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Viña del Mar / Carlos J. Larraín
Larraín de Castro, Carlos, 1899-1973, author
Viña del Mar : Ediciones Altazor, 2015
Baker Berry F3281.V6 L36 2015

Before and after the state : politics, poetics, and people(s) in the Pacific Northwest
McDougall, Allan Kerr, 1941- author
Vancouver ; UBC Press, [2018]
"The creation of the Canada-US border in the Pacific Northwest is often presented as a tale of two nations and two ideologies, but beyond the macro-political dynamics is the experience of individuals. Before and After the State takes a multidisciplinary approach to examining the imposition of a border across a region that already held a vibrant, highly complex society and dynamic trading networks. It details the evolution of local, trading, and immigrant populations as they moved into the Pacific Northwest and imposed control over public power. Allan McDougall, Lisa Philips, and Daniel Boxberger use case studies to document the malleable character of identity - the discrepancy between individual lives and externally imposed assessments of those lives - and review the strength of national narratives north and south of the border. The authors explore fundamental questions of state formation, social transformation, and the (re)construction of identity to expose the devices and myths of nation building. In revealing the mechanics of this transformation, they demonstrate how the creation of nation states and borders affected the people who lived in the region before and through the transition - with repercussions that still reverberate."--
Baker Berry F854 .M26 2018

Inside politics
MacDonald, L. Ian, author
Montreal : Published for Policy Magazine by McGill-Queen's University Press, [2018]
Election 2011 -- Election 2015 -- Stephen Harper -- Tom Mulcair -- Justin Trudeau -- The Senate expense scandal -- The FISC and the economy -- Energy and pipelines -- The mission against ISIS -- The 2012 Quebec election -- Language and identity politics -- The 2014 Quebec election -- America -- Here and there -- People -- Tributes -- Cottage country.

"If the writing isn't prescient and perspicacious, it doesn't meet that test. This collection of columns and articles by L. Ian MacDonald--a sequel to Politics, People & Potpourri--meets that test. Much has happened in the politics of Canada and Quebec, as well as to the leaders who have defined and shaped the first two decades of the twenty-first century, since the first collection was published in 2009. The successful election campaigns of Harper and Trudeau form the political bookends of the present decade in Canada and the opening chapters of the book. Between these governments, there are the events, personalities, and issues that have shaped the political narrative and policy debate, from fiscal frameworks to clean energy and pipelines, from the Senate expense scandal and democratic reform, to national security at home and the mission against ISIS abroad. In his columns, and longer pieces from Policy Options and Policy magazines, MacDonald provides clear-minded commentary on political issues salient to all Canadians--including the election of Donald Trump in the United States. He also profiles a diverse group of political figures, and writes moving tributes to departed, nationally respected figures such as Jean Béliveau, Jim Flaherty, Jack Layton, and Tom Van Dusen. This intelligent and entertaining collection presents MacDonald at his best, and offers a captivating view of Canadian politics and life."--
Baker Berry F1034.2 .M1668 2018

Francisco Pizarro : una nueva visión de la conquista del Perú
Mira Caballos, Esteban, author
Barcelona : Crítica, 2018
Baker Berry F3442.P776 M57 2018

La dimensión histórica y social del paisaje cultural y el patrimonio en México
Carlos Rubén Ruiz Medrano, Carlos Alberto Roque Puente (coordinadores)
San Luis Potosí, S.L.P. : El Colegio de San Luis, 2017
Baker Berry F1219 .D56 2017

Like everyone else but different : the paradoxical success of Canadian Jews
Weinfeld, M. author
Baker Berry F1035.J5 W4 2018

God save Texas : a journey into the soul of the Lone Star State
Wright, Lawrence, 1947- author
New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018
The charms, such as they are -- A tale of three wells -- Houston, we have a problem -- Culture, explained -- The cradle of presidents -- Turn the radio on -- Big D -- Sausage makers -- The city of the violet crown -- More sausage -- Borderlands -- The high lonesome -- Far west, far out -- Among the confederates.

Texas is arguably the most controversial state in America. It is a red state in the heart of Trumpland that hasn't elected a Democrat to a statewide office in more than twenty years, but it is also a state in which minorities already form a majority, including the largest Muslim population in the country. The cities are blue and among the most diverse in the nation. Oil is still king, but Texas now leads California in technology exports. The Texas economic model of low taxes and minimal regulation has produced extraordinary growth but also striking income disparities. Texas looks a lot like the America that Donald Trump wants to create. Native Texan Wright portrays a state that not only reflects our country back as it is, but as it was and as it might be.
Baker Berry F391.2 .W75 2018

Historia política de Chile, 1810-2010
Iván Jaksić (editor general)
Santiago, Chile : Fondo de Cultura Económica : 2017-
tomo I. Prácticas políticas / Juan Luis Ossa (editor del tomo) -- tomo II. Estado y sociedad / Francisca Rengifo (editora del tomo)
Baker Berry F3093 .H57 2017

Zomo newen : relatos de vida de mujeres mapuche en su lucha por los derechos indígenas
Elisa García Mingo (coordinadora) ; Anita Epulef, Petronila Catrileo, Elisa Loncon, María Isabel Lara Millapan, Adriana Paredes Pindatray, Mireya Manquepillán, Millaray Garrido Paillalef, Isabel Cañet
Santiago [Chile] : LOM Ediciones, agosto 2017
A modo de prólogo : una declaración de intenciones ; Nuevos aires de resistencia : mujeres mapuche, lucha política y transformación social / Elisa García Mingo -- El sabor de la tierra / Anita Epulef -- Las manos de la flor del canelo / Petronila Catrileo -- La lucha por la palabra de la tierra / Elisa Loncon -- Kimün y Dungun de Kinturayen / María Isabel Lara Millapan -- La pluma del Picaflor del agua / Adriana Paredes Pindatray -- El poder de la radio / Mireya Manquepillán -- Zomo weichan / Millaray Garrido Paillalef -- Participación política en los nuevos tiempos del Wallmapu / Isabel Cañet.

"Durante el último siglo y medio los mapuche han sostenido una lucha de resistencia ante el Estado chileno por su tierra, su cultura y su vida. Aunque en muchas representaciones esta lucha tenga un rasgo masculino, ahora escuchamos las voces de las propias mujeres mapuche activistas por sus comunidades. Zomo newen nos trae ocho relatos sobre la experiencia de la 'triple discriminación,' por ser mujer, pobre e indígena, y del enfrentamiento contra ella. Desde generaciones y perspectivas muy variadas, estas mujeres nos cuentan cómo han logrado sentir orgullo de su identidad mapuche dentro de un país con una historia larga de discriminación racial, de manera similar a sentirlo por ser mujer dentro de una sociedad machista. Dan la lucha desde mundos diversos, como una universidad en Santiago o una cocina en la cordillera, entre otros. Aunque sus métodos y contextos sean diferentes, todas estas mujeres reivindican al pueblo mapuche a través de su newen, de sus conexiones con las fuerzas de la tierra, de la lengua y de la gente. Esta energía que lleva la sabiduría del pueblo es fundamental para la mantención del equilibrio, y es por la restitución de este equilibrio--en las relaciones entre las mujeres y los hombres, entre las personas y la tierra, y entre el pueblo y el Estado--que luchan estas mujeres. En este libro poderoso, los relatos de las mujeres nos inspiran y nos animan, exponiendo la lucha mapuche femenina en toda su profunda intensidad"--Back cover.
Baker Berry F3126 .Z666 2017

Heroes, martyrs, and political messiahs in revolutionary Cuba, 1946-1958
Guerra, Lillian, author
New Haven : Yale University Press, [2018]
Introduction : A history that dare not be told: political culture and the making of revolutionary Cuba, 1946-1958. Cuba on the verge: martyrdom, political culture, and civic activism, 1946-1951 -- El último aldabonazo: Fulgencio Batista's "revolution" and renewed struggle for a democratic Cuba, 1952-1953 -- Los muchachos del Moncada: civic mobilization and democracy's last stand, 1953-1954 -- Civic activism and the legitimation of armed struggle against Batista, 1955-1956 -- Complicit Communists, student commandos, fidelistas, and civil war, 1956-1957 -- Clandestinos, guerrillas, and the making of a messiah in the Sierra Maestra, 1957-1958 -- Epilogue : Revolutionary Cuba: December 1958 and beyond. Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.

A leading scholar sheds light on the experiences of ordinary Cubans in the unseating of dictator Fulgencio Batista In this important and timely volume, one of today's foremost experts on Cuban history and politics fills a significant gap in the literature, illuminating how Cuba's sovereign electoral democracy underwent a tumultuous transformation into a military dictatorship. Lillian Guerra draws on her years of research in newly opened archives and on personal interviews to shed light on the men and women of Cuba who participated in mass mobilization and civic activism to establish social movements in their quest for social and racial justice and for more accountable leadership. Driven by a sense of duty toward la patria (the fatherland) and their dedication to heroism and martyrdom, these citizens built a powerful underground revolutionary culture that shaped and witnessed Batista's overthrow in the late 1950s. Beautifully illustrated with archival photographs, this volume is a stunning addition to Latin American history and politics.
Baker Berry F1787.5 .G84 2018

Women, travel, and science in nineteenth-century Americas : the politics of observation
Gerassi-Navarro, Nina, author
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, [2017]
Travels and observation: an introduction -- Humboldt's cosmography -- Franny Calderón de la Barca: the power and privilege of observation -- Elizabeth Cary Agassiz: the art of scientific observation -- Conclusions.

This book offers a new and insightful look at the interconnections between the United States, Brazil and Mexico during the nineteenth century. Gerassi-Navarro brings together U.S. and Latin American Studies with her analysis of the travel narratives of Frances Calderón de la Barca and Elizabeth Cary Agassiz. Inspired by the writings of Alexander von Humboldt these women, in their travels, expand his views on the tropics to include a social dimension to their observations on nature, culture, race, and progress in Brazil and Mexico. Highlighting the role of women as a new kind of observer as well as the complexity of connections between the United States and Latin America, Gerassi-Navarro interweaves science, politics, and aesthetics in new transnational frameworks.
Baker Berry F1409 .G47 2017

Bearing witness : journalists, record keepers and the 1917 Halifax explosion
Dupuis, Michael, author
Halifax, Nova Scotia : Fernwood Publishing, [2017]
"At approximately 8:45 a.m. on 6 December 1917, the Belgian Relief vessel Imo struck the munitions-laden freighter Mont-Blanc in Halifax Harbour. The Mont- Blanc exploded in a devastating 2.9 kiloton blast, which killed 2,000 people and injured 9,000. More than 6,000 people were made homeless, and an additional 12,000 were left without shelter. Bearing Witness tells the story of the Explosion, and the catastrophic damage it caused, through the eyes and words of Halifax-Dartmouth journalists and record keepers and visiting journalists. Their accounts reveal a unique perspective, offering new detail about the tragedy and providing insight into the individuals who struggled to articulate the magnitude of the shocking event to the rest of the world. In addition to the original work by journalists and record keepers, Michael Dupuis provides over 30 photographs and illustrations, several previously unseen, and a detailed timeline of journalistic activities from the time of the Explosion on December 6 to December 16"--
Baker Berry F1039.5.H17 D87 2017

Sex and death on the western emigrant trail : the biology of three American tragedies
Grayson, Donald K., author
Salt Lake City : The University of Utah Press, [2018]
An introduction to sex, death, and disaster -- "A great lamentation about the cold" : a brief history of the Donner Party disaster -- Predictions of death -- "A curious feature of the disaster" -- "The heavens weep" : the Willie Handcart Company -- "Cruel beyond language" : the Martin Handcart Company -- Gendered death?

"During the winter of 1846-1847, members of the Donner Party found themselves stuck in the snows of the Sierra Nevada on their journey to California, losing many in their group to severe cold and starvation. Those who survived did so by cannibalizing their dead comrades. Today the Donner Party may be the most famous group of American overland emigrants to struggle through life-threatening conditions, but it is not the only one. Ten years after the Donner Party got itself into trouble, two groups sponsored by the Mormon Church ran into similar difficulties. Unlike the Donner Party, these people were following a well-traveled path, but they were doing it in a novel way, pushing and pulling their goods and children in handcarts some 1,300 miles from Iowa to Utah. In the end, over 200 died along the trail. The plights of these travelers have been addressed by different historians in different ways. This book is the first to examine these tragedies in terms of biology. Grayson shows that who lived and who died within these westward-bound groups can largely be explained by age, sex, and family ties. His investigation reveals what happens when our cultural mechanisms for dealing with famine and extreme cold are reduced to only what our very bodies can provide. These were real people in real danger. Understanding what happened to them helps us get at the core of who and what we all are"--
Baker Berry F593 .G74 2018

Most of 14th Street is gone : the Washington, DC riots of 1968
Walker, J. Samuel, author
New York, NY, United States of America : Oxford University Press, [2018]
Introduction -- The other Washington -- The specter of urban violence -- A city in flames, April 4-5, 1968 -- "Smoldering ruins block after block," April 6-12, 1968 -- "A city of remorse" -- The long recovery.
Baker Berry F200 .W235 2018

Somos lo que vamos siendo : identidades italoargentinas en el Buenos Aires del siglo XXI
Torricelli, Valentina, author
Madrid : Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Estudios Latinoamericanos, Universidad de Alcalá : 2017
Baker Berry F3001.9.I8 T67 2017

Memoria, coraje y esperanza : a la luz del Bicentenario de la Independencia de América Latina
Carriquiry, Guzmán, author
Granada, España : Editorial Nuevo Inicio, 2017
Baker Berry F1412 .C345 2017

Hitler in Los Angeles : how Jews foiled Nazi plots against Hollywood and America
Ross, Steven Joseph, author
New York, NY, USA : Bloomsbury USA, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2017
Map of Nazi and fascist Los Angeles -- Prologue -- I. Creating a spy network, 1933-1934. "The most dangerous Jew in Los Angeles" ; The spying begins ; Plots revealed, spies uncovered ; Going for help ; A bitter lesson : the German-American Alliance trial -- II. The Nazi and fascist attack on Hollywood, 1933-1935. The moguls and the Nazis ; Inside the fascist front ; HUAC comes to town ; The most charming Nazi in Los Angeles -- III. New threats, new spies, 1935-1939. Spy and divide ; The plots to kill the Jews ; Nazi versus Nazi ; Silver shirts, Nazis, and movie stars ; Slaughter the Hollywood Jews ; The most hated Nazi in Hollywood ; The three most dangerous enemies list ; The race is on -- IV. Espionage, sabotage, and the coming of war, 1938-1941. Closing in ; Sabotage, secret agents, and Fifth Columnists ; Darkening skies, new dangers ; Pearl Harbor roundup -- Epilogue : Vigilant till war's end and beyond -- Guide to spies, Nazis, and fascists.

Reveals the little known story of a private Los Angeles spy operation organized by attorney Leon Lewis--which included Neil Ness, Joseph Roos, and Charles Slocombe--to stop the rise of Nazis from killing the city's Jews and sabotaging the nation's military installations. Also discusses Nazi threats and their influence on Hollywood film content and the sometimes conflicted role of German consul Georg Gyssling, and also Los Angeles's anti-Semitic political movements.
Baker Berry F869.L89 J564 2017

Los Infernales de Güemes y la Guerra por la Independencia
autores, general Rafael José Barni and 7 others ; compilador, Tte coronel José María Protti
Salta : Mundo Editorial, [2016]
Las operaciones del Gral. Güemes durante la invasión del mariscal de la Serna / por general Rafael José Barni -- Polémica desmembración de la Intendencia de Salta del Tucumán / por Gregorio Caro Figueroa -- La División Infernal de Gauchos de Línea / por Dr. Abel Cornejo -- Los cuatro pilares de la emancipación : San Martín, Belgrano, Pueyrredón y Güemes / por Dr. Miguel Ángel de Marco -- Las milicias del Virreynato del Río de la Plata, y la creación del Regimiento Infernales / por Martín Güemes -- Revolución, ejército y milicias : Salta en la Guerra por la Independencia / por Dra. Sara Mata -- El Regimiento de Infernales / por capitán de fragata Jorge Sáenz -- Nacimiento de la Guerra Gaucha, la más moderna de las viejas guerras en América / por Mg. Martín Villagrán San Millán.
Baker Berry F2845.G93 I54 2016

Otras intenciones, otras miradas : textos complementarios a Una excursión a los indios ranqueles
Ángel T. Tuninetti editor
Río Cuarto, Córdoba, Argentina : UniRío Editora, Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto, marzo de 2017
Los religiosos en la literatura sobre Mansilla y su representación en Una excursión a los indios ranqueles -- Fuentes y criterios de transcripción de los documentos -- Relación entregada al Padre Visitador por el Prefecto Padre Marcos Donati por el Capítulo del año 1871 -- La excursión a los indios ranqueles de 1870 : apuntes personales de Fray Moisés Álvarez entre 1871 y 1882 -- Informe de la expedición al desierto / Fray Moisés Vicente Burela.
Baker Berry F2823.R2 O87 2017

Roads to Confederation : the making of Canada, 1867
edited by Jacqueline D. Krikorian, David R. Cameron, Marcel Martel, Andrew W. McDougall, and Robert C. Vipond
Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2017]
"In the first volume of this anthology, Roads to Confederation introduces readers to the competing approaches to the study of Confederation and provides material that considers the nature of the 1867 project from the perspective of peoples and communities who have been traditionally excluded from the literature. It also includes the definitive scholarship on the ideational underpinnings of the making of Canada as well as several leading articles that set out different ways to understand the nature and purpose of the 1867 agreement."--
Baker Berry F1033 .R63 2017

De la Matanza de los haitianos a la sentencia 168-13
García, Juan Manuel, 1946- author
Santo Domingo : Libreria La Trinitaria, 2016
Baker Berry F1938.5 .G36 2016

História ilustrada do Rio Grande do Sul
concepção e pesquisa, Caco Schmitt, Elmar Bones da Costa, Ricardo Fonseca
Porto Alegre, RS : Já, 2015
Baker Berry F2621 .H57 2015