins, viola, violoncello) and double bass
Shim, Kunsu, composer
Lebanon, NH : Frog Peak Music, [2016]
Paddock M552.S555 V34 2016

Trombone concerto : for trombone and piano reduction : (2015)
Bolcom, William, composer
[New York, N.Y.] : Edward B. Marks Music Company, [2017]
I. Qausi una fantasia -- II. Blues -- III. Charade.
Paddock M1033.B65 C66 2017

Danse de la chèvre : flûte
Honegger, Arthur, 1892-1955, composer
Paris : Éditions Salabert, [2017]
Paddock M62.H66 D3 2017

Norwegian native art : cultural identity in Norwegian metal music
Helden, Imke von, author
Zürich : Lit, [2017]
Often dismissed as an image with which to attract tourists and to endow athletes with associations of power and endurance, the Vikings and Norse mythology seem to have lost their appeal as an element of identity construction in Norwegian society. Apart from the phenomenon of metal music, where these elements are essential. This study analyses the functions of Norse themes as they are applied in Norwegian metal culture with regard to the construction and experience of cultural identity, shedding light on the musicians' diverse motivations and intentions.
Paddock ML3534.6.N8 H45 2017

Piano concerto no. 2 : (after Lewis and Clark)
Glass, Philip, composer
London : Chester Music, [2017]
I. Vision -- II. Sacagawea -- III. Land.
Paddock M1011.G567 C66 2017

In nomine : für Ensemble (2001)
Haas, Georg Friedrich, composer
Wien : Universal Edition, 2017
Paddock M847.H33 I6 2017

I. Tibi laus tibi gloria ; II. O vos omnes : aus Concerti Ecclesiastici (1642) : Doi Canti (Basso continuo)
Buchner, Philipp Friedrich, 1614-1669, composer
Stuttgart : Cornetto-Verlag, [2017]
Paddock M2019.3 .B83 op.1 2017

City noir : for orchestra
Adams, John, 1947- composer
[New York] : Hendon Music : [2017]
The city and its double -- The song is for you -- Boulevard night.
Paddock M1045.A258 C58 2017

...Plainte... I : für Altflöte : 1990
Huber, Klaus, 1924-2017, composer
Munich : Ricordi Germany, [2017]
Paddock M62.H835 P53 2017

Concerto for 'cello and orchestra
Adler, Samuel, 1928- composer
[King of Prussia, Pennsylvania] : Theodore Presser Company, [2017]
Paddock M1016.A35 C6 2017

Lazarus I / II : Brosamen für Violoncello und Klavier 1978
Huber, Klaus, 1924-2017, composer
Munich : Ricordi Germany, [2017]
Paddock M233.H83 L39 2017

The Pleiades : for chorus, trumpet and string orchestra : op. 107
Persichetti, Vincent, 1915-1987, composer
[King of Prussia, Pennsylvania] : Theodore Presser Company, [2017]
Paddock M1531 .P485 op.107 2017 FOLIO

The music of India
Massey, Reginald
London : Kahn and Averill, 1993
Paddock ML338 .M38 1993

Whirling tissue of light : for piano solo (2013)
Pintscher, Matthias, composer
Kassel : Bärenreiter, [2017]
Paddock M25.P56 W45 2017

Libro primo d'intavolatura di chitarrone Venetia, 1604
Kapsperger, Giovanni Girolamo, 1580-1651, composer
Paris : Le Luth Dore, [2015]
Toccatas 1-6 -- Ruggiero con partite 1-9 -- Aria die Fiorenza con partite 1-9 -- Folia con partite 1-19 -- Ballo Francese 1-4 -- Ballo Todescho 1-4 -- Romaneschacon partite 1-5 -- Pass'e mezzo con partite 1-3 -- Gagliardas 1-12 -- Tenore del Kapsberger.
Paddock M142.T5 K3 2015

Te Deum laudamus in C a 4 voci, 2 violini, 2 oboi, 2 clarini, timpani, organo e violone
Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg, 1736-1809, composer
[Italy] : Edizioni Pian & Forte, [2017]
Paddock M2020.A43 T4 2017

Nonet č. 2 = Nonet no. 2 = Nonett Nr. 2 : H 374
Martinů, Bohuslav, 1890-1959, composer
Kassel : Bärenreiter, [2017]
Paddock M962.M28 N76 2017

Every good boy deserves favour
the Moody Blues
[London, England] : Threshold : ℗2008
Paddock Compact Disc M1630.18 .M67 E84 2008

The Solent : fifty years of music by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Vaughan Williams, Ralph, 1872-1958, composer
[London, England] : Albion Records, [2013]
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.V38 S65 2013

Words fail me
Vierk, Lois V., composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
To stare astonished at the sea : (1994) (6:37) -- Demon star : (1996) (14:14) -- Timberline : (1991) (16:10) -- Words fail me : (2005) (19:34).
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.V54 I57 2015

Musical minorities : the sounds of Hmong ethnicity in Northern Vietnam
Ó Briain, Lonán, 1983- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Paddock ML3758.V5 O25 2018

At home with the armadillo
Nunn, Gary P., author
Austin, Texas : Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2018
"The story of a true Texas original As a founding father of the progressive country music scene in Austin, Texas, Gary P. Nunn helped change the face of popular music. His anthem, London Homesick Blues, was the theme song of the wildly popular Austin City."--
Paddock ML420.N94 A3 2018

Boys keep swinging : a memoir
Shears, Jake, author
New York : Atria Books, 2018
Part 1. Youth -- Part 2. New York -- Part 3. Scissor Sisters.

The lead singer of the glam rock band Scissor Sisters examines his life and career.
Paddock ML420.S5352 A3 2018

Pink Floyd : all the songs : the story behind every track
Guesdon, Jean-Michel, author
New York : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, 2017
"The newest addition to the best-selling All the Songs series details the unique recording history of Pink Floyd, one of the world's most commercially successful and influential rock bands. Since 1965, Pink Floyd haven been recording sonically experimental and philosophical music, selling more than 250 million records worldwide, including two of the best-selling albums of all time: The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. While much is known about this iconic group, few books provide a comprehensive history of their time in the studio. In Pink Floyd All the Songs, authors Margotin and Guesdon describe the origin of their nearly 200 released songs, details from the recording studio, what instruments were used, and behind-the-scenes stories of the tensions that helped drive the band. Organized chronologically by album, this massive, 544-page hardcover begins with their 1967 debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, the only one recorded under founding member Syd Barrett's leadership; through the loss of Barrett and the addition of David Gilmour; to Richard Wright leaving the band in 1979 but returning; to Roger Waters leaving in 1985 and the albums recorded since his departure, including their 2014 farewell album, The Endless River, which was downloaded 12 million times on Spotify the week it was released. Packed with more than 500 photos, All the Songs is also filled with stories fans treasure, such as Waters working with engineer Alan Parsons to employ revolutionary recording techniques for The Dark Side of the Moon at Abbey Road Studios in 1972, or producer Bob's Ezrin's contribution in refining Water's original sprawling vision for The Wall."--Publisher's description.
Paddock ML421.P6 G8413 2017

Opera : passion, power and politics
edited by Kate Bailey
London : V&A Publishing, 2017
1.Venice Claudio Monteverdi L'incoronazione di Poppea -- 2.London George Frideric Handel Rinaldo -- 3.Vienna Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Le nozze di Figaro -- 4.Milan Giuseppe Verdi Nabucco -- 5.Paris Richard Wagner Tannhauser -- 6.Dresden Richard Strauss Salome -- 7.Leningrad Dmitri Shostakovich Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District -- 8.Afterword Opera: Today and Tomorrow.

"Opera is traditionally regarded as an elitist art form far removed from reality by its fantastical pots and melodramatic divas. This book shows that beneath the opulent sets and sumptuous costumes, opera is very much a product of its time. Like all the great narrative arts, it draws on essential human experiences to create a form that can be endlessly reinvented to reflect a changing society.Focusing on seven opera premieres in seven distinct cultural landscapes, with additional essays by contemporary practitioners including Placido Domingo, Antonio Pappano and Simone Young, the book culminates in the international explosion of opera in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The seven operas and premieres are: Venice (Monteverdi's L'Incoranazione di Poppea, 1642); London (Handel's Rinaldo, 1711); Vienna (Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro, 1786); Milan (Verdi's Nabucco, 1842); Paris (Wagner's Tannhauser, 1861); Dresden (Strauss' Salome, 1905) and St Petersburg 0(Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District, 1934)" -- publisher's description.
Paddock ML1720 .O54 2017

The Beatles in India
Saltzman, Paul, photographer,
San Rafael, California : Insight Editions, 2018
"In 1968, the Beatles went to Rishikesh, India, studied transcendental meditation, and wrote music. These intimate photos are the only record of their time in this sacred retreat. This new edition of The Beatles in India brings intimate images of the group, taken at an ashram in Rishikesh, India, to a wider audience than ever before. No photographers or press were allowed at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas, but the Beatles had no objection to fellow visitor Paul Saltzman freely snapping pictures during their time there. This unprecedented access resulted in an extensive collection of intimate photos of the world's most beloved rock band during one of their most serene and productive periods, only two years before the official dissolution of the group. Containing a wide-ranging narrative by Saltzman--about everything from the story of how "Dear Prudence" came to be to George Harrison's description of the first time he picked up a sitar--this unique and exclusive exploration of one of the Beatles' most tender and bittersweet periods is a must-have for all fans of the legendary rock group." -- Provided by publisher.
Paddock ML421.B4 S23 2018

Rhinestones and twanging tones : the look and sound of country music
Yasuda, Mac, author
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Books, 2018
Paddock ML1015.G9 Y37 2018

Pieces de clavessin : avec la maniere de les jouer
Le Roux, Gaspard, approximately 1660-approximately 1707
Stavanger : Cantando Musikforlag, c2017
v. 1. The pieces for solo harpsichord / edited and with a preface by Jon Baxendale ; notes on performance by David Ledbetter ; foreword by Ketil Haugsand -- v. 2. The duet and realised contreparties / edited by Jon Baxendale.
Paddock M24.L47 P55 2017

Spartacus suite no. 4 : for orchestra (1966)
Khachaturi︠a︡n, Aram, 1903-1978, cmp
London : Boosey & Hawkes ; 2017
Paddock M1003.K45 S74 2017

Norwegische Tänze Opus 35 : für Klavier zu vier Händen = Norwegian dances op. 35 for piano four-hands
Grieg, Edvard, 1843-1907, composer
München : G. Henle Verlag, [2017]
Paddock M204.G74 N678 2017

Chirographic : any combination of flexible-pitched instrument(s) or voice(s)
Corner, Philip
Lebanon, NH : [Distributed by] Frog Peak Music, ©1962
Paddock M1470.C67 C55 1962

Fantasia for brass quintet and organ (2013)
Bolcom, William, composer
New York : Edward B. Marks Music Company ; [2017]
Introits and dance -- Canzonetta -- Caprice Canadien -- Cavatina -- Fugato giocoso.
Paddock M602.B65 F36 2017

Französische Suiten, BWV 812-817 ; Französische Ouvertüre, BWV 831 : für Klavier = French suites, BWV 812-817 ; French overture, BWV 831 : for piano
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750, composer
Leipzig : C.F. Peters, [2017]
Paddock M24.B114 K48 2017

Fuga für zwei Violinen (2009)
Haas, Georg Friedrich, composer
Wien : Universal Edition, [2017]
Paddock M287.H22 F8 2017b

Aria "D'un dolce ardor fa face" : for soprano and orchestra : from "La grotta di Trofonio", A. Salieri, Paris 1790
Cherubini, Luigi, 1760-1842, composer
Osaka : Osaka Mozart Kyoukai-Da Vinci Edition : [2017]
Paddock M1505.C53 D86 2017

Musician-teacher collaborations : altering the chord
edited by Catharina Christophersen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and Ailbhe Kenny, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick
New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Paddock MT1 .M987377 2018

Claudio Monteverdi : a research and information guide
Lewis Hammond, Susan, 1972- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Monteverdi : a chronology -- Reference -- Collections of essays and conference proceedings -- Studies of Monteverdi's life and works -- Claudio's brother : Giulio Cesare Monteverdi -- Theory and aesthetics -- Conzonetta and madrigal books -- Dramatic works -- Sacred music -- Issues of performance -- Monteverdi's historical position and status -- Appendices: Monteverdi's works ; Guide to editions of Monteverdi's complete works ; Selected discography.
Paddock ML134.M66 L49 2018

Jazz and the philosophy of art
Brown, Lee, 1932- author
New York, NY : Routledge, 2018
Paddock ML3506 .B78 2018

Hit so hard : a memoir
Schemel, Patty, 1967- author
New York, NY : Da Capo Press, 2017
Come back when you grow up -- Flaming youth -- One o' the girls -- New town -- Credit in the straight world -- Doll squad -- Sybil -- Jabberjaw -- Godsend -- Son of a gun -- Rock and Rio -- Heavy -- Asking for it -- Beautiful son -- Live through this -- Loaded -- Playing your song -- Take everything -- How to buy drugs in New York City -- Patient Pat -- The art of the four-day detox -- Sister -- Shut the door -- I'm drumming as fast as I can -- One way or another -- Use once and destroy -- Soon -- Taking care of business -- Walks up on St. Andrews -- Buying drugs in L.A. -- Six months gone -- Bringing it all back home -- The end of the line -- Pink turns to blue -- Occupational hazards -- A day in the life -- Rock bottom no. 1 -- Back to school -- Re/lapse -- Privilege set me free -- Temperatures rising -- Je t'aime ... moi non plus -- Walking with a ghost -- In and out of grace -- A northern soul -- Something electrical -- The difference.

"Patty Schemel's story begins with a childhood surrounded by the AA meetings her parents hosted in the family living room. Their divorce triggered her first forays into drinking at age twelve and dovetailed with her passion for punk rock and playing the drums. Patty's struggles with her sexuality further drove her notoriously hard playing, and by the late '80s she had focused that anger, confusion, and drive into regular gigs with well-regarded bands in Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia, Washington. She met a pre-Nirvana Kurt Cobain at a Melvins show, and less than five years later, was living with him and his wife, Hole front-woman Courtney Love, at the height of his fame and on the cusp of hers. As the platinum-selling band's new drummer, Schemel contributed memorable, driving beats to hits like "Beautiful Son," "Violet," "Doll Parts," and "Miss World." But the band was plagued by tragedy and heroin addiction, and by the time Hole went on tour in support of their ironically titled and critically-acclaimed album Live Through This in 1994, both Cobain and Hole bassist Kristen Pfaff had died at the age of 27. With surprising candor and wit, Schemel intimately documents the events surrounding her dramatic exit from the band in 1998 that led to a dark descent into a life of homelessness and crime on the streets of Los Angeles, and the difficult but rewarding path to lasting sobriety after more than twenty serious attempts to get clean. Hit So Hard is a testament not only to the enduring power of the music Schemel helped create but an important document of the drug culture that threatened to destroy it."--Publisher's description.
Paddock ML419.S3 A3 2017

International relations, music and diplomacy : sounds and voices on the international stage
Frédéric Ramel, Cécile Prévost-Thomas, editors
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]
Paddock ML3916 .I69 2018

Habañera, tarantelle, serenata : 2-piano score (1924)
Antheil, George, 1900-1959, composer
New York : Schirmer Rental Dept., [2017]
Habañera -- Tarantelle -- Serenata.
Paddock M214.A584 H33 2017

Postcard from heaven
music by John Cage, Gloria Coates, Alexander Tcherepnin, James Tenney
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2015]
In a landscape : 1948 / John Cage (8:43) -- Harmonium : no. 3 (1980) / James Tenney (4:31) -- Four diatonic caprices : 1977 [that is, 1973] / Alexander Tcherepnin (6:43) -- Perchance to dream : 2014 / Gloria Coates (18:23) -- Postcard from heaven : 1982 / John Cage (15:30).
Paddock Compact Disc M116 .P67 2015

Herr, wenn ich nur dich habe : Choralmottette für fünfstimmigen Chor
Bach, Johann Michael, 1648-1694
Leipzig : Breitkopf & Härtel, [©1937]
Paddock M2072.5.B326 H4 1937

Not dead yet : the memoir
Collins, Phil, author
New York : Three Rivers Press, [2016]
Paddock ML420.C653 A3 2016b

Three pieces for two pianos
Polansky, Larry, 1954- composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2016]
Three pieces for two pianos (2006-2007) (33:41) -- Old paint : (2010) (3:25) -- K-toods : (2002) (14:35) -- Dismission (pianotood) : (2006) (3:15) -- Dismission (pianotood 2) : (2006) (4:30).
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.P65 T57 2016

Just one of the boys : female-to-male cross-dressing on the American variety stage
Rodger, Gillian M., author
Urbana : University of Illinois Press, [2018]
Female-to-male crossdressing became all the rage in the variety shows of nineteenth century America, and began as the domain of mature actresses who desired to extend their careers. These women engaged in the kinds of raucous comedy acts usually reserved for men. Over time, as younger women entered the specialty, the comedy became less pointed, and came to center on the celebration of male leisure and fashion. Gillian M. Rodger uses the development of male impersonation from 1820 to 1920 to illuminate the history of the variety show. Exploding notions of high- and lowbrow entertainment, Rodger looks at how both performers and forms consistently expanded upward toward respectable "and richer" audiences. At the same time, she illuminates a lost theatrical world where women made fun of middle class restrictions even as they bumped up against rules imposed in part by audiences. Onstage, the actresses' changing performance styles reflected gender construction in the working class and shifts in class affiliation by parts of the audiences. Rodger observes how restrictive standards of femininity increasingly bound male impersonators as new gender constructions allowed women greater access to public space while tolerating less independent behavior from them.
Paddock ML1711.4 .R64 2018

The complete songs of Virgil Thomson for voice and piano
Thomson, Virgil, 1896-1989, composer
Brooklyn, NY : New World Records, [2016]
The first complete recordings of all Thomsons' songs.
Paddock Compact Disc M3.1.T46 S66 2016

Sounds of the new deal : the federal music project in the West
Gough, Peter, 1960- author
Urbana, Illinois : University of Illinois Press, 2018
Paddock ML62 .G62 2018

Kont︠s︡ert no. 1 dli︠a︡ skripki s orkestrom
Schnittke, Alfred, 1934-1998, composer
Sankt-Peterburg : Izdatelʹstvo "Kompozitor," 2017
Paddock M1012 .S35 no.1 2017

Singing ideas : performance, politics and oral poetry
Ní Shíocháin, Tríona, author
New York : Berghahn Books, 2018
Paddock ML3917.I74 N53 2018

The techniques of oboe playing : a compendium with additional remarks on the whole oboe family = Die Spieltechnik der Oboe : ein Kompendium mit Anmerkungen zur gesamten Oboenfamilie = La technique du hautbois : un compendium avec des annotations pour l'ensemble des instruments de la famille du hautbois
Veale, Peter, 1959- author,
Kassel : Bärenreiter, 2014
Monophonische Klänge = Monophonic sounds = Les sons monodiques -- Multiphonische Klänge = Multiphonic sounds = Les sons multiphoniques -- Besondere Techniken (auch Oboe d'amore, Englischhorn) = Special techniques (also for Oboe d'amore and the Cor anglais) = Techniques particulières (avec indications pour le hautbois d'amour et le cor anglais) -- Hinweise zur Kompatibilität = Information on compatibility = Indications sur la compatibilité.
Paddock MT360 .V43 2014

The art and heart of drum circles
Stevens, Christine, 1964- author
Milwaukee, WI : Hal Leonard Books, an imprint of Hal Leonard LLC, 2017
Paddock MT736 .S77 2017

Rethinking difference in gender, sexuality, and popular music : theory and politics of ambiguity
edited by Gavin Lee
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
Introduction. From difference to ambiguity / Gavin Lee -- Ambiguity of action. When the bearded lady sings : ambiguity aesthetics, queer identity, and the gendering of the presentational voice / Mario Rey ; Détournement and female punk bands / Helen L. Reddington ; Ambiguities of S/M and goth music culture / Carol Siegel -- Ambiguity of reception. Flower in the mirror and moon in the water : the ambiguity of gender, genre, and politics of Li Yugang / Qian Wang ; Queer in a historical context / Gillian Rodger ; Funny girls and nowhere boys : reversing the gaze in the popular music biopic / Matthew Bannister -- Ontological ambiguity. I'ma school that bitch : negotiating gay males in queer hip hop / Kirsten Zemke and Jared Mackley-Crump ; Queer desire is not gay, gender is a fantasy : ways of loving Britney / Gavin Lee ; Blackness is a white void : dissonance and ambiguity in Isaac Julien's multi-screen film installations / Ellie Hisama -- Afterword. The world only spins forward / Paul Attinello.
Paddock ML3918.P67 R49 2018

Icons among us : jazz in the present tense : you will never look at jazz, art, & life the same way again
DonQ and IndiePix films present a Paradigm Studio production ; produced by John W. Comerford ; directed by Michael Rivoira, Lars Larson, Peter J. Vogt
New York : IndiePix, ©2009
Disc 1. Episode 1: A quiet revolution -- Disc 2. Episode 2: 12 notes in real time -- Disc 3. Episode 3: In the spirit of family -- Disc 4. Episode 4: Everything everywhere -- [Disc 5] CD-ROM PDF Study guide.

Comprehensive documentary film, looks at the jazz music scene today. Through interviews, performance footage, and the voices of the musicians themselves, we explore this music and the divergent influences that are shaping the world of jazz at the beginning of the 21st Century. Not a historical look at what has been called America's music but a timely, vibrant trip through the clubs, festival, and the lives of this new generation of jazz musicians. Never before has jazz music been so many different things to so many different people, from hip hop to bebop from jam band to free form; the music continues to grow and shape itself in ways as varied as the musicians who play it.
Paddock DVD M1630.18 .I36 2009

Pioneers of the blues revival
Cushing, Steve, author
Urbana : University of Illinois Press, [2018]
Paul Oliver -- Sam Charters -- Pete Whelan -- Dick Waterman -- Gayle Dean Wardlow -- Robert M.W. Dixon -- Bob Koester -- John Broven -- Mike Rowe -- Ray Flerlage -- Jim O'Neal -- Richard K. Spottswood -- Jacques Demetre -- Phil Spiro -- Chris Barber -- David Evans -- Chris Strachwitz -- Paul Garon -- Mack McCormick.
Paddock ML3521 .C87 2018

Canciones populares españolas : para canto y piano
Benedito, R. 1885-1963
Madrid : A. Matamala, [1925?]
Cantar de pandeiro.--Me dices que no me quieres.--Vite, vite, vite.--Tonada de ronda.--Baile á lo tanto.--Tonada de ronda.--Serrana.--Canta de la Sierra de Cameros.--Riverana.--La vi llorando ... --Canto de Sereno.--Albada.--Dia de fiesta.--El Manzano.
Paddock M1779.B46 C33

Cantos populares españoles, para coros mixtos y piano;
Benedito, R. 1885-1963, comp. & arr
Madrid, Matamala [1925]
Muiñeira (Galicia) -- Tonada de ronda. La Bañez (León) -- Tonada de los Alamos (Salamanca) -- Tonadas de ronda. La Bañez (León) -- A la lá de Monteforte (Galicia) -- Las torrás, seguidillas murcianas.
Paddock M1779.B46 C3 1925

Bärenreiter Sonatinen-Album für Klavier
herausgegeben von Klaus Wolters
Kassel ; Bärenreiter, ©1988-
V.1. Sonatine G-dur / Attwood -- Klavierstück Es-dur / Krebs -- Zwei Allegros / Hässler -- Zwei Menuette aus KV 315a / Mozart -- Sonatine C-dur, op. 36/1; Sonatine G-dur op. 36/2 / Clementi -- Andante aus Sonatine F-dur op. 2/5 / Vanhal -- Sonatine G-dur Kinsky-Halm Anh. 5/ Beethoven -- Sonatines d-moll, F-dur / Benda -- Marsch G-dur / J.C.F. Bach -- Sonatine aus Kinderstücke op. 27 / Kabalewski -- Passepied E-dur / Kirnberger -- Sonatine C-dur op. 36/3 / Clementi -- Sonatine F-dur Kinsky-Halm Anh. 5 / Beethoven -- Fünf Preludes pour Mlle Lili, op. 119 / Heller -- Menuett A-dur / Myslivecek -- Sonatine g-moll / Benda -- Sonatine G-dur op. 55/2 / Kuhlau -- Andantino F-dur / Türk -- Scherzo F-dur aus der Sonate F-dur Hob. XVI:9; Sonate D-dur Hob. XVI:4 / Haydn.
Paddock M23 .B345 1988

Turkic soundscapes : from shamanic voices to hip-hop
edited by Razia Sultanova and Megan Rancier
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
The Turkic soundscape is both geographically huge and culturally diverse (twenty-eight countries, republics and districts extending from Eastern Europe through the Caucasus and throughout Central Asia). Although the Turkic peoples of the world can trace their linguistic and genetic ancestries to common sources, their extensive geographical dispersion and widely varying historical and political experiences have generated a range of different expressive music forms. In addition, the break-up of the Soviet Union and increasing globalization have resulted in the emergence of new viewpoints on classical and folk traditions, Turkic versions of globalized popular culture, and re-workings of folk and religious practices to fit new social needs. In line with the opening up of many Turkic regions in the post-Soviet era, awareness of scholarship from these regions has also increased. Consisting of twelve individual contributions that reflect the geographical breadth of the area under study, the collection addresses animist and Islamic religious songs; the historical development of Turkic musical instruments; ethnography and analysis of classical court music traditions; cross-cultural influences throughout the Turkic world; music and mass media; and popular music in traditional contexts. The result is a well-balanced survey of music in the Turkic-speaking world, representing folk, popular and classical traditions equally, as well as discussing how these traditions have changed in response to growing modernity and cosmopolitanism in Europe and Central Asia.
Paddock ML3545 .T87 2018

Odòs : per oboe e coro misto (2004)
Fedele, Ivan, composer
Milano : Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, [2017]
Paddock M1575.F33 O36 2017

Ein Heldenleben : op. 40 = A hero's life
Strauss, Richard, 1864-1949
Hamburg : Deutsche Grammophon, [1996]
Paddock Compact Disc M1002 .S9 op.40 1996

Callas à Paris : opera arias
Hayes, Middlesex, England : EMI Classics, [1992]
Orphée et Eurydice. J'ai perdu mon Eurydice (4:20) ; Alceste. Divinités du Styx (4:20) / Christoph Willibald Gluck -- Carmen. L'amour est un oiseau rebelle : Habanera (3:59) ; Près des remparts de Séville : Séguedille (1:58) / Georges Bizet -- Samson et Dalila. Printemps qui commence (5:12) ; Samson, recherchant ma présence-- Amour! viens aider ma faiblesse! (4:08) ; Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix (5:14) / Camille Saint-Saëns -- Roméo et Juliette. Je veux vivre dans ce rêve : Air de valse / Charles Gounod (3:36) -- Mignon. Ah, pour ce soir-- Je suis Titania : Polonaise / Ambroise Thomas (5:06) -- Le Cid. De cet affreux combat-- Pleurez, mes yeux! : Air de Chimène / Jules Massenet (6:03) -- Louise. Depuis le jour / Gustave Charpentier (4:42) -- Iphigénie en Tauride. O malheureuse Iphigénie! / Christoph Willibald Gluck (4:25) -- La damnation de Faust. D'amour l'ardente flamme / Hector Berlioz (8:09) -- Les pêcheurs de perles. Me voilà seule-- Comme autrefois / Georges Bizet (5:57) -- Manon. Je ne suis que faiblesse-- Adieu, notre petite table (3:17) ; Suis-je gentille ainsi?-- Je marche sur tous les chemins (2:47) / Jules Massenet.
Paddock Compact Disc M1505.C166 C35 1992

Rock gets religion : the battle for the soul of the devil's music
Joseph, Mark, 1968- author
Washington, D.C. : WND Books, [2017]
Paddock ML3187.5 .J68 2017

Nothing but love in God's water
Darden, Bob, 1954- author
University Park, Pennsylvania : The Pennsylvania State University Press, [2014-2016]
Volume I. Black sacred music from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement -- Volume 2: Black Sacred Music from the Sit-Ins to Resurrection City.

"The first of two volumes chronicling the history and role of music in the African-American experience. Explains the historical significance of song and illustrates how music influenced the Civil Rights Movement"--Provided by publisher, Volume I.
Paddock ML3556 .D33 2014

Spartacus : symphonic pictures, scenes 4 & 5 : for orchestra (1955)
Khachaturi︠a︡n, Aram, 1903-1978, composer
London : Boosey & Hawkes, 2017
The death of a gladiator : scene 4 -- Uprising of the slaves : scene 4 -- The Appian Way : scene 5 -- Dance of the shepherd and shepherdess : scene 5, 'The wolf and the lamb' -- Arrival of Spartacus and his tale : scene 5.
Paddock M1003.K45 S73 2017

The complete works
[United States?] : Warner Classics, [2018]
Paddock Compact Disc M3 .D32 2018

The complete lyrics of Alan Jay Lerner
Lerner, Alan Jay, 1918-1986, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Paddock ML56.4 .L332 2018

Being Wagner : the story of the most provocative composer who ever lived
Callow, Simon, 1949- author
New York : Vintage Books, 2018
Young Richard -- Out in the world -- Doldrums -- Triumph -- The world in flames -- Pause for thought -- It begins -- Suspension -- Limbo -- Enter a swan -- Towards the green hill -- The long day's task is done.

Richard Wagner's music dramas have never been more popular or more divisive. His ten masterpieces, created against the backdrop of a continent in severe political and cultural upheaval, constitute an unmatched body of work. A man who spent most of his life in abject poverty, inspiring both critical derision and hysterical hero-worship, Wagner was a walking contradiction: belligerent, flirtatious, disciplined, capricious, demanding, visionary, and poisonously anti-Semitic. Acclaimed biographer Simon Callow evokes the intellectual and artistic climate in which Wagner lived and takes us through his most iconic works, from his pivotal successes in The Flying Dutchman and Lohengrin, to the musical paradigm shift contained in Tristan and Isolde, to the apogee of his achievements in The Ring of the Nibelung and Parsifal, which debuted at Bayreuth shortly before his death. Being Wagner brings to life this towering figure, creator of the most sublime and most controversial body of work ever known.
Paddock ML410.W1 C3 2018

3 kings : Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, and hip-hop's multibillion-dollar rise
Greenburg, Zack O'Malley, author
New York : Little, Brown and Company, 2018
The originators -- Writing on the wall -- Bad boys -- Studio gangsters -- Aftermath -- Fashion fortunes -- A fourth King? -- The beats generation -- Grape expectations -- Sound investments -- Ice in the winter -- State of the art -- Kings, queens, presidents, and precedents.

"Tracing the careers of hip-hop's three most dynamic stars, this deeply reported history brilliantly examines the entrepreneurial genius of the first musician tycoons: Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z"--Amazon.com.
Paddock ML3531 .G74 2018