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Quranic schools in northern Nigeria : everyday experiences of youth, faith, and poverty
Hoechner, Hannah, 1985- author
London : International African Institute ; 2018
Porridge, piety, and patience: Qur'anic schooling in northern Nigeria -- Fair game for unfair accusations? Discourses about Qur'anic students -- 'Secular schooling is schooling for the rich!' : inequality and educational change in northern Nigeria -- Peasants, privations, and piousness : how boys become Qur'anic students -- Inequality at close range : domestic service for the better-off -- Concealment, asceticism, and cunning Americans : how to deal with being poor -- Mango medicine and morality : pursuing a respectable position within society -- Spiritual security services in an insecure setting : Kano's 'prayer economy' -- Roles, risks, and reproduction : what almajiri education implies for society and for the future -- Annex: Synopsis of 'Duniya Juyi Juyi--How Life Goes'.

In a global context of widespread fears over Islamic radicalisation and militancy, poor Muslim youth, especially those socialised in religious seminaries, have attracted overwhelmingly negative attention. In northern Nigeria, male Qur'anic students have garnered a reputation of resorting to violence in order to claim their share of highly unequally distributed resources. Drawing on material from long-term ethnographic and participatory fieldwork among Qur'anic students and their communities, this book offers an alternative perspective on youth, faith, and poverty.
Baker Berry LC911.N6 H64 2018

The skies we roam beneath : stories from Wyoming
Storey, Kasey author
"I have always been captivated by Wyoming's skies, spellbound and mystified by their brilliant splendor, and dedicated to putting them on the page, so that people who have never wandered into the state can experience their beauty. But, as I began my writing, I found that not everyone viewed the sky in the same way I did. Where one person saw hues of orange, another saw hues of pink. Where one person saw beauty and expansiveness, another saw desolation and emptiness. I ultimately realized that people grew up and lived beneath the same skies as I did, but that their experiences and perceptions all varied. In that moment, I decided that I wanted to write a collection of four short stories, one for each of Wyoming's very different seasons, and that I wanted to make the characters and narratives as diverse as the weather conditions. I sought to create a small window into Wyoming's world, one that showed how different people can be, even when they are from the same place, resulting in a collection of contemporary and realistic stories about everyday people and the everyday lives they lead beneath Wyoming's skies. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .S766 2018

American colonialism on Guam and its challenges
Perez, Jesse R. A. author
"This thesis explores the challenging history of Guam and its Chamorro people under American colonial rule. It establishes that, though the people of Guam are called U.S. citizens and historical documents clearly show Chamorro people giving their loyalty, land, energy, and work, to the establishment of a strong United States, they continue to be denied the basic rights of self-governance and political voice by the U.S. Congress that all mainland American citizens exercise. This thesis develops the historical and military story of Guam and its Chamorro people that has led to the current state of affairs, establishing that the Chamorro people have suffered -- and continue to suffer -- significant social and environmental damages under American rule. The thesis shows that Chamorro voices opposing U.S. military priorities for the island are often ignored to advance Pentagon priorities ahead of Chamorro quality of life matters, rendering Pacific Islander voices invisible. The research suggests that more can, and should be done by the U.S. Congress to recognize the historic and present-day sacrifices made by Guam's native people, and to grant them the full agency, respect, and voice of self-determination due to them as American citizens. The first section, The Beginning: American Racialized Construction, critiques pre-World War Two Navy governance on Guam to assess its intersectional nature with islanders. Section two, Global War & Intimate Suffering, examines the challenges and unique lived circumstances of the Chamorro people who went from being governed under U.S. naval martial law to becoming wartime captives of the Japanese during World War Two. Section three, Governmental Control, Uncertainty & Hope, critiques post World War Two American governance that produced evolving inequality and human health risks to the Chamorro people. Section four, Environmental Violence & Health Consequences, explores how American governance, through military affiliated activities, compromised Guam environmentally and sickened the Chamorro population. Central patterns that emerge from this work include political subordination of islanders, intimate experiences with trauma, war and illness, invisibility and the tight control of information sharing by American governing authorities. The work concludes with the suggestion that increased inquiry, intellectual interrogation and discourses are needed to seek greater justice."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .P473 2018

Childhood and schooling in (post) Socialist societies : memories of everyday life
Iveta Silova, Nelli Piattoeva, Zsuzsa Millei, editors
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018
Remembering Childhoods, Rewriting (Post)Socialist Lives / Nelli Piattoeva, Iveta Silova & Zsuzsa Millei -- Memories in Dialogue: Transnational Stories about Socialist Childhoods / Helga Lénárt-Cheng & Ioana Luca -- A Dulled Mind in an Active Body: Growing up as a Girl in Normalization Czechoslovakia / Libora Oates-Indruchová -- On the Edge of Two Zones: Slovak Socialist Childhoods / Ondrej Kascak & Branislav Pupala -- Growing up as Vicarþs Daughter in Communist Czechoslovakia: Politics, Religion and Childhood Agency Examined / Irena Kašparová -- Uncle Ho's Good Children Award and State Power at a Socialist School in Vietnam / Violette Ho -- Tito's Last Pioneers and the Politicization of Schooling in Yugoslavia / Anna Bogic -- Hair Bows and Uniforms: Entangled Politics in Children's Everyday Lives / Zsuzsa Millei, Nelli Piattoeva, Iveta Silova & Elena Aydarova -- Interrupted Trajectory: The Experiences of Disability and Home Schooling in Post-Soviet Russia / Alfiya Battalova -- Teaching it Straight: Sexuality Education Across Post-State-Socialist Contexts / Ela Przybylo & Polina Ivleva -- Erasure and Renewal in (Post)Socialist China: My Mother's Long Journey / Jinting Wu -- Towards Decolonizing Childhood and Knowledge Production / Zsuzsa Millei, Iveta Silova & Nelli Piattoeva -- Preface to Afterwords / Zsuzsa Millei, Iveta Silova & Nelli Piattoeva -- Narratives from Bygone Times: Towards Multiplicity of Socialist Childhoods / Marek Tesar -- The Worlds of Childhood Memory / Robert Imre -- Decolonizing the Postsocialist Childhood Memories / Madina Tlostanova -- Beyond the Young Pioneers: Memorywork with Socialist and (Post)Socialist Childhoods / Susanne Gannon -- A New Horizon for Comparative Education? / Jeremy Rappleye.

This book explores childhood and schooling in late socialist societies by bringing into dialogue public narratives and personal memories that move beyond imaginaries of Cold War divisions between the East and West. Written by cultural insiders who were brought up and educated on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain - spanning from Central Europe to mainland Asia - the book offers insights into the diverse spaces of socialist childhoods interweaving with broader political, economic, and social life. These evocative memories explore the experiences of children in navigating state expectations to embody "model socialist citizens" and their mixed feelings of attachment, optimism, dullness, and alienation associated with participation in "building" socialist futures. Drawing on the research traditions of autobiography, autoethnography, and collective biography, the authors challenge what is often considered "normal" and "natural" in the historical accounts of socialist childhoods, and engage in (re)writing histories that open space for new knowledges and vast webs of interconnections to emerge. This book will be compelling reading for students and researchers working in education, sociology and history, particularly those within the interdisciplinary fields of childhood and area studies. "The authors of this beautiful book are professional academics and intellectuals who grew up in different socialist countries. Exploring "socialist childhoods" in myriad ways, they draw on memories, and collective history, emotional insider knowledge and the measured perspective of an analyst. What emerges is life that was caught between real optimism and dullness, ethical commitments and ideological absurdities, selfless devotion to children and their treatment as a political resource. Such attention to detail and examination of the paradoxical nature of this time makes this collective effort not only timely but remarkably genuine."
Baker Berry LB2806 .C45 2018

Human resource development in twentieth-century Japan / Inoki Takenori ; translated by Tony Gonzalez = 学校と工場 : 二十世紀日本の人的資源 / 著者猪木武徳 ; 訳者トニー。ゴンザレス
猪木武徳, author
Tokyo : Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2017
Education in the Edo and Meiji periods -- Industrialization and the labor force -- The military and industry -- Postwar schools and educational investment -- Human resource development in factories -- White-collar workers -- The public sector -- Emigration and immigration.

"In this book, we will examine the formation and allocation of human resources that brought about economic growth, focusing on the form of education and training in schools, companies, and the military. In particular, how are knowledge and skills delivered in a 'have-not' country like Japan? Following transitions form the Edo period to the present age, we approach the core of Japanese systems from both historical and theoretical perspectives"--Back cover.
Baker Berry LC117.J3 I5613 2017

Coaches on coaching : inside the game of women's basketball from those who lived it
Micir, Addie E., author
"Collegiate coaching as a profession provides a unique challenge. Even though their personnel changes every year due to graduation and new matriculation, coaches are charged with establishing a cohesive team culture that will not only develop student-athletes of high character but also result in more games won. This challenge becomes even more daunting as new generations become college athletes. The original plan for this thesis was to seek answers to the questions why it is so difficult to coach millennials and what are the factors that make the millennial generation so different? The interviews I conducted with well-respected, tenured college basketball head coaches from across the country made that topic grow into so much more! This collection of coaches represents a broad cross-section of the profession, and their personal accounts of their careers offer insight on many topics. Though each coach has his or her own distinctive coaching style and team culture, there are common threads that run through each of their stories. Foremost is the fact that although they are all aware that the metric by which their athletic administration measures their success is their win-loss records, not one coach mentions a given number of wins as a goal. Rather, they all recognize that their prime directive is to effect growth in each of their players at a crucial time in their young lives. This growth is in the areas of leadership, cooperation, communication, and self-awareness. Each of the coaches expresses a desire to lead their student-athletes to understand and experience the joy and satisfaction of being a part of something bigger than themselves. As a byproduct, these interviews serves to reaffirm my decision to make coaching my life's work. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .M535 2018

Would Frederick Douglass be an Afropessimist? Re-reading a slave's narrative into current debates on race and slavery
Klarman, Brian Jacob, author
"How do modern theories of slavery account for the lived experiences of chattel slaves, in the United States? While answering such a question in its entirety is near impossible, this thesis offers one reading that may begin to reveal the promise of such an intervention. With an ever-increasing philosophical debate about the connection between slavery and Blackness to draw upon, this thesis settles on the question of what one former slave, Frederick Douglass, would have thought about one theory of slavery, Afropessimism. Taking up Douglass' narratives, speeches, and writings, this project attempts to re-read the pivotal texts and interviews of Afropessimism from his perspective. Using Douglass' outlook as a guiding principle, supplemented when appropriate with current theorists of race whose works can help articulate Douglass' concerns to a modern audience, core concepts in Afropessimism--including, but not limited to, the definition of slavery, the ethics of compromise, the necessity of pessimism, and the structure of narrative--are problematized. While this thesis neither evaluates every slave narrative nor comprehensively parses through the oeuvre of philosophical theories of slavery, my hope is that this piece will facilitate the continuation of projects on the intersections between the two fields. As such, I hope that you find this project useful in historicizing the theories of slavery while simultaneously theorizing slavery's history "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .K588 2018

A window onto Russia : a half-century of study abroad with CIEE
Irina E. Makoveeva, editor
[St. Petersburg] : [CIEE Study Center in St. Petersburg], 2017
Based on interviews and memoirs of more than 70 alumni who studied in Leningrad/Saint Petersburg from 1967 to 2017, this work illuminates multiple aspects of their experience of studying in Russia, including food, holidays, cold water in winter, classes in Russian language, et cetera.
Baker Berry LB2376.6.R8 W55 2017

Educación y políticas públicas en México e Iberoamérica : contexto y tendencias
Roberto Moreno Espinosa, Mauricio Covarrubias Moreno, Mario Martín Bris (coordinadores)
Alcalá de Henares : Universida de Alcalá, Servicio de Publicaciones, [2017]
Funcionalidad y motivación de la familia y de la escuela como factores de permanencia escolar / Beatriz Eugenia Díaz Gómez -- Educación superior en México: situación actual y perspectivas al 2030 / Rodolfo Ortiz Ortiz -- El COPAES, Agencia de Acreditación de la Educación Superior en México / Jorge Abdó Francis -- Impactos de las políticas de restricción del gasto público en la atención de la cobertura educativa / José Alfonso Esparza Ortiz -- Educación, política y desempeño institucional / Luis Humberto Fernández Fuentes -- Políticas públicas en el desarrollo de la investigación educativa en México y Colombia: un estudio comparado / Héctor Hernando Fernández Rincón -- La política pública de la educació en México / Alfonso Mohedano Cabrera -- Propuestas en torno a una política pública que responda a la necesidad de promover la educación cívica y ética en México / Jesús Antonio Serrano Sánchez -- Seguridad comunitaria: ciudadanía y educación para el desarrollo de políticas públicas ante el conflicto / Julio César Olvera García -- El federalismo mexicano en la era de la gobernanza climática y del desarrollo sustenible / Miguel Moreno Plata -- Evaluación de las políticas públicas de combate a la pobreza en México y el caso de Puebla / Lorenzo Salgado García -- El gobierno abierto en el contexto de los derechos humanos / Gabriel Pérez Galmiche -- La violencia laboral en México / Arturo Sánchez Sánchez -- Tecnología, empleo y educación: la trilogías de un incierto / Rubén Garrido-Yserte, Oscar Montes-Pineda -- La Inspección Educativa al servicio de la calidad de la educación: la supervisión de la cooperación internacional / Juan López Martínez -- Las evaluaciones internacionales de la educación en Iberoamérica: resultados, interpretaciones y restos / Mariano Jabonero -- Descentralización y autonomía educativa en España: una experiencia de gestión educativa: Castilla-La Mancha / Pedro Pablo Novillo Cicuéndez.
Baker Berry LC92.M4 E38 2017

The homoeroticism of the Orient : the works of Jean-Léon Gérôme and the global homoerotic art trade
Petroski, Jacob R. author
"This theses examines the life of nineteenth century French academic painter Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), his connection to the international art market, and his homoerotic Orientalist paintings. Analyzing these paintings from a Queer Studies viewpoint, it becomes clear that many of his Orientalist works are homoerotic in nature, and appeal to both a homosexual and heterosexual viewer. Scholarly knowledge is limited on Gérôme in general, and particularly on his Orientalist and homoerotic paintings. My thesis explores this subject matter and analyzes the social and artistic clues given in the works. I discuss in depth some of Gérôme's most well-known Orientalist works: Moorish Bath, 1870, The Bath, 1880-1885, Pelt Merchant of Cairo, 1869, and The Snake Charmer, 1879, and examine the homoeroticism of the respective subject in detail. I collectively identify sixty-five homoerotic Orinetalist themed paintings by Gérôme of which thirty-two are of male homoerotic themes and thirty-three female homoerotic themes. The market and the audience of these works show that Gérôme filled a certain need for this subject matter. Gérôme's ability to appeal to a wider audience is part of the reason why he was successful as an artist. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .P488 2018

東大駒場全共闘エリートたちの回転木馬 / 大野正道
大野正道, 1949- author
Tōkyō : Hakujunsha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan LA1318.7 .O56 2017

〈異鄉〉としての日本 : 東アジアの留学生がみた近代 / 和田博文[and three others]編
Tōkyō : Bensei Shuppan, 2017
Baker Berry Japan LC3089.J3 I39 2017

En las montañas de Vermont : los exiliados en la Escuela Española de Middlebury College 1937-1963
Véguez, Roberto, author
[Middlebury, Vermont] : Middlebury Language Schools, [2017]
Baker Berry LD3311.M365 S6 2017

Private schools, public purpose? : higher education's commitment to native American youth: a national tragedy revisited
Wadland, Julie author
"A National Tragedy Revisited uses interdisciplinary research both historical and contemporary, qualitative and quantitative empirical data cutting across the history of education, public policy, social and developmental psychology, adolescent development, and health care to better understand how Native youth are the most academically under-performing youth population in the United States. Recent research and data from the U.S. Census Bureau around educational outcomes in the United States show youth and adolescents who identify as American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian face significant barriers known to disadvantage and limit access to successful attainment of higher education. Attention will be paid to investigating the culturally nuanced answers to how and why Native youth are vastly under-represented at some of the most selective institutions of higher education; the deeply complex social, political, cultural, and communal challenges surrounding Native identity development and educational attainment; and how certain college and universities have-or have-not demonstrated a commitment to recruiting, enrolling, supporting, and retaining Native youth. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .W335 2018

日本中世の学問と教育 / 菅原正子著
菅原正子, 1959- author
Tōkyō : Dōseisha, 2014
Baker Berry Japan LA1311.3 .S84 2014

Information, incentives, and education policy
Neal, Derek A., author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018
Humans as machines -- Learning and producing -- Earnings inequality -- A role for government -- Appendix: Learn to learn. Learn to earn. Then earn -- Exercises -- Resources and outcomes -- Waste and calls for reform -- Time series evidence -- More court orders -- Cost-benefit analyses are not our focus -- The education production function -- Salary schedules -- Class size -- Evidence from developing countries -- Approaches to education reform -- Exercises -- Assessment-based incentives -- Defining terms -- An empirical regularity -- Economic theory and Campbell's Law -- Parallels to education -- Optimal incentive design -- Alignment problems -- Solutions to alignment problems -- Pay for percentile -- Two tasks require two measurement systems -- Who teaches -- The limits of ABI systems -- Appendix: Empirical work on educator quality -- Appendix: Multi-tasking for beginners -- Exercises -- Letting parents choose -- Attendance zones -- Deferred acceptance -- Top trading cycles -- DA vs TTC -- The importance of being earnest -- Recent empirical work -- Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic -- Exercises -- Charter schools -- Lottery results -- Studies without lotteries -- Competitive pressures on public schools -- Competition is not a magic bullet -- Appendix: Experimental data and late for beginners -- Vouchers -- Baseline model -- Public versus private school comparisons -- Public school responses -- Too focused on saving money -- Vouchers systems need accountability systems -- International evidence -- Political barriers -- Design details, segregation, and inequality -- Peer effects and complications -- Exercises -- Putting the pieces together -- Work to be done -- Moving forward.

Derek Neal writes that economists must analyze public education policy in the same way they analyze other procurement problems. He shows how standard tools from economics research speak directly to issues in education. For mastering the models and tools that economists of education should use in their work, there is no better resource available.--
Baker Berry LC71 .N43 2018

The scholarship of teaching and learning : a guide for scientists, engineers, and mathematicians
Dewar, Jacqueline M., author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Baker Berry LB1025.3 .D488 2018

A light shines in Harlem : New York's first charter school and the movement it led
Bounds, Mary C
Chicago : Lawrence Hill Books, [2014]
"A Light Shines in Harlem tells the fascinating history of New York 's first charter school, the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem, and the early days of the state's charter school movement. Told through the experiences of those on the insideincluding a hero of the civil rights movement; a Wall Street star; inner-city activists; and real-world educators, parents, and studentsthis book shows how they all came together to create a groundbreaking school that, in its best years, far outperformed public schools in the neighborhoods in which most of its children lived. It also looks at education reform through a broader public policy lens, discussing recent research and issues facing the charter movement today, describing what makes a public charter schoolor any schoolsucceed or fail, and showing how these lessons can be applied to other public and private schools to make all of them better. The end result is not only an exciting narrative of how one school fought to succeed, but also an illuminating glimpse into the future of education in the United States"--Blurb.
Baker Berry LB2806.36 .B68 2014

Takeover : race, education, and American democracy
Morel, Domingo, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Chapter 1: Schools, State, and Political Power -- Chapter 2: A View From Two Cities: Newark, New Jersey and Central Falls, Rhode Island -- Chapter 3: State Takeovers and Black and Latino Political Empowerment -- Chapter 4: Why Takeover?: State Centralization and the Conservative Education Logic -- Chapter 5: The Implications of State Takeovers for Urban Politics: Cohesive and Disjointed State-Local Regimes -- Chapter 6: Takeovers and American Democracy -- Epilogue -- Appendix A: State Takeovers of Local School Districts and Mayoral Control -- Appendix B: State Takeovers by State, School District, and Year of Takeover (1989-2013) -- Appendix C: Notes on Qualitative Data -- Appendix D: Notes on Quantitative Data and Analysis.

"State takeovers of local governments have garnered national attention of late, particularly following the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. In most U.S. cities, local governments are responsible for decisions concerning matters such as the local water supply and school affairs. However, once a state takes over, this decision-making capability is shuttled. Despite the widespread attention that takeovers in Flint and Detroit have gained, we know little about how such takeovers -- a policy option that has been in use since the 1980s -- affect political power in local communities. This manuscript offers the first systematic study of state takeovers of local governments by focusing on takeovers of local school districts. The book examines the factors that contribute to state takeovers as well as the effects and political implications of takeovers on racialized communities, the communities most often affected by them. It challenges conventional wisdom that centralization and state takeovers unequivocally disempower racialized communities, laying out the conditions under which the policy will disempower or empower racial and ethnic minority populations. In addition, the book expands our understanding of urban politics. The book argues that state interventions are part of the new normal for cities and offers a novel theoretical framework for understanding the presence of the state in American cities. The book is built around an original study of nearly 1000 school districts, including every school district that has been taken over by their respective state, and a powerful case study of Newark, New Jersey"--
Baker Berry LC89 .M66 2018

Resistencias y alternativas : relación histórico-política de movimientos sociales en educación
Roberto González Villarreal y Guadalupe Olivier, coordinadores ; autores, Carlos Joaquín Alejandro and 21 others
Ciudad de México : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Azcapotzalco : CONACYT, Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología : RED Mexicana de Estudios de los Movimientos Sociales : Editorial Terracota ET, 2017
Baker Berry LC92.M6 R48 2017

Las instituciones de educación superior y la violencia de género
Martínez Lozano, Consuelo Patricia, author
Ciudad de México : Ediciones Eón ; 2017
Baker Berry LB3013.33.M6 M37 2017