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Prairie power : student activism, counterculture, and backlash in Oklahoma, 1962-1972
Janda, Sarah Eppler, author
Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, 2018
"Out of the protective womb of ignorance" : the emergence of student discontent in Oklahoma -- "No thought control" : free speech and the making of activists -- From the emergence of antiwar demonstrations to the advent of the Sooner CIA -- The Jones family's grandchildren and the localization of national dissent -- The politics of local : Oklahoma and the aftermath of Kent state -- Hippie Oklahoma and the retreat for authenticity -- Conclusion : reimagined tradition as counterculture.
Baker Berry LB3610 .J35 2018

Educational goods : values, evidence, and decision making
Brighouse, Harry, author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2018
We spend a lot of time arguing about how schools might be improved. But we rarely take a step back to ask what we as a society should be looking for from education what exactly should those who make decisions be trying to achieve? In Educational Goods, two philosophers and two social scientists address this very question. They begin by broadening the language for talking about educational policy: "educational goods" are the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that children develop for their own benefit and that of others; "childhood goods" are the valuable experiences and freedoms that make childhood a distinct phase of life. Balancing those, and understanding that not all of them can be measured through traditional methods, is a key first step. From there, they show how to think clearly about how those goods are distributed and propose a method for combining values and evidence to reach decisions. They conclude by showing the method in action, offering detailed accounts of how it might be applied in school finance, accountability, and choice. The result is a reimagining of our decision making about schools, one that will sharpen our thinking on familiar debates and push us toward better outcomes.
Baker Berry LB2806 .B734 2018

The color of mind : why the origins of the achievement gap matter for justice
Darby, Derrick, 1967- author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Introduction: What school leaders need to know -- The racial achievement gap -- The color of mind: constructing racial differences in intellect, character, and conduct -- The color of schooling: constructing the racial achievement gap -- Voices of dissent: dispelling an inglorious fallacy -- "A tangle of pathology": the color of mind takes a cultural turn -- What schools cannot fix: poverty, inequality, and segregation -- Old poison in new bottles: how the color of mind thrives in schools and affects achievement -- Why we sort kids in school -- Unjust schools: why the origins of the achievement gap matter.
Baker Berry LC2731 .D37 2018

The first year of college : research, theory, and practice on improving the student experience and increasing retention
edited by Robert S. Feldman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst ; Sponsored by the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences (FABBS)
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Part I: Societal and Demographic Factors Underlying First-Year Student Success -- Exploring the Role of Affordability on First-Year Student Access and Persistence / Jamey Rorison, Mamie Voight, and Alain Poutré -- Realizing the Educational Benefits of Diversity: A State of Perpetual Institutional Self-Correction / Michell J. Chang -- First-Generation College Student Success / Evan Mulfinger, Chen Zuo, Frederick L. Oswald, and Alex Casillas -- Part II: Practices That Foster Student Success -- Investigating First-Year Seminars as a High-Impact Practice / Jennifer R. Keup and Dallin George Young -- Transforming the "Real First-Year Experience": The Case for and Approaches to Improving Gateway Courses / Andrew K. Koch and John N. Gardner -- Strengthening Success for Students with Multiple Risk Factors / David A. Laude, Lindsey A. Kaschner, Cassandre Giguere Alvarado, and Carolyn K. Connerat -- Student Engagement and Retention / James Cole, Robert Gonyea, and Louis Rocconi -- Bloom's 2 Sigma Problem and Data-Driven Approaches for Improving Student Success / Alfred Essa and Stephen Laster -- Part III: Attitude and Behavior Change Promoting Student Success / Nudges, Norms, and Navigation: Behavioral Insights to Improve Student Success / Benjamin Castleman and Katharine Meyer -- Promoting Mindset Change and Student Success / Robert S. Feldman, Karan Goel, Arthur Blakemore, and Mattityahu Zimbler -- Stereotype Threat and Stereotype Inoculation: Barriers that Prevent and Interventions that Promote the Success of Underrepresented Students in the First Year of College / Tara C. Dennehy, Jacqueline S. Smith, Chelsea Moore, and Nilanjana Dasgupta.

"This book is premised on a very powerful social/educational concern about college retention rates: one-third of first-year students seriously consider leaving college during their first term, and only half of all students who start college ultimately graduate. This book examines the first year of college from a variety of perspectives to paint a comprehensive picture of the intersecting challenges facing today's students and higher education institutions. Technological advances, increases in college attendance costs, and increasing political pressure on colleges to prove their value have changed the landscape of the first year of college, but researchers have identified new approaches to improve student and institutional success that have shown considerable success and promise. In this comprehensive volume, top educational researchers explore topics of student success, persistence, and retention in the first year of college"--
Baker Berry LB2343.3 .F55 2018

An introduction to multilingualism : language in a changing world
Coulmas, Florian
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
Baker Berry LC3715 .C68 2018

Civic engagement in diverse Latinx communities : learning from social justice partnerships in action
edited by Mari Castañeda & Joseph Krupczynski
New York, NY : Peter Lang, [2018]
Introduction : toward a Latinx community-academic praxis of civic engagement / Mari Castañeda & Joseph Krupczynski -- Engagement : learning from teaching community praxis / Antonieta Mercado -- Imagining a nueva casita : Puerto Rican subjectivities and the space of the "in-between" on an urban farm in Western Massachusetts / Joseph Krupczynski -- Subject-heading or social justice solidarity? : civic engagement practices of Latinx undocumented immigrant students / Claudia Anguiano -- Keeping it real : bridging U.S. Latino/a literature and community through student engagement / Marisel Moreno -- Public humanities and community-engaged learning : building strategies for undergraduate research and civic engagement / Clara Román-Odio, Patricia Mota, & Amelia Dunnell -- Community as a campus : from "problems" to possibilities in Latinx communities / Jonathan Rosa -- Motherists' pedagogies of cultural citizenship : claiming rights and space in a xenophobic era / Judith Flores Carmona -- Responsibility, reciprocity, and respect : storytelling as a means of university-community engagement / J. Estrella Torrez -- Arizona-Sonora 360 : examining and teaching contested moral geographies along the U.S.-Mexico borderlands / Celeste González de Bustamante -- Saber es poder : teaching and learning about social inequality in a New England Latin@ community / Ginetta E.B. Candelario -- Media literacy as civic engagement / Jillian M. Báez -- "I exist because you exist" : teaching history and supporting student engagement via bilingual community journalism / Katynka Z. Martínez -- Hashtag jóvenes latinos : teaching civic advocacy journalism in glocal contexts / Jessica Retis -- Chicana/o media pedagogies : how activism and engagement transform student of color journalists / Sonya M. Alemán -- Lessons from migrant youth : digital storytelling and the engaged humanities in springfield, ma / Rogelio Miñana.
Baker Berry LC238 .C59 2018

Crehan, Lucy, author
London : Unbound, 2016
Foreword -- PISA, politics and planning a trip -- Kindergartens, parables and professionals in Finland -- The Finnish comprehensive consensus -- Purpose, mastery and trust in Finnish teachers -- Authority, resilience and not bothering others in Japan -- Samurai, meritocracy and 'education mamas' -- 'Relaxed education', lesson study, and the Japanese approach to problem-solving -- Dynamic intelligence, eugenics and streaming in Singapore -- Private tutors, public pressure -- Attraction, career ladders and working with the psychology of motivation -- The Confucian mindset -- Chinese legends, guanxi and migrant workers -- Memorisation, deep-fried chicken and the paradox of the Chinese learner -- Diversity, relationships and the limits of individualism -- Universal standards, answerability and streaming up -- Beyond knowledge -- Five principles for high-performing, equitable education systems -- Trade-offs? -- Glossary.

Secondary school teacher and education consultant Lucy Crehan was frustrated with ever-changing government policies on education ; dissatisfied with a system that prioritised test scores over the promotion of creative thinking; and disheartened that the interests of children had become irrelevant. Curious to discover how countries such as Finland, Canada, Japan, China and Singapore consistently manage to top global education surveys, Lucy set off on a journey around the globe to see these schools and students for herself. 'Cleverlands' is the story of her journey.
Baker Berry LB43 .C54 2016

Race, ethnicity and gender in education : cross-cultural understandings
Joseph Zajda, Kassie Freeman, editors
[Place of publication not identified] : Springer, 2009
Main trends and policy issues: Globalisation, transnational feminism and educational justice / Jill Blackmore -- Living together after Apartheid: assessments of South Africa's progress, and roles for education programs / Diane Napier -- Women and higher education in postrevolutionary Iran: unsettling policies and unanticipated outcomes / Goli M. Rezai-Rashti and Susan James -- When indigenous and modern education collide / Alberto Arenas, Iliana Reyes, and Leisy Wyman -- Power, language, and race relations within francophone communities in Canada / Amal Madibbo -- Gender equity and women empowerment in Africa: the education and economic globalization nexus / Macleans A. Geo-JaJa, Sara J. Payne, Pamela R. Hallam, and Donald R. Baum -- Case studies: Poor women and community-based participation in literacy work in India -- Anju Saigal -- Against the odds: mutiethnic and multiracial students surviving in US schools / Marta I. Cruz-Jansen -- Gender stereotypes, class prejudice and female warriors in the depiction of women in year 6 Greek primary school history textbooks (1970-1983 and 1997-2006) / Stilianos Meselidis -- The Construction of gender identity: a semiotic analysis / Deodrin Correa -- Women teachers' emotional commitment and involvement: a universal professional feature and educational policy / Izhar Oplatka -- Bridging the educational gap: indigenous and non-indigenous beliefs, attitudes and practices in a remote Australian school / Elizabeth Warren, Tom J. Cooper, and Annette R. Baturo.
Baker Berry LC213 .R33 2009

Negotiating opportunities : how the middle class secures advantages in school
Calarco, Jessica McCrory, 1983- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
In Negotiating Opportunities, Jessica McCrory Calarco traces class differences in student behaviors from their origins at home to their consequences in school and demonstrates how complex interactions between children, parents, and teachers collectively contribute to classroom inequality. Drawing on five years of ethnographic fieldwork, she reveals that middle-class students secure advantages over their working-class peers by requesting support in excess of what is fair or required and by persuading teachers to grant their requests.
Baker Berry LC213.2 .C35 2018