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The Oxford handbook of historical institutionalism
edited by Orfeo Fioretos, Tulia G. Falleti and Adam Sheingate
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2016
The Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism offers an authoritative and accessible state-of-the-art analysis of the historical institutionalism research tradition in Political Science. Devoted to the study of how temporal processes and events influence the origin and transformation of institutions that govern political and economic relations, historical institutionalism has grown considerably in the last two decades. With its attention to past, present, and potential future contributions to the research tradition, the volume represents an essential reference point for those interested in historical institutionalism. Written in accessible style by leading scholars, thirty-eight chapters detail the contributions of historical institutionalism to an expanding array of topics in the study of comparative, American, European, and international politics.
Baker Berry JA71 .O946 2016

Finks : how the CIA tricked the world's best writers
Whitney, Joel, (Journalist), author
New York, NY : OR Books, [2016]
Introduction. A lit'r'y coup -- Graduates -- The responsibility of editors -- Pasternak, the CIA, and Feltrinelli -- 'The Paris Review' goes to Moscow -- Did the CIA censor its magazines? -- James Baldwin's protest -- Into India -- The US coup in Guatemala -- Cuba: a portrait by Figueres, Plimpton, Hemingway, García Márquez, part 1 -- Cuba: a portrait by Plimpton, Hemingway and García Márquez, part 2 -- Tools rush in: Pablo Neruda, Mundo Nuevo and Keith Botsford -- The vital center cannot hold -- Blowback -- Coda. Afghanistan.

"When news broke that the CIA had colluded with literary magazines to produce cultural propaganda throughout the Cold War, a debate began that has never been resolved. The story continues to unfold, with the reputations of some of America's best-loved literary figures-- including Peter Matthiessen, George Plimpton, and Richard Wright-- tarnished as their work for the intelligence agency has come to light. Finks is a tale of two CIAs, and how they blurred the line between propaganda and literature. One CIA created literary magazines that promoted American and European writers and cultural freedom, while the other toppled governments, using assassination and censorship as political tools. Defenders of the 'cultural' CIA argue that it should have been lauded for boosting interest in the arts and freedom of thought, but the two CIAs had the same undercover goals, and shared many of the same methods: deception, subterfuge and intimidation. Finks demonstrates how the good-versus-bad CIA is a false divide, and that the cultural Cold Warriors again and again used anti-Communism as a lever to spy relentlessly on leftists, and indeed writers of all political inclinations, and thereby pushed U.S. democracy a little closer to the Soviet model of the surveillance state."--
Baker Berry JK468.I6 W445 2016

The Athenian Constitution written in the School of Aristotle
Aristotle, author
Liverpool : Liverpool University Press, 2017
This book is an edition fo the Athenian Constituion, the only one to survive of 158 Constitutions written in the school of Aristotle in the fourth century B.C., of which is a text on papyrus was found at the end of the nineteenth century. Based on an edition commissioned by the Foundazione Lorenzo Valla in Italy, it provides an introduction, a re-edited Greek text with a facing translation, and a commentary. The editor has been engaged with this text throughout his working life, and published a large commentary on it in 1981 and a Penguin Classics translation of it in 1984; since then scholarly advances have continued, and he has been able to take advantage of them to bring the material in this book up to date. The translation aims at an accurate rendering of the Greek text; the commentary is based on the translation, and should be accessible to readers with little or no knowledge of Greek.
Baker Berry JC71 .A3513 2017

La sociedad multiétnica boliviana : riesgos de fragmentación social y amenazas a la formación de la identidad nacional
Zurita, Alfonso, author
Cizur Menor : Thomson Reuters Aranzadi, 2017
Baker Berry JL2231 .Z87 2017b

Zouping revisited : adaptive governance in a Chinese county
edited by Jean C. Oi and Steven M. Goldstein
Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2018]
Preface : Michel Oksenberg and Zouping : an appreciation / Steven M. Goldstein -- Change within continuity : Zouping county government / Jean C. Oi and Steven Goldstein -- Zouping in historical perspective / Guy Alitto -- Creativity and flexibility in county and township economic governance / Kay Shimizu -- Directed improvisation in administrative financing / Yuen Yuen Ang -- The evolution and adaption of business-government relations in Zouping / Martin K. Dimitrov -- Non-judicial interpreters of "legality" and the development of law in the local state / Douglas B. Grob -- The role of the organization department in political selection / Melanie Manion -- Reforming and updating cadre training in Zouping's communist party schools / Charlotte Lee -- Institutional agility in authoritarian resilience / Jean C. Oi and Steven Goldstein.
Baker Berry JS7365.Z668 Z68 2018

Human rights in Africa
Ibhawoh, Bonny, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Human rights have a deep and tumultuous history that culminates in the age of rights we live in today, but where does Africa's story fit in with this global history? Here, Bonny Ibhawoh maps this story and offers a comprehensive and interpretative history of human rights in Africa. Rather than a tidy narrative of ruthless violators and benevolent protectors, this book reveals a complex account of indigenous African rights traditions embodied in the wisdom of elders and sages; of humanitarians and abolitionists who marshalled arguments about natural rights and human dignity in the cause of anti-slavery; of the conflictual encounters between natives and colonists in the age of Empire and the "civilizing mission"; of nationalists and anti-colonialists who deployed an emergent lexicon of universal human rights to legitimize longstanding struggles for self-determination, and of dictators and dissidents locked in struggles over power in the era of independence and constitutional rights.
Baker Berry JC599.A36 I35 2018

Markets, morals, politics : jealousy of trade and the history of political thought
edited by Béla Kapossy, Isaac Nakhimovsky, Sophus A. Reinert, Richard Whatmore
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018
From Rousseau to Kant / Richard Tuck -- Marx and material culture: Istvan Hont and the history of scholarship / Peter N. Miller -- Sociability in sacred historical perspective 1650-1800 / John Robertson -- Commerce, credit and sovereignty: the nation-state as historical critique / G.A. Pocock -- Revision, reorganisation and reform: Prussia 1790-1820 / Keith Tribe -- Millennium and enlightenment: Robert Owen and the second coming of the truth / Gareth Stedman Jones -- Liberty, autonomy and republican historiography: civic humanism in context: Hannah Arendt, Hans Baron and the Atlantic republican tradition / Michael Sonenscher -- Modern representative democracy: intellectual genealogy and drawbacks / Pasquale Pasquino -- Identification and the politics of envy / Raymond Geuss -- Why we need a global history of political thought / John Dunn.

When Istvan Hont died in 2013, the world lost a giant of intellectual history. A leader of the Cambridge School of Political Thought, Hont argued passionately for a global-historical approach to political ideas. To better understand the development of liberalism, he looked not only to the works of great thinkers but also to their reception and use amid revolution and interstate competition. His innovative program of study culminated in the landmark 2005 book Jealousy of Trade, which explores the birth of economic nationalism and other social effects of expanding eighteenth-century markets. Markets, Morals, and Politics brings together a celebrated cast of Hont's contemporaries to assess his influence, ideas and methods. Richard Tuck, John Pocock, John Dunn, Raymond Geuss, Gareth Stedman Jones, Michael Sonenscher, John Robertson, Keith Tribe, Pasquale Pasquino, and Peter N. Miller contribute original essays on themes Hont treated with penetrating insight.--
Baker Berry JA81 .M3285 2018

Революtion! : Основы революционной борьбы в современную эпоху / Валерий Соловей
Соловей, В. Д., author
Moskva : ĖKSMO, 2017
Baker Berry JN6531 .S525 2017

Ciudad de México : la política como voluntad y representación, 1800-2012
María Eugenia Terrones López (coordinadora)
Ciudad de México : Instituto de Investigaciones Dr. José María Luis Mora : 2017
Baker Berry JS2125 .C58 2017

¿Un gobierno de gabinete o de coalición para México? : hacia el nuevo diseño e innovación del sistema presidencial
Badillo Moreno, Gonzalo, author
Ciudad de México : Editorial Ubijus, 2017
Baker Berry JL1240 .B33 2017

Good government : democracy beyond elections
Rosanvallon, Pierre, 1948- author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018
Introduction: From one democracy to another -- I. Executive power. Consecration of the law and demotion of the executive ; The cult of impersonality and its metamorphoses ; The age of rehabilitation ; Two temptations -- II. The presidentialization of democracies. The pioneering experiments: 1848 and Weimar ; From Gaullist exception to standard model ; Unavoidable and unsatisfactory ; Limiting illiberalism -- III. A democracy of appropriation. The governed and their governors ; Legibility ; Responsibility ; Responsiveness -- IV. A democracy of trust. The good ruler in historical perspective ; Truthfulness ; Integrity -- Conclusion: The second democratic revolution.

Few would disagree that Western democracies are experiencing a crisis of representation. In the United States, gerrymandering and concentrated political geographies have placed the Congress and state legislatures in a stranglehold that is often at odds with public opinion. Campaign financing ensures that only the affluent have voice in legislation. Europeans, meanwhile, increasingly see the European Union as an anti-democratic body whose "diktats" have no basis in popular rule. The response, however, has not been an effective pursuit of better representation. In Good Government, Pierre Rosanvallon examines the long history of the alternative to which the public has gravitated: the empowered executive. Rosanvallon argues that, faced with everyday ineptitude in governance, people become attracted to strong leaders and bold executive action. If these fail, they too often want even stronger personal leadership. Whereas nineteenth-century liberals and reformers longed for parliamentary sovereignty, nowadays few contest the "imperial presidency." Rosanvallon traces this history from the Weimar Republic to Charles De Gaulle's "exceptional" presidency to the Bush-Cheney concentration of executive power. Europeans rebelling against the technocratic EU and Americans fed up with the "administrative state" have turned to charismatic figures, from Donald Trump to Viktor Orbán, who tout personal strength as their greatest asset. This is not just a right-wing phenomenon, though, as liberal contentment with Obama's drone war demonstrates. Rosanvallon makes clear that contemporary "presidentialism" may reflect the particular concerns of the moment, but its many precursors demonstrate that democracy has always struggled with tension between popular government and concentrated authority.--
Baker Berry JC423 .R169313 2018

Rules of procedure at the UN and at inter-governmental conferences
Sabel, Robbie, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Machine generated contents note: Introduction; 1. Historical development of rules of procedure of conferences and attempts to establish model rules; 2. Adoption of rules of procedure; 3. Rules of procedure and international law; 4. Invitations, participation and credentials; 5. Presiding officer and other officers of the conference; 6. Meetings; 7. Statements by delegations; 8. Submission of proposals; 9. Adjournment and closure of debate; 10. Amendments; 11. Withdrawal and reconsideration of motions and proposals; 12. Procedural motions and points of order; 13. Priorities between different proposals; 14. Decision taking and method of voting; 15. Majority required; 16. Consensus; 17. Separate votes; 18. Conduct of voting -- interruption of voting and correction of vote; 19. Languages, records and documents; 20. Committees; 21. Suspension and amendment of rules of procedure.

"This new third edition is a comprehensive manual of the rules of procedure and conduct of business at the UN General Assembly, at international conferences and at assemblies of inter-governmental organisations such as the World Health Organization. It examines the legal basis of these rules, the history of their development and the attempts at their codification. At the heart of the book is an examination of the practical applications of rules of procedure. Procedural rulings, updated to October 2016, are quoted from the records of UN General Assembly meetings, from assemblies of international organisations and from treaty-making conferences. This book is of interest to those involved in international law, international relations and international organisations. It also serves as an indispensable practical guide for delegates to the UN General Assembly and to international inter-governmental conferences. The first edition of this book was awarded the American Society of International Law 'Special Award'"--
Baker Berry JZ4850 .S23 2018

Shaping policy in India : alliance, advocacy, activism
Chakrabarti, Rajesh, author
New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2017
Baker Berry JQ229.P64 C43 2017

Our time has come : how India is making its place in the world
Ayres, Alyssa, author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Looking back. Prologue ; Introduction ; India and the world ; Opening to the world -- Transition. Seeking India's rightful place ; A cautious power -- Looking ahead. India's changing global role ; A changing economic future? ; How the United States should work with a rising India -- Epilogue.

Long plagued by poverty, India's recent economic growth has vaulted it into the ranks of the world's emerging powers-but what kind of power it wants to be remains a mystery. Cautious Superpower explains why India behaves the way it does, and the role it is likely to play globally as its prominence grows. --
Baker Berry JZ1737 .A987 2018

Coercion : the power to hurt in international politics
edited by Kelly M. Greenhill, Peter Krause
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Introduction / Kelly M. Greenhill and Peter Krause -- Coercion: an analytical overview / Robert J. Art and Kelly M. Greenhill -- Intelligence and coercion: a neglected connection / Austin Long -- A bargaining theory of coercion / Todd S. Sechser -- Airpower, sanctions, coercion and containment: when foreign policy objectives collide / Philip W. Haun -- Step aside or face the consequences: explaining the success and failure of compellent threats to remove foreign leaders / Alexander B. Downes -- Underestimating weak states and state sponsors: the case for base state coercion / Keren Fraiman -- Coercion by movement: how power drove the success of the Eritrean insurgency, 1960-1993 / Peter Krause -- Is technology the answer? the limits of combat drones in countering insurgents / James Igoe Walsh -- Coercion through cyberspace: the stability-instability paradox revisited / Jon R. Lindsay and Erik Gartzke -- Migration as a coercive weapon: new evidence from the Middle East / Kelly M. Greenhill -- The strategy of coercive isolation / Timothy W. Crawford -- Economic sanctions in theory and practice: how smart are they? / Daniel Drezner -- Prices or power politics: when and why states coercively compete over resources / Jonathan Markowitz -- Deliberate escalation: nuclear strategies to deter or to stop conventional attacks / Jasen J. Castillo -- Threatening proliferation: the goldilocks principle of bargaining with nuclear latency / Tristan Volpe -- Conclusion / Kelly M. Greenhill and Peter Krause.

"A state's power to compel or deter other states to either act or refrain from acting has been a foundational source of world politics since the time of Thucydides. Yet the specific features of deterrence and compellence constantly change in accordance with historical development. In our own lifetimes, for instance, the rising significance of non-state actors and the increasing influence of regional powers have dramatically transformed international politics since the height of the Cold War. Yet much of the existing literature on deterrence and compellence continues to draw, whether implicitly or explicitly, upon assumptions and precepts formulated in a state-centric, bipolar world. Although contemporary coercion frequently features multiple coercers targeting state and non-state adversaries with non-military instruments of persuasion, most literature on coercion still focuses primarily on cases where a single state is trying to coerce another single state via traditional military means. In The Power to Hurt, the leading international relations scholars Kelly M. Greenhill and Peter Krause have gathered together an eminent cast of contributors (e.g., Bob Art, Dan Drezner, Alex Downes, Erik Gartzke, and others) to produce what promises to be a field-shaping work on one of IR's most essential subjects: coercion, whether in the form of compellence, deterrence, or a mix of the two. The volume moves beyond these traditional premises and examines the critical issue of coercion in the 21st century, capturing fresh theoretical and policy relevant developments and drawing upon data and cases from across time and around the globe" --
Baker Berry JZ6360 .C64 2018

Authoritarianism and the elite origins of democracy
Albertus, Michael, 1983- author
Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction -- Elites and the causes and consequences of democracy -- Constitutionals as elite deal making: content and trends -- Evidence on the causes and consequences of democracy -- Unraveling the deal: constitutional annulments and amendments under elite-biased democracy -- Sweden: from agrarian oligarchy to progressive democracy -- Chile: from authoritarian legacies to a new dawn? -- Colonial and occupier legacies in new democracies -- Conclusion.

This book argues that - in terms of institutional design, the allocation of power and privilege, and the lived experiences of citizens - democracy often does not restart the political game after displacing authoritarianism. Democratic institutions are frequently designed by the outgoing authoritarian regime to shield incumbent elites from the rule of law and give them an unfair advantage over politics and the economy after democratization. Authoritarianism and the Elite Origins of Democracy systematically documents and analyzes the constitutional tools that outgoing authoritarian elites use to accomplish these ends, such as electoral system design, legislative appointments, federalism, legal immunities, constitutional tribunal design, and supermajority thresholds for change. The study provides wide-ranging evidence for these claims using data that spans the globe and dates from 1800 to the present. Albertus and Menaldo also conduct detailed case studies of Chile and Sweden. In doing so, they explain why some democracies successfully overhaul their elite-biased constitutions for more egalitarian social contracts.
Baker Berry JC423 .A4943 2018

Estado, reformas gubernamentales y desigualdad en los ingresos laborales
coordinadores, Ignacio Llamas Huritrón, Nora Nidia Garro Bordonaro ; autores, Arturo Robles Valencia and 11 others
Ciudad de México : Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Iztapalapa, Consejo Editorial de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades : 2016
Baker Berry JC274 .E78 2016

Governing irregular migration : bordering culture, labour, and security in Spain
Moffette, David, 1981- author
Vancouver : UBC Press, [2018]
List of abbreviations-- Acknowledgements-- Studying the governing of irregular migrations-- Early problematizations: "immigrants", "foreign workers", and "illegals"-- Culture: race, religion, and the national imaginary-- Labour: flows, workers, and the labour market-- Security: threats, crime, and state sovereignty-- Multiscalar governance: border work, desirability, and deportability-- Governing immigration through probation-- Notes-- References-- Index.

"Differential access to border mobility is a central concern of contemporary politics. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the European Union, where external borders have been strengthened to prevent irregular entry and internal borders have been removed to promote free circulation. Governing Irregular Migration explores these dynamics of inclusion and exclusion at one of Europe's southern borders. Drawing on interviews with policymakers and on more than three decades of parliamentary debates, laws, and policy documents, David Moffette analyzes Spain's processes of immigration governance to reveal the complicated series of legal obstacles facing people with precarious immigration status. These migrants encounter long probationary periods during which they may be scrutinized and policed by individuals and organizations at multiple levels of government. Moffette shows that issues of culture, labour, and security intersect to create a regime of migration governance that is at once progressive and repressive, characterized by programs of mass regularization of migrants living in the country without authorization, but restrictive immigration policies and tight border control. A detailed empirical analysis of Spanish immigration policy, this book provides a thought-provoking and insightful contribution to conceptual debates in socio-legal, border, and citizenship studies."--
Baker Berry JV8252 .M64 2018

Los depredadores : la historia oscura del presidencialismo en México
Cruz, Francisco, 1956- author
Ciudad de México : Editorial Planeta Mexicana : 2017
"Al jefe del ejecutivo no se le crítica ni cuestiona. Así opera la política mexicana. Quienes viven bajo el cobijo del primer mandatario cuidarán hasta el mínimo detalle para no contradecirlo, con la esperanza de ser los próximos en habitar la residencia oficial de Los Pinos, la fortaleza del autoritarismo, donde se desdibuja el futuro de un país azotado por la crisis económica, el narcotráfico y la corrupción. En este contexto, Francisco Cruz y Marco A. Durán develan los episodios oscuros de quienes, bajo el amparo de ostentar la banda presidencial, han llevado a la nación a una debacle sin retorno. Porfirio Díaz vio en la inversión extranjera la salvación de México y lo entregó; con Alemán pasaría lo mismo; De la Madrid reforzaría la "necesidad" de desmantelarlo y venderlo; y Salinas simplemente lo vendió. Zedillo, Fox y Calderón los secundaron; y la administración peñista ha entregado lo que quedaba: minería, petróleo, agua, beneficios fiscales y leyes a modo. En Los depredadores, los autores presentan una indignante radiografía de los saqueos que ha sufrido el país durante los últimos sexenios y alertan sobre la urgente necesidad de cambios drásticos ante el fatal escenario que se avecina."--Publisher description.
Baker Berry JL1240 .C78 2017

Policy learning from Canada : reforming Scandinavian immigration and integration policies
Ugland, Trygve, 1969- author
Toronto ; University of Toronto Press, [2018]
"Focusing on the three Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Policy Learning from Canada is a systematic study of the international relevance of the Canadian immigration and integration policy model. To reveal how the Canadian immigration model has shaped the reform process in Scandinavia, Trygve Ugland critically examines public documents, including government proposals, documents from parliamentary debates, and reports by ad-hoc expert commissions, as well as letters from consulted agencies. Ugland's intensive studies on Canada's immigration and integration policies depict Canada not only as a model and inspiration to Scandinavian policy makers, but, in particular, as an intellectual stimulus for the rediscovery of labour immigration in Scandinavia during the 2000s. The study demonstrates that the Canadian model, often perceived as a product of unique circumstances, can be relevant in other countries."--
Baker Berry JV7220 .U45 2018

Politics recovered : realist thought in theory and practice
edited by Matt Sleat
New York : Columbia University Press, [2018]
Introduction : politics recovered : on the revival of political realism in contemporary political theory / Matt Sleat -- The truth in political realism / Charles Larmore -- Realism and surrealism in political philosophy / Glen Newey -- Realism in ethics and politics : Bernard Williams, political theory, and the critique of morality / David Owen -- Anger, humiliation, and political theory : bringing the darker passions back in / William A. Galston -- Legitimacy and domination / Paul Sagar -- Disenchantment versus reconstruction : Walter Lippmann, John Dewey, and varieties of democratic realism / John Medearis -- The paradox of the democratic prince : Machiavelli and the neo-Machiavellians on ideal theory, realism, and democratic leadership / Richard Bellamy -- Politics and the "pure of heart" : realism and corruption / Mark Philp -- Democracy's limit : a realist response to the quest for transparency / Rahul Sagar -- The case for kinship : classical realism and political realism / Alison McQueen -- Getting past Schmitt? : realism and the autonomy of politics / William Scheuerman -- Security and poverty : on realism and global justice / Duncan Bell -- Feminism and realism / Elizabeth Frazer -- The political unreality of political realism / Michael Freeden.
Baker Berry JZ1307 .P55 2018

Intercultural deliberation and the politics of minority rights
Lowe-Walker, R. E., author
Vancouver : UBC Press, [2018]
Part I. The politics of paradox: a perennial problem : 1. Cultural difference and the minority rights paradox -- 2. Liberal and non-liberal worldviews -- Part 2. Intercultural deliberation: an innovative approach : 3. Deliberating difference -- 4. Public reason -- 5. Political identity -- 6. Intercultural deliberation and the minority rights paradox -- Conclusion.

Achieving socio-political cohesion in a community with significant ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity is a difficult challenge in contemporary liberal democracies. In the quest for neutrality, public policies and institutions shaped by the needs of the majority can inadvertently marginalize minority interests. Minority groups must therefore translate their desire for cultural recognition into terms that, ironically, often minimize cultural difference. Intercultural Deliberation and the Politics of Minority Rights examines the relationship between this minority rights paradox and cultural difference, building a complelling case for an inclusive approach to navigating minority rights claims. R.E. Lowe-Walker's intercultural deliberation is designed to mitigate the injustices imposed by majority norms. Instead of asking what the liberal state can tolerate, she asks how our understanding of difference affects our interpretation of minority claims, shifting the focus from how to limit difference toward inclusive deliberations. This important work thus serves as a measure of social justice and a vehicle for social change--back cover.
Baker Berry JF1061 .L68 2018

America classifies the immigrants : from Ellis Island to the 2020 census
Perlmann, Joel, author
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2018
Creating and refining the list, 1898-1906 -- Immigration-especially European-through the lens of race -- Struggle over the list: the Jewish challenges and the federal defense, 1898-1910 -- The United States Immigration Commission, 1907-1911 -- Urging the list on the U.S. Census Bureau, 1908-1910 -- The census bureau goes its own way: race, nationality, mother tongue, 1910-1913 -- The second quota act, 1924 -- Immigration law for white races and others: three episodes -- From "race" to "ethnic group": organizing concepts in American studies of immigrants, 1890-1960 -- From social science to the federal bureaucracy?: limited diffusion of the "ethnic group" concept through the early 1950s -- Race and the immigrant in federal statistics after 1965.

When more than twenty million immigrants arrived in the United States between 1880 and 1920, the government attempted to classify them according to prevailing ideas about race and nationality. But this proved hard to do. Ideas about racial or national difference were slippery, contested, and yet consequential--were "Hebrews" a "race," a "religion," or a "people"? As Joel Perlmann shows, a self-appointed pair of officials created the government's 1897 List of Races and Peoples, which shaped exclusionary immigration laws, the wording of the U.S. Census, and federal studies that informed social policy. Its categories served to maintain old divisions and establish new ones. Across the five decades ending in the 1920s, American immigration policy built increasingly upon the belief that some groups of immigrants were desirable, others not. Perlmann traces how the debates over this policy institutionalized race distinctions--between whites and nonwhites, but also among whites--in immigration laws that lasted four decades. Despite a gradual shift among social scientists from "race" to "ethnic group" after the 1920s, the diffusion of this key concept among government officials and the public remained limited until the end of the 1960s. Taking up dramatic changes to racial and ethnic classification since then, America Classifies the Immigrants concentrates on three crucial reforms to the American Census: the introduction of Hispanic origin and ancestry (1980), the recognition of mixed racial origins (2000), and a rethinking of the connections between race and ethnic group (proposed for 2020).--
Baker Berry JV6483 .P45 2018

Liberalism in illiberal states : ideas and economic adjustment in contemporary Europe
Vail, Mark I., author
New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry JC574.2.E85 V35 2018

Representaciones de la política : provincias, territorios y municipios (1860-1955)
Marta Bonaudo, coordinadora
[Argentina] : Ediciones Imago Mundi, [2017]
Las constituciones tucumanas en la segunda mitad del siglo XIX / María Celia Bravo y Diana Ferullo -- ¿Recrear al elector? : las reformas notabiliares santafesinas de 1890 y 1900 ante la crisis de representación / Marta Bonaudo -- Reformas constitucionales y legitimidad politica : del reformismo liberal a la centralización peronista (Santa Fe, 1921-1949) / Diego Mauro -- La representación política entre las instituciones y las prácticas : los territorios nacionales de Río Negro y Neuquén (1884-1943) / Lisandro Gallucci -- La producción del municipio : construcción, reforma y disputas en el gobierno de la ciudad de Rosario (1872-1935) / Diego Roldán -- La problemática formación de lo comunal en los territorios nacionales : el desenvolvimiento del municipio en Río Negro y Neuquén (1884-1943) / Lisandro Gallucci.
Baker Berry JL2099.R564 R47 2017

Democratic moments : reading democratic texts
edited by Xavier Márquez
London, UK ; Bloomsbury Academic an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
Introduction / Xavier Márquez -- Herodutus's political ecologies / Joel Alden Schlosser -- Protagora's cooperative know-how / James Kierstead -- Aristotle on democracy and democracies / Kevin M. Cherry -- Cicero, on the republic / W. Jeffrey Tatum -- Democracy without elections : popular rule according to Alfarabi / Alexander Orwin -- Consent and popular sovereignty in medieval political thought : Marsilius of Padua's / Defensor pacis Takashi Shogimen -- Machiavelli's democratic turn / Catherine H. Zuckert -- James Harrinton and the rule of king people / J.C. Davis -- Baruch Spinoza : radical republican / Emma Cohen de Lara and Nathan Cooper -- Thomas Paine and democratic contempt / Mario Feit -- Alexander Radishchev's Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow : the defence of natural rights and the right to self-defence / Andrew Kahn -- Of postmen and democracy : Sieyès's theory of representation / Lucia Rubinelli -- 'Morals and enlightenment' : Bolívar's virtuous democracy in the Angostura address / Guillermo Aveledo -- The puzzle of political leadership in Tocqueville's democracy in America / Ryan K. Balot and Zhichao Tong -- 'Family selfishness' and the corruption of public virtue : Harriet Taylor Mill's Enfranchisement of women / Katherine Smits -- Lenin : Soviet democracy in 1917 / Paul Blackledge -- Democracy in the revolutionary thought of Rosa Luxemburg / Rosemary H.T. O'Kane -- Max Weber's charismatic democracy / Xavier Márquez -- An alternatice democracy : dissent in Gandhi's great trial of 1922 / Anuradha Veeravalli -- Sun Ya-sen : people's democracy and Chinese democracy / Theresa Man Ling Lee -- Hobson on democracy and the humanized / Colin Tyler -- A new reading on authority and guardianship (wilayah) : Ayatollah Muhammad Mahdi Shamasuddin / Hamid Mavani -- Conclusion / Xavier Márquez.

"This collection of short essays on texts in the history of democracy shows the diversity of ideas that contributed to the making of our present democratic moment. The selection of texts goes beyond the standard, Western-centric canonical history of democracy, with its beginnings in Ancient Athens and its climax in the French and American revolutions, recovering some of the significant body of democratic and anti-democratic thought in Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere. It includes discussions of well-known philosophers like Plato and Aristotle, but also of a variety of thinkers much less well known in English as writers on democracy: Al Farabi, Bolívar, Gandhi, Radishchev, Lenin, Sun Yat-sen, and many others. The essays thus de-center our understanding of the moments where the idea of democracy was articulated, rejected, and appropriated. Spanning antiquity to the present and global in scope, with contributions by key scholars of democracy from around the world, Democratic Moments is the ideal text for all students wishing to expand their understanding of the ways in which this contested concept has been understood."--
Baker Berry JC423 .D38135652 2018

Inmigrantes y colonos en la provincia de Buenos Aires : una mirada de largo plazo (siglos XIX-XXI)
Cristóforis, Nadia Andrea de, author
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina : Editorial de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires, [2016]
Baker Berry JV7449.B84 C75 2016

Political tribes : group instinct and the fate of nations
Chua, Amy, author
New York, New York : Penguin Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, 2018
Introduction -- American exceptionalism and the sources of U.S. group blindness abroad -- Vietnam -- Afghanistan -- Iraq -- Terror tribes -- Venezuela -- Inequality and the tribal chasm in America -- Democracy and political tribalism in America -- Epilogue.

Discusses the failure of America's political elites to recognize how group identities drive politics both at home and abroad, and outlines recommendations for reversing the country's foreign policy failures and overcoming destructive political tribalism at home.
Baker Berry JZ1480.A5 C48 2018

Carl Schmitt's state and constitutional theory : a critical analysis
Schupmann, Benjamin, A., author
Oxford : Oxford University Press , 2017
Can a constitutional democracy commit suicide? Can an illiberal antidemocratic party legitimately obtain power through democratic elections and amend liberalism and democracy out of the constitution entirely? In Weimar Germany, these theoretical questions were both practically and existentially relevant. By 1932, the Nazi and Communist parties combined held a majority of seats in parliament. Neither accepted the legitimacy of liberal democracy. Their only reason for participating democratically was to amend the constitution out of existence. 0This book analyses Carl Schmitt's state and constitutional theory and shows how it was conceived in response to the Weimar crisis. Right-wing and left-wing political extremists recognized that a path to legal revolution lay in the Weimar constitution's combination of democratic procedures, total neutrality toward political goals, and positive law. Schmitt's writings sought to address the unique problems posed by mass democracy. Schmitt's thought anticipated 'constrained' or 'militant' democracy, a type of constitution that guards against subversive expressions of popular sovereignty and whose mechanisms include the entrenchment of basic constitutional commitments and party bans. 0Schmitt's state and constitutional theory remains important: the problems he identified continue to exist within liberal democratic states. Schmitt offers democrats today a novel way to understand the legitimacy of liberal democracy and the limits of constitutional change.
Baker Berry JC263.S34 S348 2017

La legalización del PCE : la historia no contada, 1974-1977
Pinilla García, Alfonso, 1976- author
Madrid : Alianza Editorial, 2017
Basándose en los archivos personales inéditos de José Mario Armero, Alfonso Pinilla desentraña la desconocida intrahistoria de las negociaciones para la legalización del PCE entre Santiago Carrillo y Adolfo Suárez. Desde los primeros contactos, discretos y secretos, antes de la muerte de Franco, hasta el sábado 9 de abril de 1977. Todo a través de dos intermediarios de máxima confianza: Jaime Ballesteros en nombre de Carrillo, y el abogado Pepe Mario Armero, hombre leal a Suárez sin fisuras.--
Baker Berry JN8395.C6 P56 2017

Politics at work : how companies turn their workers into lobbyists
Hertel-Fernandez, Alex, 1986- author
New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry JK467 .H48 2018

Why control immigration? : strategic uses of migration management in Russia
Schenk, Caress, author
Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2018]
Baker Berry JV8190 .S34 2018

The rights revolution revisited : institutional perspectives on the private enforcement of civil rights in the US
edited by Lynda G. Dodd
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2018
"The rights revolution in the United States consisted of both sweeping changes in constitutional doctrines and landmark legislative reform, followed by decades of innovative implementation in every branch of the federal government - Congress, agencies, and the courts. In recent years, a growing number of political scientists have sought to integrate studies of the rights revolution into accounts of the contemporary American state. [This book explores] the institutional dynamics, scope, and durability of the rights revolution. By offering an inter-branch analysis of the development of civil rights laws and policies that features the role of private enforcement, this volume enriches our understanding of the rise of the 'civil rights state' and its fate in the current era."--
Baker Berry JC599.U6 R54 2018

Agricultores familiares em migrações internacionais
organizador, Joel Orlando Bevilaqua Marin
Santa Maria, RS : Editora UFSM, 2017
Agricultores familiares em migrações internacionais : uma introdução / Joel Orlando Bevilaqua Marin -- Agricultores familiares de Itapuranga : sucessivas experiências migratórias / Joel Orlando Bevilaqua Marin, Laila Mayara Drebes e Flávia Sousa Oliveira -- Itapuranguenses em terras estrangeiras : vivências migratórias internacionais de filhos de agricultores familiares / Laila Mayara Drebes -- De Uruaçu a Lleida : inserções sociais e laborais de uma família goiana imigrada na Espanha / Joel Orlando Bevilaqua Marin -- Migrações internacionais : viver as partidas, as ausências e os reencontros / Flávia Sousa Oliveira -- De volta a Itapuranga : retorno de migrantes internacionais / Laila Mayara Drebes e Flávia Sousa Oliveira.
Baker Berry JV7469.G65 A37 2017

Encruzilhadas da democracia
Luis Felipe Miguel, Flávia Biroli (organizadores)
Porto Alegre : Editora Zouk, 2017
Baker Berry JL2481 .E537 2017

The woman's hour : the great fight to win the vote
Weiss, Elaine F., 1952- author
[New York, New York] : Viking, [2018]
To Nashville -- Lay of the land -- The feminist peril -- The woman question -- Democracy at home -- The Governor's quandary -- The blessing -- On account of sex -- Front porch -- Home and Heaven -- The woman's hour -- Cranking the machine -- Prison pin -- Fieldwork -- A real and threatening danger -- War of the roses -- In justice to womanhood -- Terrorizing Tennessee manhood -- Petticoat government -- Armageddon -- The hour has come -- Liberty Bell -- Election Day.

An account of the 1920 ratification of the constitutional amendment that granted voting rights to women traces the culmination of seven decades of legal battles and cites the pivotal contributions of famous suffragists and political leaders.
Baker Berry JK1896 .W45 2018

Fixing the spy machine : preparing American intelligence for the twenty-first century
Hulnick, Arthur S., 1935-
Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 1999
Baker Berry JK468.I6 H85 1999

The quest for authority in Iran : a history of the presidency from revolution to Rouhani
Randjbar-Daemi, Siavush, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2018
Baker Berry JQ1786 .R36 2018

The end of American world order
Acharya, Amitav, author
Cambridge, UK ; Polity Press, 2018
"The age of Western hegemony is over. Whether or not America itself declines or thrives under President Trump's leadership, the post-war liberal international order underpinned by US military, economic and ideological primacy and supported by global institutions serving its power and purpose, is coming to an end. But what will take its place? A Chinese world order? A re-constituted form of American hegemony? A regionalized system of global cooperation, including major and emerging powers? In this updated and extended edition of his widely acclaimed book, Amitav Acharya offers an incisive answer to this fundamental question. While the US will remain a major force in world affairs, he argues that it has lost the ability to shape world order after its own interests and image. As a result, the US will be one of a number of anchors including emerging powers, regional forces, and a concert of the old and new powers shaping a new world order. Rejecting labels such as multipolar, apolar, or G-Zero, Acharya likens the emerging system to a multiplex theatre, offering a choice of plots (ideas), directors (power), and action (leadership) under one roof. Finally, he reflects on the policies that the US, emerging powers and regional actors must pursue to promote stability in this decentred but interdependent, multiplex world. Written by a leading scholar of the international relations of the non-Western world, and rising above partisan punditry, this book represents a major contribution to debates over the post-American era"--
Baker Berry JZ1318 .A276 2018

Neoliberalismo : treinta años de migración en América Latina, México y Michoacán
Domínguez Guadarrama, Ricardo, author
Ciudad de México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2017
Baker Berry JV7398 .D65 2017

The resilient voter : stressful polling places and voting behavior
Reilly, Shauna, 1980- author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, an imprint of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., [2018]
List of figures -- List of tables -- Acknowledgments -- Voting barriers: the obstacle course of electoral participation -- Sweating the vote: polling place stress as a voting barrier -- Studying polling place stress: an experimental approach -- Can you read me? ballot access complexity and voter behavior -- Does a placebo ballot lead to a voting headache? provisional ballots and voter behavior -- The waiting is the hardest part? polling place wait times and voter behavior -- Are the barriers higher for some voters? the conditional effects of polling place stressors -- Dealing with polling place stressors: conclusions and implications -- Appendix a: subject recruitment -- Appendix b: pre-test survey -- Appendix c: post-test, mock election ballot -- Appendix d: measures, coding, and distribution of responses -- Bibliography -- About the authors.
Baker Berry JK1967 .R35 2018

Democratic transition in the Muslim world : a global perspective
edited by Alfred Stepan
New York : Columbia University Press, [2018]
Why different democratization outcomes in Tunisia and Egypt? Islamic-Secular Party accommodations, constitutions, militaries, and the content of international assistance -- "Ennadha's democratic commitments, and capabilities : major evolutionary moments and choice" / Rachid Ghannouchi -- "The challenges of democratization in the Arab world : some reflections on the Egyptian case" / Carrie Rosefsky Wickham -- "Mutual accommodation between moderate Islamic and moderate secular activists" / Alfred Stepan -- "The roots of Egypt's constitutional catastrophe : the necessity of marrying analysis of context, process and text" / Nathan J. Brown -- "Civil and political society compromises in the crafting of a progressive and consensual constitution" / Monica Marks -- "Legacies for democratization of prior patterns of civil-military relations" / Hicham bou Nassif -- "Why so much international assistance for an authoritarian military in Egypt and so little for democratic transition and consolidation in Tunisia? / Radwan Masmoudi -- Rethinking other democracies with large muslim populations: what policies helped in Indonesia and india? -- "Crafting Indonesian democracy : inclusion- moderation and the sacralizing of the postcolonial state" / Jeremy Menchik -- "Crafting of a democracy with the world's largest Muslim minority" / Sudipta Kaviraj.

Contributors to this book are particularly interested in expanding our understanding of what helps, or hurts, successful democratic transition attempts in countries with large Muslim populations. Crafting pro-democratic coalitions among secularists and Islamists presents a special obstacle that must be addressed by theorists and practitioners. The argument throughout the book is that such coalitions will not happen if potentially democratic secularists are part of what Al Stepan terms the authoritarian regime's "constituency of coercion" because they (the secularists) are afraid that free elections will be won by Islamists who threaten them even more than the existing secular authoritarian regime. Tunisia allows us to do analysis on this topic by comparing two "least similar" recent case outcomes: democratic success in Tunisia and democratic failure in Egypt. Tunisia also allows us to do an analysis of four "most similar" case outcomes by comparing the successful democratic transitions in Tunisia, Indonesia, Senegal, and the country with the second or third largest Muslim population in the world, India. Did these countries face some common challenges concerning democratization? Did all four of these successful cases in fact use some common policies that while democratic, had not normally been used in transitions in countries without significant numbers of Muslims? If so, did these policies help the transitions in Tunisia, Indonesia, Senegal and India? If they did, we should incorporate them in some way into our comparative theories about successful democratic transitions.
Baker Berry JQ1852.A91 D447 2018

The corruption cure : how citizens and leaders can combat graft
Rotberg, Robert I., author
Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2017]
The nature of corruption -- Measuring and assessing corrupt behavior -- Strong laws and other watchdogs -- The virtue of anticorruption investigative commissions : Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia -- African investigative commissions : from integrity to interference -- The most improved : results -- Nordic, antipodean, and other exceptionalism : how did anticorruption take root? -- The gift of political will and leadership -- People power, social media, and corporate rigor -- Curing corruption : lessons, methods, and best practices -- What works : the anticorruption program.

"Corruption corrodes all facets of the world's political and corporate life, yet until now there was no one book that explained how best to battle it. The Corruption Cure provides many of the required solutions and ranges widely across continents and diverse cultures--putting some thirty-five countries under an anticorruption microscope--to show exactly how to beat back the forces of sleaze and graft. Robert Rotberg defines corruption theoretically and practically in its many forms, describes the available legal remedies, and examines how we know and measure corruption's presence. He looks at successful and unsuccessful attempts to employ anticorruption investigative commissions to combat political theft and venal behavior. He explores how the globe's least corrupt nations reached that exceptional goal. Another chapter discusses the role of civil society in limiting corruption. Expressed political will through determined leadership is a key factor in winning all of these battles. Rotberg analyzes the best-performing noncorrupt states to show how consummate leadership made a telling difference. He demonstrates precisely how determined leaders changed their wildly corrupt countries into paragons of virtue, and how leadership is making a significant difference in stimulating political anticorruption movements in places like India, Croatia, Honduras, and Lebanon. Rotberg looks at corporate corruption and how it can be checked, and also offers an innovative fourteen-step plan for nations that are ready to end corruption. Curing rampant corruption globally requires strengthened political leadership and the willingness to remake national political cultures. Tougher laws and better prosecutions are not enough. This book enables us to rethink the problem completely--and solve it once and for all."--
Baker Berry JF1081 .R683 2017

Convincing political stakeholders : successful lobbying through process competence in the complex decision-making system of the European Union
Joos, Klemens, author
Weinheim, Germany : Wiley, 2016
With the Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on 1 December 2009, the EU de facto became a state territory stretching from Portugal to Finland and from Ireland to Cyprus. The previous co-decision procedure was elevated to become the standard procedure ("ordinary legislative procedure"). For the players on the "European Union stage" - the EU member states, EU regions, companies, associations and organisations - this leads to the problem that the outcome of decision-making processes has become largely incalculable. The author, Klemens Joos, points out that, at the latest since the Treaty of Lisbon, successful lobbying in the complex decision-making system of the EU is much more the result of the intermesh of content competence (the four "classic instruments" of lobbying: corporate representative of-fices, associations, public affairs agencies, law firms) with process structure competence (i.e. the EU-wide maintenance of the required spatial, personnel and organisational capacities as well as strong networks across institutions, political groups and member states) on the part of an independent intermediary. One's own concerns are only likely to be successful if the in-terests of politicians and the general public are taken into consideration (change in perspec-tive to the common interest perspective). If this perspective change is successful, process support competence is crucial to achieving the objective.--
Baker Berry JN36 .J66 2016

What is classical liberal history?
edited by Michael J. Douma and Phillip W. Magness
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2018]
Introduction / Michael J. Douma -- Beyond laissez faire and state power: A critical look at the transformation thesis and classical liberalism in nineteenth century America / Scott Shubitz -- Classical liberalism and the "New" history of American capitalism / Phillip W. Magness -- The historicity of civil liberties, a liberal predicament / Anthony Gregory -- Constituting liberty: Toward a history and science of association / Lenore T. Ealy -- Some roads taken, and not taken, from the Progressive Era to the New Deal / David T. Beito -- A manifesto for liberty: Toward a new history of civil rights in U.S. history / Jonathan Bean -- The end or ends of social history? The reclamation of old fashioned historicism in the writing of historical narratives / Hans Eicholz -- History through a classical liberal feminist lens / Sarah Skwire -- Classical liberalism in Eastern Europe: Very vibrant but so mild / Leonid Krasnozhon and Mykola Bunyk -- "Start the Economy": Causation, emergent order, and social change in the origins of modern economic growth / Matthew Brown -- A non-manifesto of liberal history / Alberto Garín.
Baker Berry JC574 .W53 2018

Reign of appearances : the misery and splendor of the public sphere
Adut, Ari, 1971- author
New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2018
Machine generated contents note: 1. A critique; 2. A realistic perspective; 3. Publicity; 4. Politics in public; 5. Content regulation; 6. Visibility in society; 7. Law and morality in the public sphere; 8. A defense of spectatorship; References; Index.

"The public sphere, be it the Greek agora or the New York Times op-ed page, is the realm of appearances - not citizenship. Its central event is spectacle - not dialogue. Public dialogue, the mantra of many intellectuals and political commentators, is but a contradiction in terms. Marked by an asymmetry between the few who act and the many who watch, the public sphere can undermine liberal democracy, law, and morality. Inauthenticity, superficiality, and objectification are the very essence of the public sphere. But the public sphere also liberates us from the bondages of private life and fosters an existentially vital aesthetic experience. Reign of Appearances uses a variety of cases to reveal the logic of the public sphere, including homosexuality in Victorian England; the 2008 crash; antisemitism in Europe; confidence in American presidents; communications in social media; special prosecutor investigations; the visibility of African-Americans; violence during the French Revolution; the Islamic veil; and contemporary sexual politics. This unconventional account of the public sphere is critical reading for anyone who wants to understand the effects of visibility in urban life, politics, and the media"--
Baker Berry JA76 .A353 2018

Toward democracy : the struggle for self-rule in European and American thought
Kloppenberg, James T., author
Oxford ; Oxford University Press, [2016]
Born in bloodshed: the origins of democracy -- Voices in the wilderness: democracies in North America -- Democracy deferred: the English Civil War -- Coup d-Etat: 1688 in England and America -- Sympathy, will, and democracy in the enlightenments of Europe -- Faith, enlightenment, and resistance in America -- Democracy and American independence -- Constituting American democracy -- Ratification and reciprocity -- Delusions of unity and collisions with tradition in the French revolution -- Virtue and violence in the French revolution -- Democracy in the wake of terror -- Diagnosing democratic cultures in America and Europe -- The tragic irony of democracy.

The history of democracy, in addition to being a tale of social movements and political and economic developments, is also a story of ideas. In Toward Democracy, James T. Kloppenberg explores this story of ideas, focusing on the evolution of democracy in Britain's North American colonies and then in the United States. By concentrating on historical figures whose pivotal texts and framed arguments helped form the concept of democracy, he examines how American ideas and practices both descended and diverged from earlier European, and particularly English, models. Kloppenberg also shows how American thought, in return, profoundly influenced European ideas about democracy-both negatively and positively. Toward Democracy presents the history of democracy from the perspective of those who helped to form its principles. Kloppenberg neither condemns nor endorses these thinkers, but rather offers a fresh look at how these initial democratic ideals have shifted over time. He argues that democracy has remained an ethical model rather than a mere set of institutions, and sheds light on the many failures faced by democracy and its advocates. This discrepancy-between intentions and results-constitutes the tragic irony of democracy. From the beginnings of democracy in the ancient world, through the Enlightenment, and past the French Revolution, James T. Kloppenberg's authoritative work traces the transformation of democracy over centuries, and reveals how nations have repeatedly failed in their attempts to construct democratic societies based on the autonomy and reciprocity they so prized. -- Provided by publisher.
Baker Berry JC421 .K526 2016

Institutions and democracy in Africa : how the rules of the game shape political developments
edited by Nic Cheeseman
Cambridge ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction. Understanding African politics : bringing the state back in / Nic Cheeseman -- Institutional legacies : understanding multiparty politics in historical perspective / Rachel Riedl -- Property and land institutions : origins, variations, and political effects / Catherine Boone -- Financial institutions : economic liberalisation, credit, and opposition party success / Leonardo Arriola -- Constitutions : the politics of constitutional reform / Muna Ndulo -- The police : laws, prosecutions and women's rights in Liberia / Peace Medie -- The bureaucracy : policy implementation and reform / M. Anne Pitcher and Manuel P. Teodoro -- Political parties : presidential succession crises and internal party democracy / Ian Cooper -- Elections : the power of elections in multiparty Africa / Carolien van Ham and Staffan Lindberg -- Electoral rules : the relationship between political exclusion and conflict / Brian Klaas -- Term limits : leadership, political competition and the transfer of power / Daniel Young and Daniel Posner -- The legislature : institutional strengthening in dominant-party states / Michaela Collord -- The judiciary : courts, judges and the rule of law / Peter VonDoepp -- Decentralisation : accountability in local government / Alexander Dyzenhaus -- Conclusion. political institutions and democracy in Africa : a research agenda / Nic Cheeseman.
Baker Berry JQ1875 .I55 2018

Хозяин земли русской? : самодержавие и бюрократия в эпоху модерна / Кирилл Соловьев
Соловьев, К. А. author. (Кирилл Андреевич),
Moskva : Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2017
Baker Berry JN6547 .S65 2017

A rhetoric of divisive partisanship: the 2016 American presidential campaign discourse of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump
Kelley, Colleen Elizabeth, author
Lanham, MD : Lexington Books, [2018]
Preface -- Introduction -- 1. A Rhetoric of Divisive Partisanship -- 2. Other/Outsider Rhetoric -- 3. The Outsider Rhetorical Behavior of Bernie Sanders -- 4. The Outsider Rhetorical Behavior of Donald Trump -- 5. Post-election Rhetorical Behavior of Sanders and Trump -- 6. Wired-in Populism -- 7. Effects on the Electorate -- 8. The Post-Campaign Rhetorical Legacy -- 9. Implications of Divisive Partisanship Rhetoric --Conclusion: A Twenty-First Century Paradigm -- References -- Index -- About the Author.

A Rhetoric of Divisive Partisanship: The 2016 American Presidential Campaign Disourse of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump examines the campaign speeches of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as they targeted members of the American public that were ideologically different but equally emotionally vulnerable. Each appealed to marginalized segments of the electorate, groups at opposite ends of the political spectrum, joined through a shared distrust and fear of politics instead of political or even party affiliation. This book addresses how Sanders and Trump polarized and reinforced their respective bases as "outsiders" and relied on anti-establishment arguments and discussions grounded in personal attacks against "enemies." Colleen Elizabeth Kelley expands on previous ideas about dialogue and political talk and asserts that, rather than serving as a model of civic and civil discourse, the rhetoric of Sanders and Trump was reactionary and divisive, beginning with different intentions and producing different results--back cover.
Baker Berry JA85.2.U6 K45 2018

The price of prestige : conspicuous consumption in international relations
Gilady, Lilach, author
Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2018
Explaining conspicuous consumption in international relations -- Status symbols and luxury goods in international relations -- The aircraft carrier club -- A contest of beneficence: prosociality in international relations -- Big science and the transits of Venus: the first race to space -- Conclusions: living in a Veblenian world.
Baker Berry JZ1249 .G55 2018

Voting behavior in Indonesia since democratization : critical democrats
Mujani, Saiful, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
Introduction : Indonesia and critical democracy -- The emergence of critical democrats : support for democracy and criticism of its performance -- Participation and choice -- Sociological and demographic factors -- Rational voters -- Party identity and political leadership -- Conclusions.
Baker Berry JQ778 .M857 2018

Parliamentary diplomacy in European and global governance
edited by Stelios Stavridis and Davor Jaňcić
Leiden ; Brill/Nijhoff, [2017]
Introduction : the rise of parliamentary diplomacy in international politics / Stelios Stavridis and Davor Jancic -- World diplomacy of the European Parliament / Davor Jaňcić -- The role of the European Parliament president in parliamentary diplomacy / Luigi Gianniti and Nicola Lupo -- The diplomatic role of the European Parliament's standing committees, delegations and assemblies : insights from ACP-EU inter-parliamentary cooperation / Sarah Delputte, Cristina Fasone and Fabio Longo -- The diplomatic role of the European Parliament's political groups in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / Yoav Shemer-Kunz -- The international role of the European Parliament's intergroups / Laurent Dutoit -- The EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee and Turkey's EU accession process / Valentina Rita Scotti -- The impact of parliamentary diplomacy, civil society and human rights advocacy on EU strategic partners : the case of Mexico / Monica Velasco Pufleau -- A bridge with Russia? : the parliamentary assemblies of the OSCE and of the Council of Europe in the Russia-Ukraine crisis / Andrea Gawrich -- The south-east European cooperation process and its new parliamentary assembly : regional dialogue in action / Franklin De Vrieze -- The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean and its contribution to democracy promotion and crisis management / Andrea Cofelice -- Parliamentary diplomacy and the US Congress : the case of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly / Zlatko Sabic -- Challenges for parliamentary diplomacy in South and South-East Asia and Europe : a practitioner's perspective / Xavier Nuttin -- Parliamentary diplomacy in the Chinese constitution and foreign policy / Wang Liwan -- Parliamentary diplomacy in northeast Asia : lessons from the Parliamentarians' Unions in Japan and South Korea / Jiun Bang -- Australia's parliamentary diplomacy : a study of the bilateral relationship with South Korea / Jeffrey Robertson -- Regional integration and parliamentary diplomacy : experiences of the MERCOSUR, Andean and Latin American Parliaments / Karina L. Pasquariello Mariano, Regiane Nitsch Bressan and Bruno Theodoro Luciano -- Understanding success and failure in the quest for peace : the Pan-African Parliament and the Amani Forum / Konstantinos Magliveras and Asteris Huliaras -- South Africa's parliamentary diplomacy and the 'African agenda' / Lesley Masters and Fritz Nganje -- Conclusions : parliamentary diplomacy as a global phenomenon / Stelios Stavridis.

In 'Parliamentary Diplomacy in European and Global Governance', 27 experts from all over the world analyse the fast-expanding phenomenon of parliamentary diplomacy. Through a wealth of empirical case studies, the book demonstrates that parliamentarians and parliamentary assemblies have an increasingly important international role. The volume begins with parliamentary diplomacy in Europe, because the European Parliament is one of the strongest autonomous institutional actors in world politics. The study then examines parliamentary diplomacy in relations between Europe and third countries or regions (Mexico, Turkey, Russia, the Mediterranean), before turning attention to the rest of the world: North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. This pioneering volume confirms the worldwide nature and salience of parliamentary diplomacy in contemporary global politics.
Baker Berry JN36 .P36647 2017

Making citizens : political socialization research and beyond
Wasburn, Philo C., author
[Cham, Switzerland] : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
This book assembles what political scientists, sociologists, and communication analysts have learned in almost six decades of research on political socialization (the lifelong process by which we acquire political beliefs). It also explores how people develop political values, attitudes, identities, and behavioral dispositions. Of particular interest to Philo C. Wasburn and Tawnya J. Adkins Covert is the process by which people are made into active citizens who are politically interested, informed, partisan, tolerant, and engaged. Finally, Wasburn and Adkins Covert identify some suggestions for institutional change that would lead to "better" citizenship.
Baker Berry JA76 .W37 2017

International politics : how history modifies theory
Owen, John M. 1962- author
New York : Oxford University Press, [2019]
Baker Berry JZ1305 .O94 2019

Omnia sunt communia : on the commons and the transformation to postcapitalism
De Angelis, M. author
London : Zed Books Ltd, 2017
In Omnia Sunt Communia, Massimo de Angelis offers a radical political economy, illuminating the steps necessary to arrive at a post-capitalist world. By conceptualizing the idea of commons not just as common goods but as a set of social systems, de Angelis shows their pervasive presence in everyday life, and he maps out a strategy for total social transformation. From the micro to the macro, de Angelis unveils the commons as fields of power relations--shared space, objects, and subjects--that explode the limits of daily life under capitalism. He exposes attempts to co-opt the commons, through the use of seemingly innocuous words such as "participation" and "governance," and he reveals the potential for radical transformation rooted in the social reproduction of our communities, life, work, and society as a whole.--
Baker Berry JC489 .D43 2017

The return of bipolarity in world politics : China, the United States, and geostructural realism
Tunsjø, Øystein, author
New York : Columbia University Press, [2018]
Baker Berry JZ1480.A57 C6 2018

The working world of international organizations : authority, capacity, legitimacy
Xu, Yi-Chong, author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Understanding international organizations -- Representatives of member states -- Heads of international organizations: politicians, diplomats, managers -- Secretariats and staff -- Agenda setting -- Funding international organizations -- Location -- Conclusion: authority, capacity, legitimacy.

The Working World of International Organizations' examines three working groups in the higher echelons of IOs - state representatives, as proxy of states, serving in the Executive Boards or General Councils, chief officers of IOs, and the staff of the permanent secretariat. The book demonstrates that none of them are unified; in each there are contested ideas about strategy and appropriate projects, and analyses their interactions to explain who is able to shape or influence decisions. Six representative IOs are studied to identify the relevant critical determinants that shape the behaviour of players. The volume explores how these players have an impact over three dilemmas that are common to all IOs: priority and agenda setting, financing, and the centralization or decentralization of operations.
Baker Berry JZ4850 .X8 2018

Does democracy matter? : the United States and global democracy support
edited by Amb. Adrian Basora, Agnieszka Marczyk, and Maia Otarashvili
Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, a wholly owned susidiary of The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., [2017]
Introduction / Adrian A. Basora and Kenneth Yalowitz -- Democracy support : global challenges and the importance of U.S. leadership / Carl Gershman -- Realist counsel on democracy promotion / Nikolas K. Gvosdev -- A case for democracy assistance and ways to improve it / Richard Kraemer -- Lessons about democracy assistance effectiveness / Sarah Bush -- Reforming the democracy bureaucracy / Melinda Haring -- The multiplier effects of U.S. democracy promotion : an eastern EU perspective / Tsveta Petrova -- East central europe and the future of democracy : a case for a transatlantic -- Democratic reset / Michal Ko?an -- Reviving the global democratic momentum / Larry Diamond -- Academic conclusions, working hypotheses, and areas for further research / Agnieszka Marczyk -- Policy conclusions and recommendations / Adrian A. Basora and Kenneth Yalowitz.
Baker Berry JZ1480 .D64 2017

Why dissent matters : because some people see things the rest of us miss
Kaplan, William, 1957- author
Montreal, Quebec : McGill-Queen's University Press, [2017]
The tenth man -- There really is nothing new under the sun -- A woman of fortitude and determination : Frances Oldham Kelsey -- Rachel was right : Rachel Louise Carson -- Dissenting juries and judges -- Sentenced to death -- Occupy Wall Street -- and this, that, and the other place -- How not to make public policy -- The clock is ticking and it's 1973 all over again.

"Frances Kelsey was a quiet Canadian doctor and scientist who stood up to a huge pharmaceutical company wanting to market a new drug--Thalidomide--and prevented an American tragedy. The nature writer Rachel Carson identified an emerging environmental disaster and pulled the fire alarm. Dissenting juries can and do change the law. They did that when they refused to convict Dr. Henry Morgentaler of performing illegal abortions when he had done just that. Judicial dissents sometimes point to a different and more just future. Occasionally dissenting judges save lives, or at least try to: that's what happened when a wrongfully convicted teenage boy named Steven Truscott got the chance to tell his story before Canada's Supreme Court. It is, or should be, all about the evidence. And destroying the evidence is exactly what happened in Canada over the course of a dark decade when the recent Conservative government did everything it could to ensure that voices that might have informed public policy were silenced. Occupy Wall Street was the first truly international protest. Who were the occupiers and what did they want? Another growing international protest movement is BDS: Boycott, Divest, Sanction. It is directed at Israel. In October 1973 Israel came close to defeat when Egyptian and Syrian forces massed on the borders and overconfident Israeli officials did virtually nothing. Forty-five years later Israel's leaders seem woefully blind to another unfolding national security threat. Our world has been saved by dissenters: people who have been attacked, bullied, ostracized, jailed, and sometimes, when all is over, celebrated. Some dissenters have truly important things to say. Listen--and decide--before you shut them out."--
Baker Berry JC328.3 .K367 2017

9 razones para (des)confiar de las luchas por los derechos humanos
Ariadna Estévez, Daniel Vázquez, coordinadores
Ciudad de México : FLACSO México : junio de 2017
Baker Berry JC599.L3 A14 2017

Revolts and the Military in the Arab Spring : Popular Uprisings and the Politics of Repression
Burns, Sean, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2018
Baker Berry JQ1850.A91 B88 2018

Constructions of migrant integration in British public discourse : becoming British
Bennett, Sam, author
London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2018
This is a study into how the public discourse on migrant integration in the UK changed from 2000-2010. The book shows that the discursive construction of integration in the British public sphere shifted from one of cultural pluralism to one of neo-assimilation, informed by a wider spread of neo-liberalism that necessitates self-sufficiency and discourages state assistance. Situated within the Critical Discourse Studies tradition, the book employs a Discourse Historical approach to the data and includes innovative analysis combining 'top-down' (policy documents and media texts) and 'bottom-up' (focus groups with migrants and new citizens) sites of discourse production. In doing so, it provides a broad and detailed perspective of public discourse on integration in the UK. The book shows that understandings of 'integration' are diachronically and synchronically fluid and as such, the term plays an important role as a 'consensus concept' that different actors can support whilst construing it in different ways. Analysis of the data further reveals that integration is interdiscursively linked to other social fields, such as the economy, terrorism and public spending. The book also argues that integration policy has become directed not just at new migrants, but also long-term British citizens and that this has the potential to have considerable impact on community cohesion.
Baker Berry JV6342 .B46 2018

Of friends and foes : reputation and learning in world politics
Crescenzi, Mark J. C., 1970- author
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2018]
A theory of reputation and its place inworld politics -- The dynamics of reputation -- How reputation matters in international relations -- Evidence: the influence of reputation on cooperation and conflict -- Reputation, conflict andwar -- Reputation, learning, and the onset of alliances -- Implications and conclusions.

"Do reputations affect world politics? Crescenzi develops a theory of reputation dynamics to identify when reputations form and how they affect world politics. He identifies patterns of reputation's influence in cooperation and conflict. Reputations for conflict exacerbate crises while reputations for cooperation and reliability make future cooperation more likely"--
Baker Berry JZ1310 .C74 2018

Unmasked : corruption in the West
Cockcroft, Laurence, author
London : I.B. Tauris, 2017
Corruption and its perils -- The rising price of power -- The power of the lobby -- The big business of corruption -- The bankers' story : an end to trust -- On- and offshore secrets -- Justice for sale? -- Organised crime : a perennial spectre -- Foul play : corruption in sport -- Murky waters : environmental ccorruption -- A challenge to the West.

How corrupt is the West? Europe and North America's formal self-perception is one of high standards in public life. And yet, corruption is receiving ever greater attention in the European, American and Canadian press, with high-profile cases affecting both the corporate and political worlds. This book identifies the driving forces behind such cases, particularly the role of political finance, lobbying, the banking system and organised crime. It analyses the sectors which are particularly prone to corruption, including sport, defence and pharmaceuticals. In the course of their investigation, the authors consider why anti-corruption legislation has not been more effective and why there is an increasing discrepancy between regulation and commercial and cultural practice. Are Europe and the US genuinely serious about fighting corruption and if so what measures will be taken to roll it back?
Baker Berry JF1081 .C585 2017

We know all about you : the story of surveillance in Britain and America
Jeffreys-Jones, Rhodri, author
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2017
This is the story of surveillance in Britain and the United States, from the detective agencies of the late nineteenth century to Wikileaks and CIA whistle-blower Edward Snowden in the twenty-first. Written by historian and intelligence expert Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, it is the first full overview of its kind. Delving into the roles of credit agencies, private detectives, and phone-hacking journalists as well as agencies like the FBI and NSA in the USA and GCHQ and MI5 in the UK, Jeffreys-Jones highlights malpractices such as the blacklist and illegal electronic interceptions. He demonstrates that several presidents -- Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon -- conducted various forms of political surveillance, and also how British agencies have been under a constant cloud of suspicion for similar reasons. Continuing with an account of the 1970s' leaks that revealed how the FBI and CIA kept tabs on anti-Vietnam War protestors, he assesses the reform impulse of this era -- an impulse that began in America and only gradually spread to Britain. The end of the Cold War further at the end of the 1980s then undermined confidence in the need for state surveillance still further, but it was to return with a vengeance after 9/11. What emerges is a story in which governments habitually abuse their surveillance powers once granted, demonstrating the need for proper controls in this area. But, as Jeffreys-Jones makes clear, this is not simply a story of the Orwellian state. While private sector firms have sometimes acted as a brake on surveillance by the state (particularly in the electronic era), they have also often engaged in dubious surveillance practices of their own. Oversight and regulation, he argues, therefore need to be universal and not simply concentrate on the threat to the individual posed by the agencies of government.
Baker Berry JK468.I6 J4545 2017

Hegemony and resistance around the Iranian nuclear programme : analysing Chinese, Russian, and Turkish foreign policies
Pieper, Moritz, author
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017
Baker Berry JZ5675 .P54 2017

Neutrality in Southeast Asia : concepts and contexts
Tarling, Nicholas, author
Abingdon, Oxon ; Routledge, 2017
This book analyses the notion of neutrality to the politics of the state in Southeast Asia. Distinguishing among neutrality, neutralism and neutralisation, it asks what relation do the concepts bear to the independence of states, and how do they relate to other forms of inter-state relations and to participation in international organizations. The author considers concepts of neutrality and the policy of non-alignment as they were developed in South and Southeast Asia. Using case studies of a variety of Asian countries, including India, Burma, Cambodia and other countries in Southeast Asia, he discusses the novel notion of a regional form of neutralisation as a means of decolonising the region and examines the relevance neutralism has in current international politics and what might it have in the future. This new work by one of the most foremost historians on Southeast Asia is of interest to scholars in the field of Asian History, Politics, International Relations and Strategic Studies.
Baker Berry JZ5584.S66 T37 2017

Migration, terrorism, and the future of a divided Europe : a continent transformed
Deliso, Christopher, 1974- author
Santa Barbara, California : Praeger Security International, [2017]
The Migration Explosion : Europe's Rude Awakening -- The History of a Dream : Ideologies, the European Project, and Outcomes for the Migration Crisis -- Media Coverage and the European Migration Crisis -- Europe's "Generation Unknown" : Terrorism, Intelligence, and an Uncertain Future -- Organized Crime, Organized Chaos, and the General Migration Economy -- The Challenge from the Left -- The Response from the Right -- The Costs of Crisis : Social Impact and the Securitization Ahead -- The Geopolitics of Migration : National Interests, Europe, and the Globalist Agenda.
Baker Berry JV7590 .D456 2017

Security in the Persian Gulf Region
Shayan, Fatemeh, author
London : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Introduction -- Theoretical perspectives on the Persian Gulf security complex -- Scrutinizing causes: the process-tracing method -- Regional anti-American sentiment between 1980 and 2003 -- Regional anti-American sentiment following the Iraq War -- Regional rise of the Al Qaeda threat between 1980 and 2003 -- Regional rise of the Al Qaeda threat following the Iraq War -- Conclusion: the Persian Gulf security complex following the Iraq War.
Baker Berry JZ6009.P35 S53 2017

La dieta de los honorables : los trapitos sucios de la Cámara de Diputados
Guzmán J., Nancy, author
Providencia, Santiago de Chile : Editorial Planeta Chilena S.A., 2017
They have been complex in recent years for Chile, especially if we add corporate corruption and the discrediting of republican politics and institutions to the erosion of the government projects of the Concertación and the New Majority. Therefore, during a year of elections, critical reflection on the representativeness of the Poder Legislativo and, especially, the one hundred and twenty "honorable" representatives that allow or impede changes in our country become urgent. In this detailed and no less ironic analysis, the journalist Nancy Guzmán bares with humor what each deputy does and does not do, what is their real participation in the construction of laws that represent the common welfare and how they come together among "rebels", "beautiful", "pirulas", "achorados", "care staff" and "media" to justify their diet. The diet of the honorable, in addition to a satirical review of the state of affairs in the Congreso, is a brief and intense history of the same and a guide to think if these one hundred and twenty citizens are the most apt to represent us.
Baker Berry JL2665 .G89 2017

Constructing global order : agency and change in world politics
Acharya, Amitav, author
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2018
1. Introduction: rethinking agency and change in global order; 2. Theorizing normative change; 3. Provincializing Westphalia; 4. Transforming Westphalia; 5. Redefining security; 6. Regionalism and the making of global order; 7. Conclusion and extensions.

"For a long time, international relations scholars have adopted a narrow view of what is global order, who are its makers and managers, and what means they employ to realize their goals. Amitav Acharya argues that the nature and scope of agency in the global order - who creates it and how - needs to be redefined and broadened. Order is built not by material power alone, but also by ideas and norms. While the West designed the post-war order, the non-Western countries were not passive. They contested and redefined Western ideas and norms, and contributed new ones of their own making. This book examines such acts of agency, especially the redefinitions of sovereignty and security, shaping contemporary world politics. With the decline of Western dominance, ideas and agency from the Rest may make it possible to imagine and build a truly global order"--
Baker Berry JZ1318 .A275 2018

Just security in an undergoverned world
edited by William Durch, Joris Larik, and Richard Ponzio
Oxford, United Kingdom : Oxford University Press, 2018
Baker Berry JZ1318 .J87 2018

Migration in East and Southeast Asia
editors, Samuel C.Y. Ku, Kristina Kironska
New Jersey : World Scientific, [2017]
Understanding Chinese citizenship and citizenship education : comparing teachers' perspectives in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan / by Pei-Te Lien -- Migration between mainland Chinese and Hong Kong students for higher education : a history review / by Yun-Zhu Ren -- Haigui (overseas returnee) and transformation of China / by Jiang Xia -- Economic concerns with regard to cross-strait migration / by YuJane Chen -- Conditions for migrant workers in the four Asian tigers : comparative analysis / by Yavor A. Kostadinov -- Intra ASEAN labor mobility : AEC's boon or bane? / by Maria Veronica G. Caparas -- Changing locations and changing jobs : examining the correlates of occupational mobility of overseas Filipino workers / by Chrysalyn Z. Gocatek -- The Rohingya oxymoron : stateless people leaving their home country / by Kristina Kironska -- The highly skilled labor migration in ASEAN and the lessons for Vietnam / by Pham Thi Thanh Binh -- International marriage matchmaking industries and the brides-to-be's pre-marital preparation / by Chun-Yu Lin.

"There has been an undisputed increase in the importance of migration over the past decades. It is one of the effects of an increasingly globalized world, where capitalism and free trade are gaining prominence. Migration in East and Southeast Asia aims to bring migration-related problems in Asia to the forefront. The first part of the book deals with migration in Greater China, a region influenced by Confucianism. The "three Chinas" used to have a close connection in the past, and presently share much similarity. The Hong Kongese and Taiwanese societies are based on migration from Mainland China. However, each society has endured significant social, economic, and political changes. The second part of the book offers a closer look at migration flows in Southeast Asia. Most of the intra-ASEAN migration involves low-skilled labor for construction, agriculture, and domestic work"--
Baker Berry JV8756.5 .M54 2017

The European Union's influence in Central Asia : geopolitical challenges and responses
Spaiser, Olga A., author
Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books, [2018]
The European Union as a global actor : conceptual framework -- Analyzing the EU as a foreign actor : the three levels of EU's influence -- The European Union in Central Asia -- The context : geostrategic stakes in an unstable environment on European doorsteps -- The emergence of the EU's policy toward Central Asia : the "far neighborhood" approach -- Analyzing the EU's strategy for Central Asia : discourse, instruments, and reception -- The broader geopolitical context of EU policy in Central Asia : competition for influence and influence parallelism -- Case studies : the EU as a "consultant" in Central Asia's security sphere -- Border insecurity in Central Asia and the EU's response -- Governance crises in Central Asia and the EU's response -- Water conflict in Central Asia and the EU's response.

This study examines the role of the European Union in Central Asian affairs. The author analyzes the various ways the European Union exerts influence in a region where other global powers have dominant positions and emphasizes the Central Asian states themselves as subjects and actors.
Baker Berry JZ1570.A55 S63 2018

Repensar la España plurinacional
Ana Domínguez (ed.) ; Pablo Iglesias and nine others
Barcelona : Icaria Editorial : octubre de 2017
Baker Berry JN8231 .R47 2017