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The new culture war : how globalization is fueling cultural conflict in the United States
Tollefsen, Maurya, author
"It has been nearly 30 years since the University of Virginia sociologist James Davison Hunter coined the term "culture wars" to describe the caustic political disagreements between orthodox conservative and progressive liberal factions over the source of moral authority. Today, the United States is at the crossroads of a new culture war, one which appears to have left the framework of morality behind in favor of disputes over immigration, international trade agreements, and border security. This thesis examines why the culture war has changed and how globalization has fueled it by increasing inequality and polarization. Additionally, this research reviews the political discourse of the 2016 campaign for president, the symbolism of each candidate's messaging, and how the candidates provoked an already vulnerable electorate."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .T644 2017

The testing charade : pretending to make schools better
Koretz, Daniel M., author
Chicago ; The University of Chicago Press, 2017
Beyond all reason -- What is a test? -- The evolution of test-based "reform" -- Campbell's law -- Score inflation -- Cheating -- Test prep -- Making up unrealistic targets -- Evaluating teachers -- Will the Common Core fix this? -- Did kids learn more? -- Nine principles for doing better -- Doing better -- Wrapping up.
Baker Berry LB3051 .K668 2017

Faculty of color navigating higher education
edited by Karen Harris Brown, Patricia Alvarez McHatton, and Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2017]
Faculty of color in higher education / Karen Harris Brown, Patty Alvarez McHatton, and Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott -- Limits of acceptance : how far is too far? / Hema Ramanathan -- The sword, the shield, and double-consciousness : notes on reconciling and negotiating the black male scholar identity / Tristan Glenn -- Navigating higher education as an Asian immigrant female / Sohyun An -- The silencing of international faculty : the enemy inside and out / Paula Guerra -- Reframing resistance : steering into and through student resistance to diversity course content / Michael D. Smith -- A lighthouse on the shore, the challenge of trying to shine / Ursula Thomas -- The golden child / Jacqueline Johnson -- Thematic analysis / Karen Harris Brown and Patricia Alvarez McHatton -- Conclusion : faculty of color navigating higher education / Karen Harris Brown and Patricia Alvarez McHatton.
Baker Berry LB2332.6 .F329 2017

Global labor
Demir, Elma, author
"Globalization has significantly altered the way in which businesses operate and how national economies function. The global shift has been accompanied by processes which have not only generated global dispersion of the market economy in terms of geographic scope, but have also intensified infiltration of the market in all aspects of the social life. Nowadays an established position exists in which the transnational corporations (TNCs) are perceived as drivers of globalization as it is perceived as their "project" through which nation-states are being subjected to liberalization and austerity schemes, which in turn have impoverished masses and enriched the elite. Labor protection as offered through the law, unionisms and social welfare schemes was incrementally cut in the name of "free market" policies on a global scale. On the other side, many factors indicate that the dramatic changes we are experiencing are the direct result of the Digital Revolution which has generated jobless growth due to the novel nature of technological change compared to its earlier historical manifestations. While both arguments are valid, this study contends that such explanations are still insufficient in grasping the real disposition of globalization and the most recent socio-economic developments on a global scale. The insufficiency stems from the fact that economic as well as sociological scholarship continually misplaces the position of labor in their considerations. Starting with this proposition, the main argument of the study is that globalization has entered a new stage - the stage in which the operations of economics rely on a global labor market - a system of free or total labor. However, this does not only mean that national labor markets are solely integrating, rather that integration has resulted in creation of a new market, which is not simply sum of its components (either perceived as local/national markets in a geographic context or industrial from an occupational perspective) but presents a new economic entity. By using inductive reasoning in developing an interdisciplinary social theory model while building on findings from the social sciences scholarship, the study maps economic complexity inside and outside market economies and offers theoretical and empirical insights about a global labor market."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .D455 2017

Bodies matter : mapping the transgender debate
Jackson, Courtney author
"With celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox and increasing numbers of youths coming out, transgender identity has become a widely known issue of public debate in the United States. The increased visibility, however, has also brought to the forefront confusion and incomprehension regarding why transgender people feel the way they do, and what should be done about it. In fact, with issues like bathroom access, medical care, and legal protection at work, there are many opinions and little concensus. This thesis will map the current debates about transgender, eliciting what the major issues and who the major players are, what is at stake, and where the debate is going. Starting from Gayle Rubin's pertinent distinction between sex and gender as an indispensable prerequisite for an increasingly elaborated differentiation, I explore, among others, Michel Foucault's, Joan Scott's, and Judith Butler's contribution to the theoretical development of gender as an analytical category. While, for instance, heterosexuality and homosexuality coalesce around desire, object choice, identity and other cultural and social aspects of the gender debate, transgender is mainly concerned with the body itself. Entitled "Bodies Matter", the second chapter will, therefore, focus on the individual's relation to his or her body itself as a central concern of the transgender debate. In the third chapter, I will discuss current debates around transgender through medical, legal, and moral discourses, to describe how our society, which is structured around assumed sex and gender binaries, is handling this development in identity that challenges and moves beyond binary concepts. "
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .J337 2017

Ideologii︠a︡ i filologii︠a︡ : Leningrad, 1940-e gody. Dokumentalʹnoe issledovanie
Druzhinin, P. A
Moskva : Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2012-2016
1. Bolʹshai︠a︡ ideologii︠a︡ ; Formirovanie novogo "klassa" i "leningradskai︠a︡ situat︠s︡ii︠a︡" ; Ideologicheskoe "ozdorovlenie" filologii ; 1947 god : diskussii zakanchivai︠u︡tsi︠a︡ -- 2. 1948 god : kritika ustupaet mesto politicheskim obvinenii︠a︡m ; 1949 god : pogrom ; Deĭstvui︠u︡shchie lit︠s︡a i ispolniteli -- 3. Delo Konstantina Azadovskogo, dokumentalʹnoe issledovanie.
Baker Berry LF4390.5.F5 D78 2012

Deconstructing race : multicultural education beyond the color-bind
Mahiri, Jabari, editor
New York, NY : Teachers College Press, 2017
Baker Berry LC1099.3 .M3325 2017

Blurred lines : rethinking sex, power, and consent on campus
Grigoriadis, Vanessa, author
Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017
Mattress girl -- Introduction. Orientation -- Part I. Consensual -- Planet college, Millennial edition -- Number-one party school -- A boy's life -- Part II. Nonconsensual -- Carnal knowledge -- "Rape girls" -- Rape theory 101 -- The accused -- Guilty -- Part III. The man -- The fixer -- Adult supervision -- Phoebe -- Down with the frats -- Battleground -- Appendix : Recommendations.

Draws on research at college and university campuses to explore the topics of sex, consent, and sexual assault, discussing statistics about the prevalence of campus rape, and offering advice on how to make college a safer experience.
Baker Berry LB2345.3.R37 G75 2017

Ladies disestablished in the "Feminine Sphere" get re-empowered in the "Female Sphere"
Qiu, Xinyuan, author
"Feminine disestablishment was a phenomenon prevalent in the nineteenth century that was caused by the separation of production from the household and manifested in northern middle- and upper-class women's being confined to the domestic realm and excluded from production in the outside world. In this study, I want to explore how two female authors, i.e., Edith Wharton and Louisa May Alcott who were active in their writing career in the nineteenth century, have treated the theme of feminine disestablishment in their literary works. By analyzing female characters in Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth and Louisa May Alcott's Little Women that depict northern middle-class and upper-class women's lives, respectively, I have discovered that both authors have reflected and acknowledged feminine disestablishment. In these two novels, women are disempowered in three aspects, i.e., marriage, education and consumption. Yet by studying delineations of these three aspects, I also find that under the surface of disempowerment, both authors have implied ladies' re-empowerment that is achieved through their communication and collaboration in a variety of female rituals under the rubrics of marriage, education and consumption. This is perceivable from the perspective of the female sphere, i.e., a space that is occupied and shared by women as an entity and broader than the feminine sphere of the household. So we can conclude that both authors have explored and supported women's pursuit of power in their novels. They have indicated possibilities and feasible ways for women's re-establishment and hidden them under the surface of seeming disempowerment. It depends on a shift in the readers' perspective from the feminine sphere to the female sphere to perceive such indications."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .Q38 2017

Memórias memoráveis : educadores sul-riograndenses em história de vida
org. Maria Helena Menna Barreto Abrahão
Porto Alegre, RS : EdiPUCRS, 2013
Baker Berry LA2365.B6 M46 2013

The digital academic : critical perspectives on digital technologies in higher education
edited by Deborah Lupton, Inger Mewburn and Pat Thomson
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2018
The digital academic : identities, contexts and politics / Deborah Lupton, Inger Mewburn and Pat Thomson -- Towards an academic self? : blogging during the doctorate / Inger Mewburn and Pat Thomson -- Going from phd to platform / Charlotte Frost -- Academic persona : the construction of online reputation in the modern academy / P. David Marshall, Kim Barbour and Christopher Moore -- Academic twitter and academic capital : collapsing orality and literacy in scholarly publics / Bonnie Stewart -- Intersections online : academics who tweet / Narelle Lemon and Megan McPherson -- Sustaining Asian Australian scholarly activism online / Tseen Khoo -- Digital backgrounds, active foregrounds : student and teacher experiences with flipping the classroom / Martin Forsey and Sara Page.
Baker Berry LB2395.7 .D5 2018

Emerging from the room : reevaluating the role of gender exclusivity and women's representation in the 21st century mainstream art world
Williams, Nicole S., author
"Women's artistic representation and inclusion in the mainstream art world has historically been marginalized due to male-driven social and artistic ideals, which have long determined what qualifies as "great" art and, in turn, the value of the work created and the recognition of the artist. In response to this imbalance, women funders, donors, collectors and artists have created gender-exclusive museums, galleries, exhibitions, and collections. While women-only art spaces were born out of necessity starting in the 1970s, the use of gender exclusivity as a method of realizing greater representation and acknowledgement--or even just first time recognition--within various art establishments remains strong in the twenty-first century. Many art critics, scholars, and artists (some claiming feminist values and some not), debate such gender-exclusive methods when considering its potential for ghettoization. While this often-arduous work has yielded significant progress over the last half century, recent statistics focused on women in the arts have shown that unequal pay and underrepresentation are still prevalent issues in the mainstream art world. In this thesis I consider the approach of creating women-only spaces to correct the outmoded art world bias by exploring four case studies: the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women, the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art, and the Women of Abstract Expressionism traveling exhibition. The benefits and challenges of this method are better understood through looking more closely at each institution's tactical use of gender exclusivity. Reflecting on the patterns of the past, can we identify new tenets for the future or will we continue to let the status quo dominate how the story of art is shared?"
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .W55455 2017

Degrees of difference : women, men, and the value of higher education
Niemi, Nancy S., author
New York : Routledge, 2017
College credentials as female disadvantage? -- Power, patriarchy, and gender identity in higher education -- We've been here before : gendered realignments behind the ivy -- The ambiguous "female advantage" -- American men : other places to be -- Higher education, less power : gender equity post-college -- A dream deterred?
Baker Berry LC212.862 .N54 2017

Historia y memoria de los movimientos estudiantiles : a 45 años del 68
José René Rivas Ontiveros, Ana María Sánchez Sáenz, Gloria A. Tirado Villegas (coordinadores)
Ciudad de México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México : 2017
v. 1. Los movimientos estudiantiles en la Ciudad de México -- v. 2. Los movimientos estudiantiles regionales en México.
Baker Berry LA428.7 .H578 2017

Wang Anyi's The Song of Everlasting Sorrow : A Novel of Shanghai a shishi novel of the 1990's
Saint Jean, Catherine author
"This study is a close reading, through selected passages, of Wang Anyi's novel chang hen ge, The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A Novel of Shanghai. It uses the English translation of Michael Berry and Susan Chan Egan and Wang Anyi's original Chinese text. This study is informed by other works of fiction set in Shanghai and by various works of literary analysis. Reading The Song of Everlasting Sorrow: A Novel of Shanghai (chang hen ge) as a shishi (poet-historian) novel of the 1990's posits that, as a writer of the Cultural Revolution's Lost Generation, Wang creates a poetic allusion to convey the pain experienced in contemplating the imposed historiographies of her lifetime, historiographies that forestall a close examination of the Cultural Revolution and erase the 1989 Tian Anmen events. The elegiac reference to the past and allusion to the present are achieved in the novel through the author's appropriation of the poetic genre of huaigu, a meditation on the past. The creation of the narrator as a poet-storyteller persona allows for a metatext on the moral implication of historical amnesia. The metatext on historiography and the elegiac evocation of sorrow through huaigu are key features that confer a shishi (poet-historian) quality to Wang Anyi's novel."
Baker Berry LD1447.7 .S251 2017

Life beyond grades : designing college courses to promote intrinsic motivation
Covington, Martin V., 1938- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
The sum of all doubts -- Roles and responsibilities -- Prospects for intrinsic task engagement -- Solutions as goals -- Scaffolding problem-solving strategies -- Partnering instruction and assessment -- From goals to final grades -- The end of the beginning.

"This book raises the question of whether or not educators can promote intrinsic motivation among college students when they seem overwhelmingly focused on grades. Indeed, can there be life beyond grades? The answer is 'Yes'. A love of learning can coexist, even thrive, in the face of competing pressures from grades. Drawing on recent, ground-breaking classroom research, the authors articulate a new understanding of the causes of the stalemate between intrinsic and external motivation, so that a reconciliation between them can be achieved. Then the authors apply a powerful set of motivational and pedagogical principles to lay out a step-by-step blueprint for designing and teaching college courses that promote intrinsic motivation as a primary educational goal in its own right, above and beyond knowledge and skill acquisition. This practical blueprint draws on authentic case study examples from a variety of subject-matter disciplines. Provides a nuanced understanding of the psychological dynamics at the root of excessive grade focus; Features a step-by-step blueprint for designing courses that promote intrinsic motivation; The book will provide guidance for teachers and for those who wish to understand how to motivate students" -- From the publisher.
Baker Berry LB2361 .C69 2017