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Passagen des Exils = Passages of exile
herausgegeben von = edited by Burcu Dogramaci und Elizabeth Otto
München : Edition Text + Kritik, [2017]
Passagen des Exils: zur Einleitung = Passages of exile: an introduction / Burcu Dogramaci, Elizabeth Otto -- Die Passage. Annäherung des Historikers an ein analytisches Konzept / Jakob Vogel -- Was bleibt? Zeugnisse von Passagen aus der Sammlung des Deutschen Exilarchivs 1933-1945 / Sylvia Asmus -- Reflexionen an Bord. Die Schiffsreise als Ort und Zeit im Dazwischen / Joachim Schlör -- Gerüchte beim Flüchten. Ivan Bunins Flucht aus Russland / Anne Hultsch -- "Sich frei machen von der geliebten Fessel?" Zum Orts- und Sprachwechsel von Klaus Mann / Renate Berger -- Der Weg in die Fremde. Gabriele Tergits Zeitdiagnose des Transitorischen / Juliane Sucker -- Real utopian or utopian realist? Erich Mendelsohn's multiple passages of exile and the Acadëmie Européenne Méditeranée / Deborah Ascher Barnstone -- Lisa Fittko's passage to Cuba / Veronika Fuechtner -- Drei unveröffentlichte Kurzgeschichten "SS Colonial", "Tiscornia" und "Charlie und Lola" / Lisa Fittko -- Die Ambivalenz der Passage. Dani Karavans Gedenkort für Walter Benjamin / Verena Krieger -- Under the sign of the caricature: figuring exile in Adolf Hoffmeister's Unwilling Tourist (1941-42) / Anna M. Parkinson -- Transplanted talent. Max Ernst in the wilderness / Martin Schieder -- Passages with Friedl Dicker-Brandeis. From the Bauhaus through Theresienstadt / Elizabeth Otto -- Landscape, exile and Fred Zinnemann's High Noon / Darcy Buerkle -- Looking and feeling. Photographing escape from East Germany / Donna West Brett -- Unlösbare Verbindung. Abhängigkeitsverhältnisse zwischen Flüchtling und Fluchthelfer in der Gegenwartsliteratur / Ivo Theele -- Forced migrations. Contextualizing the Syrian refugee crisis / Dawn Chatty -- Konzepte und Ästhetiken der Passage. Design im Kontext von Flucht und Migration / Kerstin Pinther -- Schiffspassagen. Die Kunst der Flucht übers Wasser / Burcu Dogramaci -- Zwischen "Nicht-Mehr" und "Noch-Nicht" / Adnan Softić -- Literatur der Passage. Über vergessene Fragen bei Erzählungen von Flucht / Lena Gorelik.
Baker Berry JX4226 .E83 Bd.35

Oxford studies in political philosophy
Oxford, United Kingdom ; Oxford University Press, [2015]-
Baker Berry JA71 .O957

Living beyond the borders : essays on global immigrants and refugees
edited by Edward Shizha, Rosemary Kimani-Dupuis, and Priscilla Broni
New York, NY : Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., [2018]
Introduction : globalization, migration and transnational formations / Edward Shizha -- Canadian immigration policy : the search for solutions / Andrew Newton -- Canada's shift in immigration policy : the neglect of refugee claimants / Ebony Evans -- Current multiculturalism ethos in Canada / Margarita Enriquez -- Cosmopolitanism and the future of fragmented hybrid identities / Dalia Elawad -- The integration of Syrian refugees in Canada : role of social capital and acculturation / May Mahrat and Doaa Shalabi -- Ambivalence of home in the formation of transnational and diasporic identities / Alison Gupta -- Nostalgia, diaspora and cultural memory among former Yugoslavians / Virginia Pecjak -- The diasporic pilgrimage : finding identity through tertiary memory / Madeline McCaffrey -- Psychoanalytic reading of diasporic subjectivity and narratives of return migration / Nicola Mason -- Ethnic enclaves in Canada : opportunities and challenges of residing within / Tolulope Helen Ojo and Edward Shizha -- Globalization and sexual minority right : a fear of foreign influence / Caitlin Harding -- The migration double standard : sexist rhetoric in familial expectations of female migrants / Heather Shilton -- Who am I and where is here? : refugee mothers and the search for maternal identity in Canada / Rosemary Kimani-Dupuis -- Global extensions : turning faith into transnational fashion / Priscilla Broni -- Female labour migration : analysis of Mexican transnational families / Rachel Bangura -- Rethinking the abjection of migrant workers in Canada / Davian Myers.
Baker Berry JV7225.2 .L58 2018

The privatization of peacekeeping : exploring limits and responsibility under international law
Cameron, Lindsey, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Foreword / Marco Sassòli -- Introduction -- Part I. UN use of PMSCs. 1. Contracting by the UN: policy and practice -- 2. Survey of existing opinion and practice on the possibility of PMSCs as the military component of a UN peace operation -- Part II. The legal framework of UN peace operations and the use of PMSCs. 3. The legal basis for peacekeeping/peace operations -- 4. Principles of peacekeeping -- 5. PMSCs as the military or police component of the peace operation -- 6. The law applicable to peace operations -- Part III. PMSCs and direct participation in hostilities. 7. The status of PMSC personnel under IHL -- 8. The impact of civilian status on the rights and duties of PMSCs: direct participation in hostilities -- 9. The use of force by PMSC personnel in self-defence -- 10. The use of force in self-defence in peace operations -- 11. Human rights law -- Part IV. Responsibility. 12. Attribution of the actions of PMSCs active in peace operations to states -- 13. Responsibility of international organizations -- 14. Implementation of responsibility -- General conclusion.

Private military and security companies (PMSCs) have been used in every peace operation since 1990, and reliance on them is increasing at a time when peace operations themselves are becoming ever more complex. This book provides an essential foundation for the emerging debate on the use of PMSCs in this context. It clarifies key issues such as whether their use complies with the principles of peacekeeping, outlines the implications of the status of private contractors as non-combatants under international humanitarian law, and identifies potential problems in holding states and international organizations responsible for their unlawful acts. Written as a clarion call for greater transparency, this book aims to inform the discussion to ensure that international lawyers and policy makers ask the right questions and take the necessary steps so that states and international organizations respect the law when endeavouring to keep peace in an increasingly privatized world.
Baker Berry JZ6374 .C36 2017

China's conservative revolution : the quest for a new order, 1927-1949
Tsui, Brian, author
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Baker Berry JC573.2.C6 T78 2018

Venezuela's polarized politics : the paradox of direct democracy under Chávez
Mallén, Ana L., author
Boulder, Colorado : FirstForumPress, a division of Lynne Rienner Publishers, Inc., 2017
Polarization and democracy in Venezuela -- Participatory democracy and the public sphere -- Political ghettos and the grammar of war -- Media wars -- The fragmentation of the public sphere -- The new student movement : dreams of unity -- Unabated polarization in Venezuela.

"Explores how participatory democracy led to profound social polarization in Venezuela."--
Baker Berry JL3881 .M35 2017

Grassroots approaches to community-based peacebuilding initiatives : theory and praxis on the front lines
Ahmed, Kawser, 1970- author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., [2017]
Baker Berry JZ5584.C2 A46 2017

Emotional choices : how the logic of affect shapes coercive diplomacy
Markwica, Robin, author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
Why do states often refuse to yield to military threats from a more powerful actor, such as the United States? Why do they frequently prefer war to compliance? International Relations scholars generally employ the rational choice logic of consequences or the constructivist logic of appropriateness to explain this puzzling behavior. Max Weber, however, suggested a third logic of choice in his magnum opus 'Economy and Society': human decision making can also be motivated by emotions. Drawing on Weber and more recent scholarship in sociology and psychology, Robin Markwica introduces the logic of affect, or emotional choice theory, into the field of International Relations.
Baker Berry JZ1310 .M374 2018

Population, migration, and socioeconomic outcomes among island and mainland Puerto Ricans : la crisis Boricua
Mora, Marie T., 1969- author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2018]
Baker Berry JV7381 .M673 2018

Corruption, accountability and discretion
edited by Nancy S. Lind and Cara E. Rabe-Hemp
Bingley : Emerald Publishing, 2017
Measuring corruption : Transparency International's "corruption perceptions index" / April K. Clark -- The price of corruption in congress / Michael J. Pomante II and Scot Schraufnagel -- Legislative scandals in the United States / Kerri Milita and Jaclyn Bunch -- Campaign contributions and vote buying / Renee Prunty and Mandy Swartzendruber -- Do contributions to judicial campaigns create the appearance of corruption? / Thomas E. McClure -- Media coverage of corruption and scandal in the 2016 presidential election : fantasy themes of crooked Hillary and corrupt businessman Trump / John P. McHale -- Crime, injustice, and politics / Cara E. Rabe-Hemp, Philip Mulvey and Morgan Foster -- Mayors' and citizen attitudes toward sexual harassment in police departments / Eric E. Otenyo and Earlene A. S. Camarillo -- Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan : contractor corruption and election campaigns / Eric E. Otenyo and Parwez Besmel -- Citizens United and political accountability / Benjamin Bricker -- Judicial review / Elizabeth Erin Wheat -- National security whistleblowers and the journalists who tell their stories : a dangerous policy dance of truth-finding, truth-telling, and consequence / Maria A. Moore, John Huxford and Jennifer B. Bethmann

The corruption of public officials in the United States and its corrosive impact on public policy, political stability and democratic institutions, earns it a spot among the most critical public crises of the last decade. There have been scandals involving elected officials across the political spectrum from local elected officials up to the White House, involving conflicts of interest, campaign fundraising and political elections. At the heart of many scandals is the discretionary power of public officials to make decisions based on personal interest, often leading to corruption. Understanding the nature and etiology of corruption is important to drafting controls on discretion and rules for accountability. While strict regulation and oversight mechanisms have previously been designed to encourage ethical decision-making and punish violators, it is the media and citizens that have increasingly become modern mechanisms of accountability. Corruption of public governance not only undermines the effectiveness of the political system; it also results in corrupt public policymaking on the most pressing issues facing Americans today. This timely and insightful book provides the key elements needed to understand the nature and prevalence of corruption in public governance, as well as the devastating public policy consequences. The chapters explore the implications of public governance corruption on political stability, public trust, and policymaking, as well as recommendations for how to establish controls on discretion and strict regulation to increase accountability and corruption control in public governance.
Baker Berry JK2249 .C685 2017

Presidential activism and veto power in Central and Eastern Europe
Köker, Philipp, author
Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
1. Introduction -- Part I. Patterns of presidential activism. 2. Determinants of presidential activism -- 3. The use of presidential vetoes in Central and Eastern Europe -- Part II. Presidential activism in practice. 4. Veto use in Estonia and Poland -- 5. Veto use in Hungary and Slovakia -- 6. Presidents in government formation and censure -- Part III. Understanding presidential activism. 7. Patterns and specifics: integrating quantitative and qualitative findings on presidential activism -- 8. Conclusion: studying presidential activism in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond -- Appendices.
Baker Berry JN96.A61 K65 2017

Marxist theories of imperialism : a history
Noonan, Murray, author
London : I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd, 2017
Introduction: The three phases of Marxist imperialism theory -- Imperialism as aberration: The reformists: Hobson, Hilferding and Kautsky -- Imperialism as unavoidable consequence of capitalist development: The Revolutionaries: Luxemburg, Bukharin, and Lenin -- Paul Sweezy and Paul Baran: The founders of Neo-Marxist imperialism theory -- Andre Gunder Frank: Underdevelopment, dependency and disenchantment -- Immanuel Wallerstein and the modern world system: Hegemony and the long wave cycles of capitalism -- Samir Amin: A bridge from Neo-Marxism to 'Globalisation-era' Marxist theorising -- Empire according to Hardt and Negri -- The big Three: Globalisation, empire, state and the third phase of Marxist Imperialism theory.

For Marxists, imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. Critical analysis of imperialism has been a feature of Marxist throughout the twentieth century. The conceptualising and theorising of imperialism by Marxists has evolved over time in response to developments in the global capitalist economy and in international politics. Murray Noonan here provides the first complete analysis of Marxist theories of imperialism in over two decades. Presenting three phases of imperialist theories, he analyses and compares 'Classical', 'Neo' and 'Globalisation-era' Marxist theories of imperialism. The book moves chronologically, tracking the origins of imperialism theorised by J.A. Hobson at the beginning of the twentieth century up to the present day. He critically identifies and engages with a new 'Globalisation-era' phase of Marxist imperialism theory. Through a detailed scholarly analysis of the history and evolution of these theories, Noonan offers vital new perspectives on imperialist theory and its relevance and application in the twenty-first century.--
Baker Berry JC359 .M375 2017

Europe's relations with North Africa : politics, economics and security
Yousef, Adam, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2017
"The rapid evolution of events in the European, Middle Eastern, and North African spheres has reinvigorated the debate on Euro-Mediterranean relations. Since 1995 these relations have operated under the auspices of the Barcelona Process, which laid the foundations for three initiatives that define European policy towards neighbouring states: the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, the European Neighbourhood Policy, and the Union for the Mediterranean. This book scrutinises these initiatives through a socioeconomic prism. Adam Yousef reviews how appropriate these initiatives have been in promoting socioeconomic development in North African states, projects the long-term implications of these policies and investigates whether they can reduce the gap in social outcomes across the Mediterranean Basin over time. Using Morocco as a case study, this book employs a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative and quantitative data as well as economic theory. It reveals not only that the Barcelona Process has had a limited impact on promoting social outcomes in Morocco, but crucially that it is also unlikely to do so in the future, suggesting a new approach may be required"--Back cover.
Baker Berry JZ1570.A56 Y68 2017

Perspectives on commoning : autonomist principles and practices
edited by Guido Ruivenkamp and Andy Hilton in collaboration with a common pool of authors
London : Zed Books, 2017
Baker Berry JA76 .P438 2017

The national question and electoral politics in Quebec and Scotland
Bélanger, Éric, author
Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2018]
The "national question" as an electoral issue in Quebec and Scotland -- Party behaviour in Quebec -- Party behaviour in Scotland -- Voter behaviour in Quebec -- Voter behaviour in Scotland -- Electoral politics in two substate nations.

"In Quebec and Scotland, questions of constitutional change, national identity, and national grievance play an important role in the electoral calculations of political parties and voters. Taking a strong stance on the national question can have strategic benefits both for parties pushing for greater autonomy and for those endorsing the status quo. In this in-depth look at issue voting, authors Éric Bélanger, Richard Nadeau, Ailsa Henderson, and Eve Hepburn examine how the national question affects political parties and voter behaviour in both substate nations. Through party manifestos, interviews with legislators, and opinion survey data, this book demonstrates that calls for constitutional change influence political debate, competition, voter choice, and the outcome of elections not only within Quebec and Scotland but also across Canada and the United Kingdom. Minority nationalist parties, the authors show, can gain support by claiming ownership of issues with widespread public agreement, such as self-determination and protecting the identity and interests of the nation. A comprehensive analysis of recent electoral politics, The National Question and Electoral Politics in Quebec and Scotland greatly enhances our understanding of the electoral impact of substate nationalism."--
Baker Berry JC311 .B45 2018

Iran nuclear accord and the remaking of the Middle East
Entessar, Nader, author
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]
Iran nuclear negotiations : a substantive chronology -- The Iran nuclear accord revisited -- The nuclear accord and international relations theory -- The nuclear accord, international law, and the legal status -- Iran and the drivers of the nuclear accord -- The nuclear accord and the re-making of Iran's foreign policy -- The nuclear accord and the new Persian Gulf geopolitics -- The nuclear accord and regional conflict management : Syria -- The nuclear accord : the prelude to Middle East disarmament?

This book focuses on the final nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5+1 great powers, the ensuing debates around it, and its global and regional ramifications especially in the Middle East. The first section analyzes the agreement through the prism of international relations theories, using a constructivist-critical theory approach. This is followed by an overview of the intense debates in Iran, the West, and other parts of the world, on the nuclear agreement and its various pros and cons, not to mention the connected, yet separate Iran-IAEA agreement. The second section covers Iran's foreign policy and its various priorities, looking in particular at the impact of the nuclear deal on the country's external relations and orientations, contextualized in terms of pre-existing issues and concerns and the profound influence of the nuclear agreement on the perceptions of Iranian power in the region and beyond. The third section then examines the issue of a Middle East nuclear weapons-free zone and the likely consequences of the Iran nuclear deal on this prospect, which, in turn, raises the issue of regional proliferation and counterproliferation. The last section explores some possible various scenarios and the challenges of implementation as a relatively long-term agreement, providing specific policy recommendations for the regional actors and the external powers that are stakeholders in the volatile Middle East.
Baker Berry JZ5675 .E58 2018

The only constant is change : technology, political communication, and innovation over time
Epstein, Ben, 1978- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Introduction : the elements of political communication change -- The social and technological history of political communication change -- The technological imperative : how and when new communication technology becomes politically viable -- Political choice : the behavioral role in political communication change -- Political choice and campaign communication innovation : why campaigns have the most consistent innovation adoption -- Innovation by political outsiders : why social movements innovate early and why it rarely matters -- Interest group innovation : how different target audiences affect political communication goals -- The stabilization process then and now -- Conclusion : where we are and where we might be headed.

"The overarching goals of political communication rarely change, yet political communication strategies have evolved a great deal over the course of American history. As this book argues, these changes (at least the successful ones) occur during brief periods of dramatic and permanent transformation, are driven by political actors and organizations, and tend to follow predictable patterns each time. Covering over 300 years of such changes - what it identifies as Political Communication Revolutions - the book shows how this process of change happens and why. To do this, Ben Epstein, following an American Political Development approach, proposes a new model that accounts for the technological, behavioral, and political factors that lead to revolutionary political communication changes over time. In this way the book moves beyond the technological determinism that characterizes communication history scholarship and the medium-specific focus of much political communication work. The book identifies the political communication revolutions that have, in the United States, led to four, relatively stable political communication orders over history: the elite, mass, broadcast, and (the current) information orders. It identifies and tests three pattern phases of each revolution, ultimately sketching possible paths for the future"--
Baker Berry JA85.2.U6 E67 2018

Political ecology : the climate crisis and a new social agenda
Roussopoulos, Dimitrios I., author
Montréal, QC : Black Rose Books, [2018]
"The new and greatly expanded edition of the 1991 classic, Political Ecology: the Climate Crisis and a New Social Agenda explains the history of environmental politics and its prospects for the future. Ecological activists, Dimitri Roussopoulos argues, aim for more than protecting the environment; they call for new communities, new lifestyles, and a new way of doing politics. Political Ecology opens by presenting the history of the state management of the environment, then moves to an overview of the great variety of popular responses to the ecological crisis, before finally discussing the main political tendencies offered by the ecology movement. The concluding sections explore prospects for channeling environmentalist aspirations into political alternatives, demonstrating a set of social ecology-inspired successes and insisting on the central role of cities to developing social and ecological alternatives. Finally, a new afterword updates the work for a post-COP21 era by critiquing the limitations of the Paris Accord. This book has been translated into Spanish, Greek, French, German and Turkish."--
Baker Berry JA75.8 .R68 2018

Chile y América Latina : crisis de las izquierdas del siglo XXI
Claudio Arqueros y Álvaro Iriarte, editores
Santiago : IRP, Instituto Respublica : julio de 2017
Radiografía latinoamericana : de la hegemonía bolivariana a los nuevos desafíos de la región. Corrupción y fragilidad institucional : desafíos en modernización y transparencia del estado / Jorge Jaraquemada ; Crimen organizado y el problema de los estados débiles / Miguel Ortiz Sarkis -- Procesos políticos latinoamericanos ¿hacia un nuevo ciclo? El deterioro económico de Argentina durante el gobierno Kirchner-Kirchner / Nicolás Cachanosky ; La democracia : prisionera de las urnas / Roberto Laserna ; ¿Cómo entender la crisis política en Brasil? : el pasado y el futuro de la crisis : elementos políticos, económicos, legales y sociales / Jeisson Heiller ; El proyecto de transformación y la crisis político-institucional de la sociedad chilena : el gobierno de Bachelet entre 2014 y 2016 / Manuel Antonio Garretón M. ; De la concertación a la nueva mayoría : comprensión de los cambios y escenarios futuros para las elecciones del 2017 / Miguel Ángel Fernández, Eugenio Guzmán, Gonzalo Müller ; La paz más allá de un acuerdo entre combatientes : el caso colombiano / Nicolás Fernando Molina Sáenz ; El fin de la hegemonía de Rafael Correa y los espejismos del giro a la izquierda en Ecuador : un análisis desde la perspectiva del electorado / Santiago Basabe-Serrano ; Sin sorpresas (respecto del proceso peruano actual) / Luis Solari de la Fuente ; La utopía delirante del populismo chavista / Alfredo Keller.
Baker Berry JL1860 .C45 2017

20 años después : jóvenes migrantes en Norte América
coordinación, Gregorio Hernández Zamora, Patricia Sánchez, Gloria Ramírez
Ciudad de México : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Cuajimalpa ; 2016
Baker Berry JV6344 .V45 2016

Tiempo de fronteras : una visión geopolítica de la frontera sur de México
Villafuerte Solís, Daniel, author
Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas : Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas ; San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas : 2017
Introducción -- Las dimensiones de la frontera sur -- La frontera sur en el marco de la geopolítica de Estados Unidos -- Postales de la desfronterización -- La frontera sur y el desarrollo. ¿Desarrollo de qué, para quién y según quién? -- Reflexión final.

"Lejos de los discursos de la potencias, las fronteras no resultan el remedio eficaz para garantizar la seguridad nacional. Con frecuencia, las amenazas a los países no provienen del exterior, sino que los peligros derivan del crecimiento de la brecha de desigualdad social, de la pobreza, la exclusión y la criminalización de la protesta social en cada país. El equívoco de considerar que el "mal" surge del exterior ha llevado a militarizar las fronteras en lugar de propiciar el desarrollo y la participación social y política. Frente a este hecho, en la frontera sur de México se observa un proceso de "desfronterización", de infiltración, que surge de fuerzas sociales que reclaman el libre tránsito por el territorio. En este sentido, Tiempo de fronteras es un texto que tiene el propósito de mostrar los fenómenos estructurales y actuales de la frontera sur de México en clave geopolítica."--Back cover.
Baker Berry JV7401 .V55 2017

Subdelegados y subdelegaciones : gobierno intermedio y territorio en las intendencias novohispanas
Alcauter Guzmán, José Luis, author
Zamora, Michoacán [Mexico] : El Colegio de Michoacán, [2017]
Baker Berry JS2106 .A433 2017

Las razones del fracaso democrático : rupturas, capturas y resistencias
Alberto Aziz Nassif, Ernesto Isunza Vera, coordinadores
Ciudad de México : CIESAS, 2017
"Este libro se compone de una serie de miradas sobre el país en el que nos hemos convertido en estos años. Son problemáticas que aún no hemos resuelto y necesitan respuestas urgentes: la violencia impune y su expresión en el caso de Ayotzinapa; el agotamiento de la legitimidad que no logra recuperarse mediante reformas que no modifican el ejercicio del poder; las vías de participación electoral y no electoral, que muestran los límites de un sistema de baja representación y de escaso margen para establecer los contrapesos ciudadanos a la gobernabilidad del Estado; el litigio y las luchas de los grupos más desfavorecidos: los indígenas, y la impunidad estatal que reproduce los vicios de una dinámica incapaz de impartir justicia. Todas ellas, miradas para intentar comprender las razones del fracaso democrático en México."--Back cover.
Baker Berry JL1281 .R39 2017

Pensamiento crítico, cosmovisiones y epistemologías otras, para enfrentar la guerra capitalista y construir autonomía
Jorge Regalado, coordinador ; Vilma Almendra and seven others
[Guadalajara, Jalisco] : Cátedra Jorge Alonso, 2017
Baker Berry JA84.L3 P458 2017

New Migration Realities : Inclusive Narratives
Glavey, Maeve, author
[London] : Policy Network : [2017]
Baker Berry JV7625.2 .G53 2017

Practising EU foreign policy : Russia and the eastern neighbours
Futák-Campbell, Beatrix, author
[Manchester] : Manchester University Press, [2018]
This book is a novel contribution to the 'practice theory' turn in International Relations. It looks at practitioners' approaches to the EU's foreign policy to its eastern neighbourhood, particularly Russia, and offers a new methodology for capturing practices using the analytical approach of Discursive International Relations and the Discursive Practice Model. Drawing on data from the European Council, the European Commission and the European Parliament's AFET committee members, the study concludes that EU practitioners are concerned with the collective EU identity, normative and moral duties and collective security interests when considering EU policy towards Russia and other eastern neighbours. This suggest that practitioners are a lot more pragmatic when it comes to this policy area than previously assumed by the vast literature on the EU as a normative power. --
Baker Berry JZ1570.A57 R843 2018

The European Union and the geopolitics of the Arctic
Raspotnik, Andreas, author
Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing, [2018]
Baker Berry JZ1570.A57 A68 2018

Políticas públicas e inmigración : ¿posibilidades de inclusión en Chile?
Galaz V., Caterine author
Santiago de Chile : Editorial Universitaria, [2017]
Baker Berry JV7473 .G35 2017

La tutelada política migratoria en la dictadura del general Franco (1939-1975) : control ideológico y propaganda oficial
Azcona Pastor, José Manuel, author
Valencia, Spain : Tirant Humanidades, 2017
Baker Berry JV8251 .A93 2017

La doble cara del liberalismo político : ensayos críticos sobre el debate contemporáneo
Orrego Sánchez, Cristóbal, author
Santiago de Chile : Instituto Res Publica, 2016
Baker Berry JC574 .O77 2016

Ioannis Seldeni Mare clausum seu De dominio maris libri duo : Primo, mare, ex jure naturæ seu gentium, omnium hominum non esse commune, sed dominii privati seu proprietatis capax, pariter ac tellurem, esse demonstratur. Secundo, Serenissimum Magnæ Britanniæ regem maris circumflui, ut individuæ atque perpetuæ imperii britannici appendicis, dominum esse, asseritur
Selden, John, 1584-1654
Londoni : Excudebat Will. Stanesbeius, pro Richardo Meighen, MDCXXXV [1635]
Rauner Rare Book JX4423 .S35 1635

Britain votes 2017
edited by Jonathan Tonge, Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Stuart Wilks-Heeg
Oxford, UK : Oxford University Press, 2018
Introduction: The mislaying of a majority / Jonathan Tonge, Cristina Leston-Bandeira and Stuart Wilks-Heeg -- The results: how Britain voted / David Denver -- How the electoral system failed to deliver -- again / John Curtice -- 'We didn't see it coming': The Conservatives / Tim Bale and Paul Webb -- 'Jez we can!': Labour's campaign: defeat with a taste of victory / Eunice Goes -- The Liberal Democrats: green shoots of recovery or Still on life support? / David Cutts and Andrew Russell -- The rug pulled from under them: UKIP and the Greens / James Dennison -- Referendums as critical junctures? Scottish voting in British elections / Ailsa Henderson and James Mitchell -- The election in Wales: campaign and party performance / Jonathan Bradbury -- Northern Ireland: doubletriumph for the Democratic Unionist Party / Jonathan Tonge and Jocelyn Evans -- The Brexit context / Sara Hagemann -- Party finance / Justin Fisher -- Digital campaigning: the rise of Facebook and satellite campaigns / Katharine Dommett and Luke Temple -- Out with the old, In with the new? The media campaign / Stephen Ward and Dominic Wring -- The (anti-)politics of the election: funnelling frustration in a divided democracy / Matthew Flinders -- More stable than strong: womens representation, voters and issues / Emily Harmer and Rosalynd Southern -- Young voters / Sarah Harrison -- Conclusion: An election that satisfied few and solved little / Jonathan Tonge, Cristina Leston-Bandeira and Stuart Wilks-Heeg.

"Britain Votes 2017 offers a comprehensive analysis of one of the most extraordinary elections ever, with an outcome few predicted. It contains dedicated chapters on the results; the fortunes of each the major parties; the campaign and outcomes in each country of the UK; the Brexit context; campaign finance; party campaigning and digital strategies; engagement, disengagement and populism; women voters; young voters; the roles of the media; and much more. The latest in a distinguished series of election volumes produced by the Hansard Society and Oxford University Press, Britain Votes 2017 features the work of a range of top academics, including Tim Bale and Paul Webb on the Conservatives, John Curtice analysing the outcome, Eunice Goes on Labour, Matthew Flinders on engagement, disengagement and populism, Emily Harmer and Rosalynd Southern on women voters, James Dennison on UKIP, Sarah Harrison on young voters, and Sara Hagemann on the Brexit context. Britain Votes 2017 is essential reading for anyone interested in the campaign, outcome and consequences of the 2017 General Election." --
Baker Berry JN956 .B86 2018

La renovación de la izquierda chilena durante la dictadura
Rojas Casimiro, Mauricio, 1978- author
Santiago de Chile : Piso Diez Ediciones, octubre 2017
Baker Berry JL2698.A1 R65 2017

Facts and fears : hard truths from a life in intelligence
Clapper, James R. 1941- author
New York, New York : Viking, [2018]
Beyond their wildest imagination -- Born into the intelligence business -- Command and controversy -- The peace dividend -- 9/11 and return to service -- The second most thankless job in Washington -- Benghazi -- Consumed by money -- Snowden -- Not a diplomat -- Unpredictable instability -- The election -- Facts and fears.

When he stepped down in January 2017 as the fourth United States Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper had been President Obama's senior intelligence adviser for six and a half years, longer than his three predecessors combined. He led the U.S. intelligence community through a period that included the raid on Osama bin Laden, the Benghazi attack, the leaks of Edward Snowden, and Russia's influence operation during the 2016 U.S. election campaign. Now Clapper traces his career through the growing threat of cyberattacks, his relationships with presidents and Congress, and the truth about Russia's role in the presidential election. He describes, in the wake of Snowden and WikiLeaks, his efforts to make intelligence more transparent and to push back against the suspicion that Americans' private lives are subject to surveillance. Finally, it was living through Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and seeing how the foundations of American democracy were -- and continue to be -- undermined by a foreign power that led him to break with his instincts honed through more than five decades in the intelligence profession to share his inside experience.
Baker Berry JK468.I6 C52 2018

Local governments in multilevel governance : the administrative dimension
Agranoff, Robert, author
Lanham : Lexington Books, [2018]
Baker Berry JS78 .A369 2018

A place to call home : immigrant exclusion and urban belonging in New York, Paris, and Barcelona
Castañeda, Ernesto, author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2018]
Context of reception, individual experience, and urban belonging -- New York : work but no papers -- Paris : few cultural rights -- Barcelona : deliberate integration -- Religion and immigrant integration -- Urban belonging : objective milestones and subjective interpretations.
Baker Berry JV7048 .C37 2018

Electoral rules and democracy in Latin America
McClintock, Cynthia, author
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2018
Machine generated contents note: -- Acknowledgments -- Chapter One: Introduction -- Chapter Two: Research Design and Quantitative Analysis -- Chapter Three: Why Was Runoff Superior? Theory and Cross-National Evidence -- Chapter Four: Plurality: Problems in Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Venezuela (and the Panama Exception) -- Chapter Five: Runoff: Success in Brazil, Chile, The Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Uruguay -- Chapter Six: Runoff Amid a Plethora of Political Parties: Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Peru -- Chapter Seven: Runoff: Is a Reduced Threshold Better? Argentina and Costa Rica -- Chapter Eight: Conclusion and the Future of Presidential-Election Rules -- Appendices -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.

"During Latin America's third democratic wave, a majority of countries adopted a runoff rule for the election of the president, effectively dampening plurality voting, opening the political arena to new parties, and assuring the public that the president will never have anything less than majority support. In a region in which undemocratic political parties were common and have often been dominated by caudillos, cautious naysayers have voiced concerns about the runoff process, arguing that a proliferation of new political parties vying for power is a sign of inferior democracy. This book is the first rigorous assessment of the implications of runoff versus plurality rules throughout Latin America, and demonstrates that, in contrast to early scholarly skepticism about runoff, it has been positive for democracy in the region. Primarily through qualitative analysis for each country, the author argues that, indeed, an important advantage of runoff is the greater openness of the political arena to new parties--at the same time that measures can be taken to inhibit party proliferation. In this context, it is also the first volume to address whether or not a runoff rule with a reduced threshold (for example, 40% with a 10-point lead) is a felicitous compromise between majority runoff and plurality. The book considers the potential for the superiority of runoff to travel beyond Latin America--in particular, and rather provocatively, to the United States"--
Baker Berry JL968 .M33 2018

Thomas Paine : Britain, America, and France in the Age of Enlightenment and revolution
Clark, J. C. D., author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press 2018
"Thomas Paine (1737-1809) was England's greatest revolutionary: no other reformer was as actively involved in events of the scale of the American and French Revolutions, and none wrote such best-selling texts with the impact of Common Sense and Rights of Man. No one else combined the roles of activist and theorist, or did so in the 'age of revolutions', fundamental as it was to the emergence of the 'modern world'. But his fame meant that he was taken up and reinterpreted for current use by successive later commentators and politicians, so that the 'historic Paine' was too often obscured by the 'usable Paine'."--Page 4 of cover.
Baker Berry JC177.A4 C53 2018

Movimientos sociales e instituciones locales en la Transición : la lucha por la democracia en la Andalucía rural
Rafael Quirosa-Cheyrouze y Mónica Fernández Amador (eds.)
Madrid : Los Libros de la Catarata, 2017
Debates en torno a la Transición: una aportación desde el sur / Rafael Quirosa-Cheyrouze y Muñoz -- El papel de las cámaras agrarias en el proceso de democratización rural en Andalucía / Luis Carlos Navarro Pérez -- Movimientos sociales, protesta jornalera y democratización del mundo rural: el caso del SOC / Javier García Fernández y Néstor Salvador Galindo -- Conflictos, asambleas y democracia: transición y mundo rural en la provincia de Almería / Francisco Ferrer Gálvez -- Los valores democráticos en la constitución de la identidad de El Ejido como municipio / Marisol Doucet Plaza -- La prensa como plataforma de expresión de los problemas sociales durante la Transición / Mónica Fernández Amador y Emilia Martos Contreras -- La difícil transición de los anarquistas: la reorganización de la CNT en Andalucía / Antonio Ramírez Navarro -- Las elecctiones de 1978 en las cámaras agrarias andaluzas y sus repercusiones políticas / Luis Carlos Navarro Pérez -- Dinámica política de las izquierdas en los ayuntamientos de 1979 / Mónica Fernández Amador -- El trabajo social y la construcción de la democracia: una mirada desde la periferia / Emilia Martos Contreras.
Baker Berry JN8399.A5359 M67 2017

戦後の「平和国家」日本の理念と現実 / 星野昭吉著
星野昭吉, 1941- author
Tōkyō : Dōbunkan Shuppan, Heisei 29 [2017]
Baker Berry Japan JZ5584.J3 H68 2017

At the centre of government : the prime minister and the limits on political power
Brodie, Ian author
Montreal : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2018]
"This exhaustively researched and deftly written book offers a first-hand view of the inner workings of the Canadian federal government, with a particular focus on the interplay between the Prime Minister's Office, the Privy Council Office, the federal cabinet, and the role backbench MPs, and parliamentary committees. Brodie argues that the various workings of the PMO, PCO, the cabinet, parliamentary committees, and the role of backbench MPs puts a lie to the proposition that the prime minister has evolved into the role of a dictator of sorts with unchecked control over the levers of political power. He offers a much-needed corrective to the dominant thinking that a Canadian prime minister holds power without limits, approaching unchecked domination over party, caucus, cabinet, Parliament, the public service, and the policy agenda. In Brodie's view, the prime minister is not a tyrant. There are effective checks on executive power. The golden age of Parliament and the backbencher is probably now. The author's contribution is that of a former insider, someone who worked at the centre and witnessed the circumstances, many of them institutional in character, that constrain the prime minister. The book calls for sober second thought about many of the proposals for reform."--
Baker Berry JL75 .B76 2018

Syria, the strength of an idea : the constitutional architectures of its political regimes
Atassi, Karim, author
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Baker Berry JQ1826.A58 A83 2018

Les sociétés démocratiques en France et en Espagne : fragilités et mutations = Las sociedades democráticas en Francia y España : debilidades y mutaciones = Democratic societies in France and Spain : vulnerabilities and mutations
eds., Alfonso Pérez-Agote, Mathias Rull
Madrid : Casa de Velázquez, 2017
Baker Berry JN2597 .S63 2017

Human rights : moral or political?
edited by Adam Etinson
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
The relevance of history -- The orthodox-political debate -- Morality and law -- Ideals and their limits -- The challenges of politics -- Individuals, borders, and groups.

"Human rights have a rich life in the world around us. Political rhetoric pays tribute to them, or scorns them. Citizens and activists strive for them. The law enshrines them. And they live inside us too. For many of us, human rights form part of how we understand the world and what must (or must not) be done within it. The ubiquity of human rights raises questions for the philosopher. If we want to understand these rights, where do we look? As a set of moral norms, it is tempting to think they can be grasped strictly from the armchair, say, by appeal to moral intuition. But what, if anything, can that kind of inquiry tell us about the human rights of contemporary politics, law, and civil society - that is, human rights as we ordinarily know them? This volume brings together a distinguished, interdisciplinary group of scholars to address philosophical questions raised by the complex status of human rights as both moral rights, on the one hand, and legally, politically, and historically practised rights, on the other. Its original chapters, each accompanied by a critical commentary, explore topics including: the purpose and methods of a philosophical theory of human rights; the "Orthodox-Political" debate; the relevance of history to philosophy; the relationship between moral and legal human rights; and the value of political critiques of human rights."--
Baker Berry JC571 .H86685 2018

Party vibrancy and democracy in Latin America
Rosenblatt, Fernando, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry JL969.A45 R67 2018

Partisans, antipartisans and nonpartisans : voting behavior in Brazil
Samuels, David, 1967- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
1. Introduction -- 2. Partisanship and Antipartisanship in Brazil -- 3. The Strength of Partisan Attitudes in Brazil -- 4. The Rise (and Decline) of Petismo -- 5. Partisanship, Antipartisanship, and Voting Behavior -- 6. Partisanship and Antipartisanship in Comparative Perspective -- 7. Conclusion: Parties, Voters and Brazilian Democracy.

"Conventional wisdom suggests that partisanship has little impact on voter behavior in Brazil; what matters most is pork-barreling, incumbent performance, and candidates' charisma. This book shows that soon after redemocratization in the 1980s, over half of Brazilian voters expressed either a strong affinity or antipathy for or against a particular political party. In particular, that the contours of positive and negative partisanship in Brazil have mainly been shaped by how people feel about one party - the Workers' Party (PT). Voter behavior in Brazil has largely been structured around sentiment for or against this one party, and not any of Brazil's many others. We show how the PT managed to successfully cultivate widespread partisanship in a difficult environment, and also explain the emergence of anti-PT attitudes. We then reveal how positive and negative partisanship shape voters' attitudes about politics and policy, and how they shape their choices in the ballot booth. The idea for this book has deep roots for both of us. Samuels' first exposure to Brazil came in 1992, when he lived in Brasilia, living as a guest of and working as a sort of intern for PT federal deputy Jaques Wagner, who later went on to serve as Minister of Labor and Chief of Sta under Lula, two terms as governor of Bahia, and Chief of Sta and Minister of Defense under Dilma"--
Baker Berry JL2492 .S22 2018

Disrupt and deny : spies, special forces, and the secret pursuit of British foreign policy
Cormac, Rory, author
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, 2018
Baker Berry JN329.I6 C67 2018

The Oxford handbook of modern British political history, 1800-2000
edited by David Brown, Robert Crowcroft, and Gordon Pentland
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2018
A new title in the Oxford Handbooks in History series, offering an authoritative view of British political history from 1800 to 2000, engaging with the sweeping changes in the ways in which Britain was governed, the duties of the state, and its role in the wider world, and suggesting avenues of future research.
Baker Berry JN216 .O94 2018

日本のネット選挙 : 黎明期から18歲選挙権時代まで = Internet campaingning in Japan / 岡本哲和
岡本哲和, 1960- author
Kyōto-shi : Hōritsu Bunkasha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan JQ1692 .O33 2017

東京 : 木鐸社, 2017
笹部真理子, 1979- author
Tōkyō : Bokutakusha, 2017
Baker Berry Japan JQ1698.J5 S243 2017

岩井奉信, 1950- editor. author,
岩崎正洋, 1965-
Tōkyō : Keisō Shobō, 2017
Baker Berry Japan JQ1631 .N547 2017

The participation gap : social status and political inequality
Dalton, Russell J., author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017
Political equality as the foundation of democracy -- Opening political doors -- For richer or poorer, politically speaking -- Civil society mobilizing action -- Age, generations, and participation -- What's a good citizen to do? -- The special case of online activism -- Contextual and inequality / Russell J. Dalton and Steve Weldon -- Is the gap widening? -- The political leanings of the choir -- Democracy in unequal terms.

The dilemma of democracy arises from two contrasting trends. More people in the established democracies are participating in civil society activity, contacting government officials, protesting, and using online activism and other creative forms of participation. At the same time, the importance of social status as an influence on political activity is increasing. The democratic principle of the equality of voice is eroding. The politically rich are getting richer-and the politically needy have less voice. This book assembles an unprecedented set of international public opinion surveys to identify the individual, institutional, and political factors that produce these trends. New forms of activity place greater demands on participants, raising the importance of social status skills and resources. Civil society activity further widens the participation gap. New norms of citizenship shift how people participate. And generational change and new online forms of activism accentuate this process. Effective and representative government requires a participatory citizenry and equal voice, and participation trends are undermining these outcomes. The Participation Gap both documents the growing participation gap in contemporary democracies and suggests ways that we can better achieve their theoretical ideal of a participatory citizenry and equal voice -- Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry JF799 .D296 2017

The despot's accomplice : how the west is aiding and abetting the decline of democracy
Klaas, Brian P. 1986- author
Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Accessory to authoritarianism -- A concise biography of democracy -- Spooking democracy -- Tunnel vision -- The "savage wars of peace" -- The curse of low expectations -- Backing the wrong horse -- Golden handcuffs -- The unthinkable olive branch -- Fool's errands -- The carrot -- The new battleground -- City on a swamp -- The bear & the dragon -- The resurgence of democracy.

"For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the world is steadily becoming less democratic. Though the true culprits are dictators and counterfeit democrats, the West is often complicit in contributing to the global decline of democracy. In pursuit of short-term economic and political objectives, governments in Washington, London and Brussels ultimately make the world less prosperous and stable. As Brian Klaas argues in this ... new book, this is in nobody's interests, least of all Western democracies--it is time for a rethink. The Despot's Accomplice draws on interviews on the frontlines of the global struggle for democracy, from a poetry-reading, politician-kidnapping general in Madagascar, and Islamist torture victims in Tunisia, to Belarusian activists tailed by the KGB, and tea-sipping members of the Thai junta"--From publisher description.
Baker Berry JC423 .K554 2018

Feasting and polis institutions
edited by Floris van den Eijnde, Josine H. Blok, Rolf Strootman
Leiden ; Brill, [2018]
Feasting and polis institutions : an introduction / Floris van den Eijnde -- Feasting in Early Iron Age Attika : the evidence from the site of the academy / Alexandra Alexandridou -- Power play at the dinner table : feasting and patronage between palace and polis in Attika / Floris van den Eijnde -- Feasting at the sanctuary of Apollo Hyakinthos at Amykles : the evidence from the Early Iron Age / Vicky Vlachou -- Consuming the wild : more thoughts on the Andreion / James Whitley, Richard Madgwick -- Individual and collective in the funding of sacrifices in classical Athens : the sacrificial calendar of the Marathonian Tetrapolis / Stephen Lambert -- Table arrangements : Sitesis as a polis institution (IG I3 131) / Josine Blok, Evelyn van't Wout -- Measure for measure : fifth-century public dining at the Tholos in Athens / Ann Steiner -- The Hellenistic Symposium as feast / Kathleen Lynch -- When did the symposion die? On the decline of the Greek aristocratic banquet / Marek Wecowski -- The return of the king : civic feasting and the entanglement of city and empire in Hellenistic Greece / Rolf Strootman -- The Macedonian background of Hellenistic panegyreis and public feasting / Manuela Mari -- Sharing the civic sacrifice : civic feast, procession, and sacrificial division in the Hellenistic period / Stephanie Paul -- A network of hearths : honors, sacrificial shares, and 'traveling meat' / Jan-Mathieu Carbon.

"Feasting and commensality were vital to the great resilience of the polis, Greece's most characteristic and enduring form of political organization. Exploring a wide array of commensal practices, Feasting and Polis Institutions reveals how feasts defined the religious and political institutions of the Greek citizen-state. Taking the reader from the Early Iron Age to the Imperial Period, this volume launches an essential inquiry into Greek power relations. Focusing on the myriad of patronage roles at the feast and making use of a wide variety of methodologies and primary sources, including archaeology, epigraphy and literature, Feasting and Polis Institutions argues that in ancient Greece political interaction could never be complete until it was consumed in a very literal sense"--
Baker Berry JA75.7 .F43 2018

Nuclear disarmament for sustainable and dynamic economic development in the Korean Peninsula : prospects for a peaceful settlement
Chan Young Bang, Gerald Pech (eds.)
Frankfurt am Main ; PL Academic Research, [2017]
Baker Berry JZ6009.K7 N83 2017

Del apoyo mutuo a la solidaridad neoliberal : ONG, movimientos sociales y ayuda en la sociedad contemporánea
Olmeda, Alfredo, author
Madrid : La Neurosis o las Barricadas Ed., 2017
Baker Berry JZ4841 .O55 2017

La transformación de los sistemas políticos y de los Estados : la visión y los retos en Europa y América Latina en el contexto de la globalización
José Manuel Canales Aliende, Guillaume Fontaine, Adela Romero Tarín, (Eds.) ; autores, Bernabé Aldeguer Cerdá...and 17 others
Barcelona : Anthropos ; 2017
Baker Berry JN13 .T73 2017

Capitalist imperialism in contemporary theoretical frameworks
Ilkowski, Filip, author
Frankfurt am Main ; Peter Lang, [2017]
Baker Berry JC359 .I453 2017

Incremental polarization : a unified spatial theory of legislative elections, parties, and roll call voting
Buchler, Justin, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Voter preferences over bundles of roll call votes -- The costs of incremental positioning -- A unified spatial model of Congress -- Polarization and solving the collective action problem -- The collective action problem in practice -- Extreme reversion points and party leadership from 2011 through 2016.
Baker Berry JK1975 .B83 2018

Syria : the making and unmaking of a refuge state
Chatty, Dawn, 1947- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
"The dispossession and forced migration of nearly 50 per cent of Syria's population has produced the greatest refugee crisis since World War II. This new book places the current displacement within the context of the widespread migrations that have indelibly marked the region throughout the last 150 years. Syria itself has harbored millions from its neighboring lands, and Syrian society has been shaped by these diasporas. Dawn Chatty explores how modern Syria came to be a refuge state, focusing first on the major forced migrations into Syria of Circassians, Armenians, Kurds, Palestinians, and Iraqis. Drawing heavily on individual narratives and stories of integration, adaptation, and compromise, she shows that a local cosmopolitanism came to be seen as intrinsic to Syrian society. She examines the current outflow of people from Syria to neighboring states as individuals and families seek survival with dignity, arguing that though the future remains uncertain, the resilience and strength of Syrian society both displaced internally within Syria and externally across borders bodes well for successful return and reintegration. If there is any hope to be found in the Syrian civil war, it is in this history." -- Publisher's description
Baker Berry JV8747 .C43 2018

Far right parties and Euroscepticism : patterns of opposition
Vasilopoulou, Sofia, author
London ; Rowman & Littlefield International, Ltd., [2018]
Defining and measuring far right Euroscepticism -- A theory of far right Euroscepticism -- Rejectionist Euroscepticism : the French National Front -- Conditional Euroscepticism : the Greek popular orthodox rally -- Compromising Euroscepticism : the Italian national alliance.
Baker Berry JN50 .V37 2018

13 acts of academic journalism and historical commentary on human rights : opinions, interventions and the torsions of politics
Dorfman, Ben, author
Frankfurt am Main ; Peter Lang GmbH, internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften, [2017]
Baker Berry JC571 .D758 2017

A family matter : citizenship, conjugal relationships, and Canadian immigration policy
Gaucher, Megan, author
Vancouver ; UBC Press, [2018]
"What is family? Citing national security and societal welfare, the Harper government adopted a strict definition of family to limit access to citizenship for certain immigrants. Megan Gaucher analyzes the government's assessment of sexual-minority refugee claimants' relationship history, common-law and married spousal sponsorship applications, and marriage fraud, concluding that this narrative of citizenship reinforces racialized, gendered, and sexualized assumptions about the "Canadian family." As many Western governments ponder more restrictive immigration policies, A Family Matter offers a timely examination of the Canadian approach and proposes a course for re-evaluating how family is defined and implementing fairer assessments of immigrants and refugees."--
Baker Berry JV7233 .G38 2018

Ruptura : la crisis de la democracia liberal
Castells, Manuel, 1942- author
Madrid : Alianza Editorial, [2017]
Baker Berry JC421 .C28 2017

Estados de contención, estados de detención : el control de la inmigración irregular en España
Ana López-Sala, Dirk Godenau (coords.) ; Iker Barbero, Cristina Blanco, Diego Boza Martínez, José Ángel Brandariz García, Sebastián Cobarrubias, Cristina de la Servna Sandoval, Cristina Fernández Bessa, Dirk Godenau, Ana López-Sala, Margarita Martínez Escamilla, Elena Sainz de la Maza, Jonathan Zaragoza-Cristiani
Barcelona : Anthropos, 2017
El estudio del control migratorio en España / Ana López-Sala y Dirk Godenau -- ¿Externalización del control migratorio o empoderamiento e instrumentalización de la inmigración?: el caso de España-Marruecos / Jonathan Zaragoza Cristiani -- Fronteras sin derechos: las "devoluciones en caliente" / Margarita Martínez Escamilla -- Control de la inmigración en la vía pública: cuando el color de la piel es la frontera / Cristina de la Sernal Sandoval -- El internamiento de personas extranjeras: más allá de los límites de la privación de la libertad / Diego Boza Martínez -- La crimigración en el contexto español: el creciente protagonismo de los punitivo en el control migratorio / José Ángel Brandariz García y Cristina Fernández Bessa -- Actores y dinámicas en la puesta en práctica de las deportaciones / Elena Sainz de la Maza -- La construcción de la "deportabilidad" de las personas extranjeras en situación irregular": análisis de detenciones producidas en el País Vasco y sus procesos de defensa jurídica / Iker Barbero y Cristina Blanco -- Delegando el control migratorio: una aproximación a las dinámicas del outsourcing en España / Ana López-Sala y Dirk Godenau -- El estado como instrumento irregularizador: las políticas extraterritoriales de inmigración y emigración / Sebastián Cobarrubias.

"Esta obra se detiene, desde una perspectiva crítica y multidisciplinar, en las medidas dirigidas al control de la inmigración irregular en el caso español. Sus capítulos abordan, desde diversas orientaciones y perspectivas teóricas, las iniciativas implantadas en muchos de los escenarios y esferas del control migratorio, subrayando la complejidad y simultaneidad de las acciones, sus lógicas y la participación de un amplio entramado de actores estatales y privados. El libro se adentra en las dinámicas menos transitadas por los investigadores del control migratorio y ofrece un panorama actual y exhaustivo en términos analíticos, conceptuales y disciplinares, sin dejar de lado las consecuencias de estas medidas de control y las críticas despertadas en la opinión pública y la sociedad civil. Una obra que reúne a destacados especialistas y que cubre una laguna en el panorama editorial sobre los estudios migratorios en España."--Back cover.
Baker Berry JV8252 .E83 2017

Protection and empire : a global history
edited by Lauren Benton, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee ; Adam Clulow, Monash University, Victoria ; Bain Attwood, Monash University, Victoria
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
"For five centuries protection has provided a basic currency for organising relations between polities. Protection underpinned sprawling tributary systems, permeated networks of long-distance trade, reinforced claims of royal authority in distant colonies and structured treaties. Empires made routine use of protection as they extended their influence, projecting authority over old and new subjects, forcing weaker parties to pay them for safe conduct and, sometimes, paying for it themselves. The result was a fluid politics that absorbed both the powerful and the weak while giving rise to institutions and jurisdictional arrangements with broad geographic scope and influence. This volume brings together leading scholars to trace the long history of protection across empires in Asia, Africa, Australasia, Europe and the Americas. Employing a global lens, it offers an innovative way of understanding the formation and growth of empires and uncovers new dimensions of the relation of empires to regional and global order"--
Baker Berry JZ6369 .P74 2018

Brokering peace in nuclear environments : U.S. crisis management in South Asia
Yusuf, Moeed, author
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2018]
Introduction : regional nuclear crises in a unipolar world -- Section I. Conceptual and theoretical issues. Understanding nuclear crisis behavior : a survey of the literature -- Setting up the inquiry : an introduction to brokered bargaining -- Section II. India-Pakistan crises in the overt nuclear era. The Kargil crisis -- The 2001-2002 military standoff -- The Mumbai crisis -- Section III. Lessons and implications. Brokered bargaining : observations and lessons for South Asia -- Beyond South Asia : generalizing the application of brokered bargaining -- Brokered bargaining : implications for theory and practice.

Nuclear deterrence strategies remain rooted in Cold War models that do not take into account conflict between regional powers. Brokering Peace in Nuclear Environments offers an innovative theory of brokered bargaining to better understand and solve regional crises. Drawing on the history of conflict in nuclear South Asia, Moeed Yusuf describes the potential for third-party intervention to avert nuclear war. Moving beyond the widely accepted rational deterrence model, Yusuf offers an original perspective rooted in thoughtful analysis of the ways regional powers behave and maneuver in response to the pressures of strong global powers. With depth and insight, this book urges the international community to rethink its approach to nuclear deterrence--back cover.
Baker Berry JZ6009.S64 Y87 2018

Democracy after virtue : toward pragmatic Confucian democracy
Kim, Sungmoon, author
New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Democracy -- Political participation -- Value of democracy -- Procedure and substance -- Justice -- State coercion and criminal punishment -- Sufficiency and equality -- Humanitarian intervention.
Baker Berry JC423 .K4727 2018

La stabilité de l'instabilité : et la démocratie de la médiocratie : l'effet record de 32 coups d'État en Haïti
Théus, Beguens, author
[Port-au-Prince, Haïti] : [publisher not identified], [2017]
Baker Berry JL1090 .T485 2017

Challenging theocracy : ancient lessons for global politics
edited by David Edward Tabachnick, Toivo Koivukoski, and Hermínio Meireles Teixeira
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press, 2018
"Commonly perceived as a direct threat to the practice of liberal democracy, the global reemergence of theocratic claims to political rule is a misunderstood development of twenty-first century politics. Analyzing the relationship between religion and politics throughout the Middle East, Africa, and the United States, as well as classical and medieval political philosophical sources, Challenging Theocracy critiques the contemporary formation of theocracy. Providing an account of the origins and influence of theocracy, the chapters in this volume explore ancient texts that articulate the theocratic political ideas that continue to bubble under the surface of political life today. In an effort to consider how regimes extend beyond their immediate institutional and legal forms and find their foundation in timeless ideas, the contributors examine ancient and modern political thought to better understand their persistent power and impact on global politics."--
Baker Berry JC372 .C43 2018

The good politician : folk theories, political interaction and the rise of anti-politics
Clarke, Nick, 1974- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Table of contents -- List of figures -- List of tables -- Preface: the long road to 2016, brexit, and trump -- Introduction -- The problem of anti-politics -- Taking the long view and listening to citizens' voices -- Beyond trendless fluctuation: the broadening social scope of anti-politics -- Beyond permanent apathy: the broadening political scope of anti-politics -- Beyond the decline of deference: the rising intensity of anti-politics -- Beyond depoliticisation: the persistent force of stealth democratic folk theories -- Changing images of the good politician -- Changing modes of political interaction -- Changing folk theories: from stealth democracy to stealth populism -- Conclusion -- Appendix -- References -- Index.
Baker Berry JF799 .C6 2018

En vez del optimismo : crisis de representación política en el Chile actual
Luna, Juan Pablo, author
Santiago de Chile : CIPER : noviembre 2017
Baker Berry JL2681 .L867 2017

Die transnationale Zusammenarbeit sozialistischer Parteien in der Zwischenkriegszeit : eine Analyse der aussenpolitischen Kooperations- und Vernetzungsprozesse am Beispiel von SPD, SFIO und Labour Party
Bauer, Matthias, 1983- author
Düsseldorf : Droste Verlag, 2018
Baker Berry JN94.A979 B38 2018

Social currents in North Africa : culture and governance after the Arab Spring
edited by Osama Abi-Mershed
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2018
Social Currents in North Africa / Osama Abi-Mershed -- Islamist Parties and Transformation in Tunisia and Morocco / Francesco Cavatorta and Fabio Merone -- Sufism and Salafism in the Maghreb: Political Implications / Ricardo René Larémont -- Labor Protest in Morocco: Strikes, Concessions, and the Arab Spring / Matt Buehler -- The Amazigh Movement in a Changing North Africa / Paul A. Silverstein -- Thou Shalt Not Speak One Language: Self, Skill, and Politics in post-Arab Spring Morocco / Charis Boutieri -- The Politics of the Haratins Social Movement in Mauritania (1978-2014) / Zekeria Ould Ahmed Salem -- Keeping up with the times: the growth of support from non-state actors for the Polisario Liberation Movement / Alice Wilson -- Film and Cultural Dissent in Tunisia / Nouri Gana -- "Curating the Mellah": Cultural Conservation, Jewish Heritage Tourism and Normalization Debates in Morocco and Tunisia, 1960s-Present / Aomar Boum.
Baker Berry JQ3189.A2 S63 2018

Return of the barbarians : confronting non-state actors from Ancient Rome to the present
Grygiel, Jakub J., 1972- author
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
The nature of the pre-modern strategic environment -- Barbarians and the character of the competition -- The return of pre-modern history? -- Altering the state: Decentralization -- Three saints and the barbarian threat -- Settlements, local forces, fortifications, and altering the environment.

"Barbarians are back. These small, highly mobile, and stateless groups are no longer confined to the pages of history; they are a contemporary reality in groups such as the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIL. Return of the Barbarians re-examines the threat of violent non-state actors throughout history, revealing key lessons that are applicable today. From the Roman Empire and its barbarian challenge on the Danube and Rhine, Russia and the steppes to the nineteenth-century Comanches, Jakub J. Grygiel shows how these groups have presented peculiar, long-term problems that could rarely be solved with a finite war or clearly demarcated diplomacy. To succeed and survive, states were often forced to alter their own internal structure, giving greater power and responsibility to the communities most directly affected by the barbarian menace. Understanding the barbarian challenge, and strategies employed to confront it, offers new insights into the contemporary security threats facing the Western world"--
Baker Berry JC328.6 .G82 2018

Parlamentarismuskritik und Antiparlamentarismus in Europa
Marie-Luise Recker, Andreas Schulz (Hrsg.)
Düsseldorf : Droste Verlag, 2018
Der fünfte Band der Reihe 'Parlamente in Europa' widmet sich einem zentralen Thema der Parlamentarismusforschung: der Kritik an der repräsentativen Demokratie und der militanten Opposition gegen das parlamentarische System. Beide Phänomene, Parlamentarismuskritik und Antiparlamentarismus, sind Begleiterscheinungen des modernen Parlamentarismus und der Demokratiegeschichte. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes behandeln anhand einzelner Fallbeispiele aus verschiedenen Epochen Europas das breite Spektrum antiparlamentarischer Bewegungen und parlamentarischer Diskussionen. Untersucht werden dabei einerseits die politische Rhetorik und das dabei verwendete Repertoire parlamentskritischer Stereotype und Bilder, sowie in einem zweiten Abschnitt die unterschiedlichen medialen Arenen, in denen antiparlamentarische Diskurse stattfanden. Zuletzt werden die Motive und Praktiken der Akteure näher betrachtet. --
Baker Berry JC423 .P25548 2018

El otro Agua Verde, Sinaloa : procesos transnacionales de migrantes
Pintor Sandoval, Renato, 1975- author
México : Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, 2015
Baker Berry JV7409.S55 P56 2015

Yes to Europe! : the 1975 referendum and seventies Britain
Saunders, Robert, 1978- author
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction: 'a fanfare for Europe' -- Part One. Europe or bust? -- Opportunity and illusion: the road to 1975 -- 'A device of dictators and demagogues': renegotiation to Referendum -- 'Support your local continent!' Britain in Europe -- 'Better out than in': the National Referendum Campaign -- Part Two. Themes and issues -- 'The boardroom must lead!' Employers, unions and the economy -- 'Women and children first!' -- 'Come to pray on Referendum day' -- 'No use talking about sovereignty' -- 'The new British Empire' -- 'Think of it as the common super-market' -- Part Three. The unravelling of Britain? -- 'Ulster says yes!' -- Cymru yn Iwrop/ Wales in Europe -- 'The Scottish time-bomb' -- Epilogue: 'We are all Europeans now'.

"For too long we have walked in the shadows. It is time for us now to walk out into the light to find a new place, a new Britain in this new world. ... Let history record that when we were shown the way we took the way and walked out to meet our destiny. Edward Heath, 16 October 19711"--
Baker Berry JF497.G7 S258 2018

Peacekeeping in Africa : politics, security and the failure of foreign military assistance
Jowell, Marco, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2018
"In recent decades, African states have developed an impressive infrastructure for training their peacekeepers. In addition, peacekeeping, peacebuilding and associated areas of conflict resolution have become significant areas of employment. Marco Jowell has spent a decade working in peacekeeping training in East Africa - initially as one of the foreign 'Technical Advisers' at the Peace Support Operations (PSO) training centre in Kenya, the International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) and subsequently as a strategic adviser to the Rwanda Peace Academy. Using first-hand experience, he considers how military forces from a variety of African states - with great differences in history, language and political systems and with militaries with different cultures and capabilities - can conduct complicated multinational peacekeeping operations. He shows how regional peacekeeping training centres provide an environment for African elites, predominately military, to interact with each other through shared training and experiences. This process of interaction, or socialisation, improves skills but also encourages cohesion so that future African-led missions will be managed by well-trained officers who are comfortable and willing to work within a regional or Pan-African framework. Jowell shows that part of the aim of peacekeeping training centres is to foster a Pan-African 'outward' looking ideology or disposition as well as improving technical ability. This book will be essential reading for all involved with African military and security studies and analysts of peacekeeping training and operations" --
Baker Berry JZ6377.A35 J69 2018

War, women, and power : from violence to mobilization in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Berry, Marie E., 1983- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Rwanda and Bosnia both experienced mass violence in the early 1990s. Less than ten years later, Rwandans surprisingly elected the world's highest level of women to parliament. In Bosnia, women launched thousands of community organizations that became spaces for informal political participation. The political mobilization of women in both countries complicates the popular image of women as merely the victims and spoils of war. Through a close examination of these cases, Marie E. Berry unpacks the puzzling relationship between war and women's political mobilization. Drawing from over 260 interviews with women in both countries, she argues that war can reconfigure gendered power relations by precipitating demographic, economic, and cultural shifts. In the aftermath, however, many of the gains women made were set back. This book offers an entirely new view of women and war and includes concrete suggestions for policy makers, development organizations, and activists supporting women's rights.--Publisher's summary.
Baker Berry JZ6405.W66 B47 2018

Global governance and local peace : accountability and performance in international peacebuilding
Campbell, Susanna P., 1974- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Local peacebuilding and global accountability -- The country context -- Burundi from 1999 to 2014 -- Ingos in peacebuilding -- globally unaccountable, locally adaptive -- International organizations in peacebuilding -- globally accountable, locally constrained -- Bilateral development donors -- accountable for global targets, not local change.
Baker Berry JZ5538 .C353 2018

The political class : why it matters who our politicians are
Allen, Peter, author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Recent years have seen an intensification of discussion on the issue of Britain's political class. The question of who our politicians are is front and centre. Do they represent us? Are all politicians just in it for themselves? Are they disconnected from the lives of normal people? In 'The Political Class', Peter Allen argues that our current political class are in many important ways unlike the British people as a whole, and this matters a lot. Our politicians are currently largely drawn from limited sections of society, reflecting patterns of wider social and economic inequality which mean that, for many people, running for political office is almost impossible. This leaves us with a political class that can justifiably be described as uniform in who they are, what they think, and how they behave. Putting the state of British democracy under the microscope, Allen argues that having a more diverse political class would not only better reflect democratic principles of equality, but would also result in more legitimate political outcomes. We need to radically reshape political institutions so that more citizens have a real chance of becoming involved in making the decisions that affect all of our lives. Only by doing this can the gap between the political class and the public be reduced, and British democracy live up to its name.
Baker Berry JN238 .A39 2018

Inventing the immigration problem : the Dillingham Commission and its legacy
Benton-Cohen, Katherine, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018
Introduction -- The professor and the Commission -- The gentlemen's agreement -- Hebrew or Jewish is simply a religion -- The vanishing American wage earner -- Women's power and knowledge -- The American type -- Not a question of too many immigrants -- Epilogue -- Dillingham Commission members and selected staff -- Dillingham Commission reports.

In 1907 the U.S. Congress created a joint commission to investigate what many Americans saw as a national crisis: an unprecedented number of immigrants flowing into the United States. Experts--women and men trained in the new field of social science--fanned out across the country to collect data on these fresh arrivals. The trove of information they amassed shaped how Americans thought about immigrants, themselves, and the nation's place in the world. Katherine Benton-Cohen argues that the Dillingham Commission's legacy continues to inform the ways that U.S. policy addresses questions raised by immigration, over a century later. Within a decade of its launch, almost all of the commission's recommendations--including a literacy test, a quota system based on national origin, the continuation of Asian exclusion, and greater federal oversight of immigration policy--were implemented into law. Inventing the Immigration Problem describes the labyrinthine bureaucracy, broad administrative authority, and quantitative record-keeping that followed in the wake of these regulations. Their implementation marks a final turn away from an immigration policy motivated by executive-branch concerns over foreign policy and toward one dictated by domestic labor politics. The Dillingham Commission--which remains the largest immigration study ever conducted in the United States--reflects its particular moment in time when mass immigration, the birth of modern social science, and an aggressive foreign policy fostered a newly robust and optimistic notion of federal power. Its quintessentially Progressive formulation of America's immigration problem, and its recommendations, endure today in almost every component of immigration policy, control, and enforcement.--
Baker Berry JV6483 .B48 2018

Los idus de octubre : reflexiones sobre la crisis de la socialdemocracia y el futuro del PSOE
Borrell Fontelles, José, author
Madrid : Catarata, [2017]
El relato de la crisis y su desarrollo temporal -- El declive electoral de la socialdemocracia y del PSOE en particular -- Un secretario general condicionado y cuestionado -- Nunca digas nunca jamás -- La semana trágica y el Sargento Chusquero -- Decisión y representación -- La operación Frankenstein y la cuestión Catalana -- La crisis de representatividad de la socialdemocracia -- 'Por una nueva socialdemocracia' : la contribución de Pedro Sánchez al debate de ideas.
Baker Berry JN8395.P76 B67 2017

Immigrants and refugees : trauma, perennial mourning, prejudice, and border psychology
Volkan, Vamik D., 1932- author
London : Karnac, 2017
Psychoanalytic theories on adult immigrants and refugees -- Mourning and perennial mourning -- Newcomers' linking objects, linking phenomena, and nostalgia -- Relocated children and their unconscious fantasies -- Living statues -- Double mourning: adolescents as immigrants or refugees -- A refugee family's story -- Prejudice on a psychoanalytic couch -- The other -- Border psychology and fear of newcomers.

There are political, economic, legal, medical, cultural and religious aspects of the present refugee crisis in Europe. Difficulties in border crossings, settlement programs, life-saving issues and security measures present themselves immediately. The refugee crisis also needs to be examined from a psychological view point. Changes in the 21st Century are occurring at an unprecedented pace and scale. Globalization, incredible advances in communication technology, fast travel, recourse limitations, terrorist activities and now the refugee crisis in Europe make psychoanalytic investigation of the Other a major necessity. In part I, case examples illustrate the impact of traumatic experiences, age-factors, large-group identity issues, and trans-generational transmissions. The meanings of the newcomers' utilization of linking objects and linking phenomena are explored. Part II focuses on the host countries. A detailed description of the evolution of prejudice, especially collective prejudice, against the Other is provided. Also, the psychology of borders is presented. The importance of psychoanalysts' experiences in examining societal and political matters and their search for ways to communicate their findings to other mental health workers, educators, professionals dealing with refugee crises, and the public in general, are addressed throughout the book.
Baker Berry JV6225 .V65 2017

edited by Jack Knight
New York, NY : New York University Press, [2018]
Preface / Jack Knight -- The problem of clean hands : negotiated compromise in lawmaking / Eric Beerbohm -- Third parties to compromise / Anton Ford -- The moral distinctiveness of legislated law / David Dyzenhaus -- On compromise, negotiation, and loss / Amy J. Cohen -- Compromise in negotiation / Simon Căbulea May -- Uncompromising democracy / Melissa Schwartzberg -- Democratic conflict and the political morality of compromise / Michelle M. Moody-Adams -- The challenges of conscience in a world of compromise / Amy J. Sepinwall -- Necessary compromise and public harm / Andrew Sabl -- Compromise and representative government : a skeptical perspective / Alexander S. Kirshner.

"Do lawmakers have a greater ethical responsibility to compromise than ordinary citizens? How does one rectify what is at stake when lawmakers concede to compromise for the sake of reaching resolution? Is compromise necessarily equalizing and is it a reasonable mode of problem solving and dispute resolution? In this latest installment from the NOMOS series, distinguished scholars across the fields of political science, law, and philosophy tackle the complex set of questions that relate to the practice of compromise and its implications for social and political life in modern societies. The volume, edited by Jack Knight, brings together a range of perspectives--in both disciplinary and substantive terms--on representation, political morality, disagreement, negotiation, and various forms of compromise. The ten essays reflect a variety of considerations across interdisciplinary lines, and provide a new and thought-provoking discussion of the policy, practice, and philosophy of compromise, covering a number of specific topics including alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and conscientious objection. Examining these issues and more, Compromise offers new and thought provoking insights into the pressing issue of the importance of compromise in social and political affairs." -- Publisher's website.
Baker Berry JA79 .C648 2018

Re-rising Japan : its strategic power in international relations
edited by Hidekazu Sakai and Yoichiro Sato
New York, NY : Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., [2018]
Is Japan falling or re-rising? / Hidekazu Sakai -- Japan's new grand strategy : "pro-active realism" in the face of an "increasingly severe" security environment / Thomas S. Wilkins -- The Japan-China-U.S. triangle : Japan's response and prospects for the U.S.-Japan security alliance / Michael R. Porter -- Japanese nationalism and foreign policy / Keiko Hirata -- Japan's civil society : a source of strength / Philip Streich -- Do changes in governing party lead to changes in foreign policy? : evidence from Japan / Paul Midford -- Contending state identities and Japan's policy toward the "War on Terror" in Afghanistan (2001-2010) : from a "normal state" to an "autonomous civilian power" / Kivilcim Erkan -- Japanese foreign policy and East Asian regionalism : inherently interlinked / Charly von Solms -- "Private sector diplomacy" in Sino-Japanese relations / Lindsay Black -- Joining the new great game? : Japan's quest for region-building in Central Asia / Kuniko Ashizawa -- Abe's Japan : manifestation of a quiet transformation in power and values / Yoichiro Sato.
Baker Berry JZ1745 .R4 2018

Little bites of big data for public policy
Kettl, Donald F., author
Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, [2018]
Knowing better: Doing without knowing [everything] ; The law of supply and demand ; Making evidence speak -- Get the story, get it right: What are the right questions? ; What is a good answer? -- Tell the story: Filters ; Seeing data ; Making data speak -- Sell the story: Anecdotes ; Mediating information ; Making the sale -- Speak above the noise: How to know what we know.

This brief book frames the big puzzles and, through lively stories and clear examples, provides a valuable how-to guide for producing analysis that works--that speaks persuasively to policy makers, in the language they can best hear, on the problems for which they most need answers. Author Donald F. Kettl brings together the cutting-edge streams of data analytics and data visualization to frame the big puzzles and find ways to make the pieces fit together. By taking little bites of a wide variety of useful data, and then by analyzing it in ways that decision makers will find most helpful, analysts can be much more effective in shaping solutions to the most important problems governments face.
Baker Berry JA71.7 .K47 2018

Choc du populisme et de la gauche en Haïti : l'envers et le revers du mouvement lavalas
Anacacis, Jean Hector, author
Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti : C 3 Editions, [2017]
Baker Berry JL1099.O744 A53 2017

Where the party rules : the rank and file of China's communist state
Koss, Daniel, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Part 1. Autocrtatic grassroots politics -- Introduction : party-based authoritarianism in China -- A theory of authoritarian regime parties -- part 2. The party in contemporary China -- The CCP as co-enforcer of the One-Child Policy -- The CCP's support in generating the state's material base -- part 3. The party's origins -- War contingencies at the origin of the CCP's power base -- The shifting geography of the CCP's power base (1949-2016) -- part 4. The party in the Mao era -- Can the CCP disobey? : the Great Leap Famine (1958-1961) -- The CCP and regime survival in times of crisis (1967-1969) -- Conclusion -- Appendix 1. Party-versus-bureaucracy model -- Appendix 2. Party growth model.

"In most non-democratic countries, today governing forty-four percent of the world population, the power of the regime rests upon a ruling party. Contrasting with conventional notions that authoritarian regime parties serve to contain elite conflict and manipulate electoral-legislative processes, this book presents the case of China and shows that rank and-file members of the Communist Party allow the state to penetrate local communities. Subnational comparative analysis demonstrates that in 'red areas' with high party saturation, the state is most effectively enforcing policy and collecting taxes. Because party membership patterns are extremely enduring, they must be explained by events prior to the Communist takeover in 1949. Frontlines during the anti-colonial Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) continue to shape China's political map even today. Newly available evidence from the Great Leap Forward (1958-1961) and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) shows how a strong local party basis sustained the regime in times of existential crisis."--
Baker Berry JQ1519.A5 K69 2018

Human rights on trial : a genealogy of the critique of human rights
Lacroix, Justine, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction : from the rights of man to human rights? -- Critiques of human rights in contemporary thought -- Human rights against inheritance, a conservative critique : Edmund Burke -- Human rights versus social utility, a progressivist critique : Jeremy Bentham and Auguste Comte -- Human rights against the rights of God, a theologico-political critique : Louise de Bonald and Joseph de Maistre -- The rights of man against human emancipation, a revolutionary critique : Karl Marx -- Human rights against politics, a nationalist critique : Carl Schmitt -- The 'right to have rights' : revisiting Hannah Arendt -- Conclusion: towards a political understanding of human rights.

"Fragmented social relations, the twin demise of authority and tradition, the breakdown of behavioural norms and constraints: all these are the outcome, according to their critics, of the uses and abuses of human rights in contemporary democratic societies. We are, they say, seeing the perverse effects of a 'religion of human rights' to which Europe has rashly devoted its heart and mind; and the supposed burgeoning of rights, which goes hand in hand with an unchecked rise of expectations, is catapulting Western democracies into an age of never-ending demands. This emerged clearly in France in Spring 2013 during the demonstrations against equal marriage ('mariage pour tous') whose opponents deplored the excesses of a movement-driven left striving for an unbounded extension of rights - from the right to same-sex marriage to the enfranchisement of non-nationals or the right of same-sex couples to adopt"--
Baker Berry JC571 .L1913 2018

La justicia robada : corrupción, codicia y bien público en el mundo hispánico (siglos XVII-XX)
eds., Alexandre Coello de la Rosa, Martín Rodrigo y Alharilla
Barcelona : Icaria, enero de 2018
Poder, corrupción y relaciones de poder en el Antiguo Régimen -- Corrupción y escándalo público en el Perú colonial : el caso de don Juan de Padilla -- Venalidad y corrupción en la real audiencia de México durante el siglo XVIII -- La corrupción como mecanismo de fidelización : el caso de la Cataluña borbónica (1714-1770) -- Virtud y corrupción en la Revolución francesa -- Virtudes públicas versus enriquecimiento privado en la crisis final del Antiguo Régimen en España (1823-1837) -- Las clases dominantes, la legislación y los márgenes de la corrupción política -- Un caso colonial de corrupción sistémica : las Filipinas al final del siglo XIX -- Los buñuelos del Bajá : corrupción entre colonizadores y colonizados en el Protectorado español de Marruecos -- La corrupción : algunas consideraciones conceptuales.
Baker Berry JN8386 .J87 2018

分裂と統合の日本政治 : 統治機構改革と政党システムの変容 = Party system institutionalization in Japan : between fragmentation and integration / 砂原庸介著
砂原庸介, 1978- author
Tōkyō : Chikura Shobō, 2017
Baker Berry Japan JQ1698.A1 S86 2017

The populist temptation : economic grievance and political reaction in the modern era
Eichengreen, Barry J., author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Chapter 1. The Populist Archetype -- Chapter 2. American Panorama -- Chapter 3. Luddites and Laborers -- Chapter 4. Voyage of the Bismarck -- Chapter 5. The Associationalist Way -- Chapter 6. Unemployment and Reaction -- Chapter 7. The Age of Moderation -- Chapter 8. Things Come Apart -- Chapter 9. Trumped Up -- Chapter 10. Breaking Point -- Chapter 11. Containment -- Chapter 12. Au Revoir Europe? -- Chapter 13. Prospects.

" In the last few years, populism--of the right, left, and center varieties--has spread like wildfire throughout the world. The impulse reached its apogee in the United States with the election of Trump, but it was a force in Europe ever since the Great Recession sent the European economy into a prolonged tailspin. In the simplest terms, populism is a political ideology that vilifies economic and political elites and instead lionizes 'the people.' The people, populists of all stripes contend, need to retake power from the unaccountable elites who have left them powerless. And typically, populists' distrust of elites shades into a catchall distrust of trained experts because of their perceived distance from and contempt for 'the people.' Another signature element of populist movements is faith in a savior who can not only speak directly to the people, but also serve as a vessel for the plain people's hopes and dreams. Going back to the 1890s, a series of such saviors have come and gone in the US alone, from William Jennings Bryan to Huey Long to--finally--Donald Trump. In The Populist Temptation, the eminent economic historian Barry Eichengreen focuses on the global resurgence of populism today and places it in a deep context. Alternating between the present and earlier populist waves from modern history, he argues that populists tend to thrive most in the wake of economic downturns, when it is easy to convince the masses of elite malfeasance. Yet while there is more than a grain of truth that bankers, financiers, and 'bought' politicians are responsible for the mess, populists' own solutions tend to be simplistic and economically counterproductive. Moreover, by arguing that the ordinary people are at the mercy of extra-national forces beyond their control--international capital, immigrants, cosmopolitan globalists--populists often degenerate into demagoguery and xenophobia. There is no one solution to addressing the concerns that populists raise, but Eichengreen argues that there is an obvious place to start: shoring up and improving the welfare state so that it is better able to act as a buffer for those who suffer most during economic slumps. For example, America's patchwork welfare state was not well equipped to deal with the economic fallout that attended globalization and the decline of manufacturing in America, and that played no small part in Trump's victory. Lucidly explaining both the appeals and dangers of populism across history, this book is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand not just the populist phenomenon, but more generally the lasting political fallout that follows in the wake of major economic crises. "--
Baker Berry JC423 .E348 2018

The evolving presidency : landmark documents
Michael Nelson, editor
Thousand Oaks, California : CQ Press, an imprint of SAGE Publications, Inc., [2019]
Baker Berry JK511 .E92 2019

The increasingly United States : how and why American political behavior nationalized
Hopkins, Daniel J., author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Introduction: the increasingly United States -- Meanings of nationalization, past and present -- The nationalization of American elections, 1928-2016 -- Staying home when it's close to home -- Local contexts in a nationalized age -- Explaining nationalization -- E pluribus duo -- Sweet home America -- The declining audience for state and local news and its impacts -- Conclusion.

"In a campaign for state or local office these days, you're as likely today to hear accusations that an opponent advanced Obamacare or supported Donald Trump as you are to hear about issues affecting the state or local community. This is because American political behavior has become substantially more nationalized. American voters are far more engaged with and knowledgeable about what's happening in Washington, DC, than in similar messages whether they are in the South, the Northeast, or the Midwest. Gone are the days when all politics was local.With The Increasingly United States, Daniel J. Hopkins explores this trend and its implications for the American political system. The change is significant in part because it works against a key rationale of America's federalist system, which was built on the assumption that citizens would be more strongly attached to their states and localities. It also has profound implications for how voters are represented. If voters are well informed about state politics, for example, the governor has an incentive to deliver what voters--or at least a pivotal segment of them--want. But if voters are likely to back the same party in gubernatorial as in presidential elections irrespective of the governor's actions in office, governors may instead come to see their ambitions as tethered more closely to their status in the national party." -- Amazon.com.
Baker Berry JK325 .H66 2018

The Hellenistic court : monarchic power and elite society from Alexander to Cleopatra
edited by Andrew Erskine, Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, and Shane Wallace
Swansea : The Classical Press of Wales, 2017
Baker Berry JC75.M65 H35 2017

La legitimidad como desafío democrático : expectativas públicas, capacidades institucionales y descontentos ciudadanos en México
Diana Guillén, Alejandro Monsiváis Carrillo (coordinadores)
Tijuana, Baja California : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, [2017]
Presentación -- Representación política, partidos y elecciones -- Estado de derecho y legalidad -- Calidad institutional y opinión pública -- Capacidades estatales y desafíos societales -- Visiones y conceptos en disputa -- Conclusiones generales.
Baker Berry JL1281 .L44 2017

Cartas a una joven desencantada con la democracia
Woldenberg, José, author
Ciudad de México : Sexto Piso, 2017
Baker Berry JC423 .W64 2017

Pathological counterinsurgency : how flawed thinking about elections leads to counterinsurgency failure
Greene, Samuel R., author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, 2018
Introduction : understanding pathological counterinsurgency -- Legitimacy and democratization in counterinsurgency -- Building legitimacy : theory vs. practice -- Democratization, elections and counterinsurgency in theory and policy -- Vietnam -- El Salvador -- Iraq -- Afghanistan -- Malaya, Colombia, and the limits of third party campaigns -- Conclusion : the limits of elections in counterinsurgency.
Baker Berry JZ1480 .G74 2018

La vida en una orilla del sur : inmigración hondureña en dos ciudades de la frontera Chiapas-Guatemala / Carmen Fernández Casanueva
Fernández Casanueva, Carmen, author
México : CIESAS, 2017
"El libro estudia el proceso de inmigración de personas hondureñas que residen en las ciudades de Tapachula y Hixtala, de la región del Soconusco en el fronterizo estado de Chiapas, México"--Back cover.
Baker Berry JV7419 .F47 2017

Transparencia y gobernanza en los gobiernos locales en México
Rina Marissa Aguilera Hintelholher (coordinadora)
CDMX : UNAM, 2017
"La transparencia se ha convertido en una política pública de primera importancia para visualizar la interlocución de la sociedad y el estado. Los rumbos del poder en la vida contemporánea destacan por el despertar de los ciudadanos para llevar a cabo una mejor vigilancia del poder. Una forma de hacerlo es a través de la transparencia, dado que permite que las instituciones del Estado sean objeto de apertura, accesibilidad y visibilidad. Esta circunstancia da paso a una relación más cercana entre los Estados y los ciudadanos, a fin de que la información pública no sea motivo de tratos monopólicos que favorecen a las burocracias del gobierno, en detrimento de los ciudadanos. En este caso, la transparencia se ha convertido en uno de los puntos básicos de la nueva gobernanza, entendida como un patrón conductual del gobierno que se caracteriza porque ahora es más abierto y evidente. En este sentido, la transparencia y la gobernanza se articulan como una forma de estrategia pública que hace posible que la democracia tenga un mayor desempeño. Los desafíos de la transparencia en los marcos de la gobernanza da paso a formas de vida que permiten que los gobiernos estén más comunicados con la sociedad y los ciudadanos, lo cual implica que la vigilancia desde el espacio público sobre lo que realizan es más puntual y eficaz. No obstante la transparencia en el caso de México y a nivel de los gobiernos locales tiene aún zonas de secrecía y opacidad que conducen a problemas de endeudamiento y de tipo político que alimentan la irritación en algunos de ellos, porque los recursos públicos no ingresan a los circuitos de la visibilidad de manera regular, sino que en ocasiones los ciudadanos tienen información que convalida situaciones de bancarrota para daño de la vida colectiva. México necesita de la transparencia y en ese sentido, el libro analiza experiencias disímbolas de gestión local que dan cuenta que el camino a recorrer es aun largo y sinuoso. Los tiempos democráticos que el país vive son un reto para que la transparencia se consolide como una auténtica de la política pública y que los gobiernos locales sean ejemplo institucional de publicidad y apertura irrestricta."--Back cover.
Baker Berry JS2112.T73 T73 2017

Retos y remedios contra la impunidad y la corrupción en México
Arturo Zárate Ruiz (coordinador)
Tijuana, Baja California, México : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 2017
Baker Berry JL1229.C6 R48 2017

Análisis y evaluación de políticas públicas en México : una agenda de investigación
Manuel Lara Caballero, José Javier de la Rosa Rodríguez, coordinadores
Lerma, Estado de México : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Lerma, División de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades ; 2017
Baker Berry JL1231 .A53 2017

The cities on the hill : how urban insitutions transformed national politics
Ogorzalek, Thomas K., author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Urbanicity and city delegations -- A proper national policy -- Ties that bind -- Anti-racism without anti-racists -- The cities on the hill -- Notes for a metropolitan political order.
Baker Berry JS422 .O36 2018